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    nothing but fun, laughter, and joy
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    TXT icons + twitter headers

    Don't repost!!!

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    Late night texts with Beomgyu

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    friends? - [choi beomgyu]

    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader

    word count: 1.1k

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings: some physical intimacy, tequila involved, actions due to sadness

    notes: i’ve been reading some books lately, and a chapter in one of them sparked this idea in me in the middle of reading it. i hope you enjoy!

    things have not been okay since taehyun left. and not just the breakup - but him actually leaving.

    he wrote you all a letter about how he needed time to clear his head, and that things did not feel right. despite him having a caring group of friends, you, being great at everything he does, he still felt like he was missing something. he was not sure what it was, but it couldn’t help but eat him up inside. and the way he disappeared couldn’t help but eat you up inside.

    so he left. and there you were, right where he left you.

    you overthink it all and start to cry again as you finish getting ready for bed. it’s your only sense of comfort these days.

    when you enter your room, you close the door and dim your lights. you shake your head at the thought of when taehyun would come over and stay until you fell asleep because you never felt safe in the dark. but that is something he made you feel. well, when he was still here.

    you hear a couple of soft taps on your window. you look back and see a familiar and kind smile. it’s physically hard to, but you smile back. you walk to the window and open it, letting beomgyu in. he’s the only one who has cared about how you’ve been feeling lately.

    “i have a front door, you know…” you let out a soft chuckle.

    “oh but what’s the fun in that,” beomgyu jokes and closes the window.

    you clean up your bed to make some space for him to sit. after he’s been checking up on you every other day the past two months, you’d think you’d make the room look a bit more presentable. because of this, he doesn’t even have to ask how you’re doing. he just knows.

    “hey, no no, why are you crying?” he sits and then sits you down next to him. you didn’t even realize you were crying, and now you’re leaning on his shoulder, shaking.

    “why did he leave, gyu? i know his feelings were valid, i know he felt lost, but now i feel lost too. i don’t want a person to complete me but i just miss him, gyu. i miss him.” you sob and he stays in silent for a bit, rubbing your back and letting you hold him tight.

    “i miss him too, y/n. i wish we could have seen that he was getting burnt out and that he missed his family.”

    “but what did that make us, gyu? were we not good friends, was i not a good partner?”

    he lifts your chin up and shakes his head like his life depends on it. “what? y/n no, you’re amazing, alright? leaving had nothing to do with you, that i can promise. things just.. happen.. i should have noticed his actions, how he was changing…”he sighs.

    you frown a little and bring your hands to his face. “hey. don’t blame yourself either, okay? i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have-“

    “shouldn’t have what? expressed your feelings? it’s okay. i just.. think about it a lot too, you know? him leaving. you being here alone, even though i know you could hold yourself together and make it through.” you nod and wipe your tears. he clears his throat and opens up his jacket, taking out a bottle of tequila. “you want a hit?”

    you roll your eyes and scoff. you didn’t drink much and honestly you haven’t been in the mood for it (ironically). but this seems to be the perfect occasion for it, right? “yeah, sure, why not.”

    he opens it up and takes a swig first. it burns his throat and he tries not to show it. you giggle because you see right through it, you’ve hung out with him enough to know when he’s trying to keep his composure. you take a swig after, a long one, and he has to take the bottle from your hands.

    “there’s still one more person here, you know~” he says using the tone of voice you had earlier when he came through the window. you roll your eyes again and wait for him to take another drink.

    this goes on until the bottle is done, and until you are both laying down side by side. “fuck. i shouldn’t have drank this much. i still have to go home…” he groans.

    “no you don’t.”

    he turns to you and you turn to him. “just stay.”

    “are you sure?” he asks, internally begging for you to say yes.

    “yeah, of course,” you look at him for a while as he looks at you. you tuck a piece of his hair behind his ear. “i appreciate you always coming by to check on me gyu. trust me, it’s nothing.”

    “i don’t want it to be nothing…” he bites his cheek a bit before he speaks too much. you look at him a bit confused. “hm?”

    the tequila isn’t helping him. and before he knows it, he leans in and kisses you. right on the lips. after a few seconds, you begin to kiss him back.

    you moan a bit from surprise. while you wrap your arms around his neck as you sit up, he holds your waist as if he’s scared you’re going to get away. you kiss him deeper and a tear falls.

    “i miss him,” you say as you pull away, forehead still on his.

    “i know.”

    “but i don’t want this to end.”

    “i know. i don’t want it to, either.”

    he kisses you again and this time it’s softer. tears mixed with liquor is not what you expected tonight, but you could care less. you take off his jacket and then his hands roam your waist. you knew it was not going to go past this, but you still longed for more.

    “this is the first time in the past 2 months that i feel okay, gyu. why is that?”

    he looks up at you, not knowing what to say. but he feels the same. “i guess we make each other feel safe.”

    “but what if that’s temporary?” you ask barely above a whisper.

    “but what if it’s not?”

    despite both your unconscious guilt, your bodies still ached for each other. and it does not seem that the tequila is the reason for it. could it be the frequent visits that lead to this? could it be the sense of loneliness? or could it be that you’re both moving on?

    you don’t know. neither does he. but what you both do know - is that you won’t regret what happened tonight in the morning.

    and maybe that says enough.

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    tomorrow x together masterlist

    ➵ main masterlist


    ♡ = fluff

    ♢ = angst

    ♤ = suggestive

    ♧ = requests

    ☆ = collaborations

    wip = work in progress 


    one shots

    ➵ lipstick stains | (wip) ♡ ♤

    ➵ vocal training | (wip) ♡

    ➵ pump-king | (wip) ♡


    one shots

    ➵ he’s just my neighbor | (wip) ♡ 

    ➵ mismatched | (wip) ♡


    one shots

    ➵ the sweetest treat | (wip) ♡


    one shots

    ➵ you’re my home | ♡ ☆ | 1.7k

    after a long day at practice, taehyun comes home seeking comfort from you, and you’re more than happy to take care of your poor, overworked boyfriend. 

    ➵ pumpkin spice punch | (wip) ♡


    one shots

    ➵ cereal killer | (wip) ♡


    ➵ halloween 2021 | ♡

    inspired by traditional halloween activities and the idea of txt taking part in them.

    © sweetrainwrites 2021

    #tomorrow x together #txt #tomorrow x together fanfiction #tomorrow x together x reader #yeonjun#choi yeonjun#soobin#choi soobin#beomgyu#choi beomgyu#taehyun#kang taehyun#hueningkai #kai kamal huening #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #reader insert#sweetrainwrites
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    My friends don't understand me anymore / Can't You See Me - TXT MV shots

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    how is beomgyu even real

    #beomgyu#txt#choi beomgyu #crying how is he so pretty #T_T pls#pr0dbeomgyu simps #pls let me h*ld your hand or something
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    beomgyu details lockscreens!! please like or reblog if you save it! 🎡

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    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    (woah i’m giving my fics a name?)


    Prompt: Soobin’s world was lonely. He resided in a dark place unknown to the eyes of a mortal. He would only surface to devour the souls of evil when their untimely death arrives, but nothing more. It was until he was met with a mortal. A mortal that held more darkness and evil in them than he’s ever seen. If only death would’ve taken them, their soul would be his, but that wish would not come true, and for an unfathomable reason.

    Genre: smut, fluff, angst 

    Warnings: violence, gore, blood, murder (you’re a serial killer..), smut (vaginal penetration, pretty soft and vanilla, yal are neither dom nor subs. It’s Kind of disappointing, but the focus is not on the smut)

    Words: 7.4k 

    Thunder and lightening blasted through the sky, the moon covered by thick clouds. Rain hailed down onto the ground, the sound of the pelting a comfortable one. The streets were empty, of course, as the thunderstorm didn't seem like it was going to let up for a few hours at least. These were the moments on the surface that Soobin thrived in. He didn't like the big crowds of people or the bright, sunny days. Sunny days weren't ideal for a reaping of an evil soul, and even Lucifer knew that.

    But he was brought here for a reason.

    He looked around, trailing his eyes from building to building. He was in an alleyway, a few feet away from the main street where few cars drove. He tried to feel the energy of the soul that's drawn him here, and he felt a pull from across the street. He started walking, cars going right through him, unphased by it. He was nothing but a malevolent spirit on the surface. His energy was felt, but his body was not seen. He liked it that way.

    Once crossing the street, he stood in front of a bar. The bar was closed for the night, as he could tell by the lights turned off and the neon lights dimmed. This must be it.

    He walked through the wall to get in, the sound of the rain becoming muffled by the bricks. The bar was eerily silent and still. He slowly walked around, feeling the energy of every object before he felt strong pull through another door that had stairs leading down into a basement.


    He didn't bother taking the stairs, instead phasing down into the dark basement. It was too silent for anyone to be down here at the moment, but the energy of the dead was too palpable. All it took was a glance up to see a man hanging in chains from the ceiling, blood pooling from his empty eye sockets and his mouth. Soobin took a breath in, sighing as he looked at the damage. Whoever did this was either not human, or had very little humanity in them. He knew he'd be seeing them years from now.

    He walked to the hanging man, taking his bloody hand, and simply yanking on it. The force didn't pull the man's hand, it instead pulled his spirit. It was only a dim version of him, darkened to show the evil that resides in him. Once fully pulled out, his spirit looked around, confused.

    "Who are you?" He asked, his voice raspy and quiet. His eyes were wide, not taking account into what was above him.

    "That doesn't matter." Soobin said. "You've passed, Gundae." Soobin looked up and the man slowly did so as well. Soobin could feel his energy blast with fright at seeing his beaten body.

    "Is this a nightmare?" The man's voice shook. "Are...are you an angel? Are you going to take me to heaven?"

    Soobin almost felt bad. He frowned. "I'm afraid not. I'm sure you'll have time to reflect on what you've done in life once you wake up in hell."


    Oh, if only the evil would look deep enough inside themselves to see. Soobin didn't answer any further, his large hand puncturing through the man's abdomen. Only good spirits' pain went away after death. But for evil...pain would last until the end of time. That was evident by the way the old man screamed in pain, unable to escape it by death this time. Soobin moved his other hand to the hole punctured in the man's abdomen, and he ripped him inside out, the spirit disappearing into little specks of enflamed ash. Not only was he gone in the human world but he was gone in the spirit world, most likely working as a lowly slave in the depths of hell.

    He felt the energy of the soul dissipate slowly, leaving in his place a cold and empty space. Soobin made his way out of the empty bar and back out where the rain beat the ground mercilessly. He made his way back to the alley, crossing the same street. Then he suddenly stopped. A girl walked past him. She had no umbrella, just like him, but he could see the water droplets bounce off from her. Though, that wasn't what made him stop. It was the fact that he felt an energy so strong that it couldn't be one of just a human, especially since that energy was dark, the spirit almost completely shrouded in evil.


    "Full occupancy." The old man said, pointing to the sign on the motel window that said the same. You looked at the sign, a frown on your face as you were getting desperate for a place to stay for the night.

    "Are you sure?" You asked, hands in your pockets as the rain continued to drench you. You glared at the man as he stayed nice and dry behind the window. You didn't understand how this dingy motel could be full occupancy, anyways.

    "Yes, I'm sure." He said. He held no empathy for you, obviously wanting to go back to sleep. You sighed, clenching your jaw.

    "Whatever." You murmured, leaving the window. You didn't want it to come down to this, but you had no other choice. You waved your hand in the street at an upcoming taxi to get in. "Densdale Apartments." You told the driver. You looked out of the window at the passing by buildings and every motel you went to that was full occupancy.

    The taxi pulled up by the tall apartment complex, and you got out, paying the amount needed. You searched in your wallet, noticing how little cash you had after paying. You could've walked.

    You entered the apartment building, sneaking past the sleeping landlord in her office as you made your way to the third floor. You reached inside of your satchel, taking out the pocket knife that rested there. You hoped for this to work like it has a thousand times already. Approaching a door that said '3F' on it, you entered your knife into the lock, wiggling it around before eventually turning it, successfully unlocking the door. You smiled to yourself, and entered the apartment. It was dark, of course, since it was nearly two in the morning. Your ex that resided in this apartment was probably sleeping soundly in his room.

           You decided to sleep here for the night, not caring about him waking up and seeing you on his couch. This was your apartment, anyways, before he changed the locks and kicked you out.

           You plopped yourself onto the couch and got comfortable dispite your wet clothes. You had no other clothes to change into, anyways. You'd allow your brain to ponder on your worries once you’d wake up, but for now, all you needed was to close your eyes and rest.



           Ah, there it is. You opened your eyes, the sun shining brightly through the blinds. You felt so groggy, you knew you probably hadn't slept for more than four hours. You looked over to the one who had rudely woken you up.

           "What are you doing in my house?!" Your ex yelled, his face twisted into confusion. You watched as he panicked in anger, amusement written all over your face.

           "Chill out, Cheol, I only needed a place to sleep." You spoke with a raspy voice. "Since I did get kicked out of my own home."

           "Don't tell me to chill out!" He yelled. "I changed the locks, you shouldn't even be able to get in here!"

           "It's not that hard to pick a lock, dumb dumb." You said, getting up. "But I was going to leave, anyways, so you can pipe down."

           "No. I don't feel safe knowing you can get into my home whenever you want." He said, and he reached for his phone. "I'm calling the police."

           "Hey, hey, now, don't do that." You said, waving your arms back and forth. "I just said I was going to leave, let's not make this any more complicated than it needs to be."

           "You're crazy, (Y/N). I should've had you locked up a long time ago." He said, and he started dialing the police. Before the phone could even ring, you rushed to smack the phone out of his hands, it dropping to the floor. "Wha-"

           You then stomped on it multiple times, effectively rendering it useless.

           "What the fuck is your problem?!" He yelled at you, pushing you out of the way so he could bend down and look at how damaged the phone was. "You're going to have to pay for this, you bitch!"

           "I'm not paying for shit." You said. "I can't go to prison, Cheol."

           "Well, I'm sorry there's consequences to your actions." He said. "I should've never gotten involved with you. I knew you were crazy from the beginning. Just know this building has surveillance cameras, now, and I will be going to the police about this so you can get what you deserve-"

           He coughed out air as your foot harshly impacted his his stomach, him going from a crouched position to laying on the floor in pain. He struggled to gain his breath back, holding his stomach and heaving.

           "You've left me no choice, Cheol." You said, crouching down on your knees with your pocket knife out. He noticed the light flint from the metal and his eyes widened as he tried to scoot away from you. You stood up, kicking him in his stomach again, and once again just to keep him down. You watched as he coughed, spluttering up blood on the hardwood floors. "Y'know, I do wish we've never gotten involved with each other. I did date you just for your money, anyways. Who would've known that even with all that money, you still decided to steal from me?" You watched in silence as he couldn't recover fast enough this time. "Well. You won't have to worry about that for any longer." And with that, you took your pocket knife, slicing right through his neck, arterial blood splattering wherever it could, including your clothes that were still damp.

          You grimaced, standing up to get away from the blood. Cheol was dead, now. This was something you had wanted to do ever since he abandoned you. Now all you had to do was find who exactly was in charge of his money. But first, a change of clothes.

          You went to his bathroom, stripping out of the soiled clothes and stepped into the shower, washing the sins off your body. You had gone through this many times. Killing, hurting, crime. Through it shook you down to your core at the mere thought of doing things like this years ago, nowadays, it served to fill in a hole that would probably never be full again. Yet, it doesn't hurt to try. It doesn't hurt you, at least. You only had one person to blame.

    You stepped out of the shower, drying off and changing into some of Cheol's clothes much to your disgust. You had no other choice, really. While you were still there, you decided to rummage through some of his stuff, seeing if you could find some money. After a few minutes of looking, you emerged out of his room with his wallet that had a pretty hefty sum that would get you through two weeks, at least. Once you softly closed the door behind you, you froze. Cheol's lifeless body was still there, of course, but you noticed a man standing right by the body, looking down at it. He was a tall, slim man dressed in all black with a dark look in his eyes, skin pale, and almost translucent, as if he was only a hologram.

    It was like your heart stopped as you stared at him. How did he get in? Who was he? Was he going to go to the police? Why was he just staring at the body like that?

    You shuffled slightly, you feet making the quietest sound that even you could barely hear, but the man suddenly was looking right at you, his gaze piercing into your eyes. Then it was as if you only blinked, and the man suddenly disappeared, the room suddenly getting cold. Your breath was still caught in your chest as you held onto the wall, the room eerily silent.

    You had no idea what had just happened, but it made your heart race as you were filled with anxiety. You had to get out of here, now.

    You rushed to pick up your satchel, dropping the wallet and pocket knife inside, deciding the clean the blood off later. Looking at the dead body once more, you rushed out of the apartment, keeping your head down so that the surveillance cameras couldn't recognize you. You would have to stay in a hotel tonight, especially after what you just did.


           It's been weeks since you killed Cheol. You saw how the police found his body, but there was no trace of the suspect, just like it always went. But that wasn't what you were worried about. You had been back and forth to the library, researching about the man you had seen that day.

          Every search pulled up articles and papers about the angel of death. You were never one to believe in things like this, but your condition only forced you to come to terms with it.

          Yet, with all the descriptions about this 'angel of death' that you read, the man you saw didn't match any of them. Maybe he was the grim reaper? But he didn't match the description of that either. Even amongst all of this researching, you hadn't fully thought about the fact that you can see him. These articles only show how they're invisible spirits, not able to be seen by a mortal.

          But then again. You weren't mortal.


          You figured the only way to find out exactly who he is was to ask him yourself.

          And that's how you found yourself in an empty warehouse in the dead of the night, blood splattered across your face as you dropped the metal crowbar to your side. You didn't kill this man for no reason, of course. He was being rude to you when all you wanted was the directions to the nearest hotel. You've traveled so far that you were unfamiliar with the city you were in. There was no reason to be rude, but it didn't matter anymore, because he was dead.

    He put up quite a fight, evident by your harsh breathing as you stumbled back, falling on your butt. All you had to do was wait for the man to show up. Angel of death, grim reaper, whatever he was. You waited until you felt a chill down your spine. That's what happened when spirits were near, right?

    "What are you?"

    You gasped loudly as you heard a soft voice right in your ear. You turned your head to see the man from before, showing up like you had expected. Had he just asked you a question? You couldn't remember, but your heart was beating a mile a minute. From this close up, you could see just how dark his eyes were, as black as could be.

    "W-who are you?" You squeaked our, cringing at how weak and vulnerable you sounded.

    "Who are you?" He repeated back to you, then looked over at the dead body on the floor. "The third one. And the third time that I've seen you. Why can you see me?"

    "L-look, I know nothing about anything, I-I-I just, I just wanted to know who you were."

    "So, you killed a man?" He asked. You didn't answer, knowing it was quite evident. "You're evil." He whispered.

    "So what?" You were quick to defend yourself. "Are you the a-angel of death or something?"

    "Very far from that." He said, eyes squinting at you as if he was offended. "I wasn't insulting you. I was just observing you. You don't feel like a regular mortal."

    "So, does that mean you're not a mortal?" You asked, still trying to figure out what he was. He looked at you without emotion.

    "What are you?" He asked once again, voice showing small sparks of annoyance.

    "I'll only tell you once you tell me what you are." You said. You realized you were haggling some spirit guy who came whenever you killed someone. And for some reason, he was entertaining you.

    "Prince of death." He said. "I reap evil souls. Souls too dark that the angel of death could not handle."

    "So, there is an angel of death? What's the difference between you two?"

    "I told you who I was. Now you do the same."

    "What will you do if I don't?" You asked him. He didn't answer you, getting up but you quickly got up after him. "Wait. Just answer my questions and I'll tell you. I promise."

    "Petty human promises have no effect on me." He said.

    "Well, as you know, I'm not your ordinary human."

    He looked down at you into your eyes as if he was searching deep into your soul before he spoke. "I'm a demon. The angel of death is an angel. I come from hell to reap the souls of evil, as I said. Souls like yours."

          "Why do you think I'm so evil?" You asked, stepping closer to the man with a smirk. He was quite handsome. Nothing less to expect from a demon. They were made to be good-looking. He wasn't phased by your switch of nature.

         "You're a murderer." He said. "And I can feel your energy. Dark, vile, and empty... anymore questions for me?"

    You looked down, frowning at his description of you. Dark, vile, and empty. If he were to say it, what makes it false? You shook you head.

    "Now...what are you?"

    "Immortal." You said. "Cursed by a witch a century ago."

    "Hm. Why haven't I seen you until recently?" He asked more to himself than to you.

    "Why? Have you been enjoying coming to me?" You smirked, gaining your confidence again.

    "You're rather bold to flirt with a demon." He said, face stoic. "But I don't come to you. I come to collect the people you kill. Now, if you don't mind, I have a job to do."

    It was as if he blocked you from his mind, going to work on the poor soul. Should you say poor? He was evil after all. You watched as he tugged on the mans hand, and he did a few motions, but you couldn't see the soul of the man.

    "Why can't I see him?" You asked. "I at least want to tell him that he was rude for being mean to me today."

    "Well, you just did." The demon said. "He's right here. He said 'fuck you'."

    "Wha-" You frowned. "Well, that's why you're dead and I'm not."

    "Okay..." He did some more motions with his hands, then turned back to you. "I'd appreciate it if you don't argue with the spirits next time."

    "Next time?" You raised a brow.

    "I'm certain I'd be seeing you again." He answered.

    "Ah, then I must know your name then, prince." You smiled.

    "You can call me that. Or you can call me Soobin." He said. "Whichever you prefer, (Y/N)." Then with that, he disappeared from your eyes. You weren't sure how he knew your name, but you also didn't know what demons were capable of. All you knew is that you were weirdly drawn to him, and you’d make sure to see him again.


           You weren't in the mood to kill. You were a bit tired, honestly, but a few good things would come out of killing the old bartender that obviously had a thing for young girls. Anyone, including the bartender, could tell that the girls sitting a few seats down from you were barely even 18, and their IDs were fake. The bartender didn't care, though. He shamelessly flirted with the girls and made sexual innuendos, the girls laughing uncomfortably.

           You watched as the bartender went to go tend some other customers and you made your way over to the girls.

           "Go home." You told them. They looked at you confused. "It's no good to be here at this age, some men will prey on you. You'll thank me when I'm older." You gave them $20 to pay for their drinks, and surprisingly the girls listened to you, scurrying up out of the bar. 

           There were few people in the bar at this time, so all you had to do was wait it out. You slipped on your drink as you saw the bartender make his way down to you.

           "Ma'am, do you have any idea where the girls that sat over there went?" He pointed to where they were before. You grimaced at an old man like him calling you 'ma'am'. 

           "I'm guessing they went home." You said. "But why talk to them when you can talk to me?" You smirked. He bit his lip, obviously checking you out. You faught the urge to gag, but you knew you had him for the night. 

           You sat there entertaining his terrible flirting until there was only the two of you in the bar. His demeanor changed from seductive to lustfull as he rounded the corner of the bar and walked to you. 

           "So, what do you say we release some tension right here, huh?" He spoke, his face far too close to yours for comfort. You got up from the chair, softly caressing your fingers over his shoulders as you walked behind him. You decided that you didn't want this to be messy. You eyed your satchel that rested on the bar top, just within eyes reach. He was a pretty scrawny old man, you didn't think you'd have a tough time bringing him down.

           "Alright, old man." You whispered in his ear. "As long as you let me take the lead." He shuddered, and you knew you had an effect on him. You slowly reached for your satchel, eyeing his wrinkled neck. 

           "With pleasure." He spoke. And with that, you went for the kill. You wrapped the strap of your satchel around his neck with quickness, holding it back tightly with all of your strength. He loudly choked, clawing at the strap, but you didn't let up at his struggling. The man was taller than you, but you used you height as an advantage to pull him down more with your strength. He dropped down to the floor and you followed him down, watching with a smile as he got weaker and weaker, eventually falling limp. You stood on edge for a minute more to make sure he was dead.

           "I knew it was you." You flinched as you felt the room temperature fall. If that's not enough to tell you the man was dead, then nothing else will be enough.

           You turned around, seeing the pretty demon. "Long time no see, prince."

           "It's been a week, but sure." He said. "What was your reason this time?"

           "The logical reason was that he was a predator." You said, standing up and facing Soobin. "The slightly less logical reason was that I wanted to see you."

           "I see." He said. "Will this be a reacurring thing?"

           "Mhm." You nodded.

           "Hm. You must think you're doing the world a favor." He said, crouching down at the dead man.

           "Aren't I?" You asked. "I'm only a hero wrapped in the clothes on a villain. Life is boring as is."

           He looked up at you, his face perplexed. You raised your brow in question. "What did you do so bad that a witch cursed you to be immortal?"

           You pursed your lips. "...my first kill was her husband. I didn't mean to kill him, but there's no such thing as an accident in her eyes. She's most likely dead, now."


           "Is there any way to become mortal again?" You asked. "You should know, right?"

           "Uh, not exactly." He said. "I was born immortal, and I've never really made conversation with a mortal like this. But, if I had to guess, there probably is a way to become mortal again. But why would you want to become mortal?"

          "Why wouldn't I? Living on until the end of time is torture. That's why it's a curse." You said.

          "But...then you'd end up in hell."

          "I know that." You chuckled. "It wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

          "Well...for someone of your caliber, it wouldn't be horrible." He said.

          "What's that supposed to mean?"

          "There's a hierarchy in hell." He said, turning back to the dead man. "I'll tell you about it next time." You frowned as he went to work on the soul in front of him, then turned back to you.

          "Is there anyway I could see you without having to kill someone?" You asked, coming close to him.

          "You could kill yourself, but we know that's not possible." He smiled. "Just kill the right person, and I'll be here. Until next time, darling."

          Then he was gone.


          "You won't leave me prematurely, right?" You spoke to Soobin once he showed up to collect your most recent victim. He looked at with with a smile as if he was meeting up with an old friend.

          "Depends." He said, then looked at the body. "I see you've chosen a more...violent way of killing tonight." He looked at the blood splattered around the hotel room. "Were you angered?"

          You sighed. "Self defense. I was brought here against my will. I thought he would be perfect for you." 

          He chuckled. "You're right."

          "Hey, prince?" He raised his brow in question. "You like me, right?"

          "Hm. Sure. In a way a demon would like a human." He said.

          "But technically, I'm not a human." You said, stepping closer to the man.

          "You are a human, just...under a special circumstance." He said. 

          "So...I'm too human for you?" You pouted.

          "What do you mean, 'for you'?" He tilted his head. You slowly raised your hand up to his chest, hesitating a bit as you didn't know if you could touch him or not. 

          "You know what I mean, prince." You said, placing your hand on his chest, which was surprisingly solid, yet he radiated zero body heat.

          "Are you trying to seduce me so that I could find a way for you to be mortal again?" He smirked.

          "Maybe." You shrugged. "But who knows...maybe I just really like you."

          "And you want me to like you..."

          "That wouldn't be so bad."

          "I wouldn't say I like you like that." He spoke softly. "But it's not impossible to get me to."

          "So...I have a chance."

          "Sure." He smirked. "But fair warning...if I do end up liking you, say...fall in love with you...I'll just have to take you down to hell with me. Does that not sound scary to you?"

          You smiled, biting you lip as you felt his cold large hand press around your waist. "I'm not scared of anything, Prince. As a matter of fact...that sounds ideal."

          "Hm. Then you better try hard, princess."


          Oh, how to make the prince of death fall in love with you? He's not like every other person on this planet. Has he ever even been in love? Does he know what it feels like?

          It seemed like no matter how many evil souls you gave him, he wasn't satisfied...could he even fall in love? 

          Nothing was worse than feeling like you are so close to something that feels like it's only a few inches away from you, only to be miles away. Did he know that's how you felt? That as time went on, your feelings decided to grow for the demon while his stayed the same?

          There was so much repressed anger inside of you, so much desperation. Was it healthy to see the prince? Probably not. Was it healthy to go on a killing spree? Definitely not. But it was too late.

          It was a bloodbath. A dozen bodies lay dead on the floor. Some might've been good, some might've been evil. You didn't feel guilty. You've lived far too long and have seen far too much for things like this to effect you. 

          "Oh, princess." There he was. "Poor, poor princess."

          "Don't pity me." You spoke to the demon behind you. "I have no remorse. They obviously deserved it if you're here."

          "What's gotten you into such a frenzy, hm?" He asked, walking around to face you, his cold hand caressing your bloody face. "My princess seems distressed."

          You flicked his hand off of your face and scoffed. "Your princess? Aren't I the one chasing after you? You can cut the sweet talk."

          He frowned. "Is that why? Darling, you do love me, right? Is that why you're in distress? Because you don't think I love you back?"

          "Be honest, Soobin. Are you even capable of love?" You asked him.

          "I'm not sure." He said quietly. "How could I know, when I've never been in love?"

          "Then..." You sighed, feeling your anger for him dissipate. "What do you feel?" Your voice broke in desperation.

          He frowned and looked down as if he was trying to look for the words to explain. "Do you know a way that demons bound to hell could bring a human down with them as their partner?" You shook your head. "All it takes is a kiss, princess. And I...want to kiss you. I do. But you don't want to be with me for eternity, (Y/N). I live in a state of darkness. A cold, empty darkness, where the only freedom I could get is when I have to reap souls. If I were to kiss you...it would just be us in the darkness. All alone for the rest of eternity. I'm afraid you don't love me that much, and I love you too much to allow that to be your fate." You watched as you reflected off of his black eyes without knowing that this reflection was all that he saw. It was all that he wanted to see for the rest of eternity. But...did you want to be that reflection trapped in his dark eyes? Or did you want to stay here, living an immortal life, constantly killing to see the only one who's given you meaning? Soobin noticed your silence and nodded. "I guessed so."

          He walked away from you, tending to the spirits in silence, the room becoming colder and colder. Once he was done, he looked back at your silent figure.

          "You know...you don't have to kill any more people just to see me." He spoke. "If you really want to, all you have to do is call me loud enough. I'll be there." Then he dissipated from the air, leaving you alone in the cold room.


           You hadn't seen him in weeks since then. You had been barricading yourself inside of different hotels, hiding from the fact that you’ve killed all of those people at once, and the whole city as well as neighboring cities are on edge. You didn’t think they’d catch you, of course. Since you were immortal, you were practically dead a long time ago. You were nothing in this world. How could they catch nothing?

    But the idea of you being nothing only made you think of Soobin. To most of everyone in this world, he was nothing as well. He was a ghost, a spirit, a demon. You weren’t sure if you could see him due to the darkness inside of you or maybe it was the fact that you were immortal.

    “I'm afraid you don't love me that much, and I love you too much to allow that to be your fate."

    It was as if that phrase just popped up in your head without warning. It was a phrase that had plagued you since you heard it. You had fallen in love with that demon, yet you weren’t able to conceptualize the fact that he was in love with you, too. But what hut your heart the most was the insecurity he had showed you within that sentence. You had never seen him so vulnerable, nor did you think he could be that vulnerable. Did he really think your love for him was only surface level? 

    Maybe that was his image of love that humans held for each other. But with all the people you had made a mistake of loving in the past, this love was something that settled deep inside of whatever heart you had left. You had nothing else in this world. Nothing to make you want to be here. Your only wish was to have a reason to be. Now that that wish is true, would you want to be with that reason for eternity?

    The room suddenly ran cold. The hairs on the back of your neck stood as you looked around the hotel room from your bed. “Soobin?”

    The man in black appeared right beside you. You wondered why he was here. How he was here.

    “You were thinking about me.” Soobin said as if he read your mind. “Quite loudly, may I add. If you don’t want me here, I could go-“

    “No.” You said, grabbing ahold of his cold hand. “Why…why would you think I wouldnt want you here?”

    “You haven’t called me for weeks.” He said, his voice cracking softly. Was he…hurt?

    “I just needed time to myself.” You said. “As you would guess, the last time I killed someone, there was a ruckus. And…I didn’t exactly know what you meant by call you.”

    “Ah.” Soobin nodded. “I guess I was being too mysterious with that.” He said, earning a chuckle out of you. there was a few seconds of silence before he spoke again. “What were you thinking about that brought me here?”

    You blinked a few times, deciding if you should tell him or not. What else were you going to do. “Do you really love me as much as you said you did? Honestly.”

    “I have no reason to be dishonest with you, princess.” He said. “I dont exactly know what love is, but if it’s the feeling of wanting to be with you for eternity, then yes. I do love you.”

    “But…you haven’t known me for eternity.” You said. “It’s only been a few months. How do you know that you want to be with me for that long?”

    “I’m a demon. I’m not anything like a human.” He said. “I don’t need time to determine my choices. I didn’t need time to find out who you are, (Y/N). I know everything I need to know about you, and it’s all from feeling, not time. That’s why I don’t believe you could love me nearly as much. Because you rely on time and not on feeling. All it would take is a few years for your love for me to wear out, while I’ll continue loving you forever.”

    “Then be selfish, Soobin.” You said, tears lining your eyes. “You’re a demon. You’re evil, right? So be selfish. Kill me so that I can be yours forever. If you love me like you say you do you’d do it.”

    He wiped a tear that escaped down your cheek, his face close to yours. His lips were only a few centimeters away. You could only lean forward and then be his.

    “That would be evil, wouldn’t it?” He spoke softly. “To trap you with me in the darkness. But it’s not a good thing, (Y/N). It’s a punishment. How could I convince you?”

    “You can’t convince me.” You said. “I know what I want, and what I want is you. I don’t care if I’m a human, my mind will never change for however long as I live. Please, Soobin…”

    You thought he was going to kiss you right then and there, but his head inside and went into the crook of his neck, his arms hugging your waist tightly. You were surprised by the sudden embrace. “You’re making this hard for me, (Y/N).  I’m trying to hard to be good here. I really am, but you…you want me to trap you. Why would you want to be trapped with me? I just don’t get it.”

    “Soobin…I should be dead.” You said. “If it wasn’t for that witch, I would’ve been in hell right now. There’s no other reason for me to be here. All I do is kill…I kill just to see you, Soobin. Why do that for eternity when I could just be with you?”

    “Think about it.” He said, looking back up at you. “Think about it at least.”

    You sighed, only wanting to go with him now, but you knew he wouldn’t let up. “I will. My mind won’t change, but I’ll try to think about it for you.”

    He dug his ace back into the crevice of your neck. “Thank you.” He mumbled. You two laid comfortably in silence for a few minutes. He was so cold to the touch, but your love for him made him feel warm. You didn’t know how that was possible, but it was. This cold demon wanted to be good for you. That doesn’t seem possible either. But he loved you so much that he wanted to do the impossible. But you wouldnt allow it.

    “When do you have to go back?” You asked him, noticing how he usually would leave you after a certain period of time.

    “When you stop thinking about me.” He said. “Please…don’t stop thinking about me. I don’t want to leave just yet.”

    “The only way you’d be able to leave is if you take me with you.” You said. He sighed against your skin, or at least it sounded like it. You didn’t feel any air from him, but that was self-explanatory. 

    “You’re so warm.” He said, his hand caressing your waist from under your shirt. “It feels so lovely.” His hand didn’t stop as he slowly touched every piece of skin that he could, and when you shivered, he stopped. “Am I too cold?”

    “N-no…it’s just…” You trailed off.

    “Oh…” He seemed to notice where you were getting at, but he said nothing more, continuing to touch you. “You know…if I were an angel, I wouldn’t be able to touch you…I’ve never been so glad to be made of sin.”

    “Would you be able to touch me if my soul wasn’t so dark?”


    “Then…we’re made for each other, I think.” You smiled, earning one from Soobin. He kissed down your neck, his lips cool to the touch.

    “Yeah…” He said between kisses. “You’re perfect for me.” 

    You were in complete bliss, watching as he placed kill after kiss on your supple skin. Slowly, but very surely, he managed to slip your shirt off, exposing you bra-clad chest. His eyes were unable to show emotion, but you could tell the reflection of yourself in his eyes were a reflection of how he saw you, and in that moment, you seemed so beautiful. 

    You arched your back to his lips as he placed kisses over the swell of your covered breasts, his hands coming up behind you to unhook your bra. Once your top half was completely bare, he moved his hands to up your breasts as soft as ever. You wondered if he’s ever done this before, but knowing he was just born with so much knowledge of the world, it wouldnt be a surprise to you if he knew what he was doing.

    “You’re so beautiful, princess.” He said, his tongue kitten licking your hard nipples.

    “Really?” You moaned out.

    “The most beautiful in the world.” He spoke truthfully. “More beautiful than any demon, than any angel.” His words warmed your freezing heart. If he said it, what makes it false? You wanted to kiss him on the lips so badly, but you knew you’d anger him if you did so, and this moment was too perfect.

    He made his way down your body, taking off the rest of your clothes to leave you completely naked underneath him. You didn’t even have to ask for him to take off his clothes, revealing every inch of his cold skin that made you want him more. You looked down his body, finally laying your eyes down on his cock that stood long and thick. You were ready wet from his ministrations before, but you felt yourself get even wetter, wanting to feel him deep inside of you. Soobin hovered over you, the tip of his cock pressing against your folds before pressing in. He pushed himself inside of you all the way to the hilt, his head going back into the crook of your neck as he groaned. You clenched around him, the stretch slightly painful, but not bad.

    He kissed your neck tenderly, most likely leaving marks. “Are you okay, princess? Is it good for me to move?”

    “I’m fine. Please move…” You said softly. He complied, shallowly thrusting inside of you. You closed your eyes, the feeling of his cock inside of you a feeling you could get used to. He treated you so softly and delicately, like you were going to break, and you loved that. You could hear his quiet groans as he slid in and out of you, his hands grabbing a tight hold of your hips.

    “So warm” He mumbled. “So tight.” He moved inside of you with more fervor, and you held onto him tightly, feeling his tip hit one of your sensitive spots. You called out his name softly, feeling his cock twitch inside of you. His moans were right in your ear making this whole experience more pleasurable. For him to be someone who doesn’t feel much, it made you feel special that you could make him feel this way. It only reiterated the fact that you wanted him to yourself for eternity. 

    He moved faster inside of you, getting closer to his climax, and you clenched around him, the wetness of your pussy loud in the room. It only took a few more thrusts for you to cum. As you came you wrapped your legs around him tightly holding him close to your body as he continued to thrust into your unbelievably tight pussy, groaning as his climax came. It was like both of your orgasms were minutes long, the both of you moaning in pleasure, holding each other like it was the last time you’d ever be able too.

    After the intense orgasms, you two laid together, Soobin on top of you, his cock still impaled in you. You felt tired, your eyes threatening to close.

    “My princess…” He spoke softly, his hand caressing your face.

    “Yes, my prince?” You replied quietly.

    “Have you thought about it?” He asked, raising his head to be face to face with you. You knew exactly what he was talking about.

    “I have.”

    “And you still want to be with me…forever?” He asked. You lifted your hand to caress his face just like he was doing yours moving some of his black hair out of the way.

    “Forever and always.” You spoke as he leaned into your touch. 

    “Then kiss me.”

    And so you did. You kissed him without hesitation, your lips meeting up with his soft ones, both of your eyes closed.

    If someone were to see this moment, they’d see how the two of you suddenly disappeared into nothingness, leaving the hotel room empty and colder than it was before. There would be no trace of you left in this world, none of your warmth left to settle here. The suspect to the murders would never be found, and there would never be a lead. All there would be is the death and removal of evil souls. Maybe you were a hero. You’d always be seen as the villain, but that didn’t matter.

    What mattered was the fact that you were where you were always meant to be. In the Prince of Death’s arms as you two twirled together in a dance, deep in the darkness of hell. The two of you would dance together, happier than ever for all of eternity. 


    AN: the smut wasn’t very good but I was in my feelings with this one so i made it very soft lolol i hope you guys like it!


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    18/10/21 Beomgyu’s Tweet

    날씨가 갑자기 많이 추워졌어요ㅠㅠ 모아 분들 옷 따뜻하게 입어요!!!!!!❤️




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    18/10/21 Beomgyu’s Tweet

    너무 늦었죠ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    야옹이 너무 귀엽지 않나요??🐱🥰




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    PLAY: #1 HEARTBREAKER ㅡ 01: new people, same us

    # liz's note. AYO FIRST CHAPTER bear with me 😕 + light mode is y/n's pov & dark mode is beomgyus!!

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    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ txt are just very tall little gremlins

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    Choi Soobin

    Choi Yeonjun

    Choi Beomgyu

    Kang Taehyun

    Kai Kamal Huening

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    txt; chaotic wonderland

    𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗼𝗿 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗱 ♡

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    txt; chaotic wonderland

    𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗼𝗿 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗱 ♡

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