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    Ateez find out that their s/o is pregnant

    Maknae line

    Genre: Fluff


    The past week you haven’t been feeling good and the only explanation for that in your head was that you were pregnant.

    You knew that sooner or later, you would have to take a test and that made you feel very scared and nervous. You did want to have baby with San, but you were nervous because you didn’t know if you were going to be a good mom.

    Today you decided that it was best to take the test and don’t worry about what’s going on anymore. You had bought the test the day before and hid it in the bathroom, so San doesn’t see it.

    This morning you were acting very nervous, because soon you were going to take it and your boyfriend noticed your weird behaviour, as both of you were sitting on the couch and watching a movie and you didn’t realise that you were shaking.

    “Hey, sweetheart are you okay?”

    “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

    “I don’t know, you just look very nervous and your shaking”

    “No, I’m fine don’t worry”

    “Well, I don’t really believe you but I’m just going to assume that you are okay for now”

    “Don’t worry love, I’m okay” you said and hoped that he would believe you.

    After you watched the movie, he decided to go grab some ingredients from the store, so both of you could cook something together and you said that this is a good idea, just because you needed to be alone to take the pregnancy test.

    When he left the apartment, you quickly went to the bathroom and took it. When you saw that the result was positive, you started tearing up at the thought that you were carrying a child in your belly. You were very scared, how were you going to take care of such a precious thing.

    As you entered your shared bedroom, you had forgotten the pregnancy test and had left it next to the sink in the bathroom. When San came back home, he left the bags with food in the kitchen and went into the bathroom to wash his hands.

    As he was doing that, he noticed the test left next to the sink. He quickly dried his hands and grabbed the pregnancy test to look at it closely. When he figured out that it was positive, he quickly walked towards the bedroom where you were laying on the bed while waiting for him to come back.

    “Sweetheart, did you take this test?” he asked and when you saw the test in his hand, you quickly stood up and walked up to him. When you were in front of him, you nodded and he quickly wrapped you in his hands.

    “That’s the best thing that could happen to us, I can’t believe that we’re going to be parents” he said and pulled away from the hug just to see you crying.

    “No, no, no why are you crying sweetie?”

    “I just feel like I’m not going to be a good mom”

    “Are you serious? You are going to be the best mom and I know that because you already take care of eight big babies, so it cannot get any worse than it already is, we are going to be the best parents, that we could possibly be, don’t worry”

    “Thanks, I love you”

    “I love you and our baby too”

    He kissed you and both of you talked and cuddled the whole day.


    Two days ago, you found out that you were pregnant and the thing that you were most excited about was telling your boyfriend. Just imagining his smile when he finds out, makes your heart melt.

    You figured that the best way to announce your pregnancy was to surprise him on Father’s day.

    Today was the day and you had prepared a small bag with the pregnancy test inside and a pair of baby socks. You dressed up an put your shoes on and headed towards the dorms.

    Mingi, was not going to be there because he was having a photo shoot with San, Wooyoung and Jongho, but the other members were going to be at the dorms. When you knocked on the front door of the dorms, Yunho opened the door and greeted you as he gave you a light hug.

    “Oh hey Y/n! How are you?”

    “I’m actually doing very good, you?”

    “I’m good as well, but you look more excited than usual, is there a reason for that?”

    “Yeah, there is a reason for me to be excited and you’ll find out very soon”


    As you entered, you saw the rest of the boys sitting on the couch and watching something, so you decided to join them as you were waiting for your boyfriend to come.

    Half an hour later, Mingi entered the dorms and when you saw him, you ran towards him and wrapped your arms around his body.

    “Angel, what are you doing here?”

    “I came here to surprise you”

    “Surprise me? Why?”

    “Well, today is Father’s Day”

    “So? How does that relate to me?”

    “It does now” you grabbed his hand and pulled him to the middle of the living room where everyone else was. They all went to the side and watched.

    “Open, your gift!” you said as you handed him the bag.

    “What is this?...Wait, no way...is this test positive?”

    “Yes babe, I’m pregnant!” you said and he dropped everything and pulled you into a big warm hug.

    After the hug he couldn’t stop smiling and jumping around like a little kid.

    He walked up to Hongjoong and stood in front of him.

    “Hyung, I’m going to be a dad!”

    “I know Mingi, congrats!” when Hongjoong said that, your boyfriend hugged him and surprisingly started tearing up.

    “Aww babe, don’t cry”

    “Sorry, I just got emotional” he said and everyone started laughing, because they rarely see him cry.


    You had a really long day at work today and when you came home, you didn’t feel good. You felt dizzy and felt like you were going to throw up.

    So you just quickly put on your pijama and walked up to lay in bed while you were waiting for your boyfriend to come home too.

    When he came home, you didn’t have enough energy to go and greet him, so you just waited for him to come to you.

    “Hi babe, are you okay? You look pale”

    “Don’t worry I’m going to be fine, I’m just tired from work”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine once you come here and cuddle with me”

    “Okay, I’ll come in a sec” he said and quickly went to take a shower.

    When he finally layed down next to you, you leaned your head on his shoulder for a while and both of you talked about how your day has been. After a while you told him that you are getting sleepy, so both of you decided to go to bed.

    In the middle of the night, you started feeling sick. So you quietly walked into the bathroom and leaned on top of the sink. You were scared, because you didn’t know what was happening to you and you started shaking. You didn’t want to wake up Wooyoung, so you just stayed in the bathroom for a bit, but he had noticed your absence and walked into the bathroom where the lights were on.

    “Babe, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” he said and when he finally looked at you properly and saw the way you were shaking, he walked behind you and hugged you.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t feel good Woo”

    “Okay, do you want me to take you to the hospital now or do you want me to cuddle you and tomorrow in the morning we’ll go?”

    “We can go tomorrow morning, I prefer being in bed with you right now and maybe try to get some sleep if it’s even possible and I’m sorry for waking you up”

    “No it’s okay babe, you are more important. Let’s go to bed and when you feel sick just tell me, okay?”

    “Okay, thank you” you said and both of you went back to sleep.

    The whole night was extremely tiring as you felt sick every thirty minutes and your boyfriend didn’t get to sleep either. In the morning both of you dressed up and headed to the hospital.

    Once you were in the doctor’s office with Wooyoung, you started to feel extremely nervous and he noticed it so he grabbed your hand and held it the whole time. The doctor asked you a couple of questions and told you that he would test if you are pregnant. When you heard that, you might be pregnant, you were happy but thought that your boyfriend wouldn’t be as excited. You were actually surprised to see, that he smiled and was happy about the fact that you might be pregnant.

    After you took the test, the doctor told you that you have to wait between 3-5 minutes for the result to appear and when it showed positive, the doctor left to give you some privacy.

    “Babe, you’re pregnant!”

    “Yeah, I can’t believe it”

    “I can’t either but I’m so happy that you are the person carrying my baby”

    “Aww Woo, I love you”

    “I love you more babe”

    “Don’t you think that we should get married now”

    “First I have to propose to you and it needs to be perfect, so don’t talk about that until we’re engaged and don’t worry we will get married in time”

    “Okay, I’ll trust your words on that”

    As you said that, he wrapped his hands around your body and after the hug, both of you headed back to your shared apartment.


    Today you were alone at your apartment and you were freaking out, pacing up and down in the living room as you waited for the pregnancy test to show if you’re pregnant or not.

    Two minutes later, you looked at the result and it was positive. You froze and didn’t know how to react, but after a few minutes it finally hit you that you are going to have a baby and you became so happy and couldn’t wait to surprise your boyfriend.

    You decided that it was best to call Hongjoong and maybe he would help you to surprise him.

    So you called and he answered very quickly.


    “Hi, Hongjoong are you free today?”

    “Oh hi, yeah I’m free for today”

    “Great, are you able to come to my apartment, I need to talk to you it’s very important”

    “Sure, but does Jongho know that I’m going to your apartment?”

    “I can’t tell him, because the reason you are coming is to help me surprise him”

    “Okay, just make sure he doesn’t get mad”

    “He won’t I promise”

    “Okay, I’ll head down to your place now, see you in 15 minutes”

    “See you!”

    When you ended the call, you sat on the couch and waited impatiently for him to come.

    Ten minutes later, he knocked on the door and you opened.

    “Hey Joong!”

    “Hey, tell me what’s up, now that I’m here”

    “Okay, let’s sit down on the couch and I’ll explain everything” you said and both of you headed towards the couch.

    “So, for the past few weeks I haven’t been feeling well and today I found out why”

    “Oh I thought that we were surprising Jongho with something positive”

    “It is positive, I’m pregnant!”

    “Omg Y/n, congrats!” he said and gave you a hug.

    “Thank you Joong! That’s why I wanted to surprise him tomorrow at the fansign and if you could help me get in, that would be perfect”

    “Of course, no problem. I’ll let the staff know that you would just go to him during the fansign”

    “I want to be one of the first people, so I can make him happy for the rest of the afternoon”

    “Okay, no problem. I’ll text you later about the time and where the address is, but I can’t wait to see him when he finds out he is going to be so happy”

    “Thank you Joong, I’ll see you tomorrow then”

    “Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!”


    The next day...

    The fansign had started a couple of minutes ago and you were ready to go in and surprise him by giving him a box in which you had put the pregnancy test. When you entered, Hongjoong noticed you and smiled at you while you were walking up to your boyfriend. When you sat in front of him, he was very surprised to see you here.

    “What are you doing here bunny?”

    “I came to the fansign to support you and also I got something for you in this box, so open it” before he opened it, Hongjoong had told the boys to come and watch the surprise, but they still didn’t know that you were pregnant.

    When he opened the box and saw the positive pregnancy test, his eyes widened. Then he looked at you and grabbed your hands.

    “Is this for real?”

    “Yes, I’m pregnant babe!”

    “Wow!” he said and smiled while running his hands through his hair.

    Then he stood up and walked to your side of the table, to hug you and give you a kiss.

    “You just made me the happiest man on this planet” he said and showed his cute gummy smile, which made you all smiley too.

    You waited for him to finish the fansign and both of you went to the dorms with the other boys to have dinner together and celebrate the amazing news.

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    ATEEZ [MTL] want to get close to all of your friends

    m o s t









    l e a s t

    Wooyoung & Yunho: Those two love being around people, are very open and wouldn’t have problems fitting right into your circle of friends

    Hongjoong & San: Both strike me as jealous/protective partners, so they would prefer to know exactly how you and your friends act around each other, but both wouldn’t have bad intentions

    Mingi & Seonghwa: they want to meet them, but wouldn’t push getting closer, if it happens then it happens

    Jongho & Yeosang: they probably want to meet them and get to know them but they wouldn’t initiate it

    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jongho as Hyuk — IMITATION (2021) E01

    #ateez#choi jongho#jongho#ateezedit#long post#imitation#kdramaedit#mine #ok i think they're finally showing up. in all their 40 frames of glory #but every single one counts. HIM!!!!!!!!!
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    mafia!ateez reacts: proposing to s/o

    💌 This is: Requested


    When he isn't busy with his business, Hongjoong would devote his time looking for a ring that is like no other, one wherein it's only you that has that kind of ring. If nothing suits his taste, he will ask a goldsmith to work with him in creating a ring that is unique and special.

    Hongjoong would take you out for a night drive in the skies in a helicopter. While admiring the city lights from above, he would stop in the middle and take out a small red velvet box from his pocket and propose to you.


    Would ask a few of his men to help him write clues and leave trails for you to follow when you wake up and notice that he's gone. Seonghwa thought it was romantic to take you back to the places that holds special memories between the two of you, such as the rooftop wherein you two shared a kiss or the park wherein you two met again for the third time and called it fate. He would also have a few of his men discreetly watch you as you follow the trail so he would know that nothing is harming you along the way.

    At the end of the trail is Seonghwa standing in the middle of the flower field, sitting on the wooden bench while admiring a 35 carat engagement ring gleaming under the sun.


    Prior to the engagement, Yunho would already start asking you questions that were a little off. Like what the size of your fingers are, if you like gemstones big or small and what your favorite season is. Yunho would mentally take note of your answers and try to find the ring that would suit your taste and propose during the season you like.

    On the day of the engagement, Yunho would challenge you to race with him to the top of the tallest cherry blossom tree. Purposefully, he lets you win so you would receive your "reward".


    Yeosang would spend months to create a safe computer virus that he would soon send to you in the form of a link. Day and night when he's free from his mafia group, he would be busy encoding in his laptop. When he was done, he would send you the link with the virus he created.

    The virus doesn't exactly harm or exploit your information, rather, the link would lead you to a bunch of non sensical questions that at first wouldn't make any sense until the end of it, jumbled words would flash on your screen, waiting to be unjumbled by you.

    " yrumo mye lrawd oo? "


    San was laying down in the infirmary of their base, stab wounds on his right chest and foot and the white light blinding his vision. He thought he would die right and there, that he would no longer be able to fulfill his promises with you or even grow old with you. His life was constantly in danger and at any given day, he would drop dead on the floor.

    "Will you marry me?" He would ask out of the blue while you sat beside him in his stretcher bed. "I may still be in this state but when I fully heal I'll buy you the most beautiful ring and propose to you properly."


    While you were out with some friends, Mingi would invite a few of his men inside his home to help him decorate the whole house with a bunch of balloons that would crowd the ceiling, tons of rose petals swimming on the floor and a fancy dinner that his men saved for him.

    When you return home, Mingi would immediately get a little excited and take your coat off and lead you to the dining table with him, towards the end of his surprise would he stand close to you and get down on one knee, revealing to you the most beautiful ring the world has to offer.


    Wooyoung would have an observatory reserved just for the two of you but he wouldn't mention that he's the one who reserved it. He would take pleasure in touring you around, showing you the night view of the city and admire the city lights from above. Ascending up the stairs until reaching the highest point of the observatory would Wooyoung wrap his arms around you from behind and open the black velvet box.


    Jongho would take a trip with you to the province to take a breath of fresh air, see a lot of greenery and eat good food. He would treasure this day because its not everyday his life is like this. He knows he would have to get back to the city with you and resume to his work.

    While in the flower field, Jongho would enjoy feeling the cool breeze and the flowers gently swaying to the air. He found a pretty spot amongst the field and he would lead you there, holding your hand and professing his love for you before he takes out the ring in his pocket.

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    Ateez Reaction To You Calling Them For An “Emergency”

    » Maknae line

    Suggested by » @racheloveyunho


    “Let me get this straight,” He pinches the bridge of his nose, letting out a cold laugh as he says, “You called me--no! you spammed me with calls and texts just because your stuffed animal was ripped open?” He glares down at you. 

    You can tell that he’s angry at you, making a fuss over such a small situation, but in order to avoid being scolded by him further, you showed him the plushie that he gave you the first day you met him. You stood up on your tippy-toes while making your eyes wide with sadness, “It’s the special one.” You pout. 

    San gasped seeing the familiar orange fox with ripped limbs on it, “Baby! Why didn’t you tell me that?! We need to fix it ASAP!” He takes it from your hands and runs over to the phone, “Hello? 911, we have an emergency.” He describes the state of the plush and hangs up, “She’ll be over any minute now, stylist noona knows how to sew well, no need to worry my love.” He strokes your head and places a kiss on your forehead. 


    “Why are you crying?” Mingi’s voice entails concern. He rises from his seat, gathering his jacket as you explain the sudden passing of someone you love. “I’ll be over soon.” He hangs up, dashing out the door and racing home to you.

    You sit on the edge of the bed, book in hand and tissue in the other. The front door swings open and in comes your boyfriend with watery eyes and open arms to greet you. He wraps himself around your body, gently stroking your head as you sob. “It’s okay baby, I bet he was wonderful and—“

    “He saved so many lives! With his superpowers!”


    “The man that died!” You point at your book and that’s when he realized what happened.

    “Oh! Baby…yes it’s very sad indeed.” He agrees, kissing the top of your head and sighing with relief, “Let’s get you washed up and ready for bed.” 


    “Y/N!” He burst through the door, running around the apartment like a madman until you came out of the bedroom, “Oh! Come here!” He runs over and wraps you in his arms, kissing your cheeks over and over again, “What happened? What’s the emergency?” 

    “I had a dream and it made me miss you.” You confess meekly, staring down at the wooden floor, “I-I know it’s not an emergency but-ah!” You yelp when you felt him pick you up and carry you back onto the bed, “What are you?”

    “We are going to snuggle so my baby doesn’t miss me anymore, I’m not mad! Promise baby, let’s just cuddle a bit now.” 


    Shattered glass, a hammer on the counter, and soft grunts are enough to set off every alarm in his head as he approaches the kitchen. You stand in the middle of the mess with a broom in hand, sweeping up all of the glass into the pan to throw out. 

    “What the hell happened!” Your boyfriend exclaims, eyes bulging out of his skull. 

    You sigh, “I couldn’t open the jar and you didn’t come on time.” 

    “Did you really need to open it that badly?” 

    “I was craving it okay?!” 

    He takes your hands and examines them, “No cuts?” You shake your head and he kisses your knuckles, “I’ll buy you a jar opener for when I’m not around.” He smiles, rubbing your back and bring you closer to him, his heart rate finally slowing down once he sees you’re fine. 

    ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙ ꧙

    » Hyung line

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    Watch: Boy Group SHAX (From “Imitation”) Drops Official Music Video And Dance Practice Video For “MALO”

    SHAX has unveiled their official music video and dance practice video for their song “MALO”!

    SHAX is a fictional idol group in the new KBS drama “Imitation,” which is based on a popular webtoon and tells the stories of idols in the competitive entertainment industry. SHAX is made up of Kwon Ryoc (U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young), Do Jin (Yuri), Lee Hyun (SF9’s Hwiyoung), Jae Woo (Ahn Jung Hoon), and Hyuk (ATEEZ’s Jongho). SF9’s Chani plays former member Eun Jo.

    The official music video for “MALO” features scenes from the drama, which made its premiere on May 7.

    Despite the actors being idols from different groups and agencies, the members have great synergy and chemistry as members of SHAX. The members have to focus not only on filming and rehearsing their scenes in the drama but also met up to practice their group’s dance numbers between filming. This particular dance practice video features five members, including Chani but not including Lee Jun Young.

    Check out the dance practice video below!

    “Imitation” will be available on Viki. Check out a trailer here!

    Credit: Soompi

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    Adventurer/Pirate ATEEZ 💛

    to color or not...???? 😭

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    opinions on imitation first episode?

    im not rlly sure abt ateez being actors 😭 idk i know they’re rookies so obviously they’re not going to be the best. but im excited for jongho’s character cause he seems really cute. im also really excited for park yuri’s character, dojin

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    If you want to you can ask me for a request, I mostly do Ateez requests, I can do some mood boards. Or you can ask me anything you want to know about me.

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    210507 @IMTSdotcom: 📷PREVIEW 2017MML We look forward to NOG's official entry.
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    Ateez Master list


    The elevator

    pouts and snuggles




    Cosy cuddles

    Soft kisses


    The protector


    Hehet Hero


    Nothing yet...


    Nothing yet..


    Sweet lullaby



    Nothing yet...

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    bonus: wooyoung and yunho 😂

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