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  • Part 1

    When you get abducted, your captor is someone you would never have expected.


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    Okay, so this is a mafia AU. It has appearances from Daesung, Taeyang, TOP, Mino and Hanbin. It will also feature EXO’s Kai in the later chapters. 

    Warnings: Violence, Death(not main character), Eventual smut, Sexual abuse, Abduction, Guns and Knives 


    Jiyong. G Dragon. GD. The same person. Such drastically different sides. A living legend. A pathbreaker in kpop. A trendsetter in fashion. Just all round incredible. For more reasons than one. The man had a side job. He was the head of a mafia gang. It was a well-kept secret, but there was no denying that Jiyong, the mafia boss, was a terrifying man. He had absolutely no emotion when it came to running the gang, and that’s what made him terrifying. There was no appeal either his gang members could give him, or his victims could give him that would work, because he would never empathise with them. The whole image of Jiyong being a shy, cute guy was a clever front for his side business. Whatever deals he made, he never went back on, so he quickly became the best in the business. It wasn’t for nothing that he became the richest kpop star, you know.

    He was sitting in his room, leaning back and just about to close his eyes when he got a call.

     “Is this Mr.Jiyong?” 

    With his eyes still closed, Jiyong responded. 

    “And if this is him, what do you need?” 

    This rather frantic sounding voice replied saying, 

    “I have a job for you. I need you to abduct someone.”

     Jiyong finally opened his eyes. So this was a serious call after all. Jiyong’s tone icy as ever, he asked,

     “Are you aware of my rates?”

     The same frantic voice answered, sounding a little irritated.

     “I’ll give you as much money as you want. I don’t care about the cost. Just get the job done.” 

    Jiyong started to get annoyed. Was this client implying he wouldn’t be able to get the job done? Jiyong didn’t bother reassuring him, because Jiyong never reassured people. He simply said, 

    “Anything else you want me to do?”

     The man’s voice dropped.

     “Abduct her. Torture her. Send a video to her father. I need him to sign some papers, and he keeps refusing. He won’t refuse if his daughter’s life is on the line. If he still doesn’t sign,”

     he paused, 

    “kill her.” 

    Jiyong nodded, jotting down the details. This was standard stuff. Must be some business partner’s daughter. This client didn’t sound like it was his first time asking the mafia for something. Maybe this girl was also part of a mafia family. The client sighed.

     “I wouldn’t have gone this far if my brother had just signed the damn papers.” 

    Jiyong froze. Even to a beast like him, family was family. There were some of his family and friends he would do anything for. He felt disgusted for a second, but shook it off. Business was business.

     “Okay, we will be able to do that. Send me her details and where to find her.”

    You had only gotten to Korea a few months ago, barely settling into your new job. You were struggling a little with the new place and the new culture, but you were enjoying the freedom from your family. At home, things were always complicated. Your father and his brothers were constantly fighting over money and property, and somehow, being around that negative environment was never good for you. You knew your uncles. You knew they were in the wrong. You knew how they were constantly coercing people and blackmailing people. You knew how they constantly cheated people. You knew how they ill-treated your grandparents. You knew your father was fighting for the right thing, but it was exhausting to be around. Which is why when you got a new job in Seoul as a PR rep for a company, you jumped at the chance to go. Your father was very worried about sending you away, but you never fully understood the worry, confident that you’d be fine in a new place. As you sat in the trunk of a car, gagged, cuffed and blindfolded, you finally understood why he was worried.

    When they finally removed the cover off your head, you were sitting, tied to a chair, in the middle of a dimly lit, crowded room. There was a man sitting a few feet across from you, legs crossed and staring at you. As you blinked to adjust to the light, you slowly started to make out the features of his face. You recognised those features. You were a fan, or at least, you used to be. You couldn’t help the gasp that escaped your mouth when you saw him. Some of his men at the back laughed when they saw that, but his expression remained unchanged. Unflinching, uncaring, intense. After that though, you clamped down on yourself. You made up your mind to refuse to speak. You father had enough and more problems on his hands. You were not going to be one of them. You were certain you’d survive this. You didn’t know why you had that implicit faith, but you just did. You had to.

    Jiyong looked at you, trying to gauge you. He was expecting more fear or even anger in your eyes, but he was not expecting a stubborn obstinacy to be there. A determination that was rare in such situations. His eyes slowly raked over the rest of you. His men and their looks, comments and whistles had already established that you were attractive, but he surprised himself when he looked at your face and found himself thinking you were stunning. He had abducted plenty of women before, and a good number of them were attractive, and he had never thought that before, but somehow, the sight of you sitting there, your hair dishevelled, your white shirt crumpled, your shorts torn and your eyes glaring at him with that insane determination did something to him. Constantly maintaining his poker face, in his low, cold voice, he said, 

    “Call her father.” 

    There was a slight pause. 

    “Daesung, torture her. Nothing too serious. Just enough to make her scream. Don’t touch the face though.” 

    He paused to smirk lightly. 

    “She’s a pretty thing.” 

    At that moment, you looked up at him and decided that you loathed the man.

    Jiyong held the phone while they dialed your father’s number and Daesung stepped forward with a whip. You bit down on your lip determined not to scream. You knew they wanted to make your father hear you scream. You knew that if he heard you scream, he would go insane with worry. And so, as the first lash hit you, the pain searing through your thigh, you kept quiet, even though your body felt like it was on fire. They expected you to give in and scream with the first three lashes, but after you still hadn’t screamed with 10, they switched it up. You were crying from the pain, and your lips were bleeding from how hard you bit them, but you felt oddly exalted. You weren’t screaming. Daesung undid the ropes tying you to the chair and picked you up, and began punching you in the stomach, and although you desperately wanted it to stop, and you could feel the metallic taste of blood in your mouth, you held on, not screaming. Finally, Daesung took out a switch blade. Jiyong felt a slow sense of panic rise in him, and just as he cut the call, and said, 


     Daesung stabbed you in the stomach. It wasn’t too deep a cut, but as you watched the blood stain your shirt, you felt the need to laugh. Jiyong, still maintaining the poker face, said,

     “Everybody out. Hanbin, Youngbae and Daesung stay.”

     They, along with Mino and Seunghyun hyung, were part of Jiyong’s inner circle. They weren’t just his men. They were his friends. They were his family. They knew something was off by the way Jiyong said that. Still maintaining the poker face as the leader, Jiyong said, 

    “Hanbin, get the other room ready. She’ll be kept there. You will be in charge of getting her food and water. Tell the boys that no one is to touch her.” 

    He turned to Daesung and Youngbae.

     “Put pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding. Bring her up to my room.” 

    And he left for his room.

    Daesung helped you up while Youngbae applied pressure on the wound. You were wary of them, especially Daesung, but he was surprisingly gentle when helping you, almost apologetically. They left you in Jiyong’s room, Youngbae giving you instructions on how to stop the bleeding, and Daesung slowly whispering, 


     before leaving. You looked around you, wincing from the pain and the smell of blood. You were just about to sit when Jiyong entered the room. He looked different. His blazer was gone and his sleeves were rolled up. He was holding a first-aid kit. He looked at you, and said, 


    You were annoyed with the man, but you were curious. Was the same man who ordered them to torture you going to give you first-aid? In the same detached tone as him, you replied,


    He gestured to your wound.

     “That needs to be taken care of.” 

    You looked at him, trying to figure him out. You also had a feeling he wouldn’t answer any more questions, so you just shrugged and slipped out of your shirt. He slowly walked over to you, and started disinfecting the wound. He was being surprisingly tender. He had never done this before. This wasn’t like him. He found himself looking at the lashes and the bruises, and feeling sad, which was definitely not like Jiyong. He never sympathised with the victims. He also couldn’t look up, because already, without looking at your face, there was a slight blush across his face from seeing you like that. He dressed your wound in silence, and after dressing it, he just walked out of the room, leaving you alone there to wonder what exactly was he thinking until Hanbin came to get you.

    After that, things changed a little. You were moved to a room of your own. Granted, it had no windows, and all it had in it was an old couch and a study table, but it was still an improvement. At least it had an attached bathroom. Although they kept you locked up in there, Hanbin, on Jiyong’s orders, removed your gag, blindfold and handcuffs. It was much better for you this way, and you were doing okay. Jiyong had your phone with him, and you were dependant on Hanbin for pretty much everything, but it was better. You liked Hanbin. He was a nice guy. He would talk to you and check in on you even when he didn’t have to. From talking to him, you gathered that he was a nice guy. More sensitive. Always got attached to people when he shouldn’t have. Jiyong had warned him about that countless times, but Hanbin, being the sweetheart that he is, always did anyway. It was late in the evening the next day, and you were just peacefully relaxing, when you heard someone opening the door. You knew it wasn’t Hanbin, because he always knocked, so immediately, your guard went up. It was a man you didn’t recognise. He came in and smiled at you. It was a menacing smile. It made you nervous. Trying to keep your voice steady, you said,

     “What’re you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here.” 

    His smile grew wider. He came closer to you, until his face was only a few inches away from yours. In a second, before you could even react, he caught your hands, and held them painfully tight above your head. He pushed his knee between your legs, holding your legs in a vice-grip. He leaned in, close to your ear, and said, 

    “Look at you. Who do you think you are, you little bitch?” 

    He slapped you. 

    “You think you’re in a position to order me around.” 

    He laughed. 

    “Well, you’re not, and all you managed to do is make me angrier.” 

    He pushed his lips onto yours, forcing his tongue through your lips, and running his hands all over you body, groping you. He was just about to unzip his pants, when the door slammed open. It was Jiyong. As usual, he had his poker face on, but immediately, that man dropped your hands and stepped away from you, trembling. He knew Jiyong didn’t like being disobeyed. Jiyong slowly reached for his gun. He looked at the man.

     “Joongi. Stay there.”

     Joongi could only nod, trembling in fear. Jiyong took out his gun and pointed it straight at your forehead. He moved closer to a shocked you. He handed you the phone and said,

     “Call your father. Tell him you’re here.”

    Jiyong had been bothered by how he stopped them from torturing you all day. It wasn’t like him. It was more like him to send a picture of you, all bloody and bruised to your father. He didn’t like this new found vulnerability. He didn’t like the uncertainty of emotions. He thought about it all day and finally decided to make you call your father and tell him. He had no idea why you were being so stubborn, but he was sure he could make you crack. He couldn’t afford to disappoint a client, after all. He walked down to your room, feeling oddly nervous about what he was going to do. All of that disappeared though, when he noticed your rooms was unlocked and the lock had been picked. He started to feel worry rising in him. Hanbin wasn’t careless enough to make that kind of a mistake. He walked into the room to see Joongi kiss you and grope you while you tried to fight him, but failed. Jiyong felt this anger boil in him. He had killed many people in his career, but he had never felt this intense a desire to make someone feel pain and suffer. He would deal with Joongi later. For now, he had to make you call your father. He held a gun to your head, and told you to call your father.

    You were shaking from what just happened, and you were scared because of the gun to your head, but you were determined to sound normal for your father. You called him. He answered on the first ring. 

    “Hi Sweetheart. How are you? How is the job?”

     You took a deep breath. You looked at the gun and shrugged. If it was your time to go, you would. You looked straight into Jiyong’s eyes and decided you weren’t going to give in to this kind of pressure.

     “Hi Dad. Everything is okay. I’m just getting used to things here.”

     And just like that, with a gun to your head, you lapsed into your normal conversation with your dad. You smiled and continued talking to your dad as usual while staring into Jiyong’s cold eyes the whole time. Your dad suddenly asked something unusual.

     “So, did you get to see your favourite kpop star? That Green dragon guy?” 

    You smiled. Jiyong’s eyes changed slightly. 

    “Dad, G Dragon. Not Green dragon. And yes, I did see him.”

     “Why do you sound so disappointed Darling? Not as handsome as the pictures?” 

    You paused for a minute. Still looking into Jiyong’s eyes, you said,

     “No Dad. He’s every bit as good looking as the pictures, it’s just his personality and values. I’m disappointed.”

     And something in Jiyong just went off. He grabbed the phone from you and cut the call. Within seconds, he moved his gun to Joongi’s direction and without even looking away from your eyes, shot him straight in the middle of his forehead. He grabbed your face and pulled you closer until you were only an inch away from him. Teeth gritted, he asked,

     “Why’re you disappointed in me?” 

    Refusing to back down, you replied, with your eyes blazing. 

    “Because I used to like you. I used to admire you. But now, I hate you.”

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  • We have a returning citizen in Mount Phoenix:

                           Sveinn Cho, who is known by no other name,
                                           a 30 year old son of Freya.
                   He is now a manager and tattoo artist at Taste of Ink.

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  • i’m never going to be over this pic

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  • Cool n smooth, yet so damn H.O.T

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  • Netziens: we don’t want BIGBANG back, nobody wants them-

    Korea: ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️ BIGBANG ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍 Comeback!!! 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

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    Looking fine af….🤤🤤🤤🤤💕💕💕💕 Choi Seung-Hyun 😍😍😍😍

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