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    beomgyu 😂
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    16.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    ᴀ ꜱᴛᴀʀ ᴄᴀʟʟᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪ ꜰᴏᴜɴᴅ
    #I feel like this one of the most simplistic and soothing moodboards I ever made #my moodboards#txt #tommorow x together #choi yeonjun#choi soobin#aesthetics#moodboard#classroom aesthetics #high school aesthetics #yeonjun icons#soobin icons#yeonjun moodboard#soobin moodboard#txt moodboard#kpop moodboard#dear sputnik#yeonbin#soobin#yeonjun#txt icons #txt hyung line #beige and blue aesthetics #txt after school #txt behind the scenes
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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    beomjun dynamics 😂
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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    blue hour ! 🍯🖇️🎂

    1st header credit to @al-facitos & 3rd header credit to i2jichu

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    16.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    CHOI LINE REACTS TO... bts being your older brother

    PAIRING! choi line x f!reader ; brother!bts maknae line x f!reader GENRE! fluff ; best friends to lovers ; crack ; humour ; established relationship WARNINGS! mentions of cheating ; mentions of food WC! 1.2k NOTES! i was gonna write this in paragraphs but i got lazy and i havent written a full length anything in weeks so this was the easiest way for me rip

    ## YEONJUN

    it’s not uncommon for yeonjun to run into the members of bts around the company

    he wouldn’t say he sees them often but he’s seen them enough for it to become a normal thing

    he doesn’t even get flustered anymore so score

    however, when he passes by THEE kim taehyung in the halls and he tells him that he has been looking for him everywhere, he can’t deny he started fanboying

    why has taehyung been looking for HIM???

    that’s when his senior pulls out a very familiar looking purse and hands it to him

    “can you give this to y/n when you see her? she left it here yesterday—you know how forgetful she is”

    the rest under the cut!


    of course HE knows how forgetful you are, he’s your boyfriend

    but the question is, how does TAEHYUNG know 🤔

    at least now he knows why the purse looked familiar now

    yeonjun agrees anyways and takes the bag

    he was seeing you later that day for a date and he figures he could also ask you then why taehyung had your bag in the first place

    then taehyung tells him to “take care of y/n” and goes on with his day

    yeonjun is so confused

    he doesn’t know how taehyung knows the two of you are together or how he even knows YOU

    at some point during his dance practice, he ends up forgetting about it all until

    kim y/n...kim taehyung...

    and everything falls into place in his mind

    he finally understands why he would see you everywhere at the company long before the two of you started dating

    later, when he sees you for your date

    “y/n, you will never BELIEVE what i just discovered”

    ## SOOBIN

    soobin usually treats you to lunch

    it’s the least he could do seeing as he is so busy all the time

    he would pick you up from the hybe lobby and the two of you would head to the café together

    but today

    you were nowhere to be found

    he waited for ten minutes thinking that maybe you were just running late but eventually figured that you weren’t coming today

    you had been swamped with school lately so he understood that you might not be able to come out

    he was a sad boy ☹️

    soob decides to go to the café anyways just to get something to eat and guess who he sees when he walks in

    you sitting at a table laughing with some other guy 🧍‍♂️

    he couldn’t see who you were with because they were sitting opposite you with their back turned but he knows a guys back when he sees one and that was definitely one

    he didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he wished he knew what you were doing here with somebody else

    he doesn’t make his presence known because he hates confrontation but he can’t deny feeling a bit annoyed

    then the guy pushes out of his seat and stands up to walk around next to you and soobin can finally see who stole his girlfriend from him

    and it’s fucking park jimin

    his senior kisses your forehead before leaving the café and soobin’s jaw is on the floor

    he leaves quickly before either of you could see him and goes to their practice room to stew over what he just saw

    soobin didn’t know the two of you were so close, hell he didn’t even the two of you KNEW each other

    eventually you showed up in the practice room too, apologising for missing your lunch because “something came up” and soobin can’t help it anymore

    “y/n...are you cheating on me with jimin sunbaenim? because he is way older than you and i saw him kissing you and—”


    you were MORTIFIED at the accusation and soobin...soobin was


    like this emoji 😯😯😯 was him

    “park jimin....is your brother...”

    “i can’t believe you thought i was CHEATING”

    “do you think you can get me an autograph 😯”


    ## BEOMGYU

    it was a pretty normal afternoon, you were coming over to visit him at the dorms like you sometimes did

    he was just a bit more excited to see you than normal because he was finally going to confess to you

    okay so maybe he was a little in love with you whatever doesn’t matter

    he was pretty sure you were in love with him too, or at least had a crush on him so he was pretty confident about his plan

    that all went out the window when you arrived

    you looked as beautiful as ever and you had a massive smile on your face that made him a bit weak in the knees which was normal, so not the problem

    the problem was what you were wearing

    over your clothes, you had on a way too big plain black jacket that you had pushed up your arms

    it was so long that it stopped at your mid thigh

    this jacket was very clearly not yours and the only explanation for whose it could be and why you were wearing it was that—and it pains him to say this—you had a boyfriend

    now you may be thinking he’s jumping the gun a bit here buT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CAN YOU BLAME HIM??

    the rest of the day he couldn’t hide his annoyance at the fact that you were still wearing that stupid jacket

    there was air conditioning in the dorms you didn’t have to keep it on 🙄🙄

    you noticed his behaviour and asked him what was up

    he didn’t mean to but he just immediately blurted it out



    “my what 🧍‍♀️”

    “the boyfriend whose jacket you’re wearing 😔”

    and then

    you laughed in his face

    poor boy is so confused and starts pouting and whining 😭

    you explain that you are wearing your BROTHER’S jacket because he was the one who dropped you off

    cue more confused gyu

    “you have a brother 🧍‍♂️”

    “yes i do you know him actually 🙄”

    “who is it wtf”

    “jungkook 🧍‍♀️”

    now it’s HIS turn to laugh in your face

    you try convincing him but he’s just like “thEre’S nO waY yOuR bRotHeR iS jEon junGkOok oF Bts”

    he is in for a surprise when jungkook comes to pick you up when you are done hanging out

    like his jaw dropped

    went from being a brat to such a kiss ass in record time

    “i can’t believe you never told me your brother was THE jeon jungkook”

    “well it’s not like you’d have believed me🙄🙄”

    after his little fanboy moment he realised he could go through with his plan and ask you out

    “so, what im hearing is your single 😏 you want to go on a date 😏?”

    “i mean i guess since you like me so much 🤥 but you’re going to have ask my brother for permission 😁”

    he genuinely couldn’t tell if you were joking or not (you were) and ended up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with jungkook later that week

    he got his date though so 😁

    tagging. @igyus @afiaaaa19 @samu-sorbet @mjnisode @tyunni @k6ho @sungsunnie (taglist)

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    16.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    TXT Kinks

    Note: This does not represent the Tomorrow By Together members in anyway. This is purely fiction and is meant for entertainment. Do not take any of this seriously.
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    Bondage Choking Dom/Sub

    I think of yeonjun as a hard dom. Him having to tie you up for touching him even though he told you not to.

    “You little slut!” He hissed, after you’ve touched him for the fifth time without permission, “I told you not to touch me.”

    He goes to the draw in the corner of the room to bring out the ropes, “You just don’t know how to listen”


    Praise Dom/Sub Temp Play

    Soobin would be the nicest dom ever in bed when you listened to him. Taking his cock like a good girl.

    “You’re being such a good girl for me,” He coos, dragging his hips back slowly, letting you feel every inch of him, “letting me fuck you however I like.”

    You look up at him, eyes glazed over, the only thing on your mind being Soobin, “Binnie,” You whine out, “more”

    He fake pouts, “More? You want more?” You nod, “I’ll give you more.”

    Via Google


    Masochism Dom/Sub Choking

    I think Beomgyu would just get a kick out of making you feel bad for being desperate for him. Begging him to take you and make you feel good.

    “Whore,” He spits out, thrusting in and out of you at a fast pace, “all you want is some dick.”

    “I bed you don’t even care if I cum inside” You let out a whine at that, “as long as you get to cum yourself huh?”

    “Gyu ple-” suddenly a hand is wrapped around your throat, “Shut up,” he tightens his grip, “and take what I give you slut.”

    Via Pinterest


    Breeding Dacryphilia (crying) Praise

    Taehyun would be so in love with the fact that you were his. So he’d try to tie you to him just in case.

    “Aww, are you crying?” He asks, turning up the notch of the vibrator, “Does it feel that good?” 

    It takes you a moment to register what he said, your brain fuzzy from the previous orgasms that you’ve had. “Baby, I asked you a question.” He points out, “Be my good little girl and answer.” “Yeah, feels s’good Tae”

    “You look so pretty jagi,” He pouts, “pretty enough to fuck a baby into you,” You let out an obsene moan at that, “You want that? Want me to fuck a baby into you? Get you knocked up?”

    “Yeah.” You whine, “Yeah? Okay, anything for my good girl.”

    Huening Kai

    Gagging Sub/Dom Bondage

    I think of Huening Kai as a sub and if he wanted to he could be a dom. But that would be very unlikely, I just think HK would love to be controlled by you.

    “Noona please,” Huening Kai whines, tugging at the handcuffs restraining him. You turn from your place by the drawers, shooting him a glare, “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

    He doesn’t respond, showing you that he remembered what you said, you turn back to the drawer, pulling out a gag. Looking to see what was in your hands, Kai’s eyes widened, knowing what was about to come next.

    “Since you don’t want to be quiet, I’ve got something for you”



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    16.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hueningkai GQ photo shoot icons

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    16.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The one and only, Choi Soobin. I m so fricking PROUD of this drawing, he looks AMAZING( very humble of me to brag, I know, but I love it soo much, I can't help it😅)

    #fanart#kpop#kpop fanart#kpop fanarts#sketch#txt#kpop txt#txt fanart#txt fanarts #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fanart #tomorrow x together fanarts #txt soobin#choi soobin #tomorrow x together soobin #txt soobin fanart #txt soobin fanarts #tomorrow x together soobin fanart #tomorrow x together soobin fanarts #choi soobin fanart #choi soobin fanarts #soobin fanart#soobin fanarts#Moa
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    outnumbered — pt 33: i think it was implied ;)


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    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    TXT Fact n°80 - TXT trainee days 

    During trainee days TXT members used to order the cheapest food to eat which was stone pot bibimbap & they’d go to the convenient store and eat ‘matsal’ (crab stick) because they were on diet. 

    Also one time SOOBIN chased BEOMGYU because he took the last strawberry sandwich right in front of him at the convenient store. 

    (Source : Talk x Today Season 4 ep1/YouTube) 

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    16.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    love is (not) easy #21 — loveD?

    genre angst, humour. warnings cursing, a whole lot of arguing, mention of sex.

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    taglist @gyuville @siasmile @pr0dbeomgyu @eclisqc @tyunluvbot @taejinxkoya @90s-belladonna @naomi-from-paleontology @nycol-ie @youreverydayzebra @blank-velvet @jejenono-ren @itsamemarioo

    #txt#txt au #txt social media au #txt smau#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu #choi yeonjun au #choi yeonjun social media au #choi yeonjun smau #choi yeonjun angst #choi soobin au #choi soobin social media au #choi soobin smau #choi soobin angst #choi beomgyu au #choi beomgyu social media au #choi beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu angst
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    16.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This teasers are amazing!!

    #choi line#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #beomgyu#yeonjun#soobin
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    16.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ nine. pilates and sucrose

    warnings ; profanity but what's new!

    a/n ; to everyone who's been feeling bad for soobin already: i'm sorry yikes

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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    ~ Soobin Lockscreens ~

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    #mine#kpop#kpop lockscreen#lockscreen#soobin#soobin lockscreens#choi soobin #choi soobin lockscreens #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together lockscreens #tomorrow x together soobin #txt#txt lockscreen#txt soobin
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    ~ Soobin Lockscreens ~

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    #mine#kpop#kpop lockscreen#lockscreen#soobin#soobin lockscreens#choi soobin #choi soobin lockscreens #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together lockscreens #tomorrow x together soobin #txt#txt lockscreen#txt soobin
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    ~ Soobin Lockscreens ~

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    #mine#kpop#kpop lockscreen#lockscreen#soobin#soobin lockscreens#choi soobin #choi soobin lockscreens #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together lockscreens #tomorrow x together soobin #txt#txt lockscreen#txt soobin
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