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    Touch & Go - Chapter Five

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    Story Summary Ten months after leaving Boston, Sarah’s starting over again in Nashua. A new apartment, a new hospital, and closer to her parents, she’s finally finding some peace following her ill-advised affair with her best friend’s brother. But Sarah should have known it would only be a matter of time before the past catches up with her.

    Warnings Strong language and stressful situations. Tension.

    Word Count 5,389 (sorry, it’s another long one....)

    Tags @patzammit @ppal3​ (Thank you!)

    Notes I re-watched ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ recently (it’s definitely one of my guilty pleasure films) and stole an idea for this chapter. 


    Driving back to Boston early the next day was a relatively quiet affair. Neither Chris nor Sarah had much energy to speak during the five or so hours other than when Chris asked her a couple of times if she was OK and if she wanted the radio on. She nodded back to him and kept her sights on what was going on outside. There was some glorious sunshine they’d been surprised with. It was a small mercy compared to what had happened recently. 

    She enjoyed the subtle breeze coming in through the open windows, the engine gently thrumming around them both. He regarded her fondly a couple of times. She seemed peaceful and he didn’t want to disturb her. 

    She didn’t much want to leave her parents. She definitely didn’t want to leave her mother to deal with it all. Jocelyn had said multiple times that it was fine and that she needed to collect her belongings but, well, it was only stuff at the end of the day. It was nothing compared to her family. It was some strange irony that things have to be so bad before you realise what is most important.

    Chris said there was never a good time to deal with a family emergency. Probably why they called them “emergencies”. The more she and Jocelyn pushed back against each other, the more Sarah came around to the idea that she would in fact have to collect her stuff from the hotel at some point. She just wanted to pack up her things and get on the first train she could find that would bring her back to Maine. Or at least that would have been the plan if Chris hadn’t thoroughly placed himself in the middle of everything. 

    “What time do you want me to come and pick you up?” he asked as he pulled into the parking spot in the underground garage. Sarah looked at him like he’d grown a second head. 

    “Just give me an hour to grab some things and I’m all yours.” He doubled down as if what he was proposing was nothing at all. Just a run-of-the-mill Thursday afternoon. 

     “No way.” she began to argue. She unbuckled herself and was just wanting to thank him, possibly with a hug if that wasn’t too weird, and get her belongings. Chris, evidently, had other ideas and she wondered how long he had been planning it on the drive back into town. He seemed to have the whole thing mapped out clearly for the both of them. “You’ve already done so much for me, for all of us. I can’t ask you to drive all that way again.” 

    “Obviously I’m gonna but this is fine. You can argue with me as much as you like. I’ve been here multiple times before.” He looked almost smug before turning serious again. “You don’t need to worry about that. You don’t need to worry about anything. It makes perfect sense.” 

    “It really doesn’t.” 

    “That’s because you’re not seeing it from my perspective.” He brushed her off and didn’t notice when she closed her eyes in silent frustration. “This is what friends do, Sarah. I wanna be there for you. I’ve got nothing going on right now so it’s not like your taking me away from anything if that’s what you’re fretting about.” 

    She eyed him suspiciously and saw him visibly swallow knowing he’d been caught out. 

    “OK, well, I’ve got nothing important going on right now, let’s put it that way.” He conceded. 

    It was sort of true. With little effort, he had successfully managed to rearrange a Zoom call with the director of a project he’d been circling for the past month. He had also been contacted by Lucy the night before. That one took more energy to deal with than he was willing to expel and he felt relieved that Sarah hadn’t caught on to him furiously texting on his phone. 

    Lucy was heading to New York that coming weekend and tried calling him. He had accidentally missed it, or at least that was what he told her. No, sorry, he wasn’t free for dinner and no, she couldn’t just swing by his place for a catch up, as enticing as that might have sounded in another time and place. He really wanted to be a good pal. He wanted to get back on track with Sarah and a half-hearted booty call with a girl he was only mildly interested in at best wasn’t what a good friend would do. He knew that much. He also knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, she would do the same for him. Take that, Greg. 

    And so, a couple of hours later, they found themselves heading back out of town. They had a few belongings, coffee, and a large bag of pretzels Sarah had nabbed from the hotel’s minibar. Sarah gave as good as she got, though, he’d give her that much. When she tried to stop him from returning to the hotel, he merely said he’d call Jocelyn and tell her her daughter was bullying him. It was a minor threat that he was only 80% likely to follow through on. However, she knew how much Jocelyn loved Chris, and Chris knew how much Jocelyn loved Chris as well, so…Sarah didn’t stand a chance. It made him feel happy at the returning sense of familiarity between them both. 

    “You manage to speak to Audrey?” Chris asked, taking a swig from his coffee cup. 

    “Yeh, she’s good. She was shouting at me to get off the phone so I could leave but I think she was really just hiding the fact she was going to cry.” 

    “Well, that’s not surprising. She’ll be worried about you.” He supposed and Sarah nodded in acknowledgement. “Does she know you’re with me?” 

    Sarah felt a little taken aback by his question. She hadn’t mentioned him and he didn’t come up in their conversation organically either. Now, though, would he feel affronted if she hadn’t mentioned his name to Audrey given all he had done for her the previous day? 

    “Umm, I-” 

    “-It’s OK. I was just wondering is all.” He shrugged it off. “There’s no reason, I just wondered if she’d give you a hard time or something.” 

    “Why would she give me a hard time?” 

    “I don’t know, I just thought maybe if she knew about everything she might be concerned about you. About you and me spending time together again after so long.” He posed out loud. “Honestly, it was just a random thought.” 

    He saw her straighten up in the passenger seat and regretted asking the question. The more silence that lingered, the more he was sure she could sense his pants were on fire from pretending he wasn’t in the least bit bothered that she hadn’t mentioned him to Audrey, her best friend and confidante. As far as he knew, Audrey was the only one who knew anything about the pair of them at one time. Why wouldn’t she tell her he was there, too? 

    “Sorry, I didn’t really go into detail.” 

    “Of course! It’s totally fine.” He encouraged. “Will you want a bathroom stop along the way, or…?” 

    “I’m good. You can just keep going.” 

    That was that for most of the trip. Chris put the radio on and landed on some 70s chart which was fun for a brief period of time. She sensed he was thinking of asking her about Audrey again but as time passed, it became more and more awkward to raise the subject. 

    At one point she must have nodded off without realising it until a sharp left turn woke her up from that weird place of being half-asleep and half-aware of what was going on. She missed the sign they sped passed and blinked a few times to see if she could recognise any landmarks. At this point, she could have been asleep for four hours or four minutes. She had no clue whatsoever. 

    Turning to look at him, Chris chuckled to himself. 

    “I figured you might need to grab some things from your apartment, so…” 

    She did another double-take of her surroundings. Holman Stadium came into view and she sighed slowly before turning her head back to face him. 

    “You’re making it really hard to like you right now.” She deadpanned. 

    “It’s like I tell everyone else, babe, eventually you’ll learn that I am right about everything.” He said, rather too self-assuredly for her liking. “You’re gonna have to direct me from here, though. I put Nashua into my phone and this is about as far as I can get.” 

    “Well,” she relaxed back in her seat and folded her arms. “What if I don’t?” 

    He eyed her up before turning back to face the road ahead of them, a knowing smile subtly crossing his face. “I can play that game if you want me to?”

    Something about a profound emotional stress can really play tricks on your mind. You let your guard down for a second and your vulnerability can create ideas in your head that you might not ordinarily have considered if you were thinking rationally. Conventionally. For Sarah, it was dangerous. She had a history of making reckless decisions when feeling despondent and lost. Chris knew that better than anyone. 

    “You can take the next right after these lights.” She said, and their impasse was broken. 

    A few more sets of lights and turns down one-way streets and they found themselves driving slowly down a quiet, tree-lined road. Chris was impressed. He wasn’t expecting something so domesticated and suburban. It was very pretty. Very family-friendly, he figured as he drove past a family of bikes lined up outside a front door just waiting for their owners. 

    Pulling up to the curb, he made to follow Sarah up the stairs towards the front door. Turning around to stop him, she paused. 

    “You should probably know I haven’t really decorated much since I moved in. I know it’s been a while but I haven’t really had time to get myself sorted so it might look a bit empty and bare.” 

    “OK.” Chris wasn’t sure why she was making a big deal out of this. He edged his way further only to stop once more when she didn’t move. 

    “And you can just wait here. You don’t need to come all the way up.” 

    He looked passed her before meeting her eye-line again. “It’s a few flights of stairs, Sarah, I think I can handle it.” 

    “Just don’t say anything alright? Because I know.” 

    “Did you know it took me seven months to buy a fridge after I first moved to LA?” She nodded at him. “Trust me, I get it.” 

    She pursed her lips contemplating another attempt at pushing him back into the car before turning back to open the front door. 

    She took the opportunity to check her post and watched Chris as he ran his hand across a wooden handrail halfway up the wall behind her. The hallway looked small with him stood in it. She gathered up the few things that had arrived and he exaggerated a bow that told her to lead the way. 

    She knew she was being ridiculous but she couldn’t deny the tense feeling she had as she got closer and closer to her own front door. Maybe it was just one of disbelief that of all the people in the Evans family to visit her new home first, Chris was probably the last name she thought of. Or maybe it was just nerves. Maybe it was because she knew this place wasn’t going to match the character of the old place. Maybe he’d really dislike and find faults she hadn’t seen before and it would serve to make him more persistent that she should come back home. 

    Boston, not home. He was already getting to her apparently. 

    This place really was OK, though. It was light and cosy, and retained some of the old features from before its renovation. It would do for a single person who spent more time working rather than relaxing in her own home, as depressing as that sounded. Anything that once passed as a hobby was now non-existent aside from the running she attempted as often as she could manage but she could always think of an excuse not to do that. 

    She zipped up her small suitcase and took one last look at her bedroom. She mentally checked off a list of items she figured would be worth packing up for a few days and wondered when would be the next time she’d be back in her own bed. She shook that thought from her mind. She closed the top drawer to her dresser and wheeled the case out behind her and into the lounge. 

    “So, this is nice, Bernette. It’s really nice.” Chris enthused as he looked around the living room space, nodding to no one and nothing in particular. He took in the off-white walls and the plain light fixtures, the boxes piled up to one side by the front door in what he figured was a closet. Sarah had moved them from the other side of the room in an attempt to alleviate her anxiety that she wasn’t really doing much to settle in. 

    He regarded how the lounge joined up with the kitchen in a relatively open-plan, “L”-shaped layout, albeit with a rectangular dining table and white chairs separating the two. Those were definitely not Sarah’s choice; he knew that much as soon as he saw them. Same with the bland two-seater sofa with matching armchair that she had obviously tried to jazz up with a couple of teal-blue cushions. As soon as her landlady found out she was a nurse and was arriving without any furniture, she’d taken it upon herself to help Sarah with as many pieces of spare furniture as she could get her hands on. It was actually really sweet of her and it meant Sarah could avoid spending evenings sat on a single plastic desk chair she’d swiped from her childhood bedroom. 

    A few irregular piles of books were taking up what little living room floor space remained unoccupied. Objectively, it was a decent size for the price and Sarah felt like she had to make that really obvious to him for some reason. 

    She watched him look from the floor to the ceiling with keen interest. He repeatedly flicked a switch in the corner - why do men do that? - before walking back towards the large bay window where she explained to him that she was planning to hang a blind there but hadn’t got any further than opening that box currently lying to his side. Noah had promised her he would bring his tools when they next came to visit but that was becoming less and less important now. 

    Chris looked down at the street below them. This was higher up than the last place but he was glad she had found a quiet and, by extension, safe area to live. 

    “You don’t have to go over the top, you know.” Sarah chuckled, exaggerating an eye-roll as he turned to look back in her direction. “I know it’s small but I really like it here. It’s got-” 

    “-charm? Yeh, I get that.” He enthused again, clearly acting his heart out. “I like this beam.” 

    “OK.” She chuckled. 

    “I’m not lying!” He quickly protested, his eyes wide in an attempt to convince her even more. She smiled to herself as she poured some coffee into a cup for him, the only thing she could offer him before he drove her all the 230 miles to Maine again. “It will be home eventually, though, and that’s the main thing. I can see it coming together with your art and stuff like that. It’s very open and fresh. It’s cute. It suits you.” 

    She smiled as he tried his hardest to remain enthusiastic. He had added his hands to his hips for maximum effect and for a brief moment she could picture what he would be like when he dropped his kids off at college. 

    “And these plants, too.” He pointed to the white peace lily a colleague had gifted her a couple of weeks before. “I always knew it was you that kept them alive. Shan killed a cactus last month.” He walked towards the kitchen and sat on a bar stool next to the side unit that closed off the kitchen area from the rest of the room, gratefully accepting the coffee. “I always thought it was impossible to kill one of those.” 

    “Depends more on the light it gets, I think.” She shrugged. 

    “You see! You know this stuff.” He took a sip and relished the slight sweetness to the taste. There was something about the way Sarah made a cup of coffee that was so much more enjoyable than how he made it for himself. “All my plants are fake.” 

    “Did Matt force you to buy some or have I remembered that incorrectly?” 

    He shook his head. “No, you’re right. I didn’t see the point but he always said he felt depressed when he visited so I bought some fake ones from Target. I have to say, they do a pretty good job even if they’re not real. I accidentally watered one once.” 

    They both enjoyed their coffees before Chris started looking around the room again, trying to find something else to highlight in an over-eager way. 

    “What’s going over there?” He asked, hinting towards the square alcove in the corner next to where a large box of books was currently situated. “Looks like a good feature space or whatever they call it.” 

    “I don’t know yet. I figured just some shelves or something. Maybe leave it open.” 

    “Where’s your television?” 

    “I don’t have one yet.” 

    “You don’t have a TV?!” He asked incredulously, turning back to face her with such force that she was stunned to be suddenly looking back into his blue eyes. 

    “No, not yet.” She was amused by his apparent shock. 

    “What do you do when you’re here and not working?” 

    She plumped her cheeks out with her breath. She actually didn’t know the answer to that since she was pretty much just always working these days. When she wasn’t working she was just…sleeping, she guessed. “Um, I go for a run or visit the library down on Court Street. It’s pretty nice. I’m probably just sleeping to tell you the truth.” 

    “Well, that settles that then. Let me buy one for you.” He stated matter-of factly. 

    “Don’t be ridiculous.” 

    “I’m not being ridiculous.” He sipped his coffee again, casually. “Call it a house-warming gift. Or a belated birthday gift. Don’t think we don’t know you’re 30 years old now. Mom is dying to buy you a present. She’ll probably name a star after you or something.” 

    “I don’t….I don’t need a TV.” 

    “Everyone needs a TV, Sarah. Sometimes you just need to chill out and do nothing. Not even sleep is that good.” 

    “I…” She couldn’t think of a logical response to his highly illogical offer. “I don’t want you buying me a TV, OK? Promise me you won’t do that?” 


    “Chris, that’s not a promise.” 

    “Uh huh.” He sipped his drink again, playfully peering over the top of it knowing full well she was irritated by his presence now. He enjoyed it; it was like old times. 

    She stared back at him before shaking her head. He couldn’t force her to accept a gift that size so let him try, she thought to herself. 

    He put his cup down on the side in front of him and held it between his hands as he watched her move around the kitchen, his mischievous expression soon turning to a more serious one. 

    He watched her tidy a few things back into the cutlery drawer, and cereal was shoved back into a cupboard. Even though he knew she had moved in to the property a while ago, the fact that she clearly hadn’t settled in made him feel a little sad. She hadn’t really lived by herself before, he realised, so maybe she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for herself. It was always someone else’s decision. The plates were in that cupboard because Shanna put them there. The crystal photo frame on the windowsill in the lounge, the one that had been a gift from Lisa, had been deliberately moved there because the glass gave off a nice glow when the sun shone through it. This kind of interior stuff, the seemingly necessary stuff that truthfully wasn’t all-that-necessary, wasn’t Sarah’s thing at all. 

    “Do you need a hand hanging up some pictures or something? I have the time off and could be pretty useful at some point, if you want to come back here after seeing your folks? I’d like something mundane to take up my time.” He offered, a little keener than he had intended to come across. “Not that helping you would be mundane or anything. I just meant it would be nice to do something normal for a change.” 

    “No, it’s fine. I’ll get around to it all eventually. It’s not that urgent.” 

    “Sure, but it’ll be nice to come home from work one day and not have to worry about any of it.” He offered again. “Honestly, I don’t mind. I have been known to be handy with a drill from time to time.” 

    “I know and I’m grateful for the offer, but…” She trailed off. 

    “But what?” 

    “I’m just trying to figure stuff out for myself. I know it doesn’t make sense but this feels like a test to me. Like, maybe I can make some of these decisions by myself without any outside help.” She leaned back against the cabinet. “Does that sound stupid?” 

    He smiled at her. “No, it doesn’t sound stupid. But you are allowed to accept help from people without thinking you’re putting them out. Seriously, you can use me anytime you like.” 

    Chris felt a flush of embarrassment but Sarah seemed like she hadn’t heard that last part. Or was ignoring it. He could hazard a guess at which was more accurate. 

    He watched her lock things up before following him down to the car. He put her suitcase in the boot, asked her one last time if she wanted to stay a bit longer, offered to help her run any errands in town, before setting off back to Maine with a comfortable sense that he’d done the right thing in bringing her here. 


    That feeling didn’t last. 

    They were no further along in finding out what was going on with Noah. Another blood test, hourly blood pressure checks and oxygen level tests, even a second ECG in case they missed something the first time, but they were just as in the dark as when Noah first arrived. 

    Jocelyn remained positive throughout. Sarah had never fully understood the concept of “no news is good news” but evidently, she was missing out. She had always been operating under the notion that no news meant “we have no clue which means it’s likely to be bad”. That’s a pre-med qualification for you; always assuming the worst. 

    Chris didn’t stay at the hospital for too long. A porter recognised him and kept walking up and down the corridor outside Noah’s room, failing to mask his rubber-necking when Chris was trying to talk to Sarah. It was the first time he felt awkward being there. He eventually asked Jocelyn for her keys so he could check on her house and possibly bring some things back if she needed him to. She resisted a little at first, as grateful as she was for the offer, and Chris recognised where Sarah got it from. But, as with all Bernette women, he knew he would soon convince her otherwise. 

    He got the address from Jocelyn and smiled a cheeky smile as he waved goodbye to a glaring Sarah. By now he had realised that if he did things without Sarah’s permission, she couldn’t do anything to stop him. It was a process that seemed to be working well for them at the moment. He ignored her call telling him to fuck off back to Boston (he was surmising but knew that’d be the gist) as he arrived back to her childhood home. 

    He had only ever seen photographs of the place. Scratch that: photograph of the place. He’d seen one, he recalled, that hung in a frame in her bedroom back in Boston. He remembered asking her about it when they were…well, that was irrelevant now, but the other thing he remembered vividly about that time was her speaking fondly of the place. 

    The house looked like something out of a magazine for interior design or one of those godawful romance novels he suspected his mom read on the regular. Flowery, romantic, it had the white picket fence and everything. It hadn’t changed in twenty-something years, Sarah had once said. The actor in him guessed they could make a fortune in rental location fees if they wanted to. Maybe bank that conversation for later. 


    There was something pleasantly familiar about arriving home to her parents’ house later that night. The air felt fresher. It felt cooler which was doing a lot to alleviate the growing pressure taking up space between her shoulder blades.

    Walking into the kitchen, Sarah noticed the backdoor was left slightly ajar and propped open by the heavy tartan Scottie dog door stopper Jocelyn had picked up from a country fayre aeon ago. It might even have been older than Sarah herself. 

    Despite all of the concerns Jocelyn had vocalised in the taxi ride back to the house, the place looked spotless. The wooden floors from the front door to the kitchen at the back of the house were shiny and the hob looked like it had been scrubbed clean of the grease she had mentioned Noah had left from his dinner. There wasn’t a scrap of trash to be seen and the dining table was empty. Large, open and very-much-alive sunflowers adorned a vase on the windowsill. 

    Chris rubbed his hands dry on the tea-towel and clocked Sarah’s confusion as she glanced around the spotless kitchen. 

    “Ah yeh so I cleaned up a bit.” He shifted awkwardly on his feet, hoping he hadn’t overstepped the mark. “I know your mom worries about this kind of thing.” 

    Sarah moved further into the kitchen to take stock of the sight in front of her. “Thank you.” It was feeble at best. 

    “You were running a bit low on tea and milk as well so I bought a few groceries. I hope that’s OK. It’s just some things to get you by for this week.” 

    Sarah nodded again.

    “-And I don’t know how long things will last at the hospital but I was reading this thing online about meat substitutes if you’re trying to lower cholesterol and stuff-” he turned to open the fridge “-so I bought that fake bacon. It’s supposed to taste like the actual thing somehow. I don’t know, Scott swears by it and it lasts ages if it’s kept refrigerated.” 

    At that moment, the washing machine made a clicking sound as it switched itself off. 

    “Don’t worry about that. If you give me five minutes, I’ll take this load out. There’s some folded up in there, too. It just needs putting away.” He scratched behind his ear and for the first time she thought she detected a little bit of embarrassment. “And I promise I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow.” 


    “-It’ll take me ten minutes, max. Then I can be outta your hair. If you want.” He shrugged, like it was nothing. 

    Any appreciation she could muster would sound completely disingenuous given the extent of his kindness. Housework cannot have been high on his list of priorities in his own home let alone someone else’s. She was dumbfounded.

    The tension was quickly halted as Jocelyn appeared behind Sarah. She dropped her handbag on the kitchen table and proceeded to remove her jacket unaware of what had just occurred in her home. 

    “I don’t know what to say.” She finally offered as she took stock of the tidy room in front of her. “You’ll make a wonderful husband one day!” 

    Chris chuckled to himself as he lobbed the tea towel onto the counter behind him. “It’s the least I can do for you guys. It can’t be easy right now and I’m never good at saying the right things at the right time, so, if I can be useful in some other way, I’d really like to help.” 

    “Well, I’m just so grateful. We both are, right Sarah?” 

    Sarah was still struggling to formulate a response that was worthy of him. When she finally looked at them both, she met eyes she hadn’t seen in a long time. 

    “I don’t know your plans, honey, but we’ve got plenty of space if you want to stay over?” Jocelyn continued. 

    “Actually, I’ve booked in to the Marriott in town, so…” He rubbed the back of his neck. He quickly continued when he sensed Jocelyn was about to protest. “And then tomorrow I can go wherever.” 

    “Are you sure? Because there’s a new mattress in the spare room now and if you give Sarah ten minutes, she’ll whip you up a duvet and pillows?” 

    “No, Joss, honestly it’s fine.” He asserted before turning back to look at Sarah. He felt a chill shoot through his veins when she finally met his gaze again. She was still taking it all in but he’d recognise that look anywhere. For a brief moment, he forgot where he was. “In fact, I’ll head off there now and leave you guys to it. You wanna see me out, Sarah?” 

    She nodded with a smile and watched as Jocelyn kissed him on the cheek and thanked him once again. Sarah wasn’t altogether sure what she was going to do but hopefully something would come to her in the 30 seconds it would take for them to walk out of the front door. 

    “Hey,” he stopped on her doorstep and reached loosely for her hand hanging limply by her side. Her eyes were watering ever so slightly. Sleep would surely come quickly for her with any luck. “Any news?” 

    She shook her head and bit her bottom lip. “Nothing’s changed. We’re seeing the consultant first thing tomorrow so she might have something to say.” 

    “Get some sleep and gather yourself for tomorrow.” He rubbed up the back of her forearm and she smiled gratefully. “Can I give you a hug?” 

    She nodded slowly and he reached his arm around her back to draw her close to him. She appreciated the warmth coming from his solid body and took the moment to briefly close her eyes as her head came to rest on his shoulder. She felt his other arm slowly encircle her lower back holding her as tightly as she remembered him doing long ago. She couldn’t back away now even if she wanted to, and she really didn’t want to. 

    “Thank you. For all of this.” she said as they slowly parted. “You’ve taken a weight off her mind.” 

    “I mean it.” He said. “You know where I am if you…if you need a break. From this. I’m only a phone call away. Any time. Day or night.” 

    She smiled through the tiredness as her eyes continued to fill with tears. She tried her hardest to stifle a yawn but he noticed and chuckled at the ground. That was his cue, he figured. 

    “I, um, I’ll go now. See you tomorrow.” He saw her move to say something else and simply pursed his lips in response. “If you don’t want me there, that’s fine, but until then you can’t stop me, Sarah. This is what Evans people do, OK? When we love someone, we don’t let go. Ever.” 

    As she watched him walk back down the driveway towards his car, she wondered at what point it would be acceptable to ask him to take her with him.


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    Chris Evans should still appear in marvel movies but hear me out... as J. Jonah Jameson

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    It's true. I love you 3000.❤💛

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    I won’t be doing monthly fanfic recommendations here anymore, instead I’ve made a side blog for it


    I have a huge fanfic rec masterlist there consisting of Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki, Tom Holland & Chris Evans fanfic recs!

    Go find them there, happy reading! <3

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    CHRIZZO💙😆🤣 (parody)

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    First Father's day

    Babe, it's time okay I have everything packed let's go, hi Mrs & Mr. Evans, I have the privé room ready for the two of you, are you knowing the gender of the baby it is a girl, I have you please get dressed miss Evans, I gonna hook you up to a machine that monitors your heart rate and the one from the baby okay try to get some sleep you, it's gonna be a long day maybe a night darling, CHRIS call a nurse , how may I help you please check me I want this baby out of me, miss evans your at 10 cm i gonna get the doctor , right miss evans are you ready, yes, when you feel a contraction push

    congrats on your baby girl Mrs. and Mr. Evans, dad would you like to cut the cord yes, miss Evans if you could your gown down, you can do some skin on skin with your baby girl, Chris mmh baby girl happy father's day thanks babe you are welcome, she is most precious present I ever have gotten thanks. what is her name Isabella Lisa Evans. knock knock he mom he darlings congrats to the both of you thanks Lisa no problem darling, ah wat sweet granddaughter, what is her name, Isabella Lisa Evans, oh darling, may I hold her yes, oh what did you get Chris, his daughter for father's day, what a nice present darling. here have your daughter back, we gonna go you should rest darling we see the three of you soon, bye-bye, babe hold her, I have a picture do with me the same, and one of the three of us. get some sleep darling you need it, wake me if I need to feed her I will sleep well, momma

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    #chris evans x wife!reader #dad!chris evans
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    𝐩𝐨𝐯 ; 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬

    #chris evans #chris evans imagine #chris evans moodboard #chris evans smut #chris evans x reader
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    Games and Lectures Pt. 1

    Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

    Word Count: 1.3k

    Warning: cheating at Monopoly, implied smut, fluff

    Summary: Game night always leads to fun when Steve Rogers is around...Most of the time. 

    A/N: This was based on another ask I sent to the lovely @slothspaghettiwrites​ (I sent her a shit load of horny thots, most of which I am rewriting into full drabbles or fics!). I hope you like it, baybeeees! If you have any requests or suggestions, by all means send them in! I wanna hear your beautiful, horny or wholesome ideas. If you’re interested in being added to my tag list, please tell me! I have a lot of ideas and fics in the works. I love you! Kisses

    Game night at the Avengers’ compound was a big deal. Being a part of the Avengers team was stressful; life and death situations, mission after mission, briefings, meetings, and training really takes it out of a person. So the best way for you all to unwind in a wholesome, family-friendly way was boardgames. Yes, it may sound strange: a group of super soldiers, scientists, and spies all playing Monopoly in their pajamas on a Thursday night, but that was your schedule. Thursdays were game nights, Friday was movie night, and Saturday was date night for the few Avengers who actually had dates. 

    The current game of Monopoly was just coming to a close, only you and Steve were in the game. The others never seemed to manage their money efficiently, which you’d told them time and time again. Steve was barely holding on, his money stacks looked bald and sparse. It was his turn, and as luck would have it, he landed on Tennessee Avenue; which happened to be the only property you owned with a hotel on it. 

    “DAMN IT!” He exclaimed with a grimace, your laughter as the well as the cheers from your friends celebrated your “clean" victory. 

    “Better luck next time, kid! Now! Money, please!” you grinned at him with your hand outreached. He shakes his head and reluctantly hands over the rest of his money. 

    “Well, as fun as that was, I’m going to hit the hay,” Clint said with a well timed yawn. A chorus of “me too”s fell from the tired lips of the rest of the group.

    “Loser has to clean up, Stevie,” you reminded him before he could sneak out.

    “So close,” he whispers before turning back with a groan to clean up the living room. “The mess they make,” Steve says with a fond chuckle, the money was all over the coffee table and floor, plates and cups laid here and there, the cushions of the couch pulled out and tossed across the room. 

    “It was fun,” you say with a smile, “especially the part where I beat you.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Steve responded playfully, “how do you always win?” 

    “Simple: I always cheat,” he nearly breaks his neck whipping his head to stare at you surprised. 

    “You cheat?? How?” He’s appalled and you can tell. You roll your eyes, already seeing him plan the lecture he’s about to give you. 

    “I take money from the bank,” you say matter-of-factly. You really shouldn’t have told him, but how could you lie to him? His sweet eyes hidden by sweeping lashes always seemed to be your downfall. 

    “You take money from the bank,” he repeats, clearly not happy. “So every time you’d won, you have been taking money from the bank?” but it was more of a statement. 

    Knowing Steve Rogers, he could lecture you on the immorality and unjustness of your sticky fingers for hours. Which is what he did. It was going on 2 hours when you just couldn’t take it anymore. Both of you were sitting on the couch as he told you how unfair it was, how he could have won, and how he’ll be watching you more closely next week. 

    “Stevie, baby, please shut up,” you plead with an exasperated sigh. 

    “But you cheated! It’s so unfair if you take–“ he began. 

    “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up,” you whisper at him, a finger over his lips. 

    Agitation growing in his chest, he pushes your hand away. “Oh, make me, doll,” he says with a bite in his tone. 

    Another sigh leaves your lips as he begins to speak again, “alright,” you mutter to yourself. 

    “I still can’t believe that yo–“ you crawl into his lap, straddling him, your lips press against his to stop him from continuing. He blinks a few times, surprised and unsure if you’re actually in his lap kissing him. When he feels your hand move through his hair to cradle his head, he finally shuts his eyes. 

    His hands finding a natural position on your hips and back, pulling you into him. A deep sigh releases from his lungs as he relaxes into the kiss. A smirk forms on your lips when you feel his tongue shyly asking for permission to enter your mouth. You grant him his wish, and deepen the kiss even more with a tilt of your head. Your tongues meet and swirl around together sensually. Raking your hands through his blonde locks pulls a shiver and deep groan from the super soldier beneath you. 

    The simple action has his head spinning. What was he complaining about? He can’t remember, it was probably something stupid. All he can think of it the feeling of your plush lips pressed against his, and your soft tongue massaging his own. He clings to you, his strong hands trying to hold you closer than humanly possible. Finally, you pull back to fill your lungs with air. Your foreheads touching softly, his big blue eyes looking at you through his lashes. 

    “Now, isn’t that much better, Stevie?” You ask in a hushed whisper. Steve’s grip tightens at the nickname and he swallows the lump in his throat before nodding.

    “Ye-yes,” he says in between breaths. His eyes flick between your eyes and your bruised lips before he slowly eases forward, his own smirk forming on his face when he saw your eyes close. You let him take the lead, his dominance surging. You feel a large hand holding the back of your neck to keep you in place with he devours your mouth. It’s your turn to shiver and let out a small moan, your fingers pulling at the collar of the plain black t shirt he wears to bed.

    The air seems to have been sucked out of the room, the kiss dizzying as his tongue passionately wrestles with yours. It’s when your playfully nip at his bottom lip that he growls, the noise sending a wave of arousal to the growing wet spot in between your thighs. It’s also then that you feel something hard pushing into your core. Instinctively you roll your hips to grind on him softly. 

    “Sweetheart,” he growls again, warning you against moving anymore. He moves down your neck, pressing sloppy, wet kisses to the column of your neck. 

    “Stevie,” you moan directly in his ear, and he’s sure he’s never heard anything more angelic in his entire life. He latches on to your throat, sucking a love bite into your tender skin, “Oh, God, Steve!!” you cry out, thighs tightening around his waist. 

    “Fuck, come’ere” he grunts before slamming his lips against yours again. His hands grip your ass in a tight grip, leaving bruises in their wake. Lifting you effortlessly into the air, your legs naturally lock around his strong middle and your arms around his neck. 

    He stumbles his way to the elevator and presses your back against the wall, grinding his hard cock into your now drenched core. The ride to his floor passes in a blur, and before you know it he tosses you onto his bed. Standing over you, his pretty blue eyes are blown wide, dilated with lust, watching you squirm for him on his bed. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you subconsciously rub your thighs together at the sight before you: Steve Rogers, lips bruised pink and slick with spit, his normally perfectly brushed hair a tangled mess from your fingers raking through it, chest heaving, and his cock straining against the front of his grey sweatpants. 

    “Tell me what you want, Sweetheart,” he whispers, his eyes drinking in your curvy form shamelessly. 

    “I want you, Stevie,” you bite your lip and look up at him with doe eyes, “Please?” And it absolutely kills him. He finds his place above you within seconds, pressing his body into yours eagerly. 

    “You’ll have all of me, Angel,” he promises with a smirk, “every inch of me.”


    Tag List: 

    @slothspaghettiwrites​, @aquahogcodes​

    #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers#captain america #steve rogers x female reader #chris evans #chris evans x reader #little lion literature #fluff #steve rogers fluff #smut #steve rogers smut
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    Steve Rogers is so pretty and soft in TFA and The Avengers. Hes looking like a concerned little Ken doll half the time and you just wanna hold him and baby him 🥺

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    Are You Mine?

    Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem! Reader

    Warnings: 18+, smut, mentions of cheating (it's Ransom, come on) pretty/very dark (atleast by my standards lol), angst, orgasm denial, slight degradation kink, bondage, Dom/sub dynamics, slight dubcon, mentions of blood, knives, dark!Reader, DEAD DOVE. DO NOT EAT. MINORS DNI.

    A/N: I am SUPER late on this. Like really, really late. But there were simply no ideas, WHOOPS. Anyways, I wrote this for @cockslut-padalecki 's challenge and omg it was a whirlwind of emotions! Congratulations, sweetie, you deserve each and every single one of your followers!! I hope this is a good read, I was not so sure of it, tbvh. It took 10 drafts to get it to this point. Whew. Hopefully it has paid off, and hopefully it follows the prompt. 😅

    Check out my masterlist for more stories and drabbles and such! I am slowly phasing out taglists, if you wish to read my latest work, you can follow my other blog @lexiscyberlibrary ! Make sure to keep the notifications on! Thank you!!

    18+ blog, Minors not welcome, you are responsible for your own media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes, grammatical or otherwise are all mine. I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to reproduce, copy or translate my work. Dividers by the wonderful @whimsicalrogers 💓 Likes are welcome, reblogs are much appreciated!

    Prompt: “I'm not gonna hear your reasons and ‘please-just-take-me-backs.’ We never were right. Don't waste your breath” - How You Love Me Now: Hey Monday

    You couldn't believe how naïve you were sometimes. Years of meditation, self control, mind healing classes, all gone to shit. What was this terrible coping mechanism?

    You saw Ransom that night. You saw him with a girl. It shouldn't matter to you and yet, it did. It made your heart hurt.

    You remembered all the good times you had with him. He was like a beacon of light in your life, making you come alive. But you were insecure, and you knew it. He was always with you, and yet, some part of you always felt that he wasn't. Like he was holding himself back, not divulging his truth. You gave him the benefit of the doubt many times. Home late three days in a row? C'mon, babe, you know it was an hectic and nerve racking time at Blood Like Wine, what with the deal with Netflix coming through. He said this with a flourish, kissing you with ardent passion. You believed him, your senses in a disarray as he worked your body into exhaustion with his ardent and zealous loving; if it could be equated with the feeling.

    The next time, his shirt collar was stained with lipstick. You questioned him, yet again, with the answer being prompt. "Babe, you left that mark, remember? On our trip to Concord?" Not giving you time to think, he'd bent you over the table promptly, pulling up your skirt to leave a smack on your plump bottom, fingers ghosting over your clothed pussy.

    "You're always so hungry for my cock, kitten. How can you forget all the marks you leave on me, as I fuck this pretty pussy? Looks like i'm gonna have to refresh your memory." He rasped, tearing your panties down and plunging into you, the feel of him being buried to the hilt wiping all your previous thoughts clean. There was no way he'd cheat on you. He loved you too much, you thought, feeling his fingers tighten around your neck as he neared his end.

    How naïve of you. How very naïve.

    You worst fears came true, the blood in your veins turning to ice. You couldn't believe your eyes as you took in the scene that unfolded in front of your eyes.

    It was honestly so cliché, the whole in flagrante delicto thing. But what more could you expect from him? And it was your fault, honestly. You should've trusted your gut instinct, the deeper parts of your brain screaming at you to keep a check on this two-faced monster you called a boyfriend.

    You walked out of the house as silently as you could, tears running down your face. You almost felt sorry for the girl he was fucking, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as he took her from behind. Jesus. She'd be a bigger fool if she actually believed his lies.

    You sat in car and drove, drove, drove, to god knows where. You stopped at a little nook, switched off your phone and cried. Cried for a few minutes, hours, honestly, who knew? Time evaded you as you sat there, numb. You remembered all the good times, all the vacations and trips, all the memories. All tainted simply because he couldn't get his dick wet enough. You scoffed. You were a bigger fool than that broad. Atleast she was in it only for the sex. You, you were in deeper. You were in it for love, for marriage, for a future with Ransom. It hurt because after so long, his words actually meant something to you. He was the ideal man for you. Yes, he had his vices, but who didn't? You had promised yourself that you could change him, heal him from his past traumas. You would make him better and spend a lifetime together. But now, he'd gone and blown the whole goddamn boat.

    You wiped your eyes, taking deep, cleansing breaths, like your therapist had taught you. You knew what you had to do. You just didn't know if you were strong enough to do it.

    Ransom walked into your house, ready to fuck you into the mattress. He'd come to enjoy his routine a lot. Spend the day at work, meet a few girls and fuck their brains out and come home to you. Poor, unsuspecting you, who was too stupid for her own good. He felt pity for the naïve, little girl that you were, cleaning after him and always making sure that he'd always had a hot meal to eat. He'd been bored at first, trying to woo you, the prick tease that you were. But those doe-eyes of yours, which looked at him like he was the best thing in this world? Fuck, he'd be lying if he said those didn't get him hard.

    He walked in, half expecting you to be cooking dinner, ever the 1950s dame. But what he saw stopped him in his tracks, because what he saw wasn't a cute little mousy creature. It was the subject of his wet dreams. You were in the slinkiest red teddy, with thigh highs, and Louboutins which accentuated the curve of your ass really well. Ransom could already feel himself getting hard, at the mere thought of throwing you to the ground at that instant and fucking you into oblivion.

    "You're home early." You said, the sultry undertone to your voice a surprise.

    "...Yes. I..I thought I would surprise you but I guess.. I'm the one who's ended up being surprised." He murmured, his voice breaking as he adjusted himself. You saw the movement and smirked, proud of yourself. He wanted you.

    "I thought you might like it. I bought as a gift for you. You've been working so hard at the office, and I thought you deserve a lil' reward for all the work that you've been doing."

    And so you let the little satin robe slip off your shoulders, watching his eyes darken as the garment floated to the ground.

    Time to crank it up a notch.

    You half-gasped, half moaned as he deepened the kiss, his tongue ever so slightly touching yours. Pulling free, you let your tongue caress his lips, the soft, pillowy feel driving you nuts. Running it over his lower lip, you sucked on it, slowly allowing your teeth to clamp down. The skin broke and a drop of blood adorned his lip; your tongue darting out and relishing the metallic tang of the liquid. He growled, partly out of pain, but mostly out of arousal. This was a completely different side to his otherwise meek kitten. Was it even her, or a cleverly programmed sex-clone?

    He didn't have time to dwell on his questions as you moved your lips, leaving featherlight kisses on his neck. You skimmed your lacy core over the tent formed over his crotch, earning a groan from him; your lips reattaching to his yet again. But this kiss wasn't gentle. The basis of this kiss was pure, unadulterated lust for each other. It was messy, but you didn't pull free, attacking his lips with a ferocity which could only be described as raw animalistic need. Tongues meshed, teeth clashed, you hadn't an inch of space between the two of you and yet it felt like you were miles apart. He grasped your ass tightly, pulling you against him, grinding on his hard-on with all your might. You could feel him hurtling towards completion as his hands gripped your head tightly, his lips becoming even more insistent.

    No. This was not how it was meant to go. You pulled away from his lips, standing up suddenly and made your way to the kitchen, rather unsteadily, hearing the faint voice of his, cussing out loudly.

    "What the fuck was that, kitten? Why'd you leave me hanging like that?"

    "Oh, babe. I put in all this effort for you and you're not even gonna get to taste it? Tsk tsk. Not fair." Moving around, acting like you were prepping for dinner, you continued, "You can do whatever you like to me after we've had this delicious dinner that i've been slaving away on for hours."

    "Please, kitten." He gasped, his voice hoarse with arousal.

    You jumped slightly as you felt him grip your hips, grinding his unclothed erection on your satin-clad behind. Smirking to yourself, you jut your ass out a little, reveling in the power you held over him at the moment. You'd never seen this side of him before. Of course, it was partly owing to your timid demeanour and partly due to him calling the shots.

    He ground into you, gaining speed, his grunts become louder and louder. "Fuck, you have the best ass, kitten. I'm gonna fuck it so hard one day. But today, I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk, 'til you're begging me for mercy. Will you let me, kitten? Will you let me inside? Will you let me fill you with my cum?" He whispered in your ear, his fingers toying with your clit.


    Pushing away his wandering hands, you turned around and faced him, seemingly displeased. He barely masked his annoyance, caging you between him and the counter. You caught his gaze, folding your arms in defiance.

    "Show me how much you want me, Hugh."

    He stared at you for a long time, trying to decipher your words. You knew how much he hated you calling him by his first name and yet, you did it. To push his buttons, of course. His façade started cracking, bit by bit as moments passed; not a word said between the two of you.

    Pressing himself against you, he whispered, "please, baby. I need you." His lips ghosted over your neck, as he undulated, the feel of him rocking against your stomach going straight to your core. He whimpered, afraid of the way he was feeling and behaving. It was truly unheard of for him to beg; and yet, he did. For you. "Please, kitten. Please let me fuck you." He murmured, hissing as you ran a fingernail along the thick vein of his shaft.

    Grasping his hand in yours, you pulled him to your room, glancing back to look at him. He followed you, as if in a daze, his eyes wide and pupils wide, in lust.

    This was it. This was the moment you were waiting for.

    You surveyed your creation. There he was, completely at your mercy. You don't know what exactly was turning you on more, him on the bed tied up like that, or the power that you wielded over him. It was truly heady, and you were ready for what would unfold next.

    Climbing over him, you kissed him soundly, your tongue melding with his, moaning as you felt him shift underneath you. He was hot and heavy against your ass, his hips moving against you fervently, hoping for some sort of relief.

    Moving down, you trailed your tongue down his torso, stopping only to lave his nipples, his groan travelling straight to your core. You took his shaft in your mouth, determined to make him cum in your mouth. Bobbing your head, you left no stone unturned, your tongue moving along his entire length, as you took him in inch by inch, relishing the feel of it's weight. You gave it your all, taking a page out of the book of that bitch he was with. Whoever said you learn a lot from a cheating partner was right. Ransom was completely lost, fervently tugging against the restraints, resigned to his fate. His hips moved of their own volition as he thrust inside your mouth, groaning at the sight of your face; mascara running down your cheeks, spit and precum on your chin. You decided to show him who's in charge, swallowing him whole and staying there, trying not to gag. With a shout, he thrust upwards, his hot cum flooding your mouth. You gratefully pulled back, taking a deep breath and after a beat, opening your mouth to show him the result of yoir actions, swallowing his seed. Both breathing heavily, you enjoyed his darkening gaze; the fact that he was devouring you with his eyes. He panted, his mouth slack, eyes hungry.

    "Kitten, that was...amazing. I've never felt anything this intense. Untie me now, please. I need to fuck you. Need to feel your sweet pussy clenching around me as I fuck you to heaven and back. C'mon, honey."

    Your breath quickened, his words volatile to your already aroused self. Giving him a small smile, you reached over to the drawer, pulling out a ball gag. Holding it up, you saw him eye it warily, his arms trying to pull on his restraints.

    "What's..that, babe? I..I don't think-"

    "Ransom, do you trust me?" You asked softly, your fingers softly tracing his lips. He visibly gulped, squirming a bit, unsure of where the conversation was headed.

    "O..of course, kitten. You should know that by now." He murmured, his voice laced with uncertainty.

    "Good. Because I want you to know that I trust you wholeheartedly, with every pore of my being. I trust you with my love, my life, my soul. I know that you would never do anything to hurt me, and that you would always keep my best interests at heart. And I wished for it to be this way forever, till death do us part."

    The words tumbled out of your mouth, as the images of him and girl flashed in front of your eyes, in a loop. You could see him get uncomfortable; a guilty look masking the lust from earlier. Fitting the ball gag in his mouth, you slid down till you reached his crotch, ignoring his soft, muffled protests. Grinding against him till you felt him get hard again, you rubbed him against your wet pussy, juices intermingling and creating a mess.

    With a single move, you lowered yourself onto him, burying him inside you, the raw fullness threatening to engulf your senses. His muffled groan turned you on like nothing else as you sped up your actions, losing yourself to the rhythm; till you felt yourself reach your crescendo, and with it bringing him to a finish, as he painted your walls with his spend.

    Nighttime soothed you. It calmed you down. There was nothing like a long drive in the dark, with only the streetlights keeping you company as the wind blew against your face.

    The events of the night kept playing in your head. You hated how it all ended. You'd actually fallen deeply in love with Ransom. But he never would've learnt, would he? No, he would go back to his philandering ways again. Plunging that knife deep into his heart as he was coming down from his high, from his throes of passion; it broke you. His screams still echoed in your ear, haunting and chilling as they were. The sight of blood oozing out of him, akin to a river, and with it, his life, was a troubling scene; the sound of him choking, weeping and begging you for mercy being the final nail to the coffin. But it had to be done. Repentance, penitence, was a necessity. In a way, you'd liberated him of all his sins and evils. Atleast him and the bitch would be together now.

    The radio crooned in the background, the punk rock song playing, a true irony to your predicament.

    I'm not gonna hear

    Your reasons and "Please, just take me backs"

    We never were right

    Don't waste your breath

    You smiled bitterly, realising how the future had changed in an instant. How he had changed it in an instant. You wished he hadn't cheated. You wished he hadn't been an asshole. Most of all, you wished that your final memories of him wouldn't be the sight of his beautiful blue eyes, filled with fear and unshed tears. But that was his fault. All of it.

    Softly caressing your belly, you silently made a vow; to raise your son to be a better man than his late father ever was, or even would be. If only he were a better man, he would've been there to witness his child grow up.

    Oh well. Third time would be a charm. Hopefully.

    #decadeundertheinfluencechallenge#chris evans#steve rogers#captain america #chris evans x reader #ransom drysdale #ransom drysdale x you #ransom drysdale fic #ransom drysdale fanfiction #dark!fic #ransom drysdale x reader #ransom drysdale x original female character #ransom drysdale x ofc #ransom drysdale x y/n #ransom thrombey#knives out #knives out fic #chris evans fanfiction #ransom drysdale x fem!reader #ransom drysdale x dark!reader #ransom drysdale x female reader #ransom drysdale x poc #ransom drysdale x woc #ransom drysdale x plus size reader #chris evans smut #chris evans characters #chris evans imagine #chris evans fic #hugh ransom drysdale #ransom drysdale smut
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    The Secret Queen Of My Heart (12)

    Pairing: King Steve Rogers x Reader

    Warnings: Royal AU, fluff, anger, cheating

    Summary: You accompany Mary and Cecily to the court. Your first day will reveal some sad news for the king about how Queen Louise took care of her duties while his absence.

    Word Count: ~3,000

    Author’s Note: I added cheating to the warnings, bc Steve’s married. I forgot it in the last parts.

    Masterlist | Series Masterlist

    “I have to take your measurements” Lady Meford stated as she hurried through your chambers.

    “Measurements?” you asked confused.

    “For your dress. The king has entrusted me with it and the tailor needs your measurements.”

    You had already forgotten or rather suppressed that the king wanted you to accompany his aunt Mary and his cousin Cecily to the court for the celebrations on the occasion of his birthday.

    Reluctantly, you stood in the middle of the room so Lady Meford could scurry around you.

    “Do you have a special preference for the dress?” she asked while tightening the measuring tape around your waist.

    Preference? You would have preferred not to go at all. So, you answered shortly “Something plain”.

    “Plain?” Lady Meford incredulously questioned your answer.

    “Yes, something that does not attract attention. Nothing sparkly or flashy. Simply....simple?”

    Lady Meford stood right in front of you and snorted a little annoyed. “You accompany the duchess and the princess to the court, to the official birthday celebration of the king. And you want something simple?”


    “All right, then you shall have something plain.”

    “Thanks.” you said in gratitude to her. It was only a short exchange of words, but it felt like a small fight, and you were happy it was over. At least you thought it was over.

    “But not too simple.” she added quickly and raised her eyebrows.

    2 weeks later

    “Steve are you okay?” James asked the king, when he asked the same thing for the third time and Steve still didn’t respond.

    But his only reaction, when he noticed James was talking to him, was “Mhm?”

    “You seem totally absent. Did something happen? Has your new sweetheart dropped you already? Because you seemed very attracted to each other on the balcony at Newbridge Castle.”

    Steve had to smile at the thought of you “No, everything is fine. She's... gorgeous. I'm just thinking about how we can keep it going. Or if we should keep it going”

    “I think” James began and made a dramatically long break “in this case, less thinking would be better for you.”

    Both of them had to laugh due to James’ words. They were true. Steve always tended to think too much about everything instead of just let things happen. Especially since he had become the King of Vincestor.

    “Everything will work out. You like her. That is the most important thing.” James tried to calm Steve’s nerves. He knew he was nervous as it would be your first time at the court, and you would probably meet his wife – the queen.

    “Who are you?” Steve joked and laughed again. Such words were not normal for James.

    “What did you actually want to know James?”

    “How should we continue the search for the princess? Especially now that we are back at the court.”

    For a moment, Steve wanted to voice his suspicions about you, but something stopped him “Currently it is peaceful. We would only create more turmoil and perhaps alert people who would be better off not knowing about it. Until we know more, we should leave it at that.”

    He was fortunately saved from further justification, as a servant announced “Your majesty, The Duchess of Garnez arrived”

    Steve excused himself to James and hurried down from his study. Because if his aunt had arrived, that meant you were finally here, too.

    “Your majesty” you three greeted the king in chorus and bowed to him. You formed a perfect triple formation, like a spearhead with the Duchess in front and Cecily and you further back.

    Of course, Steve would have loved to greet you right away, but he too had to adhere strictly to court protocol.

    “Your Grace” he welcomed his Aunty Mary, helping her standing up and pressed a respectful kiss on her left and right cheeks before he repeated this procedure with Cecily “Your Highness”.

    To hold the curtsy for so long was quite a skill, but first the king had to ask the duchess and the princess to stand up. Only then was it your turn. You were relieved when his hand appeared in front of your bowed head “My lady”, and you could gently grasp it to help you stand up.

    “Unfortunately, I don't have much time, but I wanted to welcome you personally.” His words were certainly also addressed to his aunt and cousin, but he only looked at you. “You will be escorted to your chambers. I hope you will find everything to your satisfaction.”

    He bowed his head again in farewell and left you. Ashamed that someone might notice what was between you and the king, you quickly lowered your gaze to the ground. Otherwise, you probably would have stared after him.

    Cecily dropped into one of the many seats in the main room of the royal family's chambers with a loud sigh. You, on the other hand, could only look around in amazement. Newbridge Castle and Duchess Mary's country residence was nothing compared to this luxury of this palace here.

    “Mother, do you think Steve could sign the papers for my wedding yet?”

    “For sure my child. Put your feet on the ground as you should, young lady.” You heard them talking in the background. “I could even imagine Steve announcing your engagement to Thomas at his birthday celebration. After all, Thomas and his father will be there, too.”

    “Yes, he will be there, too.” Cecily replied with a rapturous melody in her voice. She really had to be in love.

    “Y/N, your room is over there” Lady Meford snaped you out of your thoughts and led you to another room.

    The room was twice as big as the ones you had lived in before. The bed was also much bigger. In addition, it had its own sitting area directly in front of a fireplace, a desk, another table with several chairs and a corner with a large closet and a dressing table with mirror hidden by a room divider.

    The furnishings were not only more spacious, but also more luxurious than anything you've seen before. The mattress seemed as soft as a cloud just from touching it. The pillows and the blankets were covered with the most noble fabrics. It must take forever to weave such fine fabric.

    “The king's chambers are right above” Lady Meford pointed with her finger to the ceiling.


    “For emergencies, there are some secret corridors in this palace to keep the royal family safe. One of these corridors leads from the king's bedchambers directly down here past yours.” She went to the wall and opened a secret door.

    “He asked me to give you this room so that you can see each other privately without attracting attention. But the door can only be opened from the inside, so you don't have to worry. No one will come in here if you don't want them to. Not even the king.” she especially emphasized the last words as an indication that you did not have to open the door if you were not willing to let the king into your private area, your room, without any accompaniment.

    Lady Meford had left you alone soon after, and a few maids arranged your few clothes and belongings that you had brought with you. But they too were soon gone and now you sat nervously alone in this large room until you heard a soft knock.

    The knock didn’t come from the main door. It was the secret door. Even more nervous you stood up and wiped your wet hands on your dress.

    When you opened the secret door, you were greeted by Steve with his soft gaze and his lovely smile “I was afraid you would not open this door.”

    You stepped aside and let Steve enter your chambers, unsure how to welcome him. A hug? A kiss?

    Steve noticed that you were unsure how to behave now and wrapped his arms right around you to hold you against him. He was so incredibly happy to finally hold you in his arms again. His fingers lovingly stroked through your hair as he breathed an innocent kiss on your lips. You missed the familiar tickle of his beard as much as his warmth.

    “I'm sorry that this is the only way we can see each other. But the gossip would certainly be great if I were seen alone with you in the garden or somewhere else. And I would like to avoid that for you. Are the chambers all right for you?”

    “Of course, they are. They are more than I ever dared to dream.”

    Steve asked you to sit down while he was still looking around. He wanted to make sure everything was properly prepared for you. Of course, no one knew who you were or what you were to him. Still, he wanted to inspect carefully to make sure everything was in order.

    You assure him several times that everything is really good, when you were surprised to feel something fine and cold on your décolleté. He stood behind you and put a beautiful gold chain around your neck. It was light and inconspicuous with a single small stone as a pendant.

    “Oh my….. Steve, it is beautiful.” you said, when you traced it with your fingers.

    “It looks perfect on you” he leaned forward and spoke directly into your ear before he gave you a quick peck on your cheek.

    “I can't accept that after all. You don't have to give me such gifts.” You told him, while stepping around your seat to stand in front of him.

    “I know, but I wanted to. We won’t be able to spend much time together and I wanted you to have something from me.”

    You really didn't have much time. You could tell by the look on his face that his schedule was already pushing him to leave again.

    “Is it okay with you if I come back to see you tomorrow night?” he asked a little sadly, but you admitted by a little nod and tender kiss. You understood that he was trying to see you as often as possible. But if he changed his schedule, it would be suspicious. Princess Cecily had involved you in her plans as well, so you thought it was a little too sad, but you were looking forward to tomorrow night all the more.

    “Come on, a little faster” Cecily pulled you by your hand through the crowd of people in the town. She was truly a whirlwind.

    You didn't even know what you were going to do, but she had her fun as you rushed around the market. Even the guards who accompanied you had trouble keeping up with her.

    And that's when it happened. You bumped into a woman who was already struggling to hold all her purchases and you made them fall to the ground.

    You let go of Cecily's hand to help her, losing sight not only of Cecily but also of the guards who were following her and not you.

    “I am so so sorry. I didn’t see you. Please, let me help you.”

    “Oh, my lady, no don’t.” the woman next to you begged as you realized you weren’t clothed as one of them but as part of the court. No one knew that you were actually one of them.

    “No please let me help you. After all, it is my fault.”

    In the end she was very grateful for your help, after all she had to carry the groceries a few streets and you had no problem accompanying her there.

    When you got there, you saw how run down the house was. Inside there were several buckets to catch the water dripping from the ceiling. If it was dripping so much here, you could only imagine what it must look like on the first or second floor of the house made of wood and stone.

    You saw the children sitting at the tables, another woman had a little baby in her arms. It was a children's home.

    “Thank you for helping me carrying everything. I'm sure you'll have to hurry back. I'm sure you'll be missed.” said the young woman as she carefully stowed the groceries.

    “It's all right. As I said it was my fault after all. Tell me, how many children do you take care of here?”

    “Currently there are still 25. There were more but we look that we can accommodate as many children as possible otherwise. You see the roof has been damaged for some time and the storm the other day only made it worse. Although it has not rained for days, water is still dripping down. The children are getting sick, and we can't take care of all of them properly.” she explained sadly and exhausted.

    “Don't you get any help?”

    “A few people from the neighborhood give us what is left over from them, but it is not enough to provide for 25 children. And the carpenters have looked at the damage of the roof and covered it temporarily. But the complete repair is very expensive, so we would have to compensate them at least a little bit. But even that we cannot afford. We have approached the court and asked for help but have not yet received a response.”

    “Oh, I am very sorry about that.” you looked around even more and played with your necklace that Steve had given you just a few hours ago. Then an idea came to you. It broke your heart, but the children were more important than any jewelry in the world.

    You took off your necklace and pressed it into the hand of the director of the home “Please take this chain. It is certainly valuable enough to have the roof covered and the damage repaired. Maybe there will be something left to buy new clothes for the children.”

    The woman looked at you in shock and disbelief as she held the necklace in her hands “Are you sure?”

    “Yes please take it. The children need a good home.”

    Out of sheer gratitude, the woman literally jumped around your neck. No one had ever been so generous to her and the children. And you knew how this felt.

    You found your way back to the palace on your own and as soon as you arrived, you were hastily escorted by a guard.

    And everyone was already waiting for you in Steve's study. And by everyone, it really meant everyone. Steve, James, Mary, Cecliy, Lady Meford and the guards.

    “Oh my god where have you been. We were worried!” Duchess Mary was the first to burst out while you greeted them formally with a curtsey.

    “I am sorry. I bumped into a woman, and I lost Cecily. It took me a while to find my way back” you told them ashamed. They seemed really to be worried, especially Steve. You could see his chest rise and fall from the deep breaths he took to calm his anger “Please, leave us alone. Just a second” commanded the king with a serious voice you had never heard before.

    “Are you alright?” was his first question after everyone had left. You were a little afraid of his reaction and only nodded with a lowered gaze.

    He came to you and put his hands on each of your upper arms “You must never run away from your guards again. This is very very important. Do you understand me?” he tried to make it clear to you without seeming too threatening. Anything could have happened to you. What if someone had the same suspicions as he did, that you were the missing Princess Charlotte and had kidnapped you?

    Then Steve noticed that your necklace was missing “Were you mugged?”

    “No” was you answer, while he pulled you to him into a hug. He softly stroked your back and asked again “What happened? Did you lose your necklace?”

    You stammered and stuttered a bit because you didn't dare to say what had happened, but Steve didn't let up “What happened, my dear?”

    “It’s about…. the children's home.“ you finally brought out “The roof is leaking; water was coming in during the storms. The children are freezing and getting sick. The supply and the health care are really bad there.”

    Steve's expression changed. Not really for the better, but he was glad that no one had threatened you “I will have to replace the home's director if the conditions there are really that miserable.

    “No.” you literally screamed, so that even Steve was surprised by your raising voice “It's not about the woman who runs the home or the other staff. They just don't have enough money to repair the roof or provide the children with the things like new clothes. I talked to her. The poor woman seemed quite distressed. She said she had asked the palace weeks ago to at least help repair the roof.”

    Steve was shocked by what you had to report, and at the same time to hear that no one here at the court cared to help them “But no help has yet come?”

    You simply shook your head no. It was obvious that Steve seemed to be angry about that.

    “You gave them your necklace so they could get the roof fixed?”

    “I'm sorry. I didn’t want to. I really liked it. But they needed some immediate help.”

    “Everything is fine, it was a good idea. I didn't know how bad the situation was there. This kind of thing is usually taken care of by… the queen of a kingdom.”

    You couldn’t ignore the anger and disappointment in his voice.

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    Rock ‘n’ Roll People In A Disco World

    Part 6- Disco Feeva’s Back On Again 2- Under The Vegas Lights

    Intro: As the day you had originally planned your wedding for arrives, you and Paul decide to take a trip away on a “Honeymoon-Not-Honeymoon”

    Pairing: Paul Diskant x Reader

    Warnings: Bad language, Smut (NSFW, 18+)

    Word Count: 7k

    Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please respect this and do not read if you are underage. I do not own any characters in this series bar the reader and any other OCs. By reading beyond this point you understand and accept the terms of this disclaimer.

    A/N: Yeah, this is basically a load of dirty Disco kinks rolled into one glorious smut fest, with a tiny bit of plot woven in. I’m not even sorry. Split over 2 parts as well as it was so damned long!

    Rock ‘n’ Roll People Masterlist // Main Masterlist

    Part 6.1

    The next morning you both woke early and took in the sunrise over the Canyon. Simply put, it was possibly one of the most stunning sights you’d ever seen. You both sat outside on a large outreach of rocks, you leaning back against Paul’s chest as his arms wrapped around you from behind, his lips pressing the odd kiss to your neck and cheek.

    You cruised into Vegas at just gone one in the afternoon, and headed straight up the strip, the pair of you grinning at the sights as you went. When booking, Paul had suggested that you stayed at The Golden Nugget, and you were happy to go with it. The last time you’d been, both of you had favoured carnival atmosphere of the Old Town instead of the newer and slightly more overbearing crowds found around the Main Strip.

    Once the parking was dealt with, you made your way to the Check-In Desk, and you took a quick look around at the lobby and casino area, not really paying attention until Paul’s surprised voice caused you to turn round.

    “Sorry, I don’t-“

    “Your room, Mr Diskant.” The woman smiled at him. “It’s already been paid for. That said, if you want to charge anything to the room, then we will need a card for incidentals.”

    “Erm, yeah, sure.” Paul slid his credit card over the desk and turned to you as you frowned.

    “Who paid?”

    “Beats me, Sugar.” He shrugged. “But I’m not going to complain.”

    “But what if it’s a mistake?”

    “Who cares?” Paul snorted.

    “Paul, I-“

    “Y/N, come on.” He whined. “It’s Vegas, Baby. Just go with it.”

    You bit your lip as he fixed you with his best puppy-dog face and you rolled your eyes. “Fine! But if someone comes hunting for us because we’re taking liberties at their expense, you can deal with the fall out.”

    You needn’t have worried. When you got to your room, there was a bottle of champagne waiting for you along with a note, which revealed exactly who was behind your good fortune.

    "Enjoy your honeymoon not honeymoon! Love, Mom and Dad - both of them.” Paul read, before he gave a chuckle.

    “God, they’re so sneaky!” You laughed, and Paul shrugged as he grabbed the bottle and set about opening it.

    “We can call them later and say thanks.” He grinned, and with a pop the cork flew off the top, and he reached for a glass.

    “You know,” Paul smiled, as he poured you your drink, “I really do love the fact our parents get along... even if my dad and yours do disagree violently on how to grill a steak.”

    "Paul, your dad disagrees with everyone violently when it comes to grilling a steak.” You snorted, taking the full flute as he offered it to you. “But you're right, we are pretty fortunate."

    Paul grinned. “Big Jim grills a mean steak, Sugar, you can’t deny it.”

    "Oh I'm not. My dad's are shit." You agreed.

    Paul laughed. “I’ll tell him you said that.”

    “Meh,” you shrugged, before you raised your glass with a smile. “To us!"

    Paul looked at you with a sweetly soft smirk. "To us." He clinked his glass with yours and after you each took a sip, he bent down and kissed you with a kiss so…just so that it made your belly twist and your toes curl.

    “So...” he pulled away, “we drink this and then head out? Hit the Irish Bar on the corner? Barnes said they serve a mean Guinness.”

    "I'd say grab the cash and let's have some fun.” You nodded. “And that can absolutely start with a good stout."

    “Hennessey’s it is.”

    By the time you’d had your champagne and freshened up it was just after three. The two of you headed out, you dressed in a pair of distressed denim jeans, a black v-neck tee and lightweight olive military jacket, your black Jacks on your feet while Paul strutted beside you in Adidas sneakers, relaxed fit black Docker like pants, a red RVCA tee and baseball cap. Hand in hand, you made the short walk to the bar on the corner hand in hand. You’d only intended to stay for a few, but as you were both finishing your second drink each, it ticked over into happy hour. And, before you realised it, three hours had passed.

    And you were both on your way to being drunk.

    “I think we need more.” You tipped your glass upside down and pouted. Paul snorted.

    “Sugar,” he hiccupped, as you set the criminally empty pint glass down, “you can't go hard so soon. We're here for days!”

    “Well, if I can’t go hard, then neither can you!” You folded your arms.

    With a smirk he leaned over the table. “I thought you liked when I went hard.”

    You grinned, nodding. “I do, I was simply saying…” you frowned, and shrugged, “actually, I don’t know what I was saying.”

    Paul tipped his head back in a laugh and shook his head. “Nope, no more in here. Drink up, buttercup-“

    “I have, look, it’s empty!” You gestured to the glass, but he ignored you. 

    “-we got plenty to see!”

    Plenty to see, there may very well have been, but you weren’t seeing it that night. After leaving the Irish Bar, you both wandered into The D and ended up fucking around on the quarter slot machines and abusing the free drinking rules. Once you’d managed to lose your final twenty-five cents that you’d been persistently betting and re-winning for thirty minutes, the pair of you then wandered round the tables watching people lose and win big, taking in the Dancing Dealers. You then ended up at the bar at the back, and you both ordered a stupidly expensive cocktail each from the flair bartenders that flip and mix drinks with ridiculous showing off. 

    Now, you were both no longer on the way to being drunk, you had totally arrived. Leaving The D on slightly unsteady legs, the pair of you paid no attention to what was going on in the street around you. Instead, Paul’s need for food was leading you over to a burger joint where you both ordered a late evening snack. Paul ended up with half the ketchup from his dog all over his shirt, something that amused the pair of you greatly, and once you’d messily eaten your food, you both stumbled back into your hotel room. After a lot of giggling and laughing, and a totally failed attempt at some fooling around (Paul practically passing out) the pair of you crashed out, dead to the world.

    And when you woke the next morning, you started to wonder if death would be a blessed release.

    “Shhhhhh my hairs hurt.” You informed Paul as he let out a groan, rolling onto his back, his forearm covering his eyes as he let out a whimper.

    “Jesus, how much did we drink?”

    “Too much.” You swallowed. “Oh God, why?”

    “I told you not to go hard!”

    “Stop shouting!” You scrunched your eyes shut in a desperate attempt to stop the room from spinning around you.

    It was midday before either of you could think about moving. And even then it was a monumental effort. But, you forced yourselves to shower and dress, eventually heading down to a small parlour over the road where you both ordered a late brunch of pancakes, waffles and ice cream, along with a coffee each. With food in your bellies, you started to feel a lot better, and you then made your way to the Down Town Container Park.

    This was a place that you’d not seen last time, but Rodriguez had tipped you off about, and you were happy to state that it didn’t disappoint. It sported so many little boutiques, that the pair of you lost a good three hours wandering in and out of them. Amongst your favourites were a jewellery store, and up-cycled clothing store, a kettle corn shop, a shop selling nothing but beef jerky and Paul’s eyes lit up when you walked into the Sugar Shop. 

    It was a modern version of an old fashion candy shop, specializing in vintage sweets and treats that you hadn’t seen in years. He was like a kid in a, well, a sweet shop, and headed around filling his basket with all sorts of junk to compliment the, frankly, sinful amount of Beef Jerky he’d bought. Eventually, you managed to drag him out and you headed up to the terrace on the second floor where you both braved your first beers of the day, which went down well.

    You then watched the large, metal, animatronic Mantis at the entrance to the park as she let off her huge fire show before you wandered back to your hotel, your plan for the evening was to simply kick back, order a bucket of beer and some room service, and no doubt indulge in eating a fuck tonne of the candy and beef jerky Paul had bought. 

    Burgers and beer, your dinner of choice. You sat with your legs over Paul's lap while the two of you sat on the suite couch, picking at your fries and slinging back your beer. The hum of the air conditioning buzzed through the space, the low drum of music coming from the television. The two of you were in comfortable silence, enjoying the random conversation here and there, talking about memories and hopes for the future. 

    “I’m still bummed we gotta wait a year,” Paul sighed as talk turned to your wedding and you inhaled deeply and looked at him.

    “I know, baby, but we waited this long. Another twelve months ain’t gonna hurt. It’ll be worth it.”

    "I just... No, you're right, I just, I don't want to wait." He chuckled. It melted every bit of you how excited he was, how much he loved you, wanted forever with you. "I mean, we are in Vegas..."

    "No! We talked about this!" You giggled. "We agreed," you playfully tossed a fry at him. 

    "No, I know, I know." He sighed. He picked at a lint piece on your jeans. "I'm just glad we took this trip."

    "Me too, Stud." You kicked your feet away from his lap and instead replaced them with your bum, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

    His arms wrapped around you as you leaned into him, tucking your head under his chin. “Hey, you know this means Wilson is gonna beat us down the aisle, right?”

    “Meh.” You shrugged. “It’ll give Elphaba chance to gloat no doubt. And pick our wedding apart when she’s there…although she’d do that anyway and compare it to hers. Bitch.”

    "Sugar, you really gotta let that woman go," he chuckled.

    “I’d like to let her go. Off the side of a cliff. You know what she said to me the other day when we were at lunch and she just happened to drop by the unit? She commented when I was talking about the style of my dress, said she thought I’d have gone for something more flattering as the cut would basically do nothing for my ass. Like, what the hell? Who says that?”

    "Well, I rather like your ass and that's all that should matter. However, maybe when we get home you can show me exactly how unflattering she assumes it to be." Diskant raised his brows in hope.

    “Ah ah, no way, you don’t get to see that dress until the day.” You playfully nipped at his chin. 

    "Killing me, Sugar. That's so far away! Mom said it was stunning, talk about a tease."

    “You’re still not seeing it. Thems the rules, Disco.”

    "But there should be an exception, I mean I did almost die."

    "You cannot keep using that. For one, it's not fair, and two, it's not funny."



    "Come on, you think I'm funny."

    “Hmmm, in the head maybe.” You shrugged, giving him a soft kiss, “you’re still not seeing it.”

    You watched his pout firm and his eyes roll, "fine." He grumbled.

    "Paul," you sighed. 


    "I love you," your nose ran over his scar, then your lips pressed against it.

    He gave a soft sigh and dipped his head, nudging your nose with his. “Love you too.”

    He gave you a sweet kiss and you pulled back, your finger gently extracting the chain around his neck. Your hand tangled in it slightly as you fiddled with it for a second before you looked at him.

    “You know, I said you couldn’t see my dress. Not that you couldn’t see my ass.”

    "Now that's a sight I can get behind," he chuckled.

    You groaned “your jokes really are terrible.”

    "Hey just warming up for the dad jokes," he smirked.

    “Yeah?” You looked at him. “You gonna embarrass our babies with horrific jokes in front of their friends?”

    "It's an unwritten rule and right as a parent," he shrugged.

    "Oh for Christ's sake," you laughed.

    “Especially if we have a girl.” He grinned. “I’ll really embarrass the shit out of her. So much so, no boy is gonna wanna come near her. Although that might also be down to the fact I’ll persistently have my gun on my hip.” He raised his hand and made a gun motion with his thumb and two fingers. “Pew pew mother fucker.”

    “Oh, so if we have a boy then it’s fair game?” You snorted. “Hypocrite. Imagine if my dad did that to you.”

    “Your dad loves me, Sugar. Let’s face it, I’m a catch.”

    You feigned a look of contemplation and twitched your nose, "meh."

    “Meh?” He repeated, sitting up slightly. “What’s meh supposed to mean? You don’t think I’m a catch, babe?”


    “Debate-oh, Sugar.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re gonna regret that.”

    His large hands gently moved to your ribs and you grabbed his wrists.

    “Don’t you dare.”

    “Tell me I’m a catch or I’m so gonna dare.”

    “Fuck off.”

    He let out a heavy sigh, “I want you to know that this is totally your own fault.”

    “Paul, nooooo!” You shriek turned into a loud scream as his hands dug into your hips, his fingers tickling you ferociously.

    You could do nothing but laugh, the painful pleasure lancing through you as he grinned. You squirmed and squirmed but he was relentless.

    “Okay, okay!” You gasped between your laughter, “you’re a catch!”

    With a grin he stopped and left you panting for air. Leaning up he pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “And don’t you forget it.”

    When your laughter died down, and you calmed your breathing, you hopped off his lap.

    "Where you going?" Disco asked.

    "To take a bath," you winked. "Be back in a bit."

    “What, no invite to join you? That’s harsh, Y/N.”

    "Nope." You said playfully before running quickly to the bathroom.

    When Paul had cleared away the room service back into the hall and stripped himself of his own pants and shirt, he lounged back on their bed, awaiting his sweet Sugar's return. She'd kept her promise, she hadn't been gone long. 

    The click of the bathroom door had his eyes moving in that direction and his mouth watered at what he saw. She was dressed in a black silk and lace two piece pajama set that had his heart racing. The all lace shorts clung to her skin like a tattoo while the silky camisole covered her with a tease of lace over her bust and down the middle. He could see her skin beneath the peekaboo cut and he was already half hard. 

    “Jesus Christ,” he mumbled, a little louder than he’d intended, causing her to arch a brow as he sat up, “you tryina kill me?”

    "Mmmhmmm," she hummed as she set one knee on the edge of the bed and then the other. "Figured I'd give you one little present from what was supposed to be our wedding night."

    “Baby,” his large hands grabbed her hips, pulling her on top of him as he fell back on the bed, “trust me, you ain’t gonna get chance to wear anything like this on our wedding night.”

    With a lustful gaze and lipy pout, she leaned down to kiss him. He let go of one hip and brought it to her face, his  palm at her jaw, fingers through her hair, thumb pressing into her cheekbone, setting the pace of their kiss.

    The other hand gripped in the silk material of her top and she pulled back a little, causing him to whine like a spoilt child. 

    “Don’t you dare rip this, Disco.” She looked at him sternly. “It’s La Perla and cost me a small fortune. Like rent for a week fortune.”

    "Then don't wear shit like this, and it won't get wrecked," he sat up with a rasp, capturing her lips again as his hands palmed her ass, the lace soft but rough against his skin.

    “You don’t like it?” She whispered against his mouth and he gave a growl.

    “Oh yeah, yeah I like it a lot… but I prefer what’s underneath.”

    "Then unwrap me," she purred.

    “Fuck.” He mumbled, his hands flying to the bottom of her camisole. With a single swoop he pulled it over her head and tossed it aside.

    He devoured her with a feral intensity, the one in charge and taking her for everything she'd give. She gave him his confidence and she owned his heart. Simple as that. 

    And whilst he led there, in post coital bliss, his hands tucked behind his head, his head turning to gaze at his bride to be, Paul couldn't remember a time before her that he'd felt this complete.

    Their late night brought on a late morning, barely catching room service for breakfast at the final minute. Paul only slipped into his jeans, bare ass naked to boot, only for answering the door for the bellman to being the cart in. Y/N dressed back into her set from the night before, covering her lower half as their breakfast was set up for them. Paul tipped the bellman and met back with Y/N to eat.

    They had barely finished when her phone rang and she picked it up, frowning a little.

    “What is it?”

    “It’s the planner from Shutters.” She looked at him, having the number stored. Paul shrugged, as puzzled as she was, and took a final bite of his toast as she answered.

    She put the call on speaker and he waited and listened. "Hello?"

    "Hi! Miss Y/L/N, it's Carla from Shutters."

    "Hi, yes, good morning."

    "I have some incredible news. A date, far earlier than expected, has opened up and if you're interested, we'd like to slot your wedding into it."

    Paul felt his heart racing as she turned to look at him, her mouth falling open. She was stunned speechless so Paul cleared his throat.

    “Hi, sorry, it’s Paul. How soon are we talking?”

    "February, Mr. Diskant."

    “Yes, yes!” Y/N spluttered, “we’ll take it!”

    "Great! Congratulations to you both! I'll change up the paperwork and get it mailed out today. I'm going to include a list of available vendors who we work with in case you want to make the final plans easier as we've changed the date on you at such short notice."

    "Thank you, we'll be in touch."

    "Take care."

    Y/N hung up and the pair of them sat in stunned silence before Paul let out a loud breath.

    “Well, fuck me!” He turned to look at his girl and she gave a shriek of excitement and threw herself at him. Tears streamed down her face as his welled up in utter happiness.

    Then she pulled back. “Oh shit, we didn’t even ask what date in February!”

    “I don’t give a fuck!” Paul pressed a kiss to her lips, “it can be three in the afternoon on a damned Monday for all I care!”

    "Oh my God, your tux, the flowers, cake, food, we have so much to do! And you're back to work next week and...."

    “Sugar,” he said with a chuckle, “it’ll be fine, people plan weddings in a month, we got… what, four? Give or take.”

    With a huge grin, she replied, "we have four!" And then the tears started again.

    Paul felt his heart skip as a warmth washed over him. "Oh, Sugar, c'mere." He pulled her into his chest and held her. 

    "Paul.... I'm just so excited."

    “Me too!” He grinned. “I just… fuck. Four months, not twelve!”

    "I know!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed.

    Paul returned her hug, his large hands splaying on her back and he pressed a kiss to her head, breathing in her smell. 

    This trip was turning out better than anything he could have hoped for.


    After making the very necessary phone calls to your parents and his, notifying your wedding party of the final date change, you and Paul made it to the your appointments at the spa.

    You’d booked in for the full works, cost be dammed, and now the pair of you were in extremely high spirits. But the biggest smile on your face came when the pair of you had your facials. As you sat still, relaxing in the after glow you sneaked a peek to your right and had to bite back the snort at the sight that greeted you. 

    Your big, manly hunk of a fiancé was snoozing contentedly, with cucumbers placed over his eyes, totally on board with the stuff he had declared earlier as “ridiculously Nancy, girly shit.”

    You wished you'd snuck your phone in with you but decided to later harass him for it. Tucking yourself in for a cat nap, you closed your own eyes and placed your own cucumbers on your face.

    An hour later you were woken by a sweet kiss to your lips, "Sugar, let's go nap in our room."

    “Nap means nap, right? Coz, not gonna lie, you kinda dicked me down last night, Disco…”

    He grinned, “yeah I did. But, yes a nap is a nap, I'm all sleepy and relaxed," he playfully whined in the end.

    “I told you that you’d enjoy it.” 

    “I did. But if you tell any of the guys at the station, I’ll deny it.”

    "Oh I'm so telling Barnes."

    “No, not Barnes.”

    "Oh definitely Barnes."

    “Baaaabe” he whined, “come on, it’ll total ruin my street cred.”

    "Oh Stud, one look at your neck and you've got a life time of street cred." You winked.

    "Hey who's joking about it now," Paul grumbled. "Hypocrite," he laughed with a playful swat of your butt.

    "Give me five, I'll be right out," you giggled over your shoulder as you started to enter the women's dressing room, but his voice called you back.

    "Hey, Y/N?" He asked with a smirk.


    "How much street cred do I need to be a Street King?"

    You rolled with laughter, loud and happy, shaking your head and meeting him halfway into the hall. Your laugh died to a giggle and you pressed your lips to his, "Well, you're my king, and that's all that matters."

    Cat naps be damned and a full length extra hour spent in bed, naked but napping, later you waited for Paul. He'd opted to shower first for dinner knowing full well you wanted the time to really get dolled up for him as you explained it. But what you weren't expected was the clench your thighs made as he stepped into the room with his towel around his waist, his beard and buzz cut cleaned up a bit and the thick chest and muscles returning.

    He caught you staring, "what?"

    You stalked toward him, your naked hips swaying just a bit more. Your hands ran over his chest, your fingers sweeping over his shoulders and around his neck. You scratched at his spot and he hummed.

    “Keep going , Sugar, and we ain’t gonna make dinner.”

    "You're so thick," you whispered. "Like from before. Wide, and thick....you're definitely putting the mass back on you'd lost when you were in the hospital."

    His cheeks flushed a little at your compliment and he dropped his head to give you a soft kiss. “Seriously, I mean it. Keep talking and standing there naked and we’re gonna have a problem.”

    "Whatever routine you're on," you stood on your toes and spoke into his ear, "don't. stop."

    You heard him groan as you walked into the bathroom, smirking to yourself.

    Showered, cleaned up and waiting, Paul stood with his back to the room, overlooking the scene below. People milling about, gambling, drinking, being well entertained. He adjusted his dress shirt, tucked neatly into his dress slacks, and picked his beer back up, necking a good gulp. Then he heard it, he spun on the ball of his dress shoed foot and saw her.

    With her hair done just the way he liked and make up that was well-suited for the occasion but didn't disrupt her natural beauty, was the love of his life. Dressed in a little black off the shoulder, heart-shaped neckline dress with eyelet trim along the ruffled hem and sleeves, and peek a boo detail around her torso. His eyes moved down her smooth legs to her pedicured, deep red painted toes and heels that made her legs look longer and even sexier, if it were possible.

    His jaw dropped as if he were catching flies, before be blinked hard, "holy shit. Oh, babe,” he blinked again as she walked towards him, “you look amazing.”

    "So do you," she smiled. 

    “You err, shall we go? Grab a drink before our reservation?" It was all he could do to speak, his eyes still scanning her up and down. All those years together and she still managed to knock him off his feet.

    "Lead the way," she winked and took his offered elbow.

    How they made it to the lobby without him sucking her face off or turning right back around, he'll never know but as they walked through the casino, towards the bar and steakhouse, Paul Diskant felt like he'd won the big jackpot. Like he was so lucky to have her on his arm, this woman who could have absolutely anyone she wanted, chose him.

    And God damn it, he was making her his for the rest of their lives. In four months time. An answer to a silent prayer, a lifeline they'd been given. Tonight would have been their originally planned wedding date, and they were going to celebrate like they'd just walked down the aisle.

    An excellent bottle of champagne over the appetizers and a great red wine to go with the mouth watering steaks later, both of you were happily content with the way dinner had gone. Neither of you wanted desert, the soft flirting that had been going on all dinner had worked the pair of you up slightly and you knew full well from the way Paul’s eyes were shining as he looked at you that he had one thing on his mind.

    Paul called for the tab from your waiter, making the request but the kind young man smiled, "It's been taken care of, Mr. Diskant."

    "I'm sorry?" You questioned.

    "I have a message for you instead," he handed a note card over to Paul and left the table.

    You watched as Paul read the note before he shook his head, laughing as he slid it over to you.

    “This ones on us, we didn’t tell you in the hope you didn’t order the most expensive thing you could. Enjoy the wedding-not-wedding guys. - Steve, Sam, Buck and Tom…is that Tom as in Ludlow?” You asked and Paul knocked back the scotch he’d ordered to finish his meal off and nodded.

    "Wow," you replied and put the note card in your clutch. 

    Paul stood and extended his hand for yours, kissing your temple when you stood. Hand in hand, you walked into the casino and back toward the elevator lobby. 

     “You know,” Paul pressed the call button for the lift before he moved to stand behind you, his nose nuzzling into the side of your neck, “as much as I love you in this dress, Sugar, I really wanna get you out of it.”

    You grinned, tilting your head to one side, your eyes fluttering shut as he pressed a feather-light kiss to that spot behind your ear.

    “Don’t worry, it won’t take long, there's nothing else to take off."

    You felt him still behind you, his fingers curling around your hips as he gave a groan. “Seriously? Tell me you’re not…” He trailed off and you tilted your head to look at him, smirking. A childish whine escaped his mouth. “Baby, it’s so short, anyone could see!”

    "Good thing I didn't bend over, huh?" You shrugged as the elevator arrived. 

    You stepped in, Paul behind you tugging at the collar of his shirt, slapping his hand on the buttons to the right of the door to select your floor. A few people behind you stepped in as well, and you shuffled towards the back. The doors shut and you stole a glance up at Paul. You could see the vein in his neck was twitching, in that way it always did when he was irritated, angry or, as was the case now, fighting to keep control. You smirked a little and Paul side eyed you. His eyes flicked towards the front of the elevator, and then with a smirk of his own he leaned down and you jolted a little as you felt his finger tips brush the back of your thigh.

    “Oh, Sugar,” his breath was hot on your ear and you swallowed as his hand made his way up and up, fingers tickling the inside of your thigh, “you should know by now not to tease me in public. Because when it comes to you I have zero boundaries.” Your breath hitched and you stumbled forward a little as his hand brushed your naked core.

    The woman who you’d bumped into turned and Paul’s hand returned to your hip and you gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry, these heels…”

    “Tell me about it.” She gestured to her own and gave you a smile.

    You didn’t even need to look at Paul to know exactly what smug, amused expression he would be wearing.

    When you arrived at your floor, the pair of you stepped out and made your way to your room, Paul practically dragging you behind him, his strides purposeful and determined. But that was were his arrogant confidence ended, as he was in that much of a hurry to open the door to your room once you’d arrived at it, that he fumbled and dropped the key card. Before he could retrieve it, you quickly checked down the hall and over your shoulder, and stepped in front of him. You bent right over, knowing full well he’d get a glimpse of what was up you skirt, your hand curling round the little plastic square that was standing between you and what was, quite possibly, going to be the best fuck of your life to date.

    “Jesus fucking Christ.” you heard Paul groan as you grabbed the card and straightened up. Without looking behind you, you opened the door and no sooner had you gotten inside, Paul had kicked the door shut, grabbed you by your arm and spun you round. His lips crashed to yours.

    “Something got you wound up, Stud?” You asked as he backed you further into the room. He gave a devious little chuckle, but other than that he didn’t answer, his lips back on yours as his tongue filled your mouth.

    His large hands moved around your back, finding the zipper to your dress as your own moved between the pair of you. Your lips still locked together, you yanked the hem of his dress shirt from his pants, eagerly popping the buttons one by one. Your dress fell open and Paul pushed it down your arms to your elbows, as your back hit the wall of the room with a thud. Paul wrenched his mouth from yours and hot, open-mouthed kissed a trailed across your jawline as his hand curled round your right thigh. He hiked it up around his waist, delicately slipping your shoe off, before he let go, your toes brushing the carpet as he repeated the motion with your other leg. His hands then cupped your face as his lips found yours again and he pushed the pair of you away from the wall with a pirouette of sorts, his movements determined yet gentle in a juxtaposition that had your core pooling.

    As the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed, suddenly the ferocity of the moment eased up and Paul pulled back from you, his chest heaving as he pressed his forehead to yours. You watched as his eyes scanned down your body, pausing for a moment to take you in, before he glanced back at your face and you swallowed at the look on his face.

    You’d seen him stare at you in a similar way plenty of times before, but right there and then, it hit you in a way that maybe it hadn’t hit you before. Perhaps it was simply the emotion of the entire last few months catching up with you, or the excitement that your wedding was now no longer another twelve months away, you had no idea. Paul Christopher Diskant had always had a way of looking at you as if you’d hung the sun, the moon and all the stars in the sky, but something about the way his heavy lidded eyes locked onto yours as you stood, breathing deeply in the dim room, was different. The various lights which illuminated the Vegas night scene spliced through the darkness of the suite, making his eyes twinkle as he looked at you with nothing but pure, unadulterated love and desire and you found yourself overcome with an emotion so strong it almost made your knees buckle.

    You swallowed, feeling the tears prick your eyes and you moved, your hands smoothed up his chest, just taking your time. Slowly, they traced a path up to that scar, a constant reminder of how close you’d come to losing him, and as your fingertips traced the jagged line of raised flesh he shuddered, a soft moan escaping his plump lips. You gently pushed his shirt off his shoulders and he leaned forward, his lips on yours as he shrugged it the rest of the way down, tossing it behind him somewhere. Then, his hands moved to your dress, and he pulled it down, dropping to his knees as he went. Your hands fell to his shoulder as you stepped out of it, now bare in front of him.

    His lips were hot on the inside of your knee as he kissed his way up your leg, to your hip. His mouth trailed a pass over to your belly button and moved slowly upwards as he rose gracefully to his knees. His lips found yours again and he kicked off his shoes before he laid you down gently on the soft bed behind you.

    His mouth moved, hot and wet as he kissed your neck, sucking at your skin as he went. You let bout a groan, your hands were everywhere, tangling in his hair, then moving down to his neck, his scar. He let out a soft whimper, his entire body shuddering as his skin erupted into millions of tiny goosebumps. His hands then reached to yours, pinning them on either side of your head, lacing his fingers between yours as one of his large thighs nudged yours apart.

    It was your turn to shudder as the rough fabric of his dress pants brushed against your core and you rolled down against the hard muscle of his clothed thigh, his hands still pinning yours to the pillow as his head dropped. He was all over you, up and down every inch of your naked body, with an incredible softness that you knew he was pulling from every depth of his soul. Your nipples were sucked into hard peaks, your back arching as you continued to fuck yourself against his leg. His teeth gave a sharp nip to the skin on the side of your right breast and you cried out as he moved down, releasing your hands. He kissed across your belly, his fingers curling around your thighs as he opened you wide, raking his nails gently over your inner thighs, before he pressed a soft kiss to the apex.

    But that was where he stopped, his body crawling back up over you, lips sliding over your heated skin. He propped himself up over you, giving you a deep kiss and your hands slipped down to his belt- buckle. With an ease that had come from many moments between you before, you opened it and popped the button of his flies, easing down the zipper. You palmed his rock, hard cock a little though his boxers and he gave a groan, his head pressed to yours before he stood up, leaving you whining a little as you instantly missed the heat of his body on yours.

    His eyes never lost yours as he slipped out of his slacks and boxers, leaving him naked in front of you. You took a moment to check him over, his body something you knew you’d never get tired of seeing. Those broad shoulders, soft yet partially defined abs, slim hips, his strong thighs…

    Y/N’s eyes moved back to his as he dropped back on the bed by the side of her. He kissed her again, moving down her neck to her shoulder and she arched her body up, twisting to the right, and Paul took the opportunity to scoot up behind her. His hand moved to her hip, sliding around her ass then over her thigh to the back of her knee lifting her leg just a pinch for a wider opening. He pulled it back, hooking it over his to keep her open.

    “Just like that,” he whispered.

    At his words, she shuddered and gave a broken little whimper. Fuck, he was aching for her now, unashamedly hard, as he pressed into the dip of her back. His lips dropped to the spot he knew drove her wild, the kiss barely there but it didn’t need to be. She gave another little whimper and the hand on her thigh moved back up to her hip and over her belly. He shifted down a little, moving his hips to find her entrance, and with a slow, roll of his pelvis forward he pushed into her.

    “I love you,” his lips were right by her ear, voice a raspy whisper as his vocal chords were strained a little, a combination of talking so much over the day and the emption he was feeling, not to mention the way she was gripping his cock, hot and tight as always, “so much.”

    At his words, and no doubt the feel of him pushing into her, his girl let out a mix of a gasp and some type of incoherent sound while her insides were nothing but flutters around him. He paused a moment, his lips all over her shoulder and neck, humming right at her tell. Her left arm curved up and around his neck, the movement arching her back, causing her hips to tip back towards his. He slid as deep as he could, a groan slipping from his mouth as her fingers clawed at his nape, right against that spot on his neck against his scar where he could feel everything.

    His movements were slow and lazy, his hips rocking not thrusting, keeping her as close as possible. His free hand splayed over her belly button, pushing his palm into her skin, not wanting an inch of space between them. Roll after roll, it was painfully slow, he was practically edging the both of them it was so unhurried, but he didn’t want to pick up the pace, not tonight.

    His hand moved to tilt her jaw round to face him so he could kiss her. It as sloppy, open mouthed and even when he broke away he didn’t move far, his lips still brushing hers, both breathing in each other’s air as their bodies moved in sync with one another, like the tide rolling in and out.

    It was slow, intimate, and Paul didn’t change his pace a single bit. He could feel her round him, soft flutters and pulses, growing stronger and stronger, and when she came she let out a soft wail, which was followed by a gasp as the slow burn finally burst into flames, leaving her breathless. He wasn’t far behind, a final deep roll of his hips saw him lose himself, his release wasn’t violent, but it was powerful, leaving him gasping for air as he pressed his face into the back of her neck, his nose brushing her skin as he felt her trembling against him.

    He kissed her jawline and propped himself over her a little as her head turned to look at him, his nose brushing hers. As she opened her eyes he gave her a lazy soft smirk, a low chuckle escaping his lips and nose. She grinned back, a soft huff pushing from her chest of her mouth as he kissed her slowly, the pair of them still riding the wave of endorphins their body’s had released.

    He rolled back, pulling out of her softly and she turned so she was facing him, her hand reaching up to cup his jaw as she pressed a kiss to his lips.

    “I love you,” she muttered against his mouth and he smiled, his nose bumping hers before she moved and settled in against him, her head resting on his chest.

    Five minutes later she was out for the count. Paul glanced down at her, watching as her eyelashes fluttered slightly against her cheeks. He couldn’t help the smile that once more spread across his face as his future bride slept peacefully in his arms.

     Part 7

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