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  • Of this is true, I just want an Andy barber look😅

    Also PR troll, you should submit your tea to deuxmoi rather than me😂

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  • Jimmy Rich just shared this picture 

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  • I’m just really disappointed that Chris Evans hasnt found me yet.

    #ugh #im right HERE christopher #get your pretty ass over here #and come get me already damn #chris evans
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  • Clingy little peanuts


    Originally posted by chris-evansimagines

    Every time Chris tries to leave for work one of his three kids would do anything to keep him from going. They loved him and wanted him to stay home so they could play with him but unfortunately he couldn’t do that.

    Little squealing filled the house as Chris walked around with your son and daughter clingy to both of his legs. He was supposed to go to a meeting but both kids weren’t having it.

    you walked out of the living room with your youngest in your arms, seeing the sight. You laughed as you shook your head. Chris looked up at you. “Baby, please help me.”

    Chris gave you the pouty face which made you cringe at him. But you were going to be the perfect wife you are and help him.

    “hey you two.” Both of your kids looked at you. “If you let go of daddy leg in 5 seconds than I’ll give you ice cream before dinner.”

    Both kids were quick to scramble off of Chris’s leg to the kitchen. Once they were out of sight you turned back to Chris. “My work is done.”

    Chris laughed as he walked towards you, “thank you.” He placed a kiss on your lips before pulling away. “Good luck with hyper kiddos while I’m gone.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on your 1yr olds head. You rolled your eyes at him.

    “don’t talk smack.”

    Chris laughed as he walked out of the house not even saying a word. You looked down at your little one in your arms, “you’re daddy is a pain in the butt, but I love him.”

    She looked up at you simply confused as to what you were even talking about.

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    What I’ve always wanted has existed since 2010. Thank you GQ

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  • Brooklyn Kid — Oneshot

    Synopsis: Steve Rogers had always been ready to die for the right cause and saving the world from Thanos and his army seemed like a pretty good way to go. The soldier knew what he had to do. One simple snap, with such a heavy price.

    Pairings: Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff (platonic), Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes (platonic), Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson (platonic), Steve Rogers x Tony Stark (platonic)

    Warnings: angst (from literal start to finish), Endgame Alternative Ending, major character death (mentioned and depicted), funerals, grief, mentions of an afterlife.

    Word Count: 1,204

    Please like, comment, and reblog (I love that shit). Also send me an ask to be added to my permanent tag list!

    Header was created by me, please credit me if you use it.

    Note: This is an angst filled one shot I wrote 110% due to pettiness for Steve’s Endgame ending. I wrote it to soothe my own anger, so naturally the only way to do that was with tears. Hope you enjoy it and maybe even cry. 😂


    “I am inevitable.”

    Thanos raised his hand in the air and made a slow snapping motion. Everyone around sucked in a breath, preparing for the fate that would never come. He turned his head to look at his hand in confusion as nothing changed and no one was turning to dust, only to find the gauntlet had been removed from his hand during his fight with Thor and Captain America.

    All eyes turned to Steve’s form, kneeling on the ground as he breathed heavily. The power of the stones started to take over and his skin burned up to his neck as it coursed through his body. The Captain raised his head to look at Thanos, determination clear in his eyes as he spoke, “I don’t like bullies, I don’t care where they come from.” Without hesitation, his fingers snapped and Thanos’ army started to turn to dust before them.

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    #marvel#captain america#steve rogers#chris evans#cevans#mcu#marvel angst#marvel fanfiction#mcu fic#alternative ending #mcu alternative ending #steve rogers fic #steve rogers fanfiction #natasha romanoff #steve x natasha #bucky barnes #steve x bucky #sam wilsom #steve x sam #tony stark #steve x tony #thanos#marvel endgame #marvel endgame alternative ending #so much angst
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  • like honestly, i’m either stuck talking to a baby who hasn’t even teethed yet, my dog, or my boyfriend.

    so like…messages are always open…if anyone wants to talk (specifically abt chris evans) or wants to rant or is okay with me ranting…u know what to do

    #chris evans#steve rogers#ransom drysdale#pls someone #i just need to talk to someone abt chris evans #bc one day my kid will start understanding what i say #hit me up #messages are open!!
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    Chris Evans X Non Binary Reader

    He always knew how to take care of you. 

    18+ If you are under 18 DO NOT READ. 

    Warnings: Sexual content, sex toys, unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it) language, me being convinced I’ve forgotten how to have sex while writing this. 

    If you’d like to read more head on over to My Masterlist

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    Chris posted multiple IG stories about ASP stuff😂

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  • Words cannot describe how badly I want to boop Dodger on the nose.

    #Chris also #but mainly Dodger #very boop-able nose #chris evans#dodger evans
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  • (A/N): i need more feedback on this. if you guys have any suggestions on it like if there is anything you don’t like or want more of, please lmk!

    Summary: Chris came up with this idea for them and both of their families to go on a vacation together. He thought it was perfect but she thought the exact opposite. 




    After a couple months together Chris and Y/N were at a great spot in their relationship. To say they were happy would be an understatement. She instantly became a part of his family. 

    He loved watching her play with his niece and nephews. The way they instantly loved and adored her was crazy. Made him wonder what she would be like with kids of their own.

    Y/N sat listening as Chris explained his “genius” idea to have her and his family all go on a vacation together. She was an only child so it would be her parents, the rest of Chris’ family, and the two of them. 

    He thought this was such a great idea, but she did not know. Her parents were the exact opposite of his. They were a little bit on the conservative side, and all around a lot stricter.

    Growing up with them was hard enough. As she got older, she thought they would loosen up. But they did the exact opposite. 

    They criticized every decision that she made. She knew that she just wanted the best for her, but they took it too far. So far as they ran off every guy she brought home.

    “Think it’s a good idea?” Chris asked her.

    “Babe, you know how my parents are. They already have their doubts about you and me, and I just don’t want to get anywhere and then they make some smart-ass comment and then ruin the whole thing.” Y/N explained to him.

    “Stop stressing about the what ifs and think about the fact that this could be a good bonding experience for my family and me to connect with yours.”

    “I get that but if I get them to agree to this, we get there and something goes wrong, you better expect an I told you so.”

    “So, is that a yes?” He asked with a shit eating grin on his face.

    “Yes Chris, I will talk to them.” She replied as she rolled her eyes at him.

    After Y/N talked to her parents and the agreed after some convincing, she instantly regretted everything. But she held it in because she knew that Chris was looking forward to this and she was not going let him down by not even trying. They leave in a couple days, and she planned on staying with Chris at his parents until then.

    “Oh my god that was hilarious!” Y/N said, dying from laughter after witnessing Scott scare Chris.

    “What is this? Are you two ganging up on me now?” Chris asked laughing.

    “I had to welcome her into the family in the correct way and that was introducing her to the scare war we have going on.” Scott explained, high fiving Y/N.

    “Baby, you should have seen your face! It was so cute.” She said walking over to him wrapping her arms around his neck.

    “Oh, you have no idea what you just signed yourself up for, Y/L/N.” He said, placing his hands on her hips.

    They both heard the front door open and in came three little kids running up to hug Y/N and Chris.

    “Uncle Chris! Y/N!” They all three shouted.

    “How are my little munchkins?” Y/N asked hugging them all.

    “We missed you Y/N, and you too Uncle Chris!” They giggled going to hug him too.

    “Well, I now see who the favorite is here!” He said laughing and looking at Y/N.

    They took Y/N’s hand and ran into their playroom, her following closely behind them. Chris stood and watched with her with them through the doorway. 

    His mom walked up beside him with a smile. She just stood there for a minute looking in between the two.

    “You really do love her, don’t you?” His mom asked him.

    “More than I can even explain.” Chris said, turning to look at his mom.

    They both turned and looked back at Y/N only to find her underneath a dog pile of little kids. It was then that Chris finally let it sink in how much he truly was in love with her. She was his forever same as he was hers.

    The morning came and it was time to wake up everyone to head to the airport. Y/N woke up and went into the kitchen to find Scott awake making coffee. 

    After chatting with him and fixing herself a cup, she headed back to Chris’ room to wake Mr. Sleeping Beauty.

    “Babe, its time to get up.” She said, shaking his arm and planting a small kiss to his cheek.

    “Mm, five more minutes…” Chris said, in his sleepy morning voice.

    “This was your idea, so you got to get up.” Y/N said shaking his arm again, going to stand up just to be pulled back down.

    “I change my mind, let us just stay here and let everyone else go. We would have the whole house to ourselves to do anything we wanted.” He said slowly moving his hand down her back.

    His eyes quickly opened at a cough coming from the door. He looked and there was his parents standing outside of his room.

    “Hi mom, hi dad…” Chris said holding back a laugh. Y/N on the other hand buried herself into his chest trying to hide her red cheeks.

    “You two love birds need to get moving or we will all miss our flight.” Chris’ mom said before they both walked away.

    The airport was slow and boring as usual. But they made it on time. The plane ride there was easy, so was the car ride to the house they were renting. Everyone was getting settled and aquatinted to with her parents.

    “You two have raised and amazing woman.” Lisa, Chris’ mom, told Y/N’s parents.

    “Well, we tried our best to keep her in good schools with good grades to ensure she has a good future. So far we have been successful.”

    Y/N stood from afar, watching this interaction happen between their parents, scared out of her mind but she held it in. She promised Chris she would not stress out about them the whole time and she intended on keeping that promise to him. 

    Although she had a horrible feeling in her gut that this vacation was going to get remarkably interesting.


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  • Drivers license

    Part 1 | part 2 | part 3

    Summary: Chris leaves you for someone else after years of being together

    Warning: angst | Masterlist | Chris request closed | 500+| enjoy


    Your head was throbbing and beeping filled your ears as you opened your eyes. The unknown room you were in came into view, you were very confused because you didn’t remember what had happened to you.

    Your throat was rough from not talking for a while. You looked around the room for some water soon laying your eyes on a glass of water on the table beside you. 

    You reached over with a groan as you felt your body ache. Chris who you didn’t notice was sitting in the lounge chair beside the bed. He heard you groan and quickly awoke from his sleeping state. He quickly got up, circled the bed before picking up the water for you.

    “I got you.”

    You accepted his help with the water. Chris brought the cup to your mouth and you took a few sips. When you were done you pushed his arm away and sat back. “Where am I?” You asked as you looked at the machines beside you. 

    Chris sat the water down on the table before he looked at you. “You’re at the hospital. You got in a crash with another car so that’s why you’re here. You’ve been a comma for two days.” He pressed his lips into a thin line as he searched your face.

    Your eyes didn’t meet his as you remembered that night. “Why are you here Christopher.”

    Chris breathed through his nose looking down at his feet. He knew some type of argument was coming. “I came because I didn’t want you to be alone.”

    You wanted to say something bitchy, you really did but you couldn’t form anything so you just said thank you. Chris was seriously caught off guard. 

    You looked at him for the first time, “I hate you a lot but I’ll be alone if you weren’t here so thank you.”

    Chris smiled, “your welcome. He was about to say something else when the door to your room burst open. 

    "Alright Chris I got us so- oh you’re awake.”

    You looked up to see Ana walk in with a bag. You were really rethinking your thank you to Chris. You looked up at him, he scratched the back of his neck feeling guilty. He didn’t want Ana to be here but no matter how hard he tried she never left. 

    “Uh hi Ana.” He took the coffee from her hands she was about to announce she had. “Thanks.” Chris turned to you, “uh y/n I don’t think you and Ana have met yet.”

    You rolled your eyes, not even hiding Your annoyance. Ana noticed and began to laugh. “What do you have an attitude, I’m just here to support you.”

    You scoffed, “I don’t want you here and I definitely don’t need you here.” You thrashed your hands in the air really wanting her gone. Ana looked at Chris in shock. “Are you going to let her talk to me like that?" 

    Ana was almost begging for Chris to defend her but he definitely wasn’t going to."Ana, she doesn’t want you here. I can’t change her mind so I think you should go.”

    Ana’s mouth fell adjacent, “I can’t believe you.” She walked out of the room, her heels clicking against the floor. Chris turned to you as soon as her footsteps disappeared. “Y/n I’m sorry. I tr-,”

    Chris you should leave too.“

    Chris was caught off guard, "what?" 

    "You should leave too. I had enough company today, just go.” You looked at your hands in your lap. Chris placed his hands in his pocket as he nodded, “he understood why you don’t want him there anymore, he wasn’t going to fight you. "Ok, I’ll go.”

    He walked out of the room leaving you alone. As soon as he left you groaned. You hated this. You wanted to be rid of him but you couldn’t and it sucked so much.


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    I know it said ‘picture’ but I had to throw the video in there too because, science 🤷‍♀️

    (The 🍆 picture gets honorable mention 😛)

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    Summary: Everyone goes through stages in life, meeting new people, falling in love, getting married , having children. Some people think it won’t happen to them but maybe fate hadn’t lead you in the right direction.

    Warnings: fluffy!! mentions of anxiety but mostly fluff!!

    Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader


    Authors Note: I am so sorry about this. I am always aplogizing, I wanted to get this out sooner. I promise to be up to date on this one and the next. One last part!! enjoy!!

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    #chris evans #chris evans x reader #chris evans fic #chris evans x you #chris evans fluff #chris evans fluffy #chris evans x y/n #chris evans x yn #chris evans fanfiction #Chris Evans fanfic #chris evans fandom #chris evans story #christopher evans #christopher robert evans
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  • Ok since nothing else is going on, let’s play Caption That. Who can improve on Chris’ caption and actually give us an imaginary explanation for this pic?

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