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    Chris & Mark 
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    alright, I’m opening requests for Tony Stark, BTS, Chris Evans (also, sent anyone you want and I ~maybe~ will write for them)

    fem!reader and fem!OC for now, I’m still educating myself about other genders

    I really need to go back to writing fiction and I have been without ideas and motivation, I hope this help me

    so send me something ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻🥺

    I don’t have a specific list with stuff I don’t write about, so I’m already warning you that if I find your request offensive, unethical or if I just don’t want to write, I won't write it.

    Xx Frangi 💓

    #tony stark x reader #chris evans x reader #bts x reader #marvel
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    If you can't stand your faves getting criticized Then I feel pretty fucking bad for you!

    Those people aren't going to fuck you! You don't have to stick up for everything these people do especially when they do something stupid. Stan culture is cringy

    Calm them out, that's what sane people do when their faves do something stupid. It isn't going to make you less of a fan

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    You invite your boyfriend Chris to the newest play you’re starring in but he starts feeling very uncomfortable and angry when he sees the passionate scenes between you and your co-star Pedro.

    #Imagine Chris Evans #Chris Evans#Pedro Pascal#Imagine
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    Avengers: Infinity War - Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson (interview)

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    #blizzspeaks#blizzanswers#chris evans #chris evans fanfiction #ransom drysdale fiction #ransom drysdale smut #chris evans smut #chris evans fan fics #chris evans fics #cevans smut #ransom drysdale fics #boston cream meatball
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    Obsessed 💙

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    liz gillies & chris evans manip for anonymous
    #liz gillies#elizabeth gillies#chris evans#manip#manips#rph#rpt #liz gillies manip #elizabeth gillies manip #chris evans manip #made by diana #**#<3#manip: diana
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    𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 (𝗶)

    𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙢 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧

    [𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗮𝗹 𝗮𝘂]

    𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 || When you face deportation, you convince your assistant Ransom to marry you in return for a promotion. But there are two things you don’t know: second, he is the grandson of your boss and first, you’re going to play by his rules.

    𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || smut, angst, fluff, manipulation, happy ending. MINORS PLEASE DNI !

    I got this idea while watching The Proposal with my mom. Ransom is going to be his usual asshole self in this unlike the sweet Andrew in the movie. So is the whole Thrombey family. But don’t worry it’s gonna be fluffy and funny!

    I’m so excited for this and I hope you guys like it!!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎


    Your heels clacked on the floor in the tune you had perfected. The moment you stepped foot in the office, all the chatter died down and everyone quickly buried their faces into their work.

    You smirked faintly and walked into your glass cabin. They really thought you didn’t have any idea of their antics but you actually very well did know all of their tactics.

    How Hugh secretly typed out ‘the witch is coming’ and everyone started furiously typing on their computers. How the entire office paid attention to every small conversation you had.

    Being the editor-in-chief of Blood Like Wine publishing house was no small feat. And you had admirers as well as haters and by now, you were well adjusted with both the kinds.

    As you took your seat, Hugh followed you inside. Seeing him empty handed, you pursed your lips, “Where’s my coffee?” You asked titling your head. “It accidentally spilt while coming here.”

    “Is this one of your new excuses?” You could eye the coffee coloured spot on his signature cream sweater but what could you say, you loved riling him up. He clenched his jaw and breathed deeply before answering,

    “I’m sure you aren’t blind ma’am and you can very well see the proof.” Only Hugh Drysdale could call you ma’am with such venom. “You should probably write it in your resume you know, the way you call me ma’am. Right next to certified asshole.”

    He chuckled dryly before biting his lower lip. “Well, I’ll give you my resume to fill next time. I’m pretty sure you’ll make it the best one ever.” You raised your eyebrows as you smiled. “Yeah yeah. I would. Now get out of my office.”

    This was the perfect summarisation of the relation you had with Hugh. That man was something entirely else. He walked as if he owned this entire company and wore those infuriatingly comfortable sweaters and drove a fucking Beamer.

    You were pretty sure he had told you to call him something else on the first day but you had always gone with Hugh, which he absolutely hated. But you did remember something he had told you back then, he had taken this job to impress his grandfather.

    You didn’t know what exactly that meant, but you knew he had a love hate relationship with his family. You did eavesdrop on his calls sometimes and he rarely seemed to be happy talking to them.

    While he might be a usual pain in the ass, he did his job surprisingly well. He did exactly what was necessary, not a bit more not a bit less. Despite his arrogance, he was a good assistant.

    Shaking your head at the enigma Hugh was, you decided to start with your daily work. You had just begun going through with a manuscript when a knock at your door disturbed you.

    It was Ana, Walt Thrombey’s assistant. “So what brings you here?” You asked twirling a pen in your hand. Walt didn’t understand shit of this business, he was just warming the seat of CEO because this company belonged to his dad.

    On the other hand, Harlan Thrombey was one of the best people you had ever met. Surprisingly he was a funny and approachable man who had a knack for mischief. When you first joined, you didn’t expect to become such a good friend of Harlan.

    “Sir wants to talk with you.” She quickly chirped. “About what?” You genuinely didn’t have any idea what he wanted to talk about. “No idea. It’s just urgent.” Nodding once, she walked out.

    Sliding the manuscript back on the table, you exited the office. Once again everyone got busy in their work and you were pretty sure it was Hugh’s doing. You chewed your inner cheeks as you walked up to Walt’s cabin.

    “You called me?” He was staring out of the window when you entered. Some days you wondered if you were the only one who actually worked in this place. “Yeah. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have you working here. You are one of the most dedicated, hardworking…”

    You stopped him from going any further. “Wait. Why are you talking like that?” He sighed dramatically before continuing, “Your visa has expired. You are going to be… deported.”

    You pursed your lips and stared at the corner of the room. “Is there any way I could stop this?” Looking at Walt’s demeanour you were sure he wanted you gone but there was no harm trying. “Not many ways, really. We’ll miss you.”

    No you won’t, you thought to yourself. Your brain was working million miles per minute trying to find any solution. If you went back, all your hard work would go down the drain. No no no, there had to be some way.

    Just then Hugh walked in, “A client is calling you.” He didn’t even knock and you couldn’t get more frustrated. “Really? You don’t even have the manners to knock?” You screamed at his face.

    A thing about him, which annoyed you as well as interested you, was that he never really got angry at you. Whenever you shouted at him, he just smirked to your face and retorted back calmly.

    He folded his thick arms and leaned back against the door, “Wow. Is some drama going on because then spill the tea.” But you weren’t the only one who was irritated by Hugh.

    “You’d like to know wouldn’t you? You good for nothing prick, get the fuck out of my office.” You didn’t know why but Walt always lost his shit at the instant he saw Hugh.

    You were about to support Walt, but then you saw Hugh. Like you really saw Hugh. He was a piece of work for sure, but he was American! And you did have an ace card over him.

    You knew the idea that brewed in your head was bad. Illegal even. But then you were desperate and Hugh wasn’t a man to be pitied. Walking closer to him, you linked your hands together.

    “Walt, I would’ve gone back and left all this. But then I have to tell you something. I and Hugh are… getting married!” You said with a fake laugh as you patted Hugh’s surprisingly hard abs.

    You hadn’t ever seen him so dumbstruck before. He smiled at Walt for a whole minute before your words settled in. “Um…. What?” His face was a combination of disbelief and shock.

    “Just go ahead with it. I could make you the editor.” You whispered in his ear so Walt couldn’t hear you. Hugh went still at the mention of being an editor. You didn’t know why, but that man was dying to become one. And it was probably the only reason he tolerated you.

    “You… are marrying… her! Are you fucking kidding me?” Walt looked even more shocked than Hugh. “Yes. We are marrying, aren’t we Hugh?” Walt let out a loud sarcastic laugh, “She calls you Hugh and you are going to marry her?”

    That wasn’t the reaction you had expected out of Walt. You had expected him to be shocked because you were going to marry your assistant. But it very much wasn’t the case. He was rather surprised that Hugh was marrying you.

    Ransom desperately wanted to be an editor. Harlan had made it very clear with him, he had to work as your assistant and if you made him an editor then, and only then would he get the part of his inheritance.

    Ransom had thought this challenge to be stupid and too simple. But oh, how wrong he was. You were strict and uptight. And no matter what he did, you never said one nice word to him. And he was pretty sure you weren’t ever going to promote him.

    But this chance, this could be it for him. All he had to do was pretend in your stupid plan and get all that he wanted. Once you made him the editor and he got his inheritance, he wouldn’t ever show up to work in this stupid little company.

    “Yes. Yes. We are… going to marry each other.” He placed his hand on your hips and pulled you closer. His body was warm and oddly comforting. “It wasn’t supposed to happen, but we are in love.”

    “Love is a very complex, intriguing, stupid yet the most… beautiful thing to happen to us. Isn’t it Hugh?” Walt was just staring slack jawed at this point. “Absolutely. I love you, my sweet sweet boss.”


    “What the fuck was that?” Ransom demanded the moment you both entered your cabin. “Calm down big boy, I’ll explain it to ya.” You said condescendingly as you slumped back into your chair.

    After a good ten minutes, Ransom finally understood your position. He didn’t express it, but he liked the plan. Not only was he getting leverage over you, he would also be getting his money. “So if I say no… you’ll be fucked.” He stated plainly.

    “Yes I would be totally fucked. But then so would you be, just think of all that you’ve done for me and how it would be waste. And how disappointed your granddad would be with you. But…”

    You paused for the effect before continuing, “If you agreed to be my husband, your dream of becoming an editor would come true and also you’d impress your grandfather.”

    “So you do pay attention to the things I say.” Ransom didn’t really expect you to remember that one time he had told you about his granddad. He hadn’t really told you who he was, or what the actual deal was.

    “A pro tip, don’t call me Hugh because no one except you does. Call me Ransom.” Ahh, right that’s what he had told you to call him on that first day. You couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled up within you.

    “Really? Ransom? Did your parents actually name you that?” He nodded in agreement. “You people would do anything to be unique wouldn’t you? Like if you were kidnapped what would the kidnapper say?

    Give us ransom in exchange of Ransom. It sounds so stupid.” Ransom wanted to be angry with you, he really did. Nobody made fun of his precious name. But then seeing you truly laugh made him wanted to tell you his name over and over again so that you’d laugh again.

    No Ransom get a grip of yourself, he mentally chastised himself. What was he even thinking? He didn’t like you, at all. He prayed that you would fracture your leg and wouldn’t come to work almost every night. “Haha so funny.”

    “Okay okay. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh at your name. But I know someone else with that name too. Do you know Mr. Thrombey’s grandson’s name is Ransom too?” You hadn’t ever met him but from Harlan’s over all approach, he was a trust fund prick who was overtly loved by his family.

    Ransom bit his lips with excitement. He wanted to see your face when you’d realise who he actually was. Earlier he had planned to drop the bomb on the day he resigned and make a grand exit. But now he had changed his plans.

    “So… are you ready to be my husband?” Ransom sighed and shook his head. “Ask me nicely.” The man and his arrogance. “Mr. Hugh Ransom Drysdale will you marry me?”

    “I heard you gotta get down on your knees while proposing properly.” He was gonna be the death of you. Huffing out a breath, you somehow managed to bent down on your knees in your heels and dress.

    “Ransom, will you make me the luckiest woman alive by marrying me?” Ransom gasped, faking surprise and placed his palms on his mouth. “Oh my god!” The entire office had collected outside of your cabin with their faces sticking to the glass to see the show.

    He nodded like he was staring in those surprise proposal videos. He might have been a better actor, you thought to yourself. Still carrying on with his terrific act, Ransom finally answered,


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    #chris evans #chris evans imagine #chris evans x y/n #i love it #piano music #chris evans daddy #steve rogers x reader #andy barber smut #andy barber x reader #chris evans smut #chris x reader
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    Chris and his piano

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    OK - I'm caving and think I'm gonna explore this Massage Therapist AU that has been in my head for a minute...

    What all do you want to see in this?

    Do you want Ari or Ransom rubbing down Reader's body?

    How smutty are we getting?

    I'd love to start this with drabbles to get the creative juices flowing. Send me your thoughts (or thots... this is a judgement free zone)

    #chris evans #chris evans fiction #chris evans fanfiction #sound off in the comments or my ask box! #ari levinson smut #ransom drysdale smut #chris evans characters #chris evans x reader #chris evans x you
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    imagine if when eddie was having the panic attack the 118 got called to the scene and everyone was just kinda like doing the spider-man meme when they saw each other and then the 118 went into full panic mode

    #everyone scrambling #buck comforting chris #ana awkwardly there while eddies family helps him #we could’ve had it all #911 fox#911 buck#911 show #evan buck buckley #911 eddie#eddie diaz#edmundo diaz#buddie#911 buddie#911 firefam#henrietta wilson#911 chimney#bobby nash
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    ok but tell me he’s not thinking about the last time someone put their hands on his chest like this….


    #lmfao maybe i’m reaching??? #but i refuse to believe his entire panic attack was solely about ana and being a mom for chris #911#911 fox #911 on fox #911 spoilers#evan buckley#eddie diaz#buddie
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    Gaze on the Shore

    Summary: As the world starts to reopen, tentatively hoping the worst of the pandemic is behind them, Chris and Whitney face a new set of challenges. With busy work schedules and the pressures of normal life looming on the horizon, will the foundation they’ve built through lockdown be strong enough to keep their relationship steady or will they crack under the strain?

    Chris Evans x OFC


    Part of the Once Bitten/More Hearts series

    Part Two


    Part Three

    Jetlag was something that I always struggled with.

    Some people seemed to be able to travel the world and take the time zones in stride while others learned little tricks to help them cope out of frequent necessity, but I seemed to be cursed with a body that was less adaptable than most. I’d tried many things over the years, but nothing had ever worked and I accepted long ago that it was just something that I would be forced to suffer through every time I travelled.

    This time, however, it came in handy. 

    Despite my late bedtime, I was up bright and early the morning after we’d arrived in L.A. and I was grateful that my body hadn’t adjusted and let me sleep in. I knew it was going to be a busy day and - even though I was running on fumes from the stress and adrenaline of the day before - sleeping until noon probably wasn’t something I had time for.

    A quick glance at the clock told me that it was only seven thirty so, after taking a moment to stretch and let myself wake up, I dragged myself down the hall to take a quick shower before breakfast. When I was ready for the day almost forty-five minutes later, the sounds of Grayson’s giggles mixed with the voices of Chris and my mom echoing up the stairs had me rushing down to join them.

    “Mama!” Grayson cheered as I walked in the room. He was the first to spot me as everyone else was busy watching him, amusement on their faces. “We’re makin’ french bread!”

    “French toast,” my mom corrected. “Grayson’s quite the little cook.”

    “Not the tidiest though,” I teased, noticing several splotches of batter on the floor and the counter. “But you didn’t have to do that, Mom. Cereal and normal toast would have been fine.”

    “Oh, it’s no trouble,” she assured me. “Go sit down with Chris. He’s been given strict instructions not to move from the table.”

    “Why? We didn’t come here to be waited on.”

    She shot me a stern look that told me she wasn’t going to put up with any protests.

    “I haven’t been able to spoil you in well over a year. Let me do it now.”

    “Alright,” I smiled, walking over to the table that Chris was sitting at. I leaned down to give him a quick, good morning kiss before sitting next to him. “Did you sleep okay?”

    “I did,” he assured me. “Your bed was pretty comfortable.”

    “A bit small though, no?”

    “I think my feet were hanging off the end,” he admitted. “But Gray didn’t take up much space.”

    “It was sweet of you to stay with him,” I smiled, reaching out to hold his hand that was resting on the table. “I didn’t even think about what he’d think when he woke up in a strange place.”

    “You were distracted, it’s understandable,” he insisted, lifting our hands to kiss my knuckles. 

    We sat quietly for a few moments, watching Grayson and my mom working away as they made breakfast. It warmed my heart to see them together and I was so proud of how helpful he was being. His confidence never ceased to amaze me - especially considering how both Chris and I tended to be much more shy when we were his age - but he had no problem around people he wasn’t super familiar with and liked to join in with everything that anyone was doing.

    “Oh,” Chris started, drawing my attention away from our two chefs. “Before I forget, I got an email from the production team today and they’ve organized vaccinations for the cast and crew this afternoon. Partners are welcome to come too if you want your second dose.”

    “Yeah, of course I do,” I nodded eagerly until I remembered why we were here and hesitated. “Mom, do you know when Dad’s coming home yet?”

    “Yes, the hospital called first thing this morning,” she informed me, flipping the bread in the pan before turning to face me. “Jack’s picking him up at about ten o’clock.”

    “Oh, perfect,” I smiled. “What time would the vaccinations be?”

    “I think they said two or three.”

    “That works then, I’ll come with you.”

    “Great,” Chris grinned, but as his phone rang on the table with his publicist's name on the screen, the grin on his face faltered. He ignored the call and turned his attention back to me. “There’s one other thing we should talk about.”

    I frowned, feeling knots forming in my stomach as I questioned what he was referring to. It was never a good sign that we had something to discuss when it involved his publicist, but his answer put me at ease.

    “Some fans spotted us at the airport last night,” he told me. “I didn’t even notice, but they got some good pictures and your ring was very visible.”

    Due to the fact that we hadn’t been out much since we got engaged and there weren’t many paparazzi around where we lived anyway, the news of our engagement hadn’t really broken yet. However, I wasn’t at all surprised that it was discovered within minutes of us arriving in Los Angeles. People were generally more on the lookout for celebrities in L.A. and the paparazzi were very on the ball so I probably would have been more surprised if we managed to keep it a secret.

    “That’s okay,” I shrugged. “I mean, I’m fine with people knowing. I know you like to keep things private, but I’m not upset about it - if that’s why you look so worried.”

    “I just hate dealing with this stuff,” he sighed. “But I’ll tell my team they can confirm it.”

    “You could always post something on Instagram,” I suggested. “You took that cute picture last week when we were holding hands on the couch and Grayson put his hand on top. It didn’t show his face, but it showed the ring and it was a sweet moment.”

    “I could do that,” he nodded. “I just don’t want to give people the space to share all their mean and petty thoughts.”

    “The mean and petty people don’t matter, Chris,” I reminded him with a smile. “And the people who actually care about you might appreciate hearing the news from you, but it’s entirely your decision. I don’t mind either way.”

    “I’ll think about it,” Chris decided as my mother announced that breakfast was ready.

    She carried over a plate stacked high with french toast as Grayson brought some maple syrup to the table. He had a very proud grin on his face and it took a considerable amount of effort not to lean down and pinch his adorable cheeks.

    “Wow, Gray!” I smiled. “This looks amazing, did you make it all?”

    “I helped a lot!” He informed me, climbing onto the chair next to me. “And now I’m hungry!”

    “I bet you are, buddy,” Chris chuckled. “This looks like it was a lot of work.”

    I put a slice of toast on Gray’s plate and cut it into slices for him to pick up with his fingers as he poured a very large amount of syrup onto his plate. My mom handed me a mug of coffee while Chris took his first bite of the food and let out a slightly exaggerated groan of pleasure.

    “Grayson, this is amazing!” He praised, making Gray’s grin grow even wider. “Wow, I didn’t know you were such a good cook.”

    “He’s a natural,” my mom smiled. “Maybe he’ll be a chef someday.”

    “No,” Grayson shook his head as he swallowed a mouthful of food. “I’m gonna be a dinosaur.”

    His answer earned a laugh from all three of us as my mom raised an eyebrow.

    “You want to be a dinosaur?”

    He nodded as he took another bite of food and I stepped in.

    “He wants to be a paleontologist,” I clarified before making sure he was distracted by his food and quietly adding. “But he struggles to pronounce that so he found his own solution.”

    “That sounds like a fun job,” my mom told Grayson as she sat at the table with us. “Maybe we can go to the dinosaur museum while you’re here.”

    Grayson’s eyes widened.

    “Another one?”

    “I took him to a dinosaur exhibit in Boston,” Chris explained his question to my mom before nodding at Grayson. “But yeah, there’s one here too. I bet it’s even bigger!”


    The awe in Grayson’s voice was clear and I smiled, leaning down to place a kiss on the top of his head.


    After breakfast, Chris tidied up in the kitchen as I got Grayson dressed for the day. By the time we were all ready and back downstairs, Jack was pulling up in the driveway with my dad. My mom was fretting and fluffing the cushion on his favourite chair as we all waited eagerly in the living room, but as soon as they appeared in the doorway, Grayson bolted towards them.


    His cheer and enthusiasm was adorable, but I stopped him before he could throw himself into my dad’s arms.

    “Gray, careful, remember what I was telling you?” I asked. “Grandpa was really sick and he’s just starting to feel better so we have to be gentle, okay?”

    “Whitney,” my dad practically growled at me, turning my attention back to him. “Let go of him right now and don’t ever stop him from giving me a hug again.”

    Had he not still been so frail, his harsh tone probably would have been intimidating, but given his current state, I just rolled my eyes.

    “I wasn’t stopping him from hugging you,” I argued. “I was stopping him from tackling you.”

    “I’m not some weak old man,” he grumbled, ironically sounding very much like a grumpy old man. “I can handle a hug from my grandson. C’mere, Grayson.”

    Gray looked up at me hesitantly, but when I nodded and nudged him towards my dad, he scurried over and threw his arms around his grandpa’s legs. Perhaps it was the stress of the last few days or the frustration of being weaker than he was used to, but I could have sworn that there were tears in my dad’s eyes as he held tightly onto Grayson.

    “I missed you!” He told him, ruffling his hair. “I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten!”

    “I’m four soon!” Grayson told him before frowning slightly. “Mama said your heart was hurt.”

    “My heart is better than ever,” my dad assured him. “I’m feeling just fine.”

    “You’re not fine though, Mark. Come and sit down,” my mom demanded, gesturing to the chair she’d prepared for him. “You should be resting.”

    “I’ve rested enough.”

    He waved her off, but did as she requested and moved across the room to sit in the chair with Grayson trailing behind him.

    “Can I get you anything?” I asked once he was settled. “A glass of water, maybe?”

    “Or a beer?” Chris chimed in, a smirk on his face.

    My dad chuckled at that suggestion and was quick to accept the offer, but my mom sent Chris a scolding glare prompting him to assure her that he was just joking.

    “Sounds like someone’s trying to score some brownie points as the future son-in-law,” Andrea, Jack’s wife, teased from where she was standing in the doorway with Theo on her hip.

    With all the commotion, I’d forgotten they were coming too and could barely contain my squeal of delight at the sight of them.

    “Oh my gosh, is this Theo?” I asked, rushing over and ignoring my brother’s sarcastic remark about it actually being some random baby they’d stolen from the hospital. “Hi, little guy. I’m your Aunt Whitney.”

    He was staring at me very trepidatiously, but after some soft reassurances, he let me take him into my arms, but not without a little teasing from his mother.

    “I know I’m not an adorable, chubby one year old, but I’m here too, y’know.”

    Her remark pulled my gaze away from the baby I was holding as I laughed and rolled my eyes.

    “I’m happy to see you too,” I assured her. “But Theo and I have a lot of catching up to do.”

    “Who is that?” Grayson asked from where he had climbed up onto his grandpa’s lap.

    “This guy?” I questioned, gesturing to Theo as Grayson nodded his head. “This is Theo. He’s your cousin.”

    He grinned at that information and waved enthusiastically.

    “Hi, Theo! I’m Grayson!”

    Theo still seemed very unsure of all these new people in his grandparents' home, but he hesitantly returned his cousin’s wave and Grayson was thrilled.

    “Hey now,” Jack interjected, looking at Gray with his hands on his hips. “I heard that you were very excited to see me, but I haven’t even had a hug yet!”

    Without missing a beat, Grayson leapt up from my dad’s lap and launched himself at Jack.

    “Hi, Uncle Jack! I missed you!”

    “I missed you too, buddy,” Jack laughed, swinging him up into his arms. “I did get to see you last night, but you were fast asleep.”

    “I was?” Grayson’s little brow furrowed in confusion as Jack nodded. “Oh, sorry.”

    “Don’t be sorry, you had a busy day,” Jack assured him. “And we have lots of time to play now! Do you like trampolines?”

    Grayson’s eyes lit up, but he shrugged.

    “I don’t know!” He admitted. “Do you have one?”

    “Grandma and grandpa do! Shall we go see it?”

    Grayson eagerly agreed and Jack whisked him out of the room before I could protest.

    “Is that the same trampoline that you’ve had since I was twelve?” I asked as I walked over to stand by Chris so I could see out the window into the backyard. “Is it safe?”

    “Jack fixed it up a few months ago,” my dad assured me. “He thought Theo might be interested in it soon.”

    “He put a net around the outside,” Andrea added. “They’ll be very safe.”

    I trusted Jack so I wasn’t too worried and I turned my attention back to the little boy in my arms as my mom and Andrea turned their attention back to my dad. As they busied themselves making sure he had everything that he needed and trying to get some information about what the doctor had recommended for his recovery, I was trying to coax a smile out of Theo when I felt Chris’ arm slide around my waist.

    “I forgot how good you look holding a baby,” he murmured, keeping his voice low enough that the other people in the room wouldn’t hear. “It suits you.”

    “Does it?” I asked, smiling as Chris made a face at Theo that made him giggle. “Well, that’s good because you’ll be seeing a lot of it. I’ll hold onto this little guy as long as he allows it.”

    “He is pretty adorable,” Chris agreed. “He must take after his aunt.”

    I snorted a laugh at the cheesiness, but leaned in to place a kiss on Chris’ lips.

    “Such a charmer.”

    “Well, it sounds like I have to be,” Chris teased. “I can’t have this little man stealing all your attention.”

    “That’s true, you’ve got some tough competition.”

    It was at that moment that Theo seemed to notice that his mother had left the room moments earlier when she’d ducked into the kitchen to get my dad a drink and was no longer in sight. The tears started almost immediately, but I knew from how Grayson had been - and how difficult the transition between parents had been for him during the age of separation anxiety - exactly what the problem was. I rocked him gently and mumbled some assurances, but eventually resigned myself to the fact that I would have to give him up and went off in search of my sister-in-law.


    We spent the next few hours with my family and it had my heart feeling very full. Getting to know my nephew, seeing Grayson reconnect with them and seeing Chris start to bond with them was wonderful and it was hard for me to tear myself away when it was time for us to leave for our vaccinations. We left Grayson at home - he was having so much fun playing with Jack and Theo and we knew he would probably be bored if he came with us - but his absence provided us with another opportunity once we were done with our shots.

    “I know you probably wanna get back to your family,” Chris started as he turned off the highway a few exits too soon to be going straight back to my parents’ house. “But do you mind if we go somewhere to talk?”

    “About what?” I asked before it dawned on me. “Oh, about our fight?”

    “Yeah,” he nodded. “I think we should. I figured we could grab some ice cream and hash it out?”

    Now that things had blown over and were good between us, part of me was hoping we could just pretend that it hadn’t happened and move on, but I knew that wasn’t the right thing to do, so I agreed. Avoiding things and making decisions based on assumptions instead of actual conversations had caused us enough trouble over the years and, even if it was uncomfortable, I was glad that Chris wanted to talk things through.

    The rest of the drive was fairly quiet as I tried to organize my thoughts for the sudden discussion, but I smiled when I realized where Chris had taken me - a little ice cream parlor near his house where he’d taken me shortly after we met. 

    I sent him off with instructions to get me anything with chocolate and sent a quick text to my mom to let her know we’d be a bit longer than we thought. When Chris came back with two little cups of ice cream, I eagerly tucked in and savoured the taste on my tongue.

    “It’s just as good as I remember,” I told him, earning a surprised look from Chris.

    “You remember coming here?”

    “Of course! It was the first time we hung out just the two of us.”

    “It was,” Chris nodded in agreement before a sheepish look slid onto his face. “I really wanted it to be our first date.”

    I snorted a laugh and shook my head.

    “You did not.”

    “I did!” He smiled. “I was trying to find a way to transition it from just hangin’ out to something more romantic and then you friendzoned me so hard, talkin’ about the date you had lined up the next day.”

    “You friendzoned me first!”

    “I did not,” Chris insisted, his incredulity becoming clear when I nodded my head. “Oh, c’mon! When?”

    “That first night we met, when you walked me home,” I reminded him. “I invited you upstairs for a drink and you turned me down and said that you thought we’d be great friends. Doesn’t get much more friendzoned than that!”

    Chris laughed as if I’d just said something completely outlandish.

    “I did not say that, no way!”

    “You absolutely did!”

    “If I did then I didn’t mean it like that,” he protested. “It’s just a figure of speech.”

    “No, it’s not,” I giggled. “Telling someone you just want to be friends means you don’t see them in a romantic way, it’s not a euphemism for anything.”

    “Well, I must have meant it like ‘wow, we get along really well and I think you’re great’, not that I could only see you as a friend.”

    “That’s how I took it,” I shrugged. “I thought you were just letting me down easy and I was determined to show you that I could take a hint.”

    “There was no hint! I can’t believe that one comment is all it took for you to decide that we could only be friends.”

    “You should have used clearer language,” I teased. “But obviously our communication skills needed a lot of work.”

    Chris was quiet for a moment as he swallowed a bite of his ice cream then nodded his head.

    “Yeah, that kinda brings me to what I wanted to talk about now.” It was a great segue, but I was surprised by his next words. “I’m sorry for how I handled things. It was childish of me to refuse to talk to you and I shouldn’t have been speaking to you the way that I was.”

    I was surprised by his open apology and took a moment to take it in before answering.

    “I appreciate that and I’m sorry too,” I assured him. “I shouldn’t have reacted so badly when you first told me you had to go and I should have taken some time to think about it before I said no to coming with you.”

    “If we’re being totally honest,” Chris smirked in a way that was more shy than cocky. “I probably would’ve still been mad. I just assumed you’d come and I was pretty shocked when you weren’t immediately on board with the idea.”

    I appreciated his honesty, but found myself feeling the need to defend my reaction. I always understood why he wanted Grayson and I to come with him, but I didn’t feel like my worries and hesitation should have been a ‘shock’.

    “Well, even though my concerns turned out to be unfounded, they were genuine at the time,” I insisted. “I wasn’t trying to be difficult, I really did think it would be a struggle for Grayson on the plane and, I guess, I was kinda worried about travelling. It’s scary getting back into the world after being tucked away in our big, safe house for so long.”

    “I understand that,” Chris nodded. He opened his mouth to continue, but quickly closed it again and paused for a moment of thought before he spoke, choosing his words carefully. “I just got defensive because I thought it was your insecurities flaring up again. You said for so long that you thought we wouldn’t work when life went back to normal, so I assumed that you were just looking for an out and blowing things out of proportion so you’d have an excuse to leave.” 

    “No way, Chris,” I immediately assured him, a deep frown sliding onto my face. “I’m not looking for an excuse to leave, I never wanted things to not work out between us. I was worried because I thought the stress of our schedules would force us apart, I wasn’t hoping that it would.”

    Chris put his empty cup on the dashboard as he took in my words. I was shocked that he would think I was looking for a way out and I felt a pang of guilt that he’d been so worried that I was ready to run away.

    “I just panicked,” he sighed. “I guess your insecurities became my insecurities and suddenly it felt like I had to pick between having a career and having a family.”

    That admission only made my guilt grow because it had never been my intention to make him feel that way, but his words did open the door for me to bring up something that had been bothering me about our disagreement.

    “You don’t,” I told him, hoping that my firm tone would leave no room for doubts as I reached for his hand to provide some extra reassurance. “I love you, Chris and I wasn’t looking for a reason to leave you. But, I will say that there will probably be a lot of times in your career when I can’t drop everything and go with you when you have to travel for work. Especially once Grayson starts school, we’ll be stuck in Massachusetts for most of the year.”

    “I know that.”

    Chris nodded as he agreed, but I felt like that point needed more attention.

    “It really felt like that was your expectation,” I confessed. “When you got so angry as soon as I said I wouldn’t come, it worried me a bit that you expect me to shelve everything and just follow you around the world whenever you have to go.”

    Chris frantically shook his head at my confession and I felt a hint of relief.

    “No, not at all,” he assured me. “I know you won’t always be able to come, but leaving this time was freaking me out a bit. I know we can’t just stay hiding away in our house forever, but I got used to being there for every moment of your lives and the thought of missing out on all the little day to day things that I usually take for granted felt pretty awful. I guess I wasn’t ready to give that up, I want the best of both worlds and the realization that that might not be possible was hard to swallow.”

    “It wouldn’t have been easy for Grayson and I either and it still won’t be when you have to leave for Europe,” I empathized before a soft smile slid onto my face. “We’ve been very spoiled this last year. It’s crazy to think that a year ago we were still trading time with Grayson and now we’re terrified of being apart.”

    “We were so dumb,” Chris matched my smile. “But it’s hard to go back now that we’ve got it so good.”

    “We can do this though. Look at this very mature conversation we just had, explaining our feelings to each other. We’ve come a long way.”

    “If only we could have done this three days ago instead of having a huge argument instead.”

    “That’s true,” I laughed. “But no one is perfect. We’re doing our best.”

    Chris nodded and slid his hand from mine so he could move it up to cup my cheek. He leaned over to place a soft kiss on my lips, pulling a happy sigh from my chest.

    “I love you, Win,” he murmured as he moved back. “I really am sorry about our fight.”

    “Me too,” I assured him. “And thank you for all your help in the last twenty-four hours. I couldn’t have got through that without you and I’m so grateful that you pushed everything else aside to support me.”

    My eyes grew glassy as I spoke. It really did mean a lot to me and I needed him to know that, but he brushed it off.

    “Of course, Winnie. Doesn’t matter how frustrated I am, I’ll always be here for you when you need me.”

    I pulled him in for another kiss, not sure if there were any words to convey my love for him in that moment, but I reluctantly pulled away sooner than I would have liked.

    “We should get back,” I begrudgingly suggested. “Before Grayson gets suspicious about where we’ve been.”

    A cheeky smirk slid onto Chris’ face as he nodded.

    “I feel like a bad parent, sneaking out for ice cream without him.”

    “Oh, please,” I scoffed. “He’s going to be drowning in treats every day until we move into your place. My parents have a year of spoiling him to make up for and they don’t seem to be wasting any time.”

    “That’s true,” Chris laughed. “But it’s nice. He’s having fun.”

    “He is, and he’s so confident. You’d think after a year of only seeing about five different adults, he’d be shy and terrified, but he’s not fazed at all.”

    “Must be some recessive bravery gene,” Chris smiled as I moved his cup off the dashboard and he started the car. “Because I wasn’t like that at all as a kid. I cried all the time and hated every minute away from my ma.”

    I laughed at the contrast between Chris Evans the charming Hollywood star and poor Chris Evans the terrified child, but I nodded my head in agreement.

    “I was the same,” I admitted. “Well, maybe not that bad, but I was not a confident child. I’d never talk to kids at school, I just wanted to be left alone. That’s how Hannah and I came to be such good friends, she didn’t like that I was always by myself and started forcing me to hang out with her.”

    “Of course she did,” Chris laughed. “So, she was bossy even back then?”

    I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his teasing comment and playfully swatted his arm. Their little rivalry was amusing, but I fully intended to make the most of our time in L.A. and help them bond a bit more.

    “Don’t be mean!” I scolded. “She’s just fiercely protective. Everything she does, she does out of love.”

    “Well, I’m glad you have a friend like her,” Chris relented. “I just wish she didn’t hate me so much.”

    “She doesn’t hate you,” I insisted. “She just needs you to think that she’s tough so you don’t get any ideas about breaking my heart. She’ll let her guard down when she gets to know you better.”

    “Alright, well, maybe when we get settled in our house, she can come over for dinner.”

    My eyes lit up with excitement at the fact that he was the one to suggest the exact thing I’d been plotting. I’d assumed they’d both take a bit more encouragement to willingly spend any time together, but if at least one of them was seemingly eager then perhaps my plan would work out easier than I thought.

    “That would be great!” I grinned. “She’ll love that. I’ll message her right now, I don’t think I even told her that we were going to be in the city, it all happened so fast.”

    “Uh oh, you better tell her quick or you’ll be the one who’s in trouble.”

    “True, but then I’ll just tell her about our fight,” I teased. “And you’ll be the bad guy again.”

    Chris barked out a laugh, but shook his head.

    “Please, don’t. I have enough things to answer for. She doesn’t need anymore ammo to add to the list.”

    “Yeah, but what’s one more bad thing? It’s better for her to be just a little bit more mad at you than for her to be mad at both of us.”

    “Is it?” Chris questioned with an eyebrow raised in suspicion. “I think you’re gonna have to take the heat for this one yourself.”

    “Well, we’ll see what she says,” I smiled. “I think she’ll understand.”

    As it turns out, she did understand and was just happy that I was finally close enough to spend time with her again. 

    Grayson, however, wasn’t so understanding when I foolishly took our garbage from the ice cream parlor into the house and he realized where we’d been. There was no tantrum or tears, just a look of complete betrayal as he turned and dragged my brother off with a pointed comment about going to play somewhere without Chris and I as if that was his little way of getting back at us.


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