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  • dailychristmas
    06.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    It's only 19 days until Christmas. ❤️

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  • villemo1001
    06.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Joonas the Red-Nosed Reindeer 😂

    #Blind Channel#Joonas Porko #Happy Saint Nicholas' Day #Edit#Merry Christmas #Joonas the Red-Nosed Reindeer
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  • serenepace
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    God could've viewed the joy of giving in traditional celebrations of Christmas as something unique and a way to forget about ourselves to think of others to spread our love to one another despite our varying beliefs in society. The holiday was evolving into something more than just a folksy ritual. People were beginning to enlighten the holiday with Carol of songs wishing goodness upon their neighbors.

    It's important to know that God thinks of everyone and their stresses they hold and may understand this event allows people to revert back to the basic principles of love in it's simplicity to value the people and all the good in your life of what God brings even if we don't recognize him. This became the perfect time of year for people to learn to love without being divisive. God knows we have issues and we put up walls and create hostility with our blinders that view our differences as uncomfortable gestures of work to break . We are the ones that become divisive through inaction even if it's not our intent.

    This holiday is special because the spirit of laughter love, family, and joy could be reached and shared with everyone around us. People have the opportunity to serve with no bias and it's up to us on how we honor Christ through this holiday. It is important as Christians to make room for Christ to be the focal point of this holiday. To have his charitable example of mercy and love extend to the ones that really need it. We can become complacent and create a Christmas without Christ in it and bring in the fantastical elements of Santa Claus and the flying reindeer that is far from the realities of the greatest and merciful gift given to man.

    We inevitably choose the way we honor god through our celebrations through our worship and through our service as long as you consecrate these practices unto the Lord and are being fed by his spirit of love and compassion. It's important for us to bring Christ and the Savior back into these practices because he is the true light of happiness that is meant to be shared as the light in holy and wondrous moments or the light in dark and unsettling times.

    #lds church#christmas#christianity#jesus#jehovah#yeshua#nativity#god #the church of jesus christ of latter day saints
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  • scottlivesaymusic
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Kelly Finnigan #The Miracle Is Here #A Joyful Sound #Colemine Records #Plaid Room Records #Scott Livesay #song of the day #sotd#cincinnati#cincy#pop culture#Christmas Music#Christmas
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  • babooshkart
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    a new tradition (december 6)

    (see all works for my 25 Days of Harry and Draco on tumblr here and Ao3 here! ❤️)

    #just casually thinking about these two making a life for themselves #no abusive relatives allowed #I have a lot of Christmas traditions that I love fiercely and the idea that they’d come up with some for themselves is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 #this is also the painting that I finally decided that these were all gonna go together #scenes from a life style #which is why we have a return of Dec 1’s living room architecture #so anyway!!!! enjoy!!!! #drarry#drarry fanart#hp fanart #harry potter fanart #draco malfoy#harry potter #draco malfoy fanart #my art#domestic drarry #25 days of harry and draco 2021 #25 days #25 days of draco and harry #also i just wanted to say that y'all's comments on my ao3 work have been fueling me over the past week #I'm horrible at replying but i read every single one and hold my phone very close to my face while i giggle a little in pleasure #i adore you all
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  • mrskscrochet
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    On the 6th day of Christmas Mrs. K's gave to me...a wreath ornament! This ornament is a free gift to anyone who orders from my Etsy shop today! Check back tomorrow to see what tomorrow's gift will be.

    Check out my shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/MrsKsCrochet

    #that crochet lady #12 days of christmas #christmas shopping#holiday season
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  • accio-sense
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Jo's day#december 6 #my dear nef #christmas puns#DECEMBER#aaaaaaand #CHRISTMAS IS COMING #EVERYONE #IT'S CHRISTMAS MONTH #slytherpuff squad
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  • knightingale0
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Whats up internet people I think my body is collapsing finally

    #knightingale talks #everything is sore #and its st nicholas day so we get small presents which is normally fine #but my brother got the one thing i knew i could get him for actual Christmas so now idk what to do for him #and i got perfume #bruh #i wouldve appreciated a brainpuzzle thing like the past four years #that wouldve been grear #also good morning
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  • hummels-turn
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ♫ emily's countdown to christmas - day 6

    ​​​ ⠀ ⤿​​​ ⠀merry christmas darling

    #emily's countdown to christmas #em posts#em creates#gifs#rachel berry #this was actually the second set I made for this month #but I wanted something special for the last day of hanukkah #so to everyone who celebrates I hope you had a lovely hanukkah!!! xx
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  • rockarolla-woman
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I hope Santa’s elves are clubbing together to get me boobs for Christmas

    #if I wake up on Christmas Day without a nice big set of tiddies I’ll kill myself infront of everyone at dinner #this is a a threat and a promise
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  • radiowallet
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    December 6th-  Fireplace
    Summary: You and Marcus take advantage of a night alone. 
    Pairing: Marcus Moreno x F!Reader (established relationship)
    WC: 1.5K
    Warnings: 18+ kissing, groping, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, Christmas adjacent.
    Thank you to @toomanystoriessolittletime​ for putting this lis of prompts together!

    It was probably the most cliche thing either of you had ever dreamed up, and that included the time you tried to re-enact a meet cute moment you had seen in that cheesy lifetime movie or when Marcus filled your office top to bottom with roses on valentines day. But when you had found out that Missy would be at a slumber party the same night the weatherman was predicting a cold snap that would blast through the area, it was only natural that Marcus recommended using the fireplace that night. You had joked about picking up a bear skin rug for the two of you to sleep on, and you both laughed at the ridiculous notion, but it was hard to miss the way Marcus’s gears were already turning.  

    So it really shouldn’t have come as that big of a shock to you when you walked through the front door and into the living room to find Marcus rolling out a fluffy white rug across the floor, directly in front of the fireplace. There was also a bottle of wine safely set to the side, as well as a fresh bouquet of poinsettias. The fire is already burning, flames crackling in a perfect mix of orange and yellow around the log, emitting just enough heat into the room. The sun was long gone, the fireplace providing the only light in the room, making gorgeous little shadows dance on Marcus’s  features as he smooths at the corners of the rug.

    You take off your heels and drop your purse by the door before crossing fully into the room, unabashedly enchanted by the romantic scene set out before you. You step onto the rug, wiggling your stocking covered feet against it, enjoying the luscious feel of it, even through the thin layer of your tights. Marcus is watching you eagerly, waiting to see what your reaction will be. You want to tease him, oh how you want to tease him, but he’s looking at you with that endearing smile, brown eyes twinkling in the firelight, and the only thing you can coherently think is how much you love this silly, endearing, crazy man. You look down at him, the heat from his gaze 20 times hotter than flame could be, and you smile, a coy sort of drip in your lips.

    “I couldn’t find a bearskin one on such short notice,” is the only explanation he gives before he’s pulling you down onto the rug with him and fusing his lips to yours, hands gripping tight against your backside. The kiss is deep, slow-moving, like molasses dripping down, and it’s very evident that Marcus intends to take his time tonight. He sets to work, nimble fingers freeing one button of your blouse free at a time, lips following the trail as each piece of skin is exposed. His lips burn across your skin, a slip of tongue poking out here and there, just barely, but you’re already desperate for more.

    Once he’s freed the last button, he slips the shirt from your shoulders, unhooking your bra at the same time, before laying you down gently across the plush rug. Your skirt and tights get the same treatment, his lips never once breaking from your skin, that same wet path marked across you as he strips you naked before his eyes. He leans back on his knees, taking you in, eyes like liquid gold as he glides over your form, from the top of your head to the swell of your breasts and finally down to your core, licking his lips as he considers the patch of hair covering your pussy. He looks at you like you’re made of gold and rubies, a treasure to protect and preserve, one he’s unwilling to part with until he breathes his very last breath.

    “I’m gonna make you feel so good tonight, mi amor.” The words slide out of him, each one falling from his bottom lip and landing on you like wax from a candle, sticking to your skin and burning into you. You know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he will make good on this promise.

    He reaches out, reverently, running his palm up your thigh, cupping at your center, humming at the heat he feels radiating from it. He seems content, to sit and hold you, palm resting just against your aching entrance, the width of his hand covering your entire cunt. Growing impatient, you grind down to meet his palm, but he slips his hand away before you can find any relief. You scowl up at him, but he only grins in response, a cheeky tilt of his lips as he makes a show of removing his own clothes. Each piece of golden skin he exposes has you more and more adrift, the heat of the fire casting a halo around him, painting him as a sun soaked god, leaving your mouth dry and legs trembling. He’s perfect, stunning, and you know he doesn’t hear it nearly enough.

    “Marcus,” you whisper, calling his attention to you, brown eyes finding yours from where he still hovers out of reach. “You’re beautiful.”  

    He smiles again, sweet like honey, as he finally lowers his body down on top of yours, kissing you with that same supple passion he greeted you with earlier. “That,” he slips in between each kiss, “is my line.”

    His kisses only grow more insistent from there, making a steady beat from your lips to your neck, stopping to scrape his teeth slowly across your pulse point, a low groan pulled from you as his hands pull and knead at the curves of your body. Your entire being feels like it’s been lit on fire, the touches of Marcus Moreno lighting the match that has set you ablaze. He hardly gives you time to recover let alone reciprocate, his lips finding your breast, sucking the nipple between his teeth, releasing his own groan as he nuzzles into you. You’re lost to him, floating on the velvet cloud beneath you as he covers your body with his, smothering you in the feel and smell and taste of him. So unmoored by the ecstasy of the moment, you barely notice the movement of his other hand, reaching out blindly, searching for something, as he continues to soothe little patterns around your pebbled nipple.

    Suddenly, a buzzing sound hits your ears, but before you can question it, your whole body is vibrating, the small bullet you keep on your side of the bed, set to the lowest setting, and pressed against your clit. You moan, wanton, unashamed in the rush of arousal slamming into you as he presses the vibrator to you again and again, wetness leaking out of you and dripping down to the carpet below. His lips have yet to leave your skin, now sucking a bruise into your clavicle, his own groans matching your own as he makes shallow little thrusts against your leg. His cock is hard, already leaking precum, smearing it along your leg and marking you as his own.

    The sounds filling the living room are lewd, the squelch of your vibrator as he slips up and down the lips of your pussy, his skin on your own, a chafing sound as he rubs against you like a dog in heat, all mixing together with your moans and mewls, the two of you sounding like nothing more than horny teenagers. Again, no warning, Marcus clicks the vibrator up to it’s next setting, holding the piece of silicone tight to your clit, his lips finding your ear.  

    “Gonna cum like this, baby. Hmm? Cum just like you do when I’m not home?”

    You want to cry at how good it feels, your moans slipping out breathy and high at the sound of his voice in your ear. How could he ever think doing this alone could be as good as this? As him? There is no comparison, and you’d tell him that if you could find the strength to form real words. The best you have in you is the pleading of his name, hands grabbing for purchase on his arms as he urges you closer and closer to the lick of the flames.

    “You’re so close, sweet girl. I can feel it. Cum just like this for me, please mi amor. I know you can.”

    “M-Marcus, I…I need…,” you’re begging, whining desperately, everything feeling so hot. Your skin, your hands, his lips, his hands, the slick pool between your legs.  Sweat drips down your back, the white plush of the rug sticking to your skin as swivel your hips  in time with him; writhing, messy, clinging to him as he clicks the vibrator to its third and final setting. It’s almost unbearable now, and Marcus knows it. His lips find yours, his tongue dipping past your lips, and curling into your own, swallowing your cries as your orgasm crashes into you. He holds the toy tight to your clit, moving the setting down slowly, little by little, helping you ride out the final burns of your release. When your breathing has evened out and your heart has stopped slamming into your chest, you find his lips again, kissing him as hard as you can, licking into the caverns of his mouth, savoring the taste of him on your tongue.

    He pulls away with a series of sweet kisses, a peck to your lips, your nose, your cheeks, ending again at your lips, humming in delight as you rise slightly to chase after him.

    “Don’t worry, my love,” he promises, eyes tracing your face, a warm glow following each sweep he makes across your features. You hear the now familiar click and a buzz followed by his spicy sweet voice ringing softly in your ear. “We have all night.”  

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  • adoreyou
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    no fucking way it’s been 2 years since adore you came out

    #which also means it’s 2 years since christmas tree farm came out #and the entire day i had the two of them on repeat #and was struggling because i fell in love with both #and didn’t know which to stream #loren rambles
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  • saintverlan
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Winter studying challenge ❄️

    I've been to a Christmas crafts market to feel some winter vibe. ☃️🎁

    5th December - Are you usually busy during winter?

    I have quite busy period of time in January, because at the turn of January and February I have my winter exams, so there's a lot of work a few weeks prior. However, this year I'm planning to start early, not to die of the lack of sleep and caffeine overdose like during previous years. (probably will end as always tho)

    6th December - Do you get a break from school/uni/work during winter?

    Yeah, we have a uni break during Christmas period that lasts until the New Year's Eve and at the turn of January and February we have a winter break after our exams. Really looking forward to it.
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  • noxsetanta
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Drabble Day 6

    #24DaysOfDrabbles - Day 6 Saved by a Demon

    Saved By a Demon She was born different. They said she was possessed by demons. My little sister was the kindest, sweetest person alive, and they staked her out in the night to be taken by the wolves on the full moon. I begged and pleaded for them to reconsider. I’d take care of her. She’d be my burden. But the men of the village wanted the demon gone. But it was a demon that saw mercy. Freed…

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    #24 Days of Drabbles #Christmas 2021#Drabble
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  • senseiwu
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    25 Days of Christmas

    Day 6 - shopping for gifts

    Maya is the only one here with a braincell at the moment. She's trying to keep them on track but is having fun as always watching Ray and Wu's antics.

    (The kids are being watched by Mystaké or Ray's mum, Autumn)

    #ninjago#ray smith#sensei wu#maya smith#family au #all braincells leave when ray and wu hang out in normal calm situations #that hc is very important to me #maya finds it very amusing. no one but family and close friends believes her stories though #which is also amusing #25 days of christmas
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