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    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

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    Christmas jumpers are a must-have for the holiday season. Here you'll find a wide selection of Christmas jumpers for men, women, and couples. For individuals who enjoy getting into the holiday mood, the christmas jumpers are ideal.https://uglychristmassweaters.com.au/

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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hey Everyone!!! I know it's been awhile since I've posted but, I'm back!!! everyone has got a new makeover for the Christmas season. And it's Christmas eve. Today Willow woke up and dashed from her room to our bedroom. she immediately started yelling - "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!" Kaiden woke up and started dancing on the bed with her. Willow asked her father to do her hair for Christmas, Kaiden did her hair in a long luscious braid. At the end of the day Willow was pasted out in her daddy's arms he slowly carried her up the steps.

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    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ugly Christmas Shirt Australia

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    What is the most enjoyable way to spend the holidays? Of course, in an ugly Christmas shirt! We offer ugly Christmas shirts for any occasion, whether it's a cheerful family gathering or a wild party with plenty of friends.

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    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago
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    14.01.2022 - 2 days ago


    #i bet nori would love it #cherry in japan #perfume#noriaki kakyoin#escada#:D #this would be so cute on a sweater or a scarf #it was expensive tho so i got the tiniest rollerball with Christmas giftcards
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    14.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    ig update: 두려워하지 마십시오, 산타가 여기 있습니다! #merrychristmas #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: do not fear, santa is here!

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    #there it is again. the infamous cactus pose #who in jyp bought lucy a blow up santa suit #probably dahyun tbh #it’s for your manito video! she said #llama plushie from her dear twin brother #i love this ugly sweater though #christmas evel lucy #influencer lucy#KAL1#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Merry Kissmas!! Photos: Chiseled Light Photography  Tiffany: Spagonia 

    #tiffany#tiffany cosplay#tiffany valentine#chucky#chucky cosplay #charles lee ray #tiffany x chucky #child's play #child's play cosplay #horror#horror cosplay#christmas #ugly christmas sweater
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    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Milo, Nel and Luna are enjoying some hot cocoa in a comfort of warm plaids and each other’s company. Are you still in a festive mood? Commission for @lottafandoms Thank you for working with me! }: )

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  • haleviyah
    12.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Ugly Sweater

    Ah, yes the dreaded time of the year where we challenge one another on who has the worst sweater. Winner takes the egg nog!  Commission is for MrOxenfree on DeviantART once again!

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    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Australia

    Welcome to Ugly Christmas Sweaters! FREE DELIVERY ACROSS AUSTRALIA

    Our ugly Christmas sweaters are the most loved part of the holiday season and take you through many years to come, thanks to our soft-cottony fabric, high-quality prints, and unique yet funny designs. 

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    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    Meeting H again? How fortunata. His Italian’s improved—we say brava! Tour talk caused a flurry But details are blurry, Like the photo, shot with a patata.

    #larry#harry#harry styles#harry sightings#fan interactions#italy #an italian fan posted a blurry photo of harry #potato cam #he seems to be wearing the eagles beanie again and a sweater that olivia seems to have worn on the bridge stunt photos from around christmas #i hate it here mom come pick me up #then the fan shared audio of her encounter with harry #in which he speaks some choppy italian and they talk about tour #which is very confusing to people trying to figure out the timeline #as it's very similar to audio she posted in july or august #in which he (again) speaks some choppy italian and they (again) talk about tour #she's also met louis at his studio #so ... #people are trying to translate the convo with the same rigor academics translate the greek classics #to figure out when exactly he means he'll tour italy #i hope harry reads my dumb poems and appreciates my intentional use of the feminine for him #stunts#holivia#fauxluvia#limerick-hs#jan 9#2022
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  • mutants-and-soldiers
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    New Way to Celebrate

    summary || Peter asks Wade to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Wade just can't celebrate since Vanessa's death so who helps? Spider Man, of course!

    pairing || Spideypool

    word count || 4500

    warnings || Smut, hurt/comfort, past character death, growth and healing, anal sex, blow jobs, semi-public sex

    notes || Written for the @spideypoolficexchange as a gift for @pleasetakethis I hope you enjoy!

    Wade was a lot of things (including, A LOT) but he had never been struck mute until this moment. “Uh…” he said gracefully when those big brown eyes didn’t look away from him, waiting for an answer. “What was the question again?”

    Peter, bless him, just laughed, sipping on the hot chocolate they had gotten from a weird guy who looked oddly like Norman Osborne but, obviously, Norman wouldn’t be working a hot chocolate cart in the middle of central park three days before Christmas…or ever. The lean college student looked cute in his red beanie, large winter jacket and oversized mittens that were clearly handmade. His adorable button nose was rosy from the chill of the December air as they crunched through the snow side-by-side.

    “I asked if you’d like to go to a Make-Your-Own-Ugly-Sweater-Party with me on Christmas Eve,” Peter repeated, making a little note when he blew down into the tiny hole of his plastic lid. “It’s Harry’s party and there will be fantastic food and great music and door prizes and, of course, Ugly Sweater Contest.”

    Wade’s heart twisted in his chest, making him look away from the young man guiltily. “I-I would, Peter, really, I’m flattered you’d ask but…” he stumbled on his words, burying his face deeper into the plush scarf Aunt May had made for him when he found out from Peter that the mercenary didn’t have one.

    The young man stopped the taller man with a gentle hand to his arm. “What is it Wade?” he asked with that adorable look of worry on his face. “It’s not like you to be so…evasive.”

    Wade sighed, letting all of his tension flood away from his shoulders. “I don’t celebrate Christmas, Petey.”

    Peter’s eyebrows flew up and the mercenary could already see the red starting to cross the pale skin of his cheeks. “Oh, god, Wade, I’m so sorry!” he sputtered, looking away. “You just always wear those goofy santa hats and that one night you were wearing that jacket with Christmas lights glued to it…I’m sorry for assuming.”

    The taller man could just about grab the cute little man and hug him. “No, it’s not that I don’t…like Christmas. I love Christmas. I just don’t love…Christmas Eve or Christmas Day,” he explained, rubbing the back of his neck. It was obvious that Peter knew he was leaving something out but Wade just couldn’t tell him the reason. It was too much of a burden for the poor guy.

    The petite brunette opened his mouth to say something when Shoop started playing from Wade’s pocket. Peter snapped his mouth closed and it felt like a punch to the gut to see the worry and sympathy in the young man’s eyes. Those big brown babies were too beautiful to be dulled with dark emotions, especially on behalf of someone like Wade.

    “Sorry,” Wade muttered, grabbing his phone and promptly shouting at the top of his lungs: “WHO SENT YOU?! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!”

    Peter had to clap his mitten over his mouth to keep from laughing too hard, which was exactly what the mercenary was going for. It instantly replaced all the worry in those pretty brown eyes with joy and laughter. He was so distracted, he almost missed the person on the other side of the phone, sighing, “Seriously, Wade?”

    “Hey, Double D, what’s up?!” Wade chuckled, winking at Peter who was still trying to control his giggles.

    “Got a problem I could use your help on, got a minute?” the devil in a red suit asked, obviously wincing from the yelling. Wade loved making the super sensitive broody hero cringe. It was such a good look on his face.

    Wade looked down at Peter and decided this was probably the best chance for him to get out of his uncomfortable conversation even if he didn’t want to leave the cute man. “Yeah, give me ten minutes,” he said, getting the address before hanging up the phone. “Duty calls.”

    “You’re leaving me to take a dump? I’m quite offended,” Peter said with a mischievous grin.

    Wade couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the young man’s wit and crude humor. “Cute and witty?! Damn, you are the full package, Peter Parker!” he teased, tapping the young man’s nose before running off.

    After helping The Horny One with a warehouse run by The Hand, he found himself chilling on the rooftop of one of his favorite restaurants eating a massive burrito. Checking his watch, he realized it was just about time for his favorite spider to show up for patrol. He wiggled in his seat, happily humming around the giant bite of food rolling around in his mouth.

    “Fuck!” he spat, literally spitting out some of the food in his mouth when something cold splattered against the back of his head. “What tha hell?!”

    He touched his head and came back with snow, which made him turn to find a very familiar red and blue suited spider snickering from his place on the adjacent rooftop. “Instincts of a killer? I think not,” the man teased, standing up to his full height. He was lean and strong under that spandex, which did absolutely nothing to cover any dip or dive of his muscular form. If he weren’t head over heels for Peter Parker, Spider Man would definitely be on his wish list.

    “You got me while I was eating!” Deadpool complains around the food in his mouth, spitting some of it out. “Once I finish this burrito, you’re fucking done!”

    They end up chucking snowballs across the rooftops at each other for a good half hour before turning their attention on a poor helpless stop sign. “Ha! Ten points!” Spider Man shouts, having thrown a ball of ice from a four story building.

    Deadpool groaned, “Where does your fucking point system come from?!”

    “You’re just jealous that you don’t have my aim!” the man snickered, waiting his turn.

    “Psh, as if!” Deadpool responded in a Valley-girl accent. He patted out the perfect snowball and tossed it with pinpoint accuracy. “Yeah! NO!”

    Spider Man doubled over laughing when a huge truck went by right as the ball was about to hit the sign, going straight into the open window. They both laughed when they heard the truck driver yell out in surprise. “Why did he have his window open anyways?!” the spider wheezed, unable to really speak through the laughter.

    “I think that should be twenty points!” Deadpool said through his giggles, leaning on the spider’s shoulder to keep from falling over.

    They kept daring each other to do harder and harder throws until they were yelled at by a couple of cops in their cruiser. They promptly ran as fast as they fucking could away from that mess until they ended up a few blocks away, huddled together on the edge of a roof, shivering and giggling simultaneously. It wasn’t odd for them to warm each other on slow, cold nights so neither of them worried about the lack of space between them.

    “Aw, look,” Spidey said, pointing at a window in the apartment complex right beside the roof they were on.

    Wade gasped, clasping his hands on either side of his face when he saw the cutest orange and white tabby cat sitting up in the window watching them. It’s fur looked like the pattern of a cinnamon bun with the white swirling through the orange so cutely. “OhmygodIloveit!” he rambled, patting down his utility belt until he found the small pouch with his long-ranged laser pointer. “Watch this.”

    He pointed the laser at the window and turned it on. Instantly, the lithe kitten hunkered down, pupils blown wide as it looked at the little red dot wiggling on the window frame. Spidey was holding back his laughter until the cat pounced, bouncing off the wall and out of the window.

    It wasn’t long before the cat’s little ears and eyes peeked up over the window ledge, looking at the dot waving back and forth on the wall. The innocent look in the kitten’s eyes reminded Wade suddenly of Peter and what they had talked about earlier. It gnawed at his gut, the guilt, at making the boy look at him so sadly.

    “Can I ask you something?” Wade blurted out when Spidey took the pointer for a turn with the cute cat.

    “Of course,” was the immediate response.

    Wade mulled the thoughts around in his head before he sighed. “So, I got this guy, cute as fuck and definitely someone I want to take home and cook for, ya know?” he rambled, legs bouncing against the ledge restlessly. “He…he asked me out to a Christmas party and I…I mean, I want to go-really, I do-but I just…I haven’t celebrated Christmas in a long time.”

    Spidey stopped playing with the cat when the little guy was grabbed by some woman who was very obviously upset by the fallen decorations around the room. He turned so that one leg was dangling and the other was on the ledge. “Can I ask why you don’t celebrate Christmas?” the man asked, mask firmly in place but Wade imagined he had a focused look on his face. You know, whatever that looked like.

    The mercenary looked away, staring at the brick wall across the alley for a few seconds. “I haven’t celebrated since…since Vanessa died. We had this thing that we would do all sorts of stupid shit on holidays, eating junk food, lay around all day naked, fuck like wild animals and just…be,” he explained slowly, running his hand across his masked face. “I just kind of…stopped celebrating holidays when she was gone because it was too hard. I usually go on patrol and find trouble on holidays to keep my mind off of her.”

    The hero sat silently for what felt like a lifetime before finally reaching out and placing his hand on Wade’s shoulder. “Do you like this guy a lot? Can you imagine being with him?” he asked with a neutral tone. Wade nodded quickly, unable to lie because Peter was…perfect. He was cute, funny, quirky, smart and witty. “I get that grief is a hard thing to shake, DP, I really do, but…I don’t think you should pause your happiness just because you’re afraid to move on. Make new traditions for the holidays and, of course, remember Vanessa and miss her but…don’t put your life on hold because you miss a lost loved one.”

    Wade felt a bit of the weight on his chest lift at the man’s words, looking over to see the hero staring back. “You know just what to say, Webhead,” he fake choked up, reaching out to wrap his arms around the lithe hero. They laughed, Spidey returning the hug.

    They both looked up when they heard a police siren, watching as the blue and red lights turned past where they were sitting. Without a word, they bounded into action, giggling when they both slipped on some of the ice on the rooftop. Wade could admit that Spidey, even though he didn’t know the man under the mask, was one of his best friends. The spider just seemed to get him better than most people.

    Peter wasn’t as enthusiastic about the party now that he knew why Wade didn’t celebrate on the days of the holidays. Wade didn’t know that Peter was also Spider Man so it did make the college student feel a little guilty for the pretense. There was a kind of respect for the hero that let the mercenary be completely honest; Peter Parker was different. He treated Peter so sweetly, so gently that it almost hurt to know there were traumas that he kept to himself.

    “Hey, Pete, why the long face?” MJ asked, coming up in her handmade silly Christmas sweater. It had a felt barbarian-esque gingerbread man with abs drawn out of icing with a rage face. “Did your plus-one bail on you?”

    “No, not really,” Peter finally sighed, running his hand through his hair. “He doesn’t celebrate Christmas.”

    MJ’s mouth twisted a little in sympathy. “I’m sorry, Peter. I know you were really excited to surprise him with your sweater. It’s really nice.”

    Peter gives a little crooked smile, looking past his friend to see Harry making a beeline towards them. He had an odd look on his handsome face. “Hey, uh, Pete,” Harry said slowly, looking over his shoulder towards the door.

    MJ laughed at the look on her friend’s face. “Why do you look like you just saw the Green Goblin, Harry?”

    “What’s wrong?” Peter asked, concerned. His Sense hadn’t gone off so there wasn’t any immediate danger.

    Harry looked over his shoulder again then back to Peter. “There’s someone at the front door who said he’s your…plus-one?”

    Peter was confused for a second before his face broke out into shock. He didn’t answer any questions from his friends and made his way towards the door. Hope, bright and intoxicating, started to worm its way into his chest until it nearly choked the air out of his lungs. He took the stairs nearly two at a time to get down to the front door of the stupid-huge mansion that the Osborne’s owned.

    He came around the spiral staircase and stopped dead in his tracks. Standing right inside the front door was Wade. He looked fantastic in his dark jeans that hugged all the right places and the red sweater that seemed just a little tight from the way that his arms were bulging against the knit pattern. He was wearing a ridiculous Santa hat that was strung with little lights and bells.

    “Wade?” Peter nearly whispered, still not quite believing his eyes.

    The broad man turned, his smile quickly turning to shock and then admiration when his eyes landed on Peter’s black sweater. Peter felt some heat on his face at the scrutiny but he had to admit he was pretty proud of the sweater MJ had helped him make. It was a basic black sweatshirt with a super cute chibi Deadpool mask made out of felt stitched together. Around it were iron-on letters that spelled out the phrase: “The other jolly guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on.”

    “Omg, that is amazing!” Wade gasps, making like he might cry. “It’s a thing of beauty, Petey, I’m extra glad I came now!”

    Because he had turned around, Peter got a look at the giant Christmas tree made of glued on garland. Decorating the tree were little pipe cleaner spiders that had far too much glitter on them. At the top was a very obvious star in the colors of Spider Man’s suit.

    The irony didn’t escape Peter that they were each wearing each other’s likeness on their sweaters. “I like yours too,” Peter smiled sweetly, suddenly a little shy when the man walked closer. It seemed like the mercenary wanted to touch the college student but wasn’t sure if he was allowed. “You didn’t have to come out if it makes you uncomfortable, Wade.”

    Wade’s brown eyes move from the sweater to Peter’s face. “No, I…got some perspective from a good friend,” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck with his other hand on his hip. His eyes trailed up to the ceiling for a second. “I had a previous relationship, I loved the hell out of her and we celebrated holidays in a big way. I miss her the most on holidays…but…” He held up his hand to keep Peter from interrupting. “My friend told me that instead of mourning her memory on holidays, I should…make new traditions. She’d want me to move on and be happy. So, I figured the best way to start was coming to your Ugly Sweater party.”

    Peter enjoyed the slightly bashful look that crossed Deadpool’s face. “Well, I’m so proud of you for telling me,” the college student said, grabbing the mercenary’s hands gently. “How did you guys celebrate? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”

    A very mischievous grin grew across the man’s face slowly, reminding Peter of the Grinch. “Would you like me to show you?” he said with so many double meanings behind his tone.

    That’s basically how Peter ended up pressed against a door, kissing the man in some random room in the mansion. His body was dwarfed by the mercenary’s who seemed like he was intent on kissing the breath right out of Peter’s mouth. Everything tingled when he trailed kisses down his smooth neck, sending goosebumps across his skin.

    “You, Peter Parker, are on the naughty list this year,” Wade grumbled against the skin on his collar bone.

    It should ruin the moment but Peter knew what Wade was about and couldn’t help but give a breathless chuckle. “Seriously? Christmas innuendos?"

    Wade dropped to his knees at the young man’s feet, easily working the button and zipper of his pants open. “Why? Turned on?” he teased, releasing the erection from Peter’s underwear and pants. The air was shockingly cold against the heated flesh but it wasn’t long before Wade’s rough palm wrapped around the girth. It made Peter shiver. “Oh, it does! Well, good news, I’m about to jingle your bells, Petey.”

    Peter gave a dramatic groan that slowly turned into a gasp when the man took his entire length into his mouth and throat. “Oh fuck!” he whined, leaning very heavily against the door. The back of Wade’s throat clenched around Peter’s head, sending shocks of electricity through the young man’s nerve endings. It was the most pleasant tingle that had his toes curling. “W-Wade.”

    “Mmhm,” the man moans around the cock in his mouth. Wade’s mouth goes all the way down his shaft, tongue peeking out to lap at his balls at the same time.

    “Oh my god!” Peter grit into the back of his hand to keep anyone outside the door from hearing. “I guess the-fuck-nickname “Merc with a Mouth” is more than just because you talk too much, huh?”

    Wade’s mouth came all the way off of Peter’s dick so quickly that it nearly made the young man cum. The man stood up in a fluid motion to stare with those brown eyes full of confusion. “How do you know that nickname, Peter?” he questioned, his voice quiet as a prayer.

    It didn’t dawn on the college student what the man meant until he realized that…Peter didn’t know Wade was Deadpool…Spider Man did. “Fuck,” he grumbles, banging the back of his head against the door lightly. “I’m sorry Wade I meant to tell you but…it never seemed like the right time and I just-”

    “Peter,” Wade said firmly, cutting off his rambling. “How?”

    He shouldn’t find the man’s serious expression so hot, he really shouldn’t, but his dick twitched against the tent in Wade’s pants. “I’m…” Peter swallowed, distracted by the fear that Wade might be angry at the realization. He knew that wasn’t true though. “Spider Man. I’m Spider Man.”


    Peter easily shut the man up by shooting webs at the ceiling. “See?”

    There was a moment of silence where Peter swore he could hear the timer ticks before it finally dinged and the man understood. The realization made his eyes widen in shock and Peter felt himself getting more and more anxious as to how the man would react. Would he be angry? Upset? Betrayed?

    “You were…” Wade started, keeping his face blank. “Your own wingman?! Fuckin’ hell, I’m not even mad that’s amazing!”

    The two laughed at the mercenary’s stupid joke, dissolving the tension immediately. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I just…you trust Spider Man as an equal so I knew you’d tell him the gritty details before you would tell Peter Parker. Forgive me?” he whispered the last two words, feeling like he wanted to crawl under the nearby bed and die.

    Wade’s smile erases all of the negative thoughts in an instant. “I’m not mad, baby boy. I’m sorry I made you feel like I didn’t trust you. I do trust you, I just…didn’t want you to be scared of me,” he admits, leaning his forehead against Peter’s.

    Peter kissed those full lips slowly, enjoying the way the man’s body felt against his. “I’m not scared of you, Wade, but I am incredibly turned on by you,” he smirked, looking up at the shocked look on the man’s face. “Are you going to finish the job or what?”

    “Hell yeah,” Wade yelled, picking Peter up by his waist and throwing him onto the bed. The young man bounced twice on the couch before Wade was on him. “Flip over.”

    He didn’t give Peter any time before bodily flipping him over and jerking his pants and underwear down to his knees. Peter felt his face flush when the man paused. Maybe he was a little too hopeful but something about the last encounter with Deadpool made Peter think that he would come after all so…

    “Holy fuck, baby boy,” the man whined, twisting at the flared end of the plug. It made Peter suck in a breath as it nudged his prostate and stretched his rim slightly. “I am, by far, the luckiest man in the world. How big is it?”

    “Why don’t you find out-ah!” Peter couldn’t finish the sentence before the plug was being pulled out a tiny bit. Wade angled the plug a little and pressed it back in, effectively hitting Peter’s prostate and sending sparks of electricity across his skin. “Wade, please.”

    Wade hummed, pulling and pushing until Peter was shuddering, thighs trembling from the pleasure. “I got you,” he whispered, kissing the back of Peter’s neck gently. He proceeded to slowly pull the plug until it popped out. “Oh damn, baby, that’s so impressive. You assume I’m hung?”

    Peter whined a little at the feeling of being so empty. “You brag about your ‘horse dick’ all the time, DP.

    “You’ve got a point,” Wade’s chuckle accompanied by the sound of his belt and zipper. “If I were a rich, pompous Osbourne, where would I-ah!-here it is!”

    The young man looked over his shoulder in just enough time to see Wade pull a small bottle from the bedside table with a pink label. “Did you just take their lube?” Peter couldn’t help but laugh as the man poured some of it into his hand.

    Wade gives an indignant gasp, which is completely made inept by him rubbing his slick hand across his dick. Peter couldn’t help but stare at it in shock; Wade hadn’t been joking about his dick being…large. “I’m just taking a little! They’ll never even notice!” he scoffed, straddling Peter’s outer thighs. “Just let me know if I go too fast, okay, baby boy?”

    Peter felt that tremble start in his body as the man’s thumbs spread his ass cheeks so he could press the tip of his cock right against the young man’s ring of muscles. “O-Okay,” Peter whimpered, trying to push back against the man’s dick. Wade’s hand pressed against the small of the young man’s back to keep him in place.

    The sound that came out of Peter’s mouth when Wade’s head finally pushed into his ass was pornographic. He knew there were people who needed to take things slow but…he just loved feeling the burn and stretch of anal. “Oh god damn, baby boy, you feel so good,” Wade grunted, making small thrusts to open him up. “Still good?”

    “More, please, just-” Peter became incoherent as he used his uncanny strength to shove his ass against Wade. It made Wade bottom out in one movement and had Peter up on his knees just a bit. “Oh god yes, just like that. So full, don’t stop, please, Wade, fuck me!”

    Wade seemed too far past words when the growl came out of his mouth. Both of his hands wrapped around Peter’s trim waist a second before he was well and truly, rearranging Peter’s guts. His noises were far too loud, apparently, because Wade took it upon himself to shove the brunette’s face right into the mattress.

    “W-Wade, yes, more!” he mumbled, voice muffled by the comforter under his face. He could feel the coil tightening in his belly, making his thighs tremble. Wade was basically abusing his prostate with every thrust. “I-I’m so close.”

    Peter’s world flipped upside down and he found himself suspended in the air. His back was pressed against Wade’s front and his thighs tightly grasped by the man’s strong hands. He had no leverage but didn’t seem to need any when Wade started moving.

    The mercenary pistoned up into Peter’s ass while simultaneously lowering the young man. It was so easy for the man to control Peter’s body, which only added to the sexiness of it. There were fireworks skittering across the college student’s skin that made every hair on his body stand on end.

    “W-Wade,” Peter gasped, leaning his head back against the man’s shoulder. “Please…cum inside me.”

    “Oh god, baby boy,” Wade moaned, nibbling on the column of neck right next to his mouth. “You want your ass filled with my cum?”

    “Yes, please, yes,” Peter pleaded, toes curling as the orgasm washed over him violently. He bit down on his lower lip to keep the sound quiet but quickly abandoned the cause when he felt Wade’s cock throb inside, spilling warm cum. Peter felt the man’s face still buried in his neck and smiled. “Merry Christmas, Wade.”

    “Fucking Merry Christmas to you too, Petey.”

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    SSLR Big Girls' Xmas Crewneck Pullover Funny Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

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