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  • rinadragomir
    22.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I asked my dorm neighbor to describe TLH characters only looking at their arts part 2

    GAY SCIENTIST! my favourite type✨💅those eyes 😍 obviously does not give a fuck. AS HE SHOULD, my happy gay legend

    is that a girl? she's a main villain, not like a BITCH bitch so no murders, but she's gonna destroy your emotionally. Why 5 unbuttoned buttons? *sees voyance rune* oh OF COURSE😒

    he has that ~villain vibe~ but since he's too busy reading, he's not gonna come up to you and insult you, he will judge you from a safe distance. Nice eyebrows, scary fingers

    it's Lucie! Well it's our Lucie what else do you want?😤 she's cool, has freckles, making out with ghost or sth, i remember she's nice, she's writing something, so SHE LOVES WRITING idk BUT WHAT I KNOW she's from your gHosTwRitEr *🥺* CAUSE YOU BITCH JUST DON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT

    she's cool, has that POWERFUL WOMAN💅 vibe, oh she's a warlock SO FANCY OF HER, she's like strong not cause she was born strong, she's obv not the main character, she's been through a lot *me saying i don't like her and she has angry eyebrows😑* WELL ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE MAD BITCHES SHE'S NOT SPECIAL AT THIS POINT

    he has "wise kind uncle" vibes like Carlisle Cullen. *me: laughing* *neighbor:😑* Well like he supports main characters, they come to him with their problems and he's like YOU FUCKN IDIOTS I'll help you

    oh wait a minute THIS IS CORDELIA! *sees voyance rune* another cult member huh?😑 Main character, mary sue, she's kind and brave and stuff um lmao tell her she's burning okay?


    Taglist: @styxdrawings @thestarkster1465 @radisv @the-queen-underground @lescahiersdesable @noah-herondale-lightwood @babbling-brook-of-books tell me if you wanna be added, might ask her about tda or tid arts~

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  • tscclace
    22.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Not that anyone wants to read Clary and Sebastian kiss, but the fact Clary can't stop thinking about Jace that whole time-

    #clary x jace #clace#clary fray#jace wayland#jace heronde#jace lightwood#jace morgenstern#sebastian morgenstern #jonathan christopher morgenstern #city of glass #the mortal instruments #tmi#tsc #the shadowhunter chronicles
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  • cortanas-wielder
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    We all know it's going to be a page of the beautiful Cordelia no need to lie. And we love it!

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  • life-through-the-eyes-of
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Carstairs Siblings Frozen AU

    Tw: Charles Fairchild, mentions of illegal underage marriage, lmk if there is more

    Word count: 1,793

    Master List

    Frozen Heart Pt. 7

    Thomas was back at the stables. The coronation was amazing. Alastair looked beautiful as ever, but the look on his face was enough to worry Thomas. Thomas knew others wouldn’t have noticed, but he did. Behind those brown eyes was fear and Thomas knew why, but there was nothing he could do about it. He knew there were no words he could say to comfort Alastair on his new position as king. Then there was the dream he had the night before, Cordelia wielding Cortana. Creeping up behind a man, who Thomas felt like he knew. The way the man stood and how he held himself looked familiar.

    Thomas was so deep in his thought he nearly screamed when he heard a crash in the stables. He turned around to his cousin, covered in hay and his glasses missing. “Kit!”

    “Thomas,” He greeted. He started patting around the hay. “Ummmm I can’t seem to find my glasses. Can you help me?” Before Thomas could reply, his other cousin, Anna, walked in. “Oh Kit. You should be happy Mam and Da didn’t come with us. Mama would have had you by the throat if she saw how you looked right now!” Laughter was clear in her voice. Anna then turned her piercing blue eyes on Thomas and smiled. “Please, do stop growing, cousin. I fear at this rate you won’t be able to fit inside your own home.” Thomas ignored his cousin’s remarks and started to help Kit find his glasses. Once they had secured the glasses, Anna and Thomas started removing the hay off of his clothing. “Much better now,” Thomas said, smiling. “How have you guys been?”

    “We’ve been well,” Anna said.

    “I discovered a new form of developing photos!” Kit exclaimed.

    “That's wonderful, Kit.” Thomas replied. “Perhaps you can explain it to me further, after the ball? Where you guys are supposed to be at, right now.” He raised an eyebrow at them.

    “Oh, come on. We haven’t seen you in a year. Let us enjoy your presence.” Kit said. At the same time Anna said, “I wanted to come after the ball, but Kit was excited to see you. I thought it would be safer to meet after dark, but Kit is more stubborn than I thought.”

    “Kit, you can enjoy my presence. After the ball. And Anna is right, it would be safer after dark.” Thomas said.

    Anna raised an eyebrow. “Considering what?”

    “What?” Thomas felt his face turning red.

    “I heard a consideration at the end of the sentence.” Anna furthered. “So what aren’t you telling us?”

    “I- mmm.” Thomas stuttered.

    “Don’t even try to lie, Thomas. You’re a horrible liar.” Anna pushed.

    Thomas surrendered. “Princess Cordelia comes here often. We have a sort of friendship, you could say. We both ride together. She’s the reason why I know how to ride a horse while her aunt, Princess Risa, taught me to fight. My fear right now is one of them coming here and wondering why you’re associating with me! As you know,” he stared Anna straight in the eye. “I’m a horrible liar and they both know it as well.” Anna looked satisfied with his answer. Which he was grateful for. He didn’t want them to know of his friendship with Alastair. He knew Anna would attack him with questions and he didn’t want the headache.

    “Okay soooo-,”

    “Nope. Not now.” He cut Anna off. “You need to get back to the ball before anyone notices you guys are missing.”

    “He’s right, you know.” Kit said. “I’m sure Jamie and Lucie are wondering where we are.”

    “Exactly. I’m sure your cousins are worried.” Thomas said.

    Anna sighed. “Very well, honestly Jamie is probably worried while Lucie would attempt to go and find us.” She then wagged a finger at Thomas. “This doesn’t mean you’re getting out of the conversation I want to have with you.” Thomas groaned and Anna looked quite proud of herself.

    “Very well,” she said as she smoothed down her suit. “Shall we?” Looking at Kit.

    Kit smiled. “We shall! Bye Thomas!”

    “See you later,” Anna winked.

    Thomas watched as his cousins walked back to the castle. He smiled to himself thinking of the antics they would get themselves into. His mind then fell back to Alastair, and once again Thomas started to grow worried because he feared that dream had something to do with the kingdom.


    Cordelia was mesmerized. The ball was beautiful. The colors, the lights, the smell of food. The atmosphere felt welcoming and wholesome. It was a beautiful night as well. There was a slight breeze and the hints of autumn started to appear. The moon was full and high. Everything was perfect.

    Cordelia was standing with her brother when their mother approached. She reminded them to be on their best behavior. Even though Alastair was king now and Cordelia, herself, was eighteen her mother would always worry about them. She suspected even if her and Alastair were old and graying she would still lecture them on proper manners. “We’ll be fine Maman.” Alastair said. “I’m more worried about you.”

    Her mother looked taken back. “Why is that?”

    “The Prince and Princess of Heron are here and you have a tendency to show your feelings about how their mother is married to the King of Heron as well as to our cousin, King Jem.” Alastair's eyes were light with amusement.

    Sona pursed her lips while Cordelia held back her laughter at her mother’s reaction. Her mother then straightened her posture and said. “I shall, go congratulate them personally on the birth of their sister, Princess Mina isn’t it?”

    “Wilhelmina, is her name Maman,” Cordelia replied. “Jem had written saying her nickname is Mina.”

    “Very well.” Sona said; “I shall congratulate them on the birth of Princess Wilhelmina and ask how their mother’s recovery is going. Now excuse me.” She turned to go find the Heron family.

    Cordelia and Alastair were once alone. They might see each other everyday, but their relationship wasn't what it used to be when they were children. It broke Cordelia’s heart, but she didn’t know how to get her brother to open up. Cordelia cleared her throat. Alastair turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow. “Do you know what the Heron family looks like?” She blurted out.

    Alastair softly smiled at her. “Look behind my left shoulder.” She did what he told her. “See the girl, with the light blue dress at the desert table, stealing away some of the chocolates laid out?” Cordelia nodded. “That’s Princess Lucie of Heron.”

    In that moment, as if she heard them, Lucie made eye contact with Cordelia. Lucie smiled at her and Cordelia returned the smile. Suddenly a dark-haired man, well boy, approached Lucie. He was tall, taller than her brother, with hair dark as her brother’s. While her brother’s hair was curly and fell gracefully this boy's hair was straight and a total mess. “Who is standing next to her?” Cordelia, asked her brother. Alastair then turns and looks, “That is Prince James of Heron, her brother.”

    “They don’t look anything alike!” Cordelia exclaimed.

    “Not all siblings look alike, Layla,” Alastair said.

    Cordelia blinked. He rarely calls her Layla anymore. She felt happiness bloom in her chest at the nickname. Before she could comment on his use of the nickname Alastair said. “Anyone else you would like to know?”

    Even though Cordelia learned about all the different royal families like brother, his lessons were more in depth. Knowing the royals in depth was part of his training to become king. There was also the fact that Alastair was better at memorizing faces unlike Cordelia. Cordelia was always so distracted with weapons and horses that she never truly paid attention to what her aunt said about other royal families.

    “Mmmmmm.” She turned to face the crowd. Looking around her eyes caught sight of a woman. A woman wearing a suit. Oh where was Maman to see that.

    “Who’s the woman in the suit?” She asked. “Oh, who is the boy next to her as well?”

    Alastair didn’t even turn to look. “The woman in the suit is Princess Anna of Lightwood. She is actually cousins with Prince James and Princess Lucie. The Queen of Lightwood used to be called the Princess of Heron. While the boy,” he turned and looked. “Her brother, Prince Christopher of Lightwood.” Alastair titled his head at them, an indication he was thinking of something.

    “What is it?” Cordelia urged.

    Alastair shook his head. “Nothing, it's just they remind me of someone.”


    Alastair hesitated, “Thomas.” Cordelia turned to look at them again. “I know it sounds ludacris, ignore me.”

    “It’s not ludacris at all.” Cordelia said, looking into her brother’s eyes. “Sometimes the most random people remind us of those we love.”

    Alastair flushed and looked away. Strange. Cordelia thought to herself. She decided to change the conversation. “Who’s the boy who’s white as a ghost? There is a girl next to him as well, her hair almost looks white!”

    Alastair followed Cordelia’s gaze. “It seems like you keep picking families, Cordelia.” Cordelia, no longer Layla. Her heart sank. “That is King Jesse of Blackthorn and next to him is his adopted sister, Princess Grace of Blackthorn. They are cousins to the Lightwood siblings.” Cordelia absorbed as much information as she could. “Thank you, dadash for telling me this.”

    “You’re welcome.” He turned to her. He opened his mouth to say something else, but someone had interrupted them.

    “Congratulations on becoming king,” A voice said.

    The siblings turned to see who the voice belonged to. The man was around the same height as Alastair, but other than that they shared nothing else. While Alastair was dark and regal this man was pale and sharp. He had bright green eyes, freckles covered his face and his hair was red, which was more of an orange color. Alastair addressed him. “Prince Charles of Fair, correct?”

    “Yes, your Majesty. It’s a pleasure to be in your presence,” the man, Charles, replied.

    Alastair didn’t look amused. “May I help you?”

    “Ahh yes, I would like to discuss with you the possibility of a marriage proposal with my sister, Princess Matilda.”

    Alastair cuts him off. “Tonight is not a night I wish to discuss marriage. Especially to a girl who is no more than sixteen.”

    Charles looked taken back. “You highness, it’s just I thought you would be looking for a bride now since you are king. You need heirs and my kingdom would like to strengthen our alliance with yours.”

    “Well you assumed wrong.” Alastair replied sharply. “Our alliance is perfectly fine and strong! Now would you excuse me.” Alastair walked away leaving Cordelia alone with Charles.


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  • tscclace
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #city of glass #clace #clary x jace #sebastian morgenstern#isabelle lightwod #jonathan christopher morgenstern #clary fray#clary fairchild#jace wayland#jace morgenstern#jace herondale#jace lightwood #the mortal instruments #the shadowhunter chronicles
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  • lightworrn
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Biggest plot twist for TLH could be enemies to lovers trope for Lucie and Grace 😏

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  • summergrace-art
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Modern extended family of the merry thieves!

    I spent a few whole days trying to perfect this and I’m very happy with the outcome <3

    Characters belong to @cassandraclare

    taglist (dm to be added or removed):
    @lucie-blackthorns @axoloteca @casualsthings @ohcoolnice @nc-scketch @lady-ofroses @lord-jethro @astraeasflower @imherongraystairstrash @rinadragomir @ddepressedbookworm
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  • wagnerthedragon
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Y’all my mom is the coolest. I told her about this intrusive thought I’d been having lately and she told me to write it down THAN WE SET IT ON FIRE

    F I R E

    #i got like ridiculously excited when it was burning and she said ‘if you burn down the house im gonna be pissed’ #so this may or may not be my christopher Lightwood origin story #we’ll see#:)
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  • anarmorofwords
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    i think it's funny how most people treat Matthew as the reckless one when it comes to him and James, and the one with the silliest ideas out of the Merry Thieves, when, in fact:

    he spent the academy period being the "mom friend" to the point bullies held that against him

    James is a Herondale

    James has like, a single braincell, and it's completely focused on literature and being dramatic (this bitch literally broke into a house because a girl asked him to steal something ) and also simping after Cordelia

    Kit has little to no regard for safety, instead prioritizing his experiments (good for him, but, you know)

    Thomas literally thought following a murderer around, without telling anyone, is a good idea

    and obviously, Matthew right now - due to his mental illness mostly - is prone to quite stupid ideas, but they're generally self-destructive, not necessarily dumb or overall unreasonable

    my point is - James is the "reckless child" and Matthew the "exasperated babysitter" of that relationship, and amongst TMT, at least while he's healthier, Matthew is the mom friend (Tom is the dad friend)

    #also plz this is just a dumb 'thinking out loud' kinda post plz do not start any drama #not that i think there's any drama potential here but this fandom is talented #the last hours #tlh#thomas lightwood#shadowhunters #the shadowhunter chronicles #chain of gold #matthew fairchild#james herondale#kit lightwood#christopher lightwood
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  • youngreckless
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #the merry thieves #secrets of blackthorn hall #sobh#james herondale#matthew fairchild#christopher lightwood#thomas lightwood #chain of thorns
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  • thepictureofsdr
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    naw bc i just reread the merry thieves chapter from TFTSA and i’m so mad THEIR BANTER IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM 😭 james thinking he’d be better off if alastair didn’t associate him with “snotty matthew,” thomas being absolutely exasperated and tired the whole time bc he’s trying to control feral cats, james and matthews slight rivalry, their conversation, their friendship, the breakfast the four of them have together, BRING BACK THEIR ACTUAL FRIENDSHIP PLEAASEEE

    also i forgot how much i love academy matthew there’s a reason i went into chain of gold with him being my favourite I MISS HIM SO MUCH

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  • grace-lightwoodd
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Phone numbers and lemon tarts

    Ship: gracetopher

    Prompt list x

    Notes: gracetopher coffee shop au because I have no self control lol. Have this, as a treat (and an apology in advance for the various death fics im writing)

    Christopher had never really enjoyed being in coffee shops before. It was far too loud for his taste, and most of the time, their drinks weren’t even that good.

    That was before his friends stated regularly meeting there. Now, he frequented the place. He went in every day before his morning classes to meet with his friends. It had become a tradition of sorts for them, and Christopher enjoyed it more than he’d like to admit.

    Their drinks were better than he’d thought, the atmosphere was outstanding, and the barista just happened to be really, really pretty.

    Christopher stumbled into the small coffee shop, offering a small wave to his friends before claiming his spot in line.

    Before he knew it, Grace—the pretty barista in question— was waving him forward with a broad smile on her face. He couldn’t tell if it was genuine or not. He hoped it was.

    “Hi, Christopher,” she chirped.

    He could feel the heat rising to his cheeks. “You know my name?”

    She looked down for a moment before regaining her confidence and meeting his eye again, a mischievous gleam in her gray eyes. “Well, you come here nearly every day. And your friends aren’t exactly quiet, either.”

    “Yes, I suppose that’s true. We aren’t exactly the quietest customers.”

    “What can I get you? Wait, let me guess,” she said, a smile playing at her lips. “A sweet tea and a lemon tart?”

    “You know me so well,” he joked, pulling out his wallet and getting ready to pay.

    “Well, you can actually tell a lot about a person by their coffee order. For example, I happen to know that you really like lemon tarts.” She grabbed a lemon tart from the display case, handing it to Christopher. “Alright, I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Have a good day!”

    He spluttered, somehow dripping both his phone and his wallet. “Don’t I need to pay?”

    “Oh, it’s on me.”

    Stunned and Confused, Christopher went to sit down his friends.

    “Hey Kit,” said James. “You alright?”

    “Grace remembered my name,” he said, his head still spinning from the encounter.

    “We come here every day,” Matthew said with a laugh. “Of course she remembers your name.”

    “She’s friends with Alastair,” Thomas said helpfully. “She might know you through him.”

    “Or maybe she just likes you,” Matthew offered. “She’s never that nice to me! She even spat in my coffee once.”

    “I’m sure you deserved it,” said James with a hoarse laugh. “Were you flirting with her?”

    “Only a little.”

    “Then you deserved it,” said Thomas.

    Matthew crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m just trying to help our beloved Christopher here get a girlfriend! What’s wrong with trying to help?”

    “I don’t need a girlfriend!” Christopher exclaimed, a little too loudly. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Grace tilt her head back in laughter.

    Ok, maybe he needed a girlfriend. Christopher slumped back into his seat as Matthew’s hysteric cackle drowned out the sound of Grace’s melodic laugh.

    “Come on, Matthew,” said Cordelia, her head on James’ shoulder. “Maybe you can lecture him once you’re able to keep a partner for more than a week.”

    The table exploded in laughter.

    “Some of us are simply not built for commitment,” Matthew said simply, raising his hands as if he were surrendering.

    “Says the person that makes us come to the same coffee shop every day,” Lucie grumbled.

    “Christopher?” Grace called from the bar.

    “Now’s your chance,” said Matthew, practically pushing Christopher out of his chair. “Get her number! Or, better yet, I can get her number for you!”

    “What, and have her spit in my tea?” Christopher asked with a scoff. “No, thanks. I think I’ll be fine.”

    He scurried over to the counter, where Grace handed him his tea before rushing back to the cash register to help the next customer.

    He was about to return to his table when he saw a phone number written in neat handwriting. Christopher looked back at the counter to see that Grace was already staring at him. She sent him a wide smile, then quickly turned back to the customer she was helping.

    “So?” Thomas asked after he’d returned. “Did you ask for her number?”

    He shifted his cup so they could see what she had written. “I didn’t have to.”

    Matthew clapped Christopher harshly on the back, and he nearly spilled his drink all over himself.

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  • life-through-the-eyes-of
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Gracetopher Song Fic! First Gracetopher fic so I hope everyone enjoys it!

    Word Count: 742

    TW: none

    I Like Me Better 

    To be young and in love in New York City (in New York City)// To not know who I am but still know that I'm good long as you're here with me// To be drunk and in love in New York City (in New York City)// Midnight into morning coffee// Burning through the hours talking

    Christopher was walking along the streets of New York. He has only been here for about a week, and it was strange being on his own. After graduating High School, he soon learned he got accepted into Columbia University with a full scholarship. The next thing he knows he is leaving his life in London and is now living it in New York and that the new semester starts in a week. He was grateful though that Thomas was already living in the city with Alastair. They were both travel photographers and their home bases were in New York and London. They split their time between the two cities. Currently, they were in Paris, shooting some millionaire's daughter’s wedding. Christopher was fine with that; he was enjoying the independence from everyone. He even managed to convince his mother to only call him two times a week instead of seven.

    As he walked down the streets, he looked around him, taking in the city, till he was suddenly on the ground with papers flying around him. 

    “Oh my god, watch where you’re going!” He heard a feminine voice say. 

    Christopher blinked and fixed his glasses as he said,“Sorry, I didn’t see you.”

    “Clearly,” she grumbled.

    Christopher starts helping her pick up the papers, he notices that her hair is very pale, and it almost looks white. He wondered how genetically that is possible, especially at her age since hair her color usually gets darker. He snapped out of his thoughts of her hair and looked at the papers he was collecting. There were many articles on Marie Curie. “Marie Curie is a genius,” he blurted out. 

    The girl looked up and crossed her arms, “Everyone knows that.” 

    “I think I know more about her than most people.” 

    “Do you?” 

    Christopher started talking about her lifeworks as they continued picking up the papers. After he helped her gather all her papers, he handed them to her and stopped talking. 

    She thanked him and said, “I’m Grace.”

    Christopher was surprised she introduced herself. “I’m Christopher. Kit.” 

    “Nice to meet you, Kit. I know this seems a bit bold, but I was wondering if you would come with me to get coffee? I haven’t met anyone who loves Marie Curie like me.” 

    He smiled at her, “Sure.”

    Damn, I like me better when I'm with you// I like me better when I'm with you// I knew from the first time, I'd stay for a long time 'cause// I like me better when// I like me better when I'm with you

    A few months have passed since the paper incident occurred. Christopher and Grace both attend Columbia and they were in the same program. Over the months they grew to know each other very well. Christopher never felt this alive before, but there was just something about Grace. Grace made him feel good about himself. He felt prouder and happier than ever before. He slowly starts to realize that he likes himself better when he is with her.

    They were currently at a coffee shop, the same place they went too after the incident. They were working on a school project together for one of their classes. As they worked on the project, Kit’s mind kept straying away. He couldn’t stop thinking about Grace. How her eyes looked like mercury or how she snutches her nose when she’s concentrating on something. He’s been wanting to ask her out for the past few weeks, but has been too scared too. He has been asking Alastair and Thomas for advice, but it wasn’t very helpful. Considering Thomas fell down some stairs when he first asked Alastair out on a date. He almost called Anna for advice as well, but he and his sister thought too differently on relationships. And Matthew was out of the question since he’ll bombard him with questions.

    Christopher decided that he’ll take his time and find a perfect moment to ask her out, but perfect never came. He decided that it was now or never. At the place, they first truly got to know each other. When he finally gained the courage to ask, both he and Grace said the other’s name.

    “Grace?” “Kit?”

    “What?” “Yes?” They said at the same time.

    “You go first,” said Kit.

    “No, you go,” Grace replied.

    They continued to go back and forth like this for some time, till they both got slightly frustrated. At the same time, both of them blurted out:

    “Do you wanna go on a date with me?”

    “Would you like to go to dinner with me?”

    Lavender eyes met grey eyes at that moment. Both of them had smiles on their faces as they said, “Yes.”

    Stay awhile, stay awhile// Stay here with me// Stay awhile, stay awhile, oh// Stay awhile, stay awhile// Stay here with me// Lay here with me, ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, oh


    Taglist: (5) @writeordie-4 @thefoxandthefound @littlx-songbxrd @anarmorofwords @shadowhuntertrash @queenlilith43 @wagnerthedragon @have-a-holly-jolly-angstmas @afunkygoodtime @brekkcrs @totalbookmaniac @cant-think-of-anything @fatilightwood @melanielocke @grace-lightwoodd @amchara @thomastaircompassrose @livingformyself @raziyekroos @ddepressedbookworm @take-the-train @juliettecxi @fortheloveofthecarstairs @merry-esfandimas @lifewouldbebetteronmars @sapphic-in @styxdrawings @revvs-trash lmk if you want to be (+) or (-)

    #imma be honest I got lazy with editing so done judge my mistakes too hard #dont*#christopher lightwood#grace blackthorn#grace cartwright#gracetopher #the last hours fanfiction #tlh fic#tlh fanfic #the last hours #tlh#alastair carstairs#thomas lightwood#nad’s fic
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  • clarafairchildmorgenstern
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Happy Birthday to my angel boy,of course.

    #jace herondale #Jonathan christopher herondale #jace lightwood herondale #clary fairchild#izzy lightwood#alec lightwood#magnus bane
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  • lasthourstid
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Christopher: *taking a sip out of a flask* You want some of this?

    Matthew: Sure

    Matthew: Is that soup, what the-

    #christopher lightwood#kit lightwood#matthew fairchild#fairchild#lightwood#tlh #the last hours #chain of gold #chain of iron #chain of thorns #tsc #the shadowhunter chronicles #cassandra clare#incorrect quotes
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  • lifeofbrybooks
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Officially snowed in, so I’m starting Chain of Iron. Here’s some predictions:

    James is going to get absolutely CUCKED by his own parabatai. I feel it in my bones.

    I want a dramatic wedding scene — drunk Matthew objects? Grace objects? I object?

    Cordelia and James being super awkward and adorable as they play house.

    Lucie and Grace fall in love while trying to resurrect Jesse.

    Will finding out about Jesse and beating some ghost ass

    Cordelia and Anna continue to be the only two people with a functioning brain cell.


    James realizes the bracelet is magic and has a full-blown Herondale existential crisis (I want DARK!James, but we’ll probs just get SAD!James).

    Charles gets eaten by a demon *crosses fingers*

    Alastair redemption tour?

    Magnus Bane sipping tea while he watches the world burn and then exasperatingly sighing before fixing everything without even setting down his tea.

    Matthew forgives himself and lives a long life of love and happiness.

    #I’m ✨manifesting✨ #i refuse to accept anything that isn’t happiness for Matthew #when will finds out what his children have been up to he’s gonna lose it #you reap what you sow William #the last hours #tlh #chain of iron #chain of iron predictions #james herondale#cordelia carstairs#Matthew fairchild#alastair carstairs#lucie herondale#jesse blackthorn#grace blackthorn#christopher lightwood#magnus bane#thomas lightwood#CoI#shadowhunters#cassandra clare#tsc #the shadowhunter chronicles #tsc fandom
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    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    “It was only in stories that heroes were rewarded; in real life, acts of heroism went unrewarded, or were punished, and the world turned on as it always had.”

    My Chain of Gold analysis is up on my WordPress now!

    Chain of Gold was exhilarating, fun and frustrating.

    Cassandra Clare outdid herself with a series opener that is fabulously paced with a brilliant plot that perfectly balances mystery and candor, along with a fleet of bewitching characters readers can love, hate and want to smack upside the head all at the same time.

    These Edwardian Shadowhunters are a second-generation found family, overcoming their sheltered upbringings and societal pressure to defeat the darkness that has shadowed their city. It’s a story packed with secrets and personal strife as emotions get tangled and shoved aside in the name of political and societal gains.

    It’s a clever retelling of Great Expectations that expertly weaves hints of Pip’s tale into James Herondale’s own trials and tribulations as a boy with a big heart that makes him naïve enough to fall into emotional manipulation, while also being a fresh story with depth and layers outside of Charles Dickens’ original.

    The pages of Chain of Gold drip suspense and drama, engaging readers through a winding road of love, friendship and power that left me gasping and clutching my imaginary pearls.

    From Matthew Fairchild’s destructive mission to burn his life to the ground, to Anna Lightwood’s long list of love conquests, to Cordelia Carstairs’ noble pursuit of being a merciful hero, to Jesse Blackthorn’s sweet soul despite a cruel life and even crueler death, and to every side plot in between, Clare created a masterful opener that made me angry it had to end.

    Chain of Gold is my first read of 2022, and I think I have to give it a perfect 5 illegally acquired magician books out of 5.

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  • life-through-the-eyes-of
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Jordelia Modern AU fic 

    TW: mentions of drinking

    Word count: 657

    Pt. 1 || Pt. 2

    Moonlight Pt. 3

    Cordelia’s mind was giddy to the point she barely even noticed the yelling of cheers surrounding them. James proposed and now they were engaged. It felt so surreal to her, that she was going to marry the love of her life one day and this made it official. The next thing she knows she’s being pulled into a crushing hug, by Lucie who appeared out of the shadows. Cordelia hugged her back laughing. “We are going to be sisters for real now!” Lucie squealed.

    She turns to see who was here and it was quite literally everyone she loves. Alastair, Thomas, Christopher, Matthew, Eugenia, Kamala, and even Grace. Lucie was still squealing about as Alastair approached her with Thomas behind him.  

    He gently pulls her into a hug and whisperers, “Congratulations, Layla.”

    “Thank you,” she whispered back. 

    “If he ever hurts you, let me know and I’ll break his legs.” 

    Cordelia rolled her eyes, “I know, dadash. You’ve told me this from day one.”

    “Just wanted to remind you,” he smiled. 

    Thomas hugged and congratulated her as well, and as he pulled back Lucie was once again in front of her. “Just imagine! You and I, being sister-sisters for real!” 

    Cordelia laughed at how excited Lucie was over becoming sisters, “We are already sisters Lucie!”

    “I know I know but this is different.” 

    In front of her, she sees Thomas telling Alastair, “You and James will be brothers now.”

    She heard her brother make a disgusted sound, “I swear if you ever say that again-”

    Thomas cuts him off with a kiss to his cheek, “I won’t. I just wanted to bug you.” 

    Alastair rolled his eyes affectionately which made Cordelia smile. 

    As everyone slowly but surely congratulated her and James it was a little past twelve thirty. She turned to James, “we should probably head home, I have work in the morning.” 

    James had a mischievous smile on his face as Thomas said, “You don't work tomorrow.” 

    “What why?” Cordelia said as Thomas whined. 

    “Alastair told me to get you off the schedule for tomorrow so we can celebrate tonight,” he said, fidgeting with his wedding band. 

    Cordelia glared at her brother, and he shrugged. “One day isn’t going to kill you and there are perks when your husband works in Human Resources at your hospital and has many connections.” 

    James grabbed her hand, “come on, it’ll be fun, and it’ll make the night more memorable.”

    She smiled at him, “the night is already memorable,” she turned and looked at everyone. “But it will be fun to hang out with all of you!” 

    Eugenia cleared her throat, “okay now everyone follows me since I planned what we are doing tonight.”

    “Oh Christ,” Thomas groaned. 

    Grace and Christopher looked a bit worried about what Eugenia planned. While Matthew was grinning like a mad man. She saw Alastair and Kamala sharing a look, which worried Cordelia, but James looked at ease.

    “Eugenia led the group out of the park and down a few streets, where they ended up at Anna’s bar. Anna welcomed them in and congratulated her and James. Everyone talked and danced all night. There were drinks all around. The only ones not drinking were Matthew, Thomas, and Alastair. 

    Eugenia passed out in the back room after two hours and Kamala just shook her head and spent the night with Thomas and Alastair. Matthew was cracking jokes with everyone. Grace was surprisingly good at darts, and while doing so Christopher took notes on the science behind the game. Everything was perfect.

     At the end of the night, a slow song came on. James approached her, “may I have this dance?” 

    She giggled, “yes you may.” 

    He pulled her close and they gently swayed to the music. 

    “You make me so happy,” Cordelia said. 

    “You do too,” he replied, kissing her head. 

    “I love you.” 

    “I love you, too.” 

    It was the start of a new beginning. 


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    I’m in my gracetopher simp era and I will not be stopping any time soon

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