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    adam freeman + sally wilcox

    “wow,” watch said, glancing at her. “i liked you better the other way.”

    adam grinned. “not me.”

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    Playmates Christopher Pike action figure, 2009.

    #star trek covers #star trek toys #star trek aos #christopher pike
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    Photo cover for AOS issue 22, “After Darkness, Part 2,” 2013.

    #star trek covers #star trek aos #james t. kirk #christopher pike
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    Christopher Pike recruited both Jim and Bones, he found two broken men and brought them together, so that they could build one another up again.

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  • Old Money: Olympia Erikson has dealt with a lot of unusual things over her Starfleet career, including getting sucked to another dimension for several months. Now that she’s back in her own dimension, Olympia spends every waking hour trying not to think of what she left behind. A pretty easy task when your idiot of a Captain convinces Starfleet to allow you and your starship on a five year mission. But perhaps a five year mission is exactly what Olympia needs to take her mind off Discovery.
    Warning: Potential Mature themes 18+, language
    To Note: This mashes Star Trek AOS with Star Trek Discovery, and Star Trek Mirrorverse!Discovery, A/U to support plot, continuation of “I’d Love To Change The World”
    Theme: “Old Money” by Lana Del Rey



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    #Christopher Pike#Chris Pike #christopher pike x oc #star trek #star trek x oc #star trek: discovery #discovery#disco
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    Originally posted by nineteen64andon

    A/N - Had this idea in my head, so decided to turn it onto a fluffy Captain Pike one shot. Hope you like it and please leave feedback if you do ;) 

    Tag list: @carrietrekkie @space-helen @theweepingvulcan91 @starfleetisapromise

    Words: 627


    Warnings: None

    It was the middle of the night and most, if not nearly all the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise, (NCC-1701) the pride and joy of Starfleet were asleep.

    The only ones awake were a handful of the engineering and medical crews, and her Captain, Captain Christopher Pike.

    Some nights he’d stay up late reading and reviewing reports, catching up on correspondence from Starfleet high command, back at HQ on Earth.

    Whilst he did miss home from time to time, serving as a Starfleet captain was his life’s greatest honour and accomplishment.

    But tonight he had another reason for being up so late, tonight was the night he planned to ask his girlfriend, the love of his life, Emma to marry him.

    An Ensign in the science division, assisting in the research of new life forms, Emma had a bright future in Starfleet, one Pike hoped to share with her, that was if she said yes to his proposal.

    He went to the room they shared together, where Emma was sleeping soundly.

    He chuckled softly to himself seeing her lying there, on her side of the bed, pillows pulled partway down. There were many things he loved about her, her quirky sleeping habits being one of them.

    Approaching he slowly he gently shook her

    “Sweetheart, darling?”

    “Mmh..what is it? What’s happening?” She mumbled slowly opening her brown eyes to look at him

    “Well I was hoping you’d come up to the bridge with me, there’s a great view of a beautIful nebula I want you see.” He partially lied

    For this was all part of his plan to ask her to marry him.

    “Let me get dressed then.” She told him sitting up.

    ”No, no it’s ok. No need to change. Come.”

    He offered his hand out to her and she took it, following him out of their quarters, down the corridor and into the turbo lift.

    Inside the turbo lift, he asked her told her to close her eyes, she did so trustingly knowing her Captain and lover knew what he was doing.

    It did not take them long to reach the bridge and once there he guided over to the captain’s chair.

    This was it, no going back now.

    Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he knelt before her, pulling the ring he’d picked out for her on their last shore leave together.

    “You can open your eyes now” he prompted her

    “So where’s this amazing….nebula…” She began, her voice trailing off when she realised what was actually happening.

    She cupped her mouth with her hands as she stared at Christopher kneeling there, on one knee with a stunning diamond ring between his fingers


    ”Emma I love you more than I can ever put into words. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Una maybe my number one in terms of the chain of command on this ship, but you are the number one woman in my life. I would be the happiest captain in Starfleet if you did me the extraordinary honour of becoming my wife. Will you marry me, Emma?” He asked.

    ”Yes, yes, of course, I will.” She cried throwing her arms around him

    Relief washed over him like a tidal wave, as he slipped the ring on her finger.

    She then stood and the two of them sealed their love and engagement with a deep and passionate kiss.

    They then pulled away for air and leant their heads against the other, savouring the moment, for in the morning it would be back to business as usual as Starfleet officers on board the U.S.S Enterprise and its five-year mission…

    To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and to boldly go where no man had gone before.

    #Captain Pike #Captain Christopher Pike #Christopher Pike #star trek fanfiction #one-shot#fluff #please leave feedback
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  • The only Kirk I want to see in SNW is Sam Kirk, poor Sam has been shafted in every incarnation, I mean he dies in TOS, and then gets written out of the Kelvin timeline movies.

    He deserves some justice and a story that actually focuses on him, not just a plot point for his more famous brother.

    Sam could work on some science mission with Pike and his crew, maybe we can get a story about how he met his wife Aurelan, and get to know their three sons, whom we’ve only ever met one of them in TOS and we have no idea what happened to the other two.

    I would really love for Sam to actually get to be a fully explored character for once. We’ve already seen so much of Jim, he really doesn’t need to be in SNW, he’s gonna get his time in TOS anyways, not to mention Jim himself said he only met Pike when he took over the ship. He’s suppose to be on the Farragut anyways. So let SNW be the time where other characters that never really got explored to have their moment in the spotlight. I would love for Sam to get his moment finally.

    #star trek strange new worlds #sam kirk#christopher pike#jim kirk
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  • What did you most enjoy about playing Captain Pike in Season 2?
    - Anson Mount Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 interview, January 7 2019

    #star trek discovery #star trek#anson mount#christopher pike#discoveryedit#captain pike#*edit#*interview#interviewedit #love that he emphasized this trait of pike's #it's great insight into the character #it also reminds me a bit of picard looking to his crew for suggestions #when it's time to brainstorm etc #hopefully we see more of pike's 'whAt's gOinG on?' face in the new show :) #it's giving me chaotic energy vibes
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  • Pairing: Christopher Pike x Reader


    Warnings: Canon-typical violence

    “Is there anything you dislike about Starfleet?”

    I cast Captain Pike a wary look.

    “When commanding officers ask me questions like that and expect me to answer honestly.”

    Part One

    Part Two

    More parts to come!

    #I'm Always Curious #Christopher Pike#Chris Pike #christopher pike x reader #Christopher Pike/Reader #Christopher Pike Imagine
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  • Part One | Masterlist

    : Taking another crack at this, I don’t know. It’s loving Pike hours, what can I say.
    Not beta-read

    Summary: I hadn’t had occasion to be around the captain much since our mission on Uthea C4. Now and again we’d nod as we’d pass one another in the hall, or in the mess; we had the chance to make the occasional small talk on the turbolift.


    Originally posted by namarie40

    “Need a sparring partner?”

    There were very few people in the gym facilities - most were on the machines - treadmills or bikes, but I’d taken to a punching bag. It was my go-to when I was unable to sleep.

    I turned to see the Captain coming closer, lips quirked in a half smile. I lowered my hands from where they were positioned, bringing a hand up to steady to bag and stop it from swinging at me again.

    “Think you can throw a better swing than the bag?” I asked, nodding back toward it. Pike’s brow raised at the challenge.

    “I’m a little out of practice, but I’ll try my best.”

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    Panic at the Face App Disco

    First Row: Michael, Georgiou

    Second Row: Airiam (it registered her as male so I went with it), Detmer

    Third Row: Owosekun, Tilly

    Fourth Row: Stamets, Culber

    Fifth Row: Pike, Number One/Una

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  • Previous Part | Next Part | Masterlist

    Pairing: MirrorVerse!Pike x Reader

    Notes: Not beta-read
    Sorry this took so long to post!
    I hope everyone’s doing alright with all that’s going on 💜

    Summary: “Cowl or collar, you must always cover your neck.” Wisdom that my mother had bothered to impart when I was young.


    Originally posted by whimsicalentropy

    “If you wish to be regarded as the best, you must carry yourself like you are the best,” Michael’s words were stern as she pulled my shoulders back. I winced, but straightened, avoiding her gaze in the mirror.

    “Mother doesn’t regard me as best and it’s well known,” I pointed out. Michael reached out, tipping my chin up.

    “Perhaps Mother is not the be-all end-all of opinion.”

    I whirled around, eyeing Michael, stunned.

    “…That is treason, Michael,” I said softly.

    “Are you going to tell Mother?” Michael asked, raising a brow. My eyes searched her face. This was a test, it had to be. I hesitated before I shook my head a little. Michael’s lips twitched into what could almost be classified as a pleased smile.

    “I always knew I could trust you.”

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    #the captain's woman #mirrorverse #mirror!michael Burnham #mirror michael burnham #mirror! christopher pike #mirror!Pike #mirror!number one #Christopher Pike #christopher pike x reader #christopher pike x you #Christopher Pike Imagine #Star Trek Discovery #star trek: discovery #Mirror!Christopher Pike x Reader
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  • Captain Pike understands feeling trapped in a body with physical limitations. Everyone has limitations to their bodies, but some people have more than others, and these can be hard to deal with. He wants you to know that just because you have limitations doesn’t make you any less worthy or valuable. Just do the best that you can, and that’s all anyone can really ask for. Your physical limitations are not your fault, so be patient and kind to yourself. Treat yourself well. :)

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  • having a lot of feelings about pike and michael burnham today and I have nowhere to put them. if you’re one of the 3 people who ships them I’d love to talk

    #michael burnham#christopher pike #pike x michael #michael x pike #star trek discovery #it’s multishipping michael appreciation zone over here folks #rachel says a thing
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    Cover for Star Trek DVD vol 40, “Turnabout Intruder” and “The Cage.”

    #star trek covers #star trek tos #star trek dvds #christopher pike
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  • there are days when I pinch myself bc I still can’t believe that this dream of a Pike show is actually happening!!!!!!!

    my fave Trek character of all time, and finally a show fulfilling the promise from half a century ago with that unaired pilot

    so many stories to explore, so many possibilities, and so much more Christopher Pike than I could have dared to hope for when I was a kid



    Originally posted by theupper1percent

    #star trek strange new worlds #star trek#christopher pike
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