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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Christmas on the Enterprise | Christopher Pike

    Requested by @lieutenantn

    Christmas day was upon you. All crew were permitted some time off at some point to celebrate. You were particularly excited for your few days off.

    You weren't the only one.

    Though the Captain doesn't technically get time off, being that he always needed on the job, he had made a little promise to himself this year.

    This past year, all his fondest memories have been with you. Every moment he looks back on, you're right there with him. Smiling, laughing, learning together. It has come to his attention that he holds you in a much higher regard than he thought.

    That brought him to his little promise. Chris told himself that he would be honest with you this holiday season. Perhaps this could be something, of you were feeling the same.

    Pike was currently watching you greet your fellow officers with some Christmas cheer. He could hear you all laughing from where he stood. The joy you write expressing brought a smile to his face and he found himself wanting to join in.

    He had to turn away when he saw you had noticed him. A slight look of shock was stricken across your face. You had most definitely seen him smiling.

    Fixing his composure, Pike strides down the hall, pretending he hadn't been spying on your little group.

    However, he didn't think about you chasing after him with quick steps. You always could keep up with him when you wanted to.

    Suddenly, you were in stride beside him.

    "May I keep you company to the bridge, Captain?" You asked, looking at him with a smile.

    Pike hoped he wouldn't be to obvious in his affections when he smiles back at you.

    "You may."

    It was here, alone in the elevator, that he pondered asking you to be his date for the Christmas Eve party. The ride wasn't long enough, as before he could even utter your name, the doors opened and Spock was standing there, waiting for him.

    You smile at Spock and walk on.

    Pike watches you go, once again forgetting his place as Spock looks at him with a raised brow. Chris coughs, not so convincingly, and steps past the Vulcan.

    You don't stay on the bridge long, just long enough to speak with Number One before making your exit.

    Pike doesn't see you for a few hours after that.

    When he does see you again, it's quite late. He has come to the cafeteria to eat something at last. You're there alone, eating quietly.

    Pike grabs his tray of choice and comes over to your table. You look up when he approaches. You smile.

    "May I?" He nods at the seat next to you.

    "You may," you reply.

    Pike sits down with you. He is no longer interested in his food. He looks at you with soft blue eyes as he takes to find the words he wants to say to you.

    "What is it?" You ask.

    He hesitates.

    "How did you know I wanted something?" He asks.

    You smile that wonderful smile again.

    "Because I know you, Chris."

    You only ever call him that when you're both completely alone. He knows now that this is his chance. This is the opportunity he has been waiting for.

    "I want to ask you something."

    You shift in your seat and face him, giving him your full attention. He swears his heart skipped a few beats.

    "Ask away."

    "Christmas is coming," he says, not entirely sure what he wanted to say.

    "Yes, only days away now."

    He smiles softly.

    "Will you go to the party with me on the Christmas Eve?" He asks.

    You stare at him.

    Your silence worries the Captain as he waits for a responce. He hadn't beat around the bush, was straight to the point.

    "I'm sorry?"

    His heart deflated.

    "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked. It wasn't proper."

    You reach out and place your hand on his arm. He looks down at it.

    "No, I meant... I'm not sure I understood. Are... are you asking me on a date?"

    Pike swallows nervously and nods his head. His composure was beginning to crack.

    You smile again.

    "Chris, I'd love to go with you."

    Now he's smiling too.

    "You will?"

    You nod eagerly.

    "I was hoping you would ask... I was too nervous to do so myself," you admit.

    "And I haven't been?" He chuckles, "I might have gone mad if I hadn't asked at all."

    You laugh and lean your head against his shoulder.

    "This is the best Christmas present ever," you whisper.

    He smiles and rests his head against yours gently.

    "Yes, it is."

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  • foreversecrets
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just finished posting Nebulous from my Crown and Arrow series and I feel bad because I just barely started writting the next part. But hey if anyone has any title ideas or it please let me know, Im struggling with that.

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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Star Trek AUs + Crews AUs |  Rule 63, AOS edition [new version]

    Senior crew and additional main crew of the U.S.S Enterprise from a genderbend alternate timeline.

    Jamie Lee Curtis as Admiral Christine Pike Scarlett Johansson as Captain Jean Kirk Natalie Dormer as Commander T'Pock Holly Marie Combs as Lieutenant Commander Leonore McCoy Annie Wersching as Lieutenant Commander Moira Scott DB Woodside as Lieutenant Kijani Uhura Grace Park as Lieutenant Hikari Sulu Ellen Paige as Ensign Pavla Chekova Gina Carano as Lieutenant Commander G.P. Hendorff Ryan Gosling as Lieutenant Charles Marcus Morris Chestnut as Lieutenant Matthew Darwin Orla Brady as Lieutenant Kirsteen Kyle Tilda Swinton as Lieutenant 0178 Kerry Washington as Doctor Gimbya M'Benga Simon Baker as Nurse Chris Chapel Katie McGrath as Lieutenant Grace Mitchell Chris Evans as Lieutenant Kai Vro Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Lieutenant 1701 Charlie Hunnam as Lieutenant junior grade John Rand

    (More AOS Trek genderbent here)

    Update: It has been brought to my attention that the actress who once went by the name Ellen has come out and now goes by he/they under the chosen name Elliot. This fancasting was picked in 2016, when this piece was put together and originally published, and does reflect who Elliot went by at the time (she/Ellen). For these reasons, I won't cancel or remake this manip with another fancasting, but I felt the note was necessary to acknowledge that this fancasting couldn't work anymore and I would pick another actress if I were to made it in 2021. This might be a good reason to headcanon Pavla as coming out and becoming Pavel in a time after this (fake) pic was supposed to be taken. ;)

    Editing chronicles This edit has been retouched more than the Star Wars original trilogy by George Lucas. *lol* All the changes were made to reflect editing I made on the main AOS crew edit (that’s, currently - December 2021 - still “in maintenance”). The edit was initially posted in August 2016. slightly lightly edited in December 2020 (when I changed the graphics) and then another time in February 2021 (logo changed and two new characters - 0718 and Moto - added). One last time in July 2021 (two missing characters - Darwin and Kyle). I held this edit until now because I wanted to post it after releasing the new, final version of the main AOS crew but, since I can’t seem to manage to finish the text that will go along with that, I decided to stop waiting with this one. So here we are.

    If you really, really want to see it, you find the original version here.

    About the names Keensera is the name for the female Kenseer in "Parallel lives" (Star Trek #29/#30). I decided that, in a world where the "canon" sex of everyone is swapped, then perhaps Gaila's mother would've picked the same names for her children and just switched them. Gaila's and her brother Kai appear in "Reunion" (Star Trek 53/54); in the end of this comic Gaila applied to be transferred on the USS Enterprise (where her brother serves).

    Lieutanant Moto was named to an homage after the make-up effects sculptor Moto Hata, the man who designed the alien/mask and passed away in 2009. For the alien's female version, I chose to switch to the artist's surname. I explained the meaning of the other crew members' names at their manips: you can find them under the series tag or under the character's own tag.

    Crossposted Livejournal: prue84.livejournal.com/55830.html Dreamwidth: prue84.dreamwidth.org/51039.html Deviantart: prue84.deviantart.com/art/Star-Trek-AUs-Rule-63-AOS-version-628851741  

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    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nebulous 10/10

    Chapter 10: Epilogue

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Previous Chapter-https://foreversecrets.tumblr.com/post/669683192582864896/nebulous-910

    Anxiously she sat on a bench in front of Cornwell's office, tea in one hand and coffee in the other while she waited for Chris’ arrival. They had spoken last night, planned to meet fifteen minutes before her appointment but now she was dreading meeting him. All the what-ifs, the idea of him casting her aside now-she wasn’t sure she would survive that. The gentle glow of the transport beam appears a few feet from her, fading into the wondrous appearance of Captain Christopher Pike in his constitution class captain uniform. The golden shirt made the blue of his eyes seem brighter even when he gave her an awkward smile. He looked unchanged, maybe a few more grey hairs than before but those dimples were familiar. Her hands trembled as she stood, letting him look her over to; looking for changes or injuries.

    “Your coffee,” she held it out to him. She felt like meeting his gaze would reveal everything she was keeping hidden. He stepped forward, closing the gap between them he took both cups and placed them on the bench. His hands cupped her face making her look up at him, his eyes were glossy like he was fighting back tears.

    “Hi sweetheart,” his voice cracked. “I’ve missed you.” The words he said and the relief in his eyes finally did it, her tears fell. She rose on her toes and kissed him softly, tentatively wanting to feel that familiar security envelope her. When they separated she smiled sadly up at him, registering the happiness in his eyes.

    “I’m glad you’re home.”

    He was being careful, scrutinizing her every move, reading her like he always had been able to do. He needed to know what happened because right now all he could gage from her was panicking relief. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her to his chest and holding her there, he let a few silent tears of his fall before regaining his composure and releasing her. They’d never been comfortable with public displays of affection, the intimacy of those acts were there’s and there’s alone but after the suffering and separation, they both needed that moment.

    “I will explain everything once we get in there,” she promised, masking her emotions from him then. Slowly they began walking the perimeter of the courtyard, talking about whatever came to mind and quickly getting back in that comfortable atmosphere they’d always had.

    “Everyone is eager to have you back on Enterprise.”

    “My mission on Discovery isn’t complete, there are a couple of planets I need to survey and amongst them should be what Discovery needs. Once I finish that … I can return to Enterprise.” she’d almost called Enterprise home, he was making her feel like he was home again but she couldn’t accept it without him being completely informed.

    “Kat promised to allow your return once you finish over there,” he smiled, offering his hand to her as they continued to walk. “Our quarters are lonely without you.”

    “Chris, wait!” she turned to stand directly in front of him. “There are things-”

    “Nothing is going to change.”

    “Please just promi-”

    His attention was solely on her, his eyes unwavering from her to make sure she saw how heartfelt his words were, “Artemis, my heart is still yours. During these years apart I have struggled with the things I’ve endured too but the one thing that got me through it was us. Picturing a time when we would be united again. I don’t want things to go back to how they were, I want us to grow stronger from navigating this difficult time.”

    “Kat did say you were dealing with something too but your experience was classified.”

    He nodded but didn’t linger on the topic, “Do you still love me?”

    “Of course I do.” The lack of hesitation and the passion of conviction in her tone made his heart sore.

    “Then we will get through this,” he vowed, kissed her forehead, took her hand, then led her to Kat’s office.

    They sat side beside each other on the opposite side of Kat’s desk, Arty’s hand still in Chris’, Kat didn’t let her smile show. She let Arty lead the conversion while she and Chris simply listened. She started with everything Kat already knew, the events of those first three days and stopping after she pleaded with Terran Pike to remove the band.

    “The doctors believe your fingerprint will remove it,” she pulled the turtle neck down revealing the necklace and red scars from previous attempts. Chris cursed himself for not realizing something was wrong, they’d discussed her wearing the dress uniform over slacks and shirt many times because the high collar made her feel claustrophobic. “Can you try now?”

    He leaned over and placed his index finger on the spot indicated and the band immediately released falling from her neck. She sighed in relief but Kat and Chris stared and the gore, marred image of her neck from the damage of the scientist and doctors trying to remove it. She looked up at him with a grateful smile and then continued with her story.

    “I didn’t have many options for getting back to Discovery and I was scared, it doesn’t excuse the actions I took,” she took a steadying breath. “I accepted Kirk’s offer but he wasn’t the one to kill Pike, I did it.”

    He entered the bathroom to take a shower when the chime rang, she let Kirk in hating herself with every step she took. He told her to wait by the door and he’d get her out of there shortly. She went to change into a uniform, not wanting to show up to Discovery in pajamas when she heard the shattering of glass. When she ran into the bathroom she found Pike bleeding out, Kirk standing over him. Kirk was enjoying watching life leave Pike’s eyes.

    “You gave me your word you wouldn’t kill him while I was here.”

    “I haven’t yet, by the time you get to Discovery he will be close to the end.”

    Mirror Pike slowly raised his hand pointing to Artemis, “Please.” she wasn’t sure if he was pleading with Kirk to spare her, or pleading with her to end it quickly.

    She pushed past Kirk and kneeled on the floor, ignoring the bite of the glass as it cut into her skin. She looked into his terrifying eyes, tears flowing from her as she pictured Chris in this position. What would she do if there was no hope of him surviving? What would she do if he lay dying slowly in pain?

    “I love you,” she whispered softly and leaned down and kissed him. A large piece of glass lay beside his head, she studied it only a moment before she made up her mind. She picked it up, looked into his eyes, and saw he wanted this to end quickly.

    “Thank you,” he choked before she herself slit his throat. His body stopped moving then, his eyes staying on her as they glazed over into nothingness.

    Kat and Chris just watched as she cried, confessing her sins, his hand only squeezed tighter to try and give her the support she needed. Chris met Kat’s eyes and knew that they both saw her as a survivor, not a murderer.

    “His blood was all over me for days after and the worst part isn’t the guilt and hatred I feel for myself, it's when I did it I pictured you-that I’d be forced to one day…” she choked on a sob looking away from him.

    Ignoring his superior officer, Chris slid from the chair and kneeled before Arty, “shh, hey look at me.” he said softly. “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

    “I killed a man,” her lips dripped with tears as she spoke.

    “You spared a man from pain and he thanked you for it.”

    She dropped into his lap and cried out all the pent-up emotions as she held tightly to Chris. His presence eased her, made her feel like she wasn’t a horrible person. Kat let them have their moment, it didn’t take long before Chris’ whispering rose in tone and took on a jovial tone making Arty laugh. He helped her back into her chair and Chris looked at Kat expectantly.

    “Looks like the three of us have quite the road ahead of us,” Kat smirked.

    “Starting with our wedding, if you still-” Chris was cut off by Arty smirking at him. He laughed and looked back at Kat. “Are you free next Saturday?”

    “Will there be booze?”

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  • foreversecrets
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nebulous 9/10

    Chapter 9: The Long Journey Home

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Previous Chapter-https://foreversecrets.tumblr.com/post/669683076318806016/nebulous-810

    “Temporarily relieved of active duty.”

    Those were the admiral's exact words when Arty refused to utter a word. She had taken command of Discovery which meant she didn’t have the necessary time to dawn her therapist hat and provide Arty the help she clearly needed. What was clear to Cornwell was the commander was suffering with guilt, trauma, she was wearing an alien device no one could figure out how to remove and each attempt only caused her more harm. She’d spared all of two days trying to get the thing removed but with spirits already low due to the war they were losing, hearing her screams of agony only tarnished spirits further. Postponing Aretmis’ recovery weighed heavily on Cornwell’s conscience, so she vowed to assist Arty in any way possible once the war was over. Call it guilt for the delay, respect for the friendship she had with Chris, or duty as a superior officer but she now considered Aretims her responsibility.

    While the war raged on, the crew of the Discovery watched as Arty slowly deteriorated. The few chances Airiam was able to pull her out of their quarters and into the mess hall, they watched as their friend sat motionless. Her gaze always focused on some part of the ship, never on the conversation or the events happening. It was a great relief when she started eating again but even then she didn’t eat much.

    Then the war ended.

    Cornwell allowed her sometime with Chris’ parents before recalling her to San Francisco to undergo treatment. The concern she received from Chris’ parents told her of the nightmares that morphed into insomnia. But at the end of two weeks when she returned to the Headquarters she was talking again, not about what happened but talking nonetheless. Cornwell did her research but scheduling an appointment with Artemis, she learned everything she could about the Terrans, and how that reality must have made the pacifist in her feel vulnerable.

    “Violence is rarely the answer, the ability to succeed without it speaks volumes of a person's character.”

    “You sound like Chris,” Arty’s voice cracked. Kat saw it then, shame and fear but what? Was she afraid of how Chris would respond to whatever she’d experienced? How bad must it be if four months later she still struggled to talk about it. She watched as Arty shifted the band wrapped around her neck uncomfortably, they still haven't found a way to remove it. One of the doctors had recommended waiting for Enterprises’ return, believing his biometric signature should be close enough to mirror Pike’s that he could remove it.

    “Chris is a smart and compassionate man,” Kat smiled.

    During these times together was getting to see the old Artemis Morgan, the one she’d pulled off of Enterprise and placed on Discovery. The bubbly, nervous talker who truly wanted the best for everyone. The things Arty had managed to confess weren’t ideal but were not severe enough to have warranted repressed memory or the temporary shut down. Whatever memories were still hidden to her, Kat suspected Chris would be able to get out of her and maybe confronting her fiance about the atroncies she’d experienced was exactly what she needed to stabilize.

    When Enterprise hit a pocket of deep space that allowed the communications officer to obtain a massive information dump, Christopher’s concern for the war faded and was replaced with a new concern for his fiance. Since separating they’d communicated weekly, even once Enterprise was out of rage she continued to write to him. Those few times when they’d receive correspondence always filled him with joy, he’d get to sit for hours and read her innermost thoughts, obtain news the Federation wasn’t sharing with them, and learn that she was still alright. Her messages stopped twelve months ago with no reasoning or signs in trouble leading up to her last message.

    Thankfully upon the backlogs, he’d found a memo informing the war had ended and the Enterprise was cleared to return to Earth. They set course immediately and Chris tucked into his desk to go through the thousands of communications he received, determined to find anything relating to the woman he loved. He started by sorting by rank and worked his way down the list, if she was on the list of those they lost, that information would have come from the Admiral herself but he didn’t find her name there.

    Continuing, he found a message from Kat, the subject line read  ‘In regards to Commander Artemis Morgan.’  She was promoted during the war, none of her messages had said anything about that so this must have happened after she stopped writing to him. Kat had been a friend so the formality of the subject line alone had him hesitating to tap into the whole message. Was he strong enough to withstand whatever tragedy awaited him? He tapped on it and instantly realized his concern was warranted, the message was written to him as Aretmis’ emergency contact, not as her Captain. His eyes quickly scanned, picking up only select sentences to advance his search faster.

    “Removed from active duty.”

    “Recovery has been slow.”

    “Physically healthy.”

    “Your assistance is requested in aiding in the recovery process.”

    There was no indication of what happened, only that she was now temporarily stationed in San Francisco under Cornwell herself who’d also become her caretaker until further notice. He trusted Kat implicitly but he couldn’t rest until he saw her in person, saw what the war had done to her.

    He hit a button on his desk, “Helm, warp seven set course for Earth.” They were supposed to stop at Starbase 82 first to restock but he needed to see her now and the crew wanted to return home just as badly as he did. Skipping the Starbase meant returning to Earth a week earlier and he was convinced no one would complain about getting home earlier.

    “I’m afraid to see him again, Kat.” Artemis finally confessed the day before Enterprise was set to dock. She’d corresponded with Chris already, their conversations were strained with a promise to speak further in person. They were going to meet at headquarters before her next session from there they would attend together.


    “I’m not the same as I was the last time he saw me, even the crew I’d been serving with hardly recognizes me.”

    “That doesn’t mean the connection you share is broken, that just means the two of you have much to relearn. Something tells me the past five years haven’t seen him unchanged either.”

    “It's not just that, the things I did in the Terran Universe … When I tell him I will lose him.”

    “Why do you think that?”

    “Because his moral code is one of the many reasons I fell in love with him.”

    “And you did something against that code? The source of your guilty complex?”

    Arty nodded, “In my dreams I remember those missing days and then I wake up and there are only bits and pieces left.”

    “Chris’s forgiveness is easily achieved for those whose hearts he knows, once he returns and offers it perhaps you’ll be able to absolve yourself.”

    “The Chris I knew would forgive the things I’ve done but I worry about the Chris who is coming home.”

    “You worry about the effects the absence from the war had on his mental state.”

    “I don’t know how it impacted him but the Chris I know can’t stand by when people are suffering. It's embedded in his very core to assist in any way possible.”

    “It's a blessing and a curse, you are both returning to one another with baggage but you have one another to lean on while you overcome the past.”


    “I can at least see he still cares immensely for you. Since Enterprise has entered comm range he has been insistent on constant updates of your well being.”

    “What does he know?”

    “Nothing, I felt the conversation was better suited for an in person meeting and the classified aspect of your last mission makes things a little more complicated.”

    “I have to tell him everything!” the urgent panic that rose in Arty’s voice had the Admiral instantly raising hands to reassure her.

    “I’ve managed to gain him clearance for the events in the Terran Universe, however the Spore Drive and your contribution have not been approved.”

    “I can work with that,” Arty sighed relieved, she looked out the window of Kat’s office and saw Starfleet personnel moving about the courtyard outside, content in their ignorance. Her look turned pensive, “You know we were going to get married after Enterprises’ five year mission, we planned to take leave and get it done.”

    “I don’t see why that would need to change.”

    “Let’s just find out if he still wants me first.”

    Kat tried not to roll her eyes, this woman had a shitty childhood and overcame all of that to become an incredible scientist and she still felt unworthy of the life she was living. That simple fact told Kat Atermis would overcome this and she would get to walk down that aisle.

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  • foreversecrets
    04.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nebulous 8/10

    Chapter 8: Deal with the Devil

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Previous Chapter-https://foreversecrets.tumblr.com/post/669683003677704192/nebulous-710

    Moving on from her invasion of her counterparts' privacy, Arty focused on getting in contact with Discovery, she’d thought her chances were slim until the comm link connected-audio only.

    “Lorca is from this reality, he brought us here on purpose,” she rushed through, not sure how much time she’d have before they cut the link.

    “We are aware, Commander.” Saru started. “What is your current location?”

    “I’m not sure but the Enterprise is en route to rendezvous with the Imperial Palace in three days.”

    “We will be waiting for you there, you will need to get yourself to the transporter room.”

    She didn’t voice her doubts about making it there, didn’t tell her crew about her fears. They were probably struggling just as much as her with the betrayal and manipulation of their superior officer while maintaining the hope they would get back.

    “Commander Saru,” her voice cracked with emotion, she tried to steady herself and started again. “Commander Saru, please don’t leave me in this reality.”

    “Commander Morgan, we will do everything in our power to get all our people home.”

    The comm cut then and she was left with a feeling of dread, something about her conversation with Saru made her final straw of hope snap. She curled up on the couch and thought of all the ways she could try to get herself home. She could attempt to steal a shuttle and set autopilot to meet with Discovery but if anything went wrong, she couldn’t pilot the shuttle manually. And what were the odds of her being able to successfully commandeer a shuttle? There was no way she could make it to the transporter room without getting caught.

    The door chiming broke her of her thoughts, that wasn’t her unwelcome roommate, he would have walked in without a thought. The door chimed again and she realized she would have to permit the person entry. She quickly moved to the dresser and pulled the phaser out of the dresser and went back to the couch, hiding it under a pillow before she finally allowed the person in.

    The man who walked in, she only recognized from the research she’d done prior to her arrival. James T Kirk, XO to the ISS Enterprise and the person who was apparently to wait on her in Pike’s absence. He set a tray of food down in front of her and took the chair across from where she was sitting.

    “I know you’re not her and I know you contacted your ship.” Her hand tightened on the phaser she was hiding. What would you do, Christopher? You are better equipped for handling these situations than I am. She kept her hand firmly placed on the warm metal of the phaser but didn’t move her finger to the trigger. “You can relax, I came to offer you a way back to your ship.”


    “In exchange you will give me access to these quarters indefinitely.”

    “Why do you need that?”

    “So that I can kill Captain Pike.”

    “You’re going to kill him?” she shouldn’t have been so rattled by the prospect, given what she knew. Despite being a prisoner here she didn’t want to see any of these horrible people executed.

    “You’re surprised, I forget how soft your people are.”

    “I am not a murderer.”

    “You don’t have to be, you just have to stand aside and allow me,” when her conviction didn’t seem to waiver he sighed. “Do you see another way off this ship?” he stood and moved closer to her, she flinched ready to whip out the phaser. “Because I promise you Pike has no intention of ever letting you leave this room. He is a broken man who will do everything in his power to keep you.”

    “I won’t help you kill someone.”

    “What if I promise not to kill him until you are safely off this ship?”

    “If I do this, you’ll let me go,” she raised her hand to touch her brand. “What about this, can you remove it?”

    He looked over the necklace, careful of the raw flesh underneath. She’d tried everything to get it off and the multiple attempts had cut several bloody lines into her neck. “I have never seen anything like this but I will research and see what I can do. In the meantime, consider my offer.”

    “I can’t hurt someone for my own gain,” she whispered to him as he departed.

    It seemed like only minutes before Pike returned, and it only took him a few moments to know something was wrong. The meals he’d had sent over were untouched, when she moved her bones popped like she hadn’t moved for hours, and the redness of her eyes; she’d been crying.

    “Artemis?” His voice was soft and he approached her cautiously. “What happened while I was away?”

    “You’re never going to let me go, are you?” The gaze she slowly turned on him made his skin go cold, his heart ache. Indignation, horror, desperation, and a few others he couldn’t quite place.

    “What happened?” his own voice cracked in fear, she didn’t seem stable right now and he didn’t know what this version of the woman he loved was capable of.

    “Do you think I am capable of murder, even if its second hand?”

    He immediately looked around the room expecting to see a body but he’d only sent Kirk and the man had returned safe. He sat besides her on the couch, noting her trembling hands. He gently took one of her hands in his own and felt how cold she was. She should be shivering but she remained unmoving.

    “I can’t let you go.”

    “What if I decide on another choice?”

    “I won’t let you take your own life,” her eyes scrunched in confusion and he realized that hadn’t been at all what she meant. Her features soften then, slightly tears falling from her eyes.

    “I want to go home.”

    “And I vow to take you there as soon as we can figure out how to jump realities.”

    “You're not listening!” she rose then pointing the phaser at him. The hopelessness she felt finally coming out in a fit of rage. “I don’t want anything to do with you!”

    In an instant he’d knocked the phaser out of her hand and pinned her to the wall, one hand on her throat squeezing and the other on her hip keeping her pinned there. Unwavering dedication in his eyes as he brought his face as close as he could to hers without actually touching. He held her like that until her body began to shake desperate for air and then he released her, letting her collapse to the floor.

    “You will learn.”

    Or you will suffer until you do.

    She remembers very briefly having an interest in human physiology when she was in high school, she’d thought she’d forgotten everything she learned in that course. Evidently that wasn’t the case because she couldn't recall the last two days on the ISS Enterprise, nothing after Kirk brought her breakfast and she agreed to his terms. She doesn’t remember what he did, what she did, or how she got back aboard Discovery.

    What she knows is Dr. Pollard is looking her over in sickbay given the state she was returned to. She wore a silk tank top and short pajamas, see through if you could see past the blood that coated her person. Cuts deep and shallow littered the palm of her right hand, but the jagged lines didn’t make sense for a blade; maybe broken glass? Her hair was messy, half still in the ponytail it had once been in but random strays spread all throughout. She hadn’t said a word to anyone since she was beamed aboard.

    Dr. Pollard treated her wounds and sent her off, advising she was not cleared for active duty until she could undergo a psych eval. They sent Tilly first, the living essence of joy and energy had done nothing to break Aretmis’ unblinking stare at the grey walls of her quarters. Next they sent Paul, nothing he did got a sound out of her. On the third day they were back in their reality and she sat before Admiral Cornwell remaining unchanged.

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    Nebulous 7/10

    Chapter 7: Bondage

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Previous Chapter-https://foreversecrets.tumblr.com/post/669579768549736448/nebulous-610

    She woke up to a tightening feeling around her throat, memories of the previous day flooding in, causing a new panic attack to begin. Her eyes shot open landing on the ‘not Pike’ who laid beside her, with an arm lazily slung across her waist, the tightness in her throat wasn’t him. Her hands flew up to discover a cold metal choker that didn’t seem to have a clasp. Her finger moved over the inside of the necklace that was behind her neck and she felt a slight vibration before an electrical current shot through her body originating at her fingertips. The pain was almost unbearable but she kept pulling at the necklace, desperate to remove it but the more she struggled the more it closed around her neck. She was too distracted by the obstruction to notice a loud alarm sounding from Pike’s wrist.

    “Stop!” she felt his hands pulling her own away and the necklace punctured against her neck. As soon as her arms were pulled away she watched as Pike fiddled with a device on his wrist and the necklace extracted but didn’t completely remove. “Are you trying to kill yourself!?” he shouted, enraged. The fire in his eyes, the way he was straddling her waist, and the warm blood she felt at her neck were all contributing factors to the fear that forced her to remain silent.

    “This device is to protect you,” he sighed trying to force the vulnerability down and calm his anger. “It will only cause pain to whoever tries to remove it, if they persist the necklace is set to remove your head to spare you whatever slow death they have planned for you. It also monitors your vitals so I can ensure you are healthy as well as protected.”

    “Can you …” her voice was so small and cracked. “Can you remove it?”

    “I can’t, this is how I prevent anyone from taking you away from me.”

    She saw it then, his anger was masking his desperation, his own fear. She’d rarely seen fear in her own Chris’ eyes, sure she knew he felt it, she told him as such but his features never showed it. So it was odd for her to think a mass murderer would show fear before the compassionate man she loved.

    “Can you at least loosen it? It makes me feel claustrophobic.”

    It was a compromise, an olive branch. She was asking him something reasonable he should be able to grant. She watched his shoulders relax as he fiddled with the back of it and loosened it so there was some give to it but not much.

    “I don’t ever want to feel that pain again,” she sighed softly as her neck became mostly free.

    “And you won’t, as long as I can help it.”

    “If you can protect me, can’t you please remove it Christopher?” the minute she said it her mouth went dry, it felt wrong-dirty even. The name she uttered with such reverence before now shaking with fear.

    “I’m sorry,” surprise overtook her, she didn’t believe this man was capable of remorse. “I would do so much for you but this… I can’t.”

    How bad must have her death affected him that he was so afraid of losing her now? She didn’t want to anger him again, she wasn’t sure what he’d do to her. What she did know is he wouldn’t kill her but she was quickly learning there were things far worse than death.

    “Thank you.”

    “We are heading to the Imperial Palace, your father needs our assistance.”

    “My father?”

    “I forget, in your reality, you were never adopted. Here Gabriel Lorca adopted you when you were seven and raised you to be the friend of Michael Burnham with hopes of one day conquering the Emperor and taking her power.”

    “That’s why he was insistent on the two of us working together.”

    “I am bound by my oath to assist Lorca but while I am away, my XO will check in on you.”

    “Am I confined to these quarters?”

    “For now, once we teach you some self-defense you can come and go as you please.”

    “Will I be safe in here, with Kirk checking in? From what I read about Terran’s-”

    “No one on this ship would dare defy me, on the off chance someone tries anything with you, there is a phaser in the top drawer of our dresser.”

    He kissed her forehead and left her to stew with the knowledge she’d obtained. She walked over to his desk and began tapping at it to learn more about her counterpart. Previously she hadn’t wanted to know anything about the other her or this man but she needed to know everything she could about this world if she was going to find her way back to Discovery, back to her reality, back to her Chris.

    Artemis Morgan, adopted at the age of seven by Captain Gabriel Lorca, right hand to the Emperor herself. Why had this stuff been classified? She continued reading through the panels and found her counterparts' personnel logs.

    I met a new friend today, she asked me to sleep over but the headmistress said it wasn’t allowed. Michael promised to keep coming back to play with me, she says she used to be an orphan too. She said she was going to try and get her mother to adopt me as well, so we can be together forever, so we could be a family.

    Even her counterpart desired a sense of belonging.

    Mr. Lorca made me a promise, he said he will be my daddy-that we would be a family and in turn one day I would help him achieve something wonderful. He says I can still be friends with Michael, in fact, he encourages it despite the trouble we got into today. I thought we’d be arrested but Michael saved the day, I don’t know what she did …

    “Okay they were close, I need something else.” She skipped several years and began reading again.

    There was an error in my calculations, instead of developing a chamber that would force the person trapped within to confess honesty the chamber emits excruciating levels of pain. I saw this as a sign of defeat but the Emperor saw this as a victory. She held a ball in my honor, bestowed an award on me and I had to accept it proudly. Michael and I had laughed and drunk the night away. Perhaps so thought if she got me drunk enough I wouldn’t see her sneak off with my father. Father had asked me to begin poking to determine how happy she was with the state of affairs and I guess he decided he could motivate her to our side better than myself. I was prepared to down my disgust of the development in booze but instead found joy myself. Captain Christopher Pike had made an unexpected appearance at the party, newly returned from some victorious battle, and was looking to relax.

    “This must be the night they met,” she sighed and continued scrolling, feeling guilty for reading someone's private thoughts.

    Christopher was supposed to have been a one-night fling but father had heard whispers and decided to bring the man into the fold on his plan. I was to be the bait, the reward for his loyalty to my father. My father had always treated me kindly (apart from when I was misbehaving) but he showed me how life could be, where violence wasn’t the answer to every problem. But now, here he was selling me off as some prostitute to a powerful man in hopes of advancing his reach. What I didn’t expect was mutual respect and admiration to blossom between the two of us. I would do everything in my power to be by Christopher’s side but I would never betray my father, not when he offered such a bright future for everyone. Chris says I am too soft-hearted for this world, ironic considering I am his agonizer specialist on Enterprise. I cause people pain all day and feel nothing.

    She must have been there for hours, just reading through her counterpart's life. The woman was a murderer, a villain in Arty’s eyes but she was beginning to realize it wasn’t out of choice, it was a matter of survival. Any sign of weakness and she’d be replaced by someone stronger. It was her father who had instructed her to kill Una in this reality. Word had reached the Imperial Palace that Pike was smitten with her and the Emperor was already making plans to use that to her advantage. So she did, to protect her lover and to obtain her father’s approval.

    “Looks like both of us just wanted love.”

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    New Star Trek fic!

    The newest entry in my 'Return to Talos IV' series is now on AO3!

    Read here:

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    Nebulous 6/10

    Chapter 6: Sanity's Decline

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Previous Chapter- https://foreversecrets.tumblr.com/post/668781442970648576/nebulous-510

    His quarters were cold and almost unlived in, it was in complete contrast to her Chris who insisted on making their quarters on Enterprise feel homey. There was memorabilia from both their times at the Academy, trinkets from his home in Mojave, and photographs of them and the people they cared about. But this Terran Pike’s quarters felt more like a private medical quarters tha living quarters. More so now than ever before she longed for her Chris, for the familiar air and the sense of security she felt in their love.

    Arty watched carefully as the Terran man walked to the replicator and ordered a beer and a hot chocolate, not taking his eyes off of her. Arty pondering how he knew her drink of choice, it had been her comfort beverage throughout her entire life. Growing up in a home, she saw other kids whose lives had been ruined by alcoholism and the staff at the home taught her from an early age that hot chocolate was a safe pick me up drink. He sat on the pristine looking couch, placing both drinks on the coffee table and waving her over to join him.

    Ariam had thought this man had been in love with her counterpart but looking in this man's eyes she knew that couldn’t be true. She was in love and love in return which is how she knew what love looked like and this man looked at her like he owned her. This man had confused love with obsession and she wasn’t about to be the next victim.

    “There are some matters we should discuss,” he raised the cup of hot chocolate towards her, coaxing her to join him on the couch. She carefully sat beside him, keeping enough distance that she could flee at a moment's notice. “My crew believe you to be from this reality, so in order to dissuade any coo’s or arousing suspicion you are not to leave these quarters without me.”

    “Was she your prisoner too?” Arty whispered, not intending to say the words out loud. The cold darkness that filled his eyes sent chills down her spine, there was a violence there unlike anything she’d ever seen. To see it on the face that was the man she loved but wasn't truly him, it was difficult to process. She worried when she finally made it back to her Chris the effects of this man would follow her into her relationship.

    “If anyone touches you, you are to execute them.”

    “Excuse me?” her mouth dropped in disbelief. She’d never hurt a soul intentionally in her life and the few she’d hurt accidentally still weighed heavy on her heart. Even the notion of causing someone to feel any amount of discomfort made her pale. “I can’t hurt anyone.”

    “How did you expect to blend in if you are unwilling to defend yourself?”

    “I thought if I emitted confidence I’d be fine, I don’t even know how to throw a punch!”

    “You’re joking,” he chuckled, but when he realized she was dead serious he stopped laughing. “Doesn’t your Federation have combat training?”

    “It's not required for a scientist, if I ever go somewhere dangerous I have a security team with me.”

    “We will have to fix that, but not tonight.”

    “I don’t-I’m not,” she felt fear rapidly rising, her heart beating loudly and her hands trembling. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

    “You will get past that.”

    She took a drink of the hot chocolate hoping to try and calm herself and discovered peppermint shavings inside. Apparently she was more alike with her counterpart than she had thought. The idea made her sick. She noticed then that he had closed the distance between them, he was sitting as close as possible to her. It suddenly felt far too intimate, too familiar. The kiss she hadn’t been able to fight off earlier and the intentions in his eyes made her feel dirty, unfaithful. It was like she was watching a memory of her own life being replayed but she was the leading lady and they had recast the original leading man. Her trembling got worse, the hot chocolate spilled over onto her hand-it should have burned her but she was disconnecting from reality. The cup fell from her hands and shattered on the cold ground, a mess of ceramic and brown liquid coating the ground but she made no indication to display she’d notice it. Terran Pike looked at her with something akin to concern, her breathing had slowed a wheezing sound emitting from her throat as she tried to breath nonetheless. Artemis didn’t notice him kneeling in front of her or his hands on her shoulders as silent tears streamed rapidly down her face and her trembling quickly spread throughout her entire body.

    ‘What if I never get home and I become her?’

    “Artemis, you’re having a panic attack,” that voice. The voice who’d calmed her fears and made her laugh even on her worst days. That voice who refused to raise her in anger no matter how hard she’d pushed his buttons. He was a beacon of hope, her shield of strength, her everything was trying to help her but what did she need help for if he was here?

    “You’re not him,” her voice and mind registered at the same time and her body reacted of its own accord shooting up and over the back of the couch. Crawling backwards as far away from him to the wall near the bathroom, her eyes wide in fear as they tracked his every move.

    He held his hands up to try and seem less threatening, though they both knew his record. The lives he’d taken, the genocides he himself incitted. “You’re having a panic attack, I need you to focus on your breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth.”

    It took a while, maybe hours but he finally managed to calm her down. He didn’t dare approach her, even once she was calm, she needed time and he could give her that. She found herself drained from the attack, her head pounded with a headache and all she wanted was space and sleep.

    “I will never force you to do anything against your will, including things with myself. That’s not my style.”


    “Shh, just focus on your breathing.” he moved a little closer to her then, keeping his hands visible. “May I remove your armor? It will assist in relaxing you and make it easier for you to rest.” She nodded carefully, hoping he was right but still feeling entirely too vulnerable under his intense eyes. He began unclasping the golden breastplate first, carefully raising it above her head and removing the remaining golden metal. “I’m going to grab you some comfortable clothes and then, if you allow me, I’ll help you into bed.”

    He stood and disappeared behind the bathroom door where she assumed the closet was, it was the same layout of the USS Enterprise. He returned a moment later holding an old worn shirt and a pair of shorts that clearly used to belong to her. She was pleasantly surprised when he turned and went into the bedroom, giving her space to change alone. She did quickly, worried if she waited he’d change her mind about giving her privacy. She was looking over herself when he reentered, he’d given her a baggy t-shirt that covered everything and snug shorts that weren’t as long as she’d like but the shirt fell to her knees so she wasn’t too worried about it.

    “Thank you Captain.”

    “Please call me Chris.”

    “I can’t.”

    “You will,” he closed the space between them and cupped her cheek. A gestured her Chris had done it thousands of times but this man's hands felt different, wrong. He didn’t seem to mind when she flinched away his touch. “Let’s get you to bed, I still have things to do before I turn in for the night.”

    Her heart skipped a beat as she realized this man intended to sleep in the same bed as her but she couldn’t bring herself to protest, not when she was practically falling over. But he did vow not to do anything against her will, she was grateful consent seemed to be important to him. So she decided to lay down and fall asleep before he returned, maybe then she could sleep.

    He left her in his quarters, the door locked to his biometric signature to prevent her escape or others' invasion. He headed for his ready room, Lorca had upheld his end of the bargain now it was his turn, once communication was received Enterprise would be warping to the Emperor's ship to assist. On the way there he encountered his XO, Jim Kirk, sometimes he still couldn’t believe this boy had replaced Artemis. He advised Kirk to send anything incoming to his ready room under private channels and that he was not to be distrubed. He recalled the day he called for a new XO, everyone who stepped forward to try and claim the position had been slaughtered by Kirk’s hand before they could even speak their name. He suspected Kirk was planning to murder him as well, he’d heard whispers of the boys desires for a captaincy so he was always o guard around him.

    He remembers his Arty reminding him time and time to be careful of Kirk, that she’d been intimate on several occasions to gain information. The man was full of arrogance and didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut, such behavior would ultimately be his downfall. Finally reaching his ready room, he pulled up the personnel file Lorca had given him of Artemis Morgan. He obtained the information from the USS Defiant database and shared it with him when he lost his Arty, with a promise that he could still have a version of the woman he loved. He had even managed to pull up her personal communications with his counterpart, the man was weak, easily replaceable in his eyes. He should have her heart easily enough if the records he received of the other man were accurate.  

    “Captain, incoming transmission from the Imperial Palace.”

    “Send it over.”

    A few seconds passed before Gabriel Lorca’s image appeared on the viewscreen. He was a little banged up but his lips held a victorious smile.

    “Chris, I trust you received my gift?”

    “I did indeed, thank you.”

    “How soon can you get here?”

    “About three days, think you can manage things in the meantime?”

    “Can do, Lorca out.”

    He pressed a button on his desk, “Helm, set course for the Imperial Palace.”

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    Retribution: The Long Day

    Chapter 3 | Masterlist

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Word Count: 3.9k

    Summary: Years ago, Lieutenant Christopher Pike and his team’s classified mission failed changing the course of two peoples – the Estess whose planet was strategically important to the Federation and the deeply spiritual Gileseians whose out of the way home was location and resource poor. The price for his involvment will be steep and the debt is about to be called in.

    This story takes place after the Season 2 finale. Control was defeated and all the events of Season 2 occurred except for Discovery travelling into the future.


    The Day Before the Hijacking

    “For years you refused even casual dates with service members. Now you’ve joined Starfleet and married one of their best-known captains.” Megan remarked.

    Aalin cooed at the baby in her arms and lightly brushed her nose against his. “Actually, I was asked to help out as a civilian consultant on one mission and then decided to stay on board as a language specialist. There’s a big difference between that and earning a commission through the Academy.” She added in her head, as the officers of the Yorktown reminded me again and again when I was assigned there while Chris was on Discovery and Enterprise was being rebuilt.

    Megan and Cecelia traded knowing looks. Their friend was deflecting as was her habit when she wasn’t feeling confident, or she was feeling pensive. “Why did you decide to stay here when Chris was called back to the ship?” Cecelia asked.

    Still focused on the baby Aalin replied as if the answer were obvious, “To spend more time with my godson.” She then switched topics. “I’m sorry Laura couldn’t come today, I wanted to say goodbye.”

    The four met as freshmen roommates in college dorm quad and remained best friends. They’d seen each other through first loves, lost loves, bad breakups, bad hair days, first jobs, new jobs, marriage, divorce, remarriage, miscarriages, and the loss of a parent.

    “She’s in ‘I’ve got a sexy new girlfriend’ mode. Though I think it’s more about creating some distance after the divorce between her old life and the new one she is building. We rarely see her and when we do it is never without Madeline,” Megan said.

    Cecelia snorted. Megan chuckled, “In case that needs interpretation, Cecelia is not a fan of Madeline.”

    “Damn straight. She has an unhealthy influence over Laura.” Cecelia said, “but Laura has always emersed herself in her passion of the moment, whether that is a woman, a job, or a hobby. All we can do is be there if she needs us.” The three were protective of their kind, tenderhearted friend who frequently literally gave someone the shirt off her back or all the money in her pocket. It wasn’t unusual for Laura to invite a stranger needing comfort, care, or medical attention back to her apartment where she fed them and tucked them into her own bed.

    “Back to the question you are avoiding,” Megan prodded Aalin.

    “Who wants to end a vacation early if they don’t have to?” Aalin countered with her own question. Then she sighed and conceded. “You’re going to think that it sounds silly.”

    Both Megan and Cecelia smiled and then responded simultaneously, “Maybe, but we’ll love you anyway.”

    Aalin sipped her green tea, which they were drinking in deference to the nursing mother, gathering her thoughts. “These past six months of leave is the first time we’ve been together off the ship. The first time in our marriage we were only Chris and Aalin. Just an anonymous couple. I guess I didn’t want to let go of that until I had to. Once Chris steps on board a Starfleet ship, he’s Captain Pike. Protocols kick in, complexities. Like everyone has in real life.”

    Both friends sat quietly. Aalin moved her arm in a circle as she continued. “And I miss this, us, together face-to-face. Girls’ night out. The three people, other than Chris, with whom I can talk about anything. The ones who will tell me, after listening to my venting, that I was being stubborn and cranky, and the fight was my fault. The ones who will agree he was being an ass and I am totally blameless.” Aalin tilted her head and smiled slightly, “Even if I’m not.”

    “Are you unhappy?” Megan asked with a concerned expression.

    “No, no not at all,” Aalin answered immediately and then continued softly, “I’m … isolated, I feel isolated, rarely, but it happens. Like my safety … net … no that’s not quite right, maybe safety valve … is missing. The crew is like a family and I have several close friends, but … it’s important that I am careful about what I share with the people who serve under Chris, or for that matter, the people who have served under Chris in the past or may be part of his crew in the future.”

    “That is practically everyone in Starfleet. Is there no one on board you can unreservedly confide in? Are you being too cautious?” Cecelia nudged.

    “One, the CMO, Dr. Boyce. But he is Chris’ friend and that would be unfair to both of them.” Aalin shook her head. “Too cautious? No.”

    Cecelia considered for a moment. “I disagree. But then I have never been in the service nor lived aboard a ship.”

    “Really, this is only end of vacation blues and accepting I may not see either of you again for several years.” Aalin frowned slightly, “I knew it would be hard being away from my friends and family for these lengthy missions, but I didn’t fully understand the true repercussions. You and your lives have changed so much, and I missed all of it.”

    She added sadly to herself, and at times these past months it’s felt like we four are only acquaintances rather than old friends. Will we be strangers by the time I return in several more years?

    Aalin continued aloud, “I’ve missed birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, recitals, this little guy’s birth, Laura finishing her medical residency and fellowship, Megan’s promotion, Cecila’s latest marriage and divorce ...”

    Megan laughed, “Yes it turns out Cecelia’s third husband prefers bluer skin and antennae.”

    Cecelia shrugged, “He was still worth it and now I get invited to all the best Andorian parties. Trust me, they know how to throw a good soiree. I’d swear off future marriages but planning a wedding is so much fun.” Cecelia’s flippant manner often hid her perceptive nature. “Aalin, vastly divergent paths won’t break our bond. Things change and we adapt but our friendship will continue.”

    “Which reminds me,” Megan changed the subject as she pointed to Aalin, “you have not provided any of the required sisterhood information for new boyfriend/lover/spouse. And we are not likely to be serving under Chris anytime soon; Cecelia don’t even go there,” Megan warned as Cecelia took a breath.

    “How can I not when you hand me such a tempting opening? Seriously, he’s hot as, well in deference to you Megan I will skip the coarse language. I’d wager there is a waiting list for those willing to serve underChris.”

    Aalin grimaced.

    “So spill it. You know the drill,” Megan finished.

    “Okay. First meeting, you already know, a briefing. First date, we never really had any dates.”

    “He is a busy guy,” Cecelia pointed out.

    Aalin ignored her and continued, “But we worked together a lot during that first mission, especially one on one.” She paused. “First time, it was … gradual.” Diverting their attention from any further questioning on that particular subject she added, “Sidebar, you would be amazed the number of times a captain gets called to the bridge during odd hours or at inconvenient times.”

    “And the most important information?” Cecelia prompted impatiently.

    “Meaning?” Aalin asked innocently.

    “You know very well what I mean. I always give a full analysis.”

    “And there are times Cecelia I truly wish your descriptions were less vivid,” Megan countered.

    Aalin knew it was a waste of energy to try and squirm out of it. “Good captains are very attentive to detail … the application of which, in other settings, is … nice … ok … amazing. And Chris is an extraordinarily good captain.”

    “Explain to me again why you didn’t leave with him?” Cecelia teased. “If you aren’t going to share any juicy morsels at least throw us a bone. Was Chris different on leave than on the ship?”

    “Hmmm. He didn’t have trouble letting go of all of it, one moment he was Captain Pike issuing final orders and the next he was Chris, relaxed and completely in the moment.”

    “That’s probably a necessary survival skill, otherwise how could you shoulder all that responsibility?” Megan remarked.

    “True. But was he different? Not particularly. But he was … more. I guess that doesn’t make much sense. He has a great sense of humor but on leave he was often wickedly funny. He exhibited a playfulness which doesn’t surface much on the ship. And all that preternatural attentiveness that is usually cataloging everything going on around his ship and crew was suddenly focused entirely on me twenty-four seven. That took a bit of getting used to, but I grew to like it very much. Oh and he has a shore leave uniform, black t-shirt and jeans or khaki cargo pants. It seems some habits are too deeply ingrained to be relaxed.”

    “And?” Cecelia prompted.

    “He doesn’t keep his temper as tightly reined as he does on the ship. My aversion to horses which he attributed to a simple flaw in my education that would quickly and easily be corrected once I experienced them properly, well I’m still warming to them, but I’m no longer afraid of them. And I think we climbed every rock face in the American southwest at least twice.”

    Megan picked up her son from Aalin’s arms. “This little guy needs his nap. It really is very romantic. You are drafted aboard the flagship by its heroic captain for a high stakes mission. In the beginning you intensely dislike one another yet soon fall madly in love. But both try to ignore those feelings because your lives are so different. You never want to put him in the position of having to sacrifice the love of his life for his crew. He wants to protect you from all danger. You finally acknowledge that love when stranded after a shuttle crash, he seriously injured and on the verge of death. Both admit you belong together, always, that nothing will keep you apart … not even death. Miraculously, it’s not too late. You give up everything to stay on board the ship. And live happily ever after roaming the stars.”

    Aalin shook her head and chuckled. “That’s not at all the way it happened.”

    “Sometimes you are the one on the verge of dying, but please, don’t mess with how I have it worked out in my head.” Megan replied. “I’ve been married ten years and have three children. I need a little romantic fantasy.”

    “I like it too. Yes, we declare that the official story.” Cecelia added. “Aalin, you should take one of those sublight speed cruisers back to space dock. You have to travel, so why not enjoy pampering, luxury and scenery during the trip?”


    Day of the Hijacking – 7:00 am

    Ambassador Shran frowned at the inevitable hustle and bustle that accompanied him everywhere even when he was traveling with only one aide on a personal trip back to his home world. Already, before reaching his seat, the transport captain, head steward, and several well-connect civilians had approached and greeted him. A descendant of General Thy'lek Shran, he was the longest serving member of the Federation Council. Spotting a familiar face a few rows back, he detoured there. “Ms. Matthews ...”

    She immediately stood and began the Andorian ritual greeting for a respected elder.

    Shran waved it off. “Sit child, please. You know I detest all this foolish … what do you humans call it? Ah, yes folderal.”

    “You have not changed.” She waited for him to sit in the seat beside her before retaking her own. “Are you traveling to Andoria?”

    “Yes, for my newest granddaughter’s naming ceremony. My youngest son’s first child. In anticipation of your next question and regardless of whether you want to see them or not, here are the pictures.” He hands over the holograms, beaming, antennae ram rod straight communicating his pride.

    “She is beautiful. Is this your fifth grandchild?”

    “Seventh. My first recently began his studies at Starfleet Academy, as is tradition for eldest males in our family. Look. My aide has finally realized I slipped his leash.” Shran waved to his harried assistant then closed his eyes for a few seconds. “There, I have asked him to give us a few more minutes to chat.”

    “The telepathic abilities are from your Aenar heritage?”

    Shran nodded. “An increasingly rare trait as the Aenar subspecies on Andoria continue to leave the ice floes and assimilate into the mainstream. Now enough of me, I am ancient and boring and rarely have the good fortune to flirt with a pretty woman.”

    Blushing she replied, “I see you have not lost your talent for flattery and embellishment.”

    “Bah, you humans and your humility. It has been four years since I saw you last when we were part of the delegation to the Gileseian refugee camps.” He stopped and made a sign of respect for the injured and departed, eyes troubled, antennae drooping. “By the time the Federation Council decided to tour the camps the conditions were … I am not sure there are words sufficient to describe the conditions. I heard you stayed?”

    “They needed interpreters and it was a small way to help.”

    There is that well-known discretion, he thought.“Are you back at the State Department?”

    “No, I am assigned to Enterprise now.” His antennae twitched communicating his curiosity. She smiled and added, “I guess you could say I took a detour.”

    “Ah, so you did not overcome the power of the dimples after all.”

    “What?” She asked looking confused.

    Shran continued without pause. “You must visit me and tell me the whole story. We will drink my homemade wine.”

    “I have heard the rumors about your homemade wine. And the part it played encouraging your third wife to marry you.”

    “Ah, a fine time, neither of us could remember those two days. She was a spirited woman. You could be my fourth.”

    She laughed, “I am not sure I am worthy of that honor … or that I could keep up with you.”

    His antennae danced communicating his delight. “The Enterprise launches in two days does it not? After an extensive refit.”


    Shran clasped her hands in his before standing. “My aide has not bothered me for ten minutes; I must give him that chance. Aalin, Be Bold, Well and Happy,” he recited the traditional Andorian farewell and bowed slightly.

    She answered with the same in perfect Andorian and watched fondly as he spryly made his way to the front of the cabin. After checking her watch and rummaging through her bag for her personal subspace communicator, she decided to call Chris.


    Aalin felt the weapon rammed into her side before she heard and saw the commotion at the front of the cabin. The man holding the weapon whispered in her ear, “Cooperate and we won’t hurt anyone. Don’t and we kill passengers, starting with the children.”

    She nodded as he painfully tightened his grip on her upper arm then roughly jerked her up and out of the seat. With the weapon now pointed at her lower back, he dragged her to the front of the cabin and shoved her down onto the floor banging her head against the wall. Another put on metal restraints, locking Aalin’s wrists together and then her ankles.

    A man who appeared to be the leader squatted waving his weapon in front of her face. “Was anyone traveling with you?”


    He looked to his side, “Is she telling the truth?”

    “Yes, the manifest lists the other seat as unoccupied.”

    1:30 pm

    Christopher Pike entered the bridge and looked to Number One for an explanation. “I assume I’m no longer in your way?” he teased.

    Una’s mouth twitched but unfortunately there wasn’t time to indulge in a verbal sparring match. “Captain we picked up an unusual and brief transmission broadcasting a set of coordinates on an ultra-low subspace frequency. Scans of the area report … strange readings, though we are still running diagnostics to determine if the new scanners and software are functioning properly.

    Pike nodded his acknowledgement. “Amin, show me a plot of the coordinates.” He quickly scanned the map displayed on the main viewscreen. “That is not a heavily traveled area of space.” He looked to the science station. “Is it coming from a ship?”

    “Unknown sir, but there are no planets or asteroids near enough to be the source of the transmission. Yet, there is no transponder signal which we would expect from a ship, especially one in difficulty,” replied the officer filling in for Spock.

    “I can ping the transmission source, but it won’t accept a reply,” added Nicola the communications officer on duty. “It’s on an odd frequency for this area of space, one usually reserved for deep space communications.”

    Pike glanced to Una and she raised an eyebrow in response. “It’s perplexing. We think it’s a distress call. Most likely from a Starfleet vessel. No one else uses those frequencies. But it has an unusual signature.”

    Dr. Boyce joined them on the bridge. “Could it be a trap?”

    Una replied, “If it is, it’s not a clever one.”

    “Captain, the last ping reports a slight change in the coordinates. Whatever it is, it’s moving.”

    “So it’s a ship,” Pike surmised. “Nicola, is broadcasting on this frequency difficult?”

    “No sir, little power or precision is required.”

    Pike walked to the main viewscreen and narrowed his eyes, as if he were willing it to provide more information. “OK, we assume it’s a distress call. Have you broadcasted an alert to the fleet?”

    Una nodded. “There is a medical frigate in route as a precaution. It’s about 45 minutes ahead of us.”

    “Let’s get underway then, warp eight. How long? Pike asked.

    “Ninety minutes,” Amin replied.

    “Nicola, tell the medical frigate to hold half a parsec away from the coordinates until we arrive,” Pike said. He looked to Dr. Boyce. “Get Sickbay ready for casualties.”

    Pike turned to the viewscreen, once again staring at it. What am I missing … it is right there, just beyond my reach. He methodically examined the map again. No … No … There are too many places in this sector for a ship to effectively hide and avoid detection from routine sensor sweeps … No … Yes. Being, as his wife called him, a pilot nerd, Chris had memorized the route of the transport she was taking back to space dock. The coordinates of the signal are not far from the point where her transport briefly goes to warp and then resumes its course at impulse. That’s odd … … and coincidental …. … … I don’t trust happenstance. He felt increasingly agitated, and his instincts were screaming that something was horribly wrong.

    And then Pike remembered a security bulletin issued eight months ago. Damn. He shouted, “Stop all active scans!”

    The bridge officers looked baffled and concerned. Typically, their commander only raised his voice in order to be heard above background noise.

    “Now!” Pike reiterated. “Passive sensors only. And make sure the Captain of the medical frigate knows as well. Raise shields and go to yellow alert. Tell the medical frigate to do the same. Call Commander Bengsston to the bridge.” There were a chorus of ‘Aye, sir’.

    Nicola murmured to himself, “That’s weird.”

    “Repeat that Lieutenant,” Pike ordered in a firm tone.

    “Sir, this shouldn’t be possible, but whatever is broadcasting those coordinates is commercial, not Starfleet equipment. It has a subscriber identity module, like the old-style SIM cards. But a commercial device shouldn’t have this range. Nor access to reserved Starfleet frequencies.”

    “Unless it’s a prototype.” Pike said quietly, barely controlling his worry as he put the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together. “And it’s twin is on board Enterprise.”

    3:30 pm

    “Captain incoming message from Commander Bengsston, audio only.”

    Pike steeled himself and willed his expression to be neutral. It would be easier to listen to the update from the breaching teams in his ready room, but quick responses might be needed from the bridge crew. This was not a time for indulgence, over 1500 lives were at stake. Una caught his eye for a moment offering her support. “On speaker Nicola.”

    The security chief’s deep voice reported, “Hostage is secure and … ok. The ship is ours. Bomb neutralized. Hostiles in custody. There are a few injuries among the crew, two critical. All other passengers accounted for and uninjured.”

    Pike let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Number One inform the hospital ship they can dock with the transport and begin off-loading the passengers. Beam the prisoners directly to the brig. We’ll treat and debrief the crew here.”

    Bengsston continued, “There was one casualty, the Andorian Ambassador to the Federation Council.”

    “Beam his body to Sickbay,” Pike said softly.

    “That … won’t be possible. Also, there are two Starfleet officers from Discovery on board. They may need medical attention.”

    “Nicola coordinate that with Dr. Boyce.” Pike breathed a sigh of relief. Other than the clean-up … it’s over.

    A loud, high-pitched noise, an eerie and foreboding shriek/beep hybrid transmitted over the still open comm link. Intermittent at first and then constant. The Enterprise bridge officers heard Bengsston mutter “What the hell? … Damn it.” Then he shouted, “Beam the lead hijacker back to my coordinates. Now! Enterprise, we have a problem.”

    The nightmare was just beginning.

    Near Midnight

    Una massaged her forehead trying to relieve a growing headache as she observed the ongoing interrogations of the hijackers. Isak Bengsston joined her.

    “Where is Chris?”

    “He left for Sickbay ten minutes ago. Phil expects Aalin to wake up soon.” Una replied. “Did Nhan finish debriefing Ensign Tilly and Lieutenant Detmer?”

    “Yes. I am impressed. And they corroborated everything we know so far.”

    Una gave him a tired smile. “I didn’t think you ever used that word.”

    “I can be impressed … rarely. They acted quickly but thoughtfully. And managed not to make things worse. Impressive.”

    “They did serve under Chris for nine months.”

    “Then I would like to meet the rest of Discovery’s crew.” He looked thoughtful. “I have never been so proud to serve under any commander than this afternoon when Chris called you and I to the ready room and shared his suspicions about the identity of the ship and who was on board.”

    Una turned towards Isak as he continued. “Chris has the skills; he could have justified leading the assault squads. Yet he trusted me and my teams. And he never, not once, put you in the difficult position of having to remind him he must remain on Enterprise. Not even when things got complicated. That took a discipline and a strength of will I am not sure I possess. If Matt had been the one who was … I would have wanted to be there first; I would have needed to be there in person …” his voice drifted off.

    She laid a comforting hand on his arm and nodded her agreement.

    They watched silently for a few minutes. Una spoke first, “This doesn’t add up.” She gestured at the prisoners on the screen. “We are missing something, but I am too tired to see it.”

    “I agree. We should give the Chris a heads up.”

    “Don’t bother him. It can wait until morning.” Una decided.

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    Date Night: First Date Part 1

    Pike x Reader Masterlist

    Pairing: Pike x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Teen

    Work Count: 1.5k

    Summary: The unique adventures of date night with Christopher Pike. This is a series of random vignettes.

    A large red X blinks on the three-dimension control panel. Following it the computer’s voice announces, “Subspace channel collapsed. Hailing frequencies scrambled and dropped. Resetting the program. Begin again.”

    “Damn,” you say.

    Entering the simulation lab as the computer speaks, Chris calls from the doorway, “Not going well?”

    “That is a charitable description,” you reply with a sigh pulling the wireless communication bud from your ear.

    Chris crosses the room and since you’re alone kisses your cheek. “The shortwave higher subspace frequencies are tricky, especially when factoring in the vast distances involved for sending to and receiving from a starship. Subspace communications are as much art as science. Proficiency with the basics is the only requirement. No one expects you to become a specialist.” He then adds for encouragement, “Practice helps.”

    “Maybe,” you say quietly. “I hope so.”

    He holds out a thermos and sits in a nearby chair. “I brought coffee. Take a break.”

    That elicits a smile. “Thanks. Slow day?”

    “With the preliminary security and medical surveys complete, the science teams are now working on the surface. Little on the ship or the planet requires my attention,” he answers. “I’ve been thinking …”

    “Chris … what if I can’t learn this?” you ask in an unsure tone of voice.

    He places his thermos of coffee on the table and give you his complete focus.

    You shake your head slightly. “I’m not worried about the academic classes, but what about the physical training?” You wave your hand at the control panel. “The required onboard systems? I’ve never had to fly a ship or transmit more than a basic close-range message. If I can’t pass the exams, my temporary commission won’t become permanent …” your voice drifts off. “I don’t want to be apart from you.”

    “You won’t be.” Chris reaches for your hand and clasps it. “I’m confident you’ll master the required skills and more. So are your other instructors.”

    “I should have known you’d get report cards with my grades.”

    With a dimpled smile he replies, “I am the Captain.”

    “A fact you point out when convenient,” you counter in a dry tone.

    He chuckles. “Yeah. If you tire of living and working in space, if you don’t pass, we’ll build a new life on Earth.”

    “That’s not fair, you spent years preparing for Starfleet and earning your position. I’d never ask you to make that sacrifice.”

    He raises an eyebrow. “This is a marriage, a partnership. Being parted from you would be the sacrifice. Besides, I could raise horses …”

    Reaching over and placing a hand on his cheek you think, Now and then my unsentimental rarely romantic husband hits the bull’s eye. It’s usually stealthy, plopped in the middle of a casual conversation … and it’s always genuine. You say, “I love you.” Chris sighs almost imperceptivity. Silently both relished the intimacy.

    The public address system announces a drill ending the moment.

    “How is it possible you manage to work horses into nearly every conversation. When you first encountered the Klingons did you inquire about their equine species?”

    “Klingons have specially bred sargs much like the medieval destrier war horses …” he starts.

    “I’m sorry I asked,” you murmur.

    He continues without pause, “of course sargs are taller and can bear more weight than even a destrier as Klingon armor is extensive and heavier …”


    “… and sargs are put through an extensive training programing which includes fighting techniques, it starts when the colt is six months old …”


    “… the warriors control their mount with knees and voice commands, no reins are used …”

    Well at least this time it’s not pillow talk, you think. “Christopher!”

    “What? Oh.” He grins, “Anyway, no one is going to let you fly this ship.”

    “Seriously, you mean despite my ‘putting out,’ I don’t get to helm Enterprise? I expected that was one of the perks of sleeping with the Captain,” you tease back.

    “I was thinking,” Chris says returning to the other reason he stopped by. “We’ve been married two months yet never had a proper date.”

    “Isn’t that irrelevant now? And it’s OK, I get dates are not easy for the ship’s commander, it’s like having over four hundred metaphorical parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and curious bystanders looking over your shoulder and critiquing your every move.”

    Chris tilts his head slightly and narrows his eyes. “That’s a disturbing image. And not at all what I meant. Since the ship and crew consume most of my time, we should make it a priority as a couple to have date nights. A regular schedule is unlikely, like Friday nights, but …”

    Tuning out, you indulge the image forming in your mind – candlelight dinner, soft music, a very slow and intimate dance, Chris whispering endearments in your ear as your bodies sway, the soft kisses he places on your temple, neck, and …

    “By the expression on your face I see you agree.” He stands. “Excellent. I’ll make all the arrangements. Meet me in our quarters at 4:00pm.” After another chaste kiss, he departs.


    “Sorry I’m late, there was a glitch with the universal translator update,” you apologize entering your quarters and come to an abrupt halt in the living room. Chris, seated at the table and dressed in form-fitting black crew shirt and pants, is sorting through equipment as he stows it in a backpack. You think, That’s an odd outfit for a romantic dinner. After appreciating how the clothes hug his toned body you amend, or not …

    “No worries,” he answers.

    “I know it’s early, but I’m famished.”

    Chris tosses you an energy bar and says, “Your gear’s on the bed.”

    What? Rather than question, you walk into your bedroom. Laid out on the bed is a similar outfit in your size. On the floor sits a pair of light and flexible shoes. OK, never figured straight arrow Chris as the role-playing type, but then we have a lot to learn about each other.Trusting him implicitly and eager for that earlier imagined slow intimate dance, you change into the sports bra, shirt, and leggings. Knowing he prefers your hair down; you free it from the ponytail band.

    Looking up from his task when you reenter the living room, Chris flashes a brilliant smile. “The gear’s all packed.

    Gear? For a date? Curiouser and Curiouser.

    “But …” He points to an armchair. “Sit.” Disappearing into the bathroom he returns with a brush and hair band. “For safety your hair should be up. I’ll do it.”

    Safety? “Ah Chris, exactly what do you have in mind?”

    Standing behind the chair he kisses the top of your head and begins brushing your hair, carefully unsnarling the tangles. “A favorite activity. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you and we won’t try anything past what a beginner is ready for, what you feel comfortable with. If the conditions are right, we can keep going well into the night.”

    Well, Chris does have impressive stamina. The sensual feeling of a lover caressing your hair lulls you away from further inquiries. Too soon, he lays the brush aside, braids the locks, and wraps and pins the braid into a tight bun.”

    “Where did you learn to French-braid?” still savoring the pampering, you ask in a dreamy tone. “There were no young girls in your family … Oh … no … do not tell me your proficiency comes from braiding horses’ manes and tails.” You add emphatically, “Do Not.”

    Chris shrugs. “Okay. I won’t. And you need a safe word.”


    Seeing your shoe is unlaced he goes down on one knee and ties it which distracts you from his explanation. “A way to let me know if you are injured or need help or if things get too rough or if I go too fast. Use it anytime you are uncomfortable and want to stop. One that’s simple but not common in everyday conversation.” Chris grins mischievously. “We’ll use canter.” He picks up the backpack and gestures to the door. “Let’s go.”

    “Go where?”

    “To the transporter room. I thought we’d spend the evening planet side in the fresh air.”

    Visions of candlelight, a blanket spread on the sand with casually tossed pillows, a table by the water under a gauzy canopy fluttering in the breeze, a moonlit walk by and in gentle waves fill your thoughts. Stretching up standing on your toes, you run hands up his chest, and kiss him deeply, lingering. Wrong outfit for it though, maybe he packed bathing suits …

    Fifteen minutes later, after a brief hike, you stand staring at the cliff face. “Rock climbing?” you ask for the third time.

    “Yeah.” Chris adds, “The view from the summit is amazing.”

    “And we didn’t simply transport to the top because?”

    “Getting there is the fun part,” Chris promises as he attaches a safety line to his belt and then yours. “It’s a novice ascent and should only take three or four hours.”

    “Chris, you are taking me rock climbing for a date and still believe there will be sex for you at the end of the evening. You truly are an optimist. It’s a good thing for you I’ve already married you.”

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  • defconprime
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    Acting Captain Pike from Star Trek Timelines, 2019.

    #christopher pike #star trek tos #star trek discovery #star trek snw #star trek timelines #star trek video games
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    Rittenhouse Discovery Season Two trading card number CC6, "Pike," 2020.

    #star trek tos #star trek snw #star trek discovery #christopher pike #star trek cards
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    Pockets... what for?     And some uniform chatter.

    I’m wound up in RL stuff right now, which is why it takes me so long to write my first review (or rather prologue).

    But a random thought just struck me when I browsed through google and found this pic of Pike in his Disco uniform:

    What exactly are the pockets for on the uniform pants???

    They are also on the gold uniform (although you gotta look closely to see them):

    They are only for opitcal reasons, right? Right?

    I mean, the pants sit so tight nobody could possibly store anything in the pockets without getting their hands stuck in them (which would make some interesting self-bondage... but let’s not get carried away here). 

    What’s with Star Trek producers torturing their cast with super tight uniforms? I remember an interview with Colm Meaney in which he said he liked the new DS9 uniform better because the TNG one was so uncomfortably tight. 

    Not that I mind seeing almost every of Anson’s body details nuanced by the tight unform (especially the gold one... ahem!). But give the cast some relief for god’s sake! 

    After seeing the cast introduction promo for SNW it seems the producers are a bit more merciful as the new uniforms look more TOS-like and less tight.

    (Ahhh... that wonderful silver hair...)

    (Ethan rocking the new uniform)

    Although there seem to be 2 different uniforms with the other one looking close to the Disco ones. 

    (Yes, I did NOT cut out Rebecca’s/Una’s beautiful names!)

    (Can I say how much I love the ear communication device?)

    Maybe one is for on board duties and the other for landing parties? On the other hand, Star Trek is known for playing around with uniforms and having multiple designs at the same time. Kirk had his usual command uniform and then also his green more formal one:

    And Picard also had two uniforms he used alternatingly, his standard one and then a more casual one:

    Also, Disco already changed uniforms 3 times: The blue ones they started with, then briefly the S3 future grey Starfleet standard uniform and now the S4 ones with the TNG color scheme for command, science and engineering clusters.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a changed uniform for every new SNW season.

    I strongly vote for keeping the tactical vest though, because... how awesome did Pike look in them? 

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    #2021 chanukah ficlet challenge #lodessa writes fic #star trek: discovery #katrina cornwell#christopher pike #discovery!pike #cornwell x pike #lorca and cornwell x lorca references abound
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    Retribution: Tilly and Detmer Save the Day

    Chapter 2 | Chapter 4 | Masterlist

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x OC

    Rating: Mature

    Word Count: 1.4k

    Summary: Years ago, Lieutenant Christopher Pike and his team’s classified mission failed changing the course of two peoples – the Estess whose planet was strategically important to the Federation and the deeply spiritual Gileseians whose out of the way home was location and resource poor. The price for his involvment will be steep and the debt is about to be called in.

    This story takes place after the Season 2 finale. Control was defeated and all the events of Season 2 occurred except for Discovery travelling into the future.


    Detmer ran to the window. “There’s a fighter beside us, I don’t recognize its configuration.”

    Tilly ran to the other window. “There’s one on this side too. We’re slowing down. Do you feel it?”

    Detmer nodded.

    They heard more shouting and additional loud cracks that sounded like weapons fire. Tilly started to run down the stairs to the passenger cabins, but Detmer grabbed her arm pulling her back. “That sounds like a particle weapon. We need to find out what is happening before rushing in.”

    Tilly searched the room. “There must be an internal comm system, maybe I can access it. Fifteen minutes later they tapped into the flight deck.

    “I don’t recognize the language, and the universal translator seems to be disabled.” Tilly said.

    “Try the first-class cabin, most of the shouting came from that direction.” Detmer suggested.

    In the first class cabin those conversing were using Federation standard. “… You’ve already killed the ambassador. Let me treat the injured. The burns inflicted by your weapons need quick intervention or infection will set in. Your negotiating position will be stronger if … You can treat the flight crew but not the hostage … Are the injections ready … See if they need help in the main cabin, confiscate all communication devices in case the jamming fails … kill anyone who resists …”

    “I think we’ve being hijacked.” Tilly said, alarm bleeding into her voice.

    “… check the rest of the ship, make sure everyone in is their seats …”

    Tilly and Detmer both held their breath when they heard footsteps on the stairs. “Hide!” Detmer whispered as she tugged Tilly along and pushed her into a cart of towels. Once satisfied that Tilly was concealed, Detmer stuffed herself into a locker and closed the door. They could hear two distinct voices as they waited. And waited. And waited.

    And waited. Tilly resisted the urge to whimper and squirm when her legs started cramping. Once she was certain both men had descended the staircase, she jumped out of the cart and opened Detmer’s locker door. “That was close.”

    Detmer looked out the window again. “Our course has changed. We’ve got to get a message to Starfleet, but they’re probably jamming communications. I would.”

    “I have some tools in my bag, I’ll get it from the locker. Maybe there is a way to send a message from here.”

    “Who else would carry a toolkit in her bag on a vacation?” Detmer said as she shook her head. “Have I mentioned lately I am really glad you are you?”

    Tilly picked up her bag and scattered its contents on the floor. “Hell and damn, this isn’t mine, they must have gotten switched when she gave me her window seat. I forgot our bags looked exactly alike.” Detmer started picking through the contents. “Wait,” Tilly said as she pushed Keyla’s hands back, “those things could be personal.”

    Detmer rolled her eyes, “I don’t think that matters right now.” She picked up a compact black and gold device that had an attached wireless earbud. “Do you recognize this?”

    Tilly examined it and her eyes grew wide with excitement. “I’ve read about these. It’s a personal subspace communicator and is supposed to have a phenomenal range. They’re still experimental, only a few have been produced. I didn’t think any were operational yet. It uses a special commercial frequency rather than government or military ones. They may not have thought to jam that.” She opened it and started to activate a call.

    “Stop!” Detmer shouted in a whisper. She grabbed the communicator and carefully closed it.

    “Keyla, people have been injured. We have to do something!”

    “Even if they are not jamming the frequency, they will detect the transmission.” Detmer took a deep breath, willing herself to be calm. And asked herself, what would Captain Pike do if he were here?Thinking of their former commander steadied her. He would assess the situation and his resources and then act. “We have to stop and think this through, be methodical rather than reckless. OK?”

    Tilly took a deep breath and nodded.

    Keyla forced herself to speak slowly. “First, an SOS, we call for help. Transmit initial position coordinates that can be identified and tracked. And then understand what is being said below. Is there a way to send a brief message that might go unnoticed? Or seem like an anomaly or an echo?”

    “Hmmmm …”

    Detmer could see Tilly’s mind bounce from possibility to possibility.

    “… yes.” Tilly pointed to the experimental communicator. “I can modify this to broadcast a squirt on the ultra-low frequency Starfleet uses for heads-up messages to ships in deep space. I doubt anyone else monitors that subspace band. And if the device is left on, they should be able to ping it for up-to-date location information. It won’t be exact though; these communicators are designed to work in pairs, and we have no idea where it’s twin is. Can you give an initial position estimate from a visual?” Tilly asked.

    “It will be rough with no instruments, but accurate enough.” Detmer replied.

    “Good. Then I can hook its universal translator into the internal comms.”

    With the message and coordinates dispatched, they tuned into the flight deck again. “… Where’s the damn shuttle? The hostage is secured … Is the bomb ready? … Yes, you can detonate it remotely once we are at a safe distance.” They heard another loud crack and then the conversation on the flight deck continued, “What the hell was that?”

    “Quick, switch to the first-class cabin,” Detmer gestured as she spoke.

    “… You idiot, you shot the hostage? … Just in the shoulder ...” They heard a punch and someone hitting a wall or the floor. “… I told you to make sure the hostage’s injuries aren’t visible. They won’t negotiate if they think we have harmed her…”


    “Number One, we’re picking up traffic in the ultra-low frequency band.”

    “Are you sure, why would anyone use that transmission protocol this close to Command?”

    “Yes, it’s definitely a low-end subspace frequency.”

    “Call the Captain to the bridge and inform Engineering we may be going to maximum warp. When Chief Louvier complains tell him yes, I really mean it. Navigation get a position and start tracking.”


    Time passed slowly as the two officers waited for an indication their message was received. Suddenly they heard an ominous beeping, like a bomb activating or a countdown starting.

    Voices came through the intercom. “Go tell the pilot to change course, evasion pattern delta, we’ve been scanned … We need to get off this ship now! … Find a way to get us to the shuttle faster … And turn off that damn noise …”

    “We are running out of time. Could you fly this ship if we created a distraction and got onto the flight deck?” Tilly asked frantically trying to think of a solution.

    “Sure, but I don’t see how we can take over the flight deck. We don’t know how many hostiles there are, we don’t know their positions and we don’t have any weapons. Could you deactivate their weapons from here?”

    “No,” Tilly replied. “There has to be something we can do. We can’t let them take a hostage off the ship. And we’ve got to find that bomb.”


    Several Hours Later

    Dr. Boyce approached his two patients from the hijacked ship. “How are you feeling?”

    “A little groggy but otherwise OK,” Detmer responded. Tilly nodded in agreement.

    “That was a powerful anesthetic you mixed up with supplies from the spa and the transport’s infirmary. Even though you sheltered in the sauna during its dispersal you still got a slight dose when you entered the passenger sections to secure the hostiles.” The doctor smiled at them. “A very clever plan.”

    “Is it over? Is everyone OK?” Tilly asked.

    Boyce hesitated, “All the passengers are off the transport and on the hospital ship, except …” Stopping, he redirected the conversation. “A few had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic but will be fine in a couple of days. You are released from Sickbay. Lieutenant Colt will escort you to the debrief.”

    A young woman approached and smiled. “I brought uniforms for you.”

    As they were dressing, the ship shuddered faintly. Then a deep voice called, “Three to beam directly to Sickbay, one in cardiac arrest.” The trauma teams assembled in the middle of the room and Colt quickly escorted Tilly and Keyla out of the way. As they exited, Tilly saw three people materialize, a tall man cradling someone who was semi-conscious and another man prone and unconscious.


    Little went as planned. Who could have envisioned two trained Starfleet officers boarding the transport at the last minute? Or that both would be tucked away in the spa when the operation began? Universal Parents preserve us.

    Her mission now was to ensure the hostage did not survive the night.

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    Since Pike’s Enterprise will have humans, a Vulcan, and an Aenar (Andorian), at some point I expect Sickbay to look like an impromptu color run broke out on board.

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    Christopher Pike + Civvies, Discovery S202 New Eden

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    Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Hunter, the original Christopher Pike. If he had lived he would have been 93 today.

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