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    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The indoor fish in the Phantom Rouge OVA look silly

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    Phantom troupe headcannons Scary acres in Sharpy county Neb edition pt 1.

    Chrollo: he doesn't really care which is his fave but he likes the Master's Castle which is pretty neat to him even the outside part of it

    Hisoka: The Haunted Woods would be his fave and if he wanted to he would be a part of it

    Machi: she wouldn't go in to any of them so she would sit at Bon fire

    Shizuku: she hates them all even the people with the chain saws chasing other people if she saw them she would run away

    Shalnark: he loves them all even the House on the Hill is his most favorite one it's like a rush to him

    Phinks: he doesn't like the haunted woods cause if one of them come up to his face he would punch them and then he would get kicked out of the whole thing

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    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    thoughts of kurapika and chrollo.
    mention of suicide.

    i know i shldnt be shipping kurapika with chrollo. But i have this angst plot where kurapika just wanted to die because he somehow found himself felt something more than hate for chrollo and perhaps, between the intense hate - it bloomed a sense of obsession and chrollo too, felt the same.

    imagine kurapika being engulfed with guilt, wanted nothing but to end the misery of his countless nightmares, and how he felt trapped for his sinful desire for chrollo.

    Like i have this scenario where kurapika wanted to jump off the cliff and chrollo tried his best to keep him alive but chrollo insisted,

    "I'm not going to let you die. If you had to die tonight, I'd go down to Hell and Heaven, drag you back to this earth. I'm not going to let you leave me. Not when all this time I couldn't love you properly. And I'm not dying with you. Because men like me don't belong to people like you. So let me make a heaven out of this hell. Let me hold you a little longer, kurapika."

    Imagine how devastating it is, to be trapped between guilt and boundless love. ARGH ok i need to continue my work.

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    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #chrollo #chrollo hunter x hunter #chrollo lucilfer #chrollo x y/n #chrollo x you #chrollo x reader #chrollo imagine #chrollo lucifer imagine #hunter x hunter imagines #hunter x hunter #anime#mod talks#anime imagines
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    funniest thing on chrollo is that chro chro is czech oink oink 🐷

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    Don’t worry, Illumi is a licensed brain acupuncturist.

    #quick scribbles bc i felt a burning need to be a little bit mean~ #*clenches fist* illumi slowly but surely messing up chrollo's mind #controlling him and the entire troupe from the shadows #that's what im living for #(if you don't wanna get needled then maybe you shouldn't walk around with a target mark on your forehead.. just saying) #tiuco draws#hxh#illukuro
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    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    hey is neon fucking dead

    #did chrollo kill a 16 year old girl for fuck all.... #hxh#neon nostrade #im so.. i hate him
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    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    It’s the weekend so your all gonna send in HxH request okay? Okay. And no, this is not optional. You will send them in, headcanons, one-shots and drabbles. I want all of them.

    #feitan portor#hxh headcanons#hxh #hunter x hunter headcanon #hxh imagines #chrollo x reader #shalnark#pakunoda #hunter x hunter
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  • ramwrites
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Heard Through The Grapevine

    A wonderfully long commission by @needygirl17 , who was kind enough to let me post it :D 

    Warnings: Yandere Shalnark x Reader, mention of death, mention of violence, kidnapping, bad ulterior motives, mind control

    Purplebat: Hey @_ExplainTheTie_! It’s been a while since I’ve caught you online

    _ExplainTheTie_: Omg I’m so sorry! I’ve been working really hard on a video and I’ve completely lost track of everything. Got fired yesterday because of it… I kept showing up late -_-

    Purplebat:  lol you’re on to something?

    _ExplainTheTie_: Yes! I’m sure this time. I rewatched the footage again and I think I’ve figured something out. I’d tell you all about it but my head hurts from thinking about it for so long.

    Purplebat: you rewatched ALL the footage? Again?

    _ExplainTheTie_: I told you I got fired… perhaps that has something to do with it.

    Purplebat: lmao probably

    Purplebat: but dw about it I’ll watch the video when it gets uploaded

    Purplebat: you’ve certainly hyped it up

    _ExplainTheTie_: Looking forward to your reaction. I really think I’m on to something here. Then again, I also thought that about the rabbits…

    Purplebat: rabbits?

    _ExplainTheTie_: Don’t google it, it’s a horrible theory I definitely didn’t invent. Please don’t google it, you will lose all respect you have for me.

    Purplebat: googling as we speaaak

    _ExplainTheTie_:  I hate you so much

    Purplebat: <3

    Shalnark raised his cup of coffee to his lips and took a sip, immediately frowning as the cooled down liquid hit his tongue, no longer warm enough to leave even a pleasant aftertaste. Downing the remaining coffee with distaste, he put the cup back on the desk and swivelled around in his chair, reaching out for a thermos. After refilling the cup, now with warm coffee again, he looked back at the multiple screens, primarily focusing on the blueprints of a high-class restaurant that had enough bonds hidden in their safe to buy up an entire country.

    The boss made a lot of plans in advance, but sometimes delegated the more time-consuming research part to Shalnark, since he quite liked to. There was something about the monotony of figuring out exactly how a plan should go, researching it until the chance of something going amiss was zero in every possible way and then see it all blasted to shreds the moment it was put into action.

    There was no accounting for the number of strong personalities in the troupe, as well as the inherent chaotic way the world spins.

    Right now, he was just looking over some minor details: escape routes, people of interest, surrounding traffic, just to see if there was something he’d missed. The boss had already approved his initial plan, meaning he just had to make some final check-ups before setting everything in motion and sending out the invites to everyone.

    On his second screen there’s a chat window open.

    It’s a strange hobby he’s gotten ever since the Phantom Troupe had gained some infamy. Since they used nen in basically every heist, it made sense normal civilians would not be able to understand how they planned and executed everything. Some things would seem odd or even impossible, and whenever human beings encountered things like that, they would do everything in their power to explain it, to rationalize every bit of it, even if the resulting explanation made no real sense.

    In short, conspiracy theorists.

    There were only a few really popular ones, he’d found out after discovering the phenomenon, and even the most popular one barely had a few thousand views, so it wasn’t a booming content business, but there was enough out there for Shal to keep an eye out.

    The blonde manipulator found it hilarious, watching random people point at chalk boards, crying out how the government probably staged the disappearance of Godrey Fay and his goons, since there was no evidence of any murder. The bodies weren’t there, and neither was any sign of struggle, even though the Phantom Troupe usually left behind piles of corpses. One youtuber even claimed that the incident was an example of the international trafficking of ginger people, since a whopping six out of the ten bodyguards had been red-haired.

    Shalnark found that surprising, even though he already knew that certainly wasn’t what had actually happened.

    The truth, that Shizuku had killed every single one of the people present and suctioned the bodies over into a pocket dimension since she lost her necklace during the fight and had ordered Blinky to suck up everything except that, was even more absurd, but he couldn’t expect them to figure that out.

    Shal continued to watch the videos, even after there was little under the sun that would shock him.

    Most he found was pathetic: baseless claims made in ignorance of nen, spoken with way too much conviction. Those were fun to watch, but they didn’t really manage to surprise him anymore, since they all just copied their theories from Reddit and called it a day. There was only one real conspiracy theorist on the subject of the spider that Shal found very interesting.


    You didn’t have a lot of high-quality equipment, your initial videos even being recorded on a family computer with a webcam, but you’d continued making them, even after it had become clear you wouldn’t get the popularity some others had gotten making these videos. You weren’t hyped up enough for that, merely explaining theories in a steady voice, often over the footage of a powerpoint you’d clearly put a lot of time into.

    Shalnark had clicked on one of your videos out of boredom, the previous conspiracy theorist he’d been watching boring him after their fourth video on how the Phantom Troupe was secretly the militia of a Yorbian government. Your video hadn’t been able to catch his attention immediately, but you’d shown a single photo that had made him very interested in everything you had to say.

    A blurry photo of Shal’s back.

    You merely speculated it was a photo of a member of the troupe, but Shalnark recognized the shirt he was wearing, which meant you were actually right.

    He’d binged all of your videos after that, finding more of those tiny bits of information that you should’ve never been able to figure out or find. Even your username _ExplainTheTie_, was a reference to a still frame of a bloody tie lying amidst rubble in what was originally the bedroom of a billionaire. The Phantom Troupe had been there during a party of said billionaire and raided all the valuables, killing every guest and person present. You’d found the frame on camera footage that was released after the heist had been completed.

    That in itself wouldn’t have been remarkable per se, but you immediately went on to prove that the rubble in the bedroom hadn’t been caused by the later explosions, as the police had assumed, but instead a fight right there that had caused the damage. The thief that had fought there had gotten injured, used the tie as a way to stop the bleeding, but they’d won and taken the merchandise before the explosions had gone off.

    You’d checked the wardrobe of the entire guest list, the employees, security and the billionaire that hosted the party himself and had concluded that none of them had worn something like it, meaning it had to have been worn by the thieves themselves.

    A few comments on your video criticized your reasoning, stating that there was no way you were right, since the chance of it just being a civilian that had changed their outfit and gotten blown up during the explosions was much more likely.

    The insane part was that you were right.

    There had been a small fight in the bedroom, causing the rubble even before Phinks had activated the bombs. It had been the boss himself, wearing the tie that was now visible on the screen. He’d sensed a hunter amongst the security and had lured them to the bedroom of the mansion to get rid of them before they could mess up the plans. The hunter had used a nen-ability the boss hadn’t been able to dodge, and the result was the bloody tie, which he’d left behind afterwards.

    A miniscule mistake, since the entire building had been blown up minutes later, and Feitan burned down the remains even after that. The chances of it surviving all that and being discovered were negligible.

    And still, you’d found it. You’d seen a photo of a tie lying amongst burned rubble and had somehow deducted enough information to lead to a DNA source of the boss. Shalnark was happy not a single soul seemed to believe you, but he was intrigued enough to continue binging every single one of your videos, even commenting on ones he found interesting.

    Since he was one of the few to actually leave behind a comment, you even responded to him, ending up in a weird online friendship.

    The two of you chatted, discussed your theories and even gamed together from time to time.

    You’d endeared yourself to him and he’d caught himself accidentally feeding you hints throughout the time you spent together. They were always subtle, but he’d told himself to stop after he’d caught himself trying to teach you nen over voice chat. It was a stupid joke, and he disguised it as a yoga exercise, but secretly he just wanted to see if you figured it out. There was no way, of course, the mere act of opening your aura nodes taking years if done carefully, and it was basically impossible to teach something so incredibly difficult while in the waiting lobby of a shooter game.

    Still, you’d paid attention, and had even admitted to doing the exercises before bed, since you claimed it helped you sleep better. It was a funny thought to know an exercise that was meant to be practised by nen-users to harness destructive power was used by you to catch a few extra hours of sleep.

    He still found it hilarious to see you interact with him, unknowing he was part of the organisation you were trying to stop, but he also just enjoyed the company, since you always had a tendency to be online when he was.

    He’d known your name months before you told him. The fact he also knew your home address, social security number, main passwords and other crucial information was of course without your knowledge. He also had access to your webcam, though you’d taped it off after watching some documentary about privacy, which was fair but also annoying since now he’d had to hire some random goon to break into your house and place cameras. It was too far a trip, as well as too much effort to do it himself, but he couldn’t resist.

    The distance was annoying, since he couldn’t see you in real life, but it also had a benefit, since you were way more open with your personal information, thinking he would have no use for it, being on the other side of the world. Talks would get very intimate, very quickly, and Shalnark surprised himself with the amount of time and effort he was willing to put in this little game of his.

    There had even been a few instances of sexting, though the two of you had found a way to somehow never speak of it, despite letting it happen pretty often. He didn’t mind it.

    New video uploaded by _ExplainTheTie_

    Ah, yes. Your new video.

    Clicking everything away, he opened Youtube on his main screen, putting away the blueprints of the restaurant for some other time. The video already popped up in his recommended and he clicked on it immediately. It had no views yet and was simply titled ‘The Truth behind the Phantom Troupe’. It was forty minutes long, way longer than your usual theories. Shalnark pressed play and watched.

    A short music intro, a thanks to those who subscribed, a quick response to a comment on a previous video calling you a liar, etcetera. When you finally started talking about your new theory, five minutes had already passed.

    “So- and this might sound crazy but try to think with me- There are a lot of things in this world we don’t understand, abilities that don’t seem to make sense.” Footage of heavens arena fights played while you were talking and in some insane luck, you’d chosen a fight with Hisoka involved, zooming in whenever objects just seemed to fly in out of nowhere. “There seems to be something, something occult or even magical at play here, some ability that allows him to throw this rock to his opponent even without ever touching the rock.”

    Did you just figure out the existence of nen? Sure, he’d given you some hints, but this was not exactly what he’d expected to come of it. Shalnark guffawed as you continued, giving countless of other examples of real life nen users caught on camera, real life situations that definitely involved nen. Footage like this was heavily monitored by the Hunters Association, so there was barely any of it that was findable on the internet without use of the Hunters Website. The fact that you managed to collect enough to make a forty-minute video once again spoke of the insane amount of work you’d put into this, as well as luck.

    “It’s difficult to pin down what exactly the phantom troupe can do, but it seems clear they possess abilities of this kind. They can bend the laws of reality, each with their own ability, to perform these heists that have baffled the world for over fifteen years.” You took a quick breath, audible over the microphone. “A few abilities seem to be certain at least: a sort of teleportation or pocket dimension that can transport large amount of items instantly.” A video of empty museum halls and desolated vaults.

    They’d used Shizuku for all that, so you were technically right with the pocket dimension idea.

    “The ability to clone objects.”

    One of Kortopi’s copies came on screen, showing how a vase slowly shimmered before ceasing to exist, the real one standing next to it.

    “-and lastly, the ability to commit murder on a massive scale.”

    No images were shown for that ability.

    This… was getting risky. The tie had already been a discovery that put Shalnark for the dilemma of contacting the boss to get orders or simply letting it be (he’d let it be because there were barely forty views on the video, ten he was personally responsible for), but this was getting close. Really close.

    “I’ve thought a lot about what other abilities they could’ve used in past heists, ones that might not seem obvious to the public or are even completely unknowable if not seen first-hand, but I’ve found several circumstantial clues that might help in discovering the ability of one of the members.” The PowerPoint showed a drawn testimony of a heist, made by a survivor.

    “Now, for the record, the following crimes are not officially tied to the Phantom Troupe, but I think they are related, as I think one of the members has the ability to transfer or steal abilities. The gang of acid knife users dissipating in 2006, only for the very same type of knife to resurface at the Goryan heist of 2007. The serial killer Peet leaving behind bodies that seemed to have been consumed by a non-existent fish species, but Peet has now been in jail for ten years already, and yet those same corpses keep diving up at Phantom Troupe heist locations, like- “

    Really? Really?

    You’d figured out the boss’s ability, just like that? Without ever witnessing nen first-hand, without ever even meeting a nen user, without ever even using-

    “There have to be rules to an ability like that, and while there are hundreds of possibilities, the first few that come to mind for me are things like being told of the ability, seeing the ability, some kind of physical contact and perhaps even some time slot wherein all this must happen. Its all just conjecture, but it could- “

    This had to be nen.

    It had to be.

    The boss was scary protective of his terms, only few people alive even knowing he could steal abilities and only the eldest troupe members aware of all the rules associated with Bandits Secret. He gave away titbits of information to enemies sometimes, often just in an effort to make the fights more interesting, but there should’ve been no way for some civilian to be able to pick up so much information, let alone guess all the terms of Bandits Secret correctly.

    Shalnark let the video play out, making mental note of all the things you’d somehow found out, before quickly grabbing his phone

    He called Chrollo, the latter picking up after a few rings.


    “Hey boss.” Shalnark pushed his hair back, carrying a big smile as he realized what a mess this could become. There were hunters all over the internet, some specialised in finding diamonds of information like this. It would mean the boss’ death would his ability be universally known. “We have a bit of a problem.”

    As expected, the boss had been surprised but not exactly worried about your big reveal, your video still only having three views after a full day had past, but your ability did need to be stopped, or more accurately put, it needed to be stolen. Shalnark recognized the greed in Chrollo’s voice when he’d relayed the plan, the slight tilt of interest that caused more trouble than good.

    A plan was made, and Shalnark booked a flight your way.

    The plan was as follows: Shalnark would go ahead and meet you, convince you to go with him toward Chrollo’s location and then Chrollo would steal your ability. Normally, it’d be more logical to send Chrollo straight to your place, but Shalnark had insisted he would act the middleman, if only to have an excuse to meet you in real life for the first time. Since it didn’t seem to affect the plan in any negative sense, the boss hadn’t minded the request.

    And so, he was currently visiting you.

    Meeting you in real life had been unexpectedly fun, though it had taken some convincing before you’d agreed to let him come straight to your apartment. Your reservations had disappeared like snow in the sun after a little bit of time, since he made sure to be good company.

    Last night had been entirely spent playing video games and catching up. At one point he’d wanted desperately to kiss you, but you hadn’t caught the hint and had gone up to grab some drinks instead.

    Ah well.

    “You’re already up?” Your voice sounded groggy as you rubbed the sleeves of the oversized hoodie he’d given you to wear, the pastel fabric much more flattering on your skin. You were only wearing it because he insisted you to, but he decided he would let you keep it, if it ever came up. “It’s like 7 in the morning.”

    “I’ve been up since four.” You looked at him like he was a psychopath, and he laughed. “I can’t sleep that well, so I work out every day from about four to twelve.”

    “Haha, compared to that I’m lazy as all hell.”

    He turned to you and gave you a blinding smile. “I think you’re fine the way you are.”

    Shalnark watched with amusement as you froze at the compliment and slowly got more and more flustered before outright excusing yourself as you went to grab some water. Most of Shalnark’s friends were pretty used to being seduced, so it was funny to see how you responded.  

    “You want to try doing those exercises again?” He asked after you got back from the kitchen with breakfast. You went to sit down at the living room table and nodded at him with your mouth full, not having expected him to address you.

    “Those yoga exercises you mean?”


    Swallowing your food, you also answered him verbally. “Yeah sure. Why though?”

    “I’m curious to see how you do them.”

    “Worried I’ll do them better than you?” You laughed, grinning as you took another bite.

    “Terrified.” He agreed. “My confidence would never recover.”

    You sat down on the floor next to him, trying to move away some of the training equipment, visibly shocked by the weight of some of them. You’d seen him easily hold up all of them while holding some difficult pose, so to feel how heavy they actually were was a bit terrifying. Nevertheless, you didn’t say anything about it and crossed your legs, sitting across from him.

    “Do you still remember the exercises?”

    “Yeah. I do them before I go to sleep, remember.” You put your arms to your sides and calmed your breathing until you were completely relaxed. When you’d finished preparing you opened one eye. “I’m a pro.”

    “I can see that.” Despite the sarcasm in his voice, he was actually impressed. Using Gyo, he could see the exercises he’d given you were actually working. Your nen was coursing around your body with a calm steady flow, only drops lifting off into the air. You didn’t have a whole lot of aura, but the aura that you did have felt warm and curious, a much less sinister feeling than Shalnarks’ own nen. “Good work.”

    “What do you think about when you do this?” He suddenly wondered a few minutes later, you still holding the position closed-eyed. Shalnark himself had always imagined electricity flowing through a circuit, a bit uncommon compared to the more conventional ‘water flowing down a stream’. Somehow it made more sense to him to imagine a powerful electric current going through copper, though it seemed to come down to the same thing. Every single nen-user had their own way of learning nen, not one method the exact same. Shalnark wondered if he was a good teacher. “Like, what do you see?”

    “Hmm. I usually imagine I’m writing something down. I imagine my hand is holding a pen or a brush or some kind and I’m moving it across a canvas, figuring out only at the end of the word what I’ve been trying to write, though sometimes I figure it out halfway through the word.”

    “Really? Sounds… complicated.” Usually, the methods to achieve a steady aura were focused on hypotheticals that could be imagined even without too much effort. A flow of water, a blazing current, both were only a feeling, a rush of energy that the mind would follow. Writing seemed more linguistic in nature, very deliberate. “Isn’t the use of meditation to shut off the mind instead of challenge it?”

    “I can’t really… not think.” You admitted. “So I think this is the closest I’ll get, since it’s very low effort.”

    The two of you continued the exercises, up until the point you couldn’t keep up your aura anymore and let it dissipate. When you were done you smiled at him and stood up, back to your breakfast.

    Shalnark remembered something he wanted to ask.

    “Can I look at your notes later?”

    “Sure, why?” You immediately responded. The two of you had already talked about your theories for hours on voice chat, or over games, so it wouldn’t be too weird for him to ask to see them.

    “I just wanna see what it looks like. I only see the end product, after all.”

    You scoffed. “I’m sure that if you manage to decode my handwriting, there’s a lot of stupid theories buried underneath.”

    Shalnark also stood up and sat at the breakfast table. “That doesn’t disregard the fact that the theories you do bring out are extraordinary.”

    “Says you and no one else.”

    “Oh? So my opinion isn’t enough?”

    “Pfft. Of course it is.” You finished the last few bites and wiped the crumbs off your hands, standing up and motioning for him to follow you. “Well come on then, If you really want to, I’ll even let you see the board.”

    “…Does it have pictures and threads of yarn?”

    “Do I look like an amateur?”

    “A little bit.”

    Again you laughed; a sound he could get used to. “Well even this amateur knows a true conspiracy theorist needs a board with blurry pictures and news articles.”

    “You even call yourself a conspiracy theorist?” Shalnark poked your sides as he followed you into your bedroom, memorizing and investigating everything he could get his sights on. So far you’d let him sleep in a tiny guest room, but his end goal was of course to end up here beside you. “Usually other people have to do that for you.”

    “It doesn’t matter to me. I know I’m right.”

    You dragged a large board from behind the closet, slowly bringing it into sight. Shalnark nearly burst out in laughter at the sight, if only because if it had been any other troupe member here, you would’ve been killed immediately. Blurry pictures and camera footage of the troupe littered the board, photo’s that definitely shouldn’t get leaked on the internet.

    It was truly extraordinary.

    “Why do you care so much about this?” He pointed at the board, amazed you’d somehow developed nen over something as insane as this. The fact that your theories were fuelled by nen told him a lot about how passionate you really were on this subject, how much time you had to have spent grasping at straws before anything made sense, the desperation to find the truth. The exercises he’d taught you wouldn’t have worked without some crazy dedication. “What does it mean to you?”

    You grabbed a picture off the pile beneath the board and pinned it, a blurry shot showing Pakunoda, a shot among millions you shouldn’t have been able to find. Your fingers traced the picture for a second before you turned to him with a slight shaky smile. “Uhm… Well in 2003 there were talks between York New and Mokrum to intercept a drug trade route belonging to Meteor City. The route passed through both countries, so they were hosting talks on increased border control and more in-depth searches on anyone entering coming from Meteor City. Does it sound familiar?”

    He’d been a member then, though he couldn’t remember if he participated in that job. “Vaguely.”

    “Doesn’t matter. It’s not a particularly flashy heist so it only seems to exist on a Wikipedia page.” You laughed a bit nervously, the smile not reaching your eyes. “The phantom troupe infiltrated one of those talks and killed everyone present, killing the deal immediately. There was a big commotion with hunters making promises to search and destroy, as well as governments screaming on and on about how they wouldn’t let terrorism affect their policies, but no spiders were caught and the increased border control never happened. My parents died during the attack.”

    “Oh. I’m so sorry.” Shalnark replied automatically, inwardly cringing at the irony. “Were they diplomats?”

    “Nah, that’s the stupid part.” You seemed close to crying, your smile turning even more strained as time ticked on, your fingers fidgeting with the cap of a marker. “They did the catering.”


    “Well, so, after that I, as you might be able to imagine, really wanted to figure out what happened.” You turned your back to him and faced the board again, probably so he wouldn’t be able to see how upset you’d gotten telling him all this. “I think I did. I think I know what happened, but after that I just kept seeing more mysteries, more people who’d lost loved ones and couldn’t explain how it happened, and I just continued.”

    Eager to switch the conversation to something not associated to the loss of your parents, you asked him the same. “And you?”

    “Nothing like that, I’m afraid.” He shrugged. “Just someone with too much free time. I’m not as passionate as you.”

    You opened your mouth to say something, thought better of it, and closed your mouth again. He could see the gears turning inside your head as you slowly turned around and smiled. “I think you’re fine the way you are.”



    Instead of answering he just walked up to you, smiling once he saw the flash of confidence you’d had die out and replace itself with embarrassment. When he was sure you couldn’t take a second more of suspense, he wrapped his arms around your waist and hoisted you into the air, laughing when you made a noise of shock.

    “Where are we going?” You asked when he carried you all the way to the hallway before putting you back on the ground.

    “I’m taking you out.” Grabbing your coat and an umbrella, he grabbed your hand and urged you to follow him. You seemed a bit unsure as you looked at the interlaced fingers, and for a second Shalnark wondered if he had to stick a bat in your neck to get you to comply, but all turned out well in the end as you nodded and followed him out the door.

    It was only a short trip from here to where Chrollo was staying, so it wouldn’t take too long. The two of you could game, laugh, have fun, get some take out and fuck after everything was finished up. All that was needed now was for your ability to get lost.

    After that, you’d be his.

    Shalnark ushered you into the taxi he’d called, assuring you he’d pay for it. You seemed uncomfortable by the fact that he was spending money on you already, but relaxed as the ride went on. He’d given the driver the address to Chrollo’s hotel, telling you there was an arcade he’d wanted to visit with you ever since you’d mentioned a liking to those kinds of thing over voice chat. You seemed happy he’d remembered something like that.

    It was all going smoothly, up until the point it wasn’t.

    Shalnark wasn’t sure what had happened, but suddenly in the parking lot of the hotel, after the taxi had already been paid for, you froze and looked around with confusion. There was a spike of energy in the air and Shalnark had to consciously will his muscles to relax, the hand with which he was holding yours nearly tensing up, which would’ve broken all your fingers immediately.

    “There isn’t an arcade here.” You whispered.

    “There is.” Shalnark lied.

    “Why are we here?”

    “To hang out.” He tried to smile disarmingly. “I wanted to apologize for making you remember that stuff about your parents, so I thought I’d take you out to do something fun.”

    “No. That’s not what you’re doing.” You blinked and suddenly looked very upset, the pavement capturing your full attention as time ticked on. The certainty that something was amiss only seemed to grow, until you eventually placed one hand on your ear and gasped.

    “Oh. Oh. That makes sense. Of course it does.” You stood frozen in the parking lot, shoulders taut and a defeated look on your face. Shalnark, still holding your hand, tugged on it. You looked at him, broken hearted as you lowered the hand against your ear. “You’re one of them.”

    “Why would you think that?” He said, calmly, not in an effort to convince you otherwise, but merely intrigued what line of thought you’d formed had given it away. While you slowly opened your mouth, Shalnark used Gyo, curious to see if the nen would be visible, having to stifle a short gasp when you actually started talking.

    “I probably posted something that got too close, right?” A swarm of luminescent bugs circled above your head, forming an alive and moving halo, consisting of every flying bug Shal could even name. Butterflies, bees, hornets, dragonflies, mosquitos all strictly flying in the same direction. There had to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of insects, all moving in the same circle.

    A faint glowing orange mist surrounded all the insects, and as Shalnark paid close attention, he saw how the mist slowly seeped off all the insects and into your ears, creating the connections and feeding you the information you didn’t know to be true.

    Shalnark applied some nen to his ears, but quickly stopped, the excruciating buzzing too much to handle while trying to listen to you. Even after he had removed the nen from his eardrums to hear your ability, he could still faintly hear the buzzing inside his skull, echoing as you talked.

    When you closed your mouth and looked at him expectantly, he realized he hadn’t caught a word of anything you just said, too enthralled by the living and breathing halo of nen-beasts. Your nen dissipated when you stopped talking, but instead of disappearing, the nen-beasts scattered across the night sky, moving in any direction, seemingly arbitrary. The fact they didn’t disappear could mean a lot of things, but the prime feeling Shalnark got was that you didn’t just get your information out of nowhere.

    Your nen gathered it for you.

    A single dragonfly remained with you, scuttering around before suddenly moving towards Shal, circling his position. The bug made three laps around his head before suddenly vanishing completely. It wasn’t gone though. It wasn’t. Shalnark was sure, the very soft buzzing and fluttering of wings still present even though there was no other sign of the dragonfly. How long had he been tailed this way? How many members did you follow in this regard? This was insane.

    How many things could this be applied to? How much information could be gathered this way? The possibilities seemed endless, provided your nen wasn’t only focused on the Phantom Troupe. In any case, Shalnark was glad he’d called the boss, this ability worth the effort of bringing you here.

    Shalnark hadn’t let go of your hand during the one-sided monologue, and squeezed it, before letting go and grabbing his cell phone out of his pocket. He motioned to a blue Volvo that was nearby.

    “I’m going to call someone, go sit in this car.”

    “Are you just not going to respond?” You put the hand he’d been holding into your pocket. “I just called you some horrible things. Aren’t you going to prove me wrong?”

    You seemed hopeful he would, and Shalnark realized that if he had a halfway decent cover story, you’d probably accept it, if only to save yourself from the pain. He didn’t feel like doing that. Besides, he wanted to see how you’d react.

    “Nope.” He smiled while punching in the boss’ number. “You’re absolutely right. I’m a spider.”

    “But- “You frowned deeply, looking as lost as a baby duckling without its mother. “Why am I still alive?”

    Shalnark tutted and slapped the hood of the car, indicating you should really go back inside the car now. When you continued to look at him with helpless eyes, he sighed and verbally repeated the command.

    “Go sit in the car. If you move or step out at any moment, I’ll go inside that liquor store and kill the owner or something, I don’t know.” It was a bit of a waste of his ability, but he’d just take over some customer and force them to do it, since that would at least cause a crime scene he wouldn’t have to clean up. Your gaze moved toward the liquor store, every bit of fight leaving your body.

    Shocked, you slowly moved toward the car, pulling the handle.

    You looked back at him.

    “It’s locked…”

    Shalnark punched the glass and opened the door from the outside, before walking away to talk to the boss. You moved inside the car carefully, eventually sitting in the back to avoid the glass, trying to disappear from sight every time you noticed Shal look inside the car to see if you were still there.

    It would be stupid to walk inside the hotel right now with you in tow. Since you knew, you’d likely try to do something stupid, so it was safer for Chrollo to come here instead. After he’d relayed the information needed, it wasn’t long before a familiar man wearing a black fur coat turned a corner into the parking lot, his hands in his pockets. A few seconds later Pakunoda also arrived from a slightly different route, a precaution for any cameras or tailing parties.

    There was no real need for excessive greetings besides a quick nod, so Chrollo immediately moved towards you, Shalnark chuckling under his breath as he saw you tremble with fear as the boss approached. A suitable reply. Pakunoda joined him in watching.

    “What are you doing here?” He asked her, though he kind of knew the answer already.

    “Was nearby. It’s easier for the boss to keep the stolen abilities if the user doesn’t remember it being stolen.” Pakunoda looked around in her bag and picked out a phone, looking at it for mere seconds before putting it back. Afterward she motioned to the car, where you were currently talking to Chrollo. “That’s her?”


    “Hmm.” The blonde woman checked her watch. If Shalnark didn’t know better, he’d say she made a hurried impression. “I’ll remove any memories of this event after Chrollo’s done. Any requests?”

    “Actually…- “

    Shalnark passed on his requests, and despite flashing him a quick expression of disgust, Pakunoda nodded and agreed, insisting he would owe her one. Shalnark didn’t mind.

    In the car, things seemed to be finishing up, as the two spiders could clearly see you frown as you placed your hand atop of Bandit’s Secret. A few seconds later, Chrollo stepped out of the car and Pakunoda replaced his position. Both men covered their ears as Paku pulled out her gun and shot you in the same movement, erasing every memory she wanted to. The sound would grab some attention, but they’d all scatter within the next few minutes, so they wouldn’t have to deal with it.

    The boss of the Phantom Troupe nodded towards Shalnark and made moves to leave, a small smile on his face now that he had gotten a new ability. The boss always looked like a child in a candy store after a successful heist, and even one this boring wasn’t an exemption.

    “Busy?” Shalnark asked as the boss passed him.

    Chrollo smiled. “Always.”

    And he was gone.

    Shalnark walked over to the car, fondly looking at your passed out body laying on the backseat, clothes covered in glass. Everything had gone smoothly, and he was sure the rest of the night would follow in a similar fashion. Your fingers were trembling, but he was sure that was just a side-effect of having your memories wiped.

    “Did everything go okay?” He eventually asked, aiming the question at Pakunoda, who had finally put away her gun and was now in the process of preparing to leave.

    “I kept most things intact.” Pakunoda replied, picking away a bit of dirt underneath her fingernails. Shalnark always found it funny how neat Paku had become over the years, especially considering he could still remember her picking food out of garbage piles like it was yesterday. “She just doesn’t remember anything that happened today, nor does she remember any of her latest discoveries.”


    Pakunoda sighed. “And she’s convinced you’re her boyfriend. Don’t ask me to do that ever again.”

    “Thank you! That makes things a lot easier.”

    “I’m sure it does.” Pakunoda looked at her wristwatch. “I have a plane to catch. See you.”

    “Byeee!” Shalnark had already entered the car to cradle you in his arms, eager to see how you were doing. You were frowning while unconscious, but your heartbeat was fine and your breathing seemed normal. You leaned into him when he started stroking your hair.

    It seemed everything had worked out fine in the end, your ability stolen and your memories altered, so there was a slight spring to his step as he pushed open the door and carried you out, intending to grab a much nicer car for the drive back to your apartment. The two of you couldn’t wait here forever, the gun shot probably having alerted someone to call the police. Shalnark could easily kill or manipulate some low-grade cop, but the effort would be wasted.

    A sleek, black Mercedes was parked across the road and would do fine, so he sat you down in the passenger seat, and started hotwiring the car.

    You woke up a few minutes later, the car already out of the vicinity of the hotel, looking confused and disoriented. When you fully opened your eyes and looked at him, you visibly relaxed. Shalnark was grateful to Pakunoda’s expertise, her abilities allowing him to skip all the annoying parts, like being honest with you and letting you decide for yourself whether you liked him, and get straight to the good bit.

    “Did you sleep well?”

    You huffed out a laugh. “Nope. The roads are too bumpy.”

    “Pfft. Sorry.”

    “Isn’t your fault.” You yawned and stretched your arms. “I’m so tired.”

    “You can sleep while we drive.” Shalnark proposed, rubbing your thigh while you were still barely awake. The car the two of you were driving was a stolen vehicle you’d never seen, but Pakunoda’s powers were pretty powerful, making sure every inconsistency drifted from your thoughts, eventually forming a complete and beautiful fake memory that got rid of everything keeping you away from him. You didn’t even seem to realize you’d forgotten anything. “I’ll wake you up once we get there.”

    “Thanks… This was nice.” You murmured while your head slumped against the door of the car again, your eyelids heavy. The scenery raced past the car as your consciousness drifted away. “Thank you for taking me out.”

    “You’re welcome.”

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  • ggoldensalmomroe
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    summary- love cannot exist within a place as cold as prison. that is until your newly timed presence attracts the head warden. when his destructive manners meld in with the pleasure he provides, will the love of lust or power reign supreme?

    pairings- prison warden!chrollo lucifer x black coded fem reader [anyone can read]

    warnings- language, smut, violence, manipulation, toxicity at its finest

    one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.

    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #x black reader #x black fem reader #hxh x reader #chrollo imagine #chrollo x you #chrollo smut #chrollo hunter x hunter #chrollo x reader #chrollo x y/n #chrollo lucilfer#hxh chrollo#phantom troupe#alternate universe
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  • animetrashlord-007
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thanks for sending in the HxH requests!! I'll work on them this weekend 💕 please look forward to them 🥰

    #hxh #hunter x hunter #anime#yandere hxh#yandere anime #anime x reader #uvogin x reader #chrollo x reader #hisoka x reader #yandere hisoka#yandere uvogin #hxh x reader
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  • takkarulz
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A small Chrollo portrait I did to practice...

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  • allukaswishes
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    chrollo would 100% give you this

    #chrollo lucilfer #he would usually give good gifts but sometimes they would be a bit... interesting #he just presents you with shiny things #like a crow #it's cute#hxh
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  • chronic-claire-universe
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #claire birthday event #claire milestone #bungou stray dogs #hxh #hxh adult trio #chrollo lucilfer#hxh chrollo#chrollo smut#bsd poe#bsd smut #edgar allen poe bsd
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  • lazychaoticanalyser
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hunter x Hunter characters as people from my year, in the Universal and Comparative Literature Department


    is probably a group or series leader and is a candidate for the student council

    probably on his second degree so he knows how things work

    he talks the most

    all the teachers know him

    intensely argues about homer in the group chat

    very serious about the whole thing

    already has a good job but he still signed up for the psychopedagogy course


    also his second degree

    first went to college to get a lucrative job and now he is here just because he likes the stuff

    doesn't always get everything right but he tries and everyone appreciates him for that

    a bit overwhelmed by the bibliography

    doesn't talk much but generally enjoys the courses


    wtf is he doing here?

    the driving force behind the groupchat

    never knows what's going on

    Kurapika had to explain to him how to odd and even weeks work

    has the enthusiasm

    really happy to be here

    can't pronounce half of the bibliography

    cries about how long is the Iliad


    chose it randomly

    also doesn't know what's happening

    meme master

    that one guy that keeps talking about his undying love and devotion for Mao Zedong and you can't figure out if he is ironic or not anymore

    really liked the Epic of Gilgamesh

    epic poems infuriate him


    a ghost

    no one knows what's his deal but he's good

    is also at his second degree but refuses to say what his first was

    will point out how gay classical literature is weather the teacher likes it or not

    joins Killua in his maoist cult


    actually studied here before but dropped out and now he's back

    hard to get a word out of him

    all his homework is perfect because he already did all these course before

    teachers already know him and sometimes ask his opinion on stuff during seminaries

    offered to help Killua with his studies but his younger brother hissed at him and ran away


    knows his shit a little too well

    already has a degree in latin and old greek

    he can read the original homeric epics and everyone is jealous

    the only one that enjoys modern poetry

    he is the one that Kurapika keeps arguing with

    a little intimidating but people usually enjoy his presence and contributions

    doesn't talk much in the group chat but is willing to help his colleagues

    you can't make him shut up at seminaries

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