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  • i’m actually from the 1960s 😘

    #you all didn’t know you were following the full moon now did ya? #chubby girl#chubby babe#chubby women#chub love#voluptuous#thick babe #thick and curvy #fat and sexy #chubby and sexy #likeness#filters#recovering ana #this belly is so big and well fed—gonna have something to nosh on
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  • guarantee if you rub my belly, you’ll have good luck (yes, it is in fact that smooth) 😘

    #it was like silk the other day after all those pancakes #that’s the thing too: when my belly is extra full like that it gets so soft and smooth #it’s like i was just made to eat like a queen #chubby girl#chub love#chubby belly#chubby babe#recovering ana#body positive#i’m healing#likeness#filters #enjoy pics of me for now—disappearing again soon 😘
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  • Get to Know the Gainer*
    * - i put an asterisk there because that’s kind of a stretch to refer to myself as that; sure, i’m deliberately gaining weight but i’m more about healing and feeling better about myself. that’s not to say i don’t feel sexier as i’m getting bigger.

    💬 What petname/nicknames do you prefer? just my usual names; i love baby doll, though (like if i like anybody, and i mean anybody, male female or non-binary, i will call them “baby doll” at some point, no question about it)

    🗯️ What petname/nicknames do you dislike? honey and sweetie: the former is always said in a condescending tone so it’s kinda ruined for me at this point; the latter is just a nickname courtesy of my parents so… hands off, buck-o

    ✔️ What feedist related kinks (force feeding, vore, inflation, etc) do you enjoy? force feeding always makes me laugh because it’s inherently cartoonlike to me

    What feedist related kinks do you not enjoy? the whole thing with inflation—always makes me think of mr creosote from meaning of life *shudder*. the video for queens of the stone age’s sick, sick, sick made me reeeeeeeally uneasy, too.

    💦 Do you enjoy humiliation, shaming, etc? …if it’s gentle (i’m recovering from poor body image so it’s still kind of a deep wound with me)

    🍽️ Are you an active or passive gainer? def. active. i’m not even close to being the passive type

    💗 Do you prefer a slender or larger feeder/partner? slender 💜 (blame joey)

    💞 Do you prefer soft belly worship or rough belly play? soft worship—it doesn’t look it but my belly is actually very tender. it’s easily the most vulnerable part of my body.

    🌗 Do you prefer to be a submissive feedee or a dominant feedee? domme, baby

    🌝 Do you overeat to feel full or to specifically gain weight? both. fewer things in life are as sensual as feeling full and showing it on your body

    🐯 Do you have stretch marks? How do you feel about them?
    there are a few on my lower belly (two pretty good sized ones on the left side), there’s a faint one next to my belly button, and there are several faint ones on my hips that i’ve had since i was 12. a few years back when i hit 229, the ones on my belly were bright red; they’re still hella prominent but they’re not that red. i don’t mind them (i mean, it’s gonna happen no matter what you do) but i also wish my skin there was smooth like porcelain; i get smoother as i get rounder~

    ♾️ If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be? god, i don’t know. there’s too much good stuff out there. i like my pasta, i like my rich pastries, i like my produce, i also like all kinds of cheese, i like mashed potatoes… there’s just too much i like.

    🎯 If you could target your next weight gain anywhere, where would it be? i’m trying to get up to 230, but i’m willing to go to upwards of that—i’ll go to 270 if i want to, fuck it

    👄 What’s something a feeder/partner could say to really get you going? “do you want the rest of this?” (in my fic up all night, after hannah’s time traveled to other timelines, joey says this to her remembering that she loves to eat, but she says this to him at another point because she knows he loves to eat, too; just something weirdly romantic about that question)

    🌸 What’s your favorite soft part of your body? my love handles. i love when i’m sitting and i’ll bring my arms to my hips and they feel like little pillows

    ⚖️ Where do you tend to gain the most weight? my middle (my hips and belly) followed by my thighs and my chest

    🥡 What’s the most you’ve ever eaten in one sitting? seriously?

    • when i was 19, i went to a thanksgiving potluck to the oregon coast and i brought a grasshopper pie (which is like a peppermint cream pie). there was no room in the fridge afterwards and three other people brought a pie, too. mind you, this was back when i was still relatively thin; i not only had two very large helpings of dinner, but i also had a few s’mores and ¾ of that pie. that was the moment i realized i was going to get big, was me looking at all of that and knowing anorexia can kiss its ass goodbye.
    • at the reception following my sis-in-law’s funeral a few years back, i had three large helpings of dinner plus two helpings of dessert (including a big fat slice of cake) plus more cookies and veggies while i was helping everybody clean up. felt firm, heavy, and mighty even in the face of death.
    • two thanksgivings ago, i had three large helpings of dinner plus a big-ass slice of blackberry pie with whipped cream. even though i finished everything, my belly so was tight.
    • i once ate a whole chocolate cake solo. didn’t feel sick, surprisingly.
    • i’ve eaten a whole pizza solo. didn’t feel sick but i could not, for the life of me, stop belching.
    • the other day i had 11 pancakes… but a few years back, i had 9 really big and thick pancakes covered in powdered sugar and butter. no, these things were huge, like bricks (and again, i never unbuttoned my pants)

    🧸What’s your favorite way to soothe a stuffed tummy? i always like to lay on my back, but kinda propped up, though, so i don’t get heartburn, and let the beastie do its job

    👕 When was the last time you outgrew an item of clothing? a couple of years back when i hit 229, i kind of outgrew my vanderbilt shorts: i could get them on over my hips but i couldn’t button them - i kind of can now but it’s almost too tight

    🏃‍♀️ Is there anything you used to do that is harder now that you’ve gained weight? …no, actually. if anything, i feel stronger and more powerful being so big, and i feel even stronger as i’m getting heavier. i haven’t felt this powerful since i was playing field hockey and baseball, and i was pretty much pint-sized then

    What’s been your biggest struggle regarding weight gain? actually gaining the weight. i’m recovering from an eating disorder and i’m surrounded by diet culture that tells me i have to stay thin and i’m too fat to love. it doesn’t really help that fatphobia is given some extra oomph during this damn pandemic, when weight or obesity isn’t a conclusive factor in contracting the disease; but posting my plump body and drawing things referencing things like hallucinations (apparently covid causes some horrific ayehuasca-type hallucinations as the guy from devo will tell you), suicide, and the california wildfires, how fucking dare i!! so i feel like i’m having to fight to stuff my gullet

    🔥 What’s your current favorite fantasy? looking like one of those women in those old italian renaissance or flemish paintings. you know the ones: they have serene looks on their faces, everything about them is round and smooth, they’re voluptuous, “stylish” doesn’t partially describe their wardrobe, and they just look like goddesses to me. i already have the dark hair and pale skin; just give me another 20 or 30 pounds and some silk and black lace.

    💭 What’s your fondest memory? being a little girl living in a trailer park in carson city and having one of my parents make something for dinner, like my dad barbecuing or my mom making her tuna casserole or cinncinnati chili (or my grandpa making pizza or my grandma making fried chicken) and being so warm afterwards. there was always something funny about undoing my pants and letting it all hang out, too. funny but cathartic. coincidentally, i think that was the first instance of me being body-shamed: i undid my pants and let my belly hang out and i was told to cover up.

    📺 What’s your favorite weight gain/inflation/etc scene in television? Alternatively, which was your first? i had to really think about this but i remember that episode of the powerpuff girls where the three of them and they mayor eat all those candies and make themselves sick. i remember laughing but also feeling kind of uncomfortable.

    🖥️ Are you active anywhere else? as i’ve said, i’m not a part of the feedist community, but i am an artist and a writer: my ig is badmotorartist and my ao3, ficwad, fictionpad, twitter, and deviantart are all josiebelladonna. if you’d like my real name, message me in private.

    General get-to-know-you asks:

    What’s your zodiac sign? aries sun, aquarius moon, and cancer rising (i also have mars in the first)

    🐾 What’s your spirit animal? the… falcon, i think is what my native american animal is? forget what my african one is (i’m part blackfoot and crow, and i’m part black, i should know these things)

    🏳️‍🌈 What’s your sexual preference? bisexual; depending on the context, i have slightly more preference for boys (if i see joey and krista together, or charlie and carla together, i get so warm)

    🎞️ What’s your favorite movie? oh, man erin brockovich, monty python and the holy grail, midnight in paris, the princess bride, blazing saddles, young frankenstein, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, the goonies (HEY YOU GUYS!), clueless, rocky horror picture show, night shift, the sandlot, ferris bueller, the breakfast club, the big lebowski, school of rock, dead poets society, world’s fastest indian (i watched the for the first time in years the other night, i forgot how much i love that movie)

    🦸‍♂️Who’s your favorite superhero? Why? black widow. she’s a fucking badass

    🌎 If you had a free ticket to anywhere, where would you go? Why? god, i don’t know. there’s so much of the world i wanna see. i’d like to go to new york, new orleans, and santa fe, but i also wanna go to britain, and france, and italy, and scandinavia (the other side of my heritage), and japan, and south korea

    💼 What did you want to be when you grew up? Has that changed? no idea what i wanted to be, and i still don’t. i don’t think anybody does, tbh. you can always focus the most on what you like and resonate, but i don’t think anybody does.

    📜 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? “not in the face” - little something from when i was playing field hockey. also: “never trust anybody who doesn’t like chocolate.”

    Has anything ever happened to you that you could not, or cannot explain? oh. my. god. where do i start

    ↩️ If you could have one “do-over” in life, what would it be? probably go into art sooner and actually go into it, not treat it as a hobby. i’m as artistic as i am scientific but art has always brought me more pleasure

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    up close and personal 🌀

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    I got bangs what do yall think?

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