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  • renaxnna
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    giving him aftercare

    — summary: giving aftercare to them after sex

    — feat: atsushi, dazai, akutagawa, chuuya and fyodor

    — warnings: nsfw implied, minors do not interact

    — I always noticed it's always them who gives aftercare, I decided to write that it's the reader who's giving aftercare instead because why not. Because they deserves it, smh I love them sm

    Atsushi Nakajima:

    this boy was absolutely a touch starved, he's always blushing with every care you give to him, gentle touches, the food you're preparing for him, the concern on your face when you ask questions like, "does it hurt?", "do you need anything?". He never feel this loved before, for him, after care is one of the best moments he could have with you, because you're there by his side, loving him no matter what he is.

    Osamu Dazai:

    Dazai is not used at healthy love until he meet you, he's a cheeky bastard who will hug you behind, rest his head on your shoulder if you're cooking, he will try to tickle you to distract you, he's the type who will start whining that he needs you by his side, that your love is all needed, he's on cloud nine for the love and care he's receiving from you.

    Ryuunosuke Akutagawa:

    It takes a lot of time to earn his trust and it's a worth. Akutagawa is also not used to love but he appreciates it, asking if it hurts and giving his medicine or water, he's an honest man, he will confess that he's grateful for your love, for everything you done for him. Akutagawa is careful with his health, he hates that he's sickly, you're making sure that he won't caught a cold. Aftercare is one of his favorite time to spend time with you, it's warmth that he never feel on his life for a while.

    Chuuya Nakahara:

    Give him all the love because Chuuya is the one who's always giving everything to people he cared, he deserves one too. Chuuya is prideful but behind that, he's also touch starved that he never admits on your front, he will deny it at first he's the one who's taking care of you but will give up later. Being love by someone special is absolutely the paradise.

    Fyodor Dostoevsky:

    This man yearns to be a God, sex was rare times but it's a worth, give him aftercare because he's also sickly, his anemia. To give him aftercare, it takes a lot of time and trust, it's worth in the end, you're the only person who could see the person who yearns to be the God like this, a gold moment. Fyodor appreciate the love you give to him, your concern as well, aftercare is one of the times you spend together because he's a busy man and always makes it up for you.

    #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd headcanons #bsd x reader #bungo stray dogs x reader #bsd scenarios #bsd x reader smut #fyodor x reader #osamu dazai x reader #dazai x reader #fyodor dostoyevsky x reader #atsushi nakajima x reader #atsushi x reader #chuuya nakahara x reader #chuuya x reader #akutagawa x reader #ryunosuke akutagawa x reader
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  • meqgumis
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    how to : recharge them

    characters — dazai osamu ; nakahara chuuya ; akutagawa ryuunosuke
    pairings — ^ x gn!reader
    premise — he's staring blankly at the wall across his desk, unmoving and the stack of paperwork seen next to him is half-finished, the other half left unattended.
    genre — fluff
    warnings — none
    a/n — i just wanna hug them

    i. dazai osamu

    as you swing the door open to his office, you sigh, walking towards his desk and taking the pen from his hand and setting it down on the desk.

    dazai's gaze flits over to your face and he brightens up, just barely.

    his expression is visibly tired, and the eyebags decorating his face is prominent.

    "come on."

    you reach a hand out to him and he takes it.

    you pull him out of his chair, guiding the man to his apartment.

    dazai has a very irregular sleeping pattern, and he doesn't sleep much at all.

    however, it is still rare to see him so out of it, so you know what this calls for?


    he wordlessly follows you, slipping under his untouched covers, turning his face to yours.

    give him a kiss because he's doing great!!

    a smile carves itself on his face and his eyes follow you as you walk over to his windows, drawing the blinds and turning his lights off.

    you can still make out his slender arms reaching out for you.

    so you comply, getting in his bed and feeling his arm wrap around your waist.

    soon enough, dazai drifts off to dreamland.

    surprisingly, he gets up no more than a couple of hours later, and his complexion is much better than it was before.

    sometimes you regret doing this because he becomes such a tease about it afterwards.

    "does this mean you love me? you love me, you love me!"

    and if you agree, he - that's a story for another time :)

    ii. nakahara chuuya

    he gets?? clingy??

    okay so he has zero energy at the moment, but his hand is never leaving yours during those times.

    you’re going to go get a drink for him? he’s coming with you.

    to be perfectly honest, they all need some sleep.

    but chuuya is pretty high maintenance /j

    wine is not an option at all for him right now.

    sleep-deprived drunk chuuya? who knows what’ll happen.

    so you opt for chamomile tea instead, walking to his mini kitchen and starting to boil a pot of water.

    your hand is stretched out to hold his, with chuuya sitting at the dining table, slumped over.

    a few minutes pass, and as you lift up the tea cup, you pull chuuya along, nodding at a loveseat in the corner of his office.

    the redhead understood the gesture and sat down, eyes trailing to the cup of tea in his hands.

    chuuya slowly takes a sip, and as the liquid flows down his throat, a really, really, calming feeling washes over him.

    sometime while you were nagging at him for being an irresponsible little shit, he falls asleep, his head falling back towards the backrest.

    he wakes up the next morning and remembers nothing.

    but he looks at the unfinished cup of tea on his table and decides to finish it, gulping it down.

    and then it comes flooding back to him.

    he’s so embarrassed that he couldn’t look at you straight at the eyes for a couple of hours.

    but you’ll catch a whisper of thanks as the two of you walk back from a mission, and that was enough for you to know that he’s grateful for it.

    iii. akutagawa ryuunosuke

    it’s really really rare.

    super rare.

    akutagawa knows how to take care of himself, given his lung situation and all.

    so he’s really confused when you say that he needs to take a nap, because why?? he’s just a tad bit tired he’s perfectly fine.

    ( no he’s not.)

    he’s that stubborn that you give up for the first hour, watching him try to continue his paperwork.

    but give him a hug and a kiss first because he’s doing his best!!

    akutagawa then sighs, turning to your figure sitting on his couch and silently stares.

    you know him enough to know that he’s complying, so you smile and follow him to his room.

    he goes straight for the bed, taking off his coat and pulling the covers up to his neck.

    a moment passed by and he still isn’t asleep yet.

    i am a firm believer that once akutagawa’s iron defense walls let down, he’s attached 100%.

    so when you look over at him from your position on the chair beside the bed and you grin when you find him staring back at you.

    you know exactly what he wants.

    the two of you had a silent staring contest, before akutagawa’s lips quirked downwards and he sighs.

    “could you… lay next to me?”

    who were you to refuse?

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  • cloudy-asami
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    Them pulling you into a kiss as soon as the fireworks start in front of you. The noise of the explosions echoing out the squealing voices in your brain. Them holding the back of your head and the other hand wrapped around your waist. Imagine that as soon as the fireworks end you two look at each other in the eyes, smiling hypnotized by each others beauty. Imagine looking into their eyes and feeling sparks light up in your heart.

    #bsd #bsd x reader #~ asami’s confections { 🍰💌🧸 } #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai x you #imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x y/n #chuuya x you #imagine your crush #scenario#aesthetic#lovecore#genshin impact#genshin #childe x reader #zhongli x reader #scaramouche x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #kazuha x y/n #kazuha x reader #childe x y/n #zhongli x y/n #kaeya x y/n #xiao x reader #xiao x y/n #hu tao x reader #hu tao x y/n
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  • os8mu
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    when you wear their clothes

    ⤷ ft. dazai, chuuya, ranpo, fyodor, atsushi, akutagawa

    dazai ー you hold out your arms, watching as the sleeves of his trench coat hang off your hands, unbeknownst to dazai watching you from afar. his belladonna in his coat; it made his heart beat harder than it ever had before. you hadn’t even noticed him until he snuck up on you, spinning you around. you're not sure what's more embarrassing: the yelp of surprise that slips out of your mouth or the fact you were caught by dazai. he pulls the belt of his coat until you’re chest to chest, looking down at you with eyes so bright, they warmed your entire body more than his jacket alone ever could. “my pretty girl,” he gently grasps your jaw, pressing a long kiss to your lips. “you’re so cute, i think you’ll kill me,” he sighs against your mouth.

    chuuya ー it was the middle of the night when chuuya arrived home from a mission overseas. a selfish part of him was hoping you were still awake — you weren’t. you were, however, snuggled up on his side of the bed, adorned in one of his button-downs as your hair fanned across his pillow. although he’d have to wait until morning to catch up with you, this wasn’t so bad either. he can’t fight his smile at the thought of you missing him in his absence, putting on his shirt as a way to feel closer to him. he tucks your hair behind your ear, making a mental note to leave his shirts around more often as he presses his lips against the side of your head. “i’m home,” he whispers against your temple.

    ranpo ー you wrap yourself up in his cloak, sighing in delight at the warm feeling that spreads through your body as you're surrounded by the sugary smell that always lingered on ranpo’s skin. you eye the hat that was left next to it. it only made sense to match, right? you fit it on your head, nodding to yourself in approval only to turn around and see ranpo. he stood in front of you, his eyes wide open, green irises complimented by his reddening cheeks. even if you could come up with some kind of excuse, you knew he'd see through it before it even left your mouth. you're pulled out of your head when you feel him squish your cheeks in his hands, an uncharacteristically serious expression on his face. “never take this off.”

    fyodor ー there was nothing he didn’t do on purpose; of course he’d left his hat on his desk hoping you’d slip it on when he left the room, and you looked even prettier than he imagined you would. “oh? what’s this?” you feel surprise jolt through your body at the sound of his smooth voice, pulling off the ushanka like you weren't just seen. there was a glint in his eyes as he walked towards you. “did you miss me, dear?” he smiles at the flustered expression on your face. “well…” he takes the hat from you, pulling it back over your head. his hands delicately hold your face, cold thumbs cooling your skin as they stroke your heated cheeks. “now you have the real thing.”

    atsushi ー one of the perks of atsushi’s small dorm was that there was little space to hide, so when he woke up without your warm body next to his, it wasn’t hard to find you in the kitchen. “good morning! did you sleep we…” you turn around, waiting for atsushi to continue only to see him frozen as he took in the sight of you in his white button down, finishing up fluffing the rice. “is that…my shirt?” “yeah,” you say, unable to gauge his reaction. “i can take it off if you want.” you mumble, placing down the paddle to fidget with one of the buttons. “no!” falling asleep together only to wake up to you wearing his shirt as you made breakfast, it was like you two were a family, and god, it’s everything he’s ever wanted. he chooses to ignore the twinge of possessiveness he feels as he clears his throat. “i-i mean, no. please keep it on. you look nice.”

    akutagawa ー there were only a few times you had seen akutagawa without his coat, let alone seen him leave it out in the open. you had only wanted to try it on for a moment, but of course you chose the moment he came back in the room. you freeze as you see him in the doorway, his eyes unwavering from your form, expression unreadable. “i was only trying it on. please don’t be mad at me." it wasn’t easy to get to the place you were with akutagawa and you were afraid that you might’ve just ruined everything. after a few seconds of embarrassed silence, you shift to shrug the coat off. “don’t,” he grunts. you look up in surprise only to see his blushing face turned away from you, hand covering his mouth, stifling a cough. “...you look really pretty.”

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  • explosivenebula
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #bungo stray dogs chuuya #nakahara chuuya #chuuya x you #chuuya x reader #chuuya imagines#chuuya scenarios #chuuya x y/n #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungo stray drogs drabbles
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  • afairywithacrown
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Playing hero.

    Warnings: Character’s death, blood and basically a lot of people dying.

    Pairing: Any villain x gn!reader

    Chaos everywhere. Students running away of the building while it colapse by pieces. The scene of some people pleading for their lives and some trying to help who needed, but as he kept looking for you, more desperate he get. No sight of you anywhere, probably that day you decide to skip class but the message he sent haven’t been answered yet.

    He has seen a lot of people getting hurt and blood over the years, but something about this scene made him feel sick. The desperation of not knowing if you were ok was making him feel worst, but then he saw you a far, kneeling down with someone else holding your arms.

    A big stain of blood on the floor coming from any of you and if it was yours he probably lose it.

    Running to you he had to stop because when the other person received someone else’s help, you moved to another one and then another one and he understood you were helping the ones you felt they needed help. But the building was still collapsing and you seem to get closer to it as you kept going. He couldn’t keep watching so he had to stop you before something felt form the sky.

    Within seconds he got to you. He asked you to move, to get away from the place before it was too late, but you kept saying there was people who needed your help, no one would do it and you couldn’t forgive yourself if you knew you could’ve done more, there wasn’t enough personal in the police department who could help everyone. Obviously standing there trying to convence you to move your ass was more dangerous than anything.

    “Go away, ill help.”

    “I’ll do it with you”

    “No! You go away. I can do it alone, I just need you out of here!”

    He pushed you a little so you started walking away as he look for more people. He wasn’t supposed to help, it’s not what he does. He creates the chaos and death, but now he prefer this over you dying trying to play the hero.

    After some time he couldn’t find nobody else who was worth saving, there was enough he has done and if you asked he would simply say there was nothing else to do for them, but then a big sound and a scream behind him caught his attention. The building finally lost resistance and now all of the construction was falling down. Unfortunately that wasn’t the reason why he stopped breathing.

    There you were, standing next to it, you looked confused unaware of the situation.

    He didn’t got there fast enough, the dust blinding everything around him and when he got back of his fifth senses. It was too late and the only thing he could think was, what the hell were you doing there?

    I was thinking of Chuuya but probably because of his ability the could’ve help. Anyway, Shigaraki, Dazai from the dark era. Eren?? i’ve only watch the first season so i don’t know if it fits his character and Villian! Deku. Or anyone who fits the scenario.

    All rights reserved © 2022 afairywithacrown. Please do not repost, modify or claim as yours

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  • cloudy-asami
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Imagine strolling through the empty streets of the the city while holding his arm. Imagine there being no human in sight, as if the town was abandoned. The breeze of the night swept threw your hair as you admire the quiet night sky that was littered with stars. The smell of his cologne from the jacket that he gave you once you complained it was just a bit cold. Imagine sitting down at an empty bench and you laying your head on his lap while he looked at your angelic face while playing with your soft hair. Imagine staring into each others eyes and getting a bit emotional while smiling because you both know..that you are each others soulmates..

    #~ asami’s confections { 🍰💌🧸 } #imagine#imagineyourcrush #chuuya x reader #dazai x reader #akutagawa x reader #fyodor x reader #scenario#night#city#bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x reader #bsd x reader #chuuya x y/n #dazai x y/n #akutagawa x y/n #fyodor x y/n #chuuya x you #dazai x you #fyodor x you
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  • fanon-canon-idfk
    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #male reader #top male reader #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bsd scenarios #bungou stray dogs scenarios #bsd x male reader #headcanon#chuuya nakahara#nakahara chuuya#dazai osamu#osamu dazai #dazai x male reader #chuuya x male reader #sub bsd #seme male reader
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  • fanon-canon-idfk
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Taking a bath

    BSD Men X Male Reader

    Edogawa Ranpo

    When you mentioned bathing soon, Ranpo was quick to turn from astounding detective to stubborn child

    He went on with whining about how he was “So tired!” And how he could “Just do it tomorrow morning!”

    You then cut him off to explain what you meant

    When you said you meant to bathe together his behavior did a full 180

    He was now all smiley, now hugging your left arm tightly against his chest

    He was excited to get to relax in the warm water with you

    Once you both headed to your room he grabbed sleepwear for the both of you while you got the water started

    As soon as you were both in the water he rested his back against your chest, sighing loudly to express his satisfaction

    You noticed he was moving something around in the water and looked over to see him with a tiny rubber duck

    He’s so cute

    Doppo Kunikida

    He was not up to the idea in all honesty

    He was ready to completely dismiss the idea in a second but then you stopped him

    You did tend to have a way with convincing him, no matter the situation

    He frowned and grunted heavily as you attempted to convince him

    He eventually gave in, justifying it to be “coincidentally one of my ideals”

    Once you’d finally eased him into the water he seemed to drop a bit of his tense demeanor

    As you ran your fingers through his soaked, soapy hair, he only relaxed more

    The way he unconsciously leaned into your touch was absolutely adorable to you

    As you rinsed out his gorgeous hair you could see him slowly dozing off in your arms

    He eventually fell asleep on your shoulder leaving you to bring him to bed yourself

    Ryunosuke Akutagawa

    He was stunned to say the least

    He said it was an “Absolutely ludicrous idea!”

    You knew he was only being stubborn and acting tough

    You played it off as him “doing it for you” so you could convince him without embarrassing him

    He agreed stubbornly soon enough

    Once you were both actually in the water together he was all curled up

    He was sitting on the opposite side of the tub from you, his back facing you

    You could see the clear redness in his face no matter how hard he tried to hide it

    You called his name, he quickly answered as he moved to face you

    You gestured a single hand out to him, signaling for him to come lay with you, to which he cutely complied to

    Chuuya Nakahara

    He instantly burst out into an extreme blush

    He didn’t know what to do but face away from you to hide his face, yet he timidly nodded

    You guided him slowly into the water with you, you could still feel the anxious shake in his hands

    As soon as he laid his back against your chest you could feel his heart pounding strongly

    As you carefully washed his back he slowly began easing up, his shoulders resting

    As soon as you rinsed him off you laid your forehead on his shoulder

    He ran his fingers through your soaked hair timidly, you could almost sense his soft smile

    He turned around to lay his head against your chest softly

    His soft smile was clearly visible as his eyes were lightly shut

    He’s perfect

    Osamu Dazai

    As soon as you offered he was caught of guard

    Once he processed it however, he was ready to jump in your arms and get the bath started already

    You were quick to get the water started so he wouldn’t have to wait long

    He immediately hopped in once you called for him

    You, knowing how spoiled you made him, offered to help him wash himself

    He was all over you being that he’s always been very touchy, which made a slight issue when washing him but no big deal

    As soon as you’d finished with him, he immediately took to washing you in return

    As he finished washing your hair, he brought his hands down to your face

    He squeezed your face in both of his hands and let out the cutest laugh

    He’s adorable

    #male reader #top male reader #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bsd scenarios #bungou stray dogs scenarios #bsd x male reader #edogawa ranpo#ranpo edogawa#doppo kunikida#kunikida doppo#ryunosuke akutagawa#akutagawa ryunosuke#chuuya nakahara#nakahara chuuya#osamu dazai#dazai osamu#sub bsd #Ranpo x male reader #kunikida x male reader #akutagawa x male reader #chuuya x male reader #dazai x male reader #seme male reader
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  • os8mu
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #🗒 #nakahara chuuya x reader #chuuya x reader #bungou stray dogs x reader #bsd x reader #bsd scenarios#bsd imagines #chuuya x y/n #chuuya x you
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  • os8mu
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #🗒 #dazai osamu x reader #dazai x reader #nakahara chuuya x reader #chuuya x reader #edogawa ranpo x reader #ranpo x reader #bsd headcanons#bsd imagines#bsd scenarios #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs x reader
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  • os8mu
    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    chuuya & dazai when you're stressed about school

    💌⌇this is 100% self indulgent…i wrote this while i took a break from school work and u can tell where my head is at rn. except unlike y/n i don’t have a supportive boyfriend, it’s just me and my laptop against the world


    chuuya glared at the ceiling, the bed feeling more like a void than anything else without you there next to him. ever since you moved into his penthouse, he found it extremely difficult to be able to sleep without you.

    he creeped into the hallway, looking out into the living room, trying to be as quiet as possible incase you really were sleeping for once.

    he creeped into the hallway, looking out into the living room, trying to be as quiet as possible incase you really were sleeping for once.

    he creeped into the hallway, looking out into the living room, trying to be as quiet as possible incase you really were sleeping for once.

    “y/n…” chuuya let your name tumble out of his lips with a sigh at the sight of your desk light still on. “c’mon, it’s late.”

    “just 5 more minutes, i swear,” your half-assed reply was muffled thanks to the textbook you had decidedly smushed your face against.

    “you’re not even lucid right now! there’s no way you can concentrate when you’re drooling all over your work.” he said exasperatedly. “why can’t you just come to bed?”

    “i just- i need to finish this okay?!” you felt bad raising your voice but you were so, so, tired and you knew everything he was saying was right. you did need a break, but your assignments seemed more important than your sanity at this point. all you could do was sit there, hands in your hair, as you re-read the same sentence over and over again.

    you hadn’t even realized you started crying until you felt his soft hands cupping your cheeks, thumb running underneath your eyes to catch the tears. he carefully detangled your fingers from those locks he loved so much, replacing them with his own as he carefully combed through your knotted hair.

    you sluggishly sat up, just to collapse against your boyfriend’s shoulder. “i’m sorry for yelling. it’s just really stressful, you know?”

    he kissed the top of your head. “i know, babe,” he whispered, his lips still pressed against your head, placing one last kiss there before leaning his head against yours and lacing your fingers together. “but if anyone can do this, it’s you.”

    you shifted your head to look up at him. “really?”

    he let his face grow into a small smile. “of course.” he lifted your joined hands and pressed a kiss to the back of yours as a sleepy grin grew on your face.

    “there’s my pretty girl,” he smiled at you.

    every time you looked at chuuya all you saw was adoration. you didn’t know love like this existed until you met the man and you knew he’d do anything for you, genuinely. the least you could do was go to bed with him and give him a little peace of mind.


    today was a hard day for dazai; the biggest case the agency had to deal with in a while was finally closed, and his y/n battery desperately needed to be recharged

    all he wanted to do was hold you in his arms (and maybe make out a little)

    opening the door to your shared apartment, he let out an "i'm home, y/n〜", expecting to sweep you into his arms and pepper your face with kisses, only to be met with the sound of your cries coming from the bedroom.

    he made his way to you and frowned at the sight: papers thrown about the bed, lip between your teeth as you held your pen in your shaky hands, anxiously playing with the clip.

    he sat next to you on the bed, gently placing his hands onto your back and rubbing small, smoothing circles.

    “how are we supposed to cuddle with all these papers all over the place?” he tried to lighten the mood, but seeing you look up at him with your watery eyes, wobbly lips, and flushed cheeks, his heart split into two.

    “oh y/n…” he gently brushed the tears rolling down your cheeks away with his thumbs, pressing his forehead to yours. he pulled away, pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose.

    “how long have you been working like this, hm?”

    “i don’t know…” you mumbled, trying to relax into his touch. “i’m so tired.”

    dazai hummed in acknowledgement, stroking your cheeks for a few more moments as you sniffled.

    “could you get up for a second, belladona?”

    you scrunched your eyebrows, making your way off the bed and turning back to dazai.

    your confusion turned into agitation when dazai balled up the comforter and pushed it onto the floor, tossing your papers with it.

    “wh- osamu! that’s my homework!”

    “shhh…let’s just take a break, okay?”

    you yelped as he picked you up, tossing you onto the bed before jumping and landing on top of you. you whine as his elbow pressed into you uncomfortably.

    getting ready to protest, you heard your boyfriend’s happy sigh. you look down at him, making himself comfortable between your legs as he nuzzles his face into your stomach with a genuine smile on his face.

    “i missed you,” he mumbled into your shirt.

    you felt the tension start to leave your shoulders as your body relaxed into the mattress. twirling your fingers around his messy hair, you decided to give yourself the break you knew you deserved.

    #🗒 #dazai osamu x reader #dazai x reader #chuuya x reader #nakahara chuuya x reader #bsd x reader #bsd scenarios#bsd imagines #bungou stray dogs x reader
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  • kisskissgotohell
    25.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    on the topic of kaishin and soukoku, but not intended as a standalone post on the issue:

    among the things i will accept: fanon mlm ships as a way to extrapolate on meaningful relationships in canon when the given female love interests are one-dimensional and thrown in just for fanservice

    things i will not accept: blatant fetishization of mlm relationships, including but not limited to detracting from the characters' canon personalities, motivations and dynamics in order to cement them into stereotypical roles of the "man" and "woman" and appeal to fantasies of straight women. and also just straight up pedophilia

    #can you tell im pissed #saw a post where someone was like 'how would chuuya react if dazai called him [insert pet names here]' #and like. every single scenario that resulted from that post was so ooc i barely recognized them as the same characters #rant
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    summary: Chuuya Nakahara as your yandere significant other
    warnings: yandere, obsession

    Possessive, touch starved

    Chuuya stayed on port mafia, he enjoys fights because he feels human, not a vessel for that damn Arahabaki

    and there's you— civilian or in port mafia, he will always keep watching over you, you're pure as hell, the butterflies you give to him, the smile that brings him in cloud nine, what an odd feelin'

    let's say you're a very good darling

    Chuuya will give you freedom but with device that will track you where are you going. Chuuya won't let you go outside if he will be gone on missions for a while, enemies, he has a lot of enemies, he doesn't wanted you to get hurt, anyone who tried will be crushed by gravity

    When he goes home after dealing with a bunch of idiotic Dazai people, your touch, a kiss on cheek or forehead, the "welcome home" that echo on his ears, the scent of aroma of food with his favorite wine was enough for his spirit to lighten and his exhaustion will fade away

    This man was touch starved as hell, cuddles every night or day if he's not that busy, holding hands, his hands wrapped around your waist, his chin will rest on your shoulders, depends on his mood, he will quiet, enjoy his time with you or he might rant about the work. Your gentle touches when caressing his face, when you ask if he's injured anywhere, oh god, this man is in cloud nine, how dare you to make him fall that hard for you

    Of course, he won't forget to bring you souvenir whenever he goes, Chuuya will spoil you, once he trusts you enough that you're not going to escape from him, he will give you his credit card, he doesn't mind what you bought, you deserves it, for being a such good darling for him and only him

    Whenever an enemy try the "I heard you have a lover" (like what happened to Cannibalism, when the Black Lizard tried to threaten Tanizaki). Oh boy, Chuuya was hot tempered, but much more hot tempered if someone tried to do this, he's overprotective at you. "For my [Name], I will gladly to crush this world." to anyone who choose to do this, they've chosen death

    Chuuya is also always add the "my" to your name, no matter occasions, he won't ever drop it

    Chuuya is a good lover as an yandere but terrifying if someone tried to touch to his darling or if his darling ever tried to betray or break his heart

    Choose your poison, wisely

    #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x reader #yandere bungo stray dogs #chuuya nakahara #chuuya x reader #chuuya nakahara x reader #bsd chuuya #bsd x reader #bsd headcanons#bsd scenarios #bsd chuuya nakahara #yandere bungou stray dogs
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    #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuya scenarios #chuuya x y/n fluff #chuuya x y/n #chuuya angst#bsd chuuya #bungou stray dogs chuuya #nakahara chuuya#chuuya fic#chuuya fanfic #chuuya x reader angst #chuuya x reader fluff #chuuyaxreader #bsd x you #bsd x y/n #bsdxreader #bsd x reader #bsd angst#bsd fluff
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    Taking a picture [Chuuya Nakahara]

    • Writer: Scarletta Ruan • Warning: OOC, Chuuya's eyes in manga were grey,soft Chuuya • Type: Oneshort, fluff, Holiday with characters • Gernes: Fanfiction • Pairing: Chuuya Nakahara x fem!reader • Words count: 1k2+ words • Notes: Ah, yes. The 6th post was now publish. Most of Vietnamese people also enjoyed their Christmas day but it's not important if they aren't the Catholic. Check out for the scheduled post here.

    “Wah, it’s so cold today, isn’t it?”

    You said while cupping your hand into your mouth to warm it up. Suddenly, someone pulled you closer to their body. Then you heard the gentle voice resounded.

    “Warmer than?”

    “Um, much better.”

    You leaned closer to him, your left arm wrapped around his body. You two had just finished your work at the headquarter of the Port Mafia. And this was late now, you two had to go home and relax. The weather today was colder than yesterday, even though you wore the thick scarf you still felt chilly. You shivered a bit then sneezed in front of your boyfriend.

    “Are you still cold?”

    “For a little bit.”

    You answered his question. But the person who was walking next to you stopped walking and made you stop too, you tilted your head and asked.

    “Chuuya, what’s wrong?”

    You turned around, face to face with the man behind you. He was taller than you, his orange hair made himself a spotlight in this place, his grey eyes looked at you. Chuuya said.

    “Come here, darling.”

    You didn’t understand what he wanted to do but you still moved closer to him. Then Chuuya wore his scarf to you, your [color] eyes widened, you denied and wanted him to take it back but Chuuya still put it around your neck and said.

    “Hey, don’t be so picky like that.”

    You shook your head, your eyes looked straight at him, you frowned and said.

    “Chuuya, you will get cold if you give me yours.”

    “Hm? But it’s long enough for both of us.”

    When you heard Chuuya’s giggle you realized that he also had a scarf around his neck too. ‘So that's why he shared his scarf with me.’, you thought to yourself. Then you felt a warm hand wrapped on yours, you heard Chuuya’s voice resound into your ears.

    “Your hands are cold too, you should tell me instead of keeping it to yourself.”

    “Y-Yeah, I know it.”

    You replied to him, for a moment later you and him continued walking. The snow was now falling on top of your head but you got Chuuya’s hand to cover your head up, your eyes looked around and saw a strange scene. Today there were lots of people going around this place, but normally people didn’t go out in the evening like this because it was late now.

    It was weird because this place was always quiet in the evening. You lifted your head up to check the clock tower, it showed that it was 8 pm now. So why was it crowded here? You turned to Chuuya and called out his name.


    “Hm, what’s wrong, [Name]?”

    Chuuya turned to you, his eyes were on you now. You slowly lifted your head up and asked.

    “What date is it today, honey?”

    Chuuya frowned at your question but to spoil you he still took his phone from his pocket and checked on the calendar on the phone. He murmured something then he said.

    “Today is December 24th,”

    “Ah,” Your voice made Chuuya curious, he never saw you surprised like this. Your lips drew out a smile and you continued. “Today was Christmas Eve, I almost forgot it. So, what do you want to eat today?”

    You asked, Chuuya titled his head when he looked at you. His grey eyes stared blankly into nowhere, you had to say again.

    “Chuuya? Do you hear me?”

    “O-Oh, I hear what you were saying.”

    Chuuya replied to you, his hand moved from covering your head to your waist and pulled you closer to him. You could feel his heartbeat from your ears, you chuckled and said.

    “What’s wrong, Chuuya? It’s not you today, is there anything that makes my dear boyfriend sad?”

    “No, nothing.”

    “So why don’t you reply to my last question, huh?” You stopped for a while, lifted your head up to look at the falling snow and continued. “What do you want to do today with me? Today is Christmas Eve, we may do something to save our memories.”

    “It's all your decisions, what do you want to do I will do with you.”

    Chuuya’s soft voice was resounding into your ears, your cheeks glowing red because of his soft talking like this. You leaned on his chest and said.

    “Okay, so…”

    You left Chuuya’s arms and ran away. The scarf you two were wearing now left your neck, he was still standing here, grey eyes gently looking at your slim body in front of him. He didn’t decide to move because he knew that you won’t leave him behind, why did he think that? Maybe just because his mind told him this.



    Chuuya replied to your calling, you turned around when you called out his name. Your red glowing cheeks made his heart skip a beat. His grey eyes gently looked at your [color] one, it was just like you were all things he wanted to save for himself.

    “I wanted to go out this evening, can we have some snacks, then go to buy some KFC too. Oh, and then… we can stay up late and tomorrow is an off day too.”

    “Of course,” Chuuya said, nodding his head. You hurriedly got back to him, with a big smile on your face you held both of his hands up, kissed them and said.

    “I wanted to eat my favorite crepe. Chuuya, can you buy it for me,” You looked into his eyes, your [color] orbs were reflected into his grey one. You stopped for a while then continued, “please?”

    “Okay,” he patted your head, placed a kiss on your forehead and said. When he heard your chuckle he continued. “Hm? Why does my little candy giggle a lot?”

    “It’s just because I love you most.”

    You said, then wrapped your arms around his neck, gently placed a kiss on his cold lips. Chuuya was taller than you, of course. So whenever you wanted to kiss him when he was standing you had to tip your toes and then you would be able to kiss this man. Chuuya smiled and said.

    “Okay, okay.”


    “Chuuya, Chuuya, look, it’s very beautiful, isn’t it?”

    Your hand was holding a hot creep cake, your finger was pointing at the large Christmas tree. Chuuya shook his head with a smile when he saw you happy like that. Suddenly, you turned around, with a smile on your face, Chuuya couldn’t look away.

    “Chuuya, hurry up, this Christmas tree is very very big.”

    “Slow down or you would get hurt, [Name].” He said.

    That was the only thing that he could say, Chuuya put down his coffee cup on the ground. He took his phone out and took a picture of you smiling with him in front of the Christmas tree.


    “Heh, Chuuya, what’s this?”

    Suddenly you used Chuuya’s phone to find Kouyou’s number because you had just lost your old one and saw this picture. Chuuya’s eyebrows raised as he heard your question, you showed off the picture for him then asked.

    “Chuuya, when did you take this picture?”

    “Oh, I took it last year,” He said, but when he looked into your eyes, he titled his head, then asked. “What’s wrong?”

    “Aw, my heart melted because of your sweetness, Chuuya.”

    You said then kissed him non-stop.

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    My last head cannon post actually went somewhere, which I was not expecting. It was for Chuuya with a bored s/o. I said I would do other characters if it got attention so here’s Dazai, Akutagawa, and Ranpo.

    BSD characters with a s/o that gets bored very easily

    Warnings: a bit of crack, some swearing




    Notices very quickly that you get bored easily, you didn’t even have to tell him.
    When you’re at home, he’ll make sure to talk to you to keep your mind stimulated and because he loves your voice
    If it’s the evening, he’ll take you for a walk around Yokohama. It’s very pretty at night.
    You have too much paperwork at the ADA? He’ll talk to you while you work, as long as you don’t get too distracted.
    Most competitive Uno player you’ve ever fucking seen. Is not afraid to crush you at Uno.
    Makes up stories to tell you, kinda like kids bedtime stories. “There once was a royal named (Y/N)…” You find it amusing and sweet


    Let’s be real, he’s wicked busy with the mafia.
    You had to tell him that you get bored easily, he can be a bit oblivious.
    Since’s he’s not home a lot, he tries to find you things to do when he’s not there.
    Like Chuuya, he’ll try to find books you might like. He also had some classics that he lets you read.
    He knows you like coffee (or tea) so he leaves money sometimes so you can go to the cafe
    When he is home, he’ll take you on walks through Yokohama. Hope that you don’t run into Dazai


    My sweetheart Ranpo <3
    Since you both work at the ADA, he'll take you with him on investigations if you have nothing else to do
    He'll sit in your lap and have you play with his hair. You can fight me on that.
    Little outings to the bakery for good snacks
    Ranpo will play computer games with you instead of filling out paperwork
    Might take you to meet Poe because he thinks you both need more friends. Will it work out? I don't know.
    If he finds you sitting on the couch on your phone, he'll come over and lay on you while you talk to each other.

    Thank you for reading! I really hope you liked these. This took me way longer than it should've, Dazai and Akutagawa are hard to write. I was going to do Fyodor but I could not come up with anything.

    What should I do next?

    #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #dazai osamu#chuuya nakahara#anime #bungo stray dogs x reader #ranpo x y/n #ranpo edogawa #ranpo x reader #ranpo x you #dazai x reader #dazai x you #dazai x fem reader #dazai x y/n #akutagawa x reader #Akutagawa x You #i'm bored #bsd x you #bsd#bsd scenarios #chuuya x reader #chuuya x y/n #chuuya bsd#nakahara chuuya
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    a/n: Hi everyone! This one is a collab with @llanime, go check her blog out! Her writing is just so cute <3 and she's a really fun person too. Tysm for collaborating with me~

    Note: Collaborations are OPEN, just DM

    Chuuya x sleeping fem!reader

    Word Count: 889 Warnings: None

    After a long day u decided to watch tv a little while waiting for Chuuya to come back home- and- u fell asleep.

    *Chuuya opening the door*

    Hey babe-! I’m home~!

    Sorry for being late- the traffic was just awful today-.


    Y/n~? Where are you?

    *Sees you asleep on the couch with the tv on*

    Aww baby~! You actually waited for me! You’re so cute!

    I think I’m gonna sit next to you and just- chill out a little.

    *Sits down next to you*

    You’re so cute when you’re sleeping *smiles* ugh I love you so much. I know I’m not saying it a lot but- really- I love you. You’re the most important person in my life and - I really can’t imagine my life without you. You mean a lot to me.

    *you moved a little bit and kinda snored (lol)*

    Heh~ you’re so cute. You must've been working really hard- usually you don’t fall asleep that easily and on the couch-!


    I don’t wanna be too loud- I know sometimes the smallest noises can wake you up *smiles and look at you*.


    You know what I really love? Your eyes. Your big pretty eyes that just glow. They’re just so beautiful- shining like stars and look like sweet dreams of late nights.


    I know I’m not being ‘that romantic’ most of the time- I’m just- I’m just like that. God- I’m the luckiest person in earth- like- from all the- I don't know how much people in earth- I got you- *smiles* I’m so lucky to have you.

    Even though you can be really annoying sometimes- like the time you pranked me and gave me an Oreo with toothpaste instead of the cream in the middle- or every time you’re being stubborn or arguing about stupid things- but I still love you- you’re my favorite idiot- hehe.

    Ugh- I can stare at you sleeping for hours- hehe- it’s making me sleepy too *smiles*

    “You know what? I’ll sleep now too. I can’t help but feel sleepy seeing you sound asleep like this! But I can’t sleep on the couch now, can I? There’s barely space for one person…Ah, I think I know what to do.”

    He smiles as he lifts you in his arms, careful not to wake you up. However, you make a sound of discomfort in your sleep, and he immediately shushes you.

    “It’s nothing, love, you can sleep.”

    He takes you to the bedroom and gently places you on the bed, then goes back to the living room, turns off the tv, and gets ready to sleep.

    Once he’s done, he almost falls onto the bed, he’s that tired. However, when he hears your calm and gentle snores, he feels wide awake. Your back is turned to him (you kinda moved when he placed you on the bed) and he slowly runs his fingers through your hair. Everything went great.

    Till a mosquito came buzzing towards you.

    Chuuya didn’t wait to think how a mosquito entered despite the mosquito nets. He just tried swatting it away, but being in the dark, he wasn’t sure where the mosquito was.

    The buzzing got louder, and Chuuya got more irritated.

    He decided to get out of bed and turn on a dim light, but as soon as he was halfway through getting off the bed, the mosquito landed on him and began sucking.

    The sudden pain in the arm surprised him and he ended up turning around quickly to immediately turn on the dim light and kill the mosquito. Bad move.

    His feet slipped over the blanket and landed over you, waking you up.

    “Ow!” You cried out, awake but sleepy.

    Chuuya immediately got off you, apologizing continuously. However, you just blinked in confusion.

    “Were you just on top of me?”

    “I- uh- yes! But it was not on purpose! You see, there’s a mosquito in here. It bit me and I didn’t want it biting you too. I’m so sorry, y/n, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

    “Shh, Chuu, not another word.”

    You heard Chuuya sigh in the dark and lie back on the bed. By then, you were sure he was upset about what he had done. The truth was, you weren’t angry with him at all. You just didn’t like him feeling guilty and apologizing continuously for something so trivial.

    You hug him from the back slowly and as you bury your head in his neck, you whisper “I love you” in his ear.


    Chuuya is surprised.

    “I’m not mad at you, Chuu, absolutely not. I find it cute how you tried to get the mosquito away from me, even though you woke me up. I don’t like how you get so apologetic over trivial things. Don’t get so guilty, love.”

    Even though it’s dark, you know Chuuya’s blushing hard. He always does when you call him “love” or “sweetheart”, after all.

    “I- I just really love you and don’t want you upset with me,” he says slowly.

    “I appreciate that, Chuuya, it’s rather sweet of you.”

    Chuuya turned to you and held your hand. “You’re being too formal.”

    “Of course not!” you laughed.

    You felt him kiss you softly on your cheek, and it was your turn to blush.

    Oh, how you loved Chuuya!

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