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  • kokonoisgf
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    IM STILL ALIVE YALL just busy with school atm but but!!! I was thinking of writing for the bsd fandom? Anyone got requests? <3 will post soon, love yall

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  • renaxnna
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    giving him aftercare

    — summary: giving aftercare to them after sex

    — feat: atsushi, dazai, akutagawa, chuuya and fyodor

    — warnings: nsfw implied, minors do not interact

    — I always noticed it's always them who gives aftercare, I decided to write that it's the reader who's giving aftercare instead because why not. Because they deserves it, smh I love them sm

    Atsushi Nakajima:

    this boy was absolutely a touch starved, he's always blushing with every care you give to him, gentle touches, the food you're preparing for him, the concern on your face when you ask questions like, "does it hurt?", "do you need anything?". He never feel this loved before, for him, after care is one of the best moments he could have with you, because you're there by his side, loving him no matter what he is.

    Osamu Dazai:

    Dazai is not used at healthy love until he meet you, he's a cheeky bastard who will hug you behind, rest his head on your shoulder if you're cooking, he will try to tickle you to distract you, he's the type who will start whining that he needs you by his side, that your love is all needed, he's on cloud nine for the love and care he's receiving from you.

    Ryuunosuke Akutagawa:

    It takes a lot of time to earn his trust and it's a worth. Akutagawa is also not used to love but he appreciates it, asking if it hurts and giving his medicine or water, he's an honest man, he will confess that he's grateful for your love, for everything you done for him. Akutagawa is careful with his health, he hates that he's sickly, you're making sure that he won't caught a cold. Aftercare is one of his favorite time to spend time with you, it's warmth that he never feel on his life for a while.

    Chuuya Nakahara:

    Give him all the love because Chuuya is the one who's always giving everything to people he cared, he deserves one too. Chuuya is prideful but behind that, he's also touch starved that he never admits on your front, he will deny it at first he's the one who's taking care of you but will give up later. Being love by someone special is absolutely the paradise.

    Fyodor Dostoevsky:

    This man yearns to be a God, sex was rare times but it's a worth, give him aftercare because he's also sickly, his anemia. To give him aftercare, it takes a lot of time and trust, it's worth in the end, you're the only person who could see the person who yearns to be the God like this, a gold moment. Fyodor appreciate the love you give to him, your concern as well, aftercare is one of the times you spend together because he's a busy man and always makes it up for you.

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  • dazaiscum
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #dazai smut#ranpo smut#chuuya smut #dazai x reader #ranpo x reader #chuuya x reader #dazai x y/n #ranpo x y/n #chuuya x y/n #dazai x you #ranpo x you #chuuya x you #dazai fluff#ranpo fluff#chuuya fluff#bsd smut#bsd fluff#bsd dazai#bsd ranpo#bsd chuuya #bsd x y/n #bsd x you
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  • confusedinsominiac
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    I want fem chuuy to absolutely dominate me, I’d get on my knees for her. I want her to rail me until I combust and can’t remember my name and only have her on my mind. I want to hold her hand while I eat her out and treat her like the goddess she is. I’ll gladly worship the ground she walks on and let her treat me however she wants

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  • dazaiscum
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #chuuya smut #[🖤] suzy!! #[🖤] mia rants!! #thirsts
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  • lonnie-hoteen5505
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Commission guidelines

    You must pay before I make the commission!

    I write NSFW and SFW for ANY ANIME!

    Be detailed when you explain what you want

    Word # & price

    500- 5$








    Anything above will cost more than 40 and be discussed through my pm.

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  • lonnie-hoteen5505
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Commission Guide

    Cash app: $LaynieHooten

    Depending on what anon requests The price will rise. I’m a high school student and I’m wanting to make more money so I can help my family, and get into college.

    What I write?

    SFW- 8$

    NSFW- 16$





    Anything unless stated otherwise

    Smut Kinks I will write






    Tempature play

    Pet play

    Orgasm denil


    Somophellia/ sleep


    Word count and cost








    Any thing higher than 4,000 will be negotiated through my dms.

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  • micawrites
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    chuuya and pegging

    ok but like... have ya'll thought about chuuya? about chuuya letting you peg him? about chuuya being a drooling and whimpering little bitch underneath you? chuuya taking it so good, and if you ever told anyone he would absolutely deny how much he enjoyed it. that it ever actually happened. but he would be literal puddy in your hands. figuratively and literally when you take his dick in your hands. shit. i just really want chuuya, ok?

    #Chuuya smut#Chuuya imagines #I suppose? #Mostly just my thoughts though #bsd smut #chuuya nakahara smut #nakahara chuuya smut #very anxiety enducing to post something like this again #it's been years since i put anything online #be gentle #like you promised chuuya you'd be #until he asked you to break his back #i mean what? #sinful thoughts
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  • fyodorsleftnut
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs x you #bungou stray dogs headcannons #bungou stray dogs smut #dazai x reader #fyodor x reader #chuuya x reader #chuuya x reader smut #dazai x reader smut #fyodor x reader smut
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  • yuichi-ro
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #tw alchol#pegging#bsd smut#sub bsd #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs smut #sub bungou stray dogs #chuuya nakahara smut #nakahara chuuya smut #sub chuuya #chuuya x reader #bsd chuuya
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  • pumpkinpot
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Aftercare w/ Bungo Stray Dogs

    A/N: These are headcanons for what I think is these characters favorite aftercare would intel. I don’t go into detail about the type of sex that went on before hand.

    Aftercare is the check in and care for your partner(s) after sex and should be non negotiable. This is the time to make sure all involved are okay with what took place and properly decompress/clean up.

    Dazai: travel. I feel like Dazai is the type to need more decompressive conversation later on after the buzz of the scene properly settles. This leaves the immediate aftermath for cleaning up then getting your cozies on to go for a drive. This usually ends with some kind of snack like getting an ice cream or tea. This time is when y’all have the best conversations. 

    Kunikida : Cooking together. He kind of reminds me of a, “I eat to get weight in my stomach because I have to and that’s it,” but post sex? He’s a big comfort food kind of guy. I’m thinking soups and sandwiches or pastas. Things that can be made both complicated and intricately, or fast and comforting.

    Chuuya: Changing the sheets. Listen, his line of work doesn’t leave a lot of room for frivolity or luxury, but this is a small thing he can actively routine. No matter what the scene had I feel like this, plus a specifically selected linen spray is used during aftercare This makes crawling into bed a bit nicer and he’d use the time to get some good skin to skin in. I def think when that specific linen spray is used its a sleep naked kind of mood.


    I did a few others of there for MHA, AOT and Black Butler. They will be here on my  Master List

    #bungou stray dogs #dazai bungou stray dogs #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #kunikida x reader #chuuya x reader #chuuya smut
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  • jackiebuttcakes
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    A Way Out - Soukoku (NSFW/Fluff/Tiny Bit of Angst) Fanfic

    Hey y’all! I’m a new Soukoku worshipper heehee. I love these two so much I couldn’t resist >.< This has a little bit of everything (first smut fanfic so I apologize if it isn’t up to your expectations) Hope you enjoy!! 

    Word Count: 5,498

    “To the stray dogs,” Dazai proclaimed, offering Atsushi a toast. They clinked their champagne glasses and sipped towards the sunset. With Fyodor captured and the Furokodani/Mori virus infestation situation resolved, the Armed Detective Agency hosted a celebration on the cruise, despite the possible axed punishment they were going to receive from the boss soon after for disobeying his orders. Dazai was clearly an exception to this since he got sniped after uncovering Fyodor’s hiding spot and was unconscious throughout the majority of the dispute  - an additional result that he had kept in mind when he encountered him. 

    “How are your injuries Dazai-san?” Atsushi asked concernedly. 

    “I can’t feel a damn thing haha! You think I could be easily taken down by a gunshot?” He laughed arrogantly.

    “Well.. you were bedridden for the majority of the day so…” Atsushi mumbled, sipping the rest of his glass. Dazai looked at his reflection by tilting his glass towards him. 

    Even though it was his plan to get shot, he partially wished it didn’t have to come down to it. He was thrilled by the action and wanted to always show off his tactical skills to destroy the enemy from within. But, most importantly, he missed doing it all with his beloved partner. Double Black swept the underworld by storm, the most infamous duo in the Port Mafia. He was always entranced by Chuuya’s ability and top tier martial art skills. His plans came to fruition so easily whenever he utilized him and he ENJOYED them. It didn’t feel like busy work whenever he was blessed by his presence. Just being by his side reignited his purpose in life, something that Dazai thought he would never be able to find. Unfortunately, he only realized this after the fact he left the Port Mafia and fought by Chuuya’s side just recently. 

    “Do you think Akutagawa and I could be Double Black someday?” The sudden question from Atsushi caused Dazai to spill some of his champagne. It took him a moment to respond to this because he believed his young subordinate was able to read his thoughts, something that is very difficult to do because rarely anyone knew what he was thinking besides Odasaku and well…you know who. 

    “I believe you both will be better than us,” He deeply sighed, chugging down the last drops of his champagne. 

    “Haha… no pressure there…” Atsushi laughed nervously. “If we didn’t plan that death match in 6 months time maybe I would take your claims more seriously…” Dazai ruffled his hair playfully. 

    “I’m actually quite intrigued. This could be a great bonding experience for the two of you!” He replied cheerfully causing the tsundere weretiger to blush immensely. 

    “Oi pipsqueaks! We’re about to dock! Get over here!” Kunikida yelled from the balcony. Dazai’s response was only half the truth. There is not a doubt that his two boys will flourish into something magical and terrifying as the protectors of Yokohama, but they could never and will never be what Double Black once was. The bond that he and Chuuya shared was like no other. Once they became official partners, they were inseparable in every aspect. No one could make Dazai smile the way Chuuya made him smile. No one could aggravate him the way Chuuya’s annoying voice ringed in his ears. No one could make him a more capable and confident executive than his beloved Chuuya. He was his safety blanket. He was someone he could always rely on even if he felt like he didn’t deserve it. He was always going to be there no matter what he did to push him away. The more he pushed, the more he wanted him to come closer. 

    Deep in his thoughts, he didn’t realize he had wished his coworkers goodnight before heading back to his apartment. He took his normal route home, cutting through the alleyway by the market plaza. He clicked his tongue as he pulled out his tie, allowing his throat to relax. It was the one thing that made him regret wrapping himself in bandages. He heard footsteps from a distance and as he looked up he saw the familiar silhouette of a man with a fedora and a terrifying presence. 

    “I was wondering where you were Chibi~” He said with a smirk, stopping in his tracks as he approached him. 

    “Ask that wimpy Four-Eyes,” Chuuya snarled, looking disheveled with eyebags around his eyes. 

    “Ah. Ranpo-san did fill me in on the situation. Gotta say, I’m impressed. I was expecting to see you in a weeks time,” 

    “Fuck you Makarel. Cause of that bastard, I’m gonna get an earful from Ane-san because of your damned organization,” Dazai noticed how he was lacking that snappy bravado he always greeted him with. That mystery book really did tire him out, he thought. Chuuya walked past him but planted his feet a few steps after. “Why did you make a poor effort to dress properly today?” He asked, his back still facing him. 

    “Aw. Is that your way of saying I look sexy in a suit and tie?” Dazai cooed. In a flash, adrenaline surged in his body as he grabbed his collar roughly, ready to sock him in the face. 

    “Are you deaf asshole!? I said ‘poor effort’! There’s no way you could ever look DECENTLY nice in ANYTHING ,” He spat, roughly releasing his hand from his now wrinkled dress shirt . 

    “Chuuya… are you implying that I look hot when I’m naked?” He gasped mockingly, covering his chest dramatically. Chuuya hated himself for heating up, remembering how they would always change together. The way he would watch his younger self peaking at Dazai wrapping himself in bandages, and how the ones around his ass would loosely hang there, giving him a small peak of his buttcrack. 

    “I b-blocked your mummified body out of my memories because of how traumatizing they were,” He scoffed, crossing his arms and pinching himself to stop blushing. 

    “Boss and Mori-san recovered and Fyodor was imprisoned so the ADA decided to have a little celebration. The Port Mafia just finished their own party according to Akutagawa - so sorry you missed it,” Dazai lightly teased. 

    “And having to hang around their drunk asses? No thank you,” 

    “Well, you barely did anything anyways, so it’s not like you deserved an invitation,” 


    The usual bickering they would have has officially started but it didn’t last long. Chuuya’s eyes hid under his fedora which started to worry Dazai a bit, so his smug look started to fade as well. 

    “This is it,” 

    “You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific than that Chuuya,” But, Dazai already knew what he was going to say just by the way he looked deep into his eyes. 

    “After this, I don’t want to ever see your face again unless I’m ordered to,” The way he replied in a serious tone stung Dazai. He gulped subconsciously and bit his tongue. “Don’t act like I haven’t forgotten that you betrayed the Port Mafia.” You betrayed me, he wanted to say. But instead, he turned away from his gaze. “Nothing will ever be the same as before, even for Double Black,”

    “Chuuya…” He croaked softly, so softly to try to mask the pain in his voice, but his partner knew him too well and was able to see right through him making it harder for him to finish. 

    “This is it, Dazai. We’re right where we belong. Enemies. Nothing more, nothing less,” He clenched his fists before starting to take the first step away from the man he devoted himself to. 

    “I understand… But before we go our separate ways, I wanted to give you this,” Dazai offered him a red envelope. Chuuya glanced at it, not daring to look into his eyes again. There were a million comments he could have made, but he wanted to get this painful encounter to be over with so he  swiped it from his hands and opened it. “I was gonna save this for your birthday but if we’re doing this now, then I might as well-”

    “What the hell is this!?” He shouted, his trembling hands gripping the paper. Dazai expected his reaction, but it was still so terrifying, for once in his life, he had no idea what the predictable Chuuya was going to do after. His only response was panic, a feeling he hasn’t felt other than with his dear friend Odasaku dying in his arms. 

    “I got the approval from Mori-san. It took months of convincing but once I presented the evidence, he had no choice but to surrender to my offer. Organizing these secret meetings with every one of your opposers was a pain, since you’re ordered to conduct mass assaults on a weekly basis. All that was left was to get my Boss’ response. He hesitated at first but after I told him about your skills you displayed in the 3 Way Organization war, he finally-” The red head dropped the paper on the ground, grabbed Dazai by the neck and slammed him against the wall, his dagger at the ready to slit his throat. This position was awfully familiar as Dazai slowly crouched to get a good look of his blue eyes of fury. However, it was different. His grip was weaker and shakier. 

    “What the hell did you do Dazai!” He roared with a hint of whimpering behind it. Dazai took a deep breath, sinking his neck deeper in his ex-partners fingers. 

    “A way out,” He answered. Dazai knew that Chuuya knew what was in that letter. All he wanted was verification from the man he trusted dearly. Chuuya gritted his teeth, trying his best to strengthen his grip on his neck even if it didn’t make much of a difference. 

    “That’s impossible! Even for you.. That’s…” He said softly. Dazai hesitated but eventually went through with wrapping his hand around his arm that could choke him out at any given moment. 

    “It seemed impossible at first. But I was finally able to give you options. You can live your life without the mafia blood tainted in your veins dragging you down or you can continue to serve this city you care so much about with the ADA… but you’re more than welcome to stay in the Port Mafia shadows that you thrive so well in… The choice is yours Chuuya… it’s all yours..” He said with a comforting voice. At that moment, he dropped his knife, gripped his trembling hands on Dazai’s suit jacket, and buried his head deep into his chest, allowing his hat to fall off. Dazai froze in place as the strongest executive wept in his arms. 

    “I missed you dammit…. So goddamn much….” Dazai felt his warm tears soaking him, melting his cold heart that longed for such warmth for the longest time. “Why did you leave me… you couldn’t even say goodbye… I hate you for it! I’ll always hate you for it! It’s all your fault shitty Dazai…It’s all your fucking fault,” He choked on his words, leaning into him more as he became more vulnerable. Finally, for what seemed like an eternity, Dazai let him in, wrapping his arms tightly around his small frame, nuzzling his head on his shoulder. 

    “Leaving you behind… was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life…” He whispered, fighting back his tears. Chuuya’s breathing slowed down immensely, so he could hear his partner clearly. “I missed you more than you’ll ever know,” Chuuya lifted his head up to gaze into his eyes with wet cheeks and a little bit of snot about to drip down. Dazai couldn’t help smiling at how adorable he looked. His eyebrows furrowed in embarrassment now that he just cried his heart out in front of the one person he didn’t want to cry in front of for the first time. 

    “Tell me you’re joking with me Dazai,” He sniffled, squeezing his suit jacket tighter. He felt Dazai’s breath tickle his nose as he wiped the tears and snot with a pinkish hue emerging to the surface of his face as a result. 

    “Would I ever joke about something like this, Chuuya?” He whispered softly, looking deep into his blue eyes. Chuuya would have stared longer and taunt him into another meaningless contest but he was more attractive than ever, and already too ashamed to be this close so he broke off first. 

    “You cheeky bastard. I can’t believe you pulled this off,” He chuckled, about to break off their intimate and sudden embrace, but it only prompted Dazai to hold him tighter. “Let go of me, creep!” 

    “No,” Dazai huffed, pressing his forehead onto his to resume their strong gaze into each other’s souls. “Not until you make your choice,” Chuuya gulped, heat emitting off of both of their flustered faces. He needed something to cool him off, and coincidentally, rain started to pour and flood the streets. They briefly looked up at the dark sky until they saw a single lightning flash. “Tell me already Hat rack. I don’t wanna be soaking wet all night,” He snapped at him impatiently, squeezing their already wet bodies closer. 

    “Shut up,” He responded before swallowing his lips entirely with his. Dazai’s eyes widened at his sudden action but immediately melted into his touch. Chuuya wrapped his arms around his neck, gripping a chunk of his damp brown hair in each hand. Dazai rested his hands around his waist, fitting perfectly in the crook of his curvy waistline. It was like his hands were meant to hold him. They took turns sucking on each other’s bottom lip, sometimes nibbling them in the process. Dazai’s tongue entered his mouth first, exploring the crevices that he desperately wanted to taste ever since he saw his huge mouth yell at him for the first time. He smirked when Chuuya’s tongue played around with his in response, sucking on it to add an extra tease. Moans and breathless exchanging of their names were only heard by them and the pouring rain that grew more intense the more they kissed passionately. They parted their wet lips for a moment to catch their breaths. Chuuya rested his left cheek on Dazai’s shoulder looking at the contract that was on the ground, beyond salvageable. “Shit. The paper is-,” Dazai cupped his face and gave him a quick peck on his lips. 

    “I have multiple copies at home, babe” He chuckled. Chuuya’s face flushed until they heard the ground shake from the thunder crashing from above. He yanked his hair just enough to hear him whimper an “Ow”

    “Don’t call me babe,” He muttered before interlocking their lips once again. So much time passed that they didn’t realize they made their way to Dazai’s apartment. Dazai gracefully took off his wet shoes, giggling hysterically as he watched an angry and feisty Chuuya trying to wiggle out of his dark heels that were stubbornly stuck to him. “Wipe that smug look off your ugly ass face!” He roared angrily, running towards him once he was free from his shoes. Unfortunately, his smartass partner knew his moves like the back of his hand and successfully dodged his grasp. He then smoothly pinned his shoulders to the wall, his right arm planted right above his small stature and his left thumb and index finger touching the bottom of his chiseled chin. He tilted his head upward to face his lustful eyes. Chuuya was stuck between choking the living daylights out of him and fucking him to his core. 

    “It’s my turn,” He grinned, diving for his lips once again. Chuuya closed his eyes tightly as he let his hot man lick him dry. Dazai’s curious lips kissed his jawline, then nibbled his ear, continuing down his wet neck, alternating between kissing, sucking, and biting. 

    “Dazai.. y-you… ahh….” He moaned softly as he heard Dazai’s wet kisses getting louder and louder as he traveled down his collar bone. 

    “Dazai you what?” He teased as he continued to mark his body with his kisses. 

    “You sly conniving bastard… nnnnngggg” It was difficult for Chuuya to continue his insults once he felt Dazai’s bony knee rubbing his bulge slowly but enough to stimulate his erection even more. “Dazai you…. Ah…” 

    “You’re ready to burst my lovely Chuuya. It’s too late to resist now,” Dazai hissed, replacing his knee with his hand, using only two fingers to massage his balls through his thin pants. Chuuya bit his lips but once Dazai hit his sweet spot, a moan ripped his throat out, soaking his crotch. Dazai grinned as he took his lips once again. Chuuya pushed him away only to grab him and barge him through his bedroom door. Dazai plopped on the bed watching the petit mafia unbutton his shirt, exposing his rock hard abs that he had missed seeing so much when he was a Port Mafia executive. Chuuya smirked at a jaw dropped Dazai and continued to take off his pants and soaked underwear. Dazai didn’t notice he was drooling and staring in awe at his not surprisingly long cock. Chuuya walked towards him slowly, running his hand through his soaked red hair back. If that wasn’t enough for Dazai to pitch a tent in his own pants, it was when Chuuya sat on his lap, wrapping his legs around his hips locking him into place. 

    “Fuck me…..” Dazai confessed, mouth still agape. Chuuya pushed his shaggy hair back and kissed his forehead gently. 

    “Make me then,” He whispered, his breath tickling his hair. Dazai immediately lifted him off his lap like a feather and pressed his body on the mattress. He gave Chuuya no time to respond as he bit his neck and kissed his jawline. Chuuya panted as Dazai tongue traveled down his chest and abs. Chuuya thrusted his body upward to resist moaning from the delightful pleasure he was giving him. He bent his knees as Dazai kissed his inner thighs. Once he was done marking them, he stared straight down, getting a perfect view of his cock. Chuuya’s lips quivered, seeing the way Dazai looked at it, as if he was a starving man who was ready to have the biggest feast of his life. His gaze met with his before the biggest smirk appeared on his perverted face. 

    “Will this be enough for you to fuck me my lovely Chuuya?” Chuuya could tell how impatient Dazai was getting, and at this point, he was too. 

    “Depends how good you are ,” He challenged, with a cheeky grin. Dazai had a glint in his eyes before proceeding to chug down his length down his throat. Chuuya didn’t bother restraining his moan as Dazai’s mouth slid up and down his dick. Dazai’s tongue made little circular motions around the tip to taunt him a bit. Chuuya grabbed a fistful of his hair to push his mouth down his length again, turning Dazai on even more. Chuuya’s eyes rolled back in lust , gripping his hair tighter and tighter as he felt and heard Dazai’s wet mouth sucking his length faster and faster. A pool of saliva and pre-cum dripped down his balls. Dazai decided to pleasure his partner even more by licking and sucking his testicles. Chuuya had given up trying to swallow his lust and melted into the mattress by his wet touch. As much as Dazai wanted to continue, he too was at his limit. He gave his cock one last suck before swallowing the fluids that lingered and leaked out of his mouth. He wiped his lips, staring at an exhausted Chuuya, whose chest was rising and falling at a steady pace. Dazai made sure to ingrain this moment of his beloved Chuuya, legs spread wide open for only him to enter. His moment of silence was soon seized when Chuuya lifted his head to see Dazai gawking stupidly at his naked body. He took a deep breath, trying to calm down his throbbing wet cock. 

    “How did I do?” Dazai panted,  about to fall over until Chuuya wrapped his hands around his neck, pulling him into a sloppy kiss. Chuuya rolled him over, not letting go of his lips so that he was now on top of him. Dazai was too distracted by his sudden aggressiveness, he didn’t notice that Chuuya was already removing his top. 

    “Your goddamn bandages argh. It’s killing the mood,” He groaned trying to find the end. Dazai chuckled and found it effortlessly, wiggling it in front of him. “Tch. Suicidal maniac,” Just then, he had an idea as he was unraveling his soaked bandages. 

    “It’s so much better when you’re doing all the wor-  ahh…” Dazai trembled at Chuuya’s warm lips sucking his neck as the bandages started to loosely fall off, exposing his skin little by little. 

    “What was that, BABE?” When he got to his chest, his right nipple came into view, allowing Chuuya to roll the bud around the tip of his tongue, licking and sucking simultaneously. Dazai wrapped his arms around his head, pressing Chuuya’s lips harder into his chest. 

    “Keep nngg… going…” Dazai flicked his head back, as Chuuya’s fingers slid down his slender torso. Once Chuuya finished unraveling him, he flipped him roughly on his back, removing the rest of his garments. He pulled his hips towards his entrance, forcing Dazai to kneel, his anus waiting for Chuuya to enter him. Chuuya stroked his cock a couple times before allowing the tip to make contact with his hole. He felt Dazai’s legs quiver, impatiently waiting for him. 

    “I don’t think you’re ready for this,” He said arrogantly. 

    “I was born ready,” Dazai snapped back, gripping the bedding. And with one push, Chuuya had finally penetrated him. They both roared a moan, as Chuuya’s thrusts got faster. The bed was soaking with their fluids and creaking from Chuuya’s powerful thrusts. Dazai wasn’t giving in, but he wasn’t resisting either. He wanted Chuuya to enter him deeper, so he started to grind against him too, matching with his rhythm. Once Chuuya felt him doing so, he quickened his pace, heaving at every breath. “D-Don’t stop,” Dazai groaned breathlessly, feeling his cock pounding against his insides. 

    “Don’t you dare mock me shitty Dazai,” Chuuya grunted, thrusting into him harder until his knees buckled beneath him. Both him and Dazai were at their limit. Before they knew it, one last grind between their bodies, and their cum poured out of them and on the bed. They both moaned tiredly as Chuuya pulled out. They flopped on the mattress like two corpses who were being dumped into a pile of other corpses. 

    “That was… the best sex I’ve ever had,” Dazai laughed hoarsely, still trying to catch his breath. Chuuya lying on his right side, having only a view of Dazai’s slim back. 

    “No way in hell you weren’t a virgin before this,” Chuuya mocked as Dazai turned his neck to face him. 

    “I will not confirm nor deny,” Dazai mumbled, sticking his tongue out. Chuuya chuckled and closed his eyes because he didn’t know how much he could take staring at his beautiful face. Dazai pushed the red stray hairs that framed his face back behind his ear. He leaned closer to him and pressed his lips on his closed eyelids. Then he kissed his nose, cheeks and down the side of his neck. Chuuya opened one eye to see a Dazai closing his eyes lovingly as he pressed his warm lips on his shoulder and left a trail of kisses down his arm. Chuuya wanted to utter something but he wanted him to keep going and he thought his loud mouth would ruin it. His touch was intoxicating and pure, something that he hated and loved about him. He would do anything to not hear Dazai’s yapping mouth but at times like these… he was the only one he wanted in his world. 

    “I like this Chuuya…” Dazai said softly, as Chuuya wrapped his arms loosely around his waist and pulled him in so that his head fit snugly in the crook of his neck. Dazai breathed into his collar bone and smelled his addictive scent. 

    “I thought I tired you out and yet you’re still talking out of your ass,” He mumbled trying to fall asleep. Dazai’s head popped out of his embrace and snuck a kiss on his nose. 

    “I’m never tired of talking to you,” He whispered. Chuuya was too tired to fight back but his heart pounding against his chest was telling him otherwise. He sighed deeply, his breath tickling Dazai’s face. 

    “What have you been doing all these years..” Chuuya placed his hand gently on his cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb. Dazai held the hand on his cheek tightly, without breaking eye contact. 

    “Trying to get you out,” 


    “Don’t act stupid, Chuuya,” He chuckled pressing their foreheads together. “You’re my partner,” Chuuya’s eyes widened, with a gloss of tears ready to burst once again. 

    “Partner my ass,” He muttered, pulling him for another passionate kiss. 

    “So, have you made your choice?” Dazai questioned after they parted. 

    “Ugh. You gotta give me more time than that. This ain’t an easy decision you just threw at me, idiot,” Chuuya groaned, forcing himself to lie on his side, facing away from him. 

    “I know I know. You’re right. I’ll give you more time,” Dazai pulled his body close to him which was pretty easy to do since he was such a lightweight. “But..” He dragged his small figure on top of him and he was quite surprised that Chuuya didn’t throw him out of his own room. Chuuya groggily looked at him as he massaged his head with one hand. “You’re gonna have to stay with me tonight,” He heard a small chuckle coming from the sleepy redhead. 

    “You selfish bastard” Chuuya intertwined his fingers with Dazai’s other hand resting on the mattress. “I wouldn’t be able to, even if I tried,” With one last squeeze, he passed out with muffled snores.

    “Yup. I’m YOUR selfish bastard,” Dazai muttered softly, giving him one last kiss in his hair before falling asleep with the man who he desperately longed to be by his side and has now achieved. 


    Chuuya was the first one to wake up the following morning. His head rose and fell as he was still lying on top of Dazai comfortably. He noticed that they never let go of each other’s hands, in fact, they probably held each other tighter throughout the night. His memories of the night were still a bit distorted but he had a feeling that it was one of the best nights he’s ever had. He tilted his head upwards to get a perfect view of a sleeping Dazai. Chuuya noticed his long eyelashes that shaded his eyes from the sun and the soft snores coming out of his partially opened mouth.

     Chuuya still couldn’t believe how much he loved this man and perhaps how much that man loved him, despite what he did. It terrified Chuuya to the core if this was all part of Dazai’s sick plan to manipulate him, but there’s no way Dazai could hurt him… again…

    He didn’t want to overthink about this now. He just wanted to savor the moment for as long as it’ll last. He inched closer to his face and gently placed his lips on top of his. When he parted, a subtle smirk appeared on Dazai’s face. 

    “Now THAT’s how you wake up Snow White,” 

    “Very funny, asshole,” Chuuya scoffed, removing himself from the bed. Dazai wanted to follow suit but his body betrayed him. Chuuya looked back to see how much Dazai was struggling. “Don’t strain yourself, slick. It’s still pretty early in the morning anyway,” And with that, he left the room in a flash. Dazai groaned in defeat, wrapping himself tighter under the covers. He couldn’t help smiling sheepishly, replaying how sexually intense the night was. He had always wanted to touch him and see him the way no one else did and he still couldn’t get over how much he saw his beloved Chuuya wanting it to. Now more than ever, he wanted to see him everyday after work, make love to him, comfort him and enjoy a simple life even if it was only possible within the confines of their home. 

    He pressed the blankets to his nose, smelling the lingering scent of Chuuya. He giggled quietly, blood rushing to his face from pure happiness. “I’m never washing these again,” Before he knew it, he fell right back asleep. 

    Some time had passed until Dazai was awakened by the strong aroma of waffles that was coming from his kitchen. He propped himself up and tipping quietly to the door that was opened slightly. He took a peek to see his chibi who was only wearing his briefs and his kitchen apron. His back was completely exposed  and the way he shook his ass casually made Dazai salivate. The only thing that turned him off was his stupid hat perched on his head. 

    Dazai went to his closet to throw on a comfy shirt and boxers. He also decided to throw his and Chuuya’s discarded garments in the hamper so he had another excuse to meet up with him after work. 

    He sneakily approached Chuuya from behind, and snaked his arms under the apron and around his waist giving him a peck on the cheek. 

    “Good morning my lovely- BLERGH!! “ Dazai croaked as he felt Chuuya’s elbow stab in the stomach, sending him to the floor writhing in pain. 

    “Don’t sneak up on me again, asshole” Chuuya yelled before walking over him to get to the table. 

    “Aa da da da da. I should have expected that. Ugh…” Dazai winced as he got up with the support of the counter. He joined Chuuya at the table who was eating his waffle. 

    “This was all I could make from your pigsty of a fridge,” He muttered, pointing to the other waffle, waiting patiently for Dazai. It left a warm fuzzy feeling in his heart that Chuuya made breakfast for him just like old times. 

    “I miss your cooking, Chibi~,” Dazai said delightfully, eating every last crumb. Chuuya was a bit on the slower side so he stared at him lovingly and quietly until he finished. Chuuya glanced at him from time to time, trying to focus on eating but getting distracted by his addictive eyes staring into his soul once again. 

    “Quit staring at me Dazai,” He grunted. 

    “How can I not when you’re practically wearing just an apron and looking like a snack?” 

    “Tch!” He hated how much of a smooth talker he was, but he hated that he loved it even more. 

    “So…” Dazai took his hand and started sucking on his fingers to taste the residual maple syrup on them. “Did you have time to sleep on it?” Chuuya flinched at Dazai’s mouth, consuming his fingers and feeling his tongue wrap around each of them. 

    “Shitty Dazai… you -“ Before he could finish, Dazai grabbed his wrist to pull him on his lap. Chuuya instinctively wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him in for a French kiss. He opened his mouth wide to allow Dazai’s tongue to explore his insides. While doing so, he felt Dazai’s fingers reach behind to untie the apron, leaving his body completely bare. Dazai started a trail of kisses on his neck, and suction cupping his shoulder with his mouth. “You want me to stay with your needy ass so badly huh?” He chuckled at how Dazai’s stray hairs tickled his chest and neck. Dazai paused to look up at the beautiful man perched on him, breathing heavily. 

    “I need you Chuuya,” Dazai panted desperately. Chuuya smiled at him dearly and pressed his lips softly on his. 

    “Well. It looks like I gotta have a chit chat with the boss then,” He said with a smirk seeing an excited Dazai looking at him like a puppy, something that Chuuya always found endearing. Dazai squeezed him tightly, Chuuya returning the favor. Their snuggle lasted for a few minutes until  they heard their phones buzzing on the couch. They rolled their eyes simultaneously, knowing that their moment alone was coming to an end. 

    “I can’t wait to work with you, Chibi,” Dazai snickered, finishing wrapping his bandages. After Chuuya finished putting on his garments, he tippy toed to kiss Dazai on the cheek. 

    “Don’t push your luck, Mackerel. I plan on making every day of your life miserable,” This remark only prompted Dazai to pull him in for one last deep kiss before they headed back to reality. Hopefully, a new reality that they both wanted, side by side against the world and remind the city just how powerful Double Black truly is. 

    “I’m looking forward to it”

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  • simpforchuchu
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine#chuuya #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#chuuya smut
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    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #dazai smut#chuuya smut #[🖤] love!!
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  • nkhrchuwuya
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    bungou stray dogs AU | E | 996 words nakahara chuuya x reader/oc (afab!)
    chuuya can't promise he won't bite, but he can promise it won't hurt.

    sex with chuuya was already good.

    mind-numbingly good, even. he always put you first, and has always been so eager to learn what things turn you on, which ones get you off the fastest. or the hardest. and his stamina, gods, the stamina of a world-class athlete and a beast at the same time. he could go on for hours. a lot of times it was you who had to back down, beg for mercy. and he was such a romantic in bed, too, deathly so. lots of kisses, and sweet talk, and good stuff.

    when he tells you he’s a vampire? oh, fuck.

    the confession comes in a stumble of words, entirely by accident, when you’d cut your hand while preparing dinner and he had rushed to your aid. instinctively put the bleeding finger in his mouth to clean it. and fuck, did the scientific explanation of white blood cells in the human saliva go over your head at the sudden flush of arousal that swallowed you, from the tip of that very finger to every other inch of your body.

    eyes blown wide with lust, you ask: “what… what the hell was that?”

    chuuya fumbles for words. you barely catch what he says, your head still swimming from the pleasure. “i’m a vampire,” he says, and later, “yes, i drink blood,” he adds, making you swallow, and later, “there’s an agent in our saliva that relieves the… the prey, making the bite feel pleasurable instead of painful.”

    oh, that’s it. that’s the explanation you need.

    “and you’ve been hiding this from me, because…?”

    “this isn’t exactly information i think people would take well,” chuuya says, pressing a kiss on your knuckles. your wound stopped bleeding much earlier. “i was planning to tell you, believe me. just… not now. not like this.”

    you lick your lips when he grimaces a little bit and you catch his fangs. had they come down at the taste of blood? chuuya’s expression changes into a smirk.

    “you seem to enjoy this more than i do.”

    you snake a finger underneath his choker and pull him toward you. “i have a little too much blood in me, chuuya. help me out?”



    someone will have to change the sheets tomorrow, and at the rate you’re losing blood now, it won’t be you.

    chuuya’s got two fingers in your pussy and his face between your legs, kissing and licking at a spot in your inner thighs, preparing for a bite. you’ve got a bite mark above your left collarbone, your right breast, and your right wrist, each one marking easily the most amazing orgasms you’ve ever had in your life, but you’re greedy and want to have more.

    “you still in there, honey?” chuuya asks, his voice raspy and low from desire, but steady. checking in on you before each bite, making sure you’re still conscious. consenting.

    chuuya’s so good to you, when all you want to do is have him use you like a damn blood bag.

    “still here,” you choke out, smiling when you meet his concerned face. “do you feel good as i do, chuuya?”

    he nods. “i wish i could explain how good you taste. how long i’ve wanted to do this.”

    “better make up for lost time,” you tease, reaching out to caress his hair. “i’m still fine, i promise. just one more. one last.”

    “one last, then we’re giving this a rest for the night,” he orders, declares, even if there’s pain in his voice when he says it. you nod. “okay, lie back down.”

    of course, it’s your last one for the night, so chuuya decides he wants to go all out. he returns to your hot, throbbing cunt and suckles your clit with his tongue, careful with his fangs. your hands fly to hair, clutching at the strands for dear life. his fingers resume their movement inside of you as well, curling and rubbing at the part that makes you melt into the mattress, panting out his name.

    god, you can only imagine how this’d feel like with his cock inside of you.

    at that thought, you cry. the knot inside your stomach tightening with every passing second, each of his hot breaths against your sensitive parts leaving you breathless. “chuuya, please, i’m so close.”

    fingers unrelenting, chuuya lifts his head to return to the spot he’d prepared along your inner thigh. he grazes his fang against the tender skin at first. pain. snags one fang onto the skin to make a cut, licks it. pleasure, electric. snags the other fang, pain, licks it, pleasure.

    you’re getting dizzy.

    “bite me! please!”

    chuuya doesn’t need to be told twice.

    with a deep breath from the both of you, he sinks his fangs into the plush flesh of your thigh. the pain sears through you like fire, but once his tongue caresses over the wound, the pleasure that runs to you is ten- no, twenty-fold. he sneaks a thumb to brush against your clit for the briefest of moments, and then—

    you shout, vision turning white for a long, sharp moment of heat and lust and utter joy. you’re so out of it you don’t even notice chuuya pumping himself into a long-delayed, almost painful completion, white staining your legs as he pants, holding himself up with an elbow to the bed.

    when you come to, the only thing you can do is laugh.

    “what’s so funny,” chuuya rasps, although he smiles at your own smiling face. you reach out a hand to poke his nose and cup his cheek, tenderness in your eyes.

    “nothing,” you say, smiling. “just thinking of how fun it is to be with you.”

    “if i had known it would be a kink of yours i would have told you sooner,” chuuya laughs, brushing your sweat-sticky bangs off to press a kiss on your forehead.

    you grin at him. “didn’t i tell you? better make up for lost time!”

    a/n: bsd 98 spoilers ⚠
    honestly i blacked out after i saw chuuya with fangs, and when i woke up this drabble was already complete.
    #nakahara chuuya #bungou stray dogs #chuuya x reader #bsd chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #bsd imagines #bsd x reader #genre:AU#rating:E #thank you cybird ikemen vampire for giving me a standard on how vampire bites should work #oh happy smut debut for me on this blog i guess #you know i had to bc of bsd98 #💌 chuuya lovemail
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    I think you like picking selfships that make you deal with petty pretty bois 😏 cw: fem!Reader, pegging, gross amount of lube, facesitting, threesome


    These two are insufferable together. 

    Your diligence to shut them both up is the only time you get an ounce of peace and quiet. Except that peace and quiet is filled with Dazai’s muffled moans and Chuuya’s desperate panting.

    Fucking Dazai isn’t enough. Fucking him stupid isn’t even possible. Running his mouth like a whore while you bulge his belly with your toy and draw out a leg shaking orgasm from him. Still this man is insufferable. 

    Even getting him to this point is so much work!

    Over sensitive Dazai who doesn’t want to feel anything but grand amounts of pleasure. And he lets you know it too.

    It isn’t until you’re between his legs. Sopping wet toy pushed inside him with the messiest amount of lube. Disgusting amounts of it in fact. Stringy, slimy globs of it drooling down his cock, between his balls, letting the toy leave him gaping with how hard you fuck him. And each time you pull out of him it’s pooled in a mess under him like a whore. 

    Between his orgasms Dazai still can’t let the nitpicking go. Chuuya horny but dumb enough to fall for it. You really only have on solution to this.

    While you’re between Dazai’s legs praising him for taking your cock so well. That’s when you give Chuuya the option to shut up or sit down. 

    Sit down on Dazai’s face that is.

    Tiny little Chuuya with his legs spread over Dazai’s running mouth. Riding his tongue while his cock bounces up and down. Leaking as bad as Dazai’s abused hole while you fuck him  ♡


    #threethirst #wifey.♡ #bsd smut#sub bsd #bungou stray dogs smut #sub bungou stray dogs #sub dazai#sub chuuya#pegging #dazai osamu sm #chuuya nakahara smut
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    Dazai Osamu masterlist 2.0 (2022)

    ✯New Year Special


    @anarchy-black-cat @707xn @evalynanne @b-i-t-t-i-e-s @kuraxmasha @syynnaaah @roserosie05 @mikasa-stan-account @alittlesimp @greenshirtimagines @paradise-creator @kiyokoxd @ranposlover @the-foreigner @[email protected] @sukunas-cult-leader @ilOvedaydreaming @del1111 @craftypeachmoneyhound @notquitehereorthere @mikasa-stan-account @kenmasbbygrl @alphaofdarkness @duhsies @cees-sims @the-foreigner @uglapuglamuglafugla @sugarandsoft @jadegreenimmortality @flanelsantito @shiny84244 @[email protected] @requiem626k @sukunas-cult-leader @ilovedaydreaming @roserosie05 @mikasa-stan

    @ukiyoo0430 @boineko @missrown @munakara @dazaiaiko @ravenina14

    #shadyteacup#shady☕ #bungou stray dogs #bsd#dazai osamu #dazai x reader #bungo stray dogs dazai #bsd x reader #kunikida doppo#☕ says#bsd dazai#dazai angst#dazai smut #dazai x you #dazai+x+reader#ikevamp dazai#dazai headcanons#dazai fluff#chuuya nakahara#dead apple#chuuya #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungo stray dogs smut #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs icons #bungo stray dogs imagines #bsd smut#bsd headcanons #edgar allen poe bsd #bsd kunikida
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    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    New year special

    Dazai Osamu x gn! Reader

    warnings: heartwarming fluff, suggestive talk.

    917 words... Enjoy, and happy new year guys! <3

    Exhaustion weighed down your eyes as you took in a deep breath. Fresh morning air filled your lungs, and chilled your bare arms, causing a litter of goosebumps on your skin. A subtle ray of light tickled your closed eyes, but you refused to open them just yet.

    On your right, you felt a fluffy mop of hair nuzzle closer to you, trying to find some warmth in your loving form.

    You smiled. This was the best way to start the year. By your lover's side.

    "Happy new year, love.", you rasped out, finally gathering enough courage to open your sleepy eyes and desperately finding the brown orbs you were directing your statement to.

    Dazai looked up from your shoulder, where he was comfortably hiding away from the cold, and gave you a breathtaking smile.

    "Happy new year, cupcake."

    You looked at him with all the love you felt for him. You were so grateful to have him by your side. He was your everything, and you thanked the heavens and everything above it for keeping you both together.

    Dazai was never one to commit easily. Yet, he was drawn to you. And through all his emotional ups and downs, you stayed. You remained by his side, seeing through his distant facade and fake attempts to push you away. You could easily read his mind. He was afraid of commitment and true, raw emotions, and you understood that and waited patiently for him to accept his feelings. He respected you for being so kind, loving, and understanding. He loved you so much, it scared him. But he wasn't going to run away now. He knew the one thing that he valued the most was right here, lying next to him, and he wasn't going to leave your side even if his life depended on it.

    He understood the look on your face right now. The pure love portrayed on your gentle features rattled his heart. In a good way. The weight of being loved by someone so genuinely shocks him to this day. He could never get used to the way you look at him with pure adoration and care. But what he didn't know, was that he was looking at you in the very same manner. With so much love and care, and thankfulness, that your heart melted. It was amazing how you both didn't need words to describe your love for one another. You both just knew.

    Dazai traced your cheek with two of his fingers, awe glittering in his eyes at how soft you were. He took you in; all of you, in that very moment. If he were to click a picture right now, or if he were to capture this very moment in a painting, he was sure you would look like an angel to anybody who saw it.

    An angel; his angel. His savior.

    "What are you thinking about?", you asked, leaning into his touch.

    "You.", he replied simply, not wasting his breath describing everything he felt. For if he did, he would run out of words, time and breath, for he couldn't describe how he was feeling for you. No language was vast enough to express how he felt for you.

    You giggled and pulled him in for a light kiss, yelping when he suddenly flipped you over, straddling you over his waist.

    "Osamu!", you giggled, a blush blooming from your neck to your cheeks.

    Dazai grinned cheekily, remembering last night.

    "Let's recreate last night, my daisy."

    He suggested, chuckling at how shy you suddenly became.

    "Oh, darling, you act as if we have never done anything sinful in our lives.", he teased, grinning at how you hid your face behind your hands.

    "Besides,", he began, "I like it when you take care of me."

    He hummed, remembering how sweet you were to him last night; demanding, controlling, but loving.

    He liked being taken care of by you. The way you seized the moment and controlled his pleasure, making him desperate for it, but at the same time making his stomach drop with dread; it was all too intoxicating.

    "That... I don't know what happened to me last night.. I... hope you liked it..", you mumbled, still too shy to admit to such acts.

    "Did I hurt you?", you asked timidly, afraid of his reply.

    Dazai chuckled and kissed your fingers gently, rubbing his thumb over your palm to soothe you.

    "No, love. You made me feel whole."

    You smiled at him, relieved.

    "I'm afraid we need to get going, Bella, for I have made plans for us."

    He said suddenly, making you tilt your head in confusion.


    Dazai hummed.

    "Yes, plans for the first day of this year. It must be special!"

    He flipped you over, swapping your positions.

    "And the day begins with me taking care of you. And we only have three hours for that, then we need to head over for breakfast at 9, I've booked this amazing place for us! Then-"

    "Whoa, slow down!", you exclaimed, trying to make sense of his ramblings.

    Your eyes widened when you understood what he meant.

    "Three hours?!"

    Dazai chuckled darkly, last clouding his eyes as he stared down at you.

    "You're going to have so much fun, my love. Just you wait and watch."

    A shiver ran down your spine as a ball of dread dropped down in your stomach, but a desperate desire clouded your judgment.

    Today was going to be one hell of a day.


    @anarchy-black-cat @707xn @evalynanne @b-i-t-t-i-e-s @kuraxmasha @syynnaaah @roserosie05 @mikasa-stan-account @alittlesimp @greenshirtimagines @paradise-creator @kiyokoxd @ranposlover @the-foreigner @[email protected] @sukunas-cult-leader @ilOvedaydreaming @del1111 @craftypeachmoneyhound @notquitehereorthere @mikasa-stan-account @kenmasbbygrl @alphaofdarkness @duhsies @cees-sims @the-foreigner @uglapuglamuglafugla @sugarandsoft @jadegreenimmortality @flanelsantito @shiny84244 @[email protected] @requiem626k @sukunas-cult-leader @ilovedaydreaming @roserosie05 @mikasa-stan

    @ukiyoo0430 @boineko @missrown @munakara @dazaiaiko @ravenina14

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    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    God I thought my Chuuya brainrot was bad...I literally was thinking of choosing a different song while in the car with @mrskurono and she brought up something about Mori and my mind went fucking 404. I seriously couldn't remember my thought process for like 2 minutes 😖😳😩

    #>.< #my wife thinks its funny #why do i got it so bad for the boss?? #and me and chuuya subbing to him?? #im just gonna die in my own thots x.x #mori thots#mori smut#mori ougai#bsd mori #bsd mori ougai #bsd #bungou stray dogs #rae.speaks #raes.thots #wifey.♡
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