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    #Ask #ask ballad anything #mikeyhunter my beloved #zelda#ballad draws#mine#my art#link#cia#lana#volga#sheik#hyrule warriors#cialink #cia x link #link x cia #Cilink #requests! #Link#hw link#hw cia#hw volga#hw lana#hw sheik#loz #legend of Zelda #tloz#hwde #Volga is the only one who can officiate a wedding #besides Wizzro
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    Is he wrong though?

    #Maybe. He’ll just have to spend quality time with her to find out- #zelda#ballad draws#mine#my art#link#Cia#hw cia#hw link#cialink #cia x link #link x cia #meme#zelda meme#hyrule warriors#hwde#tloz#loz#loz cia#loz link #hyrule warriors: definitive edition #Mlw#bisexuals #sigh. They’re married
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    Do you ever think about Mask and Lana? Mask and Cia?

    Cia and Lana are the Guardians of Time! Which means the must have some connection to the Goddess of Time? Maybe even be her direct underlings??

    You ever think about Mask recognizing them as part of the Goddess that protected him though out his adventures? He's the Hero of Time, and their the Guardians of Time, does that theoretically make him their hero??

    Does Mask have feelings about Cia ripping apart the timeline?? Not in a "this is bad" way, but like "this is going to take forever to fix" and "at least she's using clean breaks"?

    Do you think that Mask is especially angry at Ganondorf for manipulating Cia and infecting her with malice?? Do you think Mask is mad at Cia for betraying the Goddess of Time??

    Do you think Mask has any thoughts on Cia and Lana as an extension of the Goddess of Time???

    #GUYS??? THOUGHTS??? #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe mask #lu mask #hyrule warriors cia #hyrule warriors lana #rus's rambles #linked Universe headcanons #lu headcanons
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    Cia: For self defense reasons, I'm going to pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely. Linkle , Link , & Zelda: Okay. Cia: If you don't want to die, give me all your money. Linkle : Bold of you to assume I have money. Link : Bold of you to assume I don't want to die. Zelda: Bold of you to assume I can die.

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    Linkle : You were stabbed. Do you remember anything? Cia: Only the ambulance ride to the hospital. Linkle : That wasn't an ambulance, I drove you. Cia: But I heard a siren. Impa: That was Link . Link : Sorry, I got nervous.

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    Link : Where are you going? Cia: To get MYSELF a gift cause somebody didn't get me one! Link : I told you I did! Its coming here on Friday! Impa, knowing full well that Link got Cia an engagement ring: *eating popcorn*

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    !! Happy Bday Nihilynn !!

    I'm so grateful for your friendship and all the messages and support with the commissions! 🥰 Thank you so much for sharing with me this beautiful story/saga!! 💖💖💖

    #deviantart have the books links #since tumblr/twitter/face and cia are complicated to put link to another website
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    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hyrule Warriors- A mini review.

    So I got myself Hyrule Warriors: definitive edition for the new Year and decided to give it a whirl, here's my very basic review of the game. there will most likely be spoilers below the cut, for those who've never played

    Note: in my rankings of Zelda games I've played I'd give it a solid 6/10, it's fun, I get to play as Midna and Fi, i can die happy

    First off, it doesn't have as big a story as Age of Calamity does, this is partly because it's not connected to any game before it, Warriors! Link and Zelda are new incarnations in this game.

    But the story it does have is almost exactly the same as AOC, Ganondorf manipulates a purple-clad character to do his bidding and time travel is involved.

    that's not to say I didn't enjoy the plot. The added mini-storyline of Link becoming too confident once gaining the master sword and almost letting it be his downfall was a fantastic added bonus for me.

    the fact I can save mid-battle and come back to it is also a bonus, it's something I wasn't a fan of when it came to AOC, the fact that I had to do a mission mostly all in one sitting.

    the one thing I didn't really like is the design of Lana and Cia, I do like them as characters but their appearance just doesn't fit Zelda games, Lana honestly looks more like she'd fit in with Genshin or even fire emblem.

    but overall, I found the game enjoyable with a great soundtrack as always and the designs for Zelda, Impa and Link are amazing,

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    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wanna have an unpopular opinion?

    I like Lana’s design in Hyrule Warriors and I think it fits (mostly) with the rest of the orginal hw characters. 

    Does she look like a magic girl oc created on Deviantart? Yeah, but it suits her character, and that’s the important thing. 

    I give it 8/10

    Her outfit is extra and we are here for it. Best part is? So is everyone else in the game, which is a big detail on what separates the art style of hw from other zelda games. Her color palette works really well at distinguishing her from other characters, the deep purples and blues contrast nicely with the lavender and not-quite-whites, and the gold highlights adds detail to her outfit that’s noticeable in-game when the graphics gets blurry (I played this on 3DS version, I can’t say much about the switch version because of how flashy the game becomes in HD). The blue hair definitely screams anime main character and doesn’t makes sense when compared to Cia or the original time guardian design, but it adds a distinguished charm to her. 

    The asymmetry of her outfit (the cape, accessories, skirt) brings out her fun personality, and gives her a recognizable silhouette. 

    I’ve seen complaints on how she looks super impractical for battle, esp with her midriff showing and having her wear a tube top. Interesting enough though, she shows as much skin as most of the other women in hyrule warriors; Zelda, Impa, Linkle, Ruto, Midna, and of course Cia. If not, less. (tho the fact Lana’s also a mage, and uses long range attacks for the most part, so I get not including armor in her design, esp since she’s shown in her first appearance that she can heal people and presumingly herself. 

    The biggest issue I have with her design is the fact that her and Cia have two completely different skin tones, Lana being light skinned and representing “good,” while Cia’s dark skinned and very clearly representing “darkness, evil, corruption, lust....” It’s an overused archetype. 

    What I would change: for starters make her and Cia have the same skin color because there’s no reason it should be different, change the hairstyle and mini hat to something that resembles more of Cia (who is the original) maybe substitute the hat for something else (her concept art has some cool headpiece ideas), extend the tube top to cover her midriff and upper chest more for practicality sake, and while I appreciate the skirt I would change the shape of it to match other items like the cloak more. Also I know that feathers are seen in Lana’s, Cia’s, and the time guardian’s designs, but they’re so sparse I don’t really see the meaning in keeping them, would rather substitute them for a different trait that’s seen in all the designs. 

    Anyways I just wanted to get this off my chest lol

    #hyrule warriors#hw lana #I also know that a lot of other people don't like her because like cia she fangirls over link. but honestly the way she deals with it is so- #-much more healthy than internally obsessing over her feelings like cia did. eventually coming to a conclusion that #'you don't always get the person you think you deserve' #bittersweet yes but such a good realization to have #(i will ignore her implication that zelda and link are always destined to be in love with each other) #thinking about doing a critique on cia too but idk how many people would want to read it #hyrule warriors definitive edition #@ people who include lana in their fics *blows you a kiss*
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    #ryss responds#hyrule warriors#link#malachi#loz oc#cia #there have been about 3-4 attempts on Malachi's life outside of battle #and they're all cia #there was actually 1 out of those that was actually on the battle field #but they didnt link it back to cia #as it was done by what was assumed to be a rogue enemy #his armor does help him a lot #with all the assassination attempts lol #one they dodged on accident #poisoned tea that mal spilled and then the tea started eating through the wood of the cabin they were in #and he's just like 'wow that wouldve been bad #'oh no anyway-' #link takes the attempts more seriously than Mal does #its not that hes not worried or doesnt think its serious #he just doesnt understand why hes being targeted in the first place #he doesn't think hes important enough or so much of a danger that he needs to be taken out #so hes assuming the person after him has confused him with someone else and or is just stupid #until he finds out its cia then it all clicks lol
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    Sun (in Zu) realizing that the whole chain is gone

    #btw this ends with #Sun: ... make me a portal to the hero of Warriors Zelda #Cia: if i may ask your grace... why? #Sun: i have an idea. How many of the Zelda's can fight? #Lana: i dont like this idea tour grace #Cia talking over lana and elbowing her other half in the ribs: a good number of them your grace #cia and lana are a part of this au as the Greek chorus to Sun's slow mental breakdown #rus's rambles #linked zeldaverse sun #zu sun #linked zeldaverse incorrect quotes #zu incorrect qoutes #Linked Zeldaverse#zu#loz cia#loz lana #linked Universe au #lu au
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    alright, so here's how I see Wars' relationship with others from HW! *also i have decided, no, sheik is not a 'disguise' for Artemis, and is instead her twin brother.

    Warriors & Sheik: Boyfriends. Lovers. They're in love your honour. In seriousness, Warriors and Sheik really are dating. They hit it off during the war and it eventually sprouted into a relationship.

    Warriors & Artemis: They're not 'best' friends, but they trust each other the most. They often spar together, and it helps them both improve their skills. Other times, Artemis simply wants his company if she has to sit through something she finds boring.

    Warriors & Linkle: They are siblings. They're aware of it. Though, if they get asked, they pretend they aren't. They don't hide it, but they don't make it known...except from when Linkle gave Sheik the "if you hurt my brother ill kill you" talk..

    Warriors & Cia: After all that happened, the two are still friends. They dated once after the war, but they agree that it simply didn't work out. Now, they're friends who hang out at least once a month if possible!

    Warriors & Lana: Lana is the one who is always exchanging letters with Warriors. She's the therapy friend, and she really cares about Warriors. They get along pretty well too, and sometimes they'll both hang out with Cia and just. talk.

    #hyrule warriors #ravios linked universe tag #linked universe#lu#sheik#linkle#lana#cia#lu warriors#lu sheik#lu linkle#lu lana#lu cia#lu artemis #linked universe warriors #linked universe sheik #linked universe linkle #linked universe lana #linked universe cia #linked universe artemis #captain oblivious #hyrule warriors headcanons #hyrule warriors cia #hyrule warriors lana #hyrule warriors sheik #hyrule warriors linkle #hyrule warriors zelda #hyrule warriors link
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    Zelda: what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

    Cia: Link.

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    We've a fortress, Way out, farther from any other settlement Than any other fortress has ever been, The land stretches for miles: I'd say it's Rough, and tough, but that'd be a lie, Because it's also soft and loamy, Wet and dry, acidic and alkaline, A bounty onto itself,
    And so we grow, grow what we can, With magic at our side, we can almost Disregard the bounds of climate and the Will of the seasons; and yet, most of us Choose not, Most.
    Brother-shade, tall as a willow and Swaysome as one too, serious with Little humour, ever the astute, Has a greenhouse, swathed in shadow, Wherein grow twisted beans, gnarled Squashes, and tomatoes of every colour Under moon and sun; And for all I know, Worlds where there are none, Tubers that look more like gnarled Hands than anything else that's ever Come out of a plant, And bundles of carrots like strands of long, Gnarled, multichromal hair, There's a trellis of grapes— Wine grapes, Sour things, no good for food, I wonder Why he bothers, "Hurry along, you," He shoos, "I've got work to do." His garden's more a lab.
    Spitfire takes pride in his plot, With all its beefstakes, braeburns, Bramleys, rascals and white-hot reapers, All grown on rough, battered land with Lovingly, almost-jarringly tilled patches, It's a jumble, for sure, but it's hard to Envision it any other way, Sometimes, if the boss is up in the study, And we feel really stupid, we sneak out to Spitfire's lot, dare each other to eat of its Fruit, and walk away with burned gullets and Red, watery eyes, He keeps sweet-peppers, too, Bell, milena, poblano, mellow-star, Fresh, baked or fried, ever-succulent, He makes a really good casserole, too, Rich and meaty, sour and sweet, Hot in a way that simmers instead of Scalds, I think it's all I could ever really take, He doesn't look like the kind of guy to Bake apple pie, or dote over chickens, Or even have a garden, at all, He's just gotten a pitaya, tiny thing, He oft seeks counsel for its sake, I think it's his baby.
    Diamonds lives for beauty, His corner's clustered thickly with Pomegranite, passion-fruit, fig and cinnamon, Even a bed of dahlias for extra show, White, red and gold, of course. He plucks a cherry from a picturesque Tree, and hands it to me, I bite, and wince, It's bitter, and sour, He chuckles like rain hammering against Hard, glazed front-door glass, "My sweet, these are cooking cherries, They're better off with sugar, spice, and the Firm caress of heat."
    Crowface, angel of death, slips hers Between the coils of an iron-wrought cage, Or a lantern, or an incense-vessel, The description's apt, too, One step in and you're another from falling Asleep, Lavender, rosmary, mint, sage, and thyme, The thick, curling branches of a Boswellia sacra; Frankincense, snake along the walls, Pressed, Pruned, Caged, And yet it grows like it was always meant to, She's got grapes, too, Good ones: deep plum-purple, large and juicy, Almost sweeter than they've any right to be, Roses grow around the edges, as an afterthought, I flee before she finds me.
    (I spy Dark running off with a fistful of grapes, Syrupy juice running down his chin. There are petals, white, red, pink and purple Slipping through the cracks between his fingers, Clearly torn.)
    The fire and ice do theirs on a terrace, One of bleached sandstone and ever- Glaring sun, so it would seem, Planters mark the boundary all around, And Gods, is it pungent, Onions, garlic, tumeric, ginger— Proper Stuff, too, stronger than most, This stink-pit's where we get all our medicine, There's good here, though, and it rises high In the spires of two young citrus trees, Lemon and orange, impeccably pruned and Dripping with fruit, There's watermelon, too, and volfruit, Though that one's weird, I don't know if I'll get ever used to the taste of it, "Snooping around, are we?" Ice calls, Voice high and creaking, She hands me a drink, my favourite blend Of watermelon lemonade, with thin disks Of ginger and orange zest, and a sprig of mint, She pats me on the back, "Move along, and shan't tell Koume." Sipping my drink, I slip past the barrier, And I'm in the damp dewy grass of A morning spring once again.
    The first thing that hits you is bananas, Bananas of every breed, most of them Sickly sweet, some sharp but most mild, It's almost enough to make you gag the First time you walk in, but there's other Things, too, like persimmon, tangerine and Lantern-fruit, He even has pomelo, mother of all citrus, Could you imagine that? What piques my curiosity most, though, Are the little planters, repurposed from Old boxes, scraps of broken pottery, Once-loved mugs, and the dizzying array Of miniature squash therein, Seedlings and matured, He grumbles from behind, easing out Of the half-slumber he falls into in that Hammock over there, There's a veil over his face— it's no Place for a mask —but somehow I can Feel him smile, "Take some, if you want. I've got more Than I could ever think to use," He rumbles with drowsy laughter, before Yawning, I pick out a couple, The ones that look like tiny pumpkins, Tiny bells, small courgettes, He hands me a paper bag without a Single word, and when I make to thank him He cuts with a nonchalant 'it's-nothing' Before the phrase can even leave my lips, He pats me on the back, and leads me Out the gate, I hear snoring not long after.
    Tulips floor the bed of this place, Like silken brushes tipped with myriad Paints, all blowing in the breeze, There's a shed, here, with strawberries Growing all around the edge, and a quarter Of it relegated to an under-shade porch, There's an easel with a canvas, and a Stool with a palette hastily set aside, Probably called by fire and ice to Help with brewing, That doesn't matter, though, How could it when the lushly-filled China-vase glistens so in the noon Sun? Hyacinth, narcissus, carnation, Peony, bluebell, wolfsbane, oxeye-daisy, Zinnia, and chrysmantheum— All this, And not a single tulip in sight.
    A garden is a garden, even if it Doesn't look so, with logs, layered And spread, and thick beds of mulch, A gentle, almost clean rotting, Cloth, born of gold, took me here The week before last week, under The bough of this coniferous canopy, Just outside the castle grounds, Horse, puffball, blue oyster, wine cap, Shiitake, chantarelle, morel, and truffle, for some, Even psilocybin— Yes, that, And it's not even the worst, Fly argaric, destroying angel, Ivory tunnel and deadly fibrecap, And then there's the ones that are just Plain disgusting, Stinkhorns— Common, anemonae, basket— dead man's hand, devil's fingers— (An antibiotic, so I've been told) The whole shebang, Then there's bleeding tooth, Looks just how it sounds, Apparently it's edible.
    Boss likes brassicae, Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Keeps them all high, high up in the Drafty top floor of his library tower, Brussel sprouts, rutabaga and mustard- Greens, For some, And else turnip, swede, kholrabi, And horseradish; good on every meat, But his greatest pride of all is A coffee-bean tree, That will take five or so years to Fully grow, "Patience is a virture," he says, Looking on with lidded eyes.
    It's more than a platitude when he Says it.
    As for I... Radishes; radishes pink and lettuce Red and green, Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries— —Whitebark raspberries; they're grey purple-blue. Little sprouts of cress, sprigs of basil, And a border of pansies, primrose, and marigolds, I head to the corner with my trowel, and crack Open a couple gourds, scooping out the seeds, And pop them in a mug of water, I'll plant them in the morning, for now, I take a moment to sit back, The applemint at the end of my garden's Grown lushly, this year, Perhaps I ought to make more tea, (Maybe give some to Dark; with a pumpkin Tart and a cupful of fruit.)
    (Or perhaps he'll pilfer my radishes, instead.)

    — How Does Your Garden Grow

    #tloz#hyrule warriors#vaati#zant#volga#ghirahim #dark sorceress cia #koume and kotake #twinrova#master kohga#yuga#wizzro#ganondorf#dark link #team villain my beloved #fan poem#poetry#scrawny writes #i had such a wonderful burst of inspiration yesterday that let this sprawl out from just a couple of remote stanzas #i hope this makes for good food~ <3 #long post
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    #ryss responds#linked universe#linkeduniverse #divine twili beast sky #this is just my ramblings and headcanons #i think if they wanted to hurt them by taking it theyd include that in whatever theyre using #cuz like Cia had a trap #and even in albw Yuga absorbed the people to get their triforce #and when Hilda came back she was just tired #idk about any other games where they have their triforce snatched #but theyre usually fine after its taken #but thats all hyrules triforce #i feel like with lorule #cuz its new and reformed #that those bearing its more have a deeper connection #at least for the time being #soon enough theyll be able to hot potato the triforce pieces around #but rn its stuck with em
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    charles francis xavier commits tax fraud

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    what is cialink if not forbidden enemies to lovers

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    #divine twili beast sky #lu wind#linkeduniverse#linked universe #but yeah i know very little about 4 members of the chain #okay thats not so true for twilight i know a bit more about him and his journey #but that was because a youtuber i watched played twilight princess #and it was really funny #also hyrule warriors is a weird game #like i was just thinking about it the first hyrule warriors is straight up bonkers and i love it #like 'oh no link ur so hot im evil now' #and lana and cia look kind of out of place for a zelda game #like i thought that when i first saw them and still think that now #ive warmed up to lanas design a bit #but cia is still like too final fantasy/fire emblem esque in my eyes #which isn't a bad thing it just looks very out of place #also her intro cutscene is not e for everyone lmaoooooo #now i wanna watch final fantasy 13 cutscnes #i never played it but as a youngun my sisters and i would watch the cutscenes #we liked the story #idk why everyone hates that game i like it #in a story aspect lol #idk about gameplay #maybe one day i can play it then we'll see how i feel about it
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