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  • It’s that time of year again, where the nation stops to spectate 22 men on a green rectangle jostle for control of an egg-shaped leather object. Bulldog will provide the standard snacks. Entrees are up to you. Yes, it is a POTLUCK seasoned heavily with FOOTBALL. .

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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all!

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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all! January 28, 2020 at 06:00AM
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    Blessed birthday Papa ♡Danielle #DAMCL ☆

    ● Head to this post on my Instagram for more info on my #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®© Third Eye 👁 Activating Energy Artwork & services : 👇👇

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  • Same rules as last year

    Quote:The Rules 

    No name changes can be made to your list after the cut off date.

    If you do make a change to a name on your list after the entry deadline, you will be disqualified.

    Post if someone on your list dies & I will mark them on your list

    Names of the nominees must be spelled alphabetically correct, or 10 points will be deducted if one dies whom you spelled wrong. 

    External image

    If someone on your list dies before you post your list, you can’t use them in your selection.

    You cannot post an exact copy of another persons list. If you do, the first list posted will be valid, yours will not be.

    You cannot submit names of persons on death row.

    You cannot submit a nominee who is 100 yrs old or older, that would be like fish in a barrel…

    Killing someone on your list will result in your disqualification

    In the event of a tie, the player with the youngest average age of correct predictions wins.

    No members of StogieChat can be on a list.

    How You Will Win
    We will do this on a points system, where points are based on 100 years of age. Subtract the deceased person’s age from 100 to determine the amount of points you earn.

    For example, if a person is 75 when they die, subtract their age from 100 and you get 25 points.

    The person with the most points collected at the end of the year wins.

    Bonus Points:
    25 extra points for the first nominee to die in 2020

    50 extra points to anyone who has two nominees die on the same day.

    25 extra points if you were the only person to pick that nominee.

    75 extra points to the person who has three or more nominees die on the same day.

    25 extra points for any nominee to die in December of 2020

    25 extra points for any nominee to die in the last week of December of 2020 (in addition to the above 25 extra points for the month of December 2020).

    25 extra points for the 1st woman

    25 extra points for the 1st man

    100 extra points if 1 of your nominees kills another of your nominees

    We each send a 5'er to the winner & maybe 2 or so to the runner up

    Quote:The Lists

    Tonto’s List
    1.  Carl Reiner
    2.  Hugh Downs
    3.  Larry Storch
    4.  Henry Kissinger
    5.  Michael Moore
    6.  Clint Eastwood
    7.  Harry Reid
    8.  Bill Clinton
    9.  Carol Burnett
    10. Jimmy Carter
    11. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
    12. Gene Hackman
    13. Tony Bennett
    14. Terry Jones
    15. James Earl Jones
    16. Ed Asner
    17. Olivia Newton-John
    18. Bob Barker
    19. Dorris Day
    20. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    21. Nichelle Nicoles                                 
    22. Queen Elizabeth II
    23. Barbara Walters
    24. Janet Napoitano
    25. Hillary Clinton

    Jimmie the Mum’s List
    1.    Alex Trebek
    2.    David Crosby
    3.    John Gardner (Texas Death Row)
    4.    Jimmy Carter
    5.    Sean Connery
    6.    Mel Brooks
    7.    Tommy Lasorda
    8.    Bob Cousy
    9.    Bob Barker
    10. Robert Gabriel Mugabe
    11. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    12. Regis Philbin
    13. Sydney Poitier
    14. Nikki Sixx
    15. Leah Bracknell
    16. Ayman al-Zawahiri
    17. Julio Alex Diaz
    18. Rafael Caro Quintero
    19. Brigitte Bardot
    20. Lindsay Lohan
    21. Tom Brokaw
    22. Johnny Clegg
    23. Ozzy Osbourne
    24. Mikhail Gorachev
    25. Liza Minnelli

    Benfishin1’s List
    1.    Alex Trebek
    2.    Artie Lang
    3.    Bill Cosby
    4.    Bob Barker
    5.    Charlie Sheen
    6.    Daniel Hernandez (Teka$hi 6ix9ine)
    7.    Dick Cheney
    8.    Ed Asner
    9.    Gene Hackman
    10.   Jerry Stiller
    11.   Jim Kelly
    12.   Jimmy Carter
    13.   John Andretti
    14.   John Madden
    15.   Larry Flint
    16.   Larry King
    17.   Leon Spinks
    18.   Loretta Lynn
    19.   Marion Knight (Suge Knight)
    20.   Mel Brooks
    21.   Mikhail Gorbachev
    22.   Olivia Newton John
    23.   Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    24.   Tommy Lasorda
    25.   Wilford Brimley

    nayslayer’s List
    1. Betty White
    2. Barbara Walters
    3. Robert Deniro
    4. Louis Farrakhan
    5. Mick Jagger
    6. Dick Cheney
    7. Jimmy Carter
    8. Michael Moore
    9. Bob Barker
    10. Willie Nelson
    11. Eric Clapton
    12. Bill Cosby
    13. Charlie Sheen
    14. Ozzy Osbourne
    15. Bill Clinton
    16. Boy George
    17. Wilford Brimley
    18. Regis Philbin
    19. Angela Lansbury
    20. Paul McCartney
    21. Cher
    22. Alex Trebek
    23. Marion Ross
    24. Ruth Ginsberg
    25. John Madden

    Current Score (As Of 01/22/2020)
    Benfishin1               00.0
    Jimmie the Mum      00.0
    nayslayer                00.0
    Tonto                     00.0

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  • Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    Today, I started pulling objects for the upcoming Ashland exhibit.

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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all!

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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all! January 22, 2020 at 06:00AM
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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all!

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  • Good Morning! Long Ashes to all! January 21, 2020 at 06:00AM
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