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  • Weiss: Welp, Cinder’s dead.

    Jaune: Don’t be ridiculous, Weiss. Zombies can’t die. I mean, if she were dead, there would be children celebrating in the streets! No, she’s definitely not dead. Just like I said when I went motorcycle shopping with Oscar, “I ain’t buying it.”

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  • Cinder: Hello, Jaune. Surprised to see me?

    Jaune: Well, I didn’t say Bloody Mary 3 times, so yeah, I am.

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  • Jaune Arc, Intern of Evil

    Cinder: Under no circumstances are you allowed to enter Salem’s Inner Sanctum!

    Jaune: Ooh! Salem calls her throne room an “Inner Sanctum”? Oh, that is so classy!

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  • Salem: best method for removing individuals?

    Cinder: Kill em 🤷‍♀️

    Salem: um I’m talking about lashes ????????????

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  • AU where everything is the same except Cinder Fall speaks with a French accent.

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  • Blake: *feeling where her ears used to be* This is so… strange…

    Jacques: Now you’re not one of them anymore.

    Blake: *hesitating* B-being a faunus couldn’t be that bad-

    Jacques: You didn’t want to be an animal like them. For now, it’s time to catch up om your training.

    Blake: My… training?

    Jacques: To run the SDC. You’re done galavanting off as a huntress. You’ll start your proper training now.

    Blake: R-right. Of course…


    Ruby: *dropping to the ground, wincing*

    Cinder: *walking over to her* Get up.

    Ruby: *straining to pick herself up*

    Cinder: *watching Ruby drop* Pathetic.

    Emerald: Maybe you’re going too hard on her.

    Cinder: She needs to know how to fight.

    Emerald: Maybe there’s another way?

    Cinder: *glaring at Emerald* After what she did to me?!

    Emerald: And clearly, she doesnt remember. Maybe we can train her another way.

    Cinder: And what do you have in mind?

    Emerald: *looking at Ruby* Maybe we can make her see her friends as enemies…

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  • GrimmAge!Ruby, sitting at a table in the corner of the bustling tavern, her legs pulled up to her chest with her face buried into her knees: P-Please, leave me alone.

    GrimmAge!Woman, shifting back and forth over Ruby’s shoulders, gripping down onto them: But why? But why, Darling Rose? What’s wrong? Don’t you wish to relax? To enjoy yourself with all the others? You’re here hiding all on your lonesome, enjoying the festivities would be so much more fun!

    GrimmAge!Ruby, shifting further into her shell: You…do not look right…there is something terribly wrong with you, and this place. I want to leave.

    GrimmAge!Woman, her voice coming out as more of a hiss than anything else: But WHY?! This place is so wonderful! Every single thing you could ever want! Food! Drink! Flesh! What more do you pathetic creatures desire! I demand you tell-

    GrimmAge!Cinder, suddenly appearing with blazing eyes, smashing the woman away from Ruby and pinning her against a wall, screaming with flames flickering out from her mouth: WHO ARE YOU TO DARE TOUCH HER?! YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY ROSE OR I WILL BURN YOU TO ASH.

    GrimmAge!Woman, despite having been slammed so hard into the wall she’s in more of a crater than anything else, a grin on her face: Oh, don’t be stupid. You can’t provide for her the way we can, and deep down, you know that. Don’t you, Cinder? That you can’t protect her from everything like you think you can.

    GrimmAge!Cinder, her eyes flaring up even more, spinning her head towards Ruby: Did she hurt you? Did you say anything to her?

    GrimmAge!Cinder, turning her attention back to the woman: How do you know my NAME!?

    GrimmAge!Ruby, lifting her head from her knees, tears streaming down her cheeks: I-I said only to leave me alone, I never mentioned you by name. There is something wrong with the people here, I…I can see it, they ripple like reflections in water. It…is wrong. Something is wrong.

    GrimmAge!Cinder, turning her head, surveying the large crowd of tavern goers, who have stopped their revelry and are simply staring at Cinder in complete silence: …yes…yes, I see it now.

    GrimmAge!Cinder, her hand gripping the woman’s throat quickly breaks out in flames, which spread to the woman who lets out a blood curdling scream as she burns alive: How could I have been so blind…


    GrimmAge!Weiss, sitting in a booth besides Yang, a beer in her hand, speaking with a smile: Yang, may I say something?

    GrimmAge!Yang, also with a beer in her hand, turning her attention to Weiss: Hmm? Yes, yes of course.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, taking a sip of the beer: Seeing all these people here…everyone having fun. Dancing, drinking, feasting. It just sort of reminds me of the balls my family would have back home.

    GrimmAge!Yang, nodding her head in response, but remaining silent:

    GrimmAge!Weiss, side-eyeing Yang, bringing the tankard to her lips but speaks rather than taking a sip: Do you remember…the promise you made to me, that, umm…aha…first night we laid together?

    GrimmAge!Yang, bringing a finger to her cheek and scratches it, giving off a nervous laugh as she raises the tankard with her other hand, sloshing around the beer inside: I-Uhh, you’re gonna have to remind me…s-sorry.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, sighs, but gives off a smile nonetheless: You fool…about how we would one day return to my home, all the way back in Atlas, and we would attend one of those balls. Together. With you at my side.

    GrimmAge!Yang, nodding, smiling bright: Well of course, I wouldn’t dream of breaking a promise I made to you. Especially one like that, my darling.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, giving off a content sigh, lowering her tankard from her lips and rests her head on Yang’s shoulder: Oh, Yang…I should’ve known this moment was too good to be true. I knew the second you called me anything that wasn’t my name.

    GrimmAge!Yang, tilting her head: I…don’t understand?

    GrimmAge!Weiss, quickly splashing her tankard all over Yang’s face, the beer instantly freezing, sliding her way out of the booth as Yang’s arms flail helplessly against the magical ice, glaring down with contempt: The “promise” confirmed it. But by the Gods, if you’re going to do something like this, at least learn everyone’s names first.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, looking over her shoulder to the tavern floor, the dozens and dozens of once cheerfully celebratory patrons now glaring at her with empty eyes, a large glyph forming beside her: Now then, I suppose it’s time for me to find the others. The real Yang, so I can kick her ass.


    GrimmAge!May, standing in the private room with the man she met at the bar, casually pulling an arrow from her quiver:

    GrimmAge!Man, raising an eyebrow: And what’s that for?

    GrimmAge!May, grinding the tip of the arrow against her pointer finger, drawing the tiniest bit of blood: Y'know. Big groups entering all at the same time…those aren’t good for your line of business, are they?

    GrimmAge!Man, breaking from his confused stare with an equally confused laugh: O-Oh no, n-no no. I don’t run this inn personally, if that’s what you’re implying. But uhh, I think big groups are important for them, no? More drinks being sold and whatnot.

    GrimmAge!May, taking a few steps towards the man, arrow still in hand, laughing a little: Ahhh, hah. Except…the drinks I got at the bar, three to be exact. All free. No charge. Of course, they were shit beer, and quite frankly I should’ve been paid to drink it. But still, free.

    GrimmAge!May, cutting the man off before he can speak by placing the arrowhead against his lips: Ah ah ah, before you come up with some shit excuse. Let me tell you, the beer lacking cost was just icing on the cake. What I mean when I say the big groups, like ours was, being bad for your business is that you’re bound to have people with different…tastes.

    GrimmAge!Man, clearing his throat, awkwardly: Well, we accommodate for all here, so I-

    GrimmAge!May, nodding, a mockingly impressed look on her face: Oh, you most certainly do. Enough so that when those two folks grabbed Yang from the entrance, Princess Bitch saw two women, I saw two men. Really fascinating how that could be possible, that is, unless there was some sort of illusion. So now, you’ve got me wondering, you’ve got me wondering-

    GrimmAge!May, jabbing the arrow into the stomach of the man, brutally shifting it up and under his ribcage, pushing it further and further until he starts choking up blood: Just what the bloody fuck this whole place really is.


    GrimmAge!Yang, sitting in a bathtub, relaxing with closed eyes and a big smile, a littered mess of empty tankards at one side of the room, her arm being washed by the woman that took her from the entrance, the man kneeling behind the bath massaging her shoulders: Ahh, this is the life. A shame it won’t last.

    GrimmAge!Woman, with a sense of longing to her voice: Ooooh, My Lady…Yang, don’t say that. You needn’t leave.

    GrimmAge!Yang, opening a single eye, her voice deadpan: So…finally learned my name then? Hmph…I must have…mentioned it. Say, you’re lovely company. But umm…I can’t do this.

    GrimmAge!Woman, speaking with a frown: Are you certain? We love having you here, we’d be happy to wait on you day-in and day-out.

    GrimmAge!Man, speaking in a whisper: You can stay here forever…

    GrimmAge!Yang, sighs, sitting upright, taking herself out of the pair’s grasp: Yeah umm…I-I get that. Just. I need to talk to my companions. The both of them. Y'know? The white haired one, and the one with the bow. They both look really bitchy in their own unique ways?

    GrimmAge!Woman, standing up from her spot besides the bath, ushering the man to join her: Of course, we understand, we’ll go get them for you.

    GrimmAge!Yang, watching the pair of them leave, a smile on her face as they get to the door, waving them out: It’s been a pleasure, perhaps I’ll see you both later tonight?

    GrimmAge!Yang, joining the pair in a quick laugh as they leave, her face dropping to an emotionless slate once the door latches, whispering to herself as she raises a leg out of the bath: …this…isn’t water. I bet that shit wasn’t beer either. Just what in the Gods’ names is this place.

    GrimmAge!Yang, lowering her leg back to the water as the door opens again, Weiss and May stepping in, the pair silently making their way to the tub, kneeling each on a side: …it’s good to see you both. I’ve…missed you…It’s, uhm, been a while since I’ve enjoyed a bath with the pair of you, and since I’m in one now…I just thought, you know.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, reaching into the tub and pulling up Yang’s arm, caressing it until she interlocks her hand with Yangs, giving the back of Yang’s hand a kiss: I was beginning to get jealous, to be completely honest with you. Worried that I’d be replaced.

    GrimmAge!May, mimicking Weiss’s movements with Yang’s other hand, a gentle smile on her face: I wasn’t worried in the slightest. I knew you’d not be able to resist your favorites.

    GrimmAge!Yang, sliding her hands around her companions, her left to the back of Weiss’s head, gently stroking her hair, and her right to May’s neck, softly rubbing her thumb along her skin: Well, I’m sorry, Weiss, that you felt that. And I’m glad, May, you helped her anxiety. But unfortunately, there is something I’m going to need to say, and do.

    GrimmAge!Weiss, leaning closer and closer to Yang in the tub, her voice practically a moan: Anything~

    GrimmAge!May, her eyes resting hungrily on Yang’s face, her tongue just slightly wetting her own lips: Anything at all.

    GrimmAge!Yang, taking a deep breath, speaking calmly with closed eyes: Weiss…isn’t nearly this submissive, especially around me after I do something as stupid as lead us all into some shithole like this. And May? Heh. You really fucked up there.

    GrimmAge!Yang, an aura of golden light exploding around her as her hands tighten their grips, pulling hard on Weiss’s head and pushing her face under the water, winning easily against the struggling body, her other hand immediately breaking through the skin of May’s throat as she crushes it, glaring directly at the bloody mess: May likes men. And I’m going to burn this fucking nightmare to the ground.

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  • Jaune walks into an Ice Cream place and sees Cinder and Neopolitan just licking Ice Cream while non threatening. How does he react when seeing them?

    Edit: Jaune would try not make gather attention cause since hes in a public place and he doenst want people to get hurt. So hed wait until they’re then he’d confront them

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  • “I just blocked Arc on social media after an argument, and using my email address, he sent me a calendar invite to suck his dick at 9:30 am on September 17th”

    - Cinder about Jaune, probably.

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  • Cinder: I know we’ve always had this unspoken rivalry.

    Ruby: Not a rivalry, you’re just always trying to kill me or my friends. And not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.

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  • A child starts crying in public:

    Tries to make the child laugh: Ruby, Nora, Oscar, Qrow, Sun.

    Plays with the kid to calm him down: Yang, Weiss, Tai, Pyrrha, Summer, Velvet, Yatsu.

    Doesn’t know what to do: Blake, Coco, Ilia, Willow.

    Gives the child a hammer: Ren.

    Gives instructions to the parents: Ozpin, Winter, Ironwood.

    Cries with the child: Jaune, also Qrow, Neptune.

    Ignores the child: Whitley, Raven, Neo, Roman, Fox.

    Is the reason why the child is crying: Cinder, Salem, Jacques.

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  • image

    Cinder and the maidens (modern au)

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  • hii!! here’s Cinder Fall in vest for everyone :)

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  • Cinder fall is a grown up azula

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  • Ruby: *following Cinder* When you say make me whole, what do you mean?

    Cinder: She can replace what you lost.

    Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Like, metaphorically or physically?

    Cinder: She can fix you.

    Ruby: *sighing* I… I think Im good.

    Cinder: *looking at Ruby curiously* Are you sure?

    Ruby: Im not really the religious type and I dont want to start now. Besides, the tournament will be starting in a couple days and I really need to be there for my team.

    Cinder: *putting a hand on Ruby’s shoulder* Just come to me when you change your mind.

    Ruby: If I do, I will. *walking off* Thanks though.

    Emerald: *walking to Cinder as Ruby gets out of earshot* Are you sure it’s okay to let her go?

    Cinder: She’ll come back. Besides, we can use her.

    Emerald: What do you have in mind?

    Cinder: I need you to distract her on her first match. Make her see the figure she saw in the tower.

    Emerald: How will that help?

    Cinder: *smirking* You’ll see.

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  • Ruby: *panting, holding her scythe low* Im not… sure I can… keep going….

    Salem: Then we’re done with training today.

    Ruby: *dropping to her knees* T-thank you…

    Salem: And I think its time for you to meet Cinder.

    Ruby: *looking at Salem curiously* Another student?

    Salem: In a way. You will be trained under her.

    Cinder: *walking into the room* So Im babysitting now…

    Ruby: *hesitating as she saw Cinder* Do I… know you?

    Cinder: *eyes and dress glowing* You do.

    Ruby: *falling back* The woman from the dust shop robbery…

    Cinder: You do remember.

    Ruby: T-then why are you here?!

    Cinder: Salem is my… teacher.

    Salem: And Cinder will teach you about dust weaving. *walking off* It’ll become useful for your first assignment.

    Ruby: *hesitating* First assignment?

    Cinder: Dont worry about that. For now, follow me.

    Ruby: *getting up and walking with Cinder*

    Cinder: *taking Ruby to a new room in the castle* This… is my sewing room. We’ll start with something simple. And if you tell Mercury and Emerald about this- *creates fireball in her hand* -I will end you. Got it?

    Ruby: *nodding nervously* Understood.

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  • Cinder: Yes

    Cinder: Yea*

    Cinder: Almost broke my cool and casual facade

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  • Cinder: Instead of confetti, people threw chlamydia at my bride and I as we exited the church.

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