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  • ebonytails
    03.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Bippity Boppity Boo!

    For @girlnextdeer! (don’t use as your icon/headers)

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  • daniellemisuriello
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Oh my gosh this makes me so happy! Love these two reunited our Cinderella & Prince Charming! ❤️

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  • thebristolboard
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Classic cover by Matt Baker for Cinderella Love #25, published by St. John’s Publications, December 1954. 

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  • slavet0thegrind
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #very fitting that i got a Cinderella song for you 💕 #thank you lynne 💕
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  • fancyschmancyopinions
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    WINNIE HARLOW at the 2021 Oscars After Party on April 25th 2021 wearing GEORGE HOBEIKA COUTURE

    Winnie Harlow looks like a high fashion Cinderella!

    Winnie is always showing up in great outfits, and I absolutely love this one. I absolutely love the blue color on her. It just really stands out and she really looks beautiful.

    I think this dress is so stunning. I love the one shoulder strap incorporated into the dress. It just really elevates the look and makes it interesting. I love the daring slit. I think it was a great choice to match the shoes to the color of the dress. And I’m always a fan of strappy heels!

    I love Winnie’s hair as well. The loose curls are super glamorous. I think they look great! She looks like a princess ready to hit the runway.

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  • lonely-dog-song
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I feel like cinderella is so boring at this point like what could u possiblt do to make anyone Want to watch another Cinderella movie. (be me n my mom bored on amazon prime lol,) it seems like they did take the plot in different directions than usual to spice it up, but not well-done enough to make people enjoy it?

    #i was already not that interested in seeing it but hearing james corden within the first few minutes made me actively reluctant to watch it #tired of him #but also it seemed that cinderella had a pretty good life? like i dont think her mom was mean (idk about her sisters) #so right off the bat i was like. oh that's always the point of conflict so what the heck is the issue? #yet i did not watch far enough to learn the issue! #thats on me obviously #lonely dog speaks
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  • msawesomegeek
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Cinderella (2021) Movie Review

    A/N: Look at me, reviewing something that actually came out this year! Look, long story short, I accidentally got free 7 days prime and wanted to make the most of it, and I love Romesh Ranganathan and James Acaster. So yeah, I watched. Also I found out right in the end that the guy who plays the prince is in one of my favourite movies (Handsome devil.) Anyways, on to this, and I feel kind of weird calling it a review, because I feel like it is just gonna be an appropriately deranged rant. Enjoy <3 And tell me if you agree, disagree or just wanna talk really.

    Spoilers ahead.

    To the person living under a rock its cinderella but with a small twist, the prince has a personality, so does actually, everyone else, which is cool, but I digress, everyone has personalities, and Ella wants to be a designer and the prince doesn't wanna be king, not really. Thats it. I hope I dont have to summarise the rest of Cinderella for you, it's pretty basic and have been done a million times.

    Now, I watched the old and it was like my least favourite growing up, because I guess a little internalised misogyny, and well I liked Mulan and Jasmine, because they did stuff in their movies. And well, Cinderella just could look pretty, and that was never my strong suit soo. I then when Disney Plus came to my country watched the live action remake. And yeah, it was okay, I remember feeling things but also having no need to watch it again. This, this one I dont know how to feel about.

    I didn't know where to start, but the good I guess, because that is gonna be the shortest. Okay, so Idina Menzel is amazing, and I love her. The only thing is, and that is probably just a me thing, but her high note in Material Girls reminded me of Wicked and I was like teared up for a moment, because god that is so much better a musical and I hope no one ever puts it onto any film unless its live. I did also really like what they did to the step mothers character, it gave her depth but not in a way that took up space too much in the story, maybe the piano thing was literally a bit too much, but it was actually really cool to see this mother first be this evil entity who teaches her daughters to be material, and then reveals why. It was cool. Also I had to take a break after the first 10 minutes of this movie, and one of my thoughts was: I don't know anything about most of these characters but those step sisters are fantastic! And they were! Not too overly dumb or naive for the dumb one and not too mean or anything for the other. Just perfect. Great singing. No notes. You three can stay!

    James Cordon, Romesh Ranganathan and James Acaster, they were really good. They were funny, a little distracting at times, but you know what that is more the editors fault than theirs. I loved them. No notes.

    I would also like to add, I liked the changes at least most of them to the story and characters. No it is not at all perfectly executed, we will get to that TRUST ME!, but it isn't too woke, a little on the nose maybe, but come on! We have seen cinderella in so many ways (Sidenote, great for ONCE not to see Minnie Driver as an evil stepsister, because she's played the stepsister in like half of all cinderella adaptations.) We have seen this story so many times before, the reason that a cinderella story or Ella Enchanted, which in my book are the only ones worth a rewatch, are good is because they tried to do something different! And it worked! So I really don't mind it.

    The last strength this movie has: It's really fucking funny sometimes, her rat lines, hilarious, I'm sorry, I laughed, its fucking dumb, but I laughed. I will say though, little side note here, I'm not sure it was all intentional though. And like, sure the commentary was funny, but it was a little inconsistent and sometimes it really took the tension out of a scene where it needed tension.

    Okay, now for the complaining. If you loved this movie, you're probably not going to like this.

    Now first off, and this is JUST for me, but when that Cellist broke her Cello after The Seven Nation Army mash up, I literally yelled: "NO! That is so expensive!"

    Moving on! Like I said, I liked the story, I did like the changes they made to it. But there were some things that just pissed me tf off. Mostly it is on the prince's side of the story, and its not just there that there are flaws I just noticed them more.

    The FIRST FUCKING SCENE WITH THE PRINCE! First time we meet him, first time we are introduced to him. He tells a girl, he doesn't wanna marry her, (And I went back to check it because I wanted to make sure I didnt miss something the first time.), he rejects a girl, because, "I don't plan on settling down any time soon.". I'm sorry. Just, just to be clear here. You wrote a script. Several people wrote a script. People agreed to act, direct and film it. AND NO ONE, NO ONE, thought to stop and ask about how fucking stupid that line is! This fucking movie, tries its damnedest, the rest of its almost two hour run time, to convince you, that, the reason Robert is opposed to marrying anyone other than Ella, is because HE WANTS LOVE. His mother says that is his reason! They cut away to more exposition, and THEN they have the fucking audacity, that his next scene has him being scolded by his father, and THEN making his I want song be, Somebody to love by Queen. (I literally paused and breathed to calm down my anger). I'm sorry. I just have to ask. WHAT THE HELLL???!!!!





    WHAT, is this?! What (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart) THE FUCK!

    Why! Just Why, did no one! Nada, niet, no one, stop and say: Hold on, its almost like the princes ENTIRE establishing scene is him acting like a brat who doesn't wanna marry, and literally telling a princess he doesn't wanna marry, not just her, but implying in general. Isn't that kind of weird when he the rest of this movie claim he only wanna marry for love. Why not just make him say that? And apparently if someone DID say that, they were promptly fired, because this movie was clearly written and directed a M. Night Shamalan ripoff, because at least his twists makes fucking sense!

    I know its just a fucking movie, but it pisses me off SO fucking much. Like it is one line, in one scene, and this movie would be 10 times better.

    Next. And yes, this will involve less what's in all caps with exclamation points after, but know, that there will be equal amounts of what the hells felt in this next thing.

    Later, Robert has permission from his parents to go off and marry Ella, and he searches which is kind of a cool sequences, then him and the boys are riding through the woods and all hope is lost, you know? Anyways, we get this scene, with the boys, and we know so far that Robert has a best friend named Haymish (I think), and then two other nameless bros who are mostly just clones of Grigor from the Great. Anywho, they are riding through the woods, all hope is lost, and then one of them gives this beautiful speech about how love is important and we all should long for what Robert has. It inspires them to carry on and Robert remembers that the marketplace exists. Cool? No. First off the dialogue in this scene is more contrived than a Kardashian ass. It is clunky and I am sorry, but no amount of cute irish accent is going to make me forget that you are literally spewing bullshit about love in a way that is laughably unsubtle and honestly just terribly written. Now maybe, just maybe, I could have forgiven that, if, it was said by Haymish (Still not sure thats his name but we'll go with it), because we have spent time with Haymish, we have liked Haymish because he is sort of sassy and we know that he is cautious and the person discouraging the prince, so to have him when all hope is lost go: No, if this is true love, you got this and you will find here. Now think, where could she be?

    Still clunky, but its two in the morning and I didnt get paid to write a movie. But it would make sense, its a character established to go against the prince and be sensible, for him to be inspired and have a change a heart would be sweet, still contrived but sweet. Instead, we get this god damned NOBODY who might as well be an extra, saying these things and I was internally screaming: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! Why are you here? Who are you?!

    Last thing on Robert and I promise to trash like two more things and then go. Anyways, Robert, I kind of loved and hated him at the same time. Good actor, singing wasn't awful. Here is the deal, if they had sticked with it a little more (and I get why they didnt but then why do it in the first place), I would have loved his character. He was witty and fucking funny. And half of the time when he wasn't busy being sweet or in love, he was a perfect ripoff of Peter from the Great. Now the reason I both loved and hated Robert is because of exactly that. The Great is a fantastic series that you should absolutely watch. And it's like they knew what they were doing, like his first line is like straight up something Peter would say, delivery and everything, and making him say Huzzah. Like, is this intertextuality or what? Like at the first half of this movie, I could literally see Peter from the great being friends with Robert. And if they had actually dared to follow through and allow him to continue to be sort of an awful person that could work, and could have been a great story about him wanting to be better than his father bla blah bla. I also get why they couldn't do that, but then like, just make him stupid my bros. Like make him more stupid. It would make sense that he is an idiot who just falls in love with a random girl. It would make even more sense for Gwen to be just rolling her eyes at him. Also, why dont we know more about Gwen, besides that she would actually be a great leader, here is a thing I have a problem with, why does she at like no point in the story talk to her brother. Why doesn't she give the pep talk! You cant convince me that she loves her brother with heart eyes in the end when you two have literally never had a conversation! Sorry, tangent. Anyway, the reason I hate Robert being like Peter from The Great, is, it reminded me I could just be rewatching The Great instead of this weird ripoff.

    Moving on! Now, I still dont know where I stand on the godfairy, like I was like, its the fucking butterfly, of course it is. And I did like it, then I hated it, then I liked it again. That's it.

    Now, what pissed me off to no end in this movie is, the music. First off I really did not like the opening number, it felt weird and clunky somehow, I would have been fine with a little voiceover or for it to somehow to be incorporated into Ella's I want song. Because I get it establishes the world, but like, idk, it just wasn't a very good song. And the opening number is also a big pet peeve of mind. First off, I dont hate Camilla Cabello, I think she's a good musician, I like some of her songs, I liked fifth Harmony. And hell, I did not even mind her acting in most of this. It was fine. The problem I have with her, that in that opening number, which is opening, HER movie, she is autotuned to death. I also had that problem with the second number, and then it was fine in perfect. But you CANNOT have the audacity to have an opening number to a movie, where the lead actress is a musician, and then autotune her to death. Like I spent a good amount of time wondering what went wrong. Like one of the notes sounded like it was tuned to the wrong note! And I know you can autotune today, without having the sound of it noticeable, and it was so fucking noticeable. So WHY. Why would you do this! This is an amazon movie, you have endless resources. Hire a better mixer! And even it was a great sound producer who did their job completely correctly, it also kind of in those first two songs, sounded like it was like in a bad place for her range. I literally in the beginning after hearing a note by Camilla, paused and went: Really!? Not going to get another take of that? Cool. Fine. Whatever. Its only a MUSICAL! And then they have the audacity to have her singing come in after and in duet with Idina Menzel, who fucking Slays. Even the step sisters slay their part. Just do a different take. Do something to the music! Dont let your lead singer sing a bad note and be badly autotuned! How did you let this happen? Also, while we're at the music, I dont hate some of it, like fuck somebody to loved did, but that was mostly because they had the audacity to sing queen and then not follow through in his character! Like, they might as well have made him sing Under Pressure. Actually, I just went to spotify under Queen to find a song, and Under Pressure would fit his character perfectly, his motivation and everything. Also, is there a reason they didnt make his song just duet Ella's in the beginning, but instead shoehorned it in when they got the rights to Queen instead? Because it would have shown connect and stuff. Maybe like, make their reunion scene, idk, meaningful? No. Not what you're going for. Cool. I also hate that they sang Perfect. We get it. Its a good song. Okay? Just let it be. Let it be just music, just instrumental, let them dance, let them sing it later. Just, not now. You could also have like, not picked something that in under a year became the worlds most annoying song because its played at every wedding ever. That is also an option, you know?

    Also, I thought Ella was in a hurry, to like sail off. Dont try to convince me they gathered the whole kingdom in under an hour to announce Gwen as the new queen. Like, I get you want a big finishing dance number, but come on, they have somewhere to be!

    All in all, (Wow, you made it this far? I deliver on the deranged rant part right?) there are some cool things about this movie, but I will be honest a lot of it bothered me, but hey, if you have two hours to spear, you might as well, you know, watch Handsome Devil. It has the guy who plays the prince, but its great and beautiful, and have characters that make sense and a great opening number that doesn't feel shoehorned, but is actually just beautiful in a fantastic way. And if you after that still haven't had enough, go watch the great. I promise its better. Like if you have no other options, sure, watch it, be like me, enjoy the comedians, the Idina's, the Peter like lines, and try to get past the rest. It is, passible. Like, technically it is a movie.

    2/10 stars.

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  • electric--love
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    tom, about fred: apparently we’re getting someone new in the group.

    jeff: are we stealing them?

    eric: new or used?

    tom: wonderful responses, both of you.

    #this is actually what happened and you cant tell me otherwise #incorrect cinderella quotes
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  • its-all-down-hill
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • yesireadforfun
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire

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  • falteringteeth
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    oh boy tmrw i see christmas cinderella with my friend

    #that’s the middle school musical this year #we think it’s going to be a train wreck so we r going #also i don’t understand why it’s christmas cinderella and not regular cinderella #like i remember every year i was in the middle school play it was a wreck
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  • genderfluidvarians
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.
    #disneynetwork#disneyfeverdaily#disneymydear#fyeahdisney#disneyedit#disney#m: mulan #the little mermaid #m: hercules#frozen#encanto #beauty and the beast #lilo and stitch #atlantis the lost empire #princess and the frog #m: cinderella#my edits#my gifs #aaaa i wanted to include so many other women in this #it hurt me to not have enough space for rapunzel esmeralda pocahontas and merida for example!! #but i really like how it turned out anyway
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  • internationalseiyuuleague
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ohashi Ayaka ❤️ Hasshi

    Beautiful 😍💞💝

    #seiyuu#ayaka ohashi#bang dream#uma musume #the idolmaster cinderella girls #hasshi
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  • katieaiko
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    My latest animatic, "Cendrillon" is currently up on my Patreon! 

    Link to my Patreon is right here!

    The public release will be just a week from now on Thursday!

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  • frank-o-meter
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Theatricals posters for British Pantomimes that are popular during the holiday season. The Cinderella poster is particularly beautiful.

    #British pantomimes#pantos#Cinderella#theater poster #red riding hood #goldilocks and the three bears #robinson crusoe
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  • draw-the-squad-like-this
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Draw your characters like this

    #Cinderella 3 a twist in time #drawing prompt #draw your ocs #draw the ocs #tag your ocs #imagine your ocs #draw your characters #draw your characters like this #otp #draw your otp #draw your otp like this #draw the OTP #draw your ship #otp ideas#otp things#OTP Prompts#otp meme #tag your otp #2 people#friends#wtf#confused#oc prompt#funny#cinderella#awkward #annoyed and happy #grumpy and sunshine #serious and silly #annoyed
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  • embraceyourdestiny
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Kingdom hearts boys as Disney princesses

    Sora - Snow White

    Ienzo - Cinderella

    Ven - Rapunzel

    Vanitas - Vanellope

    Riku - Jasmine

    Axel - Merida

    Isa - Belle

    Demyx - Ariel

    Roxas - Mulan

    #Ven could be aurora too but I think him being trapped in a tower not knowing about the world fits him well #and him w long beautiful hair :) #mulan for Roxas bc pretending to be someone else #vanellope bc she’s a glitch and has a true purpose she comes to learn like I anticipate for vanitas #and she was lied to like Xehanort lied to him #riku bc of his expectations vs what he wants to do #demyx bc water and I could see him having once wanted to go out and see the world #Axel bc merida is feisty and he’s dealt with someone he loves being someone they’re not #Isa as belle but belle is the beast was my idea for that #snow white and Cinderella I talked about #kingdom hearts#kh#og#sora kh#roxas kh#ienzo kh#Axel/lea#isa/saix#demyx kh#ven kh#Ventus kh#vanitas kh#riku kh
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  • embraceyourdestiny
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    All I will think about now is cinderella!ienzo. Him in the cleaning outfit wiping his brow after scrubbing Xehanort’s floors. Him talking to chip and dale in his chamber. So very cute.

    #also I think him and cinderella would be good friends #the blue ones <3 #kingdom hearts#kh#og#ienzo kh
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  • msawesomegeek
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Okay, what is this movie??!?

    Like, robb beckett is a creep. Camilla cabalos voice is so bad, like, do another take??? Or like some of her notes are like terrible autotuned! Why?!? Didnt fucking Amazon have The money to hire a good Music producer?!? What happened?? And The Prince In The first scene is basically fucking Peter from The great! WHAT IS THIS??? WHY IS THIS??? AAAAAAH

    #cinderella#cinderella 2021#camilla cabello#James acaster#robb beckett#Music#musicals#movie musicals#i cant #what In The actually fuck is this?? #how are The step sisters more likable than cinderella so far #sure they havent fed The mice #but at least they sing Well NOT FUCKING AUTOTUNED TO DEATH #it’s worse than Emma watson #In beautyboks and The besat #and that was fucking awf #awful #what The hell!?
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  • embraceyourdestiny
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Ienzo and Sora are technically Disney princesses

    Ienzo has a story similar to cinderella while Sora’s is similar to Snow White

    #kingdom hearts#kh#og#sora kh#ienzo kh #sora can talk to animals and slept for so long until he was restored #ienzo lived in a big castle (mansion in cinderella) with adoptive relatives #i just saw a picture of ienzo crying like Cinderella and it clicked lol
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