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  • inakingdombythesea
    11.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I am... such a fucking gossip, send help

    #im going to explode if i dont share this shit with someone #if i could grab a chair and got to città vecchia to sit with some grannies and scream i would #nevermind my social anxiety #im grabbing a chair and sitting next to a grandma that's making pasta in the street and im gonna lose it #go* kshdjashwhhaha
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  • patiencethin
    05.09.2020 - 8 monts ago

    || Old Muses || Not Accepting

    @anglerfishnabe​ ASKED: alt!

    The fuck was this shit? Why is it always cities? Why couldn’t he be whisked off to something less... urban. It was fucking annoying, if not downright degrading. He wasn’t exactly the most street smart person, despite what his skills in technology and chemistry might say.

    Still, it was ripe for the picking with shit to invest his time in, hopefully. Shit to steal, genetics to rehash-- say, wasn’t he working on something with his own DNA just before he was forced outta his home? That’s right... introducing his genetic make-up to his new creation: white mold.

    That little bitch wouldn’t know what to do about that once he was the one in control of it all, now would she?

    It’d be nice to be able to pick up that little hobby again. Testing the strength of his own take of a bioweapon on this city would just be a test run.

    Lucas Baker || Resident Evil 7
    #anglerfishnabe#answered #ty for sending! i had this little shit in citta so its BEEN A WHILE #so this sounds kinda rusty...
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  • costellos
    25.07.2020 - 9 monts ago
    #I was really involved in Citta Alveare if you're familiar with that group! #well #at least before it all went to shit pfft #toya slides u a note #Anonymous
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  • javitrulovesims
    21.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Tax Season is over on my country, that means Javi has free time to play with their pixel people and also time to get some shit done. I know that i tend to make promises and then forget about them but i really, my day job as an accountant + pandemics + Vaccines Dramas makes my brain to shut down and forget everything else but here we are fulfilling promises. 

    So... I FINALLY finished part 2 of this set. And i know that the Royalty Simblrs are going to love this one. “Roman Holiday” Movie opens with Princess Ann (The GLORIOUS Audrey Hepburn) being invited to a Royal Ball in her honor to celebrate her staying on La Citta Eterna Rome. She enters in this 1950′s White ball gown adorned with loads of little stones,a dramatic pair of silk gloves that goes up and beyond her elbows and a gorgeous Diamonds Demi-Parure consisting on a necklace, Earrings and a Tiara.

    The work of Edith Head, The costume designer of the movie makes a big impact on the screen. She even won an Oscar for this movie and you can tell why, each costume shows the personality of each character, their history, their stories and the artistic choices, like, Originally Princess Ann was going to wear a black velvet dress but they changed it later to a bright white because it would look better on camera.

    Like i said, this set is a big one and i worked really hard to finish it (The SOH Discord group can vouch for me on this one) for some reason the necklace and the Tiara were the hardest one for me but i divided, asked for help, looked to my references and defeated the BEAST!. 

    This is a 6 pieces set, It comes with a Dress, Gloves, Sash, Necklace, Earrings and Tiara.

    Princess Ann Entrance Ball Gown

    Full Body Outfit

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    24 Swatches in my “Rome Evening Nights” Pallete

    Princess Ann Entrance Gloves

    Gloves Category

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    22 Swatches in my “Rome Evening Nights” Pallete that Matches with the dress

    Princess Ann Entrance Sash

    Bracelet Category

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    5 Swatches that matches with the overall dress

    Thank You @batsfromwesteros for allowing me to use your Sash as a Base ❤️

    Princess Ann Entrance Necklace

    Necklace Category

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    Medium Poly, nothing Fancy

    Princess Ann Entrance Earrings

    Earrings Category

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    Low Poly 

    Princess Ann Entrance Tiara

    Hats Category

    BG and Legacy Edition Compatible

    Medium Poly



    - Get Part 1 -> HERE < -

    Please read my T.O.U and if you want to support me you can subscribe to my Patreon Page. I’m not longer saving pennies for a new PC thanks to you guys but, you know, a Tip is always appreciated ❤️

    #TS4 #The Sims 4 #TS4CC#S4CC#TS4MM#S4MM #A Roman Holiday Set Part 2 #1950's#XX Century#Roman Holiday
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  • halcyondigger
    28.06.2020 - 10 monts ago

    :: Fuck This Shit, I’m Out ::

    So, there’s a certain incident that’s been going on the past couple of days. To be honest, I wanted to drop this post about it a whole lot sooner, but out of respect for the victim of this in question, I chose to hold off until it hit a pretty evident conclusion. 

    Because god only knows if I said anything, it’d be used against her in some ridiculous fashion given my proximity to the circumstances.

    Yeah, I was keeping up with the play-by-play on all of this, and frankly, it’s abhorrent.  And no, I’m not putting this under a read more; we’re going PSA on this.

    Seeing as how this all went down without any kind of human decency from any of the guilty parties, I have no intention on being gentle with any of you.

    So! Let’s start with the weasel responsible who’s been making the rounds on anon.

    I saw those asks she was sent. Our little firestarter, hiding behind that mask? You’re a gutless snake.

    “Oh but- but defending yourself just makes you look MORE SUSPICIOUS you really should just admit it tho” fuck that and fuck you, I can read between the lines. “If I try and look amicable, maybe I’ll get you to bow down”, that’s what your ass is looking for, and don’t you dare pretend anything otherwise. 

    Don’t think you’re clever or unique; I’ve seen this exact shit too many times before. It’s always the same with your type. You stir up the most ridiculous, inflammatory slander, you mask yourself on anon and act all mousy and friendly to get them to budge just a little pretending you’re some totally-different-stranger, and then you go all in with the most hurtful and abrasive shit you can muster now that you’ve gotten your foot in the door. You’re a manipulator, and you disgust me. 

    But above all? You’re pathetic.  Lemmie guess, no job? No meaningful relationships or hobbies that keep you occupied? That’s the usual impetus. You have nothing going for you and no better use of your time; the only way you can get any kind of excitement in your life is to try and ruin someone on social media, sling as much dirt you can their way, try and turn their friends and other contacts against them, make up some salacious bullshit or start spreading some asinine rumors to spice that up however you can, and you drag it out. You drag it out to milk as much empty schadenfreude as you can get before you have to return to your miserable doldrums without a target to harass.

    Funny thing is, for all the hurt you’ve done? She actually has stable income and a life. That’s likely far more than anybody’ll be able to say about you for a good, long time.

    Oh, but we’re not done yet. Mods, mods, mods -- let’s talk about you for a hot minute.

    That person spent so much time being worried over this, presented clear and concise reasoning for her position, wanted to make sure she handled this as properly and well-organized as possible on your account -- and none of it was considered at all. Mods, I know full damn well you didn’t even try to give it a look. All you kept replying with was, “yeah, but we’re triggered by the idea so you’re out though, lul”. Even those she knew didn’t try to actually vouch for her, they just kept informing her of the childishly stubborn refusal to budge. You couldn’t be more transparent in this behavior if you were made of fucking glass.

    There wasn’t an ounce of good faith in any of this. She kept trying to play by your standards but you kept shifting the goalpost every time because you had no intention of fair assessment to begin with. Words of wisdom from one of my Psych teachers, “You can’t have a discussion with someone who’s already decided for themselves that anything you say is wrong.”

    Your heads are getting too big. I mean, it started way back with banning entire series from application, not even R-rated or pornographic, just exclusively because they bothered your little feefees, but the slow burn’s been encroaching. Now you’re making irresponsible judgement calls and acting on sensationalism rather than anything remotely resembling good sense. 

    The fact that at least one of you has bias in this instance towards getting rid of her because she has muses you want doesn’t help matters.

    This exact shit is why citta-alverea sunk, and you’re not gonna be too far behind at this rate. A bullshit incident like this is just where it starts. 

    I mean, keeping someone around who nuked the masterlist because of relationship issues certainly wasn’t a good start in the first place.

    So, out just like that, without anything of an honest say?  Well, nifty. So am I.

    It should go without saying. I mean, you’ve tarred and feathered my friend on a whim with one of the worst labels you can put on a person, and you think “just try again in six months teehee” helps the situation? As if any of the people she’s RPing with are still going to be here, to speak nothing of being able to come back after what you’ve just done; fuck off, nobody’s dumb enough to buy that.

    Besides. To begin with, the job that just got started with her Roll Caskett? Obviously can’t proceed now. I tried to get Kunio involved with other Atlus muses, but I keep getting passed over, so there’s no point in him sticking around if Ume’s gone. And for crying out loud, I apped Arthur for her to begin with.

    So, that’s about the long and short of it. Though I do have some specific words in parting to give--

    @gungnirclad​, @beyond-use​, thank you for your interest in the guild. Sorry about this turn of events; I’d been drafting up some introductory job things, but seems that won’t be taking off. I wish you luck in finding other jobs for your muses!

    @edgeworthwrightanythingagency, assuming this place is being checked anymore, Kunio’s out in the investigators as well. Hey, upside, there’s another open investigator slot for muses so inclined.

    For all the Fate muses who gave Arthur a great opening, thanks, seriously. I got a pretty universally warm reception, and it didn’t go unappreciated. Never forget Roman is guilty of brownie crimes.

    Mods? ...I can’t really say anything. Pretty sure you’re beyond help.  Our little upstart who’s probably so proud of themselves? [ by request of the actual victim in this situation, I’ve been asked to specify the obvious that this is not speaking in regards to real csa victims of which the instigator is obviously not, not for you jokers’ sake ] you are bad and you should feel bad

    Oh, and the responsible party who started this shit; if you want to go stirring the pot in my inbox for speaking out against this?  Go ahead. Anon’s off. Put up or shut up.

    I’m out.

    #To all my RP partners #thanks for your interest #it was fun times
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  • gungnirclad
    10.06.2020 - 11 monts ago
    Guess I’m gonna do one since I haven’t done one since I apped Bikki last year.
    I’m Selkie, 25 year old, astrophysics graduate student & self-taught art student. I’m from Argentina (timezone is GMT -3) so my english can get a bit wonky from time to time. Been roleplayin’ for like 8 years and shit, had some muses back in citta and now I just have Bikki here and I’m planning to sticking with her until the fateful day I’m done with the character. I really can’t have more than one character given my mentality and lifestyle. 
    I can be either the fastest writer on earth or a dying turtle. I love fantasy, mythology, stupid shit, chill shit and sometimes I like seeing punching singing girls, those are cool too. My main twitter is this one (@galacticselkie) but it’s mainly art and I like, tweet my art and reblog art so don’t expect me to comment about rp, you’re probably gonna get disappointed. I’m also an idiot, just like my muse.
    #isola mun intro #( i'm old ) #( mentally not physically ) #▁ ▂ ▃ ▄  OUT OF CHARACTER.
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  • heart3yed
    17.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    I'm thinking about mostly having satori step out of the event, but having been in citta for a while, I cant keep her away from this sort of fun here! satori is mostly going to observe / gauge the situation, particularly considering how those wacky scientists are still sticking their fingers into this shit. that being said, she's all for lending a hand to castmates as well as anyone obviously in danger.

    so consider this a modest, itty bitty ad for short event pt 1 starters. cap is THREE with touhou muses and previous interactions exempt.

    #isola rp ad
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  • alchemicalvariable
    30.06.2018 - 2 years ago

    // guys im p sure the entire dash has literally just cycled through the stages of grief over the last 24 hours

    denial was last night anger should be self-explanatory bargaining i admit hasn’t really happened but i guess in this case that’d be replaced with pool party crack and everyone kind of rebelliously making their own thing out of it and now we’re in depression with the leaving posts

    #citta shit #// i feel like what's happened here says a lot about human beings i just dont know w hat
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  • tailented-blog
    14.06.2018 - 2 years ago
    MR. KRABS I HAD AN IDEA-- THEM TUMBLR NOTIFS, RIGHT???? If all went well (squints at internet connection), I messaged everyone I am threading with... WITH THIS SUGGESTION:
    Every time I reply, I send them the link to the reply using Tumblr’s instant messaging system-- and SO... they can be tracked this way! ... Someone may have thought of this, BUT I WANTED TO SHARE JUST IN CASE ANYONE ELSE WAS FEELING PARTICULARLY INCONVENIENCED.
    #out of tail #citta shit #[more like tumblr shit #[smh smh smh #[i messaged errone except #[ppl i talk to more regularly #[NOT SURE HOW WELL THIS WILL WORK BUT LET'S SEE
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  • eraserxhead
    30.05.2018 - 2 years ago

    New interactions need to be aware (doesn’t apply to old threads pre-smashed, also this only applies to group, not indie)

    Aizawa is currently heavily injured after getting into a physical fight with @wildberryoras as in, a good majority of his bones are broken. He is, by all rights, a mummy man right now. Things to know

    he’s mostly getting around via wheelchair right now, can still be seen walking around since his legs were spared but he’s mostly in a wheelchair for his upper half.

    He’d like to get around by himself, don’t touch his chair unless he specifically asks for help.

    His face his covered in bandages right now, this will change later during his undercover plot. 

    He will get irritated if you suggest he go back to the hospital.

    #citta shit #// SNZZ (ooc)
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  • alchemicalvariable
    25.04.2018 - 3 years ago
    #citta shit #// someone had to
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  • radicntfcith-blog
    07.04.2018 - 3 years ago

    (( okay...just sent in an ask to put the following muses of mine on hiatus due to being sick: Ritsuka @aoyagixsacrifice | Ichigo HERE | Clare @silvereyedclare | && Asch @rxndingsxber ))

    (( I will however be back on Sakura @titaniumfighter | Masaru @digisoulfist | && Naruto @brightorangegenin because their hiatus is up. (technically I’ve broken Masa’s but whatever.) Catch me there!! ))

    #[ ↣ NOT GIVING UP; OOC ] #update #[ ↣ BRAND NEW DISTRCT; CITTA SHIT ] #citta shit
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  • goldencups-a
    20.03.2018 - 3 years ago
    #long post #oυт oғ pιe |❀| ooc #citta shit#Anonymous #нopeѕ and dreaмѕ |❀| meme answers
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  • rxndingsxber-blog
    03.03.2018 - 3 years ago

    ⌜ ❝ Natalia...I miss you... ❞ Just when they were getting along.... ⌟ 

    #[ ic status ] #〖 ੦ to take in the current situation ੦ (ic) 〗 #( HE SAD ) #CITTA SHIT
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  • starlitscientist
    15.02.2018 - 3 years ago

    The tales Troup in citta is full angst //clap hands//

    The tales Troup in citta is full angst //clap hands//

    The tales Troup in citta is full alota angst

    It's killing me slowly, gleefully //claps hands//

    #to the tune of #if you're happy and you know it #citta shit #i love you all lmfao #sciency problems#dash commentary
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  • starlitscientist
    10.02.2018 - 3 years ago

    The Birth of a Star: Mahou Shoujo Sailor Aster Magica

    It was just like any other day. Aside from the random announcement. Out and about and enjoying the sights and scenes of well.. Hive being Hive. It was Different today. There were unseen monster like things traveling about the city and on top of it, hurting people. A typical course of action Aster would have taken would be to ignore it and flee- but 

    Something welled up inside him. Was it because he wasn’t using heal as often? No- That couldn’t have been it. Surely not... And it wasn’t his scar hurting him. Something in his heart calling to say the damnedest thing ever and you know what. Aster was going to go with it. Why the hell not.  For science.


    Within a flash of light Aster’s outfit faded away and he Transformed into a different outfit “BY THE POWER OF SCIENCE, I”LL PUN-ISH YOU~”

    And with that he was shooting the evil monsters with beams of love until the ones in his area was all gone.

    He had to pause for a hot second. What just happened... Running over to anything reflective, cringing slightly at the gentle breeze on his legs he saw himself. In a VERY girl dress. 

    “Oh-Oh my god...” This is like... recieving the ability to pull pranks on a platter. THIS.. IT WASN’T ASTER’S BIRTHDAY, BUT IT WAS ABOUT TO BE HIS NEW FAVORITE DAY. 

    He ran of with a whoop to go look for his first victim to prank with this get up.


    (Aster’s magical girl form under the cut)

    #ca event: heartcatch hive magica #citta shit #bless you aster #Flower Mischeif
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  • starlitscientist
    10.02.2018 - 3 years ago

    ((LAUGHING ASS OFF Blessss

    So that makes Aster a Magical girl person of Light <3  I’m capping this at 5 with Tales characters exempt from cap For warning; Aster might be a magical girl of Light, BUT HE WON’T BE A NICE ONE.))

    #citta rp ad #citta shit#hive magica#sciency problems #HIS DREAMS HAS BEEN ANSWERED
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  • psychic-master-will
    02.02.2018 - 3 years ago

    ((I give Will approx. 5-10 minutes before he’s attacked by a vampire zombie in his own sector.))

    #ooc#tbd #he'd probably try to befriend one #citta shit
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