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  • 15001700tt
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #another on repeat song for ya #this one makes me want to live alone #and drink hot tea ag three am #while listening to the low hum of city life outside my apartment #its always wonter in thsi song #halie#Spotify
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  • therpsource
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    welcome to        ♥ D E A D R O S E S ♥

    a no wordcount, shipper application, celeb inspired site with an active, friendly community. 

    will your character hit the top of thelegends chart, or will they find themselves at the mercy of wicked harlot? or maybe, they’re flipping burgers in mcdonalds wishing they could live out their dreams like the stars are…

    there’s a place for everyone here at D E A D R O S E S


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  • therpsource
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ❝ only human is a four year old real life jcink shipper app site set in the fictional hidden gem of brighton, new hampshire. the seaside town is home to a humble population, but does well to make up for it by the size of its character. with consistent festivals, elderly gossips, and a rich history, you’re in for a treat! join us today! ❞

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  • skylightz
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    just some personal thoughts in tag !!

    #i miss my one best friend so much. all the time. i hate that we cant talk much :( #i miss them so much and i love them to pieces and ? man ive just always been so grateful for them. #i wish we were able to hang out more... in general and in the past too bc !!! man !!!! they are so cool and sweet and a big ol fucking dork #and UGH i love them so much i love them so much. #i hope to god theyre in my life for a long long time. i cant imagine not being close to them. #they just... theyre just so kind yknow? their heart is one full of love and care and i just. man i am so proud of them #thinking about one of the posts i rb’d... the love in the kitchen one... they always make sure to ask and check if ive been eating & etc #& i always do the same for them too! #but they always make sure to check in with me and make sure ive been eating & if im injured or something they always remember to ask me #about that too! even if its weeks later! and they just care. and it means so much to me always. #i cant wait for the days i can watch movies & anime with them. run around a city with them. go to summer carnivals and goof around again #i know making plans for the future with others most often fall flat #but one thing i hope so desperately for is to see them so much so often when we’re a bit older and have the ability to. #and truly i hope that our plans to live together also work out... but if not ? it wont change much. #i’ll never cease to make sure i keep them close in my life forever. #i truly love and appreciate them so incredibly much. my homie <3 #and lastly... of course... #ku... if you see this? #| || || |_ #i love u v much #<3#🐝
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  • cyclechalak
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #City of Ilagan #Isabela #City of Ilagan Mtb #Abuan River #City of Ilagan Mountain Bikers #Cannondale Caad5 #Cannondale Volvo Mtb #Cannondale Mtb#Mountain Bike #Mountaing bike at City of Ilagan #Philippine mountain range #Cagayan River#Cagayan#Valley Still#crazy#after#all#these#years Life#is#beautiful#ride#Barchans
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  • therpsource
    09.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
    Counting Stardust is a casual modern supernatural roleplay, set in the fictional town of Maple Valley. With no word count and no activity checks, we focus on quality and enjoyment over quantity. As a semi sandbox site, we are always evolving, happily accepting ideas from our members and growing with it. Create creatures, businesses, lore and complex stories within the seemingly endless forest of Maple Valley and feel like part of a growing community.
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  • phoebehalliwell
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #but that would be like. kinda when they're older. #Not like Old just like. mid to late thirties leave the city for something a little less fast paced #with the ability to just. like walk ten minutes and sit on the coastline in the fog bundled up in hoodies that type of stillness #because i also think it takes a while for chris and bianca to get together #and they're both very fast paced people esp with the vanquishes all that #and then when they first get together it's kinda still like that because there's never like #it's not a lightning strike it's erosion #they grow closer together very slowly for a long period of time until one of them finally reaches the conclusion oh! this is love #and like. i think very little would change in their relationship after that like honestly. i would love if they just like #slept in the same bed all the time for some god unknown reason and then it didn't click that they were in love til later #i can't think of a reason to justify it but i would just love that #just like emotionally repressed bimbos in a relationship But Don't They Don't Know It #but no the point i'm making is they're both very fast paced n they don't drastically alter their life when they finally get together #so they stay on the grind demon fighting monster hunting all that #but there gets to a point where it's like. like you're not in your twenties forever and the moments of stillness really become really nice #& that's when i think they'd both kind of seek a quieter ''quieter'' life like some small town where no one knows them #n they just get ot spend a lot of time just being together being who they r <3 #charmed #chris x bianca #chris halliwell#bianca halliwell#next gen #charmed next generation #💌
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  • therpsource
    08.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    g o o d days ✷

    here lies sunshine valley, california a forgotten gold rush whisper, in obscurity and perpetuity. there is more than rumor to sunshine valley, but it always seems to be rumors that keep it alive.  after a flash-in-the-pan rise to mediocrity in the 1840s and notoriety in the 1970s, sunshine valley is the place nobody seems to be from and everybody seems to know.  urban legends don’t just knock on the car windows of teenagers or make calls from inside the house, they are alive and well in the shadow of tahoe national forest.  with a fading main street that calls back to the kind of glamour sunshine valley has never actually known, there’s more truth than hearsay when it comes to the old commune and the little college on the edge of town.  the locals call it irony, but apathy and entropy are always ruling principles.
    g o o d days ✷ is an upcoming small town gothic site, coming soon to jcink premium!  we’re looking for 3-4 staff members to join our team!  check out our staff search for more info!!  

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  • thedailycourtney
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The only productive thing I’ve done all day is order these earrings. Aren’t they cute?!

    #I had ramen noodles for breakfast and tater tots for lunch #and I'm not being at all sarcastic when I say I'm living my best life today #etsy #cream city rocks
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