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  • 101flavoursofweird
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Azran Legacy AU with the Gressenheller Gang (P2)

    The students return to Kodh hospital with Aurora and they bring Dr. Schrader up to speed on everything they’ve learned. Schrader is gutted that he didn’t enter the ruins himself, but nonetheless, he’s eager to start searching for the other Azran eggs! The gang returned to London, leaving Paul in Kodh hospital. (Clark and Claire wanted to press charges but Schrader couldn’t be bothered waiting for Paul to wake up.)

    Back in London, Schrader has to beg Dean Delmona to extend his sabbatical. Claire introduces Aurora to all of the labs and technology at Gressenheller. They run into Dimitri Allen while they’re there. He and Claire give Aurora an impromptu science lesson.

    They are interrupted by Clark dragging Aurora to the library.

    (“Clark— come back with my student!” Claire shouts. “I was teaching her about electricity!”

    “Later! It’s more important that Aurora learns how to read—“

    “You are NOT going to turn her into a Tolkienite…!”)

    Aurora starts to learn how to read English. Brenda thinks it would be nice for her to learn other languages to. They get some language phrase books for the places they will be visiting.

    Meanwhile, Hershel helps Dr. Schrader with some packing in his office. (Because Schrader is awful at packing supplies.) Hershel is still concerned about Scharder’s wellbeing, after he was drugged and put in hospital. Schrader admits that he’s disconcerted Paul— his former student— would threaten them as he did. Hershel suggests that Dr. Schrader could stay behind to recover while he and his friends go searching for the Azran eggs. But Schrader says he wouldn’t miss this adventure for the world. Also, he reminds Hershel that they can call him ‘Andrew’ outside of university.

    Once everyone has reunited, Brenda suggests tthey should get Aurora some new clothes in case Paul comes after them again. (Any excuse to get new clothes!) Cue the adorable shopping scene in Kensington. Brenda dresses Aurora in a range of wacky outfits that stand out even more than her Azran robes. With Claire’s input, they eventually settle on a more low-key disguise with a white sun hat for Aurora.

    No one wants to fly in a plane after their last experience, so they hire an airship with a trusted pilot. (I’m trying to think of a character that would be cool to use here!)

    Layton’s parents come to see him off at the London Aerodrome, same as Brenda’s dads. Clark’s butler, Doland, comes with best wishes from his family. Dimitri and Bill come to see Claire off. (Bill asks why

    Claire didn’t invite her family, but Claire just brushes him off.)

    The only one without any well-wishers is Dr. Schrader. Aurora asks him where his family is and Schrader explains, somewhat sadly, that he’s the last person in his family line. Aurora expresses some sympathy for him, (apparently) being the only survivor of her civilisation. Schrader assures her that she will always be welcome at Gressenheller. Aurora smiles and assures him that his family line will not end with him. (Foreshadowing for the Gressenheller gang all sacrificing themselves at the sanctuary, ha…)

    Everyone says goodbye to their families and they board the airship.

    Brenda feels horribly sick as the airship takes off. Surely that’s nothing to worry about…

    First stop is Phong Gi!

    #Professor Layton#Aurora Azran#dr schrader#hershel layton#clark triton#Claire foley#dimitri allen#bill Hawks#brenda triton #Claire and Clark are such a chaotic duo #One is obsessed with SCIENCE and the other is obsessed with FOLKLORE #I can see them butting heads a lot #Dr Scharder DOES have a family #His students/kids who constantly need to keep him out of trouble #Claire doesn’t get on with her family and she avoids them #That’s the only excuse I can think of for Hershel not knowing whether Claire had a YOUNGER sister #Brenda has two dads yay #Both hippies probably #We haven’t seen the last of Paul #Gressenheller Gang#PL AU #Gressenheller AL AU #That’s the title now #Desmond and Targent will pop up next time #Desmond’s FAMILY are still alive too yay! #I considered letting Dimitri and Bill join the adventure but… no #Sorry Dimitri #Not sorry Bill #Long post
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  • ms-enmystic
    04.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Just a thing I imagined.

    Claire is alive and she has a wedding.

    She throws the bouquet, and her friends try to catch it.

    But then Dimitri catches the bouquet by accident.

    Anyway Claire congrats him, and Dimitri is totally confused.

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  • sunnyskies281
    01.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #professor layton#memes #professor layton memes #jean descole#desmond sycamore#dimitri allen#hershel layton#aurora azran#emmy altava#Clive dove #claire professor layton #(un?)fortunate consequences
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  • tuppencetrinkets
    23.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Part one of 200x100 icons from Dominion season 1.

    Christopher Egan - Alex Lannen #8,136

    Tom Wisdom - Michael #6,240

    Roxanne McKee - Claire Riesen #6,710

    Luke Allen-Gale - David Whele #4,953

    Carl Beukes - Gabriel #2,470

    This content is free for anyone to use or edit however you like; if you care to throw a dollar or two my way for time, effort, storage fees etc you are more than welcome to do so via my PAYPAL.  Please like or reblog this post if you have found it useful or are downloading the content within.  If you have any questions or you have any problems with the links or find any inconsistencies in the content, etc. please feel free to drop me a politely worded message via my ASKBOX (second icon from the top on my theme!)

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  • sunnyskies281
    08.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (Un?)Fortunate Consequences Arcs in a nutshell:

    The beginning

    Olivia joined the game

    Violet joined the game

    Claire joined the game

    Rachel joined the game

    Loosha joined the game

    Emmy’s father joined the game

    Olivia: Finally I can murder Leon!

    Rachel: What the fuck did you do, Leon?

    Aurora: wow I didn’t die

    Rewritten Future

    Dimitri: Help my boss is a psycho

    Claire: Damn you look old

    Des: and hot

    Don Paolo: behold! The field on which I grow my fucks! Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shall see it is barren

    Clive: Haha fuck you im gonna do a terrorism

    Descole: VIBE CHECK! *bitch slaps a 22 year old*

    Rachel: oh I’m here btw

    Clive: I don’t want to kill everyone anymore

    Turnabout Avian

    Cassa: I’m Cassa Wary and I’m the defense for Bill Hawks’s case

    Franziska: *whip*

    Desmond: OW WHAT THE FUCK-

    Leon: Azran nonsense, also I slept with the defendant.

    Caroline: I WANT A DIVORCE

    Rachel: Me too, but with Leon!

    Chapters 9 and 10

    Olivia: ah yes. Me. My husband. And his 7 foot tall Russian boyfriend

    Randall: #desmondisoverparty

    Des: I fucked up big time

    Chapter 11

    Claire: Hey I want to give you something- wait I forgot it at home

    Hershel: ok

    Clive: wow this house looks like shit

    Rachel: agreed

    #professor layton#memes#jean descole#desmond sycamore #professor layton memes #dimitri allen#hershel layton#aurora azran #(un?)fortunate consequences #Azran Legacy spoilers #claire professor layton #Randall ascot#Clive dove#Olivia sycamore#Violet sycamore#emmy altava #Loosha Professor Layton #rachel bronev #franziska von karma #bill hawks#Leon Bronev
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  • 101flavoursofweird
    05.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Azran Leaders: Emissary, we are going seal you in ice along with the rest of the golems. You will most likely remain there for millions of years until modern humans release you.

    Aurora: …Wait, what—?

    Anton: Sophia dear, stay with me and we will rebuild Folsense together!

    Sophia: I’m sorry, there’s someone else who needs me more than you... But I hope one day we’ll meet again on the other side! And by that, I mean I hope you’ll come to see me in Dropstone. Don’t keep me waiting for 50 years!

    Henry: Will you wait for Master Randall with me? You won’t have to marry Dalston…

    Angela: Can we have an extravagant fake-wedding and fake-honeymoon in Disney World?

    Henry: Yes… As long as I don’t have to go on any of the rides with you.

    Angela: Well then, we’ll need to bring Alphonse so he can go on Space Mountain with me.

    Henry: Angela, no—

    Baron Reinhold: Flora, I’ve built this robot village and this tower to keep you safe after I die. It might take years, but just stay here until your new guardian solves the mystery of the village, alright?

    Flora: Okay, Papa…

    Layton: Flora, you stay here while Luke and I go on another dangerous adventure.

    Flora: Not again—

    Dimitri: Claire I’m working on the time machine to save your life. Please wait at the Towering Pagoda— the city isn’t safe…

    Claire: LOL, no… I’m going to follow Hershel and I’m stealing your hat.

    Dimitri: Claire, please…

    Layton: Kat, I’m going to investigate the Relics mystery and find out more about your birth father with Luke. I won’t be gone long. Rosa will look after you!

    Kat: Can Flora and Al—

    Layton: Hoho, yes, you can play with your imaginary friends. Goodbye!

    Luke: Marina, I’m going on an adventure with the professor. Don’t communicate with anyone until I get back, ok?

    Marina: Great… Got myself captured followed my idiot husband. Time to join a cult!

    #Professor Layton#Flora Reinhold#Baron Reinhold#Aurora azran#Azran#Marina Triton#Luke Triton#Claire Foley#Dimitri Allen#Sophia#Sophia Herzen#Anton Herzen#Angela Ledore#Henry Ledore#Alphonse Dalston #I just… noticed a recurring theme #I debated putting Arianna and Janice on here #Arianna had to wait in her house all alone with Tony after her father died #And Janice let her girlfriend borrow her body for like a year #Long post
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  • scifipinups
    04.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • ms-enmystic
    25.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I call this pic of meme "Gressenheller University graduation party"

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  • ms-enmystic
    20.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Future Flora AU scribble

    Days before the time machine presentation, Clive gave Dimitri the scenario paper he planned. He read what was written on the script.

    What Clive planned was like this:

    Tina, Dr. Stahngun's assistant, gets ready for running the time machine as the test subject.

    But before getting on the time machine, she trips(consciouly) and falls to the ground. Then she fakes being injured badly.

    With Tina no longer able being the test subject, Dr. Stahngun asks Bill Hawks to volunteer for the time machine.

    After reading this scenario, Dimitri cut off Tina's parts in the script. It was obvious that Tina would never help on playing the scenario.

    And also, he had a good side on caring about his young niece. He didn't want to use Tina on the time machine presentation, even it's a fake. Using the lab assistant for the test subject? NO.

    #professor layton #professor layton au #clive dove#dimitri allen #dimitri actually cares about tina #or maybe he's just overlapping tina with claire
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  • sunnyskies281
    15.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Miscellaneous (Un?)fortunate consequences memes

    Thanks to @sage-august for a few of these

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  • drrav3nb
    13.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The Cure for a Broken Heart - Ch.3

    Synopsis: After insisting that she could stay up all night and watch over Barry, Bruce is eager to learn if Claire was able to succeed. Furthermore, he learns just how badly Barry's been affected by the venom that the Joker's mutated snake injected into his bloodstream.

    Read the fic here
    Ch.1  Ch.2  Ch.4
    Tags: Barry Allen
    #the cure for a broken heart #bruce x claire #bruce wayne x claire temple #bruce wayne fanfiction #bruce wayne fanfic #the flash #the flash fanfiction #the flash fanfic #barry allen #barry allen fanfiction #barry allen fanfic #claire temple #claire temple fanfiction #claire temple fanfic #bruce wayne ben affleck #the flash ezra miller #batman au#batman fanfiction#batman fanfic #ben affleck batman #daredevil au #the flash au #daredevil#the defenders#dceu #marvel cinematic universe #mcu#crossover pairings#crossover#crossover au
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  • drrav3nb
    12.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The Cure for a Broken Heart - Ch.2

    Synopsis: Claire had only been at Wayne Manor for two days now. Yet she knew that when the news reported that a young man had been taken hostage by a twisted clown, Bruce would attempt to save him. Which most likely meant she'd be in for another late-nighter patching him back up again. 

    But when Bruce returns to the manor with the young man, more secrets about his life as a vigilante are exposed and Claire realises just how dangerous his influence as the caped crusader has been.

    Read the fic here
    Ch.1  Ch.3  Ch.4
    Tags:  Barry Allen, Snake Bites, Needles/Injections, Blood and Injuries
    #bruce wayne#claire temple #bruce x claire #bruce wayne x claire temple #barry allen#the flash#mcu#dceu #marvel cinematic universe #dc extended universe #batman#night nurse #ben affleck batman #batman au #claire temple au #daredevil au#the defenders#batman fanfiction#batman fanfic #bruce wayne fanfiction #bruce wayne fanfic #claire temple fanfiction #daredevil fanfiction#daredevil fanfic#crossover pairings#crossover au#crossover#fanfiction#fanfic #barry allen fanfiction
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  • artistfaery
    31.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Blue waistcoat, pink hair, yellow eyes

    Jill belongs to @imowlysh and Claire belongs to iv_oryy on twitter!

    #twisted wonderland ocs #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland oc #allen ramshackle#jill atwood#claire voyage#twst oc #i have a lot of feels for these three #allen is here to get tricked into doing Things #and getting made fun off by jill #but with love of course #they are so chaotic #claire is so cute for real #also jill winking was a must; a gremlin but the cutest gremlin #i still can't draw jill properly i'm so sorry alyx ;; #ramshackle dorm#ramshackle
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  • sunnyskies281
    19.07.2021 - 3 monts ago







    Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

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  • osusome-art
    10.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    I'm trying to get over art block still, so I tried to make a poster for Lost Future

    #professor layton#hershel layton#flora reinhold#luke triton#clive dove#claire foley#dimitri allen #professor layton and the lost future #professor layton and the unwound future #fan art
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  • sunnyskies281
    05.07.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #jean descole#dimitri allen #claire professor layton #Bill hawks #thanks for the ask!
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  • ms-march
    27.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #why there plot if no spoil it every 5 minutes #it’s so fun and easy #also why would I keep it to myself?? that’s like signing up to be in edger Allen Poe’s ‘the raven’ #why would I purposely subject myself to being haunted by a raven (in this case: my plot) when I could just. not. #literally anyone if y’all got questions ask them and I’ll spoil the shit outta my fic #clair rambles#lbl #luck be a shitpost
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  • pl-ship-confessions
    19.06.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #Also this means Don Paolo is so straight it hurts I love it #PL#Prof Lay#Professor Layton#LGBT#Don Paolo#Dimitri Allen#Hershel Layton#Lost Future#Unwound Future#Bi DImitri#Pride Month #Professor Layton and the unwound Future #Not the simping over Hershel tho he's just a lego man #Claire Folley
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  • ms-march
    12.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Cicadas. Cicadas everywhere.

    #there was one in the CAR #we haven’t even used this car in weeks #it was dead but the point still stands #it’s so loud here #Edgar Allen poe I just know you would’ve loved this bullshit #clair rambles #welcome to the south
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