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  • marcycaa
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Screencap Study

    From Doctor Who (2005) S8E01

    For no reason other than that I liked the Doctor's hand posing

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  • nightmanatee
    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    putting my mental health as a priority by not watching twice upon a time exept for this small part where twelve sees bill again and then gets memories of clara back;)

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    18.01.2022 - 14 hours ago
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  • timeandspacenovelist
    18.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    For The Woman Who Has Everything : Chapter 2: Painting and Repairs

    Rating: T

    Chapters: 2/?

    Summary: Having not one, but two jobs to complete, leaves Joanna having difficult conversations but also pushing forward relationships.

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    There was a knock at the door, as Jon Grant sat in his favorite chair, reading the newspaper. Jo was in the kitchen currently, so she couldn’t hear it. He didn’t want to get up, and groaned as he heard it. It was almost 11 in the morning. Who was knocking on the door at this time of day?

    “We don’t want what you’re selling. Go away.”

    There was a brief bit of silence as he went back to reading until there was another knock. This time, he had no choice but to answer it. If it was another door-to-door salesperson, he was going to hit them with his shoe. He had no time for them today, or any day. He slowly rose off his chair, going towards the door. As he opened it to give them a piece of his mind, his eyes lit up and his smile went wide as he saw who the person actually was.



    The two embraced tightly, enjoying the feel of each other after so long. It had been some time since they saw each other in person, Joanna’s work taking her away from seeing her parents as often as she did. She took in the smell of his aftershave, a scent she could pick out from anywhere, knowing since she was a kid. He never stopped using it, the daft old man.

    “It’s so good to see you.” Joanna said, a smile on her face to match her dad’s.

    “Likewise, but what on Earth are you doing here so early?”

    “Oh! I’ve got work at the school to do later on, so I decided to come early and help you out.”

    “Well, in that case, don’t just stand there and dilly dally. Come in!”

    He walked back inside as she followed, closing the door. The Grants’ house wasn’t anything too extravagant, just enough for them and their little girl to live in. It had gone through a few renovations over the years, but the main parts of the house remained the same. But one thing the house lost that couldn’t be replaced was that little girl. The house felt emptier once Joanna left, but they filled it with something else. As Joanna passed the hallway with the bedroom, she was set upon by a corgi who continually licked her face.

    “Alright K9. Alright. I’m happy to see you too.” Joanna said, giggling in between licks.

    “I don’t know why you insist on calling Roger that.”

    “I think it’s a great name. Better than Roger at least.”

    “I’ll have you know Roger is a fine name. You know we named him after..”

    “Your best friend from the academy days, but wasn’t he your rival at work, too?”

    “We had a complicated relationship....” Jon said, clearing his throat, “Come on, Ol Bessie needs a check up.”

    The two continued their walk as Roger/K9 followed, the garage being their destination. Jon walked over to a tarp before pulling it off and revealing Bessie with a flourish to Joanna, who wasn’t that impressed.

    “Yellow. Interesting choice for a paint job.”

    “I rather like it, personally,” Jon said, smiling. “She needed a bit of a touch up. Been with me for a long time.”

    “All that is well and good, but taking it out on the road is another. You don’t need to keep using Bessie. Mum’s car is there.”

    “Nonsense. Bessie is a big part of my life and has never let me down.”

    “Is that why you called me to help fix her?...” Joanna asked, as she retrieved the tool kit.

    “Well, I...... we all have our off days.” Jon sheepishly responded.

    She then popped the hood and began looking for the problem. While she did so, Jon decided to bring up an issue he wanted to for a while with her. He and Jo discussed a few times, and wanted to bring it up to her in person and not on the phone, so he was somewhat grateful for this time now. He didn’t want to be the one to do, but Jo told him to when he saw her today. He just wished that she didn’t also catch him by surprise.

    “So, Joanna....”

    “Yes...?” Joanna answered, warily. He never called her Joanna, not unless he needed to say something serious.

    “It’s been a few years now and, well... you’re turning 40 this year.”

    “I am aware of my age, dad. What is your point?”

    “Don’t you think you should... head out there again? Make yourself available on the market. Meet a nice guy or girl….”

    Joanna stopped what she was doing, wrench in hand as she pointed it at him.

    “Hang on... Are you asking me to look for someone to settle down with?...”

    “In so many words, I suppose so.” Jon said, with a gulp. She gave him an annoyed look, before her face changed to one of recognition.

    “No, no, no. You’d never ask that. You were adamant that I’d stay locked in my room until I was 30, when I was a teenager. No, she put you up to this, didn’t she?”

    “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about...” Needless to say, she didn’t believe him.

    “Mum!” Joanna shouted angrily, as Jo Grant came speedily into the garage, apron on and mittens on.

    “What is it, dear? You’ve got me right when I was going to take the casserole out of the oven.”

    She looked at them with a frustrated gaze before breathing in a deep breath, ending with a sigh.

    “Look, I appreciate the concern from both of you, honestly. But I am focusing on my career currently. I want to make this job the one for me, the one that actually works out for once.”

    “We understand that darling, but after what happened with River...” Jo responded, but Joanna put her hand up to stop her.

    She knew River would come up. How could she not? She’s the reason why they’re even asking her this in the first place. But she couldn’t blame them. Not after what happened all those years ago…

    “What happened with River was...one of the worst days of my life. I obviously did not plan to become a widow in my early 30s. But it happened and I have to live with it. Have to do what she told me and move on. How I’m doing that is trying to achieve a dream I set out for myself.“

    Having not thought about her in such a long time, Joanna began tearing up, the memories of that fateful day haunting her again. She should have listened to her. It was her responsibility, not River's. She was always so damn stubborn about things that came to her. Maybe nothing would have changed her fate that day.

    “When the time comes, I will find the right person again. But that time isn’t here yet, ok?”

    “We just want to see you as happy as you were then, Jojo.”

    “I know...” Joanna said quietly, as she went over and kissed both her parents on the forehead before bringing them into a hug.

    Once that was done, she went back to fixing the car as her mom walked off, back to the kitchen, accepting (for now) her daughter’s wishes. After about half an hour, the problem with Bessie was fixed and the hood of the car was pushed back down.

    “The problem should be fixed now,” Joanna said, as she downed a big gulp of water, “She just needed a bit of adjusting. Don’t run her too hard on the road. I know you’re fond of thinking you’re a street racer.”

    “I just want to get home pretty fast sometimes.” Jon said, his eyebrows raised and his shoulder shrugged, causing Joanna to regain a small smile.

    “Yeah... right. Well, since the problem is solved, I’m off then.” She told him as she began walking out.

    “Wait. Aren’t you gonna change? Your pants are a bit messed up.”

    “No need. Going to paint my new classroom, so might as well just add more stains. It’s an old pair, anyway. "Bye Mum!” she shouted.

    “Bye dear!”

    Jon waved as he watched his daughter make her leave, the gate closing behind her. He sneakily got in the car and turned on the engine, hearing it purr like it once did. He laughed gleefully when he heard it, only having one idea in mind. He was about to put the car into gear when his wife’s voice interrupted him.

    “Don’t you dare!”

    He sulked when he heard her, turning off the car and getting out of it, walking disappointedly back into the house.

    “I was only gonna take it for a little spin!....” _____________________________________________________________

    A stop at Nandos and a subsequent cab ride led Joanna back to the school, ready to accomplish her second task for the day. She had spoken to the caretaker the day before and he had informed her where the paint supplies were, so it was a matter of just retrieving them and getting to work. Popping some extra fries into her mouth, she made her way to the classroom. But when she arrived, she opened the door to find someone quite interesting inside, currently occupied by their phone. So she decided to just make her presence known.


    Clara nearly threw down her phone in surprise as she heard Joanna’s voice. Her face was a mixture of the aforementioned surprise, but also pleasure, like she was happy to see her.

    “Hi! Fancy seeing you here....”

    “I could say the same thing.” Joanna said, as she showed Clara that she was sitting at her desk.

    Clara’s eyes flickered many times in the space of a few seconds, looking for something to say in defense of it.

    “Oh, I just was around the area, and decided to check out your classroom. They called for all English teachers, you know?”

    “Funny, I remember that announcement being all MATHS teachers...”

    “Well, I....you know...it’s just...” Clara stammered, before she put her head down on the desk, sighing. Joanna went over and rested the fries by her head, the smell getting her to wake back up.


    “Thanks....” Clara said, as she took some.

    “Why are you really here?”

    “I...... I wanted to surprise you by helping you out with the painting.”

    “How long have you been here?”

    “About half....”

    Joanna gave her a look, asking her to finish that statement.

    “An hour...”

    All Joanna could do was shake her head and chuckle. “All that for little old me?”

    “I just wanted to help, you know? Truth be told, I’ve not had a lot of friends here recently. Well, I have one, but no one really likes to talk to the person who’s friends with the headteacher.”

    “You’re friends with Peter?” she asked as Clara nodded.

    “When I first came here, he wasn’t the head yet, just a senior one. He looked out for me and we became good friends. Still are, mind you, we just don’t see each other as much, different jobs.”

    “And you tried to be what he was for you, for me.”

    “In a sense... yeah.” Clara said with a small smile.

    “Well then! You’re here now, so let’s not waste the opportunity you gave me. Come on!”

    She walked out of the room as Clara followed, as they made their way to the caretaker’s storage room. Clara took out the brushes while Joanna searched for the paint. Not wanting to be seen as just a passenger here, Clara decided to make a suggestion or two.

    “I’ve always been fond of gold as a colour. Maybe a bit of purple too could work.”

    “No need. I already have my choice. I just need to find it…. Ah ha!” Joanna shouted triumphantly, as she took out a paint can and rested it on a table.


    “Of course! Not just any blue either, Tardis blue!”

    Before Clara could react to the choice, Joanna groaned loudly, her head throbbing and pounding, very similar to what she felt the day before. Clara went quickly over to her aid, but by the time she helped Joanna to a chair, the pain had already subsided and was gone.

    “Oh my God, are you ok?!”

    “Yeah.... a migraine. Didn’t eat breakfast this morning. I’m fine.”

    She got back up onto her feet to prove it to her, before doing a little spin. Clara was not completely convinced, but she didn’t want to force anything onto her. The last thing she wanted was to chase her off by being overly attentive.

    “If you get like that again, we’re stopping and I’m taking a look at you.” She said, as Joanna went over and closed the supply room door. In doing so, she missed the brief blush on Clara’s face, worried more than she thought she’d be about Joanna’s sudden migraine.

    “Perfectly fine with that. What I’m not fine with is us standing here and letting the day go to waste! Right! This is gonna be fun!”

    Joanna grabbed the paint can as Clara grabbed the brushes, before the former took Clara’s hand and the two ran back to the classroom. It was as instinctive as anything for Joanna to do so, though she didn’t know why. Grabbing Clara’s hand and running just felt… right.

    The door was locked to prevent anyone from disturbing them, as a window or two was opened to let fresh air in. As the paint can was opened, and Clara dipped her brush into it, she saw Joanna on her phone.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Just looking to pick something to listen to.... Ah, here’s my playlist!”

    The first song played was Duran Duran’s Hungry like the Wolf. It wasn’t Joanna’s absolute favorite, but it was definitely someone else’s... As she dipped her own brush in the paint, she saw Clara not just painting, but dance painting, grooving to the beat of the song as she added some strokes of blue to the walls. It was incredibly cute to see, watching Clara sing along as well, her singing voice being a lovely sound. She didn’t stare for long, as Clara’s dance caused her to turn towards her. Joanna turned away quickly, a blush coloring her face.

    “What?” Clara asked, in between excited laughs.

    “Nothing. Nothing at all....” Joanna responded, playing coy.

    The two continued on with their painting, going through different songs as they did so, albeit taking breaks ever so often, one particular one where they both rocked out to the Sign from Ace of Base, their brushes became impromptu mics for them. When they were finished, their clothes were covered with paint, but they did what they came here to. They managed to also tire themselves out with their dancing, sitting down on two of the students’ chairs as they caught their breath.

    “That... That was the most fun I’d had in ages.”

    “I’m surprised we got any actual painting done.” Joanna said, looking around the room to see the shimmering blue walls, reflecting at her.

    “We did well, considering we spent most of the time dancing.” Clara said, giggling, causing Joanna to smile.

    “You had some nice moves, I’d say.”

    “Did I? Definitely been a while. Still, we got the job done, eventually.”

    “That we did...”

    The two just sat and said nothing for a bit, simply enjoying each other’s company as they relaxed. Neither felt the need to say anything, feeling that the moment would be spoiled if they did so. It was best to just let it happen.

    When Clara eventually turned over to Joanna, however, she looked over to a dozing figure, tired from her day, the cool breeze not helping her drowsiness go away. Clara slowly and quietly got up, not wanting to wake her. Once she had done that, she took one last look at Joanna, finding her sleeping figure a cute one. Her last act before she left her presence, was removing a stray hair from Joanna’s face, as she saw it bothered her. She carefully stroked her hair a bit more, before remembering where she was and heading out. Not before doing one last thing.

    She decided to write her a note for her on the board to see when she woke up, so she wouldn’t be concerned about where she went. It was simple, just telling her where she was and what happened and that she shouldn’t worry and continue resting if she needed to. She ended the note on the board with a few words from a poem she had once read, the author of which she could not remember the name.

    Rest now, My warrior

    Rest now, your hardship is over...

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    Introducing CLARADAILY, a new blog dedicated to Clara Oswald from Doctor Who! Here you'll be able to find content related to Clara and the talented actress that plays her, Jenna Coleman. Requests are open. We track #claradaily and #claraoswaldedit. Contact us here if you're interested in joining :)

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    18.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    danny “physical education” plinko

    #plinko is just cause i kept saying his name out loud and going ‘plink’ and so i gave up and evolved #doctor who#dw#twelfth doctor#clara oswald#danny pink #this means nothing I just have a mental image of twelve ‘full naming’ danny and just. #“PHYSICAL EDUCATION YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW #anyways if i met danny in real life well. i think i would simply attack him like a rabid dog #i hate him so much there’s no direct reason for it I just do. goodnight
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  • robyndajq
    17.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    The only times where we really can see how the Doctor treats the Daleks are the ones where Clara was turned into one, and yea he does hate them and shows almost no compassion; especially the moment Oswin realized she has been turned into a Dalek.

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    17.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #clara oswald x reader #clara oswald imagine #doctor who imagine #doctor who fanfiction #doctor who fanfic #clara x reader #clara imagine #clara oswald fanfic #clara oswald fanfiction #clara fanfic#clara fanfiction #hey look ma i queued it
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    thinking about the symmetry of clara's arc, how she both starts and ends as an unkillable woman throughout time and space, and how both at the beginning and the end she is someone the doctor can't remember.

    (we don't get an explicit confirmation of this, but pre-aotd something must make it impossible for her to stick in the doctor's mind. it's possibly the same thing that prevents a doctor from remembering an encounter with a previous regeneration, as she is part of *his* timeline.)

    #m.txt #dw blogging#clara oswald #ch: tomorrow is promised to no one
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Doctor Who || Flatline

    I'm in love with that bubble chair. I want it. No... I Need it !!! I could make my own silly stunts with it [D*R*E*A*M] 😍🤣
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Doctor Who Rewatch ➤ The Time of the Doctor

    You've been asking a question... and it's time someone told you you've been getting it wrong.
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    well, at least I tried to

    au: victorian random crossover

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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    —  She could be  a n y o n e, right? You don't know who you're looking for. I mean, she could be me, for all you know. [hell bent, d.w.]

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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #It's Clara Suit Day #Doctor Who#Clara Oswald#Jenna Coleman#Time Heist #Not a DW Rewatch
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Og post got long but this is the 12th doctor and clara in this shirt for @dreamerwriternstargazer

    #clara oswald #the 12th doctor #doctor who
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