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  • lauritakamaki
    26.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    me everytime i read abt rockstars' feuds :

    #i cant take them seriously istg #its too funny #classic rock#glam rock#nirvana#queen#sex pistols #guns n roses #motley crue#bon jovi #yves' random shit
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  • icedgarlic
    26.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago


    #all my suggested playlists and daily mixes are whatever have my music taste from 6th grade ew #i dont hate classic rock it just gets boring if you listen to only that all the tjme #why havent they noticed my unhealthy obsession with mitski and doja cat yet #mitski
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  • globaltexanchronicles
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #piano songs#classic rock #stop and smell the flowers #eddie davis
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  • joanwasquizzical
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i wonder what john lennon thought of arby’s.

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  • johnnyblaze64
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • whatsgoingonrory
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    This drawing is Inspired by a pic of Rory in 1988 which he was around a beautiful nature landscape.

    This is one of a couple os drawings I'll make of him in his last years because he gave his all to his fans and till today we have to deal with nasty comments about his appearence.

    To me he was a really handsome man in his all phases and the fact he gain weight didn't make him less handsome. And I hope that with my fanarts some people realise that.

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  • abeautifulrayofsunshine
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or do I have the desire to dress up like the spouse of a celebrity or fictional crush?

    #i could be wearing any outfit and be like i look like the wife of whomever #but it depends how my outfit vibes as any of my celebrity crush/es #classic rock#modern rock#jay speaks
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  • ghostcultmagazine
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow - Scarecrow II - Wise Blood Records    

    ALBUM REVIEW: Scarecrow – Scarecrow II – Wise Blood Records    

    As with their 2019 full-length debut, Scarecrow’s second full-length album sees the Russian quartet deepen their commitment to a distinctly off-the-cuff, kitchen sink Occult Metal. Scarecrow II (Wise Blood Records) sits on the arcane line between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal best demonstrated by groups like Seventies-era Scorpions and Judas Priest. There are menacing riffs and banshee vocals galore…

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  • those-damn-rockstars
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Robert Plant X Female!Reader (Enemies to Lovers Story) - Whole Lotta Hate [Part 2]

    (Reader’s POV)

    We walked into the local diner, all five of us. I suddenly remembered that I had been here once with Jimmy, before. That was about a year ago, though.

    Robert was walking behind me, and he must’ve been extra close, because I suddenly felt him bump into me from behind, and I felt something. Either he had a guitar in his pocket, or he was happy to see me.. if you know what I mean. My eyes widened, and I could’ve almost screamed right then, and there. I turned around slowly, and made uncomfortable eye contact with him.

    “S-sorry, love.. I know, the pants are kinda tight, aren’t they?”, he said, awkwardly, his face turning as red as a tomato.

    I just nodded, and smiled, awkwardly before turning back around, blushing just as much.

    ‘What the fuck is going on with you, (Y/N)?! It’s like you turn into some animal on the inside because of this guy. And you just met him.. cut it out! Don’t give him the wrong ideas. He’ll just think that you want in his pants, and then he’ll be all over you, like the obnoxious creatures that men are when they see an attractive woman..’, I thought, yelling at myself in my head.

    I just decided to keep calm, and just try to enjoy the dinner, the best I could. I made small conversation with him, every once in a while, at the table, but mostly I just didn’t know what to say to him. The whole time, though, I felt this insane amount of sexual tension.

    (Robert’s POV)

    As we enjoyed our food at the diner, I couldn’t help but glance at the beautiful (Y/N).. she wasn’t very modest, but I appreciated her attitude, and how she carried herself. She was obviously very confident, and she knew she was gorgeous. Even though she was being rather rude to me, as she spoke to the others at the table I saw something else in her… creativity, a loving soul, sensitive deep down, and a very passionate lover, most likely, and-

    ‘No, Robert.. you don’t have any feelings towards her so I suggest you cut it out. Keep it in your pants. She’s obviously disgusted by you, just as much you are her. Just try to see her as any other bandmate’, I told myself, and tried my best to stop glancing at her, and to stop trying to get a look at her best features.

    {Time skip of 20 minutes}

    (Reader’s POV)

    “Well, this was lovely. Thank you very, very much for the dinner”, Robert thanked us, with a smile. “Especially you, (Y/N). Thanks for paying.”

    I looked up at him, and nodded.

    “Oh, yeah, it’s no problem..”, I replied, sort of avoiding eye contact.

    “So.. tomorrow, 3:00 P.M., sharp, come into the studio again. This time, we’ll have our instruments, and a bunch of different equipment, and we can talk about how this is gonna go, alright?”, Jimmy told Robert, with an excited grin.

    “You’ve got it. I’ll remember to show up just in time. I’m pleased to be a part of the band”, He replied, smiling.

    We waved goodbye to each other, and then we were off.

    Later that evening, when I got home, I immediately crashed, and fell asleep on my couch.

    (Robert’s POV)

    I was back at home, by 7:45.. I felt so tired, but at the same time so excited. When I tried to go to sleep, I just couldn’t. I was so happy that I had gotten into the band, and I was so happy that tomorrow they were gonna play for me. They had seen what my voice could do.. now, I wanted to be able to see what they could do with their instruments.

    Later that night, at around 11:30 P.M. I remembered that Jimmy gave me a piece of paper at the diner, while we were talking about things.. he had written his, (Y/N)’s, Bonzo’s, and Jonesy’s number on there, and he had even verbally told me his number. I wanted to see if I could remember which number it was, so I pulled out the piece of paper from my pocket.

    ‘He should still be up at this time.. he told me that he doesn’t go to bed until waaaay late! I’m sure he won’t mind if I call him..’, I thought to myself, smiling.

    I read all the numbers written down, and tried my hardest to recall which number Jimmy said was his.

    “Hmm.. I think it’s this second to last one..”, I decided.

    I then made my way over to the telephone in the corner of my bedroom, and dialed the numbers. It was about four or so rings, until…

    (Reader’s POV)

    Suddenly, I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Nobody normally called me this late…

    ‘Oh, god..’, I thought. ‘Something bad’s happening! Nobody would ever call this late for nothing!’

    I immediately jumped up off my couch, running to the kitchen, where the phone was, and I picked it up, as fast as I could. I was panting, and breathing heavy, by the time I got to it.

    “H-hello..?”, I breathed into the phone.

    (Robert’s POV)

    I suddenly heard a familiar female voice greet me on the other end. I thought for a moment as to who it could be, and I recognized the soft, consistency in her voice.. it was (Y/N), the rhythm guitarist. She sounded like she had just got done running a marathon. She was panting, and breathing heavily.

    “Oh.. hello. I’m so sorry, I meant to call Jimmy, b-but.. is everything alright? I-is this a bad time?”, I asked her, stumbling over my words, and feeling my face heat up.

    “Robert..? Oh.. ah, god.. it’s you?”, I heard her moan from the other end.

    I was almost 100% sure she had been masturbating, or something, considering the way her voice sounded.. and that heavy breathing. Oh, lord.. bad idea to call her at this time..

    My face turned bright red, and I could barely catch my breath. I was suddenly so worked up over her voice.

    “U-umm.. yes, this is Robert. Look, I’m really sorry- I understand that this might be a bad time. Believe me, I do it all the time.. I get it! Nothing to be ashamed of..”, I said, awkwardly trying to comfort her.

    She was silent for a couple moments.

    “Do what all the time?”, she finally asked.

    “I-I.. well you know.. pleasure myself..”, I answered her.

    “Erm.. I’m sorry, but… that’s not what I was doing.. ugh, now I’m thinking that that’s all you’re gonna think about when you think of me. Men always think that way. Don’t pretend like you don’t..”, she retaliated, sounding annoyed.

    “N-no! That’s not what I meant at all! I just was trying to.. you know.. Nevermind. How about we change the subject?”, I asked, trying not to completely fuck things up.

    I was normally very confident in everything I did, but for some reason, talking to (Y/N), and being around her made me stumble over my words, and say the most ridiculous things, ever. Perhaps it was because it was the first day of ever meeting her.. Maybe..

    “Yes, that would be nice. Umm.. what are you doing up so late, Robert?”, she asked me, her tone sounding more polite than before.

    “Not masturbating, of course.. haha! I’m just up thinking about being in the band, now, you know? Im honestly excited..”, I started to tell her, feeling a bit better.

    “Yeah, yeah.. that’s really lovely, Robert..”, she replied, seeming interested.

    “Oh, yes, it really is! You guys are the best for letting me join! I really-“, I went on, before suddenly she began to speak again.

    “Well, that’s just amazing, Robert. I hope to see you tomorrow, of course.. I hate to cut this short, but.. this woman needs her beauty sleep. Goodnight, Plant”, she wished me goodnight.

    I felt very offended, and disrespected that she’d just cut me off like that, but I found myself blushing even more than before, and for some reason, smiling!

    “O-oh! Yes, of course.. goodnight to you, too, (Y/N)..”, I replied.

    I heard her giggle a little, and then she hung up.

    Ugh.. I don’t know what the hell was going on with me, but I knew for a fact I did not in any way, shape, or form.. have any desire for any kind of relations with this girl, besides a professional relationship, considering we were bandmates. I didn’t even want to be friends with her. She was an asshole. But, I’d deal with it.. for the sake of the band.

    Well.. guess I could try another number and hope it’s Jimmy’s.. I don’t understand why he didn’t think to write names next to the numbers..

    (Reader’s POV)

    As soon as I put the phone down I laughed to myself,

    “Hehe.. what a fucking pervert. How cute..”

    I then made my way upstairs to my bedroom, and took a quick shower, and changed into my silk nightgown, before trying to fall asleep.

    Damnit… I couldn’t sleep. What the hell is going on with me? I’m normally a heavy as hell sleeper. This was too weird for me.

    ‘Don’t tell me it’s because of Robert!’, I scolded myself. ‘Face it, (Y/N).. you know that even if you did have any interest in him, he would only like you back for your body, and what you could give him. He’s just like all the other men you’ve been with. Only sees one thing in you. The only man you can ever truly trust 100% is Jimmy.’

    I hated to tell myself that, but I knew it was true. For years, I had been with men who only wanted me for my body. My talents had always been completely dismissed, and when I’ve been tossed to the side, after they’ve gotten bored with me, the only thing that kept other men wanting to go after me was my body.

    “Hmm..”, I softly hummed to myself, before deciding to just try to go to sleep.

    I couldn’t be too tired tomorrow, or I wouldn’t do as well on guitar, and Jimmy would throw a hissy fit.. just what I need after a rough night. I cared a lot about him, but sometimes he was an asshole. He would freak out on you over the smallest things, and he has always been a perfectionist.

    That night, I tried so hard to fall asleep.. I failed, miserably, and the closest thing I got to getting a good night’s sleep was 3 hours.. just great.

    {Time Skip to 3:05 P.M. the next day}

    (Jimmy’s POV)

    I was pacing around in the studio, getting impatient. Everybody was here except for (Y/N). She was 5 minutes late, and I was pissed. When she walked through that door, I was gonna lose it on her, and really let her have it.

    Finally, I heard a click, and (Y/N) walked in, dressed up nice, like usual, and she seemed to have kept up with her hair and makeup, but her body language, and something in her eyes told me something was off. Probably just in a bad mood.

    “(Y/N)! Where in god’s name have you been?!”, I demanded.

    “Jimmy, shut up, and calm down. I am only 5 minutes late. The world doesn’t revolves around you, and your time.. so, just save your breath..”, she retaliated, giving me a bratty glare.

    “Ugh.. whatever. Just go set your stuff up over there, and let’s do this..”, I told her, before I went to go tune my guitar.

    (Reader’s POV)

    I walked over to my usual spot, and plugged in my guitar into the amp. I looked over at Jimmy, and the rest of the band members, and I noticed they were all ready. I gave them a quick smile, and we began playing.

    We were really getting into it, and about halfway into the song, I closed my eyes, and I just felt the music.. And music always felt soooo good.. I lost track of time when I close my eyes and listened, and I started to play faster, and faster, rhythm patterns flying out, endlessly. I kept going and going, until I-

    Somebody had suddenly grabbed the neck of my guitar, where I had my hand placed. I opened my eyes, and looked over. It was Jimmy. He looked at me with a slightly annoyed, but also concerned look.

    I scanned the room, looking at everyone’s expression. Everyone but Jimmy looked impressed, and shocked.

    “You’re moving way too fast, girl. I can’t even hear myself think.. settle down, alright?”, Jimmy told me, and gave me a pat on the shoulder.

    “Right. Sorry..”, I nodded, and then looked over at Robert.

    He raised his eyebrows at me, and then opened his mouth to speak.

    “Jimmy, was there actually a need to stop (Y/N)?”, he asked him, smirking.

    “Well.. you heard her playing. It was completely overpowering the rest of us”, Jimmy replied.

    “She is the rhythm guitarist, is she not?”, Robert asked him.

    “Y-yes, she is..”, Jimmy stammered. He wasn’t used to somebody pointing it out when he had made a stupid decision.

    “Well, then she’s a very important part of the band, Jimmy.. she was playing how she was supposed to, just a little faster than average, but nothing to complain about, am I right?”, Robert continued, with a smile.

    Jimmy looked at me, and slightly bit his lip.

    “Okay.. you’re right, Robert. I apologize, (Y/N)..”, Jimmy said, looking embarrassed.

    After a couple moments of silence, Jonesy piped up, with a smile.

    “Hey, shall we continue?”

    “Good idea, Jonesy..”; Bonzo replied, nodding.

    So, we continued to play, and eventually Robert joined us in the songs that he knew. He sang along, with great sound, and we all had a blast, despite the earlier mishaps.

    {Time Skip}

    “Hey.. so, I’m sorry if I-“, I tried to speak to Jimmy, after we were done.

    Jimmy was putting away his guitar, and the amp he had it plugged into, but he turned to me, and glared at me. He cut me off, and said,

    “Look here, asshole. I don’t need you one-upping me in front of him because you need a boost to your already massive ego!”, he scolded me.

    “Dude! I said I’m sorry.. why do you have to be such a dick?”, I asked him.

    Luckily, the others weren’t paying much attention, until Jimmy suddenly got even more angry, and raised his voice.

    “If you don’t like it then just leave, then! We can do this another time, when you’re actually cooperative!”, he yelled.

    I scoffed, and aggressively turned around, and walked out of the studio. I pressed my back against the wall of the building, and just tried my best to cool down.. Yeah, Jimmy was an asshole, but I didn’t understand why he always targeted me. Something told me our closeness made him think he could get away with blaming me for everything, and making it seem like I’m the bad guy. Almost like he was comfortable taking me for granted.. It hurt a bit, but I didn’t care. He’d be fine, eventually.. switching moods as quickly as an actor could change clothes in between intermissions in a play.

    “Hey, there… need a friend?”, I suddenly heard Robert’s voice, coming out of the building.

    I turned, and looked at him.

    “I’m fine..”, I said, wanting him to leave me alone. The last thing I needed was this bozo trying to help me.. he probably wouldn’t even understand, anyway. Plus, I was fighting tears at this point.

    “You did pretty good back there, (Y/N)”, he said, as he walked closer to me, his dumb smile appearing on his face.

    “Jimmy doesn’t think so..”

    “Well, who cares if he doesn’t think so? It doesn’t mean you didn’t… it’s merely just an opinion, is it not?”

    I looked up at him, and nodded, in agreement.

    “Yeah.. I guess you’re right”, I replied, swallowing hard, trying to keep myself from crying, still fighting the damn tears.

    He must have heard me struggling to not cry in my voice, because his expression turned very sympathetic and he stopped smiling.

    “I’m really sorry.. would you like me to let you be?”, he asked, politely.

    “It’s fine.. don’t be sorry, but.. yeah. I would like to be alone”, I replied.

    “Alright… well, I really hope you can cheer up..”, he said.

    He was still fucking standing there.. how nosy.

    “Robert. I said I want to be alone”, I said, my tone stern and without waver.

    “Okay, okay.. sorry..”, he said, sounding shocked and hurt at my voice.

    He finally walked off, and got into his car to leave. Goddamn… intrusive much? Why was he so worried about me anyways? I didn’t trust that..

    Nobody worries about me unless they want something from me.. they act like they care to butter me up.

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  • twospiritsdancing
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    JULY 27 1971: George Harrison and Art Garfunkel at Carly Simon's Central Park concert, New York.

    #simon: moans shakes and throws up over break up #garfunkel: cucks him in the middle of central park with a tall dark stranger to the sound of carly simon's gentle 1970s music #harrison: a man whose voracious appetite for other people's sad wives was unrivaled #the plot for the next great work of rpf literature #you won at divorce artie #george#george harrison#art garfunkel#carly simon#1971#1970s#70s#70s rock#70s music#classic rock#the beatles #simon and garfunkel #my gifs#george gifs
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  • rogerssparklypinkshoes
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago



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  • crazywolf828
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I'll never forget the day I was hanging out with my older brother and some of our pals and one of the friend's boyfriend starts making fun of my brother for not having had sex yet (he was 24 at the time) and you could see him just shrinking into himself so naturally I got pissed. I stood up to this guy who was a good foot taller than me and four years older than me, looked him dead in the eyes and said "Having sex doesn't matter if you can't satisfy your partner. Finishing and then just going to sleep? Yeah, you're definitely in a place to be making fun of him." (I knew because the gf complained constantly) And the room just went dead fucking silent as he stared down at me it was amazing.

    Anyway my brother said he's still figuring it out but he came out as ace-spec this week and I'm so proud of him

    #asexuality#ace #anyway happy ace week yall rock #asexual#ace week #ive never felt more alive than in that exact moment #it was the best feeling watching this dude look around to the other guys #my brother brightened up #iconic all of it really #it was a classic no one's allowed to pick on my family but me moment #don't mind me
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  • little-bird-sings-again
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

    Debut Album, 2003 - Fever To Tell

    little bird’s favorite 💋


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  • thefab4archive
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Working Class HERO! 🌟

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  • geetertron
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Miniature guitar belonging to none other than the illustrious Johnny Thunders. In perfect miniature detail. Down to the scratches as well as the Lady of Sorrows sticker Johnny put in his guitar. I had to buy one. I mean can you blame me ?!?! I love Johnny and thought this was suuuuuper bad ass.

    Much love to all you knuckleheads out there. Be safe. Take care of yourselves. And look out for one another.


    #johnny thunders #real rock music #rock n roll #mini guitar #classic rock fandom #guitar heroes#Les Paul#p90 pickups #fender twin reverb
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  • cracker-box-palace
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    She has tamed the sun

    She has tamed the sun.

    She holds its fiery ember in her palms

    But it does not burn her.

    She has tamed the sun.

    At night, she hugs it tight to her chest

    Dousing it’s ever-burning flames

    With her embrace.

    She has kept the sun.

    Kept it on a frayed lead

    She has knotted tightly

    To her heart.

    She has kept the sun.

    In her blazing eyes

    On her brilliant lips

    A burning secrecy

    Never to escape.

    She has tamed the sun.

    Another lil poem

    #pls don’t copy this is my original work #the beatles#classic rock#queen band#poetry#original poem#my poem#poetsandwriters #poets of tumblr #my original poem
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  • coldwatercas
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    this close to adding all of lana’s new album to my dean kinnie playlist

    #actually now that i’m thinking about it i think of dean wasn’t so adamantly opposed to listening to music that’s not classic rock #i think he’d LOVE lana
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