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  • judasvibe
    05.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    'hochsensibel und stolz darauf' @saloume yes this is a yt video recommendation i just got, because youtube read our chat and wants to recommend me the worst content there is

    #literally it's called frau tv just lie me down into the ground they clearly have a target audience #and it's boring women hunting for psychiatric diagnoses when their lives are going fine without
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  • danisdreaming
    05.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    whoever sent the headcanon ask Yesterday, i'm sorry i haven't gotten to it yet lmao - i'll post it asap i promise ! :')

    #rambles #i feel bad when i take forever to answer stuff #esp when i’m clearly answering Other things #but when you guys ask me to explain things or give lists. i wanna go All Out #so it takes me a while to be able to sort through all my thoughts on the topic and be able to say what i think in a way that’ll be. #at least somewhat understandable #just nd things 😗✌🏼 #that’s neurodivergent.. not new directions lmFao
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  • bunnybokuto
    05.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #riley answers #no tag for you bc you clearly don’t love me
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  • redjennies
    05.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    while I understand the frustration and exhaustion with the neverending barrage of cr ship discourse, every time I see someone talking about "how they probably won't/shouldn't do romance arcs in campaign 3," all I can think is that I seriously doubt Laura "I make believe romanced my husband to prove a point" Bailey is going to make it through a whole campaign without her character romancing someone even if it's an NPC.

    #like I'm just saying Laura clearly enjoys this aspect of the game and I doubt she's going to stop because of fan drama #and tbh i get the impression that Liam and Marisha cant get through a campaign without their characters at least having a crush on someone #not tagging
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  • at-the-exd-of-everythixg
    05.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Every time I see a notification on my activity WITHOUT being notified I Sigh

    #mothman was here (ooc post) #its always random blogs liking personal shit or answers for people #or my memes get reblogged by stangers cause clearly im a rp meme blog #(s i ghs )
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  • virtchandmoir
    05.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    unleashedinthecity: Happy 1st birthday to this special gal! 🎈You starting with us as a teeny little pup and have graduated through The Academy to be the true adventurer you are today. Every day in Camp is a treat with you pal! 🥳💕You were also the last puppy that my boy Sprout mentored so your puppyhood will always have an extra special spot in my heart. Such a joy to watch you play learn and grow kiddo 🌱

    #a whole damn picture essay #clearly the fave
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  • englishfairylights
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    But it also hurts, I’m genuinely sad. I hate seeing Los Blancos like this 💔. This is actually sickening 😭

    #i’m actually so upset #i clearly didnt want chelsea to win
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  • gildedapples
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    I really wanna write and develop a plot following the premise of Alice in Borderland, mmm. Where can I buy some friends lol
    Picture this: 
    one muse a veteran of this dystopian world, controlled by some unseen enemy forcing those who were brought there to partake in sadistic games just to stay one step ahead of death.  It makes sense they might be withdrawn and jaded at first, hesitant to get to know muse 2, the New Player who is still naïve and full of hope. Or maybe they’re both new! Or maybe they’re both old! Or maybe they knew each other from a world before this one. Who knows!
    #☾ . 。 ・ * ☆┊ ooc #i clearly just want to throw the most innocent muse #into the shittiest of circumstances lol
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  • thatoneguy2009
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #im so sorry <3 #my brother came into my room and stared at my phone while typing this #moo if you see this hi. you clearly dont understand the quality content i put out onto my blog like a LOSER >:)
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  • endweapon
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is weiss content

    #crack.  ( it's 2006 and i'm too sexy for my shirt ) #i am not even sorry #what else would he do if he had social media. clearly
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  • questionablespecies
    05.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Imagine playing laws of attraction and being upset that you get to flirt with romance options and calling it "inappropriate" - then why are you playing? 🗿

    #playchoices #laws of attraction #loa#choices loa #this isn't even for like the clearly cringe moments of flirting - it's in general like?? #when are you expecting it to be appropriate? when MC quits? lololol
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  • chae-rok
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    karl almasen (gaya sa pelikula)

    adachi kiyoshi (cherry magic)

    han ji woo (to my star)

    chidi anagonye (the good place)

    ram vera (my engineer)

    larry trainor (doom patrol/dc comics)

    rae earl (my mad fat diary)

    chiron (moonlight)

    satou mafuyu (given)

    abed nadir (community)

    i was tagged by sam @kaonoppakao, ellis @serannes and dawn @pangwave thank you all!! ♡

    i don’t know who hasn’t done it yet, i feel like most of you have but i’ll tag @morksuns @mark-kit @riamali @kurosawadachi and @panncakes

    #tag games#** #idk if i should tag everything this is kinda Personal....... like you can clearly see the mental illness here lmao #i won't tag the shows/movie altho this took me forever so it's okay to reblog! i like it. i might be proud of it but i need to step away for #a while first then i'll decide... this literally took me so many hours rip #feel free to psychoanalyze me <3
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  • transgenderer
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    AUGH i totally forgot about my psychiatrist appt today. i keep doing this!!

    #my mom was clearly mad at me about it and so i got tense and then she noticed me getting tense and then got guilty #yknow. predictable cycle
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  • ghost-postables
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Headcanon (au?) Where Danny's Cryomancy is just the beginning of Seasonal Danny.

    Let me elaborate on this even tho no one asked. Rather than a normal core like most ghosts which has a set type (Ember = Music, Johnny = Luck, Frostbite = Ice, Clockwork = Time ect.) Halfa cores are more malleable and subject to change from outside sources.

    This of course applies to Vlad as well. Vlad's core is affected by emotion. As such normally his core is subjected to rapid changes which makes it unstable and usually unable to develop powers quickly. This is in part because emotions are fickle little bastards and also because Vlad's halfa state is unstable which makes his core struggle to accommodate such a fluctuating source of influence. You'd think it'd be simple. Vlad mostly displays wrath and sadness. But human emotions are complex and you can feel a lot more than a single emotion at any given moment. (As we can learn from the educational documentary Inside Out 😌😋)

    Enough about Vlad, for now.

    My main focus of this post is 🌈✨Seasonal Danny✨🌈

    Danny differs from Vlad for two reasons in this headcanon (or is it an au at this point?).

    1. He's a more stable Halfa. He was subjected to way more exposure to an opening portal, bathed in much more of that ghostly essential essence, and the change was faster, more whole. His core strong like moose or single mother of six. (This point is somewhat backed by canon but who's counting canon these days?)

    2. In this hc his source is the seasons. This doesn't exactly have canon roots as when Danny's ice powers start emerging it's not winter. In fact if I recall it's implied that it is very warm and that his coldness is unusual for the weather. (But again, who's counting canon anyway.) So, anyway, Danny's powers begin with the season of winter. Ice, snow all things cold and wintery. He gains more control and more niche powers as his connection to each season grows stronger. Once he gets that under moderate control he starts thinking that's all.

    Until he visits Sam's greenhouse again (it took a while for Sam to unban him even though he didn't mean to freeze her Venus flytrap) and all the spring blooming plants suddenly burst into life and grow rapidly. They even exceed their natural size. Danny finds he can now summon attack vines and vicious mutated plants, and figures out spring is actually a pretty strong core source. He also learns that if he builds up too much energy and he wants to expel it he can send it into the earth. Downside? There's a forest where the old lumber mill used to be. Sam sees that as an absolute win.

    Danny then develops the summer side of his ability and the trio finally notices the theme. Summer being represented by heat and summer plants growing well in his presence. Fire was to be expected. Summer = Hot. What he didn't expect was light manipulation which matured into illusionary skills. Being able to manipulate the evaporation process and create his own little clouds (white and fluffy, rain and storm) and the fact that he gives off massive amounts of solar energy, like a small localised sun even at night.

    When Autumn comes around Danny didn't know what to expect but he certainly wasn't expecting rot and poison. Danny's touch can now decay natural materials, though plastic either takes a really long time or doesn't seem to breakdown at all. And he's also able to grow all sorts of mushrooms, including a weird kind he assumes to be from the ghost zone that spews poisonous spores. However Sam suspects it's a weird mutation of puffball mushrooms. He also gains more scary skills as his connection to autumn grows including but not limited to hibernation/fatigue, Hunters intuition, Prey intuition, fog manipulation, maturing crops and variable control over Rot/Decay. He's decided Autumn is a scary season. Which he then slaps his forehead cause Halloween. Duh. But Sam points out Halloween is only in autumn for the northern hemisphere. Autumn is just kinda the season of Rot, Rain, and Harvest.

    #danny phantom #i cant sleep and im in my head a lot rn #so#seasonal danny #maybe I'll make a post later listing seasonal abilities more clearly.
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  • smahwg
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    mmmm might fuck around and reread the entire grishaverse bc the original trilogy is like...a mental blur made up of a vague aesthetic and some plot points and now i wanna see how in the hell they’ll manage to make siege & storm + ruin and rising along with the crows being there somehow?? 

    #also i've been rereading bits of soc and seeing the cast and some locations clearly in my head is like some kind of high #it's been like 7 years since i've read them bro i don't remember anything #the dragon speaks #grishaverse
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  • genosvechnikov
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    kinda uncool that i can see people’s tags when they rb things from me now. like the tags used to be a safe place for people to clown and i respected (and abused) that feature, the tags were the place where polite people could quietly say their impolite thoughts. but now when someone thinks evgeny svechnikov should be traded (!?) to seattle (!!!!?????), i have to see that. like with my own human eyes. appalling.

    #person who wrote that tag if u see this i’m not Actually mad at u and in fact i repect u for being so so so so bold #like it doesn’t actually matter and i don’t Actually care but i wish tumblr didn’t Make Me look at that. ya know? #because the same is true if you flip it like #i clearly abuse the tags like nobody’s fuckin business. i’m unrestrained. i can’t be stopped. i have a problem. #mostly i just can’t shut up #but that used to just be my problem and NOW it has become the op’s problem as well #unfortunate is all i’m sayin
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  • rakkiankh
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Rebecca Announcing to the tournament that yugi is her boyfriend... Honey, no. Don't do that.

    #season 5 #regardless of ships tea and yugi is clearly the ship theyre pushing #plus thats super scummy to do even if it was true
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  • gncseven
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    sabine is my favourite rebels character but ezra and kanan is my favourite rebels character dynamic i am literally so fucking predictable

    #like i KNEW this was going to happen before i ever watched the show and then it did #i am not immune to gay mandalorian and surrogate parent child dynamic. clearly #rebels lb#cory shitposts #god every scene with kanan and ezra is so much...kanan stop trying to sacrifice yourself challenge
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  • gay-otlc
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    That feeling when you think you're doing better and the antidepressants are actually helping and then you start a fire in your house because your OCD renders you unable to function properly-

    #for context i was freaking out about intrusive thoughts and my brain wasn't thinking clearly #so i left the stove on #and we had a small fire #fun times #i hate myself #fucking ocd#cursing tw#ocd tw #self hate tw #fire tw #mental illness tw #shai is sO oCd #shai rambles#don't reblog#vent tw #on the bright side this is turning into inspiration for an angsty marelliana fic so keep an eye out for that
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  • echodrops
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I love all my students, but boy howdy if I get another message asking me whether they have to have webcams on during their group presentation when the assignment says, in bold, underline, and highlighted yellow, “WEBCAMS MUST BE ON,” I will probably do something very ill-advised.

    #IRL stuff #the percentage of my days this semester #that have been taken up having to answer questions #from students who just clearly didn't read the instructions #is so astronomical #that they should probably make room for me on the international space station #lord help me #I love teaching #BUT THERE ARE SOME DAYS
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