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  • renegadepack
    24.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    the only reason to watch eclipse is for leah clearwater

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  • forkscult
    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    esme is that kind of woman that doesn't care whose children are you or what specie, she going to feed you and be your mum if you let her.
    #esme cullen#jacob black#seth clearwater#leah clearwater#twilightedit#twistetic #most italian mums are like this lmao #i love this scene btw #i like to immagine that she takes no offence for leah because #she knows they caused a lot of trouble in their land #and so leah's attitude makes sense
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  • qaraxuanzenith
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #twilight#breaking dawn#stephenie meyer#fanfiction#fanfic #jacob black/leah clearwater #jacob black#leah clearwater #leah clearwater deserves nice things #a thing i wrote #sorry for being twilight on main
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  • avapitsims
    24.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Why Leah Clearwater is Both a Feminist and a Feminist Icon

    Meyer really do be ruining “pretty” girls lives. Can’t relate.

    Leah Clearwater is just one of those women in Twilight. However, I think that she reigns supreme, especially because Meyer seems to allow her some wiggle room, tough even that’s debatable. 

    Here’s why.

    Before the Cullens came back, it seems everything was going well for Leah. She was deeply in love with Sam Uley, her relationship with Emily was close, she has a strong sense of community and a lot more support than some white Twilight characters, her dad wasn’t dead, and it seems like she was eager to start college. Normal, everyday, but fulfilling things.

    Until the Cullens come back.

    Look, I love vampires, but this was a shitty thing to do to the entire reservation.  Leah in particular has it really tough. With the Cullens’ arrival:

    Leah loses the love of her life to a compulsory shapeshifter/werewolf phenomenon.

    She loses her best friend, Emily when envy and resentment and guilt enters the chat.

    She has to keep a secret from her other friends and not hang out with them anymore, like how Sam, Paul, and Jared did; thus losing her social group.

    She becomes the least liked member of her new group just like Rosalie she refuses to hide how unhappy she is.

    College seems a postponed; the thing she could’ve used to escape but now can’t.

    College is not just a pure aspiration but now an escape plan.... 

    There’s a suggestion in the fandoms that her dad may have died from cardiac arrest when either she or Seth transformed for the first time and if the Cullens didn’t come back they wouldn’t have transformed.

    None of this was done with her approval and all point to “the white man taketh”.

    As a werewolf, she’s the only female onw and her menstrual cycle has stopped. Does this mean she can’t even do have kids if she chose to have them? Who knows, she’s a freak now.

    She has no reason to like the Cullens. Things would be a lot easier if they were just human-killing monsters who didn’t make a deal with her ancestors, because then she wouldn’t have to tolerate their proximity to her anymore. She’s still grappling with how to accept the fact that Sam is gone forever, then she hears that Bella not only doesn’t hate them but that she wants to become one of them?!

    So she also dislikes Bella, who seems to justify the injustice that is the Cullen family by wanting to be one of them. And Bella’s rejection hurts Jacob, which goes into what else I love about Leah and why she is QUEEN.

    She shows empathy when it was so easy for her not to. Unlike Rosalie, she has the capacity to see others’ perspective and make a genuine connection between herself and others. 


    She sees how Jacob suffers from the rejection of someone who he’s very much in love with and can’t help comparing it to her own plight with Sam. And more importantly, she frankly tells Jacob about it with little shame or in defiance of judgement. This also allows her to very bravely confront Bella alone in a house of vampires who don’t regard her very highly either. Jacob didn’t regard her very highly either, because she didn’t try to hide her pain. But she did that anyway, for him.

    Queen shit.


    It’s clear that though things are tense between them, Leah still wants a relationship with her cousin, even though things will never be the same. 

    Does Leah envy Emily and still wish that Emily and Sam break up at some point before she decides to consciously move on? Did she probably think that Emily “stole” Sam in an errant though? Sure, but again we have to remember she was in love with Sam and didn’t become a werewolf until much later, so she was literally in the dark of why Sam abandoned her for her freaking cousin of all people.

    She went to a wedding that, by all rights, should have been hers! But she went anyways to support her cousin and unconsciously move on by doing so.

    Queen shit.

    Sam and Emily

    For as far as we know, Leah kept being in love with Sam well into Breaking Dawn. She decides it be best to save everyone the trouble and run to Jacob’s new pack. 

    Was it self motivated? Yes. Was it also a way to keep some sort of peace without ruining relations more? Also yes. She still cares about Sam and Emily, and realizes that this is best for everyone. Maybe everyone else will come to realize it, maybe they won’t. Doesn’t change that the situation wasn’t getting better but worse. Even Jacob comes to realize this. 


    Now it’s no secret that Leah hates vampires. Yet, when she hears that Rosalie would not be that against Bella’s death so she can get Renesmee, what does she do?

    Show empathy.

    She sees, with her own presumed infertility, that she and Rosalie have something in common. Children are a kind of last resort for happiness and validation. Though this is a twisted sort of thinking, for both women being fertile is a kind of self-control and autonomy that has been denied them by outside forces and events. 

    Both are reportedly gorgeous women. Both have had their lives ripped away from them by events totally out of their control. However, for Rosalie children’s value stems from them not considering her looks to value her, and she ends up still evaluating herself by sexist standards (could be explained by vampires being not able to change, but Rosalie also prizes her white femnininty). Leah’s sets goals apart from sexist proscriptions. Yoga to center herself, running from Sam’s pack, braving the Cullens, and facing Jacob’s ire when he rebukes her for taking seemingly Rosalie’s side. 

    That’s some Queen shit.


    As for why she’s a feminist (canon, full stop), Leah does honestly see other women’s needs apart of from her own while also looking out for herself. She’s also being frank with her actions and words about her experiences as a woman in a male dominated sphere...to the men.

    Rosalie could never. 

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  • sapphicfog
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    HI HELLO SAPPHIC TWILIGHT FANS - there’s a queer human/vampire romance coming out in December 2021 ✨✨✨

    #twilight femslash#bellice #bella x rosalie #bella x alice #angela/leah #leah clearwater x angela weber #twilight
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  • sethclearwatermybeloved
    23.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    bi seth icons! please like or reblog if you save, and credit me if you use!

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  • sethclearwatermybeloved
    23.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    bi leah pridecons! please like or reblog if you save, and credit me if you use!

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  • copiesofme
    23.09.2021 - 20 hours ago
    👥 leah and wan @copiesofher​  / headcanons between our muses - accepting

    The second John got home the first person he told in person was Andrea. Thought it mattered little because the second he got into range everyone knew exactly what had happened and who Leah was. He just needed his time with his sister and to enjoy the fact that he found his someone.

    It’s not until Leah is pregnant with their second baby that it occurs to him that he should probably ask her to marry him. When he does ask her, it’s a night of him spoiling her. He takes Harry and tiny Seth to hang out with Grandma Sue (or Grandpa Rick depending on where they are). Then he takes her for a drive to her favorite place, or the place they shared their first kiss. And as they’re talking he asks her to marry him. When she says yes he brings her back and cooks her, her favorite meal. (or takes her out to her favorite place, the choice is hers.)

    In the verse where John dies, at some point if Leah puts her hand into his jacket pocket (the one he wore all the time), she would find the wedding ring stowed away - it would also occur to her before the big battle happened in Breaking Dawn, she would catch him staring at her with this hands tucked into these very pockets. It would occur to her that he was building up to nerve or searching for the right moment ot ask her to marry him.

    Everyone should know that in wolf form, that while their Daughter Harry looks every bit like Leah? In wolf form she is a mini-Wanahton.

    Before they had their first kiss there is a moment where Wanahton holds his hand to hers, palm to palm, and he smiles and says something along the lines of ‘look-.. a perfect match.. it’s like my hand was made to hold yours.’ to which he will interlock his fingers through hers. Might even kiss her hand too while he’s at it.

     John has learned his lesson with Harriet, he doesn’t leave the state when she’s pregnant again and stays until the babies are born. Which gives him a perfect excuse to make a family trip back to introduce his babies to everyone again.

    Andrea visits a lot, and she brings her two boys on one of these trips to introduce them to their new Auntie Leah. James is 12, and the other is Henry, who is 16.

    #[ wanahton / inquiries / out of character ] just another native #[ wanahton / ch. study ] this is closer to home than you know #[ wanahton / v: twilight ] if you want war; we will bring you war #[ wanahton ] what does it mean? #copiesofher / leah clearwater #copiesofher
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  • copiesofme
    23.09.2021 - 20 hours ago
        For the record Wanahton may be a big bad wolf in his wolf form, but @copiesofher cannot take him seriously cause even though he’s black and grey - he has one bright white sock on his back foot.
    #[ wanahton / dyn: leah clearwater ] love is not a word worthy of what i feel for you.
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  • copiesofme
    23.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

            Leah Clearwater is the first person that when I asked him about poly things he immediately said a stiff ‘no’.

    #[ wanahton / dyn: leah clearwater ] love is not a word worthy of what i feel for you. #[ *possessive husband noises* ] #[ literally everyone else is good or has an established OT3- but Leah? he says no. ]
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  • renegadepack
    23.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    bisexual Leah Clearwater icons requested by anonymous

    reblog if using; credit if asked please

    #leah clearwater #leah clearwater icons #leah clearwater icon #twilight#twilight icons#tts#ttsedit#tts edit#twilightedit#twilight edit#renegadeicons#julia jones #julia jones icons #julia jones icon
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  • jacobsthemeisbetter
    23.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Human au with the pack but add the children of the moon 👀

    #i had a little bit too much fun making this #twilight edit#jacob black#Leah Clearwater#fanfiction #I recommend listening with headphones
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  • boxwright
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Fogerty

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  • occasionaloneshots
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    While I was working on the idea for Fictional I went through about three ideas, here’s one that didn’t make the cut for me.

    After moving to forks during Junior year, Bella seems to blend into the town better than her twin sister. But she swears there’s something wrong with this town and some of its inhabitants. After watching her sister begin to hide her friends and boyfriend, the Swan girl swears she’ll get to the bottom of the town before that weird family can kill her sister.

    (Would have been an Angela X OC X Leah because I’m chaos like that but feel free to use it however if this strikes inspiration in you)

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  • newmoonroslyn
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Links 🦋

    I have some pretty good fics up if you guys are interested in reading them!! I included the different sites for your preference!




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