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  • youlltrytobreakmetoo
    07.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Anytime i mention metal gear around my dad and uncle they go “snakkeeee”

    #my uncle used to play COD and suggested I play it #me: *clinging onto my stealth games* sure
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  • derriereunemasque
    07.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Kalem in no way was the sole high ranking survivor of the heavenly war. 

    Though many would leave heaven over the years. Disagreeing with the desicions made. Disagreeing with the new system. Wishing for the same ways heaven was when they lived under Lucifer. Seeing more and more faults in heaven. 

    Lucifer left a big impression on everyone after all, he was a beloved ruler. And once one sees the first flaws of heaven, it does not take long to look for more flaws. The seraphim making the desicion of casting down all those who doubt them.

    #Kalem sees all the flaws in heaven too #but he clings onto his home and keeps his mouth shut #instead doing his best to make his students fear being cast down and uphold the rules perfectly #about kalem
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  • on-set-art
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You’re going to make the box I should fit into so small I won’t be able to squish myself in anymore and you’ll push me out entirely

    #I know it’s out of love but can you stop criticizing things that don’t matter #I’m getting a degree I’m saving up money I’m clinging to God for dear fucking life I’m staying in shape I’m not having premarital sex #I’m being the DEFINITION of a perfect poster child and the ONE TIME I do something you don’t like you blow up #I was overly good and was what you wanted me to be while all of the other kids dicked around
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  • moonguy
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the crossover brainrot of hearing santa baby on the radio at work and first imagining cas singing it and then immediately thinking instead of cas singing annies baby slut christmas song from regional holiday music (community)

    #cling clang#castiel #cas: its hurts my little gead when im lying in my bed with visions of sugarplum.. socks? #dean: is this a bit?
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  • shinebrightlikeanarwhal
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #travis phelps#sally face#larry johnson #sally face au #sal fisher #Larry gets sat on by Travis and has to rethink his life #Sal cackles the entire time #Neil bringing Travis to meet other people that he can connect with #surprised with how quickly Travis clings to them compared to the barriers he set up around people of other descent #though in hindsight with the Kenneth being his step/adopted dad it makes sense #that’s an AU/HC not thé canon #Larry and Travis can often be found in the treehouse fast asleep after getting a food come from stolen cake
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  • lunawlw
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    im tired of making art that has deep meanings. i painted on some wood because i wanted to thats why fuck you

    #personal #im tired of my sculpture class clinging for deep meanings #not everything i make has to have a deep meaning -_- #sometimes a binch just wants to make things
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  • drachenblood
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    once i’m done msq i’m making a list of headcanons that have been confirmed and ones that have been debunked since this is always fun.

    #🐉┇OOC #i mean regardless of if they've been debunked #i'm still clinging to them #but so far i've had two or three confirmed and i'm only in the third zone #feels nice man
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  • stewyhosseini-bf
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Succession episodes 2x10 / 1x7 /2x4 / 3x03 / 3x8

    #succession#succession hbo#succession parallels #succession web weave #bug web weave #kendall roy#succession 3x8#succession spoilers#logan roy#tw suicide#tw drowning #tw suicide attempt #long post #I'm not saying I think he's actually dead but. like I dont fucking know #we'll see #I needed to get this out because I need to focus on anything other than the episode and god #these scenes kept swirling around my head ever since I watched it #basically the point being. he was clinging to ANYTHING for literal months and we know he was suicidal before #and then we had. all of that. and the poignant end of the last ep where he's standing at the edge of the balcony like in 2x4 etc. and #I think the one thing he was/is clinging to #is the fact that he's at least not Logan. that he's at least better and that maybe even Logan acknowledges that #and when he threw that line about the kid in his face. I think that just completely obliterated him like it was pretty much the last #straw after ALL of that
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  • if-music-be-the-food-of-love
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #wtfock#lovely anons#my asks#wtfam#sobbe#headcanons #the funny thing is that i wouldn't survive koala mode #i like hugs and all but on my terms #the thought of someone clinging to me and keeping me from doing things gives me anxiety #i love it for sobbe and their dynamic tho #yay for them
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  • jakeperalta
    06.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    seems like everyone on the whole of social media put their tree up this weekend and we still don't even know whether we'll be moved in to our new house before christmas I'm sad

    #i just want to decorate and do some christmas baking #but there's just constant delays so we're stuck at my nana's house and she barely decorates #she hasn't done christmas here in at least 6 years since my grandad died so it just doesn't really have christmas vibes anymore #i was literally clinging to christmas as my one good thing to look forward to #and now it seems like we won't get to celebrate properly at all 😭 #talking
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  • kakitysax
    06.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I might not know who I am but I know that I fall short

    how I respond to that? well. that varies from day to day.

    thank you @potatoes-tomatoes this literally came into my home and ruined my life and demolished me but it’s still better than not knowing 😔😔😔


    Me before Enneagram: wtf does 1w9 mean in Cel’s bio???

    Me after Five (5) minutes on the Enneagram Institute:

    #I’m not sure if I’m more w3 than w5 or vice versa tbh.. #I think deep down it’s 3 but I definitely do things like a 5 a LOT #I think I have a lot of 5 in there and I cling to it to cope or balance out the three?? idk if that’s like a thing tho #gah sorry#enneagram#ennea 4#karkles stop#karkles irl#brain shit
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  • yourstrulyjaem
    06.12.2021 - 11 hours ago


    “No.” Yangyang said nonchalantly causing your smile to fade into a frown. You batted your eyes at him as a last resort to buy you ANOTHER hoodie as oppose to your heavy basket filled with more hoodies, obviously not all are yours only a majority of them.

    (Yangyang's pov)

    She better not pull a puppy eye dog one me I swear to god if she-and she did fuck. This girl is gonna be the death of me and my wallet someday.

    “Fine” He gave up and took the hoodie from your hands, shoving it into the basket. You silently clapped your hands, doing a little victory dance as the male rolled his eyes. Dragging you towards the counter to check out before some shiny item caught your eye and he's forced to live the same fate as before.

    You smiled like a child when Yangyang pulled out his credit card from his wallet. “很帅哦”(You look cool) “当然如果是我换钱看到很帅”(Of course I look cool paying for your stuff) The sarcasm ingrained in his sentence in contrast with his action made you chuckle.

    Exiting the store with wearing the biggest smile while Yangyang zoned out, thinking back how much money he’s spent of you. Deep down he knows its worth it for as long as you're smiling. No matter how many times he complained about your shopping tendencies, he’ll still buy what you want regardless the price.

    God I fell hard. And I'll keep falling.

    The male felt your arms clinged onto his, tiny fingers gripped the fabric of his jacket. He stopped dead at his tracks, eyes fixated at your hands holding onto him until it's gone. You pulled away, “Sorry old habits I forgot you're not comfortable.”

    Then it hit him. You had a habit of clinging onto people’s arms because public spaces can scare you sometimes. You felt safer when holding someone.

    As soon as Yangyang realized he basically pushed you away, he took your arm and hooked it with his. Hands finding their way home into yours, fingers laced together squeezing yours tightly.

    His abrupt change in behaviour and skinship made your heart flutter. You know he’s not a big fan of skinship in public but the fact he was willing to cross his comfort zone for your own set off butterflies in your stomach.

    #wayv fluff#wayv yangyang#liu yangyang #liu yangyang ilysfm #nct fluff#nct imagines#wayv supremacy #for my cling onto people in public settings people #nct yangyang#rainbowjaemworks#yoursjaemworks#yourstrulyjaemworks #lowkey a personal writing #i get so anxious in public when im onto holding someone
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  • cabalakh
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    only having like two close friends i can really talk to about my potential osdd/did shit is so fucking lonely and i hate it

    #rat.exe #i'm just tired of feeling like this #i want to just ignore everything again and stop 'pretending' to be people i'm not #if that makes any sense. #like i know logically i've been trying to ignore this shit for literal years and it hasn't worked #but i just can't help feeling like i'm still making it up or like. clinging to an idea of what i Think Should Be Happening or something #and frankly i dont see the point in even trying to like... NOT ignore it because i cant express how i/we are feeling #without INTENSE shame embarrassment and fear #like i dont want to be treated as Multiple Different People but at the same time i'm sick of always having to pretend to be 'Jon' #when i don't feel like him. #i don't know it's just HARD #i'm thinking about just making a bunch of private websites to express myself on where no one else but me will ever see it. #but im afraid that means ill just be 'feeding into it' when it might not even be OSDD/DID #eugh
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  • michaelstephenwills
    06.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Juniper Sunrise

    In this post we start the day of my posting “Family Trek“, July 19, 2008, when, well before the sun rose at 6:23 am Mountain Daylight Time (the Navajo Reservation observes daylight savings, the rest of Arizona does not), Pam and I were at the Spider Rock Overlook. Most visitors to the canyon make use of a system of roads and parking lots next to strategic views.  There is the White House…

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  • daughterofsarenrae
    06.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    [goes thru the trans tag for my favorite characters in ao3 for the 73472343th time] hope this doesn't awaken anything in me

    #loz ao3 has so many trans fics. binary trans and nb #hugs them all to me #idk what i am but BOY do i get the serotonin from link coming out to their friends! #also ok so. the other trainer at my job writes his pronouns on a white board for classes #and they use he/they #and so im like. oh geez do i have the guts to write she/they up there when it's my turn #hhhh #i want to... but also. fear #anyways #every link is trans in some form it's canon #there has never been a cis link #bel speaks #me trying 2 figure out gender for the past few years has just been me clinging desperately to the one thing i know for certain: i am no man #genuinely dont know beyond that! #ive rambled enough oh my god
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  • imaginationxfound
    06.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Man I’m really getting the ship teases in now and they’re still physically 12

    #first Harry clinging to Draco's arm because it's cold and Draco dressed warm #and now Draco half asleep leaning on Harry's shoulder #story: rearrange the stars
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  • silly-bunny
    06.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    My family: concerned over current family issues and how we will proceed moving forward

    Me: *holding my infant niece at arms length* I taught it how to roar

    #all aspects of my life are clinging on by a thread but this was fun #the entire fabric of my life is changing and I have zero idea how to handle that
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  • sainthey
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    göd mörn!! i've got to suffer through another week of work & as i do that, i'm once again asking you to read dark rise 👁👁

    #ooc. #don't worry hyperfixation will ebb down in a bit #but until then i'm clinging to this hardcore #fr it's so great i'll read the book to you if i must not even kidding #& ramble about it unprovoked
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  • memorybooks
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #vwoops#particles #not that i have any idea why #like what made you guys all cling to me so much huh
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  • miggiisdumb
    06.12.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #it’s bitches liking Tengen cuz he’s tall and has three wives #keep your whorish man I’ll keep my angry depressed one back off🤺🤺 #Nemi lover till the very end and out of spite too cuz nobody wants to cling to him like I would #some cult level shit for him and Bakugou because I love them to death #gonna dedicate tomorrow to some Nemi loving #miggi’s asks#monster anon💜
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