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  • mentalgearsolid
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    How do I do a photogravure without having to go to campus to get supplies

    #you think I can fill my printer with sharpie ink and print in on cling wrap #guess we’ll have to find out
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  • formula-whine
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i wish all people who cant stand seb who watch on sky sports f1 a very dbx commercial <3

    #sebastian vettel #imagine youre british and still cling on to hating seb like it's 2013... embarrassing
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  • wildflowerbrat
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    dang dude i can't sleep bc i'm thinking about being pulled into someone's lap n kissing for ages

    #yeeeeesh #i hate my stupid brain #mayhaps i am trying to grind down on your bulge and cling and cry out in pleasure #mayhaps i should get some SLEEP
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  • modernday-jay
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #NOT TO SAY THEY CANT BE INDIVIDUALS #but #i think that arthur’s main emotional support system is francis #so even if francis is in a relationship #arthur would still kinda always be around because #francis is his rock #romantically or platonically #whereas francis can kinda live without having to rely on arthur for emotional support #he needs him for support in OTHER ways #but relationship wise #he can survive #and also it helps that francis has other friends lmao #so when i think about england ships #francis doesnt need to cling to arthur all the time because he’s got like antonio and gilbert lmao #okay i feel like i’ve contradicted myself a lot #but its more complex than i thought 😩 #different au’s call for different things ig
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  • art--school--wannabe
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    hhhhhhh it’s so weird being transmasc and attracted to men because like how do you even explain that Yes you are attracted to men but even before you came out it was always like.  exclusively in a gay way 

    #like ok irl i would just copy how cis girls like acted around guys but like otherwise?? #i mean ok aside for like joe jonas i can't think of any like.  Famous Men i was attracted to as a kid but uhhhhh #idk.. i hate saying it but i guess the first time i really like started understanding my sexuality and how it related to my gender was uhhh #with.............certain...............anime series and the path that kind of takes you down when you're 12 which i'm embarrassed as shit to #talk abt* but like........ idk it introduced me to at least vaguely mlm narratives for the first time so yeah.... #i guess in retrospect the way i viewed certain narratives made sense but that doesn't make up for the REALLY weird fetishizing in the fandom #like i kind of hyperfixated on this one ship that at the time was fine i guess because they were both characters my age so of course #i'd kind of focus on characters my age since like yeah of course and they were a relatively healthy place for me to project my identity ig.. #but now????  yikes yikes yikes because looking back that fandom was CREEPY and definitely not kids my age or queer at that.  yikes yikes yik #yikes*.. i dunno.  i don't look at that particular anime anymore bc of certain transphobic bullshit the english translation in particular pu #pushes* (the original source material isn't innocent but the creator at least TRIED.. english decided to misgender aforementioned trans char #character* COMPLETELY but um.. yeah.. even putting that aside though i could not make myself watch that now. #like sure it made sense when i was 12/13 and like just abt on the brink of starting to understand my identity buut... #yeahh.  yikes.  i think i had a tumblr back then (don't think i recycled it for this blog lmao) but luckily i didn't engage with like ACTIVE #fandom.. so glad abt that.  even though....................................p*nterest was bad enough of a fandom ig #y'all basically know which anime i'm talking about but yeah.  idk.  viewing it as a queer person is one thing but like #literally making really creepy source material and then translating it to also be transphobic and then like #a majority of cishets in the audience fetishizing MULTIPLE things that definitely should not be even looked at by them.. #no real excuse for the original content or how several communities interpret it but like #as a young closeted queer person i guess you take what you can get and cling on to it for dear life no matter how awful it is ig.. #ok but putting THAT thing aside i think the real way i found out i was not-looking-at-men-in-a-straight-way was by dating a girl actually #she was kinda my best friend of sorts at the time????? #she was uhh.  exploring her sexuality so like we dated for like three days (i said 'hey maybe..no' after the third day) #and i was like this feels weird.  but not in a gay way like in a 'how did i get here and why am i walking you to class' kind of way #like i guess i was put in the more masc-coded role there and it was just.. Not For Me #so like yeah.. that was my.. ~only ~m/f relationship aside for the person who detransitioned.. no judgement to her but it's complicated to e #explain* #anyway yeah that former best friend i think she identifies as lesbian now so like good for her ig even though i don't appreciate #how she misgendered me in front of sharptooth when i agreed to take her to warped tour like three years ago.  haven't seen/heard from her si #since*
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  • athenacykez
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Why would Netflix try to make Nagisa straight. No one is gonna believe it .

    #People should watch the original instead . I can't speak for the dub but . #GAY GAY HOMOSEXUAL GAY /Q #pure home of phobia . smh . #not gay my ass . THEY HELD HANDS AND SHINJI GOT ALL MUSHY #HE NEVER DID THAT TO ANY OTHER CHARACTER . #He said Nagisa was the only person who has ever told him ''I love you'' . ON GOD?? THESE BITCHES GAY. #He told Misato he felt the SAME WAY. HOW ARE THEY STRAIGHT ????????? MOTHERFUCKERS ARE QUEER CLEARLY #I will never shut up about them <3 /hj #I cling to any queer characters in media ever . Nagisa my beloved .. #He looks so cool in the alt ending movie . Honestly all of the movies are so. pretty. Much less crusty. #.txt #Nick.txt #Nick talks too much #Mintysbox
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  • biginnyweasley
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i’m definitely internalizing this shit more than i thought i would but that’s for therapy ig #she... she didn’t mean what she said but she takes her anger out on other people.. #there’s a lot to unpack there #i need to schedule my next therapy appointment lol #tryna cling onto my self worth idk how to balance like #actually being happy but still having a relationship w my mom at the same time yk #but she notices that i hate being around her and it makes me feel bad which sounds so fucked typed out bc like #of course i hate being around her when she’s like this #but idk i won’t go further into this thank u for the kind message #asks#don’t reblog
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  • thehomeofalostchild
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    I can’t believe I went so many years being completely reliant on loving one person and the idea that there might be more lovable people out there. Like now I love almost all people and it takes a lot for me to have a problem with anyone, but from age 7-13 I had 1 person who didn’t even like me keeping me alive. I put my trust into the universe to bring me more people, and it did.

    #before age 7 I was completely raw-dogging depression #I loved my dog I guess #and my great granny. and her garden; it was like the secret garden #they both died #I used to find the smallest hope in anything or anyone and cling onto that for dear life #optimism and hope have always been my saving grace but it’s weird because I seem to never act on it #like I don’t take risks; I’m always so afraid #I don’t believe anything bad will happen; in fact I believe everything will go well #but my body won’t let me test out my theories #I think I prefer having hope to gambling with reality
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  • thefoxybinch
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Did a little Eviee doodle as a warm-up <3 

    #Togruta#SWTOR#Star Wars#moth#chibi#my art#sketch #i like to put her in moth imagery cuz she #she's #she's always chasing the LIGHT hahaha #no seriously she wants to eb a good person and if she sees you as bright she will love you forever and cling #Syn always used to call her little moth #also she's got wing patterns on her FACE AND BACK I'M GOOD AT SUBTLEY I KNOW #Eviee Taa
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  • casterxdisaster
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    A Brief Reprise

    For @the-redeemed-betrayer, continued from here

    Seeing the other sit across from him, Caleb fought off the urge to turn his head to avoid the eye contact that was too dangerous of a variable to entertain. There was an attraction that Caleb felt for the other wizard that he was trying to either avoid or come to terms with.

    Instead of moving his head, Caleb simply ignored staring into his eyes and focused on the other's forehead. That should work for the moment, if his eyes would do him the grace of not wondering during their conversation.

    Smiling slightly, "That is a fact," and awkward chuckle cut of Caleb from elaborating on the topic of the War, "though it is a chance to prove ones self, isn't it?" Caleb's will was weak in that moment and caught Essek's eyes.

    #secluded fire | canon #[I've been on Discord rp #for so long so icons are a relic for me #that I cling to :joy:]
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  • caeruleis
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    I suspect no one will ever notice this as you’d likely have to really scrutinize my writing to, and write with both Lucilius and Lucifer. BUT I think I’m clever, so I just want to point out that I like giving Lucilius and Lucifer overlapping habits/traits. It’s usually fairly minor things, but I’d like to think Lucifer picked up quite a few of Lucilius’s habits, at least the less obvious/harmless ones. They both tend to keep things messy, especially research materials. Lucifer is slightly more organized depending on the verse, but that’s solely because he doesn’t own all that much in his modern and default verse, if he did, though (and in verses where he does or just whenever he gets the chance to), everything would be strewn all over the room. Lucifer is more prone to losing/misplacing things while Lucilius never loses anything. He always knows exactly where any given item is at any given time (unless Belial happens to move it) regardless of how much of a mess his study. They also both have a habit of touching their chins in a semi-specific way when they’re thinking, and sometimes tilt their head when something catches their interest (more so Lucifer than Lucilius, but they both do it). They also both tend to have fairly expressive eyes, even they both look tired most of the time. 
    #| ☩ Stick a thousand needles ; build a corpse ☩ (Lucilius: headcanon) | #{ There's some things on Lucifer's end too that are very much a result of his relationship with Lucilius } #{ But that's more to do with Lucifer than here so one day when I write that meta about Lucilius and Lucifer #{ That I have wanted to write for eons I will get around to those } #{ one day when I am not a coward it'll happen } #{ I have a few Lucifer headcanons I want to write but instead I cling to them hdfugufy } #{ Anyway this isn't that important I just like to show that even if Lucifer's current feelings towards Cilius are pretty #{ Complicated that Lucilius and he were close and there are very much still aspects of himself that reflect that #{ Aspects he probably doesn't even realize as most of these habits were likely picked up subconsciously
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  • kil9
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #maybe i just want to have someone cling back !!!! #maybe i just want to push someone away and have them hold on for dear life !!!! fuck u !!!!! #i have issues
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  • fairycosmos
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    bit jealous of people who like do morning yoga and didn’t have mentally ill parents growing up not gonna lie. not gonna lie

    #ppls whose lives r just. structured. and have always been that way. and they just live without thinking too much about it. #not that things arent hard for them i mean they have a foundation and they have it Together and something to cling on to #i feel like i have absolutely nothing that proves sticking around this far was worth it. i dont even make my bed #or have anything to my name. or have friends #or high level qualifications. an di have massive gap on my resume now
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  • blossomkoushi
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    depressive episode??? entire body feels heavy and you just want to sleep??

    long shower + high school musical soundtrack

    trust me

    #actually dont trust me it might not work for everyone #but i was just like completely beat i didnt want to do anything at all #but i felt like i had to at last shower #and listen maybe its the nostalgia but. i got so hyped and happy i was damn near dancing in the shower #idk. im trying to cling on to any happy feeling bc life is just kinda shit rn #tulip.blooms
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  • chubbswithhuggs
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    A thing I've been learning to do lately is diffuse political arguments between family memembers

    #I used to be a (cling tight to your beliefs and never release them and disagreers are idiots yell at them) person #but now I realize arguing with my mom gets nowhere because she believes that her evidence is sound and ours is not #no matter what we discuss and that's good for her. #also letting political arguments that aren't informative about your beliefs of people shouldn't bleed into your everyday life. #it's not healthy to be on the defense/offense all the time #this is a new segement of my blog: Suggestions At Suhoor #I give you a suggestion and piece of wisdom mwah I'm going back to sleep #jovi talks
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  • solarlesbo
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    im trying im trying im trying so hard

    #when the one thing you're cling to is a self destructive coping mechanism 🤡🤡 #its fine #i guess theres other stuff too #reading helps a lot #and seeing friends #my duolingo streak is also a pretty good reason to live rn #yeah #theres good things i guess #and they do help #im just always sad #always yearning to lie on my back in a field and cry #idk#diary
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  • uwooyoungs
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    #having yet another moment in which im just like. shook abt how much i love ateez/how important they are to me #i have NEVER stanned a group so hard #like half the reson that ive been so in and out of kpop spaces since like 2014 is bc #even the groups i ult i just kinda chill abt after a few months #((well that nd the judgment of other but Not the point)) #ive ulted exo and bap and bts and monsta x and so on over the years #but NEVER has a group rly Gotten to me like ateez has #it's Wild #idek if i stanned 1d this intensely way back when #and once again i must talk abt how i shld go to therapy bc #i sometimes cant tell of i cling to them bc they feel safe and made me feel okay during a really awful time #idk but anyway #point is i love ateez a frankly #insane amount and it Actually amazes me #like i pre-ordered from that subkshop thing even tho it wont ship til like july #bc i already just Know that no matter how much time passes i will not regret the ti #*time or money i've spent on them
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  • chimaerae
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I just want to be able to walk up to strangers with my arms raised, and have them pick me up and cuddle me and tell me what a good boy I am.

    #i am really craving some physical contact these days lads and it's getting bad #i hate touching my family so they are out #the only one who's okay is my sister and she's six so she hates it #can a tall strong person just let me cling to their back like a sloth #while they go about their day #like just ignore me #i will be here recharging on your back #a koala not a sloth! #or a backpack i guess #oh well time to bother my dog i guess #she is sweet #when i go shove my face into her fur #she just rolls over onto her back so i can cuddle her tummy #she's good
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  • oldblood
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    tumblr swifties are so weird like why are you so defensive over someone who’s giving nothing

    #like beyond every other swiftie ppl on tumblr cling to her so bad. make it make sense #t.
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  • elainemorisi
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    what is Picard S2 even going to be doing?

    #I mean no disrespect for a modern Trek show it's... fine #but didn't S1 end with Picard on death's door? #after structuring its plot as like... one last journey? #just gonna carry on with the name and...? #I ask these questions having investigated to no degree to be clear #I'm sure I'll get around to watching it someday (S2 that is; S1 I have) #I appreciate its existence as it allows me to cling to a fully irrational hope for cameos
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