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    16.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Zombie avengers doing the triller dance but Cap doesn’t understand that reference 🧟‍♀️

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    16.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    I just finished fractions and… wow, I’m not ready to give comic book Kate up.

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    15.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    Steve: Dammit, Tony!

    Tony: What?! It wasn’t me!

    Steve: Sorry, force of habit. Dammit, Thor!

    Thor: Not me either.

    Steve: Oh...Then who set the compound on fire?

    Clint: *whistles*

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    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tony: Hawkeye now!


    Tony: Barton that was the worst shot ever

    Clint: It’s not my fault someone put a wall in my way

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    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    See You Later

    Avengers x Teen Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

    Warnings: Death, blood, gunshots

    Pure angst, sorry guys :,)

    Word Count: 8,047



    That's all they could conjure up to say if they were asked how they were.

    They missed you.

    It was all supposed to be simple. A mission so simple that they decided it was safe enough to bring along the one person who brought a light into every life she stepped into.

    Y/N Stark. A 17 year old girl adopted by Tony Stark at the young age of 6.

    The mission was simple. Locate and extract files from the abandoned HYDRA warehouse. Abandoned. Or so they thought.

    By the time they realized, it was too late. The youngest Avenger was taken from their grasp into into the hands of the living dead. HYDRA had taken her. Out of every member it could've been, it was her.

    Please be okay. Was the common thought that filled the minds of the Earth's mightiest hero's.

    They envisioned that when they went to take you back, they'd defeat every HYDRA operative in a swift fashion and they'd have you back in their arms by the end of it. They'd follow their duty as the people who loved you most and protect you from any danger that neared, just like they were supposed to.

    Like they were supposed to.

    On the floor of the quinjet lied the body of 17 year old Y/N Stark, a bullet hole placed in the middle of her forehead.

    Dark crimson filled the floor around her as an anguished scream of grief filled the plains. In seconds bullet shells scattered the floor, arrows were shot and Steve's shield was thrown out of the jet, killing the last remaining HYDRA agent, who had just taken the life of a young teenage girl.

    Tony's shouts of grief filled the dead silent plains as he hovered over her body, grasping her hand tightly. The little girl he had fallen in love with the second he saw her, the one he raised and had spent every waking second of the last 10 years with, lied dead in the floor of the jet they had designed and built together. The one thing in his life he never took for granted, the one thing he cared about more than himself, the one thing he'd give up anything for, lied dead.

    It wasn't supposed to end this way, right? Parents aren't supposed to bury their kids. He was 48, he lived most of his life. It wasn't fair. She hasn't even graduated from high school. She hasn't had a prom, a boyfriend or the experience of throwing a graduation cap in the air to celebrate 14 years of school. She never got to experience love or the pain and pleasure that came with it. She'd never have her own kids or a man to call her husband. She'd never experience life in its fullest because it was all just taken from her in seconds.

    Clint was the first one to take a step towards her body. You'd think after years and years of building muscle and endurance, that one step would be no problem, but it seemed like every cell in his body shut down as he crumpled to the floor beside the little girl, a broken cry of his own leaving his lips. Tears flooded down his face and onto her skin, making his heart break all over again.

    A little girl he had loved like his own from the second she stepped into the SHIELD facility asking him if he was Oliver Green. He helped raise her, train her. Being her father figure gave him enough experience and taught him how to be a father to his own kids, and he was forever grateful to her when he came to her on multiple occasions for advice on how to raise his little girl. She often came to his house and blended in right with his other kids. Laura loved her. The kids loved her. He loved her.

    The next to crumble was Natasha, who was the first person to spot the Hydra agent who had taken the shot at Y/n. Her hand trembled as she watched the man fly across the field, Steve's shield knocking him out of sight. Her body stood still as she fought herself from looking at Y/N, praying with every bone in her body that the shot was missed and that Y/N would be just fine. But the silence amongst the jet, cut through by the broken screams of her teammates told her exactly what she didn't want to know. She was frozen. She knew what she would see if she looked and she knew she'd break when she saw it. Feeling numb, her body turned on instinct. There she was. The one person in the world she'd ever open her heart to, dead.

    Natasha couldn't have her own kids and that knowledge always killed her. But having Y/N in her life numbed that pain. She suddenly didn't care if the kids she had weren't her own, because having Y/N proved that she could love and be loved with a bond as tight as mother and daughter, even without the blood tie.

    Natasha had met Y/N the day Tony adopted her. She remembered the bright eyed young girl running to her, excited to meet the legendary Black Widow. From then on, Natasha trained her so well that at the ripe age of 14

    Y/N actually made the redhead break a sweat trying to defeat her. Since then, Natasha realized how proud she was of the young woman she had taken a part in raising.

    It always made Natasha's heart warm whenever Y/N came to her for help on her womanhood. She was there for every single big step, just like a mother would be. And she remembered every single moment like it happened yesterday. The first time Y/N started her period, her first crush on a boy, learning how to shave, endless girls nights, shopping trips, binge watching movies and TV shows. The first time

    Y/N accidentally called her mom. That was a big one for Natasha. A memory she'll forever hold close to her heart forever.

    And now, it seemed, as Natasha lied curled up in a ball against the wall of the quinjet, staring at Y/N's lifeless body with tears streaming down her pale cheeks as broken cries escaped her lips, that was the only thing she had left of her. The memories.

    Standing beside the control panel of the quinjet stood Bruce, his neck straining green has he tried to fight off the hulk. The simple realization of your presence forever missing, stirred a raging pain inside him that made him feel like letting the Hulk out was almost better option.

    For some reason Y/N had been the only person other than Natasha that could tame the green beast. He'd say it was shocking, but it wasn't. Y/N was a light in his life. The late night deep talks they'd have about all the darkness in their lives, the early morning yoga sessions at sunrise she'd force him into, always saying how it would help ease his nerves.

    She bought him essential oils and candles, along with books on how to train the mind and even a journal, so he could write out everything he felt and figure it out the proper way. She was so young, yet taught him so much. Just thinking about how all of that was gone, broke him into pieces he knew he'd never be able to put back together.

    Wanda was next to fall apart.

    She had been through a loss as painful as this before. She could compare the pain to what she felt when she lost her brother, Pietro. Another sibling bond that tied Wanda with her other half, was gone. Being a few of the youngest in the group, Wanda and Y/N leaned on each other the most. They were best friends. Sisters.


    Oh, how that one word made Wanda's heart twist.

    Another bullet had taken the life of her loved one. She couldn't help but feel like part of it was her fault. It was only one agent, she could've sensed him if she didn't let her guard down. If she had just been paying attention, she could've saved Y/N's life.

    Despite being similar in age, Wanda was still older. She was like Y/N's older sister. Wanda let her down. She didn't protect her. And now there she lied, dead. Never coming back. No more late night movies or early morning meetups to make breakfast for the team. No more gossip or talking about boys. No more coming to each other at 3am after a nightmare, no more talking about their pasts until dawn, no more pranks being pulled on all the adults. All of it, gone. Just because Wanda let her guard down for one second. Now she was on her knees, crying, begging you to come back. Even though she knew you never could.

    Steve was the last to break.

    As the leader of the group, he felt the most responsible. Not only had he let her slip from their grasp the first time, after their mistake of trusting that the HYDRA base was abandoned, but when he finally had her safe and sound he let his guard down. And now she was gone.


    A word he had too much of in his lifetime. Peggy was gone. Bucky was gone. His family was gone. Hell, even his time was gone.

    And now so was one of the most important people in his life.

    Right when he awoke from the ice, she was there. At the mere age of 9 she was roaming around SHIELD, helping out scientists and doctors. When he awoke from the ice, he was first greeted with her big wondrous E/C eyes. Her first words to him were, "Don't worry cap, you can rest now. Everything's okay again." And those words are what kept him going because she was right, everything was okay. His war was over. Since then, she caught him up on everything in the modern day world. At the time, he had almost wished he was doing something better with his free time. But now that he realized those moments were something he'd never get again, he was glad he spent all of his time with you.

    Y/N taught him so much. She taught him everything, pop culture and all the new technology and every time he had a question she was first to be there to help him with a bright smile.

    Y/N was also the only one who knew of his nightmares.

    Sometimes he'd knock on her door at 2am, teary eyed because he had the same recurring nightmare. She'd look at him with her big wondrous eyes and pull him downstairs to grab a bowl of ice cream and show him a new Disney movie. Those nights they'd fall asleep on the couch, cuddled up under a blanket. And when she'd have a nightmare, he'd do the same for her.

    Y/N was a mix of a little sister and daughter to him. He would've died just to make sure she could keep her pure, innocent heart. He would've died to protect her. And now just like everything else in his life, she was gone.


    Bucky watched as the young girl was lowered down, six feet into her forever home of a wooden casket. Tears slid down his bearded cheeks, his hands clenched into fists as he tried to console himself. Y/N reminded him much of his sister, Rebecca. She was a little sister to him. Someone too good and too pure for anyone or anything. Her aura was refreshing, like a sip of cold water on a hot day. In all the darkness in Bucky's life, he could always look to her for a source of light.

    When he had first met Angel, she was 12. He had noticed her bright smile and sparkling eyes the moment he stepped into the compound. She was the first to greet him with a giant bear hug. He expected himself to freak out, maybe flinch away or yell at her to not touch him. All of them expected that. Even Steve, when he saw that he almost went and yanked her off of him in fear he would hurt her or that she would freak Bucky out. But the opposite happened. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her in return, a small ghost of a smile hinted on his lips. The first smile he's had since before HYDRA.

    Since then, she eased him into being comfortable with the group. She, like she did with Steve, introduced him to pop culture and new technology. She even bought him his first phone. She got it for his birthday, when she and Steve planned him a small celebration with the team. The first birthday celebration he's had since the 40's.

    And of course, much like Steve, Bucky had nightmares.

    Whenever Bucky would wake up screaming, Y/N was the first to be there. He'd wake up crying and sobbing, and immediately Y/N would be there to hug him and console him. She'd sing him a song until he fell back asleep, then would slip away to her room and take him out for cake the next morning. Cake for breakfast quickly became their tradition after nightmare nights.

    Beside Bucky, stood Sam. Fresh tears rolled down the soldiers face as he watched flowers being tossed one by one onto the wooden casket. The casket held 17 years worth of life in it, with a body of a young girl who was loved by so many.

    Out of everyone in the world, Sam could say in confidence that Y/N was one of the purest, softest and kindest souls on the planet. When he had first joined the team, he had been intimidated by the big named hero's and felt like he had to prove his worth to everyone. Somehow, Y/N had caught onto this and told Sam, "You kept my family safe and because of that, you're my hero. And now, part of my family." Since she told him that, he allowed his fear and self deprecating thoughts to fade. He opened himself up to the idea of being a family with this team. He didn't have to have his tough facade on all of the time. He didn't have to stand tall with his shoulders back, because there was no one to stand at attention to. Because he was a leader here. He was a hero.

    Both Sam and Y/N had sarcastic personalities with witty humor, meaning they shared many laughs and many inside jokes. She was the first friend, other than Bucky and Steve, that he had. She always made sure to include him in everything. She'd reign him into conversations, beck him over to movie nights and team dinners. She never let a single soul feel alone, not even his.

    And in repayment of her pure heart and loving intentions, the universe blessed her with an eternity of loneliness in a small wooden box.

    On the grass of the dead silent cemetery, was the second youngest of the Avengers, Peter Parker.

    The team couldn't look at him. Not even for a second.

    They couldn't face the fact that they had failed to protect you, at the cost of Peter losing the girl he loved.

    Their first date was supposed to be today, approximately a week after

    Y/N's first official mission.

    But things didn't go to plan.

    He remembered the last words she said to him. They were ones that he thought of for hours on end and each time they recurred in his head his heart would warm and flutter.

    But now whenever he thought of them, he would almost collapse with a paralyzing sickness.

    I'll be back in a jiffy, Parker so rest up. When I come back, I'm all yours. I promise.

    But you never got the chance to be his.

    He had planned everything to the T with the team. They had all given him advice and helped him perfect his plan of asking you to be his girlfriend. He even asked your Dad and had your favorite flowers reserved at a local flower shop. But now those flowers rested upon your grave.

    Now, he'd never get the chance.

    He loved you. Even if he was too young to really know what love was, he just knew what he felt for you was love.

    How could he not? Your smile was bright enough to light up the sun. Your laugh was like soft music on a quiet day. You did nothing but try and make everyone around you happy. You never let a single soul feel lonely when you were around. You wanted nothing but the best for others and you did anything in your power to make sure they got it.

    You were too good for this world. And maybe that's why the universe decided it needed you back.

    A trembling hand threw a crisp red rose onto the wooden box, a strained cry echoing throughout the premises as Peter crumbled to the floor beside your grave.

    He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that you were gone. On the day the team left to take you back from HYDRA, he expected to see you running out of the jet and into his

    arms. He expected to once again smell your coconut pineapple perfume and for that feeling to return to his empty vessel once more.

    But it never did. And now here he was beside your gravestone. Nothing but an empty vessel.

    "Come back."

    One Avenger gained the guts to look towards the teen, who was crumpled on the grass, tears falling down his cheeks as he stared at your casket in horror, as if he was just realizing that you were truly gone.

    "Peter." Steve managed to choke out, his heart constricting as guilt became of him. He forced his muscles to move and hesitantly kneeled down beside Peter, tears streaming down his cheeks.

    "COME BACK." Peter screamed in anguish, his voice cracking harshly as his fingers dug into the grass, ripping out chunks of dirt.

    Steve pulled Peter into his arms, tears streaming down the Captain's cheeks as the young boy gripped his black dress shirt desperately.

    The rest of the team looked away, refusing to acknowledge the scene. Guilt and grief filled the veins of every member, not a single face without tears.

    They were supposed to protect you. They were supposed to bring you back.

    And they did, but not in the way they were supposed to.

    "She needs to come back." The crying boy choked out through sobs, his hands no longer gripping Steve's shirt, but now moving to escape from his grip and take back the girl he loves.


    Wanda, who had refused to even look towards Peter, snapped.

    She gripped him by his shirt, pulling him to his feet. They were closer in age. They were simply teenagers, just like Y/N.

    "You don't get to break down." She barked at him, tears rapidly falling from her cheeks as her desperate hands shook him. "You didn't see it, you weren't there-"

    Peter shoved her hands off of him, a raging anger taking place of his grief temporarily. "Yeah, I wasn't there." He hissed, back straight as he turned to face her and the rest of the Avengers. "But you guys were. And look what happened, she's dead-"

    Red wisps floated through the air and threw Peter off his feet, Wanda's eyes and hands flashing violently as the young girl tried to withhold her sobs.  She moved to throw a ball of red magic at him, but was instead shoved backwards as the adults finally came back to their senses.

    "Enough." Tony shouted, his red eyes and quivering lip making everyone pause their movements. "The last thing Y/N would have wanted was the two people closest to her fighting at her fucking funeral."  Tears streamed down his cheeks at his words, everyone growing silent.

    Tony hadn't spoken a word since the what happened on the jet. He spent his days staring into space, not eating or drinking. He barely blinked. He spent all his time holed up in your room, laying on your bed, staring at the wall. Nobody knew if he slept. Nobody knew what exactly he was thinking of. He seemed empty, like he was just a shell of the man he used to be.

    Peter's chest was heaving from his position sprawled out on the grass. But he didn't move. He simply looked up at the sky, letting the numbness overtake his body once more.

    Silence overtook the premises once more. Sniffles came up every so often, but nobody spoke. Nobody even looked at each other. Nobody touched each other. They couldn't bare having any sort of reminder that you were no longer with them.

    They must've stood there for hours. It was dark by the time they began to head out. The team knew how much you loved sunsets, so they decided to hold your funeral at the start of sunset, hoping you were up there in the red and orange clouds, smiling down at them.

    Steve and Bucky had to drag Peter away, while Natasha and Clint were left with the duty of bringing Tony with them. It was hard. He refused to leave his little girl by herself in the middle of a cemetery, but eventually he caved and stormed off to the limo. He knew she would want him to take care of himself.

    The last three climbed into the limo, joining the others who were sat apart from each other, all spaced out into their own worlds. The ride back was silent. It was almost deafening how quiet it was. Usually car rides with the team was always loud. You'd have your crazy loud metal music playing, you'd be bickering with Peter and the rest of the team would be chattering with each other quietly.

    When they got back to the tower, they all sat in the living room, all too afraid of being alone in a room with nothing but their thoughts.

    "She made a video."

    Everyone turned to Wanda, who's soft voice cut through the silence. She looked up from her place on the couch beside Clint, a tear streaming down her cheek.

    "Y/N made a video. On her 16th birthday, she made one in case..." Wanda trailed off, more tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked down at her shaking hands.

    "Friday." Wanda's voice cracked as the AI spoke in return. "Play Y/N's video, she called it Home."

    "I-I don't think I can handle watching that." Bruce choked out, violently wiping his eyes.

    "She wanted us all here." Peter spoke, his voice rough and broken from all the screaming and crying he did today. He cleared his throat, clenching his fists. "She wanted us all here to watch it. Together."

    The team looked away from each other once again, not being able to spare a single glance at any member. It was silent as Friday started playing the video.

    "Goooooooood morning!" Your cheery voice cut through the silence, causing everyone's bodies to perk up for a second. Every eye in the room looked up to the screen, hearts aching at the beautiful smiling young girl on the screen.

    "So," You cleared your throat. "If you're watching this, that's pretty unfortunate." She shook her head, biting her cheek. Her eyes looked back at the camera, making everyone's breath's halt. They had missed that sparkle. That light. "If you're watching this, something happened to me. Maybe I passed or maybe I pulled a Bruce and ran away. But hey, don't fret. This isn't the end."  A bright smile overtook her face, making each Avenger tear up once again.

    Tony sobbed as he looked at his fallen daughter, his hand lifting and reaching for her face from his position on the couch.

    "I'm gonna start this off by saying," she inhaled, the tone in her voice becoming a bit more serious. "Whatever happened. Don't blame anyone. Especially not each other." Peter looked down at his hands in shame. "The one thing I ask from my place in the afterlife is that you guys take care of each other. Be the family we always have been. We love each other and it's nobody's fault that I'm gone. So don't turn on each other. If you do, I'll haunt every single one of you." Small, watery chuckles echoed quietly amongst the group.

    "So I honestly made this video to be kind of sappy. I wanted to say something to each of you, just as a last reminder of how much I love you all." The word last caused a ripple amongst the group, making every Avenger fall apart once again. They watched the girl on the screen tear up, fanning her eyes with a playful smile. "Oh God, I'm crying. Gross." She sniffled, wiping a fallen tear from her cheeks.

    "Let me start off by talking to the one and only, Tony Stark." Tony's fists clenched as a sob racked his body, his head falling into his hands. "Dad," the young girl began. "I made this video because you and your dramatic self made one as well. So I was like, okay I'll make one too. Hopefully I will never need it, but what's the harm in at least making one? I want my family to know how much I love them, you know?" She sniffled, picking up a locket that Tony had given her on her 16th birthday.

    "Dad." She began once more, looking down at the locker in her hands. "I grew up for 6 years without any parent to call my own. But the second you adopted me, I found something I've never had before." Her bright eyes looked into the camera.

    "A home." She gulped and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "You became my father the moment I laid eyes on you. I knew you'd change my life and I was right. You did. In the best way I could've ever asked for. You gave me a place to live, food to eat, a family, you gave me love." She sniffled. "Nobody ever loved me before you did. I never even knew what love could relatively feel like and then life blessed me with you."

    "Thank you." She once again looked up at the camera. "Thank you for raising me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me everything and more. I feel like I should thank you more. I feel like I should tell you I love you more. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you enough. But I do. I love you so, so much." Tony sobbed nonstop this time, his hands gripped in his chest as he felt everything inside him crumble.

    "Find someone, okay?" She whispered this time, smiling softly through her tears. "You deserve someone who gives you as much as you give to others. You focus so much on saving the world and raising me that you forget sometimes that you need love to. Not the kind of love me or the team can give you." A small smirk formed on her lips. "You should ask Pepper out, I know you guys have been crushing on each other."

    The clip skipped to the next cut, this time the sun was a little dimmer, telling them it was shot later in the day.

    "Next up on the list," the girl beamed. "Natasha." She said, making the redhead woman direct her eyes to the screen. "Hey, Mom."  The young girl giggled, making Natasha let out a lighthearted sob. "Take care of all these boys, will you? They're a handful. You know how they get when they don't get breakfast in the morning. Also, can you make sure my Dad doesn't die of loneliness? I know you've been setting Steve up, maybe try and get my Dad a cute chick as well." The young girl joked, though they all knew she was serious.

    "But also," the young girl paused, looking off into the distance. "...take care of yourself too." Y/N said, a soft smile on her lips. "You are the fiercest woman I have ever known and I truly couldn't have asked for a better mother." She sniffled. "Having you in my life made me feel like nothing was missing. You filled the void that my Mom left when she gave me up." The young girl wiped her tears, Natasha's lip quivering as she stared at the video longingly, missing the warmth Y/N had always brought her.

    "I need you to make sure that amongst kicking ass and being the baddest bitch I know," a small smirk formed upon

    Y/N's lips. "...that you're also making sure you're happy and taken care of. Take a bubble bath every so often or go get laid." Soft laughter erupted amongst the group. "But being the selfless person you are, you forget that sometimes you also need saving. Even if it's you saving yourself, you know? You're not a monster. You're my Mom. The most selfless, strongest and kind hearted person I know." Y/N sniffled on the screen. "I love you, Mom." And then Natasha lost it, sobbing endlessly as she threw her head into her arms, curling up into a ball once again.

    The clip cut out once again, leaving a deafening silence amongst the group. The only sound was Natasha's sobs, but nobody noticed as they were too wrapped up in their own grieving.

    "And we're back." Y/N's voice once again spoke. "Back to our regular scheduled program, next up is Steve."

    The blonde man tensed up at his name, refusing to look at the screen. He stared at his clenched fists as he tried to keep himself composed.

    "Hey, Captain Crunch." The young girl smirked, making a small ghost of a smile creep onto Steve's trembling lips. "I know you and I know how you work. So I know right now you're probably blaming the hell out of yourself." Steve gulped harshly as he dared himself to look up at the screen. "But I wanna tell you, it's not your fault." She said seriously. "You don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, Steve. You can't save everyone." She said softly. "You saved me enough times, mentally and physically. More than you know." She fanned away her tears as Steve tore his eyes from the screen, feeling hot tears rolling down his cheeks. "You were always there the second I needed you. I can never thank you for all the things you did for me, or repay any of it. But I can tell you, that I love you with all of my heart. None of this is your fault. If anything, I'm probably up in the sky chilling with Jesus with a glass of lemonade in my hand. So, don't worry cap, you can rest. Everything's okay."

    The use of her familiar words had Steve breaking down completely, uncontrollable sobs leaving his mouth as he stared up at the screen. Big wondrous eyes stared back at him, a reassuring essence sparkling within her irises. He missed her so much. He'd do anything just to see her one more time.

    The screen blacked out for a second, before her face popped up once again. "Hey there, green pea." Y/N chuckled, holding up a little book. "Now you, sir. I need you to understand this. I'm still watching you. Just because I'm not down there with you mortals doesn't mean I'm not there at all." She smirked. "This book is something I've been saving for you. I wanted to give it to you when the time was right. It has small letters and pages of writing or drawings I dedicated to you. When things get rough and the big guy wants his time to shine, read these and it should be enough to tell him to calm his tits."

    The brunette man simply stared down at his pants, wiping his sweaty palms against them as he felt his body ache with mourn. "Keep practicing the yoga. And I showed you where I get all the essential oils. Keep your mindset up. I know you can do it. You're strong. You're good. You're not a monster and neither is he. You both just need to understand each other. Once you do, everything will be okay." Y/N smiled. "I love you Brucie. Oh, and I love you too, Green pea."

    Her face disappeared for a split second, before reappearing.

    "Hey there, Oliver Green." Y/N smiled softly on the screen. Clint sat silent, glaring down at the floor with his arms crossed against his chest. "Stop pouting, big baby." She said playfully. "No but really," she exhaled, crossing her legs. "I don't want you falling apart, okay? You still have Lila, Coop and Nate to take care of. I know loss is hard, but nothing can defeat the man I know. He's unstoppable." Y/N sniffled, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as Clint's lip trembled.

    "I remember the first time we met and I asked you if you were Oliver Green. I already knew the answer, but of course I just wanted to make fun of you. You're too..." she trailed off, smiling fondly at the memory. "..make-funable." Clint chuckled, quickly wiping away his tears. "I'll miss our endless teasing, Robin Hood. It always brightened up my dark days. Even if sometimes you make me actually want to kill you." The young girl chuckled.

    "You were another father figure in my life. It's funny, life decided to take away my real father and instead gave me a bunch of them at once." She laughed, wiping away a stray tear. "Thank you for welcoming me into your family. Thank you for teaching me everything I couldn't have learned on my own. Thank you for making me feel like a normal teenager, even if it was just by spending one night at the Barton house. Those little moments meant more to me than you can ever imagine." She sniffled, using her sleeves to wipe her eyes. "Tell Lila, Coop and Nate awesome stories about me before they grow up and forget who I am, okay? Tell them I love them. And also tell Laura how much I love her."

    Y/N smiled at the screen. "I love you."

    "Wow, this video is getting a bit lengthy. Eh, whatever." The girl said once she popped up on the screen again. "Hey, birdbrain." Sam looked up, staring fondly at the screen. It was his turn.

    "Ah, my partner in crime. My fellow jokester. My accomplice in the prank field." She dramatized each word with a hand motion, making Sam's smile widen. He ignored the tears falling from his eyes, instead focusing on the young girl speaking to him. "Don't tell anyone, but you definitely made days at the compound way more fun. Not that the other Avengers were boring, but more that I felt like I finally had someone who got me, you know? On some brain wavelength kind of level."

    "The moment I met you, I already loved your vibe. You're funny, loose and able to let go whenever you can. But then you can also kickass on the battlefield. That's admirable." She smiled. "Usually this industry kills souls like yours, but it makes me so happy to see that yours is still intact. Somewhat at least." Sam squeezed his eyes shut, forcing the tears out so he could see her face clearer.

    "When we first met, I told you that you were my hero. And I still stand by that. You saved my family and fight everyday to keep them together. You keep us together. I can't thank you enough for just simply being you." She smiled, holding up a picture to the screen of Sam holding her in a headlock as he ruffled her hair. Two smiles were placed on their faces. "This is one of my most prized possessions. I trust you with it. So be careful. The idiot in this photo is very important to me and it's one of the only ones I have of him. So take great care of it." She laughed, placing the photo on her desk as she waved to the camera. "I love you, birdbrain. Stay out of trouble, kid."

    Sam placed his hands on his face as a small smile remained on his lips.

    Y/N Stark. A soul too good for this world, even in the afterlife.

    "Robocop." The young girl spoke as her smile popped up on the screen once again. Bucky refused to look up, his fists clenching as his emotions began to bubble up once again.

    "Yes, bucko. I'm talking to you." She chuckled. "Now, hey. You and Cap both have this thing where you guys think the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. You guys think you're responsible for every wrong done in this world. Well, news flash my flashy friend, you aren't."

    Bucky inhales sharply as he finally looks up at the screen, his heart melting at the sight of the smiling young girl he loved so dearly. "Uncle Jay," the nickname caused tears to once again swell up in his eyes, but a little warmth in his heart returned for the first time in weeks. That nickname was reserved for her and only her and anyone who dare used it would surely be dead in seconds. "You are not the monster you think you are, okay?" The tears began falling without Bucky's consent, but he was so focused on watching Y/N he hardly noticed.

    "We've had this conversation over and over and I told you that I'd tell you until the day that I died. So here I am, telling you. And if you ever say or think differently again you'll be dishonoring me and my legacy and for that I will haunt you forever." She glared at the screen playfully. "But really, Uncle Jay. You are one of the bravest and strongest men I know. Don't tell my Dad that." She said quickly, a joking smile on her face. "You aren't what HYDRA made you into, you are Bucky Barnes, Howling Commandos legend, a Sergeant, an Avenger," she paused, smiling genuinely into the camera. "...a hero."

    "You are Bucky Barnes. You make him into whatever you want him to be. Nobody can take that from you." She held up a small book. "And remember all those times after nightmare nights, when we'd eat cake at the park and you'd tell me some memories you remember?" She tapped the cover of the book, smiling brightly.

    "I wrote them down. I even wrote down some sudden ones you'd spontaneously remember. There's also some of me and the team and some Steve remembered. I just thought it was a good way for you to remember when your brain is getting stuck again." Y/N exhaled in content, resting the book down beside her. "Now I expect you to make millions of new, happy ones okay? And also don't forget me, Mister. I'll go Casper on your ass." She chuckled, making Bucky almost cry at the thought of seeing your smile for the last time. "I love you, Uncle Jay."

    The video then cut off, the darkness filling the room as even Steve couldn't bring himself to look at Bucky, too wrapped up in his own grieving.

    The camera turned on this time, seeing you outside in the grass, beside a small lake. Your hair was roaming wildly, that bright, innocent smile on your cheeks once again. The sight of you so happy and carefree almost eased the minds of the Avengers a bit. But it didn't last long once they remembered that they'd never see you like that again.

    "So," The young girl began. "The last two people I'll be speaking to today, have made it really hard to make this video in the first place." She sighed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Wanda and Peter both know of this video and having them both tell me that I have no reason to make it because I'm gonna live to be 105 made it hard to focus."

    Her words made the team wince, emotions bubbling up amongst them once again. If only that was true. They wished they weren't sitting here watching your video but instead were with you watching the scary movies you always forced them to watch. They wished this wasn't their reality, but it was.

    "I keep crying everytime I make these damned videos, but I'd never forgive myself if something actually happened to me and only a few of you got videos and some didn't. So I escaped the tower without anyone knowing and here I am."

    The young girl took a deep breath, staring at the sky for a few seconds. "I'll start off with Wanda."

    Wanda trembled at the mention of her name, her stomach twisting as she awaited for the words she knew were about to break her even more. "Ms. Maximoff," Y/N started saying in the British accent her and Wanda always used. Wanda giggled tearfully at the reminder, ignoring the ache in her heart. "It's come to my attention that under dreadful circumstances the universe has decided it I'm too damn awesome and that it needs me back." The joking accent faded as she began to get serious. "And you missy," she said, then muttered. "You damn superhero's," she said. "Have a tendency of blaming yourself over conditions you can't exactly control. Don't make me repeat this more than once, missy. It's not your fault I'm gone."

    "And I know you're probably trying to fight me on this," Y/N held up a threatening finger. "But if I hear a single word about how you let your guard down or how you could've done more, I will personally resurrect myself and kill you." She said, making a small smile tug at Wanda's trembling lips.

    "You've been my best friend since the moment you stepped into this compound. I remember first seeing you and just thinking,"

    Wanda immediately knew what you were going to say, her voice blending with yours as she recited the sentence perfectly. "I'm making her into my best friend, a damn will not be given. She will be mine." The two girls recited, making Wanda giggle at the memory.

    "Remember I had to show you that reference from Big Time Rush?" Y/N giggled. "She will be mine!" She quoted dramatically.

    "And honestly, I'm glad I forced you into being my friend. You're what having a sibling I assume feels like. You're my sister. The one I trust more than myself. The one I can depend on no matter what, even if it means I barge into your room at 3am crying because a gummy bear ate out my insides in my dream."

    "You take care of yourself too, missy. You are only what you make yourself into. You can't control anyone else's feelings but your own."

    "Now remember, I'll carry you when you need a friend. You'll find my footprints in the sand." Y/N recited the song both Wanda and her always listened to on their bad days, making Wanda once again burst out in a fit of tears. "I love you, Wanda. Stay strong. I believe in you. Always."

    Clint and Bucky rubbed Wanda's back  as tears of their own flooded down their cheeks. Y/N and Wanda's bond was almost stronger than Bucky and Steve's. Losing Y/N, especially after what happened to Pietro, could only cause pain they could imagine would break someone.

    "Peter Parker."

    At his name, the young boy looked up hopefully, almost expecting you to be there. The feeling faded instantly when he realized it was just the video.

    "This one," she sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Has taken me so many takes. There's so much I want to say and I don't know how to say it. And I don't want to miss anything." She pulled her knees to her chest, the wind rushing through her hair as she picked up a nearby leaf.

    "Hopefully by the time you're watching this, I finally got the guts to tell you how I feel about you." Tony's hand grasped Peter's as he felt the young boy shaking immensely.

    "When we first started becoming friends, I was really weary of you. I mean cute boy, smart, strong, handsome, an Avenger, what more could I ask for? You're too perfect and that scared me." The young girl chuckled as she began to blush, Peter's heart getting warm as he watched the girl he loves talk about him.

    "A year passed and here we are, close as ever. You made me feel like everything was finally complete. I have a family, a best friend and now even a guy I can confidently say," she inhaled sharply, before exhaling for a few seconds. "...that I love." Peter's breath hitched at her words.

    "I love you, Peter." Her voice went soft as she looked down at her hands. Peter's eyes welled up as he held a hand to his mouth, not believing that you had loved him too. He knew you felt something for him. But he didn't know you loved him too.

    "Not in a brother, friend, platonic way." She chuckled. "But in the fancy way. The I'll follow you forever kind of way."

    "Hopefully we got to have a taste of what that love feels like together." Peter sobbed, knowing that you two didn't and that neither of you would ever have that chance. "But even if we didn't, just being close to you in the way we are now is enough for me. And I could never hate you for finding that with anyone else either, so don't be afraid to."

    "Love is a peculiar thing, Parker. You showed me a new side of it I've never seen, and I want to thank you for that." She exhaled one final time. "I love you, Peter."

    As soon as the screen went dark, it lit up again. "Ah ah ah. Before any of you move. I want to remind you of something."

    "We are a family, no matter where any of us are in the world or even in the universe. We are a family. Dead or alive, I'm with you. I'm right beside you, every step of the way." Y/N's eyes were red as she sobbed, her sleeve covered hands patting her cheeks gently.

    "Live your lives. Find happiness. I want you guys to be happy, find something that makes your heart go this is it. Fighting the world's battle isn't always going to be your job and that's okay. Nobody will blame you. Do what's good for you because at the end of the day that's what's most important."

    "Now I think this video has gone on for too long." She chuckled. "This isn't a goodbye. This is a see you later. I love every single one of you so much. I'm gonna be okay. I don't wanna see any of you for another century, okay?"

    One last final, breathtaking smile flashed on the screen.

    "I love you 3000."

    Were her last words, before the video ended completely.

    It was silent once again. Hearts were still shattered and cheeks were still covered in warm tears, but everyone felt less alone.

    And with that, pillows were strewn about followed by blankets. Every teammate was clad in pajamas, quiet conversations of amazing memories they had of you filled the room. Every member cried sad or happy tears but not a single one held a bitter heart towards each other.

    This was family. This was home.

    This was a see you later.

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  • iriel3000
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    Jeremy Renner at the Avengers Endgame Handprint Ceremony 2019

    #jeremy renner#hawkeye#clint barton#avengers #my man looks good in a suit
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    Friday Recs - Angel & Demon Edition

    Happy Friday! Some reading recommendations for your enjoyment. No particular order and more to come.

    Keeping with our October theme...below are some amazing A/D AU fics. Another trope I didn't know I liked until I read these stories.

    Night City by @chezamanda


    Succubus Nat feeds off Clint...literary skills in 422 words..read it!

    5 Times Interrupted, 1 Time No One Did by @DelektorskiChick


    Goddamnit D!(Mac voice IASIP)...also a vampire au, Readers, you will wish all six parts were longer..I'm obsessed with D's winged Clint.

    Take A Gamble by @leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)


    Succubus Nat and Cupid Clint falling for each other...my heart!!

    Rapture by @AlphaFlyer


    an angel and a demon fall in love through Clint and Nat...I've rec'd this before but it's worth a second go.

    When Heaven and Hell Collide by@funkyfaerie


    if you like Angel/Demon fic, read this..if you don't like A/D fic...READ THIS! you will! I want to be a demon and have Clint save me.

    If you are one of the authors or know them on tumblr and they are not properly tagged, please let me know in comments and I'll add them.

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    Just finished watching Black Widow

    #we have confirmation of Clint Barton in the vents #can we appreciate the amount of male representation in this? #I think every superhero movie should have that amount of men in it #and have I told anybody about how much I LOVE FLORENCE AAAAAA #black widow#florence pugh#natasha romonova#yelena belova
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    want to see the same picture of Clint Barton everyday? follow here!

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  • winter-angst
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    Natasha: you’re pretty dumb

    Clint: thanks

    Natasha: why are you thanking me? I just insulted you

    Clint: all I heard was “you’re pretty”. I’m focusing on the positives in my life

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  • lostlover-1
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    Bucky Barnes x Fem Reader

    Warning: Cheating, hinting of sex


    Word Count: 3,034


    In a world where one word can erase all of the memories with any 2 people you choose, you choose to erase the 2 people you love the most.

    A giggle left the young girls lips as she ruffled Steve's sweaty hair. "You oughta shower, Rogers." You giggled once more, shaking your head.

    "I just showered yesterday." The Captain narrowed his eyes at the girl playfully as the door to the jet opened. "And I want to say happy birthday to him before I do."

    Tony scoffed, shaking his head. "We showered in a janky 2 star motel room."

    Sam chuckled along with Bruce. "No kidding. Forget the blood and grime, we should shower simply because of that moldy ass water."

    Another laugh rang out throughout the corridor as the elevator doors opened to reveal the common room.

    Bruce, Y/N, Steve, Sam and Tony had just came back from a supposed month long mission that ended up being closer to two months. It was unfortunate but necessary considering they were destroying the last of the HYDRA bases in existence. They finally got the okay from Fury that everything was finished and they could now return back home. They decided to surprise the team with their presence.

    Sitting in the living area were Wanda, Vision, Clint and Peter. They could see Thor in the kitchen, heating up some poptarts.

    All heads snapped towards the group, their eyes lighting up as they all rushed to tackle the arriving members in hugs. Thor quickly joined them, lifting Y/N into his arms and spinning her around.

    "Y/N! I've missed you! It's been centuries!" He said, smiling brightly as he finally placed her back on the floor. She giggled at his antics, but was tackled into another hug as Peter clung to her tightly.

    "I'm so glad you're back, Ms. Y/L/N! It's been so boring and Thor wouldn't share his poptarts and we had to eat microwave oatmeal for forever and nobody could help me with Calculus and-"

    "Okay and I just don't exist?" Tony narrowed his eyes playfully at the young boy, prompting Peter to release Y/N. He flushed a bright pink, quickly stuttering out a response.

    "N-No, Mr. Stark of course you do! I just- I - uh-"

    "Okay, Tony. Enough with torturing the kid." Y/N chuckled, ruffling the boys curly brown locks. "I missed you tons too, Parker." She beamed, before turning to the other two people she had yet to greet.

    Wanda flashed a smile at her, but immediately Y/N could tell something was off about it, but she dismissed it and instead pulled her and Clint into a big bear hug. "I've missed you two so much." She whispered, making them grip her tighter. She ignored as Clint let out a shaky breath, instead deciding to just pull away and give them a soft genuine smile.

    Clint had still yet to look her in the eye, but she decided to overlook it. She assumed it was just because of how emotional the reuniting moment had been for the whole group.

    "Now, I'm gonna go freshen up and greet my mans. I haven't seen him in 2 whole months!" Y/N beamed, turning to Steve.

    As she turned around, Wanda and Clint shared panicked and guilty looks that thankfully only they noticed.

    "Steve, you coming with?" She asked the soldier, pulling him away from his conversation with Thor and Sam. Steve nodded, giving her a bright smile.

    "I'll come with, too. I wanna greet Nat." Bruce said softly, his voice drenched in exhaustion and excitement to see his girlfriend after 2 dreadful months. Thankfully, Nat and Bucky had the same room floors so they could all greet the two as a group.

    "I wanna say hi to Nat real quick too!" Y/N beamed. "I feel like it's been years." She exhaled, relief flooding through her as she and the other two men began making their way to the elevators.

    Unexpectedly, the remainder of the group followed after them. Tony and Peter were hung up in a conversation. Sam and Steve were back into theirs and Clint, Wanda and Thor seemed to be surprisingly quiet as they reluctantly followed the group.

    "M-Maybe we should go to the movie room." Clint rushed to say, gulping as he forced a smile on his face. "I'm pretty sure they're both asleep, anyway."

    Y/N simply smiled, not catching on to his urgent tone. "Eh, it's okay. We all missed Bucky's birthday so I think he'd be glad to have us all there to greet him." She said. "Plus, I wanna hear everything you guys did on his birthday. I heard it was tons of fun."

    Y/N reached out and grabbed one of Wanda's hand and one of Clint's. "Thank you for making it special, by the way. It bugged me so bad that we had to miss it but hearing how much of a good time he had made me feel so much better." The young girl looked at the two of them with sparkling, loving eyes. Her tone was genuine and sweet and guilt overwhelmed them once again.

    It was almost like a simultaneous realization hit them both. She deserved to know the truth, even if they knew it would break her.

    The elevator dinged, gathering the attention of the group as they followed after Bruce and Y/N, who were increasingly excited to see their lovers.

    They stopped by Nat's room first. Bruce typed in the code, hands almost shaking with excitement as the group's chatter died down. The door opened, Bruce's hand reaching inside to flicker on the lights. But as the room lit up, there was nothing but an empty bed.

    Bruce's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as Y/N followed him in, checking the bathroom and closet for her best friend.

    "She probably just went out on another nighttime run." Y/N shrugged. Nat did that sometimes, where she'd go out late at night to go run or walk. She needed to clear her head every once in a while.

    Y/N walked out of Nat's room, not thinking too much of where she could be. Nat could handle herself. She was the strongest person Y/N knew.

    Y/N walked towards her boyfriends room, excitedly typing in the code. In seconds the door spring open and

    Y/N's hand reached in to turn on the lights. She almost didn't notice Sam and Steve standing directly behind her, too wrapped up in how excited she was to see her boyfriend of 4 years.

    Oh, how that changed in merely seconds.

    It felt like the blood in Y/N's veins went dry within her body. Like everything suddenly stiffened up and her body started to tighten up like a dry sponge. Her body forced in some oxygen in the form of a heartbreaking gasp. A sharp ringing sound seemed to cloud her hearing, the world stopping in place as she felt her heart stop beating in her chest. Everything inside her went completely numb.

    There, in her bed, was her beautiful dark haired boyfriend and her red headed best friend. Naked. Together. Sleeping.

    Her eyes remained locked on the scene. She couldn't move. She couldn't think. She wasn't even sure if she was breathing.

    It was like everything started to move in slow motion.

    Sam and Tony rushed into the room, screaming harshly as the two sleeping figures awoke abruptly. She could see it happening, but couldn't process a single moment. All she saw was two figures moving at half speed, their faces contorted in horror.

    She could feel hands on her arms, gently pulling her backwards. She could barely acknowledge as her feet took a single step backwards. Steve's bright blue eyes came into view as he gripped her shoulders, speaking words to her she couldn't hear because her ears were still ringing.

    And suddenly Steve's eyes faded into Bucky's eyes. The same eyes that usually would make her melt in pure bliss. The same eyes that could make any bitter feeling she had, fade away into complete content. The same eyes she had fallen in love with 4 years ago.

    She could feel Bucky's hands on her face as he tried to speak to her, his voice barely being able to cut through the loud ringing in her ears. But suddenly he was yanked off of her, being held back by Steve as he tried to keep him out of reach of a raging Tony.

    Thor held onto Tony as he cursed at Bucky, screaming at him with all of the hatred and anger in his lungs. She couldn't hear, but she could still feel it happening. Sam stood to the side, fists clenched and his jaw hard set as he looked between the two in anger.

    Clint held back a sobbing Natasha from getting near Bruce. But as Y/N made a move to turn her head she could see Bruce's neck straining green as he felt the hulk fighting to come out. A flash of red appeared, causing Y/N to finally blink for the first time. And suddenly Bruce was on the floor, Wanda beside his fallen form as the red wisps faded from her fingertips.

    Y/N felt a small burn come from her throat and she almost didn't realize why, until she felt all the eyes present in the room direct themselves to her.

    Her senses came back one by one, her hearing making its appearance first.

    Y/N's fingers twitched as she reached up, wiping her tears away.

    The group remained silent as Thor released Tony from his grip. Steve did the same with Bucky, allowing the man she loved to stand in his place, his head down at the floor with his fists clenched.

    Peter rubbed Y/N's back comfortingly as she forced her eyes away from Bucky. It hurt to much to even look at him. It was then that she noticed that Peter had an arm behind her back, one of his hands holding hers in a supporting fashion, to keep her standing upright.

    She heard Natasha sniffle from her place in Clint's arms and out of the corner of Y/N's eye she watched the archer place his best friend on the floor. Clint made his way beside Wanda, who had her arms crossed as she stared at the floor, the two standing off to the side and farther from all the commotion.

    "How long?" Y/N's voice cut through once more, repeating her question. She felt her lip quiver and her head spin slightly, her mind spinning with all the things she was trying to process.

    "6 months."

    She wasn't sure who said it. Natasha or Bucky or maybe one of the other people who knew. She didn't even care at that point.

    "S-Six months?" She croaked, her legs almost giving out from under her. She held Peter's hand tighter to try and recover from the way her head spun.

    The sad, pitied looks she always got from her teammates suddenly made sense now.

    Tony suddenly moved from in front of her, to beside her. He held her other arm to support her trembling legs. There was a raged expression on his stone cold face, but she couldn't find it in herself to acknowledge it.

    "S-So it wasn't j-just a one time, lonely, our lovers are gone for 2 months on a mission type of thing." She sobbed, looking at Natasha as a wave of anger, betrayal and hurt overwhelmed her. She was extremely grateful to have Peter and Tony supporting her arms. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to collapse or make a move to beat the shit out of her former best friend and lover. But she knew she was ready to fall apart at any second now.

    "O-Oh my God." Y/N's voice got quiet as all of them refused to look her in the eye, a feeling of nausea becoming of her. "E-Even on my birthday?"

    Her birthday was only 4 months ago. And if they were telling the truth, she knew she was going to lose it any second now. "And on our anniversary?" She asked, gulping harshly since she already knew the answer.

    "Who knew?" Her voice suddenly boomed, making everyone in front of her flinch. "Who the fuck knew?"

    Nobody answered her.

    "I'm sorry, Y/N." Natasha sobbed from her place on the floor, looking at Y/N with begging eyes. "I love you so much, i-it was a mistake-"

    "No, Natalia." Y/N spat harshly, glaring at the redhead and making her wince harshly at the use of her Russian name. "A mistake happens once and you learn. If it happens more than once, it's no longer a mistake." Her voice cracked, her hands shaking as she felt the two men holding her catch her from giving into her trembling legs.

    "And you, James." Y/N sobbed, making the dark haired man shut his eyes as he threw his head into his hands. A sob left his lips as his legs gave out from under him, making him sink onto the floor. His sobs echoed through the hallway as he refused to look Y/N in the eye. "4 years? Down the drain? For her?" She sobbed. "My best friend?"

    Y/N's head began to spin again as she tried to process what was happening.

    "Who knew?" She suddenly got stronger, looking at each of her teammates in the eyes. "Did you know?" Y/N asked desperately, hoping that as she looked into Steve's eyes he'd lie to her and say no.

    But she knew he wouldn't.

    "Yes." Steve choked out, looking back down at the floor as his fists remained clenched at his sides.

    A small sob broke from Y/N's lips as she looked up at Tony. He shook his head, making Y/N nearly sigh in relief.

    She looked at Peter, her eyes repeating the question once again. He shook his head, telling her with his eyes that he'd never even think of betraying her like that.

    Her eyes then trailed to Sam and with a simple shake of his head he walked away from Steve and Bucky, making sure his shoulder harshly ran into Steve's as he stood beside Peter, now crossing his arms.

    Y/N looked to Thor with internal hope. But he looked down, his arms crossed tightly as he nodded his head. He knew. In fact, he was the first one to know beside Steve. He walked in on Nat and Bucky 4 months ago, just a day before Y/N's birthday.

    A tear fell from Y/N's cheek at the sight, but she simply looked away, swallowing harshly. She looked towards the last two, praying and hoping with every ounce in her that they didn't know. If they did, they were dead to her. Just like everyone else.

    "C-Clint?" She sniffled, withholding a sob as the archer refused to look her in the eye. "Pops?" She used her nickname for him, making him flinch. Slowly, his head lifted, tears falling from his cheeks as he looked into her heartbroken eyes. With a simple nod, a sob she fought to choke back, left her lips and his head dropped back down in guilt, his fists clenching harshly.

    With one last speck of hope in her bones, she looked to Wanda. Both of their eyes connected and for a second everything felt normal again, but it faded as soon as Wanda nodded at

    Y/N, dropping her head as she began sobbing harshly in guilt.

    Y/N looked down at her feet, yanking her arms from Peter and Tony. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she walked towards Bucky. Seeing her walk towards him, Bucky hopped onto his feet, hoping to say something to get her to forgive him.

    "I'm sorry-" He barely managed to choke out before Y/N started banging her fists into his bare chest, sobbing and crying as she hit him with all her might. She was immediately taken into Steve's embrace, but she elbowed him in the stomach, screaming for him not to touch her.

    "None of you touch me." She cried, feeling like she was going to pass out any second now.

    Sam pulled her into his embrace as suddenly Y/N stopped struggling, trying to catch her breath. Silence took over the hallway as they all looked at her, awaiting her next move. Tears still streamed down her cheeks, but her face was still and cold, making a chill go up everyone's spine. She suddenly looked at Natasha from her place in Sam's arms, right into the eyes of the woman she once called her best friend.



    Gasps filled the hallway as Natasha's face dropped. "NO." She screamed in anguish, trying to stand up. "Please, no, you can't-" She sobbed, the redheads legs giving out as she collapsed onto the floor crying.

    Y/N's head dropped as her mind began erasing every memory she had with Natasha.

    Y/N shook her head of the dizziness, this time forcing herself to look Bucky right in his panicked eyes. Before he could look away or even comprehend what she was doing, Y/N spoke once again.

    "Stranger." Shouts filled the hallway as the group realized what she had just done.

    This time Y/N's body completely gave out and Sam, though nearly paralyzed in shock, lifted her up bridal style. He looked towards Tony and Peter, who were standing still with looks of utter shock on their face.

    Sam snapped them out of it, the two quickly awakening from their trance and following after Sam. Tony trailed behind them, an unconscious Bruce hung on his shoulder, leaving behind a broken group of friends. Bucky was screaming in anguish and desperation, trying to release himself from Steve and Thor's grip.

    He wanted to run after you, take you into his arms and take back everything he did to hurt you. He regretted every second.

    He loved you.

    And now you would no longer know who he was. Ever again.

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    I'm late cause I had two exhausting days at work

    #inktober#inktober2021#hawkeye#clint barton #comic clint barton #old school hawkeye #marvel
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    Clint Barton (MCU) - Credit if using

    #clint barton#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #bonniebirdgifs
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  • bonniebirddoesgifs
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    Clint Barton (MCU) - Credit if using

    #clint barton#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #bonniebirdgifs
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  • jbucky-barnes
    15.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I’ve started writing my first ever fic!

    It’s gonna have Stucky and Darcy/Clint. I think I might even make them all polyamorous bc let’s face it, it’s basically a self insert anyway and I’m very self serving lol.

    It takes place about a year after CA: TWS. I’ve got 2.5k words written so far as Darcy’s first chapter. And I’ve got a brief outline for the story already written down. Oh, and I’m currently using taylor swift songs for inspiration.

    The current working title is Right Where You Left Me, but we’ll see if that changes.

    Featuring: Mutant BAMF Darcy, deaf human disaster Clint, human golden retriever Steve, recovering feral kitten Bucky

    #I’m v excited about it tbh #I am kinda trauma dumping in it tho so we’ll see how that goes #but I’ve read sooo many fics with all of these characters #so I’m excited and nervous to write them all #dev speaks#ao3 #fan fic writing #stucky#steve rogers#bucky barnes#darcy lewis#clint barton #right where you left me #rwylm
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