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  • kurononekochan
    28.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Normal people: gangster Loki 😍

    Me: Who has a copy of that glorious clintasha pic at the back???

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  • scarlettjohanssones
    27.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Mayor of Kingstown AU

    this is a special request from the amazing @iriel3000 she’s writing her own version of this au but also wanted people to write their own version of this au as well! so expect a fic of this au from her soon!

    Mike McLusky is the mayor of Kingstown and tuned the city’s underground with his brothers

    half the town works for him the other half wishes they did

    natasha is a traveler or does some kind of job that mike ends up witnessing her doing and he’s engrossed by her and ends up manipulating her into some dangerous affair

    she ends up being trapped and under constant watch

    clint ends up being her bodyguard

    the two of them end up falling for each other/having this bond for on another

    also could be used as a crime/mob au!

    *these are just our ideas to help you guys write them if you want! put your own spin to them! we would love love love to read them and give you all the support! and feel free to leave me, or Alice, a message or an ask about your au ideas, if you have any, or to send us your work! tag us (@scarlettjohanssones & @alicebecketts) and use our tag #clintnAUt*
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  • iriel3000
    27.09.2021 - 11 hours ago


    I found parts but not this

    I've read several fanfics where Clint calls Natasha 'Hot Sauce'...is this the origin?

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  • francis-alianovna
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    shared with permission from @theseasart [tumblr/insta]

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  • scarlettjohanssones
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Flower Shop AU"

    natasha, yelena, melina and alexi own a flower shop the side of a country road

    natasha and yelena take care of the flowers (up front where customers can buy) and have to talk to the customers and they go back and forth (maybe play Rock Paper Scissors or just take turns having to talk to the customers bc they both hate talking to people)

    clint goes to see his mom who's in the hospital and is possibly dying and picks up flowers one time on his way to see her and keeps getting flowers for his mom, but also for the pretty redhead that works there

    yelena teases nat about the guy with the dying/sick mother getting flowers just to see natasha

    they grow all the flowers/plants in the field along the road (Melina probably does all the growing and shit. maybe makes some kind of concoctions for new flowers or some science shit. maybe alexi works on all the machinery? maybe cacti? or fruit trees?

    clint lives at a farm and its all falling down and in such a bad state

    clint only wants to take care of the farm bc its what his mom always wanted but since its so old its just hard to keep up with it (and its almost like his mom is dying and so is the farm, like his mom keeps the farm alive)

    clints farm is a few miles away from the flower shop but lucky ends up running away from the farm somehow and ends up in the field of flowers, or in the shop laying in a bunch of flowers

    natasha is kinda mad bc she loves her flowers (and the ones that lucky are in is probably her favorite) but then she meets clint and oh no hes hot

    yelena making a flower crown for lucky when she sees him laying in the flowers and teases nat about her flowers and she gets annoyed at her but lucky looks so cute in the crown

    yelena specializes in making flower crowns out of their flowers and ends up selling them for weddings or some shit

    Natasha makes the best flower arrangements

    both natasha and yelena take care of the flower shop instagram

    clint only finds out where lucky is bc Kate sends him a photo from the flower shop instagram and its lucky sitting in all the flowers with a flower crown on

    Kate only follows the shop bc she thinks yelena is hot and the flowers are really beautiful

    Kate saw the most beautiful flower arrangement that was being held by a hot blonde

    natasha doesn't like her picture being taken usually (but when nat’s picture is taken her face is usually hidden or it’s a candid picture that yelena steals from her)

    no idea what other job clint would have. i’m a whore for tattoo shop au’s. alice thinks accountant but honestly whatever y’all can think of

    also adding social media to this kind of fic would be awesome! and if you need help with it i’m ALWAYS here to help!

    *these are just our ideas to help you guys write them if you want! put your own spin to them! we would love love love to read them and give you all the support! and feel free to leave me, or Alice, a message or an ask about your au ideas, if you have any, or to send us your work! tag us (@scarlettjohanssones & @alicebecketts) and use our tag #clintnAUt*
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  • justsomeclintasha
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The hospital wing was silent except for the sound of Steve’s pacing footsteps. Natasha sat motionless on a chair, her clothing stained dark with blood. Her hands were clasped under her chin and she was staring blankly at the floor. Tony was opposite her, arms crossed and watching the rain outside.

    “You shouldn’t have deviated from the plan,” he remarked, as though he was commenting on the weather. Her eyes snapped up but he wasn’t looking at her. “That’s how people get hurt.”

    “Are you saying this was my fault?”

    “I’m saying we had a plan for a reason and you broke away. He could have handled himself.”

    “There were thirty guys in that building, armed to the teeth, snipers on the roof- and you were too busy showing off,” she shot back at him. Tony leaned closer, his eyes boring into hers.

    “This team can’t function if you don’t trust us, and if you had listened he wouldn’t be in that room right now.” Steve’s footsteps stopped.

    “If I had, he would be dead instead of in surgery.”

    “No, if you had, my suits would have taken out the guards with minimal loss of life and he would be fine, but because of your ignorance-“

    “Say that again,” she growled, standing. He stood up, inches away as he looked down into her eyes. Steve was just about to step in between them.

    “This is your fault. If he dies that’s on you.” Her eyes changed from anger to shock at Stark’s words, letting it show on her face for a brief second before she turned and walked quickly down the hall. She heard yelling behind her, but she ducked into a spare supply room at the end of the hallway and slammed the door. She leaned against the wall, her hands pressed over her mouth as she sank to the floor. If he dies, if he dies, if he dies. Her fault. She heard the door open and knew it was Steve. Her stomach clenched.

    “Is Clint-“

    “Still in surgery. He’s going to be fine,” he said softly. He sat down on the floor next to her, watching. “That was a shit thing for Stark to say.”

    “Language,” she said with a humorless laugh, leaning her head against the wall behind her. Tears were falling freely down her cheeks. She didn’t hide them. “What if he-“

    “He won’t. He’s gunna be fine.”

    “There was so much blood,” she whispered. “I mean I’ve seen.. but not like that.. not from him..” She clenched her hands together, feeling the panic rise up in her throat. “It was everywhere, it’s.. oh god, it’s everywhere Steve-“ She looked down at herself, seeing the blood stains in her jacket, trying to rip it off. “Get it off, get it off, please-“ her voice cracked in desperation. He quickly reached out, taking it from her and tossing it aside on the floor where she couldn’t see it. He set his hands on her shoulders.

    “Nat, listen to me. None of this was your fault. You did the best you could, we all did. And in a few hours when he wakes up I’m sure he’ll be looking for you first.” She was quiet for a few minutes.

    “I never told him,” she finally whispered, wiping her eyes. They were red and puffy.

    “He knows.” She nodded, but didn’t say anything, lost in thought. Steve helped her up and gave her his hoodie. She zipped it up with a shiver. When they returned to the waiting room, Tony was gone, but neither of them mentioned it.

    “Are you for Mr. Barton?” a nurse asked. “He’s fine,” she said quickly. “He just woke up a few minutes ago. I’m assuming you’re Natasha? He keeps asking for you. Wouldn’t even let me take his vitals until I came to get you. Come this way.” She opened the door and led them through a maze of hallways until finally they reached his door and the nurse left. Steve squeezed her shoulder.

    “Why don’t you go ahead? I’ll drop by later tonight.” She nodded, a lump in her throat as she pushed the door open and walked in. He was hooked up to several different machines and she couldn’t see the extent of the bandages underneath the blanket he was laying under. He had a cast on his left arm and a large black and blue mark on his cheek. He looked up at her with sleepy eyes.

    “Tasha,” he whispered. “Come here.” She sat down in the chair on his right and he instantly reached for her hand with his. She kissed the back of his hand, tears falling from her eyes to his soft skin. She couldn’t speak. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay Tash. I’m fine, look at me, never better.”

    “I was so scared, I thought.. I thought you.. You need to rest,” she said, wiping her eyes.

    “Come here.” He patted the bed next to him. She looked at him skeptically. “Please.” She climbed up into his bed very carefully, laying on top of the covers, close to him but not touching him. He moved closer, leaning his head against her shoulder. “You smell like Steve,” he mumbled. She laughed softly.

    “He gave me his hoodie.” He was breathing more deeply now. “We won,” she continued, knowing he was falling asleep. She just wanted to talk to him. “It’s over now. But you scared me. I thought I lost you. I… I don’t know what I would do without you.” She lay there quietly, watching him. After a while, when she was sure he was okay, she let herself fall asleep.

    When she awoke a few hours later he was still sleeping. She got up slowly. Her body was aching. She saw a duffel bag sitting on a chair in the corner and realized Steve must have dropped her off some clothes. She grabbed them and changed quickly, tossing her dirty ones in the trash. She sat on the chair, watching Clint. The door opened. It was Steve with two cups of coffee.

    “Hey,” he said quietly.

    “Hey.” She took the coffee he handed her. He sat down in a chair next to her.

    “You okay?” It hadn’t occurred to her if she was okay. She had been so worried about everything else.

    “Yeah, I’m… I don’t know,” she confessed. “Maybe Tony was right. I didn’t trust him. Maybe if I would have things would be different. But I just saw Clint fighting and there were so many people and I just.. I couldn’t focus.” She paused, thinking it over. “I don’t get distracted. I can’t afford to get distracted. But I did… and it.. scared me.” She took a sip of her coffee. “It scared me to think about losing him and it still does now and I don’t know how to balance it.”

    “It’s hard when you love someone. Even harder with this job. But that doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision.” She nodded, closing her eyes as she leaned against the arm of the chair, resting her chin on one hand. She could hear Clint’s monitor beeping steadily. She was exhausted. “You should get some rest, Nat. He’s going to need your help the next couple weeks.” He could sense her hesitation of what she wanted to say so he waited patiently.

    “Do you think it was my fault?”

    “No.” His voice was firm and honest. “And if it makes you feel better, I told Stark to fuck off.” She laughed in surprise at his language and he smiled. “Get some rest. I’m going back to the tower but if you need me, call me.” He touched her shoulder reassuringly before he left. She sat quietly, drinking her coffee.

    “I’m mad at you.” She looked up at Clint.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

    “You didn’t.” He struggled to sit up and she sat on the edge of the bed, helping him up and stuffing some pillows behind him for support.

    “Why are you mad at me?”

    “For blaming yourself. Tash, none of this was your fault. We had a mission and I got hurt. It’s part of the job. And if we analyze every mission and wonder what could have happened or what could have went differently we’ll go crazy. You saved me.” She nodded, considering his words. “I trust you with my life. I love you.”

    “I love you, too,” she said softly, helping him lay back down. She crawled into bed next to him and felt him snuggle in closer to her, his cast draped over her waist. “Get some sleep. I’ll be right here, always.”

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  • quietlyimplode
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    @vancityfire13 you are magical.

    Everyone go watch - @vancityfire13 has made a video for my series Travel Through The Shadows With Me - which now has the first chapter of the sequel up. (part one - summon your courage / part two - invite your demons to tea)

    Even if you don't read the fic - watch the video; it's all the Clint/Nat goodness and amazing.

    Thank you so much friend, there aren't enough words for how much I appreciate this and hold it very dear. <3

    #my friends are the best friends #clintasha#clint/nat#clintasha fic#clintasha fanfic#natasha romanoff#clint barton#hawkeye#black widow #black widow movie #marvel videos#marvel fanvid#my fic #summon your courage #invite your demons to tea #fanvid #go watch!!! #i know i'm not even articualting the depths of my gratitude #and how long this must have taken to put together #but i love it so much #thank you so so much #Youtube#mcu
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  • justsomeclintasha
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    “You going to sit there and sulk all day?”

    “I’m not sulking,” Natasha replied, unconvinced at her answer. “I’m just watching the rain.” She didn’t look at him from her spot on the couch, the sound of drops pattering on the window.

    “I know what it’s like to miss someone when they’re gone,” he said, thinking of the times Pepper had to leave and he was alone in the house by himself.

    “He should be home in a few days, but..”

    “It feels like an eternity and you worry they might not come back.”

    “Yeah.” This time she did look up and meet his eyes.

    “Come on, I want to show you something.” Having nothing better to do, she got up and followed Tony to a part of the tower she had never been to before.

    “What is this?”

    “Patience, patience. Call it a surprise.” Eventually they came to a large wooden door at the end of the hallway that didn’t seem to fit in. “Kept it all the same how my father had it, I think you’ll appreciate it though.” He opened the door to reveal one of the largest libraries she had ever seen. Books stretched high on shelves to the ceiling and there was a lounge area next to a huge set of windows with a fireplace. “You’re welcome to use it whenever you like. Nothing here is off limits.” She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her lips as she walked over and ran her fingers lightly across the spine of one of the books. She didn’t know where to start. He pointed to a map on the wall that listed categories of where things were. “Even have a small Russian section in the back corner there.”

    “This is.. thank you.,” she said breathlessly. He walked out with a nod. She wanted to see everything. When he came back later, she was engrossed in a large leather bound book. He set a cup of tea wordlessly in the table next to her and went back to his lab. Hours later he practically had to drag her away to come her some dinner, but as soon as she was done eating she was back to her books.

    The next few days Natasha barely left the library unless Tony made her come out for some food. Eventually he started dropping off snacks during the day, knowing she would only stop for dinner. Late one night, Clint finally returned home. After checking his room and the training room he was confused.

    “Jarvis, where is Natasha?”

    “Miss Romanoff is in the library.”

    “Tell me how to get there,” he requested, not knowing Stark Tower had a library. The AI guided him through the hallways until he reached the large wooden door. When he opened it, he found her curled up on one of the couches, sleeping on her side and clutching a huge book. His Russian wasn’t great, but he was pretty sure it said something about fairy tales on the front. He knelt down next to her, reaching out to stroke her hair. “Hey sleepy. You gunna wake up for a minute and see me?” She slowly opened her eyes. When she saw it was him she sat up and pulled him into her arms, hugging him tightly.

    “I missed you,” she murmured, breathing in his scent. He sat on the couch next to her, snuggling up close and wrapping his arms around her waist. “How was the mission?”

    “Boring. Just reconnaissance, nothing exciting.” He kissed her cheek, then her lips. “Spent the whole time thinking about you anyway.” He kissed her again and she laughed. “What are you reading?”

    “Oh um… nothing,” she replied, feeling a bit embarrassed.

    “Will you read to me?”

    “It’s in Russian.”

    “That’s okay, I just want to hear your voice.” She opened the book, letting him lay back against her with a blanket over both of them. She started to read softly. Several minutes later she heard him snoring. She set the book on the coffee table and fell asleep with him, entwined in his arms.

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  • be-compromised
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Promptathon Fills

    More promptathon fills from this week and a reminder that this year’s promptathon finishes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Sunday) in whatever your time zone! A masterlist of all fills will be posted later this week.

    If you’re still working on fills please do post them to the Comm dreamwidth or here on tumblr. They won’t count as part of promptathon or be included in the masterlist, but of course we still want to see them <3

    bless everyone who kissed you here | AO3 by @inkvoices (fic; Explicit; sex, f-word use, mentions of lack of bodily autonomy and hysterectomy from the Red Room) Prompt: "If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars."

    Liho's Perspective | AO3 by @caiti-creative-corner (fic & moodpboard; G; Alternate Universe - No Powers, Introspection, No Dialogue) Prompt: Clint and Natasha’s (established) relationship/life together, as told from Liho’s perspective.

    silly wrong, but vivid right | AO3 by @cloud--atlas (fic; T; no warnings; Clint/Nat/Bucky) Prompt: A Clint/Nat/Bucky threesome AU idea: When comic book artist Steve gets invited to a convention he asks Bucky to come along, to help him with his stand/booth and keep him company etc. Clint and Natasha are there as famous/big name people, or one of them is and the other is there like Bucky, or as their spouse/partner. (Eg. writer, actor, director, author, stuntman...) Bucky may or may not know who they are when he bumps into them at the breakfast bar or in the green room.

    Return of the Shchi | AO3 by sanctuaria (fic; T; language and allusions to past sexual assault) Black Widow spoilers Prompt: Alexei walks in on Nat and Clint sharing a bed cause "nightmares". Chaos ensures.

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  • totallycorrectclintasha
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Clint: On a scale of one to ten how bad would it be if we -

    Natasha: At least twenty

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  • natasha-barton
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    So where’s my yelena and kate and clintasha fix it fic huh

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  • justsomeclintasha
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    The sun was just coming up and they were laying in his bed, both of them awake, but barely. He leaned down and kissed her. “Good morning beautiful,” he mumbled in her hair. She sighed as he ran a hand slowly up and down her back. “Sleep okay?” His voice was low, a little bit husky, and she matched the quietness in her reply.

    “Yeah, did you?” She felt him nod and snuggled in closer against his chest. She could never get enough of these moments- the lazy space between night and the day where things were quiet, the haze of sleep still over their heads. Where she didn’t have to think and she could just be- no walls, no worrying, no fear. His breathing was slower and she wondered if he was drifting back to sleep. She stretched her fingers out across his chest, tracing soft lines over his bare skin. Touching a scar here, a mark there, or nothing in particular at all. Just touching. She pressed her palm flat against his heart. Slow. Steady. Strong. He grounded her. His breathing was deep. She pressed her lips softly to his shoulder in a kiss. “You saved me.. you know that?” She whispered, finding the courage to explain only in this safeness of sleep. “I’m so lucky… I’m so grateful.. I’m so…” she trailed off, unable to find the words. Her nails glided lightly down his arm, then back up again. She was quiet for a few moments. He breathed deeply. “You were the best thing that ever could have happened to me.”

    “I love you, Tasha,” he murmured, kissing her head, then her forehead. His sleepy eyes met hers and he nudged her nose with his, kissing her gently on the lips. She felt her own eyelids starting to droop and she tucked her head back into his chest.

    “I love you, too.”

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  • clint-x-nat
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    „I came here to avenge the woman I loved.“

    Old Man Hawkeye (2018)
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  • mcu-dude
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    'Please dont forget..'

    It is nearly midnight. His partner was still nowhere to be found. Clint sighed again for the hundredth time this evening and sat up in bed again wondering where the hell she could be. Vanishing like this was nothing new for her, but this time was different.

    Natasha had self-assigned herself a mission. She wouldn't tell him any of the details and it was a little frustrating. They told each other everything, and before she had left, she had seemed really off. More than usual.

    'Is everything okay Nat?' He finally text her.

    'Yep just peachy." She responded which seemed like hours in between their messages.

    'What's wrong?' He replied almost instantly. Hoping she'd just tell him the truth.

    'Everything and nothing' Nat text back a little while later.

    'What does that mean?..'

    'I don't know how to explain'

    'Are you home yet at least? I'm worried about you Tasha..'


    'What are you doing then?'

    'Nothing important come to think of it.'

    'Please come home Nat.. or in the very least tell me what's going on.'

    No response. The minutes dragged as Barton lay in bed staring at his phone and at the door. He couldn't just go to sleep. Not when he knew something was wrong and especially not after she's been gone for so long.

    It wouldn't be till almost 2 in the morning when the door knob would quietly open and the silhouette of her form slowly made its way into the room. The small creek of moonlight only allowed him to see her briefly. She was bruised.. likely from her mission and she looked rather pale. It made his heart sink in his chest to see her like this. He had about a million questions he wanted to ask but instead he made room for the redhead to crawl into bed. It didnt take rocket science to tell that she was exhausted.

    "Wanna talk about it?" He asked softly as he let his head rest next to hers. Her eyes were closed, but she shook her head slightly.

    "No.. Not really." She whispered back. The tiredness from her voice alone was enough for Clint to let out a soft sigh.

    "...Okay.. You don't have to talk about it." He responded calmly after a brief pause, and rested his forehead against hers. The marksman's hand found hers and held it gently in his. "....I care about you Tasha.. Please don't forget that."

    Natasha's fingers intertwined with his and she let her head rest on top of his shoulder. "I know Clint." She spoke softly and curled up closer to him. Burying her face in the crook of his neck. "..I don't think I could ever forget that."

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  • bokketo
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    @enthrclled: 🎵 + nat / clint meme: SEND ‘🎵 + PAIRING’ AND I WILL TELL YOU:

    1) a song that makes me think of them: Carry You Home - Tiësto ft. StarGate & Aloe Blacc 2) a song i think would play in the background of a love scene: Here For You - Kygo ft. Ella Henderson 3) a song that would make my muse think of yours: Fool’s Gold - Niall Horan (from Clint) & Issues - Julia Michaels (from Nat) 4) a song i think would play during an action sequence: Unstoppable - The Score 5) a song our muses would dance to: Leaving On A Jet Plane - Chantal Kreviazuk

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  • mintedjulep
    25.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Summer Skin

    Pairing: Clint Barton / Natasha Romanov


    Natasha and her family are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, they managed to pull over in the parking lot of a traveling circus, where a kind stranger manages to help them out.
    The no-powers road trip AU that nobody ask for

    Natasha trudges away from her parents arguing and across the gravel lot, sun beating down on her bare shoulders. She looks back at the almost empty parking lot, save a couple of beat up trucks (which she assumes belong to the carnival workers) and her dad’s Astro van. Behind her, dark smoke billows from the engine and disappears into the endless blue sky.

    As she approaches the colorful tents, she’s shocked to see that this circus is…not as bad as one would expect a traveling circus to be. She walks up to a ticket booth and sees a bold, orange and black CLOSED sign across the window. With a sigh of defeat, she leans in the shade of the booth just for a moment of reprieve from the desert sun.

    “Can I help you, miss?” Natasha whips around, startled. A tall, blonde man stands inside the gates of the camp ground, wiping grease off his hands with a rag. “Grounds don’t open for another few hours.”

    Read more on ao3

    #clintasha #clint barton/natasha romanoff #my fic #black widow fic #hawkeye fic#Black widow#Hawkeye
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