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    Inktober 2019 Writer’s Edition Day 29: Injured

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  • times I had a crowd


    was just me

    walking alone

    & I enjoy both

    though if I have to choose

    I’ll take the solitary path


    the crowd has needs

    got to be fed

    new information

    fresh fads

    gossip to go

    & I never quite know

    why they flock the way they do

    saying one thing

    doing another

    saying yes & being no

    setting themselves

    others up to fail

    the who else will be there?

    thing of cliques claques

    until they rift apart

    & I’m walking alone


    neil benbow

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    Why do people love Grease so much?

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  • The BatFam™️’s Cliques

    Traumatized Adults: Alfred, Jim, Lucius, Julia, Tanya, Bruce, Selina, Kate, Jean-Paul, Bette, Basil

    At Least I Had A Somewhat Normal Childhood: Barbara, Dick, Luke, Hank, Tamara, Carrie, Tiffany, Terry

    My Parents Sucked: Helena Bertinelli, Cullen, Tim, Stephanie

    I Had An Awesome Sibling Until They Were Killed: Harper, Duke, Claire

    Childhood? What Childhood?: Jason, Cassandra, Nell, Damian, Helena Kane-Kyle

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  • That feeling when everyone who also writes your muse is following and talking with each other and liking their posts despite being very new to the fandom, and you’re not in the ‘group’ and you feel left out and you’re wondering if everyone secretly hates you because something about your portrayal is wrong. Yeah. Feelsbadman.            

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  • “It’s not fair that only the pretty girls receive special treatment. Why don’t they ever give out free ice cream to the girl who can recite the Periodic Table?.”


    Yes, I know the left side of her hair is lopsided. Who cares, though?

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  • unfortunately, much like a rickroll, this information can spread quite far and to quite a lot of people because so many people don’t click the link to the source and will just read something and believe it when the source is a fucking rickroll.

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  • “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who thinks everyone ignored them during the first few weeks of ShB, even though people were actually just engrossed in cut scenes or focusing on other new content. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who expected that FC’s staff to hand them everything at the drop of a hat (RP, map parties, glamour items, primal EX runs, RP, free counseling for their depression, RP, etc.). 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who made zero effort to socialize and regularly interact with people in that FC, despite that FC’s best efforts to include them in activities. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who didn’t get enough thirsty replies or attention for constantly spamming screenshots of the same character wearing the same outfit they’ve worn for the past three months. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who regularly threw childish temper tantrums and spouted F-bombs over small things, which in turn caused everyone to start avoiding them in that FC. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who turned out to be racist, sexist, and/or anti-LGBT+ and felt discriminated against when the FC’s staff asked them to leave. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who rarely ever signed in or spoke up, then took it way too personally when people had trouble remembering who they were. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who name-changed and fantasia’d, then took it way too personally when people had trouble remembering who they were. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who went inactive for a year, then took it way too personally when people had trouble remembering who they were. 2019

    “Man, I can’t stand (insert FC tag) here. They’re way too clique.” - Player who interacted with everyone at first, then socially ghosted for unknown reasons, then eventually left that FC. 2019

    (Feel free to add your own to the mix.)


    Ah, the interesting things I hear through the grapevine these days, especially when an ex-FC member joins a friend’s FC, and that friend happens to tell me everything being said. I am more than happy to share receipts in order to save my friends the headache of having to babysit grown adults. As an officer of an FC who isn’t afraid of confrontation, I see people come and go all the time, but one thing is for certain; “cliques” happen in every active FC. It’s a natural occurrence that should not be vilified. Friend groups form when multiple people connect and become… Friends. Amazing!

    When a player complains about cliques, what they’re really complaining about is not fitting in with a group they wanted to be a part of. However, let’s not ignore the fact that there can be a number of very good reasons why that player didn’t end up fitting in. I know the bleeding hearts out there probably think I’m an intolerant jerk for bringing this stuff to light, but I hope even they have enough sense not to foster, tolerate, or spoil consistently unpleasant individuals in their own FCs. Not everyone is going to get along. We can wish for world peace and acceptance all we want, but it’s obtuse to expect any FC (a bunch of nerds who enjoy video games) to uphold that kind of impossible standard. It’s especially one-sided to instantly condemn any FC for having members that have formed friendships with each other.

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  • Sometimes what people call a clique really isn’t. It’s just a close friend group. They might be popular, or it might be hard to get in with one if you don’t engage with a few of them. But that’s how social groups work. Don’t put them on pedestals just because they have close bonds and are hard to interact with. Go make your own friends! Or put in the effort to join the group. But take the energy you’d use for complaining and put it toward something constructive.            

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  • Social Acceptability (1957)

    This gem of social guidance cinema from McGraw-Hill Text-Films was produced in Canada by Crawley Films and features future ABC News anchor Peter Jennings in his only movie role as Rod Hunter, the “unusually popular” leader of a high school clique a shy girl desperately wants to join. (He’s only in the first scene.)

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  • I know you’re having a hard time given your previous experience with other fandoms, and our current fandom being super small now and with a main clique that has done nothing by try to shove you out of it because you portray your muse in a way they don’t agree with. And I know your home life is just as hard too. You’re fighting a two front war and it’s hurting how you look at yourself. But you’re a good person, a great writer, and I wish you’d see that.            

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  • “Intertwine our pinkies, and promise me now.”

    :( I’m so emotional right now. How on Earth am I able to explain the beauty that is Park Jimin :( I have so many feelings for this boy tonight I had to write a short essay about him :(( it’s that intense :((

    ((So fyi, I recently just became a BTS fan. I’ve known them since a few years ago but it was literally only a month ago when I decided to take them seriously. It has been the most life changing summer of my life i swear.)))

    Anyway, Jimin. He wasn’t the one who caught my attention first, it was actually Namjoon. But the more I got to know the boy, the more I adored him, to the point where I decided he’d be my bias (and I don’t believe in biases). He is just so appealing, mind body and soul. I know it, fans know it, BTS know it, the whole world knows it. There is no reason for anybody not to love this guy. Anyway, since I’m a newbie, I had just found out today that Promise (a song I’ve loved the moment I heard it) was actually released by him online and FOR FREE. It touched my heart knowing so, because I know how hard he worked on the song and he just gave it away like that. I know he was proud of it, but he probably thought that it wasn’t worth paying for??? He is so self-conscious like that and it breaks my heart because he has no reason to, the song is super good I listen to it every night, I’d pay for it if he wanted to 😩 The meaning behind the song is so god damn beautiful as well. It got to show a side of Jimin he refuses to show. He was honest, authentic, and vulnerable in that song. Telling everybody that sometimes, he was NOT okay. And he promises to be happy and proud of himself next time I???

    The day he released it, on New Year’s of 2019, I was in a really bad place. Like bad, bad. I wasn’t depressed, but I sure was at my lowest point. And it’s so sad how I didn’t care about BTS then, because if I did, I would have heard the song and it would have helped me a lot. The time I needed it the most, I didn’t know it existed! 😂 But anyway, the point is, I love Jimin so much and it makes me so happy that people like him exist. He reeks of kindness, happiness, angles, and the sun. He will always be my reminder of a person who truly cares, who is sensitive yet strong, who has nothing on his bag but pure and good intentions. If I ever end up with somebody, I do hope I get somebody just like him. I would NOT ask for anything else.

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  • jimin wasnt with the padding squad @ cebu (my hometown) and i am hella upsett. He missed the fun in Kawasan!!! And he didnt get to see the beaches. He loves beaches!! Im so madd. Why does he have to be so busy HAHAHAHA

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    Originally posted by heathers-themovie

    Pairing: Jason Dean x Reader

    Characters: Jason Dean

    Warnings: N/A

    Request: Anon- Could I get a heathers request where the reader is in no way interested in JD she’s a loser and he’s intrigued by her but she can read him an knows she’s bad news. Would be awesome if Reader was like a punk rock/Emo kind of reject x 

    Word Count: 442

    Author: Charlotte

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    #Cliques#Jason Dean #Jason Dean Imagine #Jason Dean One Shot #JD Imagine #JD One Shot #JD #Heathers The Musical Imagine #Heathers#Heathers Imagine #Heathers One Shot #Heathers The Musical #Heathers The Musical One Shot #Charlotte
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  •                                        Rejection (social exclusion):

     Being prevented by others from forming or keeping a social bond with them; the opposite of acceptance.

    Most of us have dealt with rejection at some point in our lives. Whether it was early on, in school. Maybe it’s later in life, as an adult. But everyone’s dealt with it. Some people deal with rejection better than others, and some deal with it more often. I personally felt a lot of rejection in high school. The biggest examples were when groups of friends would section off a row or two of desks. You weren’t allowed to sit there. It was for their friend group only, even though in most classes there wasn’t assigned seats. It was pretty common to have to sit on the outskirts of the desks, or up in front to avoid dealing with these large groups of people. I kept to myself quite a bit, which didn’t help this division of students. If I had maybe spoken to more students, or specifically those students, I would have been included in those groups more often (although they were always the troublemakers and typically their grades weren’t the best, so I’m glad I stayed out). 

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  • Cliques at work

    I never thought this would be an issues and had never really seen it they much in care work but sadly the truth is the industry is filled with “cliques” which can make the work environment harder than it should be.

    I’ve become an outside i perfer to work on the nights so I stay away from the dramas which has helped but also has isolated me from the day to day stuff and also has affected my social life hugely.

    Anyone have this problem?

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  • Recently a new clique has been making my fandom hell for me. I feel so excluded and powerless, especially since so many of them have monopolies over their canon muses.

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  • Tumblr, for me feels like it’s never ending theatre club.

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