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  • Step 1: Ask them if their high school had cliques

    If they answer, “No, my school didn’t really have cliques,” they were definitely popular in high school.

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  • let me lay out this conversation bc i still cant believe it actually hAPPENED:

    “Why didn’t you come to the MV shoot? I was waiting for you”

    “Because I want you to actively want me there!”

    “So I should have begged????”

    “Of course!!! I didn’t go because you didn’t show..”

    “So I have to tell you to come to my personal MV shoot??”

    “And if I ever have a shoot you need to come too!!!!“

    IS THIS FOR REAL????? aihglakhga THE BICKERING THEY SOUND LIKE THE TWO DENSE IDIOTS FROM AN ENEMIES TO LOVERS ROMCOM 💀💀💀 you know that scene from the Notebook where Allie and Noah go, “What do you want??” “It’s not that simple-” “WHAT! DO! YOU! WANT!” yes that’s yoonmin 😔😔😔✊✊✊

    and jimin really said communication is key!! 👏👏👏 im sick of the mind games!! 👏👏👏do you want or do you NOT want me to be there!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 just say you love me and let me love you back btch 😤😤😤” LMAOOO made me think of that time yoongi complained about jimin showing up in his first Agust D shoot and they bickered 😂😂 like i get why jimin is frustrated about the fact that he’s mad now for not showing up HAJAHAHH im sick of these two

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    #ive never known a finer man #HE WAS HOT #tbh the encore concert in seoul was peak BTS they all looked SO good #personal#cliques#bts#kpop#jung hoseok#jhope
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  • ive developed this super weird school girl crush on hobi and its all bc of Arranged by Obiwrites.. I mean ive always loved the man, but after that fic???? I am WHIPPED. cant even look at his face w/o giggling or gushing and thinking about his CEO version. Its gotten that deep its quite embarrassing really 😭😭😭

    Also, ive been reading Ms. Obi’s works for a year now (im quite new to the fandom), and i didnt know she still has a huge following on here since i heard she left tumblr 😭 im so happy i found tags for her though!! anyway im glad theres people on here who i can finally talk about her works with. ISNT SHE JUST GREAT!! She deserves all the love 😤😤😤💞💞💕💖💘💖💘💓💞💜💕💓💘💞💖

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  • St Trinians Cliques:

    • The Headgirls
    • The Posh Totties
    • The Emos
    • The Nerds
    • The Chavs
    • The First Years
    • The Ecos
    • The Flammables

    Comment if I’ve missed any out

    Reblog saying which one you’d be

    #i’d be Headgirls #st. trinian's #st trinians 2 #cliques
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  • image

    im quite proud of this though my lighting needs some work

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  • #sorry this got so involved #exo#cliques#ot12#Anonymous
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  • “Just because I’m not a nerd doesn’t mean I’m a bimbo!”

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  • image

    she’s so gawjus! preach, sis, preach!

    fri 21 feb

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  • why is popularity so important to me. like i cant explain the amount of times that ive felt like someone hasnt liked me (like it could literally be that they talk to someone else instead of me) and it immediately sets the tone for the rest of my day

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  • So I’m not entirely sure clique is the most accurate when describing what I’m talking about, although it could be. I couldn’t wait to start getting into my college major. When you’re doing general education courses the people you have classes with are random.

    But as you start to focus more on what you’re studying in college then the same people start to show up. That’s what I was hoping for when I began to focus on my Film major.  Consistent faces. People who after being in several classes after a while, that I can eventually warm up to and make friends.

    But here’s where the problem began, many of those familiar faces started to gather in groups. No common interests other than our major and the fact that maybe they’re outgoing. Over time I can make friends, usually one at a time. But when they’re in a large group it makes things more difficult. It’s kind of hard to reach out when they have a half dozen others to talk to.

    Naturally, they’ll stick to the same people when partnering for groups and projects and rarely meet new people. Ironically, despite being outgoing they’re reluctant to meet new people.

    Take my Creative Writing Fiction class this morning. Most of the people there are English majors with a few Film majors like me there who need the class as a requirement for screenwriting. Fortunately for me there was a friend of mine in class that I met through a mutual friend. There was also a guy there (also a film major) that I had a class with before and worked on a project with. He’s definitely more on the introverted side and I can potentially see myself reaching out to him. Another Film major who reached out to me in the class after discovering we also have Music Theory, and a woman I’ve pretty much been in several classes with and comfortable talking to. 

    You’d think it’s fine because I have so many people I can reach out too. Then there’s this group of people that sit in the row behind me. All of them are English majors in their own little group and signed up for the class together. We were put into groups by the Professor and she tries to split this group in half to join other groups and meet some of their peers. They weren’t having it. Saying “We want to stay together.” I understand that. You have people you’re comfortable with that you know. But at some point you have to expand you’re group, mind, and comfort zone.

    This coming from an introvert who is realizing that he actually likes people even if he’s not so comfortable with them. Every semester I look forward to seeing new faces, new people, and hope to meet at least one new person. It’s kind of difficult when people want to voluntarily segregate into corners.

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  • It’s odd. Everybody wants to be special; at the same time they are willing to adapt to be accepted. In groups they then ostracize people they see as different or whom make them jealous or insecure. Never realizing in doing so they have made their enemy special: For to be special means not to fit in with the crowd in the first place.

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  • That feeling when everyone who also writes your muse is following and talking with each other and liking their posts despite being very new to the fandom, and you’re not in the ‘group’ and you feel left out and you’re wondering if everyone secretly hates you because something about your portrayal is wrong. Yeah. Feelsbadman.            

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  • “It’s not fair that only the pretty girls receive special treatment. Why don’t they ever give out free ice cream to the girl who can recite the Periodic Table?.”


    Yes, I know the left side of her hair is lopsided. Who cares, though?

    #bully scholarship edition #canis canem edit #beatrice trudeau#nerds#cliques#memes
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  • unfortunately, much like a rickroll, this information can spread quite far and to quite a lot of people because so many people don’t click the link to the source and will just read something and believe it when the source is a fucking rickroll.

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