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  • squidsponge
    17.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    So are we all just going to ignore that at some point in The Clone Wars, Cody went through an awkward teenage phase where he canonically had a mohawk?

    He kept his helmet on for like 3 seasons and now we know why

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  • pinkiemme
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Vamp Rex trying to revive Fives after he was shot by biting him

    Here’s the version I was making at first with Vamp Rex x reader??

    Thank you @general-h-syndulla for your help 💕

    #I’m sorry#really sorry #and yes I’m crying #byeeee #the clone wars #star wars #the clone wars art #arc trooper fives #captain rex #rex and fives #tcw#tw: blood#blood#warning bloog#angst
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  • multifandomnonsense
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Wrecker: Hey do any of you know how to play the trumpet so you can teach me

    Tech: Why?

    Wrecker: So I can wonder around and annoy Crosshair

    Echo: Technically you don’t need to know how to play for that

    Wrecker: You have opened my eyes

    #star wars #the bad batch #incorrect quotes #clone trooper wrecker #clone trooper tech #arc trooper echo #clone trooper crosshair #clone force 99
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  • a-lil-perspective
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Auntie: If a bad guy got you, I’d hunt them down to the ends of the Galaxy I swear it on my life I’d make them pay.

    Crosshair: If you asked, I would kill every person in this room without a second thought.

    Hunter, thoroughly disturbed and a little bit scared: You guys know normal couples don’t say these things to each other, right?

    Cyare, in the other room: *heart eyes*

    #SEE WHAT I DID THERE LMFAO #HUNTER #he gon get u #shut up Hunter #this is the new and improved love get out of here #they’re both marksmans ffs what did u expect #anyway this is everything #crosshair and auntie I fucking love them #*Auntie does fulfill her promise btw👀* #tw relationships#tw killing#incorrect quotes #soft sniper sunday #crossverse #domestic!crosshair #dom!crosshair #ram’ser husband #crosshair and auntie #crosshair #clone trooper crosshair #heartfire#sergeant hunter#cyare#CYARE LMAO #the bad batch #bad batch #clone force 99 #it’s a lil thing
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  • the-white-queen001
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #obi wan kenobi #anakin skywalker#captain rex#commander cody #arc trooper fives #clone trooper jesse
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  • book-of-baba-fett
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Illicit Affairs - Master List

    Captain Rex x Jedi OC (Talia Riva)

    Series Description: After being stranded together on a deserted planet, Captain Rex is forced to confront his own feelings for a Jedi General - is it just simply attraction or something more? Caught between duty and desire, they both must decide what’s most important to them. Rex’s responsibility to his brothers and to the Republic, or her and a life he never thought of for himself. And her faith in the Jedi order, which seems to crumble more as the war rages on.

    Ao3 Link

    Series Rating: E, 18+ (Some Chapters are just M, this is a slow burn fic)

    Updated 10/17/2021

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5


    Reblogs, shares, and comments greatly appreciated!

    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuQdWGHhN_Hv4Mwd2PRI6TkRtH1lPQDCe

    This is just a mix of a lot of what i listen to while writing and brainstorming this project - it's very eclectic and ranges from pop to rock to movie soundtracks (also got a lot of Taylor Swift cause y'all the fic is titled after a Taylor Swift song.) I'm going to add more songs as some chapters come up, cause certain songs would definitely by lyrical and tonal spoilers lol.

    A/N: Tagging my taglist just so they can keep these all in one place :)

    Taglist: @galacticgraffiti @pinkiemme @djarrex @clone-simp-time @hockeyjedi13 @justanothersadperson93 @paige6768 @saltywintersoldat @crosshairxstars @dinner-djarin @whore4rex @raven--queen @grimhood9 @shuttlelauncher81

    #captain rex #star wars fanfiction #the clone wars #fanfiction#star wars #captain rex fanfiction #captain rex smut #star wars smut #the clone wars fanfiction #the clone wars smut #tcw fanfic#tcw fanfiction #captain rex x oc #captain rex x ofc #captain rex x jedi #masterlist#tcw smut#sw smut#sw fanfiction #clone trooper smut #slow burn #friends to lovers #forbidden romance#forbidden relationship
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  • rebekadjarin
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Underrated duo | Crosshair and Tech

    #The bad batch #The clone wars #Tbb#Bad batch#Tcw#Crosshair #Bad batch Crosshair #Tbb Crosshair#Ct-9904#Ct 9904#Tech #Bad batch Tech #Tbb Tech #Crosshair and Tech #Clone#Clone trooper #Clone force 99 #GAR #Grand Army of the Republic #The clone wars season 7 #Star Wars #Star wars the bad batch #Star wars the clone wars
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  • sleepy-tog
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Clonetober Day 17: OC clones!

    I know I cheated a recently and chose two OC clones for my favorite clones, so have another OC clone, as a treat.

    Meet Ash, a clone medic from General Krell’s battalion, reassigned to the 501st after Umbara. Good friends with Echo and Kix, because they all deserve more good relationships. Ash is an OC from the SWFF Discord Spice AU!

    #clonetober2021 #all the clones #clone wars#star wars #star wars tcw #clone wars art #501st battalion#general krell#pong krell#arc echo#medic kix #SWFF Discord Spice AU #oc clone troopers #my art#neon lights
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  • clonetober
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Clonetober week 3 is finally here!

    Keep up the fantastic work, here are the prompts for week 3! Feel free to do one or both prompts for each day, and to interpret them in your own way. Remember to use the # Clonetober2021 or tag us in the post so we can find and reboot your submissions to this page!

    As always, if you have any questions, issues, or need help, our DMs are open!

    (If there’s mistakes above or below no there’s not thanks ily)

    See below for a text version of the above chart:

    Day 17:

    OC Clones / Non-infantry

    Highlight your original clones


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) from a non-traditional assignment

    Day 18:

    Commandos / Happy Ending AU

    Artist’s choice of clone commandos


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) getting the happy ending they deserve

    Day 19:

    Coruscant Guard / Stakeout

    Show these brave boys in red some love


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) on a stakeout

    Day 20:

    Captain Rex / Humanitarian Efforts

    Oh captain, my captain, Rex deserves so much love (and sleep)


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) on a humanitarian mission

    Day 21:

    Clones and their Jedi / Domestic Bliss

    Highlight the relationships between clones and their Jedi


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) enjoying some domestic bliss

    Day 22:

    Captain Gregor / Laughter

    Celebrate Captain Giggles


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) enjoying a good laugh!

    Day 23:

    212th Battalion / Overwhelmed

    The brave boys of this battalion deserve some love too!


    Artist’s choice of clone(s) being overwhelmed by something, enemies, emotions, etc.

    #clonetober2021 #all the clones #clone wars#star wars #star wars tcw #clone wars art #captain rex#captain gregor #212th attack battalion #coruscant guard#clone commandos #oc clone troopers
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  • i-scare-myself
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    CT-6218 'Captain Rye' with the Oracle Company

    Second in command, Rye is known for his creativity and bending the rules just enough to not get decommissioned.

    #oc clone troopers #star wars#oc character #original clone characters #clone troopers
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  • murdertoothpick
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    kinktober day 17

    breast worship | kix x fem!reader

    warnings: (1) tit slap, a lot of praise, cheeky bastard, cum on breasts! 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, anyways yes i will go into my hole of shame now | w/c: 470 | full kinktober masterlist

    'God, you're so pretty...' Kix thrusts forward, his hips between your thighs and your knees bent upwards. 'Gorgeous,' he grunts in tune with a thrust powerful enough to have you arching helplessly into him.

    'Oh, Kix,' you mewl, bringing an arm up to your head to fist the pillow under it, 'M'so close.'

    'Karking gorgeous like this,' he mumbles under his breath, continuing his pace into you as his eyes rake over everything from the waist up, resuming eye contact with you again with the announcement of your coming high. 'I fucking love your body,' he groans, eyes dropping to your breasts as they bounce with each thrust, 'and these fucking tits!' he says in awe, 'fucking perfect.'

    'Ohmystars-' you breathe, flushing at the praise, 'You really like them?'

    'Fucking love them,' he's quick to respond, moving his hand to palm at your breast as they jerk with his thrusts. '- Could look at them forever,' he grins.

    'I - Oh! - could give you a picture. Shit! - yanno, for your wallet, or whe—'

    'Fuck, you're perfect,' he cuts you off, squeezing the breast he had reached for earlier, 'For medical purposes right? Anatomy and all...'

    You moan, 'Yeah - forgot. No wonder you know my body - oooooh - so well...'

    'That right, huh?' he groans, dragging his cock out of you before pushing it back in with a force that has your toes curling, 'I'd love to do more research.' Kix tweaks one of your nipples between two fingers, and then withdraws his hand and slaps.

    'Kix!' you gasp, not even a second after the sound of his skin meeting yours. You can feel it tingle with heat. ‘M’gonna cum!’

    ‘I know,’ he hurries, the offending hand dropping to rub circles at your clit, ‘C’mon then.’

    You chant his name as your orgasm rolls over you, your back arching with each final thrust of himself inside your clenching walls. He pulls out of you moments later, his cock soaked with your release, and he’s bringing himself higher up your body, fisting himself until he cums over your breasts. By then you’ve raised yourself to lean on your elbows, baring your chest to him with your chin tilted up as you watch him in awe, him completely mesmerised by the way his cum dribbles onto your skin. He shifts his position again, returning to lie between your legs and kissing you, feeling as if he’s the luckiest man in the galaxy.

    You giggle, reciprocating eagerly, and whining when he separates your lips. They travel lower and lower, along your jaw, down your neck, and then—

    ‘Kix, what are you doing?’ you ask amusedly.

    He smirks at you before dipping his head to lick a long stripe up between the valley of your breasts. ‘Just helping you clean up.’

    #mt2021kinktober #kix x reader #ct 6116 x reader #clone trooper kix x reader #clone medic kix x reader #the clone wars x reader #tcw x reader #clone wars x reader #501st x reader
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  • exhaustedtech99
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Error n’ Reg Shenanigans #28


    Reg knows when Error really REALLY needs a tank cleaning when he starts acting high.

    The fluid used to preserve his brain needs monthly changes, if left to stagnate it gives Error a “high” feeling.

    #reg n’ error shenanigans #clone trooper error #clone trooper reg #clone trooper oc #clone oc #clone wars oc
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  • incorrectclonequotes
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jesse: You could answer almost anything with “not since the accident”.

    Rex: Actually, you can’t.

    Hardcase: Not since the accident.

    #star wars#tcw #clone trooper jesse #captain rex #clone trooper hardcase #incorrect quotes
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  • ngyawwwrrrrr
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The Mission 💧

    Click photo for high resolution

    "The mission, the one in our dreams… that never ends. The one in our dreams... Oh, brother. This is the end. Forget the mission. Oh, the nightmare. I'm… free."

    Tup's last words are so gut-wrenching 😭

    Also, as heartbreaking as his death was, I don't understand why his hair was still man-bunned 🤷 I've literally never seen his hair down. Tup, are you ok??? I know the chip is giving you a migraine, but that permanent bun isn't helping either 😫

    Alsooo, skipping to TBB, how did Hunter get away with removing his inhibitor chip without shaving off a sizeable chunk of his space Rambo hair, hmmm? Tup had a whole chunk shaved off, Fives went with his whole head, Echo and Wrecker are already bald, and Tech already has a receding hairline so that isn't a problem, so how come Hunter looks like nothing happened????? What if his hair is actually just a wig that he holds in place with his bandana 😶

    Anyway, back to sad times---I've said this before, but I think he got his single teardrop tattoo because he always had nightmares as long as he could remember. As a young cadet, he often woke up crying from night terrors caused by his chip, which was really defective (just his chip, not him; go perish, Nala Se 💥). 🥲

    #ct 5385 #clone trooper tup #tup's finally free from the mission and nightmares 🥲 #fucking inhibitor chips #i hate nala se with a passion #star wars the clone wars #I don't know how Tup could sleep with his hair tied all the time honey that's not very comfortable pls #chip conspiracy arc #Hunter's hair is a wig 💥 #tbb hunter #the bad batch #arc trooper fives #tbb echo#tbb tech#tbb wrecker #star wars the bad batch
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  • archeo-starwars
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #star wars #in universe medicine #clone troopers
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  • maiseey
    17.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #fanfic resource #please consider reading #for some better understanding #medicposting#stress injury#combat ptsd#ptsd #combat stress reaction #operational stress#mental illness#star wars#clone troopers#clone wars#swtcw #star wars tcw #the bad batch #tbb#tcw #the clone wars #tbb echo#captain rex #star wars rebels #tw suicide mention #tw violence mention
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  • queen-breha-organa
    17.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Okay so listen to me for a second, I have Clone Trooper thoughts-

    I’m rewatching Captain America and there’s this bar scene where Steve explains that bc of his advanced cells, he can’t get drunk

    And now I’m sitting here obsessing over what it means to be the perfect solider. Not just skill and knowledge and weapons. But mind and body.

    I have this hc that Jango is actually 5’7 like Tem and the Kaminoans just added a few inches to his height in the genetic template so the clones could be “perfect”

    And now I’m thinking about cellular regeneration. Having soldiers who’s body regenerates faster is obviously ideal. Which means I’m officially tossing out the “clones can get drunk” hc and replacing it with “their metabolism is too fast to get drunk”


    What about sleep cycles? Do they need less sleep? Maybe they need less nourishment. Perhaps they heal much faster than the average person. Or maybe they’re naturally inclined to think faster, mental math is easy, even before training.

    Just- what would make a perfect solider in the eyes of the Republic?

    #IM HAVING THIUGHTS BEYOND MY SKILL LEVEL #girl help #do I understand science? no #but it’s Star Wars so I don’t think that matters at all #star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #swtcw#clone troopers #also don’t be weird I am having science thoughts #i will block you if you be weird
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  • vodiiqe
    17.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    if fives worked at starbucks:
    #arc trooper fives #clone troopers#star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #fives#meme#starbucks#pickup#line
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  • starwarstotallycorrectquotes
    17.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Echo: What are you doing?

    Fives: Oh, I was just gonna light this chicken on fire to see if it would turn into a phoenix.

    Echo: It’s 0300

    Echo: …

    Echo: We can try tomorrow.

    #arc trooper fives #fives star wars #fives clone wars #arc trooper echo #echo star wars #echo clone wars #echo the bad batch #star wars #star wars the clone wars #star wars clone wars #star wars incorrect quotes #star wars clone wars incorrect quotes #star wars the clone wars incorrect quotes #brothers#clones#arc troopers#domino squad #early morning antics
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  • ameanstoanendor
    17.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    A paranormal investigations show in Star Wars with Echo and Fives would have the exact same energy as Buzzfeed Unsolved

    #first thought would be that echo is like Ryan and fives is like Shane #but how funny would it be if it was the other way around #clone wars#Star Wars #arc trooper echo #arc trooper fives #a says a thing
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