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  • whirlybirbs
    27.11.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    pov: the commander of the 111th attack battalion makes eye contact with you across a crowded ranking ceremony, what do u do next

    #i would kiss him #clone trooper oc #talon squadron #OOOHHH COMMANDER NYYYXXXXXX #some rare birbs art
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  • whirlybirbs
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #clone trooper oc #clone wars oc #talon squadron #glass x reader #officer glass#HEHEHEEHEHHEE
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  • yukipri
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Rex, with the wings of a king

    from Take Flight, Brothers All, my Winged!Clones AU!

    AU tag: #TakeFlightBrothersAll


    PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!

    ❀ You can see the rest of my art including the rest of this AU through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!

    #TakeFlightBrothersAll#YukiPri art#Captain Rex#Rex#TCW#Clone Wars#CT-7567#Star Wars#wing fic #winged!clones #the Clone Wars #clone trooper#SW #The following are the OP/artist's comments: #another art that took an age and a half and probably shouldn'tve #I have a ref sheet for Rex that I made ages ago that will probably go public soon #but on it you'll be able to see that Rex's wings are a deep royal blue accented with Cody's Gold #the effect is that his wings look like a starry night sky #Cody tells him the galaxy is in his wings #He also has jaig eyes on his wing armor #and I really wanted to show off the paint on the back of his armor but the angle/lighting didn't work out #maybe next time
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  • brother-genitivi
    26.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    unwhitewashed Rex, anyone? comparison pic under the cut

    #the clone wars #captain rex#ct 7567 #clone trooper rex #unwhitewashtcw #unwhitewash the clones #made his hair a little longer for the curls hehe #also tried to make him look like he's closer to 20 #i might edit this one again I'm not too happy with the nose #but I tried to make his eyes more hooded like Tem's #it's okay rex you're finally getting what you deserve king ❤❤❤
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  • cyareclones
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I was thinking about how if locks survived past order66 he’d probably want to be a dad. (somehow) adopt one of the many young clones after the clones are phased out of the empire.

    Ad’ika never got the chance to be a soldier so he’d ask Locks, his lo’buir, about the war. He’d eat up any war stories Locks would be able to share. He’d definitely ask to wear his dad’s armor a few times. Ad’ika woukd INSIST on wearing his hair just like his dad. A mini-me if you will.

    Locks let’s ad’ika pick his own name so he calls him ad’ika, kid, kiddo until he does.

    His hobbies include: napping, eating Locks’ famous grilled cheeses, driving speeders w his dad

    Idk where I’m going with this but, BABY CLONE!

    #star wars#swtcw #the clone wars #clone#clone oc #arc trooper locks #clone cadets
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  • hellothere-generalangsty
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hi Love, ♡

    I don't know how to start this letter

    I miss you. Maybe it's stupid to start this way, but it's true. I miss you, I miss your smile, I miss your laugh; I miss the way the sun highlights your face when you're sleeping in my arms.

    I want to come back to you. Come back... Home.

    I hu... I don't know how long I don't know how much time

    Things are going here. It's hard, but I'm holding on. Trying to.

    I will come back to you. It may take a bit more time than expected, but I will be back. I promise you.

    Sorry for the scratches and folding, I had to hide it the letter in my armour before sending it.

    I hope it will find you; I hope I will find you.

    Don't forget about me yet,


    Handwritten letter below (aurebesh)


    Taglist: @chaoticvampirejedi @loth-wolffe @m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s @dusk-dawn-and-stars @tacticalsparkles @imalovernotahater @canwestayinthisdream @wakeupjackthisisntfair @namesmox @badbatch-simp24 @lightning-wolffe @maddieskywalker @for-the-love-of-clones @m-e-w-117 @99squad @equalityforcats @ladykatakuri @techssexythighs

    @firelordillyria @andiebell2023

    #fives friday#star wars #the clone wars #fives #arc trooper fives #mesa writes #fives x reader #arc trooper fives x reader #no one told me writing aurebesh was so hard- #letter#aurebesh#tcw fic#sw fic #fives my beloved #happy Fives Friday peeps!
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  • cyareclones
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hold your brothers close

    (cadaver, on the left, belongs to @circadianx)

    #arc trooper locks #clone medic cadaver #locks and cadaver #star wars#swtcw #the clone wars #clone oc#the 501st#501st#Ringo Vinda#arc trooper#clone ocs #clone trooper oc
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  • fuck-mate
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The mandalorian urge to adopt

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  • radioactive-bug
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    We all agree wolffes a ass man right

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  • sleepyhead-starmaker
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Mom! The feral child got into the animation tools again AND pulled out the glitch effects!

    in all seriousness this was very fun to make and I may or may not have just stared at it for a solid half hour while blasting cavetown thru my headphones. The mental image sat in my head for literal weeks before making this, and the gif proceeded to spend several more in my camera roll. But yeah enjoy/cry.

    Words are lyrics from Psychometry by Cavetown

    #Jewel doodles #clone trooper dogma #Pspsps commanderfoxdeservesbetter it’s one of those songs I rec’d you #umbara arc #Just him... alone in there in that cell... I think about that a lot okay
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  • simpfor501
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    You're My Pick Me Up

    Wreaker x reader
    Reader (afab) is now on the Havoc Marauder. Living with 4 advanced clones, and being a field medic can be stressful and smelly but a gentle giant may help them power through
    WARNINGS: Drinking, drunkenness, acting like an idiot while drunk, loud clubs, gagging, vomiting

    Chapter 2 1, ♡

    Hunter clapped you on the shoulder as you stood next to the ship, “Welcome aboard, Ma’am”

    “Oh please Hunter, (y/n) is fine.” You waved off his formality, “You’re stuck with me. So let’s not make it stuffy.” He smirked and moved to the side,

    “I’ll take those in, We have an extra set of bunks, one of them has their own small ‘room’” He used his finger as air quotes when saying “room” You knew it wasn’t going to be all that private,

    “I brought something for that already.” You had been on the Havoc Marauder a few times before. You know that the extra bunks had an almost perfect view to the cockpit door and if standing in the cockpit you could see the little indent where the bunks were. You packed a sheet to hang up, you needed privacy sometimes with them. Hunter nodded, he stepped away to pull your things on board, Tech waved, not bothering to look up from his Holopad. "Where's Cross?" You asked as you stepped through onto the ship. 

    "In his bunk," Hunter said nodding his head to Crosshair and Wrecker's shared bunk, "That hit did a number on him." You lightened your steps as you toed past his range of hearing. Hunter paused just outside of your area. One set of bunks were set in the wall on the left side, back wall infront of you had shelves and drawers build in for storages and the other wall wad blank, ready for personality. 

    "Thank you, Hunter."

    "I'll let you settle in," he started to walk away before turning back, "Oh, we're going to stop at the 79's later if you'd like to join? Well, us minus Cross, Doctor's orders." He leaned against the wall. You smiled,

    "Of course. I'd love to." Hunter nodded,

    "I'll leave you to it then." He walked off. Your first order of business was to set up the sheet. It was a simple grey, GAR administered blanket that you barely touched you entire time with the army. Next was your bed. You ripped off the scratchy and uncomfortable bedding and stared to change it out with your own bedding. Sheets you had bought out on the town, surprisingly you had the same size bed as the clones bunks, just a larger room. As you started to make your bed a cough came from the other side of the sheet. Followed by an unsure "knock knock"

    "Come in Wrecker." He lifted the sheet, he was taller than how high you put it up, but he still shrunk himself down to not peek in, "you can raise it up if you want. If your nervous about seeing in accidently" you offered he nodded and quickly tired to move it up. It was hard for him, only having one arm and all but after a minute or two he did it. The top reached above his head and the sheet now tickled the floor rather than pooling on it like before.

    "Better?" He asked,

    "Much. Thank you Wreck." His smile grew.

    "Wrecker. Hunter needs us, were meeting in front of Crosshairs bunk." Tech stated from the other side of the sheet. 

    "Coming." You both said at the same time. Wrecker moved the sheet and waved you through. You smiled and stepped past him and into the main part of the ship. It was a quick walk over to the other bunks. And there was Crosshair, top bunk, rolled over to face the rest of us. 

    "Game plan. We have tonight off. 79's. But General Skywalker needs us for a mission in the morning, don't go too hard. (y/n) how well will Cross be for the mission?"

    "Oh! Uhm. It was only a minor injury. He should be fine if he takes it relatively easy for the next 10 to 15 hours. Just in time for the mission." You stated, remembering his log.

    "Fine. Don't have too much fun with out me." He grumbled. The brothers nodded, Hunter was the first to leave. Walking back to the cockpit. Tech was next, probably to work on fixing anything that needed his eyes. Wrecker sat his bunk,

    "Uh. I'll, uh, let you get back to what you were doing." He stuttered. You thanked him and quickly skipped back to your little cave. You pulled out your clothes and quickly orginized them in your shelves, shirts and pants on the top, uniforms below them, underwear and socks in one of the drawers toiletries next to your uniform (you didn’t have a beside table or anything so you had to make do), and shoes on the floor. This was clearly for a technician or medic to live in as there wasn’t space for a trooper’s case or equipment. You finished with a ton of time to spare so you took to climbing up to your bunk and watching trashy reality programs on the holonet.  After your third or fourth program, you brain was properly melted, when a gentle knock came from the other side of the sheet,

    “(y/n)?” Hunter’s voice asked, “Are you ready to go?” Shit. It was time to go already? You looked down, you were still in your uniform. You weren’t gross, you didn’t smell bad but you diffefnly didn’t want to go out clubbing in your uniform. You slithered out of your bunk, still groggy and tired. You tossed your holopad on the free bunk and pulled out a pair of white boot cut jeans, blue platforms and a matching crop top. Simple, sleak, fun, perfect. You pulled your hair away from your face and threw on some delicate make-up, just to cover some redness, make your eyelashes longer and define your face. You rushed out, grabbing the other things you’s need. Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker were all waiting outside. Crosshair was still laying down. 

    “Took you long enough.” Tech looked you up and down,

    “Sorry. I fell asleep.” you laughed a bit, Hunter raised his hand to stop Tech’s next thoughts.

    “I’m glad you can still join us.”

    “Thank you, Hunter.” Wrecker stayed silent. You looked perfect to him. Everything about you was angelic. You’re hair, face, eyes, smile, lips, “Wrecker?” those lips. He shook his head to snap back to reality,

    “Wrecker? Are you ready?” You asked again. He nodded quickly, his face bright red.

    “Sorry. I was daydreaming.” 

    “Well get back down here, we’ve got a club to go to!” You pulled him along, Hunter and Tech had already started walking down the street to the 79’s. He quickly struck up a conversation,

    “How are you settling in?”

    “Good! It’s a bit tight but it was worse when I was in combat training.” Wrecker blinked,


    “Yeah, all medics have to go through on field training. This includes combat. We had to carry guns. Half of us pretended to be troopers the other half had to go into ‘active fire’ to save them. We used decommissioned Repubic droids to simulate the clankers. I haven’t been on the field in a few years now.” You smield sadly, remembering your training.

    “Do you miss it?”


    “Being on the field.” He clarified as he opened the door for you. The bouncer nodded to him, and looked you up and down, Wrecker gave him a look. The bouncer quickly averted his eyes, but you didn’t really notice. You were too busy looking for Tech and Hunter through the blaring blue and pink lights and the clubbing music. They had found a booth on the other side of the bar, and two women had found them first. You frowned, you had no intention of trying to pry horny women off your boys,

    “What’s wrong?” Wrecker asked. You gestured to the table, “Oh.” He nodded, “Do you want to find a different booth?” he asked

    “No. Let’s just pretend they don’t exist. If they keep bothering me though I may have to be carried back to the ship.” you grumbled. Wrecker stayed silent as you grabbed his hand and walked over to the guys. As soon as you go to the table a voice called out for you,

    “(y/n)!” You let go of Wrecker’s hand, there was Kix and another ARC trooper behind you.

    “Boys! Hi! You hugged them both, “I thought you had a briefing tonight?”

    “The Captain does.” the arc trooper smirked down at you, “The entirety of 501st ARCs are here if you wanna sit with us?” You chuckled at his offer.

    “That’s very kind. But I have a new crew I want to be with for a bit. Maybe later.” You nodded your head toward Clone force 99. The two other women stared at you, shocked that you of all people got to be around these men 24/7 and that they knew you by name. 

    Wrecker was sitting by the time you turned around again. His arms were crossed and his gaze was directed to the dance floor, "first round on me?" You asked him. The girls cheered as their drinks arrived. Wrecker ignored you, "Come on Wreck. What do you want? On me!" He shrugged, you pulled the waitress aside. You handed her some credits and said, "two shots please." She nodded and walked off her hips swaying as she did.

    After a while the shots came back. You handed one of the brightly colored drinks. He didn't look at you. You frowned. Downed your shot. And walked to the other side of the room and took a seat next to the newest 501st ARC troopers. After a few minutes, and more than a few drinks you were dragged onto the floor by a Reg that was flirting with you since you sat with the 501st. 

    The music was loud, and is made the alcohol in your blood simmer. You felt electric, especially while you were pressed against the trooper. His hands trailed down your sides, yours stayed around his neck. You were there, and you could feel other troopers and their dance mates bump up against you. 

    Suddenly. A tight grip landed around your waist. You stopped, there was Wrecker, his arm looped around you. He pulled you away from your partner. You shrieked in annoyance. Pushing him away, who was he to get jealous after not talking to you. You stormed off, barely hearing his voice over the sound of the music and your own anger. 

    You stumbled up to the bar and ordered another shot. You quickly downed it and asked for another. Wreckers voice came from behind you, 

    "And water as well?"

    "Shit Wrecker. I don't need to hang over my shoulder" you pushed him back before downing yet another shot. Your voice was starting to slur and you felt as if your body was on fire. He pushed the water towards you. 


    "No." You slurred at him. "Maker, Wrecker. First, you're all into me, flirting, being all sweet. But then you're ignoring me. And now you're trying to sober me up! Kriff off!" You yelled at him, "And it kriffing sucks because I can't even express how I feel about you!"

    "What do you mean?" He sat at one of the empty bars stolls, his hand in yours, he lead you close to him. Maker even sitting he was huge.

    "Maker, Wreck." You sighed. Tears started to cloud your vision and alcohol clouded your judgment. You pushed forward and smashed your lips against his. Anger took over as you pushed yourself into him. He melted in your touch however, he had wished for this. This moment, his first time kissing you. But you pushed him away and ran off. Tears ran down your cheeks as you fled back to the ship and stormed back onto it. Cross was up, looking and feeling better as he was drinking a cup off caf when he saw you come in.

    "Maker. What happened to you?" He smirked. You sobbed and felt your stomach heave. You gagged and ran off into the refresher. Cross not to far behind with water. 

    "Remind me to never let you try to out drink me" He was mocking you for being a light weight. But that wasn't it, you felt sick with regret and pure joy all at once.

    "I kissed him" you sobbed into the toilet.

    "What?" Cross asked

    "I kissed him. You sobbed louder, "I kissed Wrecker. I broke a law. I'm going to jail. I kissed him. Kiff his stupid sexy face, his warm heart. And now I have to live with him" you felt more of the night jump to your throat and you turned back to the toilet.

    "Damn, (y/n). You're in deep bantha shit now." He smirked at you. You glared back. 

    "Look. Do you like Wrecker?" You nodded, the drunkest minds tell the most honest truths, "but you're regretting kissing him?"

    "Non-clones aren't-"

    "Thats a load of bantha crap." He rolled his eyes, "Half the women there flirting with us are non-clones hired in the GAR the other half work at the bar, the bar that is funded by the GAR." That didn't make tou feel any better. Crosshair sighed, "Just get ready for bed, and soon. Wrecker commed me that he's on his way back"

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    "Look around. We're one and the same. Same heart, same blood."

    Also, unwhitewashed clones look so much better than whitewashed clones, change my mind.

    #sw#star wars#badbatchartweek#unwhitewashtbb #unwhitewash the bad batch #arc trooper echo #sergeant hunter #clone trooper crosshair #clone trooper wrecker #clone trooper tech #clone trooper echo #clone trooper hunter #crosshair#swtcw #the clone wars #tcw#tbb#sw tbb #the bad batch #sw fanart#swtcw fanart#art challenge#bad batch #star wars the bad batch #swtbb#my art
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  • monako-jinn-stories
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #star wars #the clone wars #clone wars #the bad batch #star wars the clone wars #star wars: the clone wars #clone trooper#tbb#clone troopers#tcw #crosshair the bad batch #the bad batch crosshair #bad batch crosshair #crosshair x you #crosshair x reader #crosshair #clone trooper crosshair #crosshair bad batch #crosshair fluff #jinn the story teller 🤍🤍
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  • crazyforclones
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    “ Child Soldiers”

    “ Yoda reminded himself. If the clones felt like children in the Force, perhaps that was because in some ways they still were.”

    Ever since I hear that line from the Clone Wars stories of light and dark, It really got me thinking. It’s such a powerful line showing the reality of the clones. The clones are mentally and physically much older, but even then, there is still a child in there. A child who never got to be a kid. A child who never got to run outside in the wet mud on a rainy day. A child who never experienced love of any parental figures. A child who never got to make silly mistakes and learn from them. A child forced to grow up, a child forced to be an adult. A child forced to be a perfect soldier from the second they stepped out of their tube. Being told from the day they were born that they WERE going to die. And that it was honorable, in the name of an republic they didn’t have a choice to be apart of. They never had a chance to be a kid. And forever, that inner child inside them will be trapped, never to experience what it is truly like to be a kid. To never have that freedom. And never to escape.

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  • c0untrymutt
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Dancy dance

    #Clone trooper oc #Clone wars oc #Clone oc#Oc: Riot #The clone wars #Oc #Star wars oc #Star wars#Skyjumpers Shtuff#Gif
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  • hikime
    26.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Page 1 | Page 2

    Fordo remembers the young medic as the timid clone cadet that used the Z6 Rotary Cannon on the droids during Battle on Kamino (TCW: ARC Troopers episode) despite having lost his entire batch and the elder cadet that was assigned to look after them.

    #is Nix a survivor from Battle of Kamino? #idk tbh the timeline doesn't add up sjcjsjcjsjfjs #but i can just make Nix not having the growth spurt early at age 14 #i know someone who had a growth spurt at age 16 something so yeah #medic nix #clone trooper oc #captain fordo #ugh the eyes.... meh just assume they're blue because of the shine of the z6 rotary lol #kriff me i love that weapon so kuch #much #z6 rotary cannon #oh kark i forgot to add Fordo's red highlight on the kama #ah well tomorrow me's problem 😂🤣🤣🤣 #my art#hiki comic #idk if i wanna name this comic -- it just happened spontaneously yknow #battle of kamino #also lol guess who cameos at the back sjcjsjxk
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  • monako-jinn-stories
    26.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hey guys! I want to start trying something new! So, lately (the past few months lol) I’ve had quite a few times where I can’t seem to find creativity or get into the writing mindset, so I thought of a new thing to help!

    I would really love if you could send me over short fic ideas, just little drabble a you’d like to read, as little warm ups for me! They can be anything, angst, fluff, smut, a fight/battle scene, and with any Star Wars character/Star Wars OC!

    Things I will not do are clonecest, padawan and master romantic/sexual relations, or pedophilia

    And hey, if I end up making it a full on one shots then that’s even more fun!

    So send over your short fic requests, my ask box is always open!

    #star wars #the clone wars #clone wars #the bad batch #star wars the clone wars #star wars: the clone wars #clone trooper#tbb#clone troopers#tcw #star wars characters #jinn the storyteller🤍🤍
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  • ultimatedirk
    26.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    fun kix doodle w the new pen i got off nibs 

    #kix#swtcw#tcw fanart #clone trooper kix #fanart #star wars fanart #doodle#sketch#swtcw fanart #the clone wars
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  • fadba2201
    26.11.2021 - 20 hours ago


    #clonazolam #clonazolam #clonazolam

    clonazolam cas no.:33887-02-4


    wickr me: maggiewang2021

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  • queen-breha-organa
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    All clone troopers have naturally curly hair

    Argue with the wall bc I don’t wanna hear it

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