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  • the zygerrian arc………..

    #bro so many fucked up things just happened in 25 minutes #i haven't finished the arc yet but like. HOW is this rated pg #clone wars
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  • reasons why darth maul is my favourite star wars character:

    • he has cool tattoos
    • and horns!
    • and he has major mommy issues, just like me!
    • also that feeling you got the first time you saw him turn on his lightsaber and then the other end lit up too
    • he’s too angry to die, also like me
    • his name is fuckign,,, Maul
    #sorry i know literally no one follows me for my star wars content #but i must scream about my interests #even if it is into an empty void #star wars#darth maul#clone wars#misc#atlas talks
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    Originally posted by mysticperfectionbird

    Warnings: Short!reader

    Word Count: 185

    Day 26: Hanging Out (I didn’t really know what to do with this one)

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  • I just had a very cursed thought… But what if I redesign that one Transformers Cody? Or just draw him? The thought has plagued me for days now. I’m so tempted 😩

    #clone wars #the clone wars #commander cody #ale screams into the sideblog void
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  • I can say fuck now

    #hondo ohnaka #incorrect star wars quotes #clone wars #star wars the clone wars #i cannot be stopped
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  • The Mortis arc will forever be my favorite

    It’s is *chefs kiss*

    It makes me scream and cry and I love it

    Especially this part

    It just makes me so :0!!!!!!!!


    Originally posted by gffa



    If they talk about this in the Kenobi series(even briefly) it will be the only thing I post about

    #star wars anakin #star wars clone wars #star wars#mortis arc #Anakin is the chosen one #the father was kinda wack #anakin skywalker #love that man #obi wan and anakin #anakin and ahsoka #the clone wars #clone wars #this arc causes me pain
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    The echo the bad batch deserves 😤😤, he got his melanin, his health, and his beef back. And now with his cybernetic enhance meants. Created a powerful aura of is way to powerful for the crew behind the bad batch to handle!!

    #clone wars#star wars#clone trooper #bad batch echo #arc trooper echo #echo #no skeletons allowed in my bad batch #only thicc healthy arc troopers #who bully the bad bach from his newly developed personality #of being a lil shit #bringing everything he learned while being with the 501st with him #the bad batch dont know what to do qith him now
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  • #thanks for the request! #I searched pillow fight meme and found that pillow armor #y’all can decide who the pillow monsters are #we got a man down in the very back 😂 #ahsoka tano#captain rex#kix#Jesse#Star Wars#clone wars#tcw#my fanart
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  • Hello all, the first audio chapter of War Bonds is now up!

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  • Small Oneshot for when I’m board

    The 501st were on some random outer rim planet. They had just finished a long campaign. When the natives had come to greet them. One of the natives, a large Dathomirian male walked over and started checking out the General.

    At first he only watched from a distance, while Anakin talked with his men unaware that he had an audience.

    However the 501st were extremely aware especially Rex. They all tensed when the Dathomirian walked over to the General and grabbed his butt.

    The General quickly turned around glaring. The Dathomirian however only smirked while leaning in and whispering something to the General.

    The General didn’t look happy and had a frown on his face. It looked like the General was about to walk away. When the Dathomirian grabbed his arm smirking.

    “Where are you going, little slave?”

    The Dathomirian pulled the General against his chest. While looking directly at Rex and smirking.

    Rex looked pissed and he started marching over. When a small group came forward and blocked him.

    “Let me through.”

    One of the guys smirked.

    “No, our boss has decided who he wants and he gets whatever he wants.”

    Rex didn’t even hesitate to punch him while growling.

    “Get out of my way.”

    The group looked angry and started trying to attack him. Fives instantly jumped in and started fighting as well. The 501st ran forward and it soon started becoming a big fight.

    The General tried to use the force, but a force suppression collar was put around his neck. He snarled and tried to bite the Dathomirian.

    “Let’s go somewhere more private, my little slave.”

    Anakin tried to get away, but he was dragged away by the Dathomirian.

    Jesse and Hardcase saw there General being dragged away and rushed toward him. They fought the Dathomirian while Kix removed the force inhibitor collar. After that it was all over. Anakin used the force to stop the fighting.

    The 501st arrested the culprits and Rex walked over to his General. Making sure he wasn’t okay.

    “Are you okay, Cyare?”

    “I’m fine.”

    Rex kissed his General and one of the group members laughed.

    “Now I see why they rushed to your aid. Your sleeping with them.”

    The man laughed and Rex marched over, ready to kill him.

    The man smirked.

    “Enjoy your little slave, I bet he bends over for anyone.”

    General Skywalker knocked the man out, while saying.

    “I’m not a slave.”

    He looked at his men and said.

    “Let’s throw them into the bridge. We will deal with them once we are back on Coruscant.”

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  • Part 3 of Wolffe Koon and the Missing Aliit Members. Part 8 of Pun Wars. 

    As always, AO3 link below, if you’d prefer that. 


    From across the row, Wolffe could hear his father say, “I swish we could’ve brought more people with us.”

    Sinker’s eyes widened in exasperation and he turned toward his older brother. “I should’ve seen that coming. But I was really hoping he wouldn’t have any this time, it being basketball an’ all.”

    He shrugged in response. “Just expect it everywhere and you can be pleasantly surprised if he doesn’t somewhere.”

    Sinker nodded and turned his attention to the court, where the players were preparing for the starting lineup. Soon enough, the lights went dark and the jumbotrons played the highlights video they usually used to hype up the crowds before games.

    “Galactic Basketball Association Fans!” the announcer’s voice rang out over the loudspeakers covering the arena as spotlights highlighted the tunnels in the corners of the stadium. “It’s time for the Serenno Clankers to play your Coruscant Deltas!”

    In which Boost is decked out in blue, Wolffe tries to stop some Fett Chat Chaos, Plo believes he’s finally a pro at not losing anyone, Sinker thinks long and hard, and Comet eats some stadium food.

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  • Leading scientists say that you can go ahead and do whatever you want if you scream “FOR THE REPUBLIC” before doing it

    #star wars #obi wan kenobi #clone trooper fives #clone wars
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    💕 wallpaper Luke and Anakin skywalker 💕

    By: @skywalkerjubs

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  • #star wars#clone wars #clone trooper hardcase #nik scribbles
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    a babe

    #Star Wars#my art#Ahsoka tano #Ahsoka tano fanart #lil soka #star wars fanart #clone wars #clone wars fanart #digital art #artists on tumblr
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  • no strings attached | anakin skywalker

    a drabble for a concept I’ve had in my works for a long time but just haven’t made a fic out of - let me know if you want a long version


    Originally posted by princessxkenobi

    “No feelings?”

    He remembers saying despite the lump in his throat and the sweat on his hands.

    “I don’t think I’m capable of have feelings for anyone anymore.”

    You had said back. The words had struck him straight in the chest but he had simply nodded in affirmation. This was for the best, at least that’s what he told himself.

    “No feelings,” you had confirmed, your robes already half way onto the floor, his doing the same.

    “No feelings.”

    He had echoed mindlessly, with deep blue eyes gazing into yours, standing at the foot of your bed too in awe of the sight in front of him to protest.

    “No feelings,” you had whispered against his lips, your bodies pressed together, his moans bouncing off the walls of the room as he pretended not to hear you, to live in this moment of ignorant bliss for as long as the Force would allow.

    “No feelings,” he had mumbled under his breath, fastening the last tie of his robes and exiting your room without a second glance at you sitting on the bed, in fear of the emotions that had washed over him slipping through the cracks.

    He knew he had been lying. He hoped you were too.

    #star wars the clone wars #star wars fic #star wars #star wars x reader #clone wars #star wars prequels #the clone wars #star wars imagine #x reader #anakin skywalker x reader #anakin x reader #anakin skywalker #star wars anakin
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  • Whyd I just think about after the padawan lost arc Ahsoka hearing the call of a Trandoshan on a mission and panicking and Anakin doesn’t understand why but offers comfort anyway-and she’s forced to explain how the call brought her back to that damn forest where she was hunted for sport.

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