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  • i-am-the-trash-duchess
    19.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Me: yeah I'm reading like seven fics at once now I really don't need another one

    The fic:

    Me: yeah I'm reading like eight fics at once now I really don't need another one

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  • clonewarssimp
    19.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    my OC Kelee! I'm still trying to work out her personality but expect to see a lot more of her!

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  • vxdfives
    19.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Some of my favorite Fives screenshots because I lost my cat yesterday and I need my favorite clone boy for comfort

    The face of someone who really doesn’t want to end up a wall decoration

    Ready to fistfight droids if he has to (well more like getting punched in the face because we all know how it ends when he tries to beat up commando droids)

    Idk who he’s looking at but apparently that person deserves to get glared at

    Fives initial reaction to getting any order seems to be “ew” even if he agrees with them

    “There’s nothing wrong with me” exactly

    He can definitely pull off shiny armor

    #star wars #the clone wars #clone trooper #arc trooper fives #fives #clone trooper fives
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  • myeternalsin
    19.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Worthwhile (Crosshair X F!Reader)

    My first one shot for The Bad Batch; It's Crosshair! Enjoy~

    Summary: Spending the early morning with Crosshair in bed. You want to go back to sleep, but Crosshair has other plans.

    Word Count: 1108

    Warning: Suggestive themes, It's gonna get HOT!

    The sound of pounding rain against the skylight awoken (Y/N) from her peaceful sleep as she slowly opened her eyes. The room darkened both from the blackout curtains and the stormy weather outside the bedroom windows. It only became bright for a couple of seconds when the lightning illuminated the two secret lovers laying on the bed.

    (Y/N) felt her lover's lean arm hold onto her tighter, as he too was reluctantly awoken by the storm. He buried his face into her neck as she smiled wide and reached up with her hand to run her fingers through his grey hair.

    “Crosshair” (Y/N) whispered as he started to leave lingering kisses along her neck.

    He mumbled a couple of incoherent words before she heard him ask, “What time is it cyar’ika?”

    (Y/N) glanced over at the alarm clock on her dresser reading 0655. “It’s almost 0700,” She whispered back as his other arm wrapped around her waist and placed his hand on her heart. “Your brothers will be here in 3 hours. I’ll have to get up soon to make breakfast for everyone”

    Crosshair hummed in reply and nipped at (Y/N)’s ear. “I think we’ve got time for some more rounds.” He drawled and kissed her cheek, then her forehead as his hands started to wonder.

    “Sweetheart,” (Y/N) grinned as she felt another kiss on her forehead while lifting his wandering hand from below her into her grasp, kissing his hand. “You just got back from the Anaxes, you need sleep!”

    (Y/N) turned her full body to look at him and was about to counter protest when he swooped in and pulled her even closer to his chest, her breath leaving her body as he captured her lips in a hot searing kiss. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands squeezed her hips. They both fought each other in giving the most desperate open kisses they could give to the other. Crosshair bit her lip, and (Y/N) gasped in shock as the slightly pleasurable pain made her body shudder. His tongue snuck in and they fought for dominance, but only for a short period of time. She rolled her eyes as he won the fight and cupped her face. They both broke apart for air.

    “I’m still sore from last night.” (Y/N) finally confessed as her face flushed from embarrassment.

    Crosshair gave a cocky smirk as he rested his head on his hand looking at her. Relishing in the way she was flustered and becoming shy. “Who’s fault was it last night when you wore that favorite bodysuit I like?”

    (Y/N)’s face bloomed darker. “I was missing you!” She smacked his chest playfully as he chuckled at her reddening face. “How was I supposed to know you were coming home last night?”

    Crosshair smiled as he placed a kiss on top of (Y/N)’s head as she hid her face in his chest.

    “I suppose I can give you a break.”

    “Thank you dear.” (Y/N) whispered as they both closed their eyes, enjoying the moment they had together. She savored the feeling of Crosshair’s hands wrapped around her hips, while she brought her hands up and started massaging the back of Crosshair's head.

    (Y/N) was in absolute bliss. The pounding of the rain on the skylight, the warmth from Crosshairs soft hands, and the movement of Crosshair's chest moving from his soft breathing. Her eyes started to get heavy as sleep was about to consume her once more, wanting to just let go and let the darkness and Crosshairs embrace take her away. From the war, the army, the politics, everything.

    (Y/N) felt one of Crosshair's hands leave her hip, maybe to roll over and hook his hands behind his head to look up at the skylight. He usually did that, and she would-


    (Y/N)’s eyes snapped wide open in horror, shocked from the possible red handprint she would have on her butt. Crosshair chuckled darkly as he smoothed his hand over the cheek he just slapped. Her eyes narrowed as she gave him the most menacing glare she could muster. “Really Crosshair, really?”

    “Oops.” Crosshair never opened his eyes as he was still grinning like the smooth man he was. He opened his eyes and (Y/N) could feel the atmosphere strain with desire as his eyes burned with lust. “C’mon, you know you love it when I smack your ass.”

    (Y/N) avoided the subject and rolled over while giving a snort as she scooted to the edge of the bed. “I thought we just agreed to go back to sleep?” She chided.

    Crosshair moved over onto her side pursuing his little prey. Leaning over and whispering, “I never agreed to anything cyar’ika,” He sat up against the headboard and scooped her up to lay her against his chest, having her sit in between his legs. “C’mon ik’aad, give me 5 minutes. I’ll make it worthwhile.”

    (Y/N) raised her eyebrow in bewilderment. “You-you really think you can,” She had to take a pause to remind herself to breathe as he started to kiss behind her ear, his hands making purchase on her hips once more. “You really think you can make me come undone in 5 minutes?”

    He quickly let go of her hips, one hand grasping her chin and the other hand clenched in her hair. “Is that a challenge?” He asked as his eyes bored into hers, leading her into his trap.

    She stared owlishly at him as she pondered aloud and took pleasure in the tight grip he had in her hair. “No, more like debate really because I don’t think that’s even humanly possible.”

    Crosshair’s grasp loosened as he threw on his signature smirk and leaned down to her eye. “Let me prove it to you.” He whispered as his eyes landed on her soft lips, wanting nothing more than to bruise them.

    He leaned down and hovered just slightly above her lips. “I suppose I could.” (Y/N) sheepishly agreed as she too couldn’t deny wanting to kiss him again. His lips brushed hers, softly, delicately, like carrier butterfly wings, just long enough that she could inhale his breath, feel the warmth of his skin, and the taste of him. She sighed dreamily as she pulled away from the breathtaking kiss. “I really did miss you, Crosshair.”

    Crosshair grinned as he rested his forehead against hers, and dragged out the words he knew would capture her always. “How touching.”


    (Y/N) was officially ruined.

    AHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe I WROTE THAT!!!! I'm like hardcore trying not to squeal so loud!!! Let me know what you guys think! Remember Bad Batch request are open!


    #the bad batch #the bad batch x reader #the bad batch x you #bad batch crosshair #the bad batch crosshair #crosshair x reader #crosshair x you #female reader #star wars the clone wars #star wars x reader #the clone wars x reader #star wars one shot
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  • zinzinina
    19.05.2021 - 37 minutes ago


    I’m finally tidying up my masterlist! Please expand for a complete list of my works. Everything is explicit and 18+ only.

    Please send me a message if you’d like to be added to or removed from my taglist. x

    Boba Fett x F!Reader:

    a mutual arrangement (ongoing series)

    read on AO3
    read on tumblr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    Poe Dameron x F!Reader:

    directions (oneshot, complete)

    read on AO3
    read on tumblr

    Captain Rex x F!Reader:

    hierarchy of needs (oneshot, complete)

    read on AO3
    read on tumblr

    Jango Fett x F!Reader:

    after the first death (oneshot, complete)

    read on AO3
    read on tumblr

    Bodhi Rook x F!Reader:

    unforming (oneshot, complete)

    read on AO3
    read on tumblr

    Drabbles and scraps:

    Clone Commander Bly

    Comedown (Din Djarin x F!Reader)

    #zinzinina#masterlist #star wars smut #star wars fanfiction #boba fett fanfiction #boba fett x you #a mutual arrangement #poe dameron fanfiction #poe dameron x you #directions #jango fett fanfiction #jango fett x you #captain rex fanfiction #captain rex x you #hierarchy of needs #bodhi rook fanfiction #bodhi rook x you #clone commander bly
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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Crosshair S1E3

    #tbb spoilers#crosshair #clone commando crosshair #star wars the bad batch #season 1#episode 3#gif pack#crosshair gifs #the bad batch #clone force 99 #bad batch#star wars#clone troopers
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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Omega S1E3

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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Wrecker S1E3

    #tbb spoilers#wrecker #clone commando wrecker #star wars the bad batch #season 1#episode 3#gif pack#wrecker gifs #the bad batch #clone force 99 #bad batch#star wars#clone troopers
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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Tech S1E3

    #tbb spoilers#tech #clone commando tech #star wars the bad batch #season 1#episode 3#gif pack#tech gifs #the bad batch #clone force 99 #bad batch#star wars#clone troopers
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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Hunter S1E3

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  • jenstar1992-2
    19.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Echo S1E3

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  • dinkryze
    19.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #fox answers #psssst you should totally give clone wars a shot #id be happy to give you a list of the actually /relevant/ episode arcs so that way you can skip all the super tedious ones lmao #fox thoughts
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  • imperium-of-dawn
    19.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Fic prompt.

    The Bad Batch have to make a stop at a jungle planet and there they discover a Republic soldier (who is just Rambo but in Star Wars, same headband, same voice, etc) who's been waging a one man guerilla war against the Imperial occupation.

    #the bad batch #star wars #the clone wars
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  • canthelptoloveit
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Innocents of Ryloth is something that can be so personal...

    #tcw #the clone wars
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  • gail-skywalker
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here’s some random stuff I thought of. Hope it’s actually funny

    Maul: -and KENOBI cut ME in half and somehow I’M the ‘bad guy’. I mean, how does that make sense? HE RUINED MY LIFE AND TOOK AWAY MY MANHOOD AND HE GETS DEEMED A HERO!!! I swear, I will get my revenge-

    Jesse: didn’t you kill the woman he loved and his master?

    Maul, flustered: yes, but he-

    Jesse: and didn’t you beat the sh!t out of him with your brother?

    Maul: okay yes, but-

    Jesse: dude.... I think it’s obvious

    Maul: .... what?

    Jesse: *sighs* look, I hate to break it to you but.... you’re just a d!ck

    Jesse: oh wait

    Maul, irritated: WHAT!!?

    Jesse: how can you be a d!ck if you don’t even have one?

    Mandalorians: ooooooooo!!!

    Maul: *twitching* yoU LITTLE B!TCH-

    #clone wars#star wars#clones #star wars incorrect quotes #clone wars incorrect quotes #clone trooper jesse #incorrect quotes#darth maul#funny #clone wars season 7 #clone wars season seven #siege of mandalore #lord maul #star wars funny #mandalore#501st battalion#bored af #clone wars ahsoka #nerd culture#fandom #star wars fandom #clone wars fandom #star wars maul #love the clones #sith lord
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  • totallycorrectjediorderquotes
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bultar: Wait so Master Plo just left the Council early?

    Agen: yeah, he walked in and literally just said “I am almost four hundred years old and therefore am not sitting in on this meeting today because I, as the youths say it, am straight up not having a good time right now”

    Agen: And then left

    #Am I bringing this over from my main blog? yes #Bultar Swan#Agen Kolar#Plo Koon #Chaos Crèche Crew #Incorrect Star Wars Quotes #Star Wars #Star Wars: The Clone Wars #Star Wars: The Expanded Universe #Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy #Source: Twitter
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  • myeternalsin
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Help me!

    Just a little PSA, send me love songs that make you think of your favorite fictional character? I need inspiration!

    #fan fic#fanfiction#fandom#marvel#harry potter#star wars #star wars rebels #star wars the clone wars #star wars the bad batch #transfomers#anime#x reader#x you#reader insert
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  • degreeinsimping
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Little Things (Hunter x Reader)

    Once again, I got this idea from a post made by the lovely @itspauvr <3!! Hope you all enjoy!!!
    Summary: Hunter has feelings for you, but always thought you didn’t feel the same. And yet, you always remember the little things about him, making him think he just might be wrong.
    Word Count: 725

    Hunter wasn’t a morning person. Really, none of The Bad Batch were, but Hunter especially. It would always take him a few minutes to even get out of bed, let alone make it into the main area of the ship, like now.

    Everyone else was up, yourself included, except for Hunter. But, speak of the devil, he came walking in, very sluggishly, and took a seat next to Crosshair.

    You smiled, walking over to him and placing a cup of caff on the table. He looked up at you, the remnants of sleep clouding his mind and making him confused.

    “Tech and I fixed the caff machine, enjoy.” You patted his shoulder and sat down next to Echo.

    Hunter grinned at your kindness and took a sip of his drink, eyes widening. “Wait- this has-“

    “One sugar, two cream, just how you like it.” You made it a priority to remember how he likes his caff, and you could see Tech smirk and wiggle his eyebrows at you from across the table. You smiled sweetly at him before discreetly kicking his leg as hard as possible.

    Tech yelped in pain making Hunter give him a weird look before looking back to you. “I thought we ran out of sugar and stuff awhile back?”

    “We did, but last time we were planet side I went into town and bought it.” You shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal, looking down to pick at a scratch on the table, meaning you didn’t see the way Hunter’s eyes softened.

    That was the first time he thought that maybe...maybe you could feel the same for him as he does for you? But he shook the thought away, it wasn’t that serious. Sure, you remembered all these little things about him all the time, even how he likes his caff, and went out of your way to get it, but that’s normal.

    A few days later, when he was hungry, Hunter was scavenging the ship for food. He knew rations had been running low, but now he was beginning to think they had run out of food entirely. Just as he reached to open a cabinet, you walked behind him and lightly placed your hand on his back, making him jump slightly.

    You laughed, “Didn’t mean to scare you. I handed out the last of the ration bars last night, we’re landing on some planet later today to restock. Until then, there’s a star fruit in that cabinet over there.”

    “Star fruit?” Hunter opened the cabinet you pointed at and sure enough, there it sat. He grabbed it, looking at you in question.

    “I heard you say awhile back it’s your favorite, so I got it for you.”

    He was about to respond, until Wrecker yelled for you. You sent a small smile his way before disappearing through the doorway.

    That was the second time he thought that you might like him as more than a friend. You constantly went out of your way to remember things about him and be kind, there had to be something there. Right?

    For a long time, he thought on it, until finally deciding he’d talk to you about it. So, one day when you two were alone on the ship, he went to find you. He expected to see you resting, maybe tidying up since you hated how nasty the ship could get, but no. Instead he seen you nearly folding the weighted blanket he kept on his bunk, a basket of other already folded laundry beside you.

    You noticed him standing there, “Hey, hope you don’t mind but I washed your blanket. I know you got pretty upset the other day when Wrecker got food on it so...”

    It felt like Hunter’s heart skipped a few beats. Before he could say what he came to talk about, you cut him off, “Oh! And I used odorless detergent, since strong smells can mess with your senses, so don’t worry about that.”

    “Why’re you so good to me, cyare?” He stepped closer, and you turned to face him.

    You took an almost unnoticeable breath in before smirking, “Well, it could have something to do with the fact that I like you...you know, a lot.”

    Hunter internally was beyond relieved, but showed no reaction on the surface. He chuckled, “Where’d the sudden confidence come from?”

    “Oh — Crosshair told me you like me.”

    “He did what-?!”

    #tbb #the bad batch #sw: tbb#clone troopers #clone troopers x reader #star wars #the bad batch hunter x reader #tbb hunter x reader #tbb hunter #sergeant hunter x reader #sergeant hunter x you #clone trooper hunter x reader #the bad batch hunter #hunter x reader #clone trooper hunter #sergeant hunter #star wars clones #star wars x you #star wars the clone wars #star wars the bad batch #star wars fluff #star wars: the bad batch #star wars: the clone wars #star wars x reader #sw: the bad batch #sw: the clone wars #sw tbb #sw:tcw x reader #sw: tcw
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  • jgvfhl
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [ID: A digital painting of Commander Wolffe in Geralt of Rivia's clothing and studded armor from The Witcher series on Netflix, except the wolf medallion features the Wolfpack symbol instead of Geralt's normal wolf image. There is a streak of white in his dark hair and his remaining eye is gold. Wolffe is crouched on one knee, his right hand on the hilt of his sword, point down in the ground. He is dipping the fingers on his left hand into a puddle of what can be assumed to be a monster's black blood. The same blood is smeared down the sword, and there are smudges of his on his face. The background is a gloomy forest, with grey trees and dull green grass. End ID]

    This only exists because of @blsmjoon's love for grumpy strong men with associations with wolves. And frankly, it was way too much fun. Used a new brush to color!!! very fun. @nl13 @darth-void @darth-mendax And even if you're a TCW fan but have no idea what The Witcher is or who the heck this Geralt person is, you can at least appreciate Wolffe in cool armor with a sword.

    #my fanart#digital painting#commander wolffe#the witcher #the witcher fanart #tcw fanart #look at himmmmm #so COOL #the clone wars
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  • jediknightmcardle
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Captain Rex arrived today. So I did a thing. So happy how these turned out! Big thanks to @sithwitch-crosshairs-toothpick for the encouragement! @elizabeth7567 @wellseasonedovercooked @feltpool @crosshairss @ct-crosshair @deewithani @deathwatchnightowl

    #star wars #star wars nerd #the clone wars #clones#captain rex#rex #ahsoka and rex #ahsoka tano#commander cody#save crosshair
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