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    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    opening a drug chart to find a note from the pharmacist that says “Amazing prescribing! Thank you :)” is the working-life equivalent of when you’re in primary school and finally get your essays back where the teacher writes “Wow, great work! 40/40″ at the top and yes, it IS just as satisfying

    #then two rooms later you find another drug chart absolutely drenched in green ink lmao #but that's okay because I got a smiley face once :) #even if it was just for rewriting the old chart into the new chart with all the additional notes included #me to the rest of the ortho chat: me and Feta are besties now #(In an ironic twist of fate I could not read the pharmacist's writing here. how the turn tables) #even my consultant was like ‘wow pharmacists never praise anyone in the drug chart you did good’ #the only moment of competence I've had on this team #and it was because I was Really Good at rewriting everything from the old chart into the new chart including the pharmacist's notes #it did not require a brain!! absolutely no thinking was involved!! I just needed a black ink pen and a few fingers #a nine-year-old could've done this (much like a nine-year-old could've sat my final final exam better than me skjdfhskj) #good to know all my Me is completely unnecessary and even a hindrance at times :D #but hey I'll still take the praise #Cheese's personal molasses #Cheese evaporates about...job?? #anyways back to Actually Studying for the first time in actual months #with a level of stress comparable to final exams #I WANT to like night shifts #and I DO like them #if only people would stop getting SICK #my co-intern had two arrests and a stroke call on his first night this rotation #my first call of my first evening shift was an arrest #it is a struggle to remain optimistic :') #but I shall try #mostly because I need to stop being paranoid and go to SLEEP so I can actually Get Work Done after midnight #ANYWAYS WISH ME LUCK AND REST ASSURED I WILL BE MENTALLY SCREAMING UNTIL THIS WEEKEND IS OVER THANK YOU
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    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I have many ideas for Girl Genius fics, but nothing concrete enough to make my brain write the thing.

    #Girl genius #I love all of these characters so much #But my brain isn’t co-operating on the writing thing at the moment #Maybe if I do a really projection-y one? #But who to project onto? #(Context: I have chronic pain #It’s bad right now) #Juno talks
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    22.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Co-Workers 3 - Career Advancement



    Fandoms: Destiny, Destiny 2 Tropes: The TW list just about covers everything TWs:  Child homelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, underage prostitution, implied amputation, implied sexually transmitted disease, child abuse, non-consensual tattooing, non-consensual IUD insertion, implied drug abuse, fucky thoughts about death

            All things considered, today is a fairly ordinary day for Miirha. After buying breakfast from the market, she’s used up the last of her Glimmer, and so she decides to risk a day of working by the docks in order to replenish her savings. She’s gotten a bit bigger now that her Ether rations are better, and so she has a higher chance of successfully fending off whoever might try to muscle her out of her territory.

            Miirha’s favorite spot at the docks is a busy street corner, where the many Skiff crews will be likely to encounter her as they enter the city. In addition to visibility, this spot also gives her a great view of the ships as they fly into the port for a landing, or disappear back into the starry expanse above her. Many of the docked ships are littered with scorch marks and holes punched into their hulls, and Eliksni crews skitter vertically along their exteriors, armed with metalworking tools to repair the damage. Miirha passes the time by making up stories of the epic battles that had put those holes there.

            Despite her best efforts to seem enticing, it’s a few hours before anyone approaches her. The first one is an elderly Eliksni woman—that’s unusual, but so little seems strange to Miirha anymore.

            It would be difficult not to spot the woman at a distance. She’s big, probably one of the largest Eliksni that Miirha has ever seen. Whatever she does for a living, it certainly affords her plenty of Ether. She walks with two of her claws on a finely-crafted metal cane, not entirely unusual for her age; and at her side, she’s carrying an embroidered bag that’s probably large enough for Miirha to sleep in.

            Miirha opens her mouth to say something enticing, but the old woman speaks first, leaning down to converse with the much younger girl. “Um, pardon me, but I see you loitering around the docks here regularly, and I’ve started to become concerned. Where are your parents? Do you have somewhere to go home to?”

            Home. Miirha barely registers the oddity of the question before her mind flashes to her village, and for a moment, she’s inundated with images of blackened fields and charred corpses. Somewhere off in the distance, something smells like it’s burning. Her sudden alarm must show on her face, as the old woman’s expression only grows more worried.

            “N-no, no parents. This is where I live.” Miirha gestures to the street around them.

            “Oh, that’s horrible!” the old woman turns and starts rooting through the bag at her side. “Here, I brought a blanket and some Ether for you. I suspected you might be homeless; it’s the least I can do.”

            She holds out the two items in her primary claws, gesturing for Miirha to take them. The girl takes a step back, cautiously regarding the offering. She’s not above taking payment in goods rather than Glimmer, but it’s rare to receive them up-front.

            “What do you want for them?”

            “Just take them; they’re yours now. You don’t need to give me anything.”

            Miirha’s eyes widen in surprise. “Th-thank you.” she stammers out, unsure of what to make of the strange situation.

            Hesitantly, she reaches out to take the bottle and blanket, but the old woman doesn’t let go of them just yet. “Although, I would appreciate it if you’d be my guest for this evening. I’d like to know more about you; we can talk over dinner. It’s been a long while since I’ve entertained a guest myself.”

            Dinner? While Miirha highly doubts that anyone would simply give away a meal for free like that, this woman has proven to be surprising. She's already the kindest person that Miirha has ever met outside of her village, which immediately makes her suspicious. Against her better judgement, she follows.

            The old woman continues to converse with her as they walk. “What’s your name, dear girl?”


            “I see. You may call me Madam Hetyraks.” she says with a grin.

            Madam Hetyraks leads her to a moderately sized metal structure, not nearly as tall as the ones near the city center, yet still massive compared to anything that she’s familiar with. The room that they enter into is so noisy and packed with bodies that she can barely keep up with the old woman. All around her, people talk illegibly with one another, shout over the results of games they play around tables, and call for food and drinks from someone behind a counter off to one side. Against the back wall is an elevated platform, on which several performers blare music from their instruments and dance in outfits that leave little to her imagination. The air is laden with a strange-smelling smoke, making her nearly choke for breath.

            Miirha isn’t sure how Madam Hetyraks could possibly live in such a place, until the old woman leads her to a flight of stairs in the back, then up three stories to a door at the end of the hall on the top floor. The space inside is relatively small, especially considering the Madam’s lofty stature, but lavishly decorated with traditional Eliksni tapestries and sculptures. Miirha makes herself comfortable in one of the living room’s large plush chairs, while her host prepares something that makes her stomach growl just from the smell of it. Madam Hetyraks soon returns, setting two rare steaks on the table between them, which Miirha wastes no time tearing into with her claws and mandibles.

            “So, Miirha, how did you end up living on the streets?”

            Even with her mouth stuffed full of the free food, Miirha shrinks a bit. Hesitantly, she recounts her former life on Viinis; how she used to be the daughter of Ether farmers, until the accursed Lightbearers came and burned it all to the ground. The smell of smoke comes back halfway through her description, and she has to pause a few times when she gets choked up.

            “Hm, a refugee then. Seems to be a lot of those these days, with the Humans gaining so much territory.” Madam Hetyraks pauses to take another bite of her steak, the red juices momentarily dripping from her teeth before she wipes them away. “And... how did you find your current profession?”

            Miirha goes stiff in her seat. “You, um…” She lowers her gaze in shame, shrinking away from the old woman. “You knew about that.”

            The former warmth of her tone takes on a colder edge. “That I did. I’ve seen quite a few streetwalkers in my days. I assume that for a homeless refugee such as yourself, it was either this or starvation?”

            She can’t meet Madam Hetyraks’ eyes; hot, humiliated tears starting to form at the corners of her own. That familiar burn of shame is creeping its way back into her thoughts again, reminding her how undeserving she is of this woman’s generosity.

            “I-I’m trading what I have for what I want.”

            Madam Hetyraks extends a primary arm, gently placing a claw atop one of hers. “I don’t mean to judge you for it, dear. I understand that you’re doing what you have to; that you’ve likely decided this is the best out of a series of bad options. I’m not unsympathetic.”

            Miirha glances up in surprise, only for her relief to go cold with the old woman’s next statement. “In fact... your profession is precisely what I brought you here to discuss.”

            A chill runs down her back. Ah. There it is. Although her spirits plummet even further, she can’t help but feel relief now that the other shoe has finally dropped. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is; of course the dinner had to be paid for somehow.

            She has to fight to keep a tremor out of her voice. “What do you want me to do?”

            Madam Hetyraks’ eyes widen for a moment, before she laughs and waves a claw dismissively. “Oh, nothing like that! I assure you, it’s not as lascivious as whatever you’re thinking. I’d simply like to make you a, hm… business offer, let’s say.” She withdraws her claw from the girl. “How would you feel about taking your work indoors?”

            Miirha tilts her head at the old woman, not yet continuing to eat. “What do you mean?”

            “I’d like to have you as an employee here, at my fine establishment. The work will be the same, but you'll be doing it indoors, in a bed that’s yours to sleep in. You’re welcome to live in my building, for as long as you continue working there. I can promise you’ll never have to worry about freezing to death on the streets again… provided you keep the clients coming, that is.”

            For a few moments, Miirha is stunned into silence. Her previous fear has vanished, replaced mostly by confusion, yet she feels a faint flicker of hope buried beneath it.

            “...Are you offering me a home?”

            Madam Hetyraks shrugs, looking amused. “If you want to look at it that way, I suppose. What I’m offering you is employment and housing.”

            Miirha wants to hope, wants it so desperately she feels her heart strain, but she knows inside that there’s no possible way. If this dinner was already good to be true, then the promise of a permanent home definitely is.

            “Um, I’m not sure about this…”

            “I can understand your hesitance; this must all be so new to you. In addition to housing, I can provide you with a number of other benefits over working on the streets, including protection, utilities, and medical care. My building has central heating, running water, electricity, and I have a healer on call. I guarantee you won’t find any better living situation; not with whatever meager income you get from streetwalking.”

            Miirha flinches. “And... I just have to keep doing what I do now?”

            “Precisely. The way we do business is a bit different, but I’m sure you’ll adjust.”

            When the girl still doesn’t answer after a few moments, Madam Hetyraks continues unbidden. “You’re under no obligation to accept, of course. You’re perfectly free to walk out my door right now, and go back to your old life as a homeless, streetwalking gutter bug. Or, you could spend tonight here, sleep on a warm bed in a heated building, and then continue to do so every night from here on out. The choice is yours.”

            Miirha can’t remember how long it’s been since she last slept on anything other than concrete. Her head spins with all of Madam Hetyraks’ promises, and she really isn’t sure what her life might look like as her employee, but anywhere that offers her a free bed must be a decent place.

            “That’s…” she isn’t sure what to say, so she just says what she’s thinking. “Working for you sounds amazing. Thank you.”

            The old woman’s claw goes back to covering her own. “It’s my pleasure, dear.”

            Madam Hetyraks stands from the table, then goes to retrieve a datapad from another room. The display is covered in words that Miirha doesn't understand, and the Madam puts a stylus in her claw and tells her to sign an empty box at the bottom. When Miirha demonstrates her inability to write her own name, the old woman grows agitated, taking the girl's claw in her own and spelling it out as well as she can guess from the pronunciation. Once the datapad is signed, her warm smile returns almost immediately.

           Miirha spends the night in what Madam Hetyraks calls a “guest bedroom” on the second floor. The bed is probably the softest thing she’s ever touched; whatever the mattress is stuffed with, it’s so much more compressible than the simple grass-filled ones that were standard in her village. The temperature of the room also never seems to fall; even when she awakens from another nightmare, it’s still just as warm as when she fell asleep. She wonders if this has anything to do with the ‘central heating’ that the Madam mentioned.

            Miirha could get used to this. She just hopes the price for such generosity is one she’ll be able to afford.

            The next day, she’s properly initiated into her new employment. It starts with a real bath; one with actual soap and water that flows from a spigot in a wall. The concept of indoor plumbing is a novel one to her, but she can’t argue with how nice it feels to finally scrub off the grime of the streets. After the bath, Madam Hetyraks disposes of her filthy and torn rags, replacing them with two new sets of clothing: a plain shirt and pair of pants, and then a far fancier, more revealing outfit that she’s to wear while on the job. Miirha’s face heats at the thought of wearing the latter, but she’s grateful for the gifts regardless.

            Once she’s dressed in the plain clothes, they travel to a small clinic, where a healer converses amicably with the Madam; probably the one she mentioned as having on-call. The healer first instructs Miirha to urinate in a cup, then examines the stump of her severed arm, then finally has her remove her pants and lay with her legs spread wide. They’re holding a strangely shaped tool, and she doesn’t get any warning before the freezing metal is inside of her. She can’t see what the healer is doing from this angle, but when the discomfort abruptly turns to excruciating pain, she screams. For several agonizing seconds, it feels like she’s being ripped apart from the inside, before the pain fades just as quickly as it started.

            “What the fuck was that!?” Miirha shouts at the healer. She’s pretty sure that hurt even worse than getting docked.

            The healer stands from between her legs, completely unperturbed. “An intrauterine device. Hetyraks asked me to put one in for you. It’ll stop you from laying eggs.”

            “Oh… um, t-thanks, I guess?”

            They turn to a sink and begin washing the tool with foul-smelling chemicals. “Looks like we’re all done here. You’re lucky your arm isn’t infected, but you’ll need to stay on an increased Ether diet for it to regrow.”

            Easier said than done, Miirha refrains from scoffing.

            They pause to extract a small plastic bottle from an overhead cabinet, then push it into Miirha’s claws. As it shakes, she can hear several tiny objects rattling around inside. “Swallow two of these a day until they’re all gone, and your itch down there will go away.”

            She can’t even bring herself to be embarrassed about that. She only gives a small affirmative gesture in response, still reeling from the pain and severely sore inside.

            Miirha has to limp to their next destination, which is an engraving parlor. Madam Hetyraks seems to know the engraver as well, and instructs him to carve a complex design into Miirha’s shell on her lower back. She tries her best to be brave, but a few whimpering cries still slip out as the engraving pen cuts into her. After the cut is made, the engraver covers the area with ink, then wipes away the excess. He explains that as her shell regrows, the ink will remain in the grooves, making the mark permanent. He lets her see herself in a mirror, and although she can’t read the lettering on the design, the Madam tells her it says ‘Hetyraks’ in Eliksni script.

            As they’re leaving, Miirha enquires about the cost of all these things. Madam Hetyraks’ answer is stern, given in the same tone her mother might have used to scold her.

            “I’m fronting the cost, but consider this a debt, not a gift. I’m investing a significant amount in you, because you’re going to make even more in the long run. Don’t give me a reason to regret my decision.”

            On their return, Miirha gets to meet her new co-workers, who turn out to be a diverse bunch. Not all of them are Eliksni, and to her surprise, not all of them are girls either. She’s pleasantly surprised to find a few other adolescents around her age, who she resolves to make friends with. When she catches glimpses of their lower backs revealed by their scant work clothes, she notices they all share the same inked engraving.

            Compared to the streets, working for Madam Hetyraks feels too good to be true. Miirha hasn’t slept so comfortably since the days of her village; no more freezing her shell off under a cheap blanket in some alleyway. She can now take proper baths on a regular basis, rather than just rinsing herself off in whatever water source she can find. It’s safer, too; when a client gets too rough with her, or tries to avoid paying, she can usually count on the other workers to deliver them a solid beating. She’s required to turn away any client with an obvious disease, and the healer visits regularly to examine all of the workers. Despite how painful their first meeting was, Miirha is glad she no longer has to chew up foul teabags anymore.

            Of course, Madam Hetyraks demands a majority cut of everything she makes, plus a little extra for the clothes and healer’s fee. But the clientele pay far better here, more than enough to make up for it. With the extra Ether she can afford, her arm is starting to look like a small, withered version of what it used to be; a definite improvement over just a stump. It’d grow back faster with even more Ether, but she doesn’t dare try to keep her earnings for herself, as she’s seen her friends beaten for attempting the same thing.

    In between the busy nights of food and music and clients, Miirha makes good on her resolution to make friends. She quickly becomes close with one of the dancers downstairs, an Awoken girl named Fuchsia, who is only slightly above Miirha’s level of maturity for her species. Fuchsia teaches Miirha how to engage with the games that the customers play, gambling for Glimmer and then earning it back by seducing one of them into spending the night. Whenever she takes a client, Fuchsia spends a significant portion of her pay on poisonous beverages, as well as strange plants which she ignites and then inhales the fumes from. At her behest, Miirha tries these things for herself, but fails to see the appeal.

            Boredom is something that Miirha has never really dealt with before, but Fuchsia helps her stay occupied. While they’re not working, the two spend their time playing a game using colored cards, or watching media on an old monitor that the workers have set up in the back room. Miirha finds their friendship comfortingly similar to how she used to play with the other children of her village, just enough to tug on a thread of wistfulness within her.

            One night at the bar, when business is slow and Fuchsia has drunk so much poison that she reeks of it, Miirha asks her how she originally came to work for Madam Hetyraks.

            “My parents were on Ceres when the Queen nuked it in the Reef wars. Gotta make my own living somehow.” the Awoken girl says, staring down into her half-empty cup. “Drinking, smoking, gambling, ‘n fucking are all things I’m gonna do no matter what. Might as well get paid for it, right?”

            Miirha tilts her head in curiosity. “But… why would you do those things no matter what?”

            Fuchsia seems annoyed at that. “Cuz I need it, and I figure it doesn’t matter much if it’s bad for me. I’ll prob’ly die before I’m forty anyways; either from an OD, or getting strangled by one’a these guys, or something like that. The star that shines twice as bright lives half as long.”

            She empties her cup, and Miirha helps her stagger back up the stairs to her room. After that night, Miirha decides not to bring it up again.

            Many of the adult workers spend their free time reading books or datapads, which never fail to incite Miirha's curiosity. The written word is a mystery to her; while she knows that the symbols convey information, she’s unable to decipher any of it. One particular worker makes more of a habit of reading than all the others, an adult Eliksni man named Lyriks, who she recognizes as one of the musicians from downstairs. Whenever she watches media or plays cards with Fuchsia in the back room, she almost always sees him lounging off to the side, buried in a magazine. One day, she finally works up the courage to ask him about it.

            Gingerly, she taps him on the knee, and Lyriks sets his magazine down on his lap. “Oh, hey Miirha. You need something?”

            “Um, I see you reading here every day, and I was wondering… could you, maybe, read to me?”

            She briefly fears a rebuke, but is relieved when his face lights up with a strange, warm expression, somewhere between joy and pity. Miirha feels like a three-legged cat that’s just walked up to him and asked to be pet.

            “How about this: I’ll do you one better.” he holds up the magazine. “I’ll teach you to read this on your own.”

            As it turns out, the magazine he’s reading is a Human one, written in English. While he insists on teaching Miirha the Eliksni script first, he promises that once she can read her own native language, they’ll return to the magazine and start working on English as well. Their meetings become frequent from then on, and with each one, she manages to read a little bit more. From the way he interacts with her, giving glowing praise for her successes and gentle correction for her mistakes, Miirha gets the impression that he’d very much like to have hatchlings of his own someday.

            Empowered with her new knowledge of written language, Miirha gets the idea to ask Madam Hetyraks if she can review the contract she first signed upon starting her employment here. The Madam answers only by slashing her claws across Miirha’s face, then swiftly vanishing back into her apartment. When Miirha returns to the back room with dripping blue scratches across her cheek, it’s Lyriks that bandages her up.

            In time, Miirha settles into her new life. She continues to take clients, and after a long time and many more slashes from Madam Hetyraks, she mostly ceases to ask questions. She has a warm bed, a full stomach, and a community to which she belongs; all amenities she’d lost with her village, and ones she’ll never take for granted again. The shame still lingers in her mind as she falls asleep, as does the yearning; both are like old friends at this point. Despite the similarities, Madam Hetyraks’ brothel still isn’t the same as her old home in the village, and Miirha knows it never will be. She always assumed she’d live the same life as her parents: as an Ether farmer on a quiet terrestrial barony, not a low-end prostitute out in a Reef city. She’s surviving here, but it remains difficult to feel like she’s truly living.

            Although Miirha sleeps comfortably, her nightmares come no less frequently. There are still nights when she startles awake with her eardrums ringing from the pop-pop-pop, her nostrils burning with the stench of smoke and blood. In the dark of her room, when all her clients and co-workers have gone and she’s finally left alone, only then does Miirha allow herself to cry.

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    Now there was a question: What did the public at large see when it came to Emily and Nicholas’s faux-relationship? What about the whole thing seemed so authentic to the fans, the loyal viewers who bought up every magazine that had the two of them in it, those who flocked to the theater whenever they saw their names on the marquee? He frowned as he gave it thought, wracking his brain for an answer.

    And honestly? He couldn’t find one: He supposed it mostly came down to the studio’s machinations, and their constant pushing for photo-ops, all the little things they fed to the tabloids to fuel the fire, but even beyond that, he recalled all the photos he’d seen of the two of them together in his magazines, and while Nicholas seemed pleased as punch, there was something about Emily’s smile that didn’t quite feel right to Randall, something that didn’t seem as genuine as the ones she gave for solo stills and promotional pictures. Maybe her discomfort went over the heads of most of the readers? She was a very good actress, after all, and perhaps that had a hand in it...

    This he ruminated on in his answer to her, as he finally admitted, “The studio’s probably got a lot to do with it, I mean, it seems like they set up a lot of the, uh, the “candids” between you and Nicholas.” The magazines were filled with pictures of Nicholas and Emily supposedly out having dinner as they discussed their scripts, walking through town, hanging out between takes, and while they were supposedly caught in the moment by a lucky paparazzo, Randall never really bought that.

    “Y-Y’know, i-it always seemed, well...really coincidental, that they kept catching the two of you out together,” Randall admitted. “A-And honestly, I-I think you’ve had way more chemistry with a lot of your o-other co-stars.” Maybe the studios just figured that, since Nicholas was a relatively handsome and popular leading man (if you say so... Randall thought; he certainly didn’t see the appeal), and Emily was a beautiful and talented leading lady, they’d naturally have chemistry and the studio would then be able to milk for all it was worth? He wasn’t sure. He couldn’t say for certain why people thought what they did about the Sweethearts, but either way, it had certainly been lucrative for the studio.

    #((this new little studio cannot afford to put up with nicholas's antics! they see him as too much of a liability and can him)) #((and quickly hire an actor they know won't trash the set in a fit of rage or act like a complete prima donna the whole shoot!)) #((and oh man the LOOK on nicholas's FACE when he realizes he's getting fired; he comes into work and they're like 'nope you're out')) #((and it dawns on him that he can't whine his way out of it; oh MAN!)) #((like i could see him folding his arms and being like 'oh you won't be able to find a replacement for me; you'll come crawling back')) #((he's so confident that they will...but then lon walks onto the set; all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as he greets the director)) #((and nicholas is left spluttering and demanding to know and boy as soon as he learns that THIS is the son of his former co-star)) #((oh BOY he's gonna fly off the handles! i honestly feel like we should write out this little scene between lon and nicholas)) #((just because it'd be so explosive and so fun to watch go down!)) #outofhatboxes#beatingheart-bride #V:Sweethearts of the Silver Screen
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    Genuinely, fanfic authors go at your own pace unless you know you have a dedicated group of reviewers. Haven’t updated in over a year, had people begging me to return and I finally did only to get next no reviews but loads of people reading. I get it, it’s apocalyptic times etc but people wonder why fanfic authors stop and this is def part of it.

    I’m def grateful to those that have reviewed, it means a lot. I just want to post the next chapter but now don’t feel like going to all the hassle of editing it when virtually no one will bother to give me any feedback.

    #personal#fanfic#fanfiction#writing#my writing #I don’t want to sound greedy or grumpy here but it gets me every time #esp those gits that just follow and do nothing else #I don’t think many people realise how much work writing is to do well #I’d happily do it cos I love it but yeah do it for you not others
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    Just some ramblings

    uhh... I think I’m going to revamp Lily Anne, my golden era oc that I briefly introduced here a while ago... probably going to rename her too, because i feel weird sharing a name with her since she evolved so much but also I feel weird working on her, because on one hand she is probably my oldest hp oc in existence and she’s very dear to me but on the other hand she started out as a main character in a story I was writing with my best friend at the time with her oc, so like... she’s kinda incomplete when she doesn’t have that oc friend and I just hshsjsks I don’t know. Just thinking about her makes me want to collaborate on a story with someone like I did back then it’s a very weird feeling...

    #rambles#obviously #idk it’s like the hphm/hl/ma ocs exist on their own and it’s kinda a different story #but with golden era oc i need to have more than just ‘-ah yes they fit into the canon now’ #this probably doesn’t make any sense #especially since i can’t even write anything the way i want #wven if i know exactly how i want it #ugh#send help #i guess i just miss co-weiting and exchanging ideas with someone
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    **When you’re rereading one of your old fics from 2018, and realize that YOU’RE A FREAKING PROPHET… 😱🤦🏼‍♀️

    #spn#dean winchester#my writing #like what the actual hell #at least my version ended happily #thank you very much #*side eyes Dabb and co.
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    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #part 2 is here #snowbaz#co/ws/awtwb #carry on fanfiction #simon snow fanfiction #snowbaz fanfiction#my writing #gettin into that good textfic content
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  • fuyuluvs
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    oh 👁️ hmm

    #no cos the prev rb. now m js thinking ab frantic reassuring sex w katsuki #he's cupping your face and looking all over your features like he's desperately trying to recognize them again #and whispering 'you love me right? you wouldn't lie to me?' and mindlessly nodding his head when you whine out /yes/ #yes you love him and you love him so much. you're his and you'd /never/ do anything to hurt him #and he's js so vulnerable that he's willing to believe anything that doesn't shatter the future he's envisioned w you #AAHHHHH IWANNA WRITE THIS SO BADDGDKAHJFG #aether rambles #toxic relationships tw #???? js in case
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  • ibis-gt
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    unrelated to literally anything but we were talkin pokemon types for our OCs in a discord server and. electric/fairy luther. thank you for your time

    #art #cam and luther #i guess this is technically #pokemon au #but a diff permutation of it #poke luther is a rare route 5 babby #u might write him off as useful in the short term but weak in the long run #but hold on! cos he'll come in useful against a certain legendary water/dragon later on #will also shock the living fuck out of you with static electricity on accident
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  • devolusion
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Fuck the French.”

    #and their stupid laws #anyway i am going 2 sleep Real early 2night cos i woek up 2day feeling like a fucking corpse #but.  i love u all.  write me a starter.
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  • weedle-testaburger
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    it's 1am and I am once again missing infinity train. cn/hbo really had a show with a gorgeously dynamic premise, gorgeous sci-fi aesthetic, fantastic characters and stories in the seasons we got, and practically limitless potential to do series after series of it, and they canned it halfway through its intended run because it 'didn't appeal to kids' and the writers wanted to put queer people in it

    #personal crap#infinity train #if i was a network exec I'd basically write owen dennis and co a blank cheque to do at least four more series #if nothing else i hope someday they continue it as a comic bc I'd read the fuck out of that #yk the thing that sucks most about it though? much as i love stuff like su and spop and kipo and toh #i can't imagine trying to get my irl friends into those #i can absolutely imagine they'd get infinity train #and now there's hardly any point bc it's ended and is probably not coming back
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  • sundownings
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    every time i see a post about kathryn being in the mcu i get really excited and happy and occasionally i start crying.

    #i am about to become the biggest cassie lang fan to ever exist ever #my fave is thriving!!!! #idec that i use kat for my mcu oc #ill be writing cassie too i simply do not care #they can co exist or something #the best lahey tbh . . . [ OOC ]*
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  • bakuliwritesarcana
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ummm did Julian ghost write my Co-Star do's and don'ts for today???

    #fisticuffs is 100% a word he uses #and this boy has no clue how to downplay anything he is too dramatic #so that would certainly be a don't for him #and literally all the do's just give me Julian vibes #especially if you put them all together into one activity... #bakulis spice#spice#julian devorak #i mean... #i have some smut to write that i've been putting off for a while #lol #julian def ghost wrote this #thanks my darling #sexy seafaring plague doctor husband #bakuli shares a random thought #co-star #co star app
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  • whaliiwatching
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    gentle touch of the requited crush

    #star trek ds9 #julian bashir#elim garak#garashir#whaledraws #julian!!!! has such a crush!!!!!!! can’t believe he’s in love woah #garak is also very mushy and in love woah #i sorta wanna write a tiny snippet two-parter fic of their Feelings Realization moments #cos in my mind they happen in different specific episodes #dunno why julian’s always on the left but that’s just how i kept going #feels meaningful somehow. anyway #they ramble and infodump with each other bc they know the other is genuinely interested n loves them very much #i don’t need you i have my stuffed animals to talk to #(julian @ most of the station) #(but also me every time my conversation partner told me they weren’t listening or didn’t care) #i should draw a page for kukalaka #iM GOING TO DRAW A PAGE FOR KUKALAKA
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  • apocalypsewriters
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    October Prompt Day 16 - flying kites

    Wow, would you look at that, another short story inspired by the amazing @creativepromptsforwriting . This one was too sweet to share. It’s set in the family au, where half of @pagesofcursive and my characters are adults, and the other half are kids fostered by said adults. Enjoy the fluff!

    wc: 890

    Summary: Kite shenanigans on a beautiful afternoon

    “Just reel it out,” Juni coached, one of her hands holding the edge of the kite controls, the other hovering over Violetta’s as the kid slowly unspooled the rope. “That’s it, you’ve got it!” The words of encouragement drew out a joyful smile from Violetta, and the pair grinned up at the bedazzled purple kite together. 

    A few paces away, another duo was having a little more trouble. “Not quite,” Bella corrected, her voice strained as she corrected Tora’s grip and the angle of the kite control. “Remember, you need to take the wind speed and angle into account.” 

    Tora shuffled, unable to remain still. She looked bored to tears, but she still hung on to the kite. 

    Noticing their plight, Juni called over, “Don’t forget what we talked about, Bella.” 

    Bella furrowed her eyebrows for a moment before a look of understanding crossed her face. She took a deep breath, recalculating her approach. She twisted around to meet Tora’s gaze and asked, “You do want to be the best, right?” 

    The bored expression on Tora’s face immediately switched to one of excitement, her eyes sparking like lightning. She bounced on the spot, losing her grip on the poorly decorated kite as she cheered animatedly, “Of course!” 

    Bella lunged to catch the brightly decorated blue and white kite before the wind swept it away, breathing a sigh of relief as she secured her grip on the kite once more. “Then do exactly as I say,” she commanded. 

    Tora tightened her grip on the returned kite and nodded seriously, her focus revitalized by the new inspiration. “Okay!” 

    The pair sitting on the porch had no such troubles. Freddie’s kite glided in the middle of the pack. He and Dawn had picked out the kite together, but Violetta had been the one who insisted that it had to be decorated, generously donating one of her glittery stickers to their cause, though Freddie and Dawn accepted it reluctantly. Their kite flew well enough, keeping steady in the breeze. 

    “Are you enjoying yourself?” Dawn asked, her voice a murmur so the others wouldn’t hear. Her hand rested on his shoulder, just causal enough to seem accidental to anyone watching them. 

    Freddie shrugged, leaning back against her knee, keeping his gaze on their kite. Many would think that he was bored or apathetic, but Dawn could tell that he was having fun and taking in the moment. 

    She chuckled, a fond smirk on her face. “Me too.” 

    A sudden commotion rose up from the front yard as Zach broke free from Lynn’s grip, sprinting across the front yard with his kite string in hand. “No, no, no, no!” Lynn called desperately, chasing after him, but she was too late to stop Zach from accidentally crossing kite strings with Aster. “Sorry!” 

    The black and silver kite that belonged to Aster and Nyx had tangled and crash-landed with the obnoxiously glittery, electric blue kite that Zach had picked out. Lynn scooped up Zach to prevent him from causing further mischief, and Nyx just laughed. “It’s all good,” she said, attempting to untangle their kites. “I know you have a handful there. It was inevitable.” 

    “Yes, but that’s the fourth time this has happened,” Lynn complained. She lowered Zach to the ground, and Nyx handed him his kite, smiling as she returned to Aster. Lynn crossed her arms, exasperated. “Zach, don’t you want your kite to fly higher than Tora’s?” 

    “Not really,” Zach replied cheerily, waving the kite around in front of his face. “I just want it to fly!” 

    “But you can’t do that when you keep running it into other kites!” Lynn explained, trying to find his logic, if he had any to begin with. 

    He watched as Aster’s kite returned to the air. “But half the fun is getting it up there!” Zach pointed up at the sky, and then grunted as he locked his gaze on the sun. He fell backward onto the warm grass. 

    Lynn chuckled fondly as she helped him back up. “Okay, well I don’t think I’m as good as Bella at maneuvering kites, but I can help you with that.” 

    His brow wrinkled at the big word, and he tried to sound it out. “Manu- moo-vring?” 

    She smiled. “We can even run along the street to get it moving,” she said, knowing that Zach would love that idea. 

    And, indeed, his face lit up, and he bounced up and down at the mention of running. “Really?” he exclaimed. 

    “Really,” Lynn confirmed. “Just on the path, though, not on the road.” 

    “Yay!” Zach cheered, and he took off running, making a beeline towards the road. Unfortunately for both of them, he seemed to be on the perfect trajectory to crash into a parked car, and his eyes were fixed on the kite. 

    “Hang on!” she yelled, dashing after him. “Zach, wait!” 

    The entire group laughed as she desperately chased after the small boy, steering him away from any obstacles. As the day went on, the kites soared through the air, dipping and twisting against the bright blue sky. When the breeze finally died, the kids tucked their kites beneath their arms, and everyone trooped inside for food as rumbling bellies and complaining mouths grew in volume. Another perfect afternoon was over, but there would be more fun and laughter over dinner. 

    #writblr#fluff#short story#writing prompt#found family #cos let's be real that's what this au is #thank u again briar for editing! you're a wizard #my writing#monthly prompts #i couldn't be bothered to link all the characters #since that's a lot of work #anabella silvette#Freddie Moore#zachary williamson#juni#nyx#lynn#dawn#tora#violetta#aster#cof(fee) #a new infection #family au
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  • bobbiegordon
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    i just came on here to make this post

    I Dont Care For Kanaya

    #hs liveblog blacklist tag #i havent been reading and my little hs podcast is nowhere near trolls town im just #preemptively giving myself permission not to care abt kanaya this time. and most of the other trolls #my trolls taste is extremely basic. karkat and terezi. vriska when she's being fun. u cannot make me retain things abt anybody else #except for what i can steal for yjh &co #also stray thought while im tag talking #i already wrote the orv+umineko essay lol but theres like. #just whole textbooks u could write about the intersections between hs orv and umi i think. the concepts and the storytelling mechanisms #and the executions of theming. i do just love getting to revel in a Big Thing and think abt the gears behind it #like watching the flashes out of context: meaningless. cool music ig #watching the flashes after reading along and seeing everything pay off in cool and/or funny ways that reward ur brain: wow media! 😍 #same as orv in like. storytelling in concentric circles/spirals. continuously building off the same things u started off w. its cool!
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  • nightsprince
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    how many nipples do you think tamlin has

    #❛  ☾  。  *   ☆   * 。  /   out of character. #this is a serious writing blog #do you think its like that scene in vampires suck #where jacob is just CO V ERED in lil nippies
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  • sunaluvs
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    guess who js had to walk back from uni in the rain 😁👍🏼

    #stepped into my house lookin like a wet dog #feelin like one too #js finished showering and if i get sick AGAIN cos it was windy n cold m gonna riot #anyway #NO HW TODAY!!! and i finished all the past ones over the weekend 😋 so m gonna pass out #then wake up n eat n maybe write or read something #hope you've all had a good day #drink some water and eat some food loves #aether rambles 💬
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  • naladot
    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    [fic] we’re gonna be all right

    The approach of Lucy Carlyle’s thirtieth birthday felt exactly like a ghost had caught her off-guard in the middle of the night as she was stumbling her way to the bathroom. There was the creeping fear and malaise, of course, as well as an existential sort of ghost lock. Maybe most importantly, she thought that her general lack of knowledge about basic adult skills was quite similar to being caught without a rapier and her pants down.

    Lucy Carlyle fears turning another year older. Her fiancé tries to help.

    Read on AO3.

    #lockwood and co #lockwood and lucy #naladot writes #for my friend!
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