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  • Posted @withrepost • @jayceesphotography760 Taken at @synergyfestcv on the set of @tribeosweetreggaemusic with @ronniekingofficial , @aletarantoproducer , @johnstanleyking , stay tuned for more pics and video clips from the set !!! .
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  • “Justin?”  Ariana said out loud to herself as a metallic deep blue SUV approached.

    A brightly lit LED Uber sign displayed through both the front and back windows clearly visible in the mid morning southern California sun.  The brand new Tesla Model X SUV rolled to a stop in front of the driveway.  The passenger doors opened slowly, they lifted vertically upwards towards the sky like a bird’s wings spreading for flight, as the doors opened a hissing noise that sounded like air escaping a pressurized pod could be heard, a modern day DeLorean from the movie Back To The Future—the 1980s in sport utility space age form.  The sound wasn’t real—Just a simple sound effect that the driver thought would make for a cool experience.  So far it had been met with rave reviews.  Well, there was one bad review from a snake handler who said the hissing sound scared his snakes.  Can’t please everyone I guess.

    Ariana Grande sat at the edge of the driveway leading up to the spaceship studio keeping vigil in hopes that Justin Bieber would return.  The Uber parked in front of the driveway.  The driver opened the door and stepped out of the fully electric futuristic sport utility vehicle and assisted his passenger out of the back seat.  Justin stumbled slightly then caught his footing.  

    “What’s wrong with him?”  Ariana asked the driver.

    The driver shrugged, “He was like that when I picked him up.  Your guess is as good as mine.”

    “I’m fine..”  Justin said irritated.  “There’s nothing wrong with…”  He trailed off.

    “Justin?”  She said, poking him in the shoulder.

    “…me.”  He continued after being prodded back to reality.

    The driver disappeared around the back of the SUV and emerged with two cat cages.  “Can I leave him and these two cats with you?”

    Ariana eyed the cats in the cages, “Oh no.  NO!  NO-NO-NO-NO—”  Ariana quickly pieced together what had happened.  The phone call from Taylor last night, the missing masters…

    The Uber driver’s eyes went wide with surprise, “Well, this is the address that he put in when I accepted the ride request.  So, I’m assuming that this is where he wanted to go.”

    “Oh!  I mean, yes, Sorry… yes, you can leave him with us.  Thank you.”  She said distracted.  “I was talking about the cats.”

    He looked at the cats in their cages, “Yeah, good luck with that, they’re definitely having a bad hair day.”  The Uber driver exchanged a half laugh with Ariana, he continued pointing to Justin, “—Kid didn’t say a word the entire ride, just sat there staring off in to the distance, been humming the same melody over and over again the whole way here.”  He shrugged again.  “I’ve picked up some weird people since I started driving for Uber, but never did I think I would give a ride to Justin Bieber—I thought the conversation would be a little more… exhilarating, you know?  Seems like he’s got a lot on his mind.  I asked for an autograph and he signed it, but, well, have a look—”

    He reached into his pocket pulling out his wallet, producing a small flimsy photograph; the back of a photo was simply signed:

    To: love love –yeah

    He handed the picture to Ariana, front facing down, signature side up.  He continued, “It doesn’t make any sense—” He paused as she turned the photo over, he shifted slightly steering the conversation, “Say, aren’t you Ariana Grande?”  The way he said it indicated that he already knew the answer but was playing coy—He knew.

    She smiled and blushed slightly, “Yeah.”  The Uber driver was cute, or maybe handsome—She couldn’t decide.  He looked to be in his late twenties maybe, tall, toned, chiseled abs, he looked almost construction worker tough although a tad on the slender side, tattoo sleeves, but with a boyish good looking face.  He was innocently sweet, as though he made it this far in life without a single scratch on the outside, or… inside.  There are those who seem to steer clear of the storms that life inevitably brings.  

    His accent was familiar, she knew it, it sounded like a Western Pennsylvania accent, Pittsburgh area—Then it clicked, he sounded a lot like someone she once knew.  He kind of looked a little like him a little too, at least in the face, oh gosh though his eyes were almost exactly the same.

    “Can I have your autograph?”  He said breaking her inventory of his physical features.

    “Sure.”  She smiled again, her smile a little wider this time.

    He produced a pen from his pocket, the non-frilly kind, “Can you sign the back of the photo?”

    Ariana turned it over a few times, each time the photo side showed the driver seemed to tense up, “Okay.  I’ll just, sign above where Justin signed, is that okay?”

    He smiled back then choked out the word, “Yeah.”  He looked at Ariana, she had her eyes, they were almost exactly the same as hers how did he not notice that?

    Ariana hovered the pen just above the photo, she stopped short of writing and a look of consternation crossed her face, “What’s your name?”

    “Me?”  He asked, bewildered.

    “Yeah, so I can…”

    “Oh, no, umm…  Can you write it to Amy…”

    Ariana looked at him incredulously,  “Amy?  Sure.”  She signed the photo with an inscription specially written to Amy.  She clicked the pen closed leaning forward to hand the photo and pen back but stopped—She turned the photo over once more and looked at the young woman in the selfie, the woman appeared to be about the same age as the Uber driver standing before her, maybe a little younger, the photo looked like it was recently taken too, maybe in the last year?  She suddenly recognized the stage scene behind the woman in the photo—it was one of her shows!  Coachella!  It was Coachella 2019!!!  She was front row during that show!  “Is this your girlfriend?”  Ariana asked, excited.  “I can’t believe she was right there at Coachella!  That’s so cool!”

    “Oh… no… She’s… ”  He looked away.

    He seemed to be at a loss for words.  She looked at his finger, no ring—It definitely wasn’t his wife, she thought for a moment not wanting to offend him.  “It’s okay.  I mean, if you two aren’t ready to label it or whatever, I totally get that—”

    “No! No. I mean… She’s my sister.  She’s a huge fan…”  He blurted out.

    “Oh!”  Ariana looked back down at the photo, she laughed nervously, slightly embarrassed.  “Well tell her I said hello!  Love my Arianators—”

    He cleared his throat, “She… she was.”

    “Was?”  Ariana asked confused.  She looked down at the photo again.

    “She passed away a week after that photo was taken.” He said looking at the photo in Ariana’s hand, then looking down at the ground wiping away a tear trying to hide his face with his hand until he could regain composure. “Stupid drug overdose at a party with some friends she met that weekend.  The first time she ever did drugs, FIRST GOD DAMN TIME—She called and left me a voicemail saying how much fun she was having and that she might hit me up for a ride home… It was the last time I heard her voice….”

    “Oh my gosh, I… I’m so sorry!”  She jumped across the space between the two of them, “Can I give you a hug?”

    “Yeah, uh, I guess so.”  He was shaking.  “We moved here from Pittsburgh together to chase our dreams and now it all just feels so empty and pointless to me without her.”

    She hugged him briefly then backed away.

    “She would never believe this.  An autograph and a hug from Ariana Grande.” He fought back more tears, forcing a manly masculine smile in its place, suppressing the pain.  “It’s just so unfair.  It was her dream to meet you one day!  She always talked about it.” A few teardrops trickled down his face.  He wiped them away turning his head.  He removed his baseball cap and fixed it, then placed it back on his head.

    Ariana grabbed his hand and placed the autographed photo in it.  “She would have believed it, and she would have loved it.”

    He smiled back.  He looked at the signature after wiping away more tears then put the photo in his pocket. “Well, I have to go.”  He said, he could almost feel the presence of his sister standing there with him in that very moment.  It should have been joyful, he would give anything just to talk to her again, even just for a moment—But the pain was overwhelming, a wave of grief hit him like a wall of water, a tidal wave breaking against his soul.

    Ariana looked over at Justin, he stood staring into the distance humming a melody softly then she looked down at the cats sitting purring softly.  “I better go too—Need to take care of this hot mess…”

    He looked over at Justin, then back to her.  “Thanks again for the autograph.  It really means a lot to me—to her, to my little sister.”  He turned back towards the SUV.

    “Wait!”  She called after him as he reached the door, “What is your name?”

    “Malcolm.”  He said softly.  “But… Friends call me Mac.”

    Her heart skipped a beat.  She gasped.  She felt it tug on a memory of her own.  She suddenly felt like it was hard to breathe. “It is nice to meet you Mac from Pittsburgh.  I can’t imagine how much you must miss her.  Be strong, your sister is up there watching over you now, she’s smiling at this moment, I just know it.  I’ll think of your sister during my next performance, I’ll sing for her.  Okay?”

    “Thank you Ariana.”  His face and mood brightened slightly.

    He got back in his vehicle and drove off.

    She stood for a moment, watching him drive off; she noticed her hands were shaking… A feeling of anger then sadness overtook her.  

    It’s not fair.  She thought to herself, people just get ripped from our lives and there’s nothing we can do about it.  People we love, people we care about, people we can’t live without and they’re gone, just like that pulled from existence.  And then what are we supposed to do?  We’re left standing here trying to figure it all out.

    The SUV rounded a bend in the road and finally disappeared out of sight.

    Goodbye Mac Miller.

    She wiped away a tear of her own and then sniffled, her mascara was running, just another mess to fix.  

    She walked over to Justin, “Come on, let’s get you inside.”  She said to him reaching down and grabbing the cat cages then making their way up the driveway.  He walked slowly holding on to her losing his balance every few steps.

    @taylorswift @justinbieber

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  • The three readings I am analyzing are interesting because their topics are similar but very different at the same time. All three articles focus on K-pop globalization but the first analyzes attributes within the group Girls Generation that that lead to their success. The second reading takes more positive note and analyzes what factors helped the spread of K-pop, while the third readings make an argument on why they believe K-pop groups have failed to break into the U.S.
    The first reading by Stephen Epstein “Into the New World”: Girls’ Generation From the Local to the Global” explains the globalization of Girls Generation. He argues that they’re visuals and the overall image that fit into Korean ideals is what led them to become the phenomenon they are today. Epstein claims “representation of members always draw on conceptions of youthful attractive femininity, the brand is embedded in overlapping webs of relentlessly mediated top-down promotion and bottom-up interpretations that allowed them to be deployed as a vehicle reflecting a variety of interests in desires” (Stephen Epstein 36). He is claiming it is not their music that propelled Girl’s generation to stardom but their image as the stereotypical ideal Korean woman that allowed them to emerge and surpass other girl groups.

    “Establishing an Imagined SM Town: How Korea’s Leading Music Company Has Produced a Global Cultural Phenomenon” the second reading by Ju Oak Kim states that SM Entertainment and other K-pop groups have gone through globalization through the use of social media. 

    Lastly, the last article “K-pop Female Idols in the West: Racial Imaginations and Erotic Fantasies” by Eun Young Jung analyzes the failed debut of girl groups in the U.S. market. Jung makes the argument groups like Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation “musical-visual presentation for the U.S. market often merely aim to conform to the Western stereotypical notions of Asian-ness in their racial and sexual identities” (Eun Young Jung 117). Meaning that the girl groups perpetuate racist Western stereotypes about Asians, which is why they fail to break into the U.S. market. 

    I disagree with the first and third article and their views on Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation. The authors underplay the role and impact they had in shaping the K-pop industry today and while they may have not broken into the American market they still play crucial roles in setting the stage for the globalization of K-pop. A crucial part of the spread of K-pop is attributed to different social media sites. Social media is so vital to the spread of K-pop, “Korea-based music companies have employed social media as global marketing tools instead of moving into targeted cities. This marketing strategy has changed the landscape of the Korean pop music industry. Korean pop stars can focus more on their activities in the regional market, and their fans outside of the Asian region can enjoy videos of Korean pop stars’ live performances via social media” (Ju Oak Kim 1053). As the spread of information and culture becomes easier people become more accustomed and open to seeing different content that they may once have viewed as foreign.

    A girl group now that has begun to see progress in the American market is BlackPink they have devoted following on Instagram and millions of views on YouTube. In the past year, they have played at Coachella and been featured on popular late-night shows like the Late Late Show with James Corden and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. BlackPink members have the same doll-like visuals like Wonder Girls but don’t hold the same filial daughter image as Girls Generation, however they are still seeing major success in South Korean and unprecedented movement in the U.S. market as a Korean girl group.

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    sweetener tour resumes thurs 🌫 see u soon, edmonton !

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  • nothing better will ever happen to me and that’s fine. love u.

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  • something bout food or whatever ariana said..

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    Ariana has collected different styles of ponytails like they were infinity stones 😩

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    “you keep me in your orbit”

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  • sometimes this is just the dopamine we be needing tbh. always a pleasure, my friend.

    🖤 i’m so proud of u it’s insane.

    p.s. it’s so funny that ricky shot this. oh, now we’ve all grown. 💀

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    blackpink in ya area 🖤

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    drew barrymore commented under this picture 😩

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  • #the light is coming #thank u next era #arichella#coachella#ariana grande
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  • Coming to a stage near you soon


    New music coming soon 2020

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    #worldstar (at Cleveland, Ohio)

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