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  • jialanart
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ahhhh....finally finished this work last night but post it in wrong blog... The skateboard references are really suitable for Impey✌︎( ᐛ )✌︎so energetic...

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  • the-five-deadly-venoms
    04.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    bit of a d(i)-stress doodle of my comfort bug

    #not me realizing how trans-coded ive projected onto him #it's MY MAN and *I* get to decide his GENDER. #yeah safe draws stuff #kung fu panda #kfp #kung fu panda humanized #kung fu panda gijinkas #master mantis #qidao my beloved <33
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  • diamondmuses
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ( i finally got my hands on Pokemon Shining Pearl T.T )

    #ooc ; out of character #( not playing until i finish code realize ) #( but aaaaaah 😭😭😭😭 ) #( i gave into temptation )
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  • discipleofmana
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #did i find another cinnamonroll to simp for? #mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaybe#frick#code: realize
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  • jialanart
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day 3!it's Saint from code realize!\\\٩( 'ω' )و ///I think he would look great in any asian traditional clothing after I saw him trying out kimono...

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  • itsnotreal
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    #just realized I never got a presave code for Harry’s sweater #I’m completely forgot about it #and I didn’t get to get one #🙃#that’s great
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  • jialanart
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Day 2!it's Impey from code realize!_(:зゝ∠)_ he is such an angel... Sorry about drawing him in female model's reference...

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  • writername
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Code: Realize x Reader

    Word Count: Somewhere around 2000ish

    Warnings: Might die from this adorable QUEEN!

    Holiday Season - Cardia

    But who to spend time with first?

    Obviously the queen herself, Cardia Beckford.

    “Well…” You start, a blush tinging your cheeks. “You said team up and all…”

    “Mhm?” She blinks at you, not really seeming to get your… less than subtle hinting.

    Lupin, being a gentlemanly wingman, wraps an arm around you both and pulls you together into a group huddle. “I think the decorations came in today. Can you two pick up the orders?” You place a hand on your chest over your heart. For once Lupin wasn’t making your life slightly harder with his outgoing personality. What a blessing. “Yes!” You rather quickly agree to Lupin’s words. “With the both of us I’m sure we can get the delivery in one trip!”

    Cardia seems a tad reluctant though… “Weren’t we just talking about helping the others so that everyone can have a day off?” At her words, Lupin squeezes both of your shoulders. “Well decorating has to be done, doesn’t it? If one of us has to do it, then it fills our schedule even more.” Your eyes water a bit at Lupin’s help. You’ll have to stop and pick up one of his favorite snacks on the way home! “Oh!” Cardia exclaims, wide eyed at the realization. “You know, you’re right!” Cardia turns your way, nearly grasping your hands in excitement.

    Yet, before she snatches your hands, she pulls back a bit. You know she still has some hesitation at times, even with the special clothing. After waiting to see if she’ll overcome her hesitation, you smile and decide to take the step for her. You slowly reach out and clasp her delicate, small hands in yours. You give her hands a gentle squeeze, reassuring her that with the gloves you’re alright! “Let’s get going then! We’ll be having this place look great in no time!” You catch a glimpse of everyone else in the room staring. Impey in particular stands out as he’s in tears at the sight of the two. You think for a moment you can hear him whispering to himself, “So cute!”


    Still holding hands, the two of you hurry out of the mansion’s front doors. Although you take the lead, you don’t get far before you feel your arms tugged on, bringing you to a stop. “Hm?” You turn, looking at Cardia with a glint in her eyes. Oh. “Yes…? Did you forget something?” You hesitantly ask. You know for a fact she didn’t, that she’s brewing with some idea that’ll no doubt age you 10 years. Confirming your worries, she responds by hushing you with a gloved finger to her lips. “No. I have an idea of how we can get the decorations here sooner!”

    “Is this idea safe?”

    “Well. I know what I’m doing! Now at least.”


    “It’ll be fine. Nobody will even notice it’s gone!”

    “You’re stealing it again?”

    “No no I’m just borrowing it. Look, I even have the keys.”

    “Impey is going to have a heart attack.”

    “He won’t, he knows I can drive it now!”

    “...I’m already feeling older…”

    “What was that?”

    “Oh- nothing-”

    You grip the handles installed in the vehicle as Cardia starts the engine. A single droplet of sweat rolls down your temple as the patchwork of metal creeps off of the property and onto the dirt road. When it comes time to turn, the vehicle stops. “A-alright this is significantly better than last time let’s just slowwwwly pull oUUUUT-!” You can barely finish your sentence. You yell out in fear as Cardia hits the gas, throwing you against the door as she whips out onto the dirt road!

    You sometimes miss the days when Cardia was naive to the world… like now.

    While you fear for your life, Cardia is living it up. A broad smile sits on her pale face, not even slightly bothered by the wind whipping her long hair about. “See? This is so much better!”

    “Pleasedon’tcrash.” You huddle in your seat, praying to whatever higher existence you believe can save you from this.

    You only open your eyes when something beautiful hits your eyes. You squint against the wind and glance in the direction of the driver's seat. It’s cardia. She’s laughing. Your eyes water a bit. Unfortunately you’re unable to tell if it’s from the overwhelming joy of seeing someone who’s gone through so much still be such a ray of light in the world… or if it’s the wind in your eyes.

    You choose to believe it's the former.

    You settle down after that, basking in the brightness that is Cardia’s joy. You’re even able to lean back in your seat and stare out at the open fields as the vehicle brings you to the city.

    Luckily, Cardia isn’t a speed demon in the narrow city streets. Surprisingly, the trip into the city is uneventful. The both of you, with the help of the shopkeeper, load up the back of the car with boxes of decorations for the manion. Saint-Germain really didn’t hold back. You’re sure some of these “decorations” are actually more like self-indulgent purchases. You almost choked when you heard how much it all cost. Luckily it was prepaid for… Before you head back, you make sure that you grab a tiny box of holiday themed snacks for Lupin.

    “We’re back!” Cardia calls out, pushing open one of the front double doors with her bum. She lets you step in first, giving you the chance to set down the last of the boxes you have stacked in your arms before following suit. “No answer, huh?”

    “Well, everyone did say they were busy. I think this is a good opportunity to get everything done while they’re out!”

    She nods. “You’re right.” She pulls out a string of colorful tinsel and fabrics, nearly disappearing in the bulk of it! “Should we start in the living room, or the dining room?”

    You move over to her, helping her hold the bulk. “I think the living room would be nice. We can put this along the crown molding, and maybe use the fabrics on the couch. I think I saw a rug in one of the boxes that’d go really well in front of the fireplace.” Cardia nods at your words, her teal eyes glimmering as she pictures what you describe. “That sounds great!” She pushes the bulk fully into your arms and gets to work.

    With that gesture you become the “dedicated decorations holder” as Cardia takes what she needs from you while she works. Occasionally she’ll be unhappy with the result of how an area looks and tear it all apart, tossing the items back on you. Currently a pillow cover is blocking your face. You’d ask her to move it since your arms are full, but you don’t have the heart to drag her from her creative flow.


    The living room pulls together quite nicely. You assume at least.

    “What do you think-” You hear Cardia pause. Likely she’s only just now spotted you, covered and wrapped up head to toe in various holiday decorations. “-I’m so sorry!” She pulls the fabric from your face. The light from the window makes you blink a few times before your eyes adjust.


    The mansion was already beautiful of course. You’d never deny that. However… Something about the fuzzy fabrics and warm colors really pulls this place together. It feels… like a home rather than an expensive art exhibit. Before you can really grasp the entirety of the space your view is blocked by the concerned look of Cardia as she gets up close. “Are you alright?” She pulls at some of the decorations caught on you, helping free you from your festive prison.

    “If I say no will you comfort me?” You tease her lightly.

    She pouts a bit at your words. “Are you serious? Because I will make you soup.”

    You laugh in response. “Was that supposed to be a threat? That sounds really good.”

    She covers her mouth with her fingertips, hiding her expression. “...Does it? That’s good. I learned the recipe from Van Helsing last week.”

    “-Erk-!” You blurt out.

    After a moment you both laugh.

    “I’m alright.” You speak up after a moment. “It was fun seeing your creative process.”

    Her pale, doll-like face has a tinge of pink to it at the statement.

    “We still have the dining room to do, right? If we hurry, we should be done before the others get back!”

    “This time maybe you can take the lead?” Cardia mumbles in a way that you can tell she’s trying to hide her embarrassment from turning you into a makeshift christmas tree.

    “You got it!”

    The dining room goes smoothly with the two of you working together. A bright, colorful table runner and scented candles adorn the hardy wooden table. Plates painted with sparkling colors are set out as well. To top it off, a large festive vase is set dead center of the room. A centerpiece that will blow everyone away once filled with bloomed flowers.

    “Amazing!” you hear a voice in the doorway, accompanied by clapping.

    “Lupin!” Cardia chimes in response, a bright look on her face. “Think so?”

    “A gentleman thief such as I has impeccable taste, and I would never stoop so low as to lie.”

    You roll your eyes a bit. Maybe giving him that box of treats would boost his ego a little too much.

    Lupin turns his gaze to you, a smirk on his face. “You look like you enjoyed your day. Say, is your hair windswept? I don’t recall it being that windy today~”

    “Lupin I swear-!” Your mouth is covered by a fine fabric. It… takes a moment for you to process that it’s Cardia’s small hands covering your mouth. “Mind your language~”

    Lupin smirks more, making your skin boil. This man! You regret thinking he was decent for even a moment!

    Soon enough the mansion begins to fill with noise as the others return. Compliments fill the air and your frustrations are replaced by joy. It even feels a tad warmer… though you ignore that it’s probably from one of the others getting the fireplace lit. You choose to believe it’s from the presence of the others admiring the change of the place. Cardia is admiring the commotion as well, and has forgotten her hand is clamped over your mouth. Lupin gives you a playful wink and returns to the dining room, leaving you two there to look on in the doorway.

    You place your hand over the girls, pulling it slightly away from your face and bringing her back to reality. You’re quick to speak up before she can voice her alarm of having touched you. “I have an idea~” You nudge her with your shoulder. “I got a box of goodies with our names on it.”

    Her briefly worried look is quickly replaced with a sparkling gaze.

    “Let’s have a tiny celebration ahead of time, for the hard work we did today.”

    She gives you a firm nod with a warm smile. You grab the box you had stored away.

    He’d just have to wait a little bit longer for his ‘Thank you’

    You’re sure he won’t mind... Especially once he sees the two of you sitting in front of the fireplace, choosing which ones each of you want and which ones you'll both share.

    Tis the season to give after all!

    And while you had an amazing day with Cardia, there’s still so many friends to help out! If you want a day where you can all get together you better get to work!

    Who will you spend time with next?

    Underlined names have a finished chapter! The number next to the name indicates the order that the characters were written!

    Cardia Beckford 1st - you are here

    Arsene Lupin


    Impey Barbicane

    Abraham Van Helsing

    Herlock Sholmes

    Victor Frankenstein

    Click here for the first part!

    Make your vote! Otherwise characters will be chosen at random!

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  • radicalrobotz
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    sorry for posting the whole bit but i am losing my shit

    #quest blogging #world of quest #general ogun#lord spite#way#gay-coded #I JUST REALIZED . THE WAY OGUN SAYS SORRY.... HE SOUNDS LIEK COP-TUR
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  • sattakaiharu
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    "Welcome to the Lupin Gang, Emilia!" ☺️

    #code realize cardia #code realize future blessings #code realize sousei no himegimi #code realize lupin #code realize #code realize fanart #code realize guardian of rebirth #cardia beckford#arsene lupin #code realize oc #code realize own character #anime#anime friends#steampunk #code Realize sisi
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  • intomybubble
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    im excessively tempted to get collar x malice unlimited bc i watched takeru’s route and i loved it but im also thinking about hashihime bc the story seems really interesting (bl groundhog day murder mystery in the taisho) and several cgs have a really nice aesthetic going on

    too bad the switch version cuts out the spice but someone posted the full pc ver of the game to youtube so i dont really mind. the main dude is a bit annoying but quite frankly, seeing how he interprets the events seem like it’ll be really interesting

    #desiree talks #me trying to convince myswlf what to buy #the cheapest ive seen unlimited is 34$ and hashihime is 60$ on switch #then there’s also code realize that i havent watched yet which is like $30 each game #and ive also been very curious about olympia soiree
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  • fandom-go-round
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago
    #code realize #code realize imagine #arsene lupin x reader #abraham van helsing x reader #impey barbicane x reader #victor frankenstein x reader #saint germain x reader #arsene lupin #abraham van helsing #impey barbicane#victor frankenstein#saint germain #arsene lupin imagine #abraham van helsing imagine #impey barbicane imagine #victor frankenstein imagine #saint germain imagine
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  • falzone
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    was self inserting into code realize earlier in my imagination and i managed to hurt my feelings

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  • diamondmuses
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago


    #ooc ; out of character #( d-does he love her in every route?? oh my GOD ) #( dont worry lupin s o o n ;; ) #( if the code realize posts are annoying just block my ooc tag lmaoo )
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  • falzone
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    oh my good lord. Victor Frankenstein

    #yeah i think hes the one #code realize
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  • falzone
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    oh Cardia is SUCH a bastard. open the tube you know you want to

    #currently working towards frans route #ik the path of genesis exists but... #code realize
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  • winterswrandomness
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    I'm so tired I accidentally liked a post twice which I'm now realizing has literally no consequences anyway

    love you too <3

    #I too am reeling over that #I was already laughing at how we'd both used drawings we made as our pfps then checked your little profile because I'm just like that #and saw the names #it was hilarious- #I'm also now realizing that banana as a code word. was very much me committing theft via osmosis again
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