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    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Just For the Night

    THIS IS PART 4!! Previous Part -> Part 3 👀

    Michael sneaks into your room after overhearing a concerning phone call. Fem Reader

    Warnings - angst, reader has a bad mom


    “Your mother is on the phone for you.”

    Those dreaded words made your heart sink deep into your stomach every time you heard them.

    Michael felt your demeanor change immediately. You two were in the kitchen when your father walked in and held his phone out to you.

    “Tell her I’m eating lunch with my friend.” You take a bite of your sandwich.

    Your dad covers the speaker with his hands, “Y/N. Just say hi and tell her about your acceptance letter. I’m sure Michael doesn’t mind.”

    Michael shakes his head, indicating that you should answer the phone.

    You set your sandwich down and sigh, grabbing the phone from your dad, “Hey mom.”

    “Hi hun! Your dad said you had some big news?” She sounds rushed, like always…

    “Uh, yeah. I-I got into Brown.”

    There’s a silence for a second, “Like… the school…? Really?”

    You bite the inside of your cheek, nervously.

    She chuckles, “Well that’s… great! Congratulations, hun! I didn’t know you were going for that. I would’ve thought a public, in-state, university maybe.”

    You roll your eyes, at her passive aggressive tone, “Mom, I told you where I was applying like 2 years ago.”

    “Well you only mentioned it once, you can’t expect me to-”

    You laugh, “I mention it every time I’m on the phone with you… which to be fair you don’t make a lot of time for-”

    “Well I’ve never heard you mention it.”

    “You are just so…”


    “So ridiculous, mom! You act like you wanna talk to us on the phone like once every two weeks and then you don’t listen to a word we say-”

    “Y/N. Stop, that’s nonsense. If you’re gonna act like this just put me on with your brother.”

    You scoff, “Yeah, okay… thanks for the congratulations… mom.”

    You hand the phone back to your dad, “She wants to speak with Y/B/N.”

    Your dad sighs and takes the phone from you, you know he wants to say something to you but he just turns and walks out of the room.

    You look down to your sandwich. Any hint of hinger you had before is gone now.

    You can feel Michael’s eyes on you, “Are you oka-”

    Suddenly the doorbell rings.

    “That’s Miss. Mead.” Michael stands up, “I’m helping her with something tonight.”

    You nod silently, still feeling weird about the phone call. Your mother just ruins the whole day.

    “Okay… I’ll come over tomorrow?”

    You nod, “Bye Michael.”

    “Bye Y/N.” He waves, a worried look on his face as he goes.


    She didn’t even believe you could make it into an Ivy League school? Maybe everyone feels like that and that’s why they don’t want you to go… because they know you wouldn’t belong…

    You hear a soft knock on your window and pull the comforter down from over your face to see Michael standing at your window. He begins frantically waving once he sees you.

    You stand up and open it, “Michael?”

    “Y/N, hey… can I come in?” He shoots you a comforting smile.

    His hair is messy like he’s been tossing and turning in bed, he’s wearing pajama pants and a loose shirt. He looks as if he also hasn’t been sleeping.

    You nod and give him space to enter the room. Once he’s in, you shut the window back up, “Why’re you here?”

    “Oh uh- well you weren’t answering your phone.”

    You shrug, “Watched some movies with my brother and then I was in bed the rest of the day. Guess I didn’t wanna talk to anyone…”

    Michael nods. You go over and sit on your bed, he watches you with a worried eye, “Y/N, where’s your mom?”

    You shake your head, “I don’t really wanna talk about it.”

    “Maybe it’ll make you feel better?” Michael sits next to you, “Talk to me. I want to try to help you feel better.”

    You take a deep breath, “She’s an international lawyer. She hasn’t been around much, ever… always overseas. I think that’s why my dad is still married to her, cause he doesn’t have to see her everyday.” You smile to yourself at that inside joke between you and your brother.

    “My dad isn’t really around either. Sometimes I really need him- or anybody really. Miss. Mead is the best person I could’ve asked for.” Michael nods, “And you have your dad who seems nice.”

    “He is. He’s great. My mom is the opposite. My dad said she was a mean girl in high school and I guess she never grew out of it. She has to resort to bullying her own kids now.”

    Michael places a hand on your shoulder, “Do you always get this sad when she calls?”

    You shake your head a bit, “It does ruin the day… but also- I just feel like she might be… right to be shocked that I got into Brown… and maybe-nevermind.”

    Michael furrows his brows and grips a little tighter onto your shoulder, urging you to continue.

    You swallow a lump in your throat and continue, “Maybe everyone sees that I don’t belong there. And that’s why I shouldn’t go. That’s why everyone is mad at me for getting away from here and going to a good school. Because I don’t deserve it.”

    It’s silent for a few moments and then Michael sighs, “I just think they’ll miss you.”

    “But my friends don’t talk to me anymore… not since they found out-”

    “Then they’re not your friends anymore.” He shrugs, “I don’t want you to go either but that’s only because I’ll miss you. And, I know you’ll do great, they didn’t accept you for nothing.”

    You look up at Michael who’s smiling at you, his eyes studying every inch of your face. You blush at his words, “Thank you.” You whisper reaching up and hugging him.

    You feel his arms wrap around your waist, “Brown is gonna be really lucky to have you, and your mom doesn’t deserve a daughter like you.” He mumbles into your shoulder.

    You nod swallows back a few tears, “Yeah. She really doesn’t.”

    Once you pull back from the hug you stop at his cheek and give it a soft kiss. You hear him swallow, he looks at you with wide eyes.

    You giggle at the way he got flustered, “Uh- Well- That was for making me feel better.”

    He doesn’t answer but his arms slip from around your waist until his hands settle there instead. You both still stare at each other waiting for something to happen.

    He’s so pretty. You just want to kiss him.

    He looks down, “Um, I just wanted to make sure you were alright. It’s pretty late I should get-”

    “Do you wanna stay? Just for the night?” You blurt out, your cheeks heat up with embarrassment as soon as it leaves your mouth.

    He smirks and then slowly nods. You let him get under the comforter and scoot behind you to lay down. You follow and lay in front of him, scooting back until he snaked his arm across your body.

    Up to this point you’ve been trying your hardest to stay just friendly with Michael so it wouldn’t be too hard to say goodbye when the summer ends. Yet here you are spooning.

    And you know that asking him to stay the night wasn’t helping your growing crush… but this felt really nice.

    Right now he was making you feel like the only thing in whole world that mattered was you two, touching in that moment.


    I’m really trying to get this story rolling so let me know what you think and if you want this to continue! - idkabunchofimaginesiguess

    Part 5 Coming Soon!

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  • bloodcoatedeclipse
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    so I feel like this probably won't be read by too many people butttt, I wanted to address the fact that I haven't been on here recently because I've had so many people asking where I am and if i'm okay nd the fact so many of you have missed me or even cared a little bit makes me so so happy you have no idea. i've been having an unbelievingly hard time at the moment, there's a lot going on in my life right now that's just been taking a lot of my energy and at the end of each day no matter how much I've wanted to have some motivation to spare, I have none left for writing. i've been keeping up with writing my poetry, but fan fiction to me needs so much more motivation.

    I've really really missed talking to everyone on here and the idea of coming on and saying hi has popped into my head everyday, even making me feel guilty for not doing so, but the idea of even just coming on to reblog something grew so daunting because it felt like if I came back for even a second, it would be this big commitment to coming back permanently and I knew that wasn't something I was ready for yet.

    things are still difficult for me at the moment, so I'm gonna just be taking things slowly, but I should at least have more time to myself in the next few months for writing! so hopefully that means posting stuff again!! even if it's just a little paragraph or two here and there hehe:)

    i'll probably go through my inbox soon, but yes until then I just wanted to clear some things up and say hi! sorry this is so long:"))💓

    #I guess im back now? #I gotta say hi to people I miss everyone sm ahhh #and I can write part 2 to a few of my pics now ooh #also have some old shitty drafts I could post if anyones interested:) #I also might start writing for more characters than just Cody ferns? Cody's still my fav we ngl #but ahh so many possibilities #frankie's babbling #feels good to write that tag again :)
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  • van-ta-c
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The best use of Instagram ever @codyfernuk Instagram is the best follow them !!!

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  • bellwrites
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Give me some ahs requests guys like- I wanna write but I can’t cause I have no ahs requests

    #ahs smut #michael langdon smut #dandy mott smut #tate langdon smut #tristan duffy smut #the countess smut #jpm smut#dream smut#sapnap smut #cody fern imagine #cody fern smut #dandy mott imagines #bell writes
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  • dark-mei-rose
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    i’m laughing cause i have two andy au’s and one is literally

    💗 𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒹𝒶𝒹𝒹𝓎 𝒶𝓃𝒹𝓎 💗

    andy best dad, loves his babies. treats young mom!reader like a queen. only fluff vibes. so cute uwu. soft moments with the kids. cute mornings making pancakes for the kids and then reader and andy cuddle somewhere else, sharing lil kissies 🥺🥺🥺




    #andy dolan #andy dolan x reader #cody fern fic #links also#promo fics#lmao
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  • nelbrownworld
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Michael Langdon - Monster

    #michael langdon#cody fern #american horror story
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  • van-ta-c
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dark Richard x Reader

    warnings: Anal, brief oral, mental illness, hospital, choking, this a dark verse so there is no fluff or romance here. ( hence the reason its under readmore)

    Word count: 1128 words

    summary: You are volunteering at a hospital and a young man gets your attention. Although the doctors are at a loss of what they think is wrong with him, you cant stop thinking about him

    The moment you walk into the hospital the smell of bleach hits you, the sounds of shoes squeaking on the floor and monitors beeping greet you as you walk to the nurse's station.  The facility you have come to is for people with mental illnesses and since you are training to be a psychologist, you volunteer to help out with food and cleaning and spending time with the patients. A nurse greets you and shows you to the day room where she points out all the patients that you are allowed to interact with. There, in a chair staring at the TV is a young man who you can't seem to take your eyes off. He is beautiful. you half listen as you watch the man  who is oblivious to you. The rest of the afternoon is uneventful, you play cards with one patient and paint with another.  The comes the evening. Everyone else is going to eat their food  and then head to the their room except the beautiful man. “ That’s Richard.” The nurse said. “ selectively Mute, sleep paralysis and something else, but we are not sure what.” As if on cue, Richard turns and gazes at you. He blinks as if he is trying to see for the first time after staring at the TV  all day. “ Go and say hello...” The nurse says softly. You swallow and walk over to him as his eyes stare at you with a mixture of curiosity and fear. You sit beside him and he slowly turns his head to look at you. His face void of emotion but his eyes full of pain. “ Hi.” You say softly and he just looks at you. No words but you see his hand twitch as if he is trying to reach out. You slowly reach out and touch his hand and he exhales slowly.

    As the week's progress, you become close to the quiet boy who only utters a few words here and there and you are offered a night shift and take it to see how Richard is affected. You walk into his room and are surprised at how clean and tidy it is and then you see the art on the wall. Picture after picture of you adorns his wall by his bed.  You gaze at them and then gasp as you hear a noise behind you. He is standing there and glares at you. “ You shouldn't be here.” He snaps. “I’m sorry... I ...” Before you can leave, he pins you to the wall. Anger flashes through his eyes. He is trying to speak, but then his hand reaches your throat and tightens its grip. Part of you is terrified, but part of you is turned on. You hiss and gasp for air and feel weak and dizzy, but in some strange way, you are wet for him. Richard sees you struggling and drops his hand as he feels awful for what he did. You slump down and gasp for air as he looks down at you. “ I’m sorry.” He utters. You look up at him and see a hand reaching out to help you up. You stand and wobble still light-headed and fall against him. Inches from his face, you look at him and kiss him lightly. confusion floods his eyes and then he closes them and kisses back. The kiss is nothing like the quiet boy. The kiss is dominant and powerful as if all the things he couldn't say are now in this kiss. He pins you to the wall again and then slips his left hand down your trousers to feel how warm and wet you are. He frowns at you then realises the choking turned you on. He kisses you again and it takes the breath from your lungs as he roughly finger fucks you. His other hand reaches for your throat and squeezes it as you cum over his hand. He bites his lip and then lets you go.  You slump down again and this time you scramble to his bed. He walks over to the bed and you reach for the band of his joggers. You can see he is hard and you slowly pull his jogger down to reveal his thick, long cock.  He closes his eyes as you take it into your mouth. He tastes so good and you force yourself to take him into your throat, as you pull back, he looks at you and ushers for you to roll onto your front. You do as your told and then he slides down your trousers. You cant see what he is going to do so you close your eyes and wait. 

     The next thing you feel is something cool slipping over your ass. Before you can process what is going on, you feel it. There is a sharp pain and then the feel of his thick hard cock stretching its way into your ass, you cry out but he pins you down so you can't make much noise. You are pinned to the bed and he knows it and you are lost between pain and pleasure as he begins to get a rhythm going, he pulls your ass up slightly so he can move his hand to rub your clit. You whine and he grips your throat with his free hand. “ Shhh.” He warns and turns your head to see the bedroom door is open and anyone could walk past and see him fucking your ass. You press your face into the pillow and the combination of his fingers and his cock cause you to cry out, the pillow muffles your noise and then he moves as fast as he can. You know neither one of you can take much more and you come over his fingers again and a few seconds later, you feel the pressure as he pushes deep inside you and cums silently. You lay on the bed for a few moments and then he slowly pulls himself away and you pull up your trousers. You don’t look at each other and then when you are respectable again, you are called to the office over the tannoy. “ Don't.. say..” He utters and you nod with a small reassuring touch to his arm “ I won't.” This is your secret. You head over to the office and sit and chat with the nurses who think that you are making good progress with Richard and should use him as your case study. You nod in agreement and then head back to his room. You get to his room and see a nurse standing at the door looking in. "It's the first time he has slept in days," she says with a soft smile. " You must have a good effect on him." You smile sweetly and look at the sleeping male still processing what you did  together and how much you really want to do it again. 

    #richard x reader #Cody Fern #The Last Time I Saw Richard #smut #this one is a dark verse so all warnings have been made #x reader
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  • bowerskittenn
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Hi lovelies ♥. Here is a sneak peak of Chapter two :). I am almost done with the first part, and i think it will be available next saturday night ♥. Are you excited ?
    @ferndolan | @xfandomscreenshots | @katiekitty261 | @melodylangdon | @sammythankyou
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  • sojournmichael
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    so because i saw coldplay today and became a f*cking cry baby when they played “yellow” i was plagued with a soft thought so i will share…

    (please let me self indulge, i love coldplay)

    but was thinking about being at the show with jim…

    seeing him get teary eyed when “fix you,” starts playing… kissing away his tears so he just smiles and wraps his arms around you…

    he’d stand behind you… arms around your waist… when “yellow,” starts playing, he holds you a little tighter… leaning down a little to rest his chin on your shoulder so he can sing the lyrics in your ear…

    and as the band plays and the lights from the concert shine bright… everyone in the crowd holding up their phones to light up the place to make it look like stars… jim turns you around and places a kiss on your lips before dropping to his knee…

    and with the song still playing, only now you’re so focused on jim, it’s started to sound like background noise…

    and his blue eyes would once again be teary as he pulls out a ring from his pocket.. asking you to marry him…

    and ofc when you say yes, he stands up and kisses you spinning you around 🥺💛

    #anyway i’m feeling kinda cranky :/ #but this soft jim thought made me 🥺 #anyway stream yellow #jim mason #jim mason x reader #cody fern
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  • bellwrites
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    send in ahs, skins, and euphoria requests it can be anything!!

    #cody fern smut #dandy mott imagines #cody fern imagine #ahs smut #tate langdon smut #violet#effy stonem #Jules Vaughn smut #skins smut#euphoria smut
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  • thenighthawk
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lovers - Chastain x Fern | Young Dandelion & Young Klaus

    And another one bites the dust Oh, why can I not conquer love? And I might've thought that we were one Wanted to fight this war without weapons And I wanted it, I wanted it bad But there were so many red flags Now another one bites the dust Yeah, let's be clear, I'll trust no one

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  • ttownrppromo
    25.09.2021 - 3 days ago


    The trials and tribulations of the Hollywood elite are unlike any other, it’s impossible to relate. The high pace and high stress can get to a person, sometimes causing them their careers. Others thrive on it. What will happen to you?

    Applications are accepted as they come in! Apply for up to four celebrities!

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    24.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    I have poorly made a thing bc I couldn’t draw the concept.

    Click for better quality

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  • codyfernuk
    23.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    I got the opportunity to speak to John Lacy @laceman34 who played Davids father in ACS Versace and he shared a few words (and a cute Cody pic) about working on the show & Cody. Read below!

    On working alongside Cody, John said they worked on creating a genuine father/son relationship. He sought out Cody on set and spent some time with him prior to scenes being filmed.

    I asked John if any of the coming out scene was improvised and he said no, they followed the script out of respect for the writers. John also said the scenes in the cabin (climax in episode 4) were very intense, but they got it locked wih minimal takes.

    And lastly, he had nothing but charming words to say about the director Dan, and of course Cody. "Nice young man - generous and thoughtful. He really blew up after Versace. Happy for him. He’s extremely talented. I loved working on the show, very proud of how thoughtfully everyone handled the subject matter. Cody was great. A special talent. Really loved working with Dan Minahan."

    A huge thanks to John for being so sweet and generous. He's great to talk to and extremely insightful. He was also in episode 1 and 2 of Double Feature! Did you spot him? You guys should follow him and his future endeavours!

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  • sofia-illustrator
    22.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Cody Fern 👩🏻‍🎨 Stan Vogel 🏕 American Horror Stories https://www.instagram.com/sofia_illustrator/

    #american horror story #american horror stories #ahs#codyfern#cody fern#fan artist#fan art#illustration #artists on tumblr #portrait art
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  • langdonwh0re
    22.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    this is so funny, why is he just like : 🕴🏻🔪HELWKSKA

    #american horror story #cody fern#michael langdon#antichrist#ahs apocolaypse#apocalypse #ahs season 8 #horror story#xavier plympton #ahs season 9 #michael langdon edit #cody fern edit #cody fern fandom #misty day#lily rabe
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