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  • cigaretteinmylefthand
    27.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    me walking around the bookstore with an iced coffee:  i’m so original and mysterious. i’m the only one who has ever thought to do this. this is main character vibes. 20 other girls also have the same drink as me. 

    #not me thinking i'm having an original experience in barnes and nobles of all places!!! #ASDFHJKLK #walking around with an iced coffee is therapy tbh #got sooo many books tho <3 #mine
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  • made-in-italy-production
    27.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Buongiorno con un Caffè ☕️

    Dalla Torrefazione

    Alla Tazzina di Espresso

    Una delle torrefazioni in Italia Selezionata per le qualità del Caffè.

    Varianti Miscele, Decaffeinati, Bio Caffè, Capsule , Cialde, Macinato ed in Chicchi.

    Il Caffè in Chicchi tostati disponibili in Sacchetti da 1Kgr.

    Disponibilità del Caffè a Chicchi per il B2B in grandi quantità. Anche “Privat Label”

    Schede Tecniche e Certificazioni pronte per FDA, EURO 1, e per qualsiasi stato ne richieda nelle specifiche.

    ONLINE: https://www.italiantasteforyou.com/caffe/

    Proprietà nutrizionali del caffè:

    Aumenta il metabolismo basale, ovvero, aiuta a consumare più energia.

    Migliora le prestazioni fisiche.

    Riduce il rischio di diabete 2, tumori e malattie cardiovascolari.

    Previene l'Alzheimer e il Parkinson.

    Per qualsiasi richiesta contattami:

    Email: amministrazione@italiantasteforyou.com

    WhatsApp: +39 327 3430 777

    #b2b #fda #euro #food #energia #coffee #caffé #decaffeinato #caffèbio #arabica #chicchidicaffè #miscela #aromacaffè #itfy #internazionalizzazione #marketing #italia #caffèitaliano #export #coffee_consumers #hotel #ristorazione #colazione #tostatura #torrefazione #capsule #cialde #label

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  • i-write-newsies
    27.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    (A/N): I decided to do some really simple and classic fluff after all the stuff in the last Oneshot. Hopefully, this one won't take me a literal MONTH. Hope y'all like it!! <33


    - Modern

    - Coffee Shop

    - College

    Jack POV:

    Jack is a hopeless romantic. A hidden one for the most part, but a hopeless romantic nonetheless.

    Truth be told, he's never been in too many relationships, at least not ones that lasted long. He's liked a few girls before, boys too, and even dated a few. But they lasted 3 months, tops. His record for the quickest breakup was after 5 hours when the person found another person to dote on.

    Despite bad experiences like that, Jack remains infatuated with love and the idea of soulmates. He listens to romantic songs on repeat, would always be ready to lend you a romcom, and daydreams about perfect dates with some fill-in-the-blank person when he's supposed to be studying Art History.

    But lately, that blank template has been gaining more qualities of a certain boy from school. A certain boy with dark brown curly hair, with an adorable hooked nose, with olive-green eyes and a shy smile.

    The moment his mind finally puts the pieces of the person together, he shoots up from laying down in his bed. He quickly pauses the music and struggles to unlock his phone out of a mix of confusion and excitement.

    He scrolls through his contacts to the K section, clicking on Katherine's contact and pressing the facetime button. "Pick up, Kath..." he nervously mutters.

    Suddenly, her face appears on the screen, "Hey, Jack! What's up?" she then notices the half vacant, half nervous expression his face is showing.

    "You doin' okay?" Kath asks, brows furrowed.

    "Huh? Yeah! I uhhhh..." Kath waits patiently, knowing his ADHD makes him lose his train of thought all too easily.

    "Right! So, you're the only one who knows about me bein' kind of a hopeless romantic..." Jack looks down slightly, and Katherine giggles, knowing his embarrassment around loving love.

    "What? Does big ole Jack Kelly have a crush?"

    "I don't know!" he gives an exasperated sigh, "Maybe!"

    "Okay, okay, calm down cowboy. Now which lucky person has caught your eye this time?" Jack mutters something incoherent below his breath. "What? I can't hear ya."

    "Davey Jacobs."

    Davey POV:

    Davey sighs, taking a look at his computer.

    A 2000 word essay on a topic of his choice for History due in 1 month. He knows how much time he has to finish this, and he knows that he could wait until a week until it's due to start it and still finish it on time perfectly, but no matter the assignment, there would always be a thought gnawing at the back of his brain telling him he NEEDS to get it done right now. And so he does. But he knows he needs coffee to do so.

    Davey carefully slips his computer into his crammed backpack, as well as his wallet. He plans on going to his favorite cafe. The coffee there tastes like shit (though he would never admit it), but he knows the staff, and some of the baristas even attend his school. There was one that stood out to him, a certain Jack Kelly

    Davey isn't sure what's so interesting about the creative student. It could be his heavy 'Hatten accent, or maybe it's his enthusiastic puppy dog energy about anything. It's kind of... adorable, I guess. He looks down at the ground while walking, trying his best to hide his red face. Davey doesn't swear much, but fuuuuuck.

    He likes Jack Kelly. Jack Kelly of all people. The guy who accidentally SHARPENED HIS FINGER IN A PENCIL SHARPENER ONCE. Davey sighs, Jack may be an idiot, but no one can deny that it's charming in a way. He has tons of golden retriever energy.

    Davey doesn't know what to do.

    He sits down in a corner booth to avoid as much human contact as possible. He opens up his laptop and opens the tabs needed for his project. He slips on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and attempts to block out the thoughts of Jack Kelly. The essay is number one priority right now. Suddenly, Davey sees a looming figure out of the corner of his eye. He snaps his neck up to see...

    Oh no.


    "What can I get for ya, darlin'"

    Jack POV:

    Davey's face heats up. I don't really consider this a win, considering that's the way most people react when I call them darling. What can I say? It's a habit of mine.

    "U-uhm..maybe-" he stutters quietly.

    I speak up to help him out a bit, "I've seen you here before. You always order the hot chocolate with 2 pumps of espresso, right?" He squeaks out a yes.

    "Comin right up, doll" his face lights up a bright red again.

    Shit. Did I mess it up? Is he uncomfortable with those terms? I come from southern roots, which has pros and cons. The pros are: I'm really resilient, my tea is sweetened to PERFECTION, and I can smell when it's going to rain. Cons: The situation that just unfolded.

    As I enter the kitchen area, I sigh. I come on way too strong. I quickly make Davey's order, after all, I did memorize it. I look at the plain hot chocolate. Needs a little something. He seems like the spicy sweet kinda guy, so I carefully add a good amount of whipped cream, and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. I really shouldn't be bringing favoritism into my work, but Dave should be an exception.

    Being careful not to spill my masterpiece built out of hot chocolate and whipped cream, I bring it to Davey, who seems very deep in thought, staring at his computer. Trying not to disturb him, I set the drink gently down, then I lift one of his headphones.

    "Whatcha doin' Dave?"

    He jumps, turning red once AGAIN. "Jesus Christ, bud, got some sorta skin reddening condition?"

    "Wh- I- You-" He sputters before regaining his composure, "One, none of your business, two, none of your business."

    I feign a wound and put my hand over my chest, "Davey Jacobs! So rude!" I put my arm over my forehead and sigh dramatically, then sneak a peek at him. He's laughing a little. I grin, so he doesn't hate me! Whew!

    A few hours,10 drink orders and slightly too loud joking and laughing later, Davey's still here, working on some big project. At this point I've stopped charging him and have just been paying for them myself. I make my way to his table once more.

    I notice his cup is empty, "Refill?" I ask, he nods. That's when I notice the bags under his red eyes. I walk back a bit and lean on his table. "You need to sleep, Dave." He shakes his head as a response and I sigh.

    I make my way to the kitchen and decide to not add caffeine in this. He needs it. My hands go on autopilot as I start to think about him. He's just so... pretty.

    I bite my lip. Should I...? Ah, fuck it, I'm almost done with my shift. I grab a scrap of paper and a pen and scrawl my number, with the message

    'Call me ;P'

    Beside it. I take a deep breath and carefully balance the cup all the way to Davey's corner booth. The sight is adorable. Davey is laying down on the table, asleep, head tilted to one side, face illuminated by the computer screen. I smile gently.

    All I think about for the rest of the night is that sight. As I sit in bed, drawing the scene, I hear a ding from my phone. I open texts and see from an unknown number:

    Hey, Jack?

    It's Davey.

    The student from the coffee shop.

    I grin.

    Hey Dave :P

    I quickly change his contact to <3 Dave <3 with my recent drawing of him as the profile picture.

    Before I know it, we're talking about everything. It's honestly so much easier texting than actually interacting with people. My brain decides to peace out for a long minute, and my hands automatically do the typing. Bad decision. Why? Because I barely even notice when I hit send.

    Do you wanna go on a date with me? I was thinking about getting froyo, and maybe watching a cheesy romcom. Whaddya say, Dave?

    I can only watch, petrified, as I see...

    <3 Dave <3 is typing...



    Hope y'all like this! Pt. 2 will be their date!! btw no one has really interacted or requested fanfics, so if you could vote for this or request something, that would really make me happy.

    ~ Race

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  • valiantcoffeelouvr
    27.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    How is everyone today?

    Any one needs a coffee buddy?

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  • sarcastic-coffeedrinker
    27.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Is it better to never ask why?

    This was written for Flash Fiction Challenge 3 by @justagirlinafandomworld

    The story is a sequel to When love is not enough.

    [96 words]

    Fandom: Supernatural

    Characters: Dean Winchester x female!reader

    Warnings: Angst

    Song: Try - P!nk

    Readers POV

    I wake up and my first thoughts are about him. I curse my heart for still loving him. Anger and grief battles in my mind about who will have the reigns of my heart today. Today grief is the winner and I curl myself to a ball with the blanket tightly tucked around me. Thoughts of what was and what could have been spins around in my head. They rage like tornadoes and wreak havoc on my confidence. Makes me question my choice to leave him. Was I right to end it all with a lie?


    #flash fiction challenge 3 #dean winchester x reader #dean winchester fanfiction #dean winchester drabble #Sarcastic coffee-drinker writes
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  • dipaccicoffeeco
    27.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Brand New Wega 3 Group Nova GAS Leveta Machine Very Hard To Find Only $4000.00 Plus Gst Free Shipping Australia 🇦🇺 Wide Or DM For Shipping Quote World 🌎 Wide 1 x Two Group Also Available For The Same Price * * * * #dipaccicoffeeco #cafellotutto #coffeelover #espresso #specialtycoffee #coffee #coffeegeek #latte #cappuccino #coffeeculture #barista #cafe #coffeeporn #coffeeart #coffeemug #coffeetime #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #perth #adelaide #australia #mazzer #lamarzocco #precisioncoffeetools #picoftheday #instadaily #coffeelife #coffeedubai #baristadaily (at Di Pacci Coffee Company) https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0u6WHBTes/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • nadiiaganzhyi
    27.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Marker: Good Morning

    Marker drawing: breakfast ⭐ Rating: 1 out of 5.

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  • etienne58things
    27.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    You know.......... I can’t remember a thing when she does this.  What day it is.   Where I am.   What my name is.  Bon Café

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  • etienne58things
    27.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    and then, it was morning and time for espresso.

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  • iswati06
    27.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

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    27.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Hello my friends.  I believe I am going to need a significant amount of espresso. Bon Café

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  • akaashiscupofwater
    27.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    akaashi chugging like 3 monster energies in a row like its nothing, completely unphased, meanwhile everyone around him is just watching in disgust, confusion and awe

    #he glances over at everyone like im not addicted to caffiene i swear #akaashi is not human lets go with that #bokuto had a sIP of akaashis monster oNce and couldnt stop shaking the rest of the day #haikyuu#akaashi#akaashi keiji #side note i like how ‘i need coffee’ is a big akaashi character trait in fics and we just collectively agreed to that lol
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    27.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    calming colour co-ordination.

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  • miri-lynn
    27.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Like what you see on Twitter? If you do, your welcome to support me here as I will be making more inspirational posts as the Lord directs me. 🤗😊☝️

    All for His glory!!!


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    27.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago
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  • businessnew
    27.07.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Cold Brew Coffee Market – Sales, Supply, Consumption, and Demand Research Report 2027

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    By acquiring Chameleon Cold-Brew, a leading distributor of quality coffee that is consciously produced and produced sustainably, Nestlé USA continues to diversify its coffee portfolio. Founded in 2010, Chameleon has become the leading company in the United States for organic cold-braw and one of the three top cold-braw cooled brands in the United States. Chameleon brands can be used in a wide range of formats: cold-brew ready-to-drink, cold-brew concentrate, kegs, cold-brew packs and whole coffee beans. The purchase corresponds to Nestlé's emphasis on chocolate, petcare, child feeding and bottled water for large-scale food and beverage categories.

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    #Cold Brew Coffee Market
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  • anna-hawk
    27.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Do you ever keep looking for a specific item in a specific space, even after checking there several times and coming up empty handed every time? Cause I do...

    #I've been looking for tabs to clean my coffee machine #I keep opening the same cupboard where I thought I put them #but they're not in there #🙄😤#mood #it's a mood #I'm exhausting myself
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  • every-marveler-ever
    27.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Love in Fanfiction

    Prompt: Coffee Shop AU for @peterparkerbingo Round One (🕷️) and AU: Coffee Shop for @starkbucksbingo Round Two (☕)

    Collaborator Name: Marveler, Card Number: 217, Square Filled: B4 AU: Coffee Shop Ship/Main Pairing(s): Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes, Rating: General, Major Tags & Triggers: Sweet fluff! Word Count: 510

    Summary: Assumed novel writer, by Peter, and coffeeshop owner it’s like a love made in fanfiction.

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Tony Stark

    A/N: I loved this, so much that THIS is what I wrote! I love it. happy reading!

    “You should get with him,” “I should not!” “Take it from a gen z your eyes are sparkling.” “Get back to work Parker,” “yes Mr Stark.”

    Tony Stark owns a coffee shop, he employees college students because who else has the same strive for science that he does than those from Columbia Tech. But he owns a coffee shop because that’s what fuels him when he does his science binges.

    Peter Parker took the job because he needed the money (and the free coffee he gets is always a bonus).

    And he feels a part of a community at Industries because Tony Stark has platonic love for all his employees.

    “Your employees are quite chatty.”

    Tony Stark turns back to the coffee shop counter that he’s supposed to be working on, the guy in question is standing there, with dark brown long hair and stunning brown eyes that turn Black in the wrong light. Dammit Parker’s right.

    “I like my workspace like that it’s much more organic,” Parker comes up behind him leaning his face on his shoulder a steaming pot of coffee in his hand “it’s because he loves us.” Tony rolls his eyes “Yeah, that too.”

    Bucky, as his constant receipt tells Tony, smiles at them both “I think it’s good, healthy.”

    If that smile doesn’t make Tony weep to his knees he doesn’t know what will. Through Peter Parker’s eye’s he knows that Bucky is perfect for Tony Stark, assumed novel writer, by Peter, and coffeeshop owner it’s like a love made in fanfiction.

    “I’m glad you do, it scares some people,” “it doesn’t scare me, it invites me,” that response from Bucky makes it all better, the way Tony runs his job, the horrible comments others make about him running an inclusive coffee shop.

    Tony pops his shoulder moving peter’s head away “get back to work Pete, and boil a fresh brew of coffee.”

    “On it boss,” Peter Parker is very happy to get back to work watching from a side view as his boss and favourite customer communicate.

    “What can I get for you?” Tony smiles at Bucky across the counter leaning into the computer ready to type. “A white chocolate mocha,” Tony’s eyebrows pop upon request “never took you for a white chocolate kind of guy,” “I’m not.” This only makes Tony more confused but knowing that Bucky is buying for someone else, “I know that you like it though so it’s for you.”

    Tony just nods writing down the order going over his head what bucky had just said. Bucky speaks up again “you really should listen to your employees, you should get with him.”

    Somehow Peter has knocked Tony to lean over the counter closer to Bucky, the space is small behind the counter, in his defence.

    “Yeah maybe I will,” Tony responds “what about Friday then?”

    “Friday, sure, enjoy you’re Mocha.”

    Bucky leaves the doorbell signalling he’s gone.

    “Mocha?” Tony finishes confused watching Bucky leave, quite happily.

    Masterlist / Peter Parker Round One Masterpost / Stark Bucks Round Two Masterpost

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