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    Brewster’s Coffee Shop Returns To Animal Crossing New Horizons Alongside Older Features

    Brewster’s Coffee Shop Returns To Animal Crossing New Horizons Alongside Older Features

    Today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons direct confirmed that Brewster’s coffee shop, The Roost, is coming to islands in-game alongside new features and returning ones from previous Animal Crossing games on November 5.  Nintendo hinted that The Roost would be making its way to Animal Crossing New Horizons when it announced today’s direct a couple of weeks ago, and now Brewster’s return has been…

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    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ✨Stretch Goal Spotlight✨

    Designed by Mark, our stunning 38mm enamel pin features Yuuri as royalty!

    Not available for purchase, this prize will be unlocked for all physical zine buyers after we reach 100 sales!


    Pre-Orders are Open until November 30th!

    #merch spotlight #yoi trope zine #from coffee shops to slow burns #mark #yuri on ice #yoi #yuri!!! on ice #anime zines#yoi zine #yuri on ice zine #victuuri#viktuuri#victor nikiforov#yuuri katsuki#fanzine
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    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Obligatory Coffee Shop AU - Simp Party

    My turn again!!

    I'm not the happiest with these per-say, but they're cute. So whatever.

    @nightmare-effect @spookyravioli @insane-horror-movie-addict I hope you guys enjoy!!

    ~Scribblings and Masky~

    He loved this place. The atmosphere was pleasant, the food was good, the coffee was great. And the barista that always served him? She was the best thing about this place. With her sweet voice and warm smile, the way she knew him by name and knew his order by heart, he knew she was just doing her job but… he could feel himself falling for her.

    You were making drinks that day, and Tim couldn’t help but watch as you moved with grace and precision to craft various beverages for customers. His favorite thing was watching you create latte art, he found. You would paint pretty little pictures for people to smile at in their drinks, he’s even seen people take pictures of your art because it was so good.

    It was a shame he never got any, but you can’t really put latte art on black coffee. He felt a little boring when he thought too much about it.

    As things slowed down in the shop, he stepped up to the counter. Another of the baristas was at the register and took his order, writing his name on the paper “to-go” cup and sending it in your direction. He paid and stepped to the side for the next customer to order.

    You picked up the cup and glanced at the name and order, a smile crossing your face. Looking up, you locked eyes with him. “Good morning, Tim,” you said. “Anything interesting planned for today?”

    He shrugged. “Not really…” He couldn’t exactly talk about “work” with you. Still, you pushed the conversation, making small talk with him. He was enjoying being able to talk with you so casually, he didn’t even notice it took longer to get his drink than usual.

    Eventually, you placed the paper cup on the end of the counter and gave him a smile and a wave as he picked it up before going back to your tasks. He sighed as he left the warmth of the shop. He was raising the paper cup to his lips when he noticed something on the lid, it was a drawing. A little cat decorated the top of the container.

    Inspecting the cup further, he found drawings and doodles all over the paper. Animals, flowers, swirls, and stars in little patterns. And a message was written on the side of the cup.

    “xxx-xxx-xxxx... Date?”

    Tim couldn’t help the grin on his face and the joy in his heart. A date with her sounded nice, and he would definitely take her up on that offer.

    ~Addict and Jeff~

    He didn’t come to this place often, and only when it wasn’t busy. But the coffee was good, and honestly, that was worth the hassle in Jeff’s opinion. Plus there was a girl who worked there… He just liked her vibe. If he ever got the chance to talk to her, he’d take it. But his life and himself… normality isn’t in his vocabulary, you could say.

    With a mask on to cover his scars, he stepped up to the counter and placed his order. The barista wrote it down, charged him, and sent him on his way. Jeff sat at an empty table to wait. It shouldn’t take long, he thought, there weren’t many people in here. He watched the girls behind the counter work, his eyes trained on one in particular. He thought she was pretty, and again, he liked the vibe she gave off.

    You felt eyes on you and when you looked up, you saw a boy watching you. When he saw you spotted him, his eyes widened and he looked away quickly. You smiled and laughed to yourself. You’ve seen him a few times in here, he always wore a mask so you couldn’t get a good look at his face, but his eyes… they were a beautiful blue.

    He intrigued you, and you wanted to get to know him. All you knew was his name from his order. As your friend and fellow barista fixed up his drink, an idea popped into your head.

    When his name was called, Jeff stood to grab his order only to find something else sitting there along with his coffee. A chocolate muffin was sitting on a napkin, his name was written on the little square. He looked up to find you looking at him, this time it was you who quickly looked away. His heart jumped and he picked up his order, leaving the shop.

    This became a common occurrence. Whenever Jeff entered the coffee shop he would lock eyes with you before going to the counter to order. And every time, he would find a little dessert waiting with his coffee. He wasn’t going to turn down the free food, it was good tasting and hey… it was free. He began to look forward to it, seeing what you would give him whenever he dropped by.

    His mind was filled with thoughts of you. Did you really like him? You two barely talked but… did you like him too?

    When he was picking up his order that day, he found a piece of blueberry coffee cake on a napkin with his name on it. There was another napkin folded next to his order with a heart and a question mark drawn on it. He could feel heat creep up his neck and he quickly grabbed everything and left.

    Looking at the folded-up napkin in his hands, he let out a frustrated growl. He should’ve just talked to you instead of walking out like an idiot. He sighed and flipped open the napkin, surprised to find a little message inside.

    “I hope you enjoy your treat! Call me sometime~ xxx-xxx-xxxx”

    You had signed it with another heart and Jeff could feel himself tumbling headfirst in love with you. Maybe he will give you a call.

    ~Nightmare and Hoodie~

    You grinned as you watched your favorite customer walk through the door of the coffee shop, suddenly very happy that you were working the register that shift. He spotted you too and rolled his eyes, causing you to giggle. You watched as the man known as Brian walked up to the counter.

    “Y’know, I never believed in love at first sight. But that was until I saw you,” You sighed out as he approached.

    “Yeah, sure. I never believed I’d find someone I hate more than my boss, yet here you stand,” he deadpanned and rolled his eyes again before placing his order.

    It was your turn to roll your eyes as you set up his order and passed it along to your fellow baristas. He handed you the money to pay for his drink and was about to leave when you spoke again. “Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me something?”

    Brian sighed and looked at you. “What?”

    “If you’re here,” You flash him a cheeky grin. “Then who’s running Heaven?” He scoffed and walked away. You watched as he picked up his drink quickly and left.

    Brian had to fight off the blush that was crawling over his cheeks as he thought back to the numerous pickup lines you had dropped on him since he started going to that coffee shop. And while he feigned annoyance, he still went there regularly. If anyone asked, it was because the coffee was good. But deep down he knew it was you that he kept going back to see.

    And again, the next time he went, you were working the register.

    “I believe that honesty is the best policy, so to be perfectly honest, you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen,” you said with a wink as he approached the counter.

    “You greet all your customers like that?” He grumbled, reaching for his wallet.

    “Nope, just you!” You grin watching him sputter for a moment and glare at you. He places his order and pays, walking away from you.

    “Hey! If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back!” You call out to him as he leaves. Watching as the tips of his ears turn pink.

    He would hate it, he would hate that you did this if it didn’t make his heart flutter. If it didn’t brighten his day whenever you dropped a line on him. If it wasn’t your smile that brought him a sense of peace he didn’t usually get with his lifestyle. Maybe… maybe he should indulge you and himself for a change.

    The next time he came in, you dropped your line and he rolled his eyes. He placed his order and paid. All like clockwork. But there was one difference. As he was about to walk away, he looked back at you and spoke. “Y’know, if beauty were time, you’d be eternity.” And with that, he left.

    Your face was beet red. Your heart was beating so loud you were sure others could hear it. Breaking into a grin you let out a whoop of joy, successfully confusing the patrons of the shop. But you didn’t care. You were one step closer to scoring a date with the man of your dreams.

    ~Spooky and Toby~

    It was the end of the day. The coffee shop was closed and you and your friends were cleaning up. It was your turn to do the trash run that evening, much to your dismay, but there was no use arguing. It was easier just to do it.

    You were carrying trash bags to the dumpster out back when you heard a noise. It sounded like shuffling. At first, you thought it was a rat but then you saw a shape moving in the shadows in the dumpster. Definitely too big to be a rat. You didn’t have anything to defend yourself with, only the bags of trash you were carrying. At the very least you could throw them and run should something start chasing you.

    Toby was hungry, tired, and borderline broke. He didn’t want to deal with going to a restaurant or even a fast food place, so dumpster diving will have to do for now. Not that he minded, it was kinda fun at times. You can find really good shit sometimes depending on where you look. He was about to climb out of the trash and move to the next one when he spotted you.

    You were the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. His heart picked up pace and his ears began to burn. He wasn’t usually one to be embarrassed but to be caught in a dumpster by such a stunning girl… it made him burn with shame.

    The boy in the dumpster was cute in a rat kinda way, you found yourself thinking. “There’s better stuff inside y’know…” You murmur, not taking your eyes off him. Every logical part of your mind said this was a stupid and dangerous thing to do, which is exactly why you were doing it.

    “I don’t have a lot of money…” He responds, tripping over his words a touch.

    “S’okay,” you shrug. “I’m sure my friends won’t mind. Come inside, we’ll get you something warm to eat.”

    Toby could feel his stomach growl and nodded, climbing out of the dumpster and watching you throw the trash bags in. You led him around the back of the coffee shop and inside the building. He relished in the warmth of the room, a stark contrast to the chilly night air.

    “What took you so long-” One of your friends and fellow baristas, Addict, cut herself off when she saw what you had brought back with you.

    “Did she bring in another raccoon?” Another of your friends, Nightmare, called from the other side of the store.

    “You could say that…” Addict responded, giving the pair a questioning glance.

    You shrugged. “He was hungry,” you said. Toby nodded along with your words.

    Scribble, another barista who was now watching this scene, sighed. “Alright, Spooky, but this is on you, okay?”

    You nodded with a smile, happy that your friends weren’t too upset with you. You turn to the boy who had been watching this quietly. “You can sit down, okay? We’ll get you some food and something to drink.”

    Toby sat down at one of the tables and observed the four baristas at work. His eyes always landing on you. Watching you laugh as your friends tease you, watching you work and clean without complaint, watching you glance at him from time to time and smile. He found himself loving your pretty, warm as the sun smile.

    Eventually, a warm sandwich, a muffin, and a cup of coffee were placed in front of him. You sat down across from him with that same smile. “Next time, just come inside instead of digging through the trash. I’ll give you a discount,” you said with a wink.

    Toby couldn’t help laughing. You were certainly something, he’d give you that. Happily eating his warm meal, the two of you chatted for a bit, watching as the others left one by one. Scribble reminding you to lock up when you’re done.

    You were happy that you were able to help this boy, it made your heart warm. Not to mention he was a lot cuter while not in a dumpster. Toby was equally as happy that you reached out to him. He might have to make coming here a regular thing now if only to see you and your beautiful smile.

    #simp party #nightmare my beloved #addict my beloved #spooky my beloved #coffee shop au #you know i had to do this
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    rita: good morning! i trust you slept well. i, of course, did not sleep a wink, what with that AWFUL script running amok in my mind. absolutely dreadful. so i took the liberty of making quite a few changes. might i regale you with some highlights from the new and improved- lexa: rita, i - no. i can’t. it’s too early for this.  rita: :c lexa: ... fine, just please get it over with.  rita: c:

    #iii.   brb. ascending   »   ooc. #iii.   lesbian? i thought you were trigeda-kan!   »   crack. #doom patrol au #i'm imagining this conversation is happening before anyone's had breakfast or even coffee #where is the doom? she wishes to patrol it #i really love that show and i have a mighty need to make a verse #lexa would be the person to call everyone out on their bs yet also indulge them lol #like she'd do dumb shit with cliff #go on runs with vic #help larry with his greenhouse #record shopping with jane and hanging out with the other personas #and let rita practice scenes around her
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    Support Local Coffee Shops During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 outbreak has touched many individuals, families, and organizations globally. It has also left many of our local businesses, which are vital to our communities, in a difficult situation. Some businesses had to close temporarily, while others had to reduce or completely restructure. We can all aid our local businesses, even if we feel helpless in situations like these.

    The current state of the economy has badly harmed coffee shops and roasters, especially small and medium companies. 

    Here's how to support local roasters while staying safe.

    I'm not sure how long we've been socially isolated at home. I miss my local coffee shop, but I've learned a few ways to support my local coffee roasters and shops that I'd want to share with you.

    "Why do we need another one of those "indie cafes?" We should see it as a way to spice up our hometowns and a sign of economic and communal growth. Here are numerous reasons to support local coffee shops, whether you are a coffee connoisseur or simply like a nice cup of joe.

    The mainstream coffee shop behemoths rule our city's streets. You must have seen their monotonous storefront sign at least eight times inside a mile before you stumbled onto anything more intriguing. Seeing an independent coffee shop among the onslaught of displays touting the 'new' Super Berry Cooler and Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latte isn't it a relief? You may have a nice cappuccino while sitting in a cushioned-covered chair, without having repetitive sales methods shoved in your face, whether the businesses are eccentric and colorful or indicate an industrial-esque minimalism.

    The little café down the road will have you craving their caramel house blend and home-made lemon drizzle cake during your lunch break. Small businesses add a distinct character to our communities. These areas are absolutely unique, and we must maintain their uniqueness by supporting local companies and their offerings. Unlike mainstream coffee shops, which are only focused on expanding their brand and taking over our towns and cities, independent coffee shops are excited about enriching our communities.

    One of the most apparent reasons to support local coffee shops and cafes is to help the local economy. Buying a latte from a small business has a far larger impact on them than buying one from a chain. Your £4 purchase may seem trivial to them, but it helps small businesses secure their earnings and hence their future by promoting sector stability and growth. The arrival of another successful small business boosts the local economy.

    Local support often means supporting numerous small companies. Independent firms, especially service businesses like coffee shops and cafés, are more likely to develop mutually beneficial connections with other local businesses. As a result, a beneficial and equal distribution of money occurs across the society.

    Local coffee shops are wise investments.

    Popular brands will always charge more if they can, and most consumers are ready to pay since they are ignorant that there are better options. Customers are more inclined to buy from a well-known brand, and cafés are no exception. Nobody bats an eye when a medium cappuccino costs over £5, but a little coffee shop charging £3.80 for a well-made americano with thick oat milk? So, price does not necessarily imply quality.

    Here are several ways to support local coffee roasters and cafes during COVID.

    Buy subscription boxes!

    Purchasing a Subscription Coffee Box helps local roasters sell their speciality coffees and keep their businesses viable.

    Due to the present scenario, several firms have closed, which means many coffee roasters may lose business.

    A lack of green bean importers and exporters may result in coffee growers not getting paid.

    Consider gift cards and coffee packs.

    I've been supporting my local coffee shop by buying gift cards and coffee on the go. I can't walk inside the business, so I message them on Facebook and ask to buy some coffee beans. Preparation and credit card information taken over the phone.

    When I'm ready, I just call and they bring it out to my car. Everyone benefits.

    Paying it forward with coffee.

    Another current trend I'm seeing on social media is people buying coffee from local roasters and gifting it.

    This is a great way to promote the movement while also helping local roasters.

    Simple changes might help companies increase cash flow, retain employees, or just improve morale.

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    time to maybie quit my job lol wish me luck <3

    #me #lmao at work they think im annoying and talk shit like 24/7 so may quit bc bruh this is a coffee shop not a high school #my poor boss has the worst damn luck and a soft heart hes not gonna be ok
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    ✨Merch Spotlight✨

    Designed by JellyGuiRo @jelly-guiro, our magnet features Seung Gil and Phichit in an only-one-bed predicament! ~ magnet measures 1.75″ x 2.75″


    Pre-Orders are Open until November 30th!

    With almost 240 pages of art, stories, comics, and extra content, From Coffee Shops to Slow Burns is a Yuri!!! on Ice zine for all the tropes you can’t get enough of!

    #merch spotlight #yoi trope zine #from coffee shops to slow burns #jellyguiro #yuri on ice #yoi #yuri!!! on ice #anime zines#yoi zine #yuri on ice zine #victuuri#viktuuri#victor nikiforov#yuuri katsuki#fanzine
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    15.10.21// had a really good writing day! i’ve added 2k words to the results section of my dissertation and taught two classes as well :D it feels really autumny in the morning, so i just wake up a bit later to work and listen to some halloween ambient videos! also, my most recent conference paper finally starts making sense!!! wooo!!!!

    listening to: jonghyun, moon

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    autumn light >>>

    #had matcha after so long 2day #i wish more places near me sold it #literally like only the boba place have it #the starbucks used to never have it and i dont even go there anyways #costa dont #and the coffee shops i go to dont either :/ #well two do but they make it rly bitter and i like it quite sweet - i could probs ask but anxiety haha
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    it's officially been a year since i posted Earth, Wind, and Coffee on ao3. it's gotten over 8.7k reads and 500+ kudos, which is something i never imagined when i started writing a coffee shop fic for fun. thanks to everyone who's read it, i hope you've all enjoyed :)))

    thankkkksssss x

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    asked for my drink with soy milk but i think… i think they put regular milk in it…

    #the lactose intolerant person’s NIGHTMARE #mine #thank you coffee shop. thank you so much #i only took one lactase pill. for the yoghurt i bought. but for that huge ass drink i would’ve needed like three more #rather sad in this scenario that you don’t really taste the difference either
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    the pleasure of sitting down to enjoy a good coffee in a nice place☕✨

    _autumn studying challenge;

    🍁 14th October - What are your favourite songs to listen to in autumn?🍁

    Billie Eilish, Bastille or Kodaline are always a good option. But my favourite song to listen to in autumn is "Where's My Love" - SYML.

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    Did my boi move back to Brazil?

    #think he opened a coffee shop? #dang#mischasdnevnik#m
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    Photos yesterday i like this coffee shop it is small and simple

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    #asks#anon #coffee shop au
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    I like to finish my works with some coffee

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    this is just a little notice... that after many rewrites and brainstorming sessions and rewrites again.... I finally think that I have a version of the first chapter of the coffee shop AU that I am feeling very good about.

    so.... while it might not be like, next week.... you might be able to expect to finally see the first chapter of the coffee shop AU sooner rather than later.

    if you want more frequent updates, and to possibly see some teasers and such as I get closer to release, you might join my discord server. <3 it's a little collection of people who like my writing, and we have a good time.

    #coffee shop au #writing update #a barista's guide to getting a boyfriend (the wrong way) #that's the very long title. might actually change it when i release.... we'll see #discord invite
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