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    सुप्रभात। शुभ सोचोगे, शुभ ही होगा। #शुभ #collab #yqdidi #yourquoteandmine #letsdoit #qotd #mereshabdonkajahan #nikhil_kaushik Collaborating with YourQuote Didi Read my thoughts on @YourQuoteApp #yourquote #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub (at Delhi, India) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVFfylJhXLx/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    4. Vanderwood

    3. Yoosung Kim

    Masterlist: DRUNKTOBER 2021

    Written for #DRUNKTOBER2021, a collaboration with @quirky-and-kind. All fics created will be NSFW and tagged #twalcohol.

    Survival has never allowed him to act on his desires, but after meeting you, all he does is want – wants you, wants more, wants impossible things.

    He’s hungry for you in a way that he never has been about anything, or anyone else. This heady, tempting thing – he feels almost possessed by it; completely enraptured by its bittersweet intoxication.

    He’s barely stepped foot in your apartment before you let him grab at your waist and back you against the wall, dress hiked up around your thighs, as you press a desperate, searing kiss to his mouth, all tongue and teeth and sighs of relief.

    Vanderwood moans, hand on the plane of your back, fingers scrambling at your spine before he palms your thigh and slots you flush against his torso with one leg hooked around his waist.

    He drops his forehead against yours, your lashes fluttering as he tilts his head, feels the rich and spicy flavor of your breath against his mouth; he hasn’t had alcohol in years, but it is almost as if he’s tasting it straight from your lips.

    “You’ve been drinking.” He says. Why?

    “I wasn’t sure if I should expect you tonight.” Hesitant fingers play with the tips of his hair – he lets you. I was worried.

    “It’s late, you shouldn’t be up.” He can’t look you in the eye. I’m not worth waiting for.

    “Then why are you here?” You smirk, reaching out to graze your nails down his side. His defined muscles flex under your touch as he hisses. Your eyes are soft. You are to me.

    With a growl, Vanderwood presses closer, hips pinning you in place as his teeth scrape against your lower lip, a gasp that is equal parts pain and pleasure slipping out at the rough treatment. His tongue soothes the sting before sliding between your lips and tracing the roof of your mouth. Body shivering, back arching, hips pressing into his.

    “I need you,” you say, words nearly a purr as you speak them into the crook of his neck. “I’d let you fuck me right here.” You grip his arms around your waist and roll your hips, slick center covered in satin gliding along his cock.

    “Right here, huh?” he drawls back, one hand flirting with the hem of your dress before sliding beneath the fabric.

    It’s all warm skin as he hooks his fingers around your panties, delicate lavender and shimmery soft, and tugs them to the side. Shaky gasps and moans against him as he parts you, circling gently around your opening to coat them in slick before he slips them inside.

    He settles on a gentle rhythm – pumps in an out of you slowly and delights in the way you grip at him, nails digging into his arms, your head thrown back in pleasure.

    “Eyes on me, baby.”

    Your hips roll on their own and he pushes his hand further down, back and forth, catching your clit between his fingers, playing you with practiced ease. He’s greedy for it—all those pretty sounds you make—how you suck in and cry out when he takes you to the edge and lets you go careening into the stars.

    You whimper as he removes his fingers, a final touch against your clit before he lifts his hands to your mouth, brushing his fingers, your wetness, against your lips. “Taste.”

    You shiver between him and the wall he’s pressed you against, sparkling dark eyes and chest heaving. Without dropping his stare, you part your lips, opening, tongue sliding between his fingers, curling around his knuckle, tasting the tang of your arousal.

    “Sweet, aren’t you?”

    You hum in acknowledgement, hands reaching up to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoning his pants, gripping onto the waistband as you pull them down his hips. He is already hard, riled up at how desperate you are, how uncontrolled he’s made you.

    You guide the head of his cock through your folds, your teeth sinking into your lower lip to keep from groaning when he finally presses inside, bottoming out with one thrust.

    “Perfect,” he chuckles, kissing the hollow beneath your ear, his lips warm and damp.

    “Vander-,” you mewl. “Vanderwood.” The syllable breaks, your panting coming out in choked babbling.

    The pleasure blinds him when you whimper as he drags his cock out, hips gaining speed, knocking the breath from your lungs. He thrusts a little harder, deeper; his grip on your hip tightening, holding your weight as your knees buckle.

    His large hand reaches to smooth your hair away, wanting to see your beautiful face screwed up in mind numbing pleasure as he fucks you against the wall.

    “Please, please...” You beg, legs shaking.

    He’s close. You’re closer.

    His fingers squeeze your waist to leave reminders for tomorrow, stills for just a second before the fire stokes higher and hotter. Your fluids coat him, makes it easier, and the thrill of your blissed-out writhing against him is so damn sweet.

    You climax with a shout – head thrown back, knees locked and trembling all over and he follows with his teeth sinking into your neck. The rhythm of his hips faltering as he shoves further into you, so deep, fingers spasming against your waist as his cock twitches inside you. The both of you careening right off the edge.

    His entire body shakes and quivers, and when the earth shackles itself together again, you’re all he sees.

    header created by my churro-loving, midnight soulmate @luxielle | divider by @firefly-graphics
    #DRUNKTOBER2021#DRUNKTOBER#collab #vanderwood mystic messenger #mystic messenger#mysme#mysme vanderwood#mysme vandy #mystic messenger vanderwood #vanderwood smut #Vanderwood x reader #Vanderwood x mc #vanderwood mysme smut #vanderwood mystic messenger smut #lea x heidi #sorry this was late I'm a mess #I am never writing vandy again #I'll leave him to the experts #aka Bee
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    my first fic and part of the lovely @kyovtani ‘s amazing chubby chasers collab <3

    bassist!suna x chubby!reader

    cw: nsfw (mdni), afab reader, mentions of the words cunt & pussy, thigh riding, oral sex, spit, use of whore, there’s like one slap 

    wc: around 1.9k

    people deem suna rintarou to be an enigma, the bassist being seen as a mysterious, brooding “bad boy” or whatever other cliches the media comes up with. but despite the many theories and absurd claims, there exists one indisputable truth:

    suna rintarou is a fucking tease.

    there he is on stage, bass in hand as his body sways ever so slightly to the music reverberating around the concert hall. piercing green eyes hidden behind a veil of shaggy black hair, ones that bore into you through the screen backstage. that's where you were, surrounded by people squealing at the sight of suna rintarou staring into the camera lens, skin gleaming with sweat, tousled hair framing his frustratingly perfect face. that’s the selling point, you see. it was what drove everyone wild, those lazy “fuck me” eyes and his bored expression. seemingly detached as he fingers the strings on his guitar with practised ease. it drives you insane.

    the concert’s intermission came after what felt like hours of torture, the bass booming through the hall doing little to soothe the throbbing between your legs. and he knew. he knew perfectly well the effect he had on you. with his endless teasing during rehearsal, whispering filth into your ear that had you squirming in place before making his way to lay wet kisses on your neck. suna rintarou was a bastard, unabashedly giving those sultry looks to everyone after cruelly neglecting his princess backstage. his precious girl who wanted nothing more than to cry out his name for everyone to hear as he fucks her nice and deep. and that's exactly what you got.

    not a word was exchanged between the two of you as you grabbed his wrist, dragging him to the nearest empty room once he made his way off stage. throwing your arms around his neck, you pull him down for a deep kiss, kicking the door behind you closed as you both stumble your way to the couch. it doesn’t take long for suna to reciprocate your intensity, cupping your round cheeks as his tongue finds its way into your mouth, rubbing and licking against yours in a way that has you whimpering in his lap. you pull apart from the passionate exchange, gasping for air, both of your swollen lips connected by a thin line of spit.

    “fuck baby,” suna says hoarsely, “you look so pretty”.  

    you giggle at his words, the tender statement a stark contrast to the heated interaction you two just had.

    “i know how much you love this dress rin,” you reply, smiling sweetly as your hips begin to slowly grind against his.

    of course you fucking did. a short, satin slip dress that hugged your beautiful body and complimented your skin so perfectly. fabric clinging to your shapely hips and chest, accentuating all the features your boyfriend just couldn't get enough of.

    he hums deeply at the feeling of you shifting around on top of him, grabbing at your thighs and waist as he grinds back up into you, his dilated pupils drilling into yours.

    he really was beautiful, eyes almost black with lust, swollen lips separated as quiet huffs leave his mouth. oh, how many people would kill to be you, to be the person who gets to see suna rintarou like this. possessiveness courses through your veins at the intrusive thought, making you reorient yourself to straddle his clothed thigh, every rock against him sending waves of pleasure across your body.

    your soft moans are interrupted by a squeal as suna pulls down the straps of your dress, taking a nipple into his mouth as he tweaks the other between his fingers. the sensation was overwhelming, his cold piercing contrasting perfectly against the warmth of his mouth on your skin, making you arch into him, hands gripping the hair at the nape of his neck. the feeling of your cunt drooling through your panties onto his thigh, the fact that you were surrounded by people who could walk in at any second, all of it got to you as your whines grew louder and needier for more.

    “ah rin,” you mewled, “fuck... baby please”

    “hm?” he hummed, pulling away from your chest with a pop

    “wanna cum rin please,” you continued, hips frantically moving, smearing your wetness across his pants

    “oh no baby,” suna coos, moving to trail kisses along the column of your throat, “what if they hear you hm?”

    “don’ care”, you gasp, feeling the heat in your middle growing more intense

    amused at the state you're in, suna tuts, eyes gleaming, “want them to know who's making you feel so good huh?” he whispers against your neck before landing a slap against your ass. 

    “want em all to know what a whore you are for me yeah?”

    “yes... yes,” you babble mindlessly, “need you so fucking bad rin, please, wanna cum for you”.

    conceding to your desperate pleas, suna thumbs at your clit as he flexes the thigh under you, making you cum with a shrill cry of his name.

    he lets you ride it out, rocking your hips against him as your climax washes over you, peppering soft kisses against your cheeks and collarbones until your body begins to relax. pulling away, suna can't help but admire the state you're in. fuck you’re gorgeous. lipstick smudged, pupils dilated with lust, strands of hair sticking to your face, pretty lips letting out small pants as you sit on his lap, dress bunched around your waist with your panties soaked. you were a vision, a goddess on top of him, and the reason his cock was so fucking hard.

    suna moves in to kiss you again, pushing you onto your back as he helps you take off your dress. making his way down your body, he nips at your chest and stomach before licking across the flimsy fabric covering your slit. grabbing it between his teeth, he pulls it down and off your legs before holding your thighs apart to zero in on your cunt. you were so fucking wet, your arousal moving down your thighs onto the couch below.

    “you're such a needy little thing,” he says, eyes still locked onto your center.

    the intensity of his gaze makes you squirm in embarrassment, the strong grip on your thighs leaving you helpless under him. bringing two fingers to your folds, suna smears your slick across them before he spreads them apart.

    “such a pretty cunt,” he hums contentedly, gracing it with a wet kiss.

    he lets his tongue out to stroke along your slit, the tip of the muscle dipping in ever so slightly before he sets another kiss onto your bud. the action makes you jolt, pulling away from him, earning you a light slap across the face. the slight sting of suna’s metal rings hitting the skin of your cheek making your pussy twitch. for the first time since he removed your panties, suna looks at you, annoyance written across his features.

    “dont fucking interrupt us” he says before returning to face your throbbing cunt.

    “trynna treat you like a princess,” he mutters against your folds, “wanna take my time and make you feel good but yer so impatient.”

    “rin… please,” you gasp, needy for any sort of friction against your poor cunt, “please”.

    suna narrows his eyes at you, sucking his teeth before letting out a sigh. he cups your face with one hand, his thumb on your tongue keeping your mouth wide open.

    “thought you'd be good for me baby”, he whispers against your lips, “but you’re just so fuckin needy huh”. with that he spits into your mouth, watching your eyes roll back at the feeling of him on your tongue.

    “such a dirty girl”.

    with that, he moves back down to lap across the entirety of your exposed cunt, fingers pulling your puffy folds apart to suck on your clit. and he’s so loud. slurping and grunting like a man starved, the lewd noises suna lets out under you makes your ears heat up. he moans into your center, flicking his tongue every which way to slurp up as much of your arousal as he can before spitting it back onto your weeping cunt. you whine at that, so incredibly aroused at the feeling of his skillful tongue against you and the sounds that only seem to get louder as suna continues his ministrations. he pushes his face even deeper as his tongue begins to make its way inside your hole. you both moan at the sensation, your cunt clenching around his pierced tongue as you rut against him. suna proceeds to grab you by the waist and lift you above his mouth, making you sit on his face as he lies back on the couch. he continues with greater fervor in this new position, tongue fucking you as he kneads your perfect hips and thighs before bringing his fingers down to your ass. you gasp as you feel his index circling the wet rim of your ass before dipping inside. the foreign feeling makes you clench around him, making suna jerk his hips into the air, the two of you so needy for one another. feeling the familiar heat beginning to pool within you, you rock your hips against his face and onto the finger he has in you. suna palms his cock through his pants at the feeling of you using his tongue like your own personal fucktoy. fuck, he was close.

    “rin.. rin gonna cum baby, im gonna cum,” you whine helplessly, desperate for release as you clutch onto his hair under you.

    suna moans into your cunt, bringing his thumb to rub tight circles against your clit.

    “fuck yeah,” he gasps, “cum for me princess”.

    suna brings his hands back onto your hips, moving them across his face before latching his lips onto your clit. moving his head side to side, suna makes you come with a cry, continuing to suck on your pretty clit.

    “more”, he moans around the nub, “gimme one more”.

    he’s unrelenting, an iron grip on your legs to keep you on top of him as he continues his assault on your poor cunt, his own cock so painfully sensitive.

    “rin..rin, rin oh fuck, rin no, im gonna make a mess,” you chant, squirming above him, your body beginning to shake as you feel another orgasm come over you.

    he laps it all up, not wanting to waste a single drop, as he feels himself cum with you.

    you're a wreck, drool dribbling down your chin, hair plastered across your face, chest heaving but it's nothing compared to the sight of the man below you. suna rintarou was fucked out. his once aloof eyes glazed over, face drenched in your arousal as he pants up at you with a boyish grin on his face. you both take some moments to come down from your highs before being interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat.

    “were back in five rintarou, get cleaned up” said a deep voice from outside the room, slightly disappointed in tone.

    “got it aran” suna sighs, placing a light kiss on your cheek.

    “i'll see you after the show, pretty girl,” he smiles softly at you before returning to his dressing room.

    suna rintarou is a heartthrob, irresistible with admirers in the millions. but he was yours, and nothing made that more apparent than the sight of your missing panties dangling from his back pocket as he walked back on stage.

    #suna rintaro x reader #suna rintarou smut #haikyuu smut#suna smut #the chubby chasers collab #eeeee #ngl this was supposed to be punk!yamaguchi lol #suna is needy okay #he loves the chub #furudate told me so #<3
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    Art collab with @fluffytimearts 💗

    Right: her drawing

    Left: mine

    It was really fun!! I wanna say again that I loved ur part smm!!

    I really hope you like my parttt!!!

    @pyobeul u are a lifesaver ilyy ❤❤

    #collab #artist on tumblr #tysmmm #i love ur part #i love itt #i had fun #art collab#drawing #have a great day #i hope you like it
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    Tutoriel Danse collab part3 | Chorégraphie « Fever » par Maxime Trouiller Marie Bugnon Andy Da Veiga

    Tutoriel Danse collab part3 | Chorégraphie « Fever » par Maxime Trouiller Marie Bugnon Andy Da Veiga


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  • msbelover
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    TW/CW cannibalism, body horror, blood

    Standing above what used to be it's lover, the demon began to feast.

    Art collab with chaotic_endz, ze did the lineart!

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    From last year’s Gucci x Liberty collection 😍

    Instagram: readytimmywear

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    SlaynShepard, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    "No we were cleaning out the old man's house to make sure no one gets hurt and Manning picked it up " said Merlin " I don't think you've missed anything else it's been slow while you were out"
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    Ahala_Saas, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    "Confused. I woke up in a different place with different clothes and I saw someone in a doorway but couldn't hear them. It was weird" she said and would slowly eat her breakfast that merlin brought her. "And why did he touch the doll? And any other missions happened?" She asked looking at her father
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    SlaynShepard, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    Merlin walked in carrying a tray of food " good morning snowflake I made you breakfast how are you feeling " before snow can answer she sees Manning walk by and he's purple" what happened to Manning she asked " don't worry sweetheart he just picked up a mildly cursed doll now he's purple for a few days nothing to worry about"
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    Happy Birthday Eijiro 😍

    #ive scheduled a reblog of my birthday collab fic for him later today ❤ #kirishima ejirou #HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY 😍😍😍
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    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ahala_Saas, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    As snow slept she would toss and turn in her sleep, her head was full of chaos but she kept trying to fight it. She hadn't told anyone but since the village fight and chaos got into her head she had tried to fight it more and more. She bolted up breathing heavy and would hold her face in her hands. She saw she was alone in her room and would turn on a light seeing that her room was different. She gently got up and felt different she went to a mirror and saw herself wearing a blue gown that had a training veil from her shoulders, but it was blue black with a blue sparkling color. "What in the. How did I get here?" She asked herself and she heard a door open and in the door way was the figure of a man but she couldn't make it out or what he was saying. Snow then bolted up in her actual room and saw that she was in her clothes she was in at the gravesite. "OK what the hell was that? She asked herself and would try to make out what just happened.
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    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    SlaynShepard, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    Vash laid his hand on Merlin's shoulder "let's get back to base so she can rest" Merlin nods and tells teddy to guard the others till they back at base teddy grabs Manning's hand and says" don't worry I'll keep them safe " and with that Merlin cash and snow vanish
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    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ahala_Saas, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    Rubi looked around. "Um alright that happened." She said and she was left alone. An officer would walk up along with the teenagers. "Is she alright? " one teenager asked merlin as they saw snow passed out in merlin arms. One of the officers grabbed the book that fell from snows hand and manning grabbed it from him "yea not happening." Manning turned to the teenagers. "Young men. I will be in touch with your parents about the magical items in the house. But please refrain from using and or touching any of the items in the house." Manning said and both boys would nod their head to Manning.
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  • roleplaygateway
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    SlaynShepard, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    Merlin teleports to snow grabbing her as she falls then he snaps his fingers creating a shockwave of magic shutting down the undead leaving a very confused Rubi in the house
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  • roleplaygateway
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ahala_Saas, writing in Earth, a part of Hellboy OC Universe:

    "Ok we have to find out what they are guarding. And I think I may know. It's something I've tried with Abe. Long time ago. I can try to see what they saw long ago and maybe some answers." She said and would walk up to what look like an undead guard who had Egyptian armor and writing. She gently took the guards hand and would take a breath and would start to see what the guard saw and once she saw what she did the guard turned to dust and snow fell to the ground unconscious. Merlin felt something off about his daughter and now the undead.
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    #🍋 collab 8
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    सुप्रभात। हारना असंभव है, यदि मानव में साहस है... #असंभवहै #collab #yqdidi #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Didi Read my thoughts on @YourQuoteApp #yourquote #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub https://www.instagram.com/p/CVE1erYPAem/?utm_medium=tumblr

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