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  • Find a mentor who is willing to share their experiences and come together with a collaborative and learning attitude. ✨

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    COLLABORATION (with my twin sister)

    Tarrant Hightopp The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland





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  • De'Ray -Fuckin’ With Us #linkinbio #396production👽🌏😈 #producedby🙋🏿‍♂️#mixedby 🙋🏿‍♂️#greenville #alabama #atlanta #georgia #collaboration #music #musik #musick #southernhiphop #rap #countryraptunes #art 🎨#create #lovetocreate #moviescore 🎥🎞🎬 (at Greenville, Alabama)

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  • When building and supporting an online community with social media, there are key principles to keep in mind. These principles are what maximizes the company’s reach and engagement to the relevant community. Key principles include being direct about the community’s purpose and vision, building and feeding relationships, aligning common goals, motivating, and giving opportunities for growth, along with reinforcing the value of collaboration. So, because social media is a cost-efficient method in comparison to traditional methods, it makes building an inclusive, encouraging community that much more important. Once these key principles are ingrained into how the company’s social media is utilize, this inclusive and encouraging community will collaborate to provide feedback on current operations and focus, give recommendations on shifting, and ask questions that others are prompt to engage in. The result of utilizing and analyzing the relevant community provides information that can be used to predict trends, provide feedback, and attract new potential customers. So, as you see, social media does not only provide the chance to promote but also to give and receive new ideas, stay relevant, and add to the overall conversation.

    For an example, the company Shoe Sensation utilizes their online community. With the completion of Module 4 on Hootsuite, I fully understood how or at least how to fix implications that arise when building a social media community. Although not fully, Shoe Sensation provides answers to questions and gives quick alternative solutions to problems. I noticed that this engagement was mainly on Facebook, which make sense considering that it’s their most utilized platform. But where they lack, is where they can get the most value from. I found that they rely heavy on promotions, and while that’s fine– it doesn’t prompt for an engaging response. So, maybe if Shoe Sensation were to align that very goal with interacting and motivating their loyal customers to talk, write, and share the products or give current employees the opportunity to add their opinion on the products in an appropriate manner, then collaboration has successfully happened to the extent that it’s useful.

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  • Just adding these for the whole Psycho Pass Collab with A3

    #a3 #a3! #a3 game #a3! game #a3 actor training game #a3! actor training game #a3 act addict actors #a3! act! addict! actors! #collaboration#pyscho pass#mobage
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  • BTS collaborates with SIA and Troye Sivan in “Map of the Soul: 7”


    You can watch this video at https://koreanow.com 

    With BTS’ “Map of the Soul: 7” album being unveiled today, here are all the major collaborators you need to know, this time around. 

     Related article: https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200221…

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  • So glorious, so full of light 

    are the leaves of my soul

    these extensions like arms

    eagering to embrace 

    expecting for the release 

    these feelings of the nature

    this silk surrounding

    and as an offer 

    we glow


    the bright 


    poem: © Kyrah Forest
    photo: © HJSphoto

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  • I wish - MV < 2D Mode >

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  • Butter-Fly - MV < 2D Mode >

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  • The song added in the game is [ Butter-Fly ] a CUTE-type song sung by Yuuki Otokura ( CV: Yuki Nakashima )

    General Info:

    Lyrics&Music: Hidenori Chiwata Arrange : Cher Watanabe
    BPM: 165
    Duration: 2:02

    Available Difficulties:

    • DEBUT - 7☆ - 97 NOTES  - 10 stamina/play
    • REGULAR - 12☆ - 173 NOTES  - 13 stamina/play
    • PRO - 19☆ - 437 NOTES  - 17 stamina/play
    • MASTER - 26☆ - 721 NOTES  - 19 stamina/play  

    Extras: This song was originally sung by the Japanese Pop Singer Kōji Wada as the first opening song for the 1999 Digimon Adventures anime.

    ※ This song does not feature a 3D MV
    ※ This song will be immediately included into your song list without the need to purchase anything

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  • [ NEW ] Digimon Collaboration CM

    Narration : Taichi Yagami ( CV: Natsuki Hanae ) and Agumon ( CV: Chika Sakamoto )
    Uptime : 21st February 15.00 ~ 5th March 14.59 JST

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    In lieu of the collaboration withデジモンアドベンチャー LAST EVOLUTION 絆several campaigns will be occurring. The third campaign features a short Commercial featuring Taichi Yagami ( CV: Natsuki Hanae ) and Agumon ( CV: Chika Sakamoto ) doing their best in the game! The commercial will be up on the official Bandai Namco Youtube Channel for a limited time!

    The fourth campaign features a direct link to the movie that is airing today! For those watching in Japanese theaters, do be on the lookout for a poster of one of our own!

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    In lieu of the collaboration withデジモンアドベンチャー LAST EVOLUTION 絆several campaigns will be occurring. The second campaign features new LIMITED room items and room-themes!

    Dive into the digital world and fill your office with plushies of various digimon! The limited furniture will be available until the end of the collab, the 5th of March 23.59 JST.

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  • Labours and Dangers

    Hello friends. Remember how @accidentally-a-writer and I created about 40 AUs after we created Samuel Davies and the PPW-verse? We’ve started writing another. Labors and Dangers is a Cop/Political Thriller AU that takes place in a modern era. This was the first modern era storyline we attempted and it was so fun. This AU definitely has the most backstory, which we’ll post as one shots along the way. Please read, enjoy, and yes feel free to scream or ask us questions about this verse or any of our others. Happy reading!


    Chapter One: Hold Your Child as Tight as You Can

    Later on Washington won’t recall the short drive from the precinct to the hospital. He won’t recall the short phone call directing him there. One moment he’s in the car, driving like a madman to get to the hospital in record time, and the next he’s standing at the reception desk staring down at a receptionist busy on the phone. 

    Where is he dammit?! Washington looks down a nearby hall, turns his head and finds an identical one to the other side. He has no idea which way he’s supposed to go.

    Finally the nurse hangs up and he doesn’t waste a moment, hands resting heavy against the edge of the desk. “Alexander Hamilton. Where is he? I was told he was brought in with a gunshot wound.”

    Somehow Washington’s voice remains even as he utters the words. He has no idea what sort of shape the boy is in. He only knows he’s been-

    “Shot?” His head turns sharply back to the receptionist as she stands. “The officer who came in with the gunshot wound?”

    “Yes. Where is he?”

    The receptionist steps around the desk, eyes his uniform and gives a quick nod, “They’re working on him now. This way, sir.”

    Washington can’t garner any information from the woman’s expression or tone- probably years of practice on her part, but it’s driving him mad. How can she be so calm when Alexander… Alex may be dying?

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