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  • coryellison
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    you know what i’ll say it, ted lasso sweater vest when

    #I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT PLEASE!!!!!! #he already does the collared shirt under sweater but… #what if i …took those sleeves of babey #he hasnt already worn one right ahskfkfjhs i feel like id remember but ALSO WHOS TO SAY #personal thingys
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  • theysolvecrimes
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    you either die laughing at someone calling themselves a filmmaker or live enough to see yourself become the filmmaker 😔😔😔😔😔

    #spare a blue collar work in the industry please i never asked for any of this #can i do sound can i please just do sound
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  • rindove
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    SO MANY GOOD TOKREV SERIES OUT THERE….. if anyone has any recs please send them my way ty

    #♠️.avon screams into the void #i already have she’s my collar wicked throne and the soulmate mitsuya one on my to-read list #oh and house of memories #if any of you have any rindou ran taiju koko or mitsuya centric series’ PLEASE lmk
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  • sweetcakes-n-milkshakes
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    I love how the Bridgerton are colour-coding families, like the Bridgertons wear blue, the Sharmas wear shades of purple or pink and Featheringtons get their yellow

    Very Edward Scissorhands style!

    #bridgerton season 2 #bridgerton #I'm gonna guess Kate will wear this particular dress while standing in Aubrey Hall garden in front of grape hyacinths #but I still want her to wear her 'singed daffodil' dress #also #give Newton purple collar please
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  • wonderfullifeplan
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    All I want for Christmas is:

    🌸 slutty lap dance

    🌸 collar with a heart shaped tag

    🌸 halseys poetry book

    🌸 peg someone hot

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  • saltwatersatire
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    “A Hike Through The Woods”

    Write the Story: A Hike Through the Woods

    Include: Leprechaun, covert, fireball, snoop, wart, pity, payback, practice, nausea, collar

    I stormed out of the house, letting the screen door slam behind me. It wasn’t typical behavior, but after a few shots of Fireball, I wasn’t exactly myself. I’d found my brother snooping through the back of my closet where I kept my most valuable possessions…

    My mother, a proud pagan, died about five years ago. I was only fifteen. My father tolerated her paganism but it was clear he never really “got it.” After she passed, he donated most of her pagan items, her alter, anything I didn’t steal and hide in the back of my closet. My mom and I were very close and she continued to teach me her ways until her last day. I never understood why anything pagan related set my father off, but it did. And I knew if Dylan opened his mouth about anything he’d seen back there, my dad would lose it. Dylan technically wasn’t even my brother. He was my step mother’s kid but my dad insisted I treat him like my real brother. And my step mom like my real mother. I couldn’t stand it.

    I barged out of the house, barely stopping long enough to took the leash to my chocolate lab’s collar. I was pissed, but not at him. All it took was one sweet look from him to get me to slow down. I situated his leash in my hand and tossed the backpack I’d dropped on the ground to leash him, back onto my back. I couldn’t risk Dylan mentioning what he saw in my closet to my dad, so I packed it up and planned on leaving it somewhere in the woods until I knew it was safe to bring back. I didn’t like the idea of leaving everything out there; but I liked the idea of what my dad would do even less.

    Rocky happily led the way into the woods. I kept a close eye on the road and our house, making sure that no one saw me so no one could question me about the backpack later (it was Dylan’s after all). I continued to look over my shoulder like I was on some covert mission until I knew the cover of trees safeguarded us.

    We walked for what felt like forever, but no spot seemed to feel like right place to hide my mother’s things. The deeper we walked, the more anxious Rocky got; and then, the nausea set in. I knew his anxiety and my nausea were bad signs, but I couldn’t turn around. Something was pulling me, us, forward. I took deep, steadying breaths trying to keep the nausea at bay, but it was getting increasingly difficult.


    Rocky stopped dead in his tracks, staring ahead, where the sound came from. After a few seconds of silence, I feebly called out “hello?” Another couple of seconds pass. I was just about to take another step to continue our walk when a leprechaun appears from behind the trees in the meadow before us. I expected Rocky to bark, like he does at most strangers. But he didn’t. He let out the tiniest of whimpers before laying down. “Get up, Rocky.” I mumble, not quite sure what to do. I pulled on his leash, but he didn’t budge.

    The leprechaun was slowly approaching. “Come. On. Rock!” I mumbled again, this time trying to step away… I could not budge either. My heart sank as I realized we were both stuck. I’d wanted so bad to keep my mom’s things hidden from my dad, keep them for myself, but was this really the price I was going to pay? My life? And Rocky’s?

    The leprechaun stopped about a foot away from us. “What are you doing in my woods?” he grumbled. “Y-y-your woods?” I stuttered. “These are my family’s woods. The property has been in my mom’s family for ages. When she passed, she left it to my dad…” I trailed off, unsure if I’d said too much, or not enough. He scoffed. “Oh, so you’re part of THAT family, then?” he said with a sneer. “W-w-what family?” I barely sputter out.

    “Oh, I think you know.” he said, the distaste in his voice growing. “Look…” I started, “I didn’t come here looking for trouble. I didn’t know anyone else lived out here. I just wanted a safe place to keep some… things.” I almost told him what I had, but something in my gut told me not to.

    “Things.” He repeated almost absent mindedly. “But, why do you need to hide them? What are you afraid of, little girl? Do you have something you shouldn’t?” and he lunged for my bag. I yanked my arm away but only managed to knock myself off balance. “What are you doing?!” I shouted, panicking now. Unfortunately, I was too deep in the woods and too far from my house for my family to hear me.

    The leprechaun walked up to me and pointed a short, stubby, wart covered finger in my face, “Now you listen to me, missy. These here are my woods. No one comes this deep without my say-so. Your FATHER knew the rules. Why didn’t you?” There was an air of disgust that hung around the word “father.” Did the leprechaun know my family? Did he know something I didn’t? “What do you know about my father?” I asked shakily.

    He gave me a weak, forced smile, and simply replied “a lot” while continuing to stare Rocky and I down. We both sat there in silence for a bit until I finally got up the courage to ask if he would please let me go if I promised to never return. The weak, forced smile turned into a devilish smirk and my heart sank. That was not the look of someone who was just going to let you go.

    “Words are nothing but empty promises. Your family taught me that.” He began. “I need more than just words. I need your blood.” He gingerly pulled a knife out of his pocket. “M-m-my blood?!” I questioned frantically. “Yes, girl. Your blood. Or the blood or someone, or…. Something… that you care about.” He thrust the knife into my hand. I stared back, hoping this was a sick joke. “Oh, come on. Its either your blood, or the blood of someone or something you care about.” His eyes drifted to Rocky.

    “NO!” I shrieked, throwing the knife across the meadow. “Pity.” He said, before snapping his fingers and encompassing the entire forest in pitch black. I felt around for Rocky, hoping to be able to crawl back to the house, but he was nowhere to be found. Rocky and the leprechaun were gone. And I was alone.

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  • diamondmuses
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ( why so many people from diabolik lovers have a petplay kink im )

    #ooc ; out of character #im watching someone play ruki's VC route #and lmfaooo he keeps saying hes gonna put a collar on yui #WITHIN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS OF THE VIDEO #please
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  • wolfdirt
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    #ok im about to be a fashion elitist vut #*but #this COULD have been a good look #like either pleated skirt or cut off the shirt or change shirt style make it like a collared crop or something . #i dont like the tulle skirts on their own though like unless you go full clown it doesnt work #for me . should have had some shorts or something . #and like . just the tooth necklace is not good. should have layered some chains or something #like this is how you dress when you cant/dont want to actually dedicate money to the look cos ur 12 and playing around in your room or #whatever. but like. im sure he CAN sink the money into a good fit or rent some stuff or SOMETHING #also . a sleeveless hoodie maybe w worn holes wouldve worked too . #like. put a little more effort in . please #anyway
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  • excaliburofficial
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Excalibur teapot where the top hat comes off to put the tea in and the nose is the spout

    #this was also in my drafts and i also dont remember writing this #but it checks out #i would absolutely write this post #also think it should have FOOL! written on the bottom so you see it when you pour it #and it can come with like a little stand that's the shape of his collar #and you could have it with like some cane shaped stir sticks #soul eater revival please hurry up and happen so i can sell this idea to studio bones for licensed merch this is a great concept #soul eater#text post#wrennstoptalking #also maybe a sword stir stick or like butter knife #ALSO THE TAG 'ALSO COULD BE A GRAVY BOAT' CAME UP WHEN I PUT THAT LAST TAG? #it could be a gravy boat instead of a tea pot i guess????? #did I already post this once ans say also could be a gravy boat?????? #cause yeah am definitely also seeing the gravy boat
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  • sixzeros
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #me#mine #okay to rb <3 #leave me something cute in the tags please #don’t add captions #pov me begging for attention #I got a new collar w a bell who wants to come make it jingle #red aesthetic#red theme #black and red
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  • femmenova
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #skhfkdjd ily #please put a collar on me tho 🥺🥺🥺 #i’ll put yours on you too n then you can pull me around wherever you want 💛💛💛 #asks#💙 anon
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  • pxppinmolly
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’m too shy to rb the kinks meme cus I don’t wanna write Molly admitting the shit she’s into even tho I do it sometimes anyway but teehee looking away

    but i have her f-list! LOL

    #OOC #Please Do Not Judge I Had A Lot To Drink (Headcanons) #suggestive cw #i should prob look and update it some #i mean i added like the leashes/collar thing cus that was the recent revelation we had but. ASODKFJ
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  • hoe4hotchner
    13.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’m tired and I just want to wear a pretty collar with Hotch’s name on a fucking bone shaped tag. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!

    #aaron hotchner#puppy #give me a collar please #I'm not angry #sorry for screaming
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  • thatstagecanstarry
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    goes back to my roots and makes parallels to knights and undead except im a fake fan and i dont mean anything deep i just have undead counterparts for knights' mystic fragrance mv outfits now

    #itsa me#enstars #//my stupid vermin brain: oh white with black? puffy sleeves? black lace?fragrance? rain? #//i mean just look at those cards theyve just swapped eye and hair colors and yellow and purple LITERALLY being complimentary colors #//it's so aesthetically pleasing and the themes contrast each other even the expression on these cards #//ADONIS AND ARASHI'S BANGS ARE JUST SWAPPED OF EACH OTHER GRIL HELP #//one outfit opens up from the bottom and the other from the collar HELPEME
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  • inkykeiji
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #SPOILED LMAO#HASHTAG SPOILED #i want a collar that says ‘spoiled’ on it #i think it’s a need #i think it’s a very great need actually #hehehe 😇 #dunno what ur talking about i am ANGELIC #the best prettiest most angel baby ever duhhh #HAHAHAHA #i can’t even say that with a straight face LMAO #dabiiiii :(#dabiiiiiiiiiii >:( #i miss you >:( #<33333 #please eat well today okay??? :( #you never eat enough :( #mister ‘i bought a whole cake for dinner’ #yeah!!! i remember that!!! #silly man#hehe <333 #dabi not touya #dabi IS touya #touyaaaaa💖#dabi; touya #© clari’s dabi anon #© dabi’s little baby big responsibility #big bear ( ͒•ㅈ• ͒) n lil kitty (=^・ェ・^=) #clari gets mail #from her faaaaavourite <333333333333
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  • sixzeros
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    baby, we could reach the heavens

    or dance in hellfire

    #me#mine #okay to rb <3 #leave me something cute in the tags please #got a cute new collar and it jingles and it’s pink #just wanted to show you guys #pov: you’re laying on top of me
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  • homohamlet
    05.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    very homophobic that most silhouettes in men's fashion are just boring rectangles now. show me those shoulders!! those hips!!! that ass!!!

    #see thats why victorian suits are superior #fit high-waisted trousers??? waistcoat?? high collar??? poofy sleeves?? give them to me please #kinda hate that suits are boring nowadays #text
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  • beescream
    03.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #im sorry to anyone who sees this in the main tags idk how to get it out :< #I HAVE REMOVED ALL THE MAIN TAGS TUMBLR STOP PUTTING THIS IN THE MAIN TAGS PLEASE #bee screams #YES im still mad about it! #in the first MINUTE of the movie munkustrap SPIDERMAN CRAWLS FACE FIRST DOWN A WALL #IT LOOKS SO BAD! #the people who made this movie do not know what cats are. they have never seen a real life cat #its literally the ONLY explanation #i love the 1998 stage show so much and the movie could have been SO GOOD but it was let down by too many things :< #like i dont even mind the designs that much #they need a little tweaking to be SLIGHTLY less uncanny valley and theyre not as fun and campy as the original but like. this IS a movie #not a stage show. so yes theyre gonna be more quote-unquote realistic #but the feet clipping through the floor? #the anatomy issues? #stuff like their collars not reacting properly as they turn their heads? it is SO noticeable #im just so mad! IM SO MAD ABOUT IT #it could have been so good! #we could have had it aaaaaaaaaaaaall... #but its like they just didnt care #i wanted it to be good! #there are so many good things about it - the choreo #some of the music SLAPS like their version of skimbleshanks is GREAT #and i like the casting! judi dench is good! the actors for victoria and munkustrap and a lot of the others are GREAT! (obvs not the celebs) #but the worst crime is attempting to make it make sense. THATS NOT WHAT CATS IS FOR! cats is for sitting down w a bunch of people who have #never seen the show and attempting to explain why they all wanna die and ending up like charlie sheen yelling about pepe silvia. #except pepe silvia is macavity. HE DOESNT EXIST! NOBODY'S EVER SEEN HIM! THEY SAY SO IN THE SONG! no ignore the fight scene the SONG SAYS- #hhh anyway i found out that theres a tag limit. it's 30. i never knew that. and it doesnt warn you just deletes them. so thats Fun.
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