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    My personal collection didn’t fit in the Rei tin anymore. I intend to stain and line this box, along with making a slight cushion for the bottom. This doesn’t include my own teeth, ones from friends, and ones from the 1800s. I’ve put significantly more teeth into my art/jewelry than I’ve kept, unfortunately.

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    My love. 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • “Somos feitos de carne, mas temos que viver como se fossemos de ferro”

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    In season 1 of Kiratto PriChan, every character uses a Pichan Cast, or PriCast. This cellphone-like device acts as their camera, phone, and dressing room.

    In this post, I’ll discuss what the Pink version of the PriCast toy is like, as well as what two of the additional items - called Yattemita Aplli* - can do.

    If you’d like to see it demonstrated,  check out the featured Story on my collectors Instagram page - instagram.com/ashleighglitters

    *Aplli is the translation used by AmiAmi, OtakuMode, and Madarake, and the one I have chosen to use as it’s the one you’ll likely need to use when buying it. However, other translations like Aplpli, Appuri, App, and Application, are just as valid and accurate.

    The Pink PriCast


    My PriCast is the Pink version, which comes with Mirai’s Priticket, and has both Mirai and Emo as voiceovers by default.

    The  big, clear “Kiratto” button features a light that flashes various colours, and the PriTicket slots into the back of the device, over the battery compartment when not in use.

    Considering it’s made by the A.R.T.S. label, which is known for being low quality, it isn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected it to be. But it still isn’t great.

    The mirrors on both sides are very shiny and genuinely reflective, which is nice, and the prints on both the buttons and the aplli are crisp and bright. It does tend to pick up on my fingerprints though, making it look very used and dirty. It would have been nice if there were some kind of protective film over the reflective parts, as with only a little gentle usage, they’re already beginning to show some wear and tear.

    My one major issue with the quality is that the pink plastic looks oddly streaky, and even “dented” in places, which is very unfortunate given it’s a brand new item.  

    There’s also the fact that, from the first time I switched out the aplli, the black sticker detailing around the holes started to look shabby and worn. I suspect with any serious amount of usage, they could start to peel up, which is a major issue if you like to display it open.

    Using The PriCast


    When first turned on, Emo and Mirai greet you with “Let’s La Prichan!” no matter what aplli are inserted.

    When the Priticket is swiped while the default aplli that come with the PriCast are inserted, it plays the generic dressing room tunes, and either Mirai or Emo get to have a Kiratto Chance. This consists of playing the audio from the show, with the Kiratto button flashing the colours of the rainbow.

    At certain moments, just as Mirai and Emo press the Kiratto button on screen, the user has to also press it on the PriCast. The Kiratto button will then turn the colour of the performing/inserted character.

    The cast comes with 3 default Yattemita Aplli - the Prichan Clock, the Live button, and a vaguely Instagram-with-sparkles looking logo.  These can be seen inserted on the picture above. Only the Live button has any real function, as the other two largely act as placeholders for the separately-purchased aplli.

    The Live button should go in the top left-hand hole. The other two can be inserted anywhere.

    If the Live button is in a different hole when a character aplli is inserted, the device won’t pick up on the character, and will just do the default instead.

    There are 3 other, permanently fixed, flat buttons that vaguely resemble that of a touch screen phone.

    (Please note that I’m just loosely translating and/or guessing these button names as I could not find any English information about this item anywhere, and they aren’t named within the show.)


    The one on the top right “Play” button has several functions.

    Pressing it once activated a Dance game, where a nursery rhyme tune will be played and the button will flash in time, which you then have to repeat by pressing it. This happens twice, and if you succeed both times, there’s a Kiratto Chance.

    Pressing it twice in succession activates a colour coord game, where you choose a  colour. The script will play, followed by the Kiratto button flashing different colours of the rainbow, and stating each colour. Again, if you choose correctly, a Kiratto Chance will play.

    Pressing it three times will go to Kiratto Chance, where you press the Kiratto button multiple times while the light changes from one colour to another. Generally, the colours match the Yattemita Aplli character that is inserted. It is a game of luck, sometimes ending in a Kiratto Chance, but usually it does not.

    For some reason, no matter what Yattemita Aplli button you use, Mirai always does the voice over for the Play button, though the Kiratto Chance will always match the the aplli inserted.


    The bottom left (which I called a “Love” button) produces a comment, or compliment. If using the standard aplli, it will only play once per press, while a character aplli will produce one when pressed once, or three in a row if pressed a second time.


    The final, bottom right button is a “Camera” button, that makes timer and shutter sounds, while the Kiratto button flashes like a camera timer. Three times in a row, the characters will comment as if they were on camera, taking a photo, or say their catch phrases. These phrases appear to be in a randomized order, and again, the default will either feature Mirai and Emo, or the character whose aplli is inserted.

    If you insert several aplli at once, it will randomly choose which character does what. This includes if you mix aplli from different sets, which is interesting but not very useful and doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Personally, I would have preferred if inserting multiples could produce a group song or performance with the PriTicket, but sadly that isn’t the case.

    Without the additional aplli, you can’t choose the characters at all.

    The Dance Lesson defaults to Mirai, the Camera alternates between them, and the Love button is mostly Emo. There is no way to get Rinka’s voice over without the Kiratts Aplli set.

    If you leave the Pricast alone for a while, it will eventually go to sleep, which is good because it saves the battery. Pressing the Kiratto Button wakes it up again.

    Using the Yattemita Aplli Sets and PriTicket


    Placing a single Character aplli on top of the Live button will result in the device stating the character and coord that corresponds with that aplli, and you can leave it sitting on top of the Live button while using the various flat buttons, and sipe the PriTicket.

    However, balancing the aplli on the PriCast like that can be awkward, as the aplli are prone to moving around and falling off. To stop that from happening, you can remove the default aplli and put the character aplli in it’s place.

    If you’re only using one aplli, you must remove the Live aplli and use the top left corner hole, or else the device won’t recognize that an aplli is inserted. If you are using more than one aplli, it doesn’t seem to matter which of the other two aplli are replaced.

    To remove the aplli, you need to press one of the three corresponding buttons at the back of the device. These will push the aplli out of their clips. Inserting them just means pushing them into the hole, where they’ll clip into place.

    Swiping the PriTicket with the default aplli will play a dressing room soundtrack, and a Kiratto Chance. These are randomly voiced by either Mirai or Emo. The priticket used it Mirai, but it makes no difference - you could use a thick credit card or your finger to make it work the same way.

    Inserting a character aplli will change the dressing room song, and a performance song clip. Both with correspond to the songs that character produces when performing on the show.

    Yattemita Aplli Set - Miracle Kirrats


    Mirai and Emo’s character aplli are only useful for playing their respective songs, or guaranteeing they will be the speaking character. Otherwise, you can achieve most of their functions using the Pink PriCast with just the default aplli. However, you can only get Rinka’s aplli with her song and voice functions as part of this set.

    Compared to swiping the PriTicket without an Aplli, their insert songs - specified on the front of the box - play instead of the Kiratto Chance.

    Emo’s aplli plays “Pom Pom Sky High Dream” when the ticket is swiped. With Emo’s aplli, the Kiratto button light turns Yellow and White.

    Mirai’s aplli plays “A Million Flowers for the Thrilling Future”. Mirai’s Kiratto light is pink and white.

    The Rinka button produces a new dressing room song, as well as Rinka’s song “The Cool Coord Changed Me”, and her  Kiratto Chance. It plays her voice with unique phrases when used with the Love and Camera buttons.  Her lights are blue and white.

    If you insert all three at once, it will randomly choose a different character each time, or if you press the Kiratto button when it flashes their corresponding colour.

    Yattemita Aplli Set - Meltic Star


    These were definitely worth purchasing if you like Meltic Star, as there’s no other way to get their characters on a PriCast.

    Just like the Miracle Kiratts, each character aplli comes with their own unique phrases for the Camera and Love buttons, plus their own dressing room sequence, kirratto chances, and appeal song inserts. When inserted or tapped on the Live button, they also introduce themselves and their coord.

    Mel’s aplli plays “Check it! It’s a Mel-Mel Cool Coord!” with Purple light.

    Displaying The Aplli

    You may have noticed that the faces and motifs on the inside of the Aplli are crooked or upside-down. This is because they need to be able to spin, but as a result, any movement can cause them to become crooked. People who are particularly fussy about their displays may find this very annoying to deal with, though it is possible to turn them by moving the dial on the back with your fingers.

    Issues With The Sets


    I personally chose to buy the Kiratts set, with all 3 members of Kiratts. However, there are also sets for just Mirai and Emo, the latter of which is pictured above,.

    Those specific character sets come with two songs, one of which is the same as the song in the Kiratts set,although the pictures on them are slightly different. If you’re an avid collector and want to buy all of the aplli, this means that you will have to end up with doubles of some aplli. There’s also the fact that they don’t really do much more than simply using the defaults for Mirai and Emo.

    This would not be a problem if it were possible to buy a Rinka set or default device, in which case you could simply by 3 character sets, and not the Kiratts group set, or just the 2 different defaults.

    However, the only way to get Rinka on the PriCast is from the Kiratts set, as she does not have her own character set or default device.

    Something else that I find incredibly annoying is that these are supposedly “coords” - where we used to have cards with the outfits or parts of outfits printed on them, now we have tiny plastic squares that don’t reflect the coords worn on the show whatsoever, and it seems a little redundant for them to state the coord they’re wearing when you cannot see it.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I do dearly miss the collectible nature of the cards, the textural nature of them, and just the fact that we could actually see the coord in the real world, or at least as close as we can get without a cosplay.

    Kiratto PriChan’s arcade game still uses the ticket cards, so it’s an odd choice to make them mostly useless with the PriCast and in the show.

    The Boxes


    Boxes are boxes, and the Pricast is very standard as far as boxes go. There’s no window on it, just pictures on the front, including Emo and Mirai, the items inside, and a ton of text.

    The back of the box is an entire text wall, while the top features instructions on how to use the Live button it with the arcade machine to get an exclusive dress, and also the fact you can buy more Yattemita Aplli Sets, which essentially work as character- and song-specifying buttons.

    The sides do feature brief guides on how to use it, but they don’t begin to explain how complicated it really is - but I suppose you can’t fit that in such a small space.

    Overall, I’d only really keep this box for storage or resale, as it’s not really display worthy on it’s own, nor does it display the PriCast.

    Unlike the Cast, the aplli sets  - which is what I’m going to call them as it’s much simpler than “Yattemita Aplli Sets” - come in a clear bubble on a printed cardboard backing. It looks a lot nicer than the bulky box, plus there’s pictures right on the front to show you how to use them.

    On the back, there’s some more vague instructions, along with pictures of which coords these aplli are meant to represent. And I’m using the word “represent” on purpose, but more on that later.

    Overall, I quite like these, and they were very easily opened without causing any damage, making them perfect to store and display the aplli in.

    VS The Show Version


    As far as aesthetics go, the TV show and toy version look very similar. The “mirror” is a screen for viewing on the show ( or at least, that’s where they look through when filming,) but functionally, that wouldn’t work well in the toy, so it’s a good compromise rather than leaving it plain plastic.

    The pink is a very different shade, with the toy being a dark, bright pink and the show version being a softer pastel tone, which is a weird choice.

    I would have loved to have had a digital version of this item, with an actual camera and screen, but given this is a budget item, it contains a surprising number of relevant gimmicks and games.

    Cost and Shipping Time

    The PreCast cost 1,830 JPY on sale at AmiAmi, or about $28 NZD.  The Yattemita Aplli Sets cost 310 JPY each, or $5 NZD.

    With shipping, it totaled a little over $45 NZD, and arrived within three weeks. It was packed really well in a standard AmiAmi box with a ton of paper packing.

    Given the current climate, I felt that was quite cheap and fast, however, I do live in New Zealand which is not as restricted or has as much backlog as other countries.


    Although I do quite like this item overall, I will say I am glad to have bought it on sale rather than at full price.

    It’s fun and does accurately reflect the show, while still adding in some interactive extras which is nice.

    If you’re only an Emo and Mirai fan, the cast on it’s own will suit you fine, but if you want some Meltic Star or Rinka moments, it’s absolutely essential to invest in the Yattemita Aplli sets.

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  • Eyooooo I’m almost at 1,000 followers 😊. I’m definitely not a great dice maker but I’m so glad you guys enjoy some of the things I make since I have a lot of fun doing it. I don’t know how much longer this phase of my life will last but I’m at least grateful for all the kindness and positivity I’ve found in this niche little community.

    I’m still open to ideas or suggestions and as always, my ask box is open if anyone needs a listening ear.

    Love you guys!


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    It’s a really good manga serie, totally recommended!

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  • Godzilla’s Criterion Collection vs. Gamera’s Arrow

    A very fun and entertaining skit made by a good friend of mine! Also lent my voice talent (if you want to call it that, lol) to this particular project! Can you guess who I voice? ;)

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  • Very overcast and dark today so did not feel very ambitious. I did finally get some energy to do a little cleaning in my room and found this! It has some Sailor Moon cards, MH and Barbie shopping bags and shoe boxes and the Deadfast action figure from Ghoulia’s fashion pack! A happy find as I thought I had lost it:)

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    Arrivi di oggi! ^_^

    Tokyo Mew Mew Olé! n. 2 edizione giapponese e i quattro Leather Sticky Book della collezione su Tokyo Mew Mew “Rainy Season Ver.” della GraffArt (sono dei piccoli blocchetti in similpelle che contengono post-it colorati), rilasciati ad agosto 2020.

    Sono contenta di avere un piccolo gadget raffigurante Ryou (e Keiichiro), di solito non se li caga nessuno.

    Ora attendo il volumetto di 2020 Re-Turn~

    Today’s incomings! ^_^

    Tokyo Mew Mew Olé! nr. 2 japanese edition and the four Leather Sticky Books from the Tokyo Mew Mew’s “Rainy Season Ver.” collection by GraffArt (they are fake leather-made little books with coloured post-it notes), released on august 2020.

    I’m happy I have a little gadget picturing Ryou (and Keiichiro), usually they are quite ignored.

    Now I’m waiting for the 2020 Re-Turn’s volume~

    #tokyo mew mew #mew mew amiche vincenti #mew mew power #tokyo mew mew ole #tokyo mew mew au lait #collection#collectibles#gadgets
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    ~Got the really cool KH3 Cover Acrylic Standee~

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