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  • Day Off - 5/26/20

    Woke up super early to go to the DMV. Turns out it’s by appointment now. So didnt register my car today.

    Got my car washed…picked up a couple things at the store and went home to set up my new printer. It was an easy set up.

    Went through my summer classes (first day!). Since I’m taking 17 credits, I knew it was going to be tough but I really got my work cut out for me.

    Deep breathes.

    I spent the evening printing out a 1000 pages of material and did most of my discussions for the week.

    Fwb texted me and tried to switch it to personal talk. I was short and turned the conversation back about work. I still feel deeply repulsed.

    I made a nice dinner - lamb burger with spinach and feta with corn on the cob and green beans 😇

    Going to bed soon and the plan is to get homework done nearly all day tomorrow.


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    05.25-26.2020 // I’m trying to embrace a more “have fun” mindset. When I think about doing, I always default into “what would I benefit from now if I was future me?” and honestly it puts an invisible pressure on me. Sure, it’s summer break; sure, there’s a pandemic going on, but I always feel guilty not doing anything productive - like my existence is a waste of resources.

    These two days, I wake up and instead of “what should I do”, I ask myself what do I really feel like wanting to do. And I found it’s easier to do the things I should be doing after hours of watching a series or movies or playing COD. After I’m enjoying myself, I even get the idea of “wow i think I’d enjoy learning that mech vent course on EdX” which used to make me anxious bc as a future health personnel, I feel like we have to be up-to-date with things yknow? Although it’s not directly said, it puts an invisible pressure, on me at least, and just letting loose doing what I want is such a freeing feeling.

    [ days 49-50 / 100 ]

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  • #NHL #return to play plan #i just want hockey back #obviously not if its not safe but #meme#nhl memes#hockey memes#college
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  • I am now going to be a senior. I’ve seen all the shit go down. Asks are always open.

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  • Free Harvard classes

    So if you heard of it if you haven’t Harvard has given set out a bunch of courses online for free on their website.

    Free free you may think to yourself. No not free free. They are working with a company and in order to get a certificate in the course aka be able to academically tell people that you passed the course it is like 50 dollars. But it lets you get a good feel for the intro of the course you want to take and I honestly think its great!

    I’m currently taking a course on Hamlet’s infamous ghost!

    #dark academia#studyblr#learning#harvard #harvard online courses #free courses#academia#literature#college#college courses #its easier than getting into college take it from me #im fucking salty
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    You know what? Sports are aight.

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  • Tag yourself as things from my first year of college (ft. 5th floor Broadway)

    - my entire floor in the dorms a week into the school year taking up the whole hallway with various instruments and having a jam sesh for hours

    - the band people started on my floor having a song called Japan that can last anywhere from 9-30 minutes depending on how many gag answers they can come up with to the question “where’s japan?”

    - my friend Ian standing on top of the couches in the lounge and posing against the wall becoming gay jesus

    - going to an 18+ nightclub for my friends birthday and ending up walking at least 3 miles in stripper heels

    - trying to go trick or treating and trusting my friend when he said we should go at 10pm when NO ONE IS GIVING OUT CANDY ANYMORE

    - the pumpkins with dicks carved into them that sat in the lounge long past halloween

    - the phrase “bear and Leif(leaf) are roommates”

    - bear somehow sticking a spider very high up on the wall and breaking the couch in the process

    - leif climbing on the staircase and a ledge and getting yelled at by an RA for “compromising the structural integrity of the building”

    - the one RA who wrote EVERYONE up that we all fuckin hated and she ended up getting in trouble for writing more people up than the rest of the RAs combined.

    - the day we all woke up to find out someone had smeared literal human shit on the wall and maintenance not cleaning it up for at least 3 days

    - everyone coming together to create the Shit List™️ and writing down suspects

    -my friend buying a roll of stickers that say “for rectal use only” and them ending up all over campus, including but not limited to: on all of our mail boxes, underneath tables, on the sign for the bar across the street, and inside the napkin holders at the dining hall

    -everyone taping a sock to the wall in the lounge so we all having stockings during the holiday season

    - the time my whole floor raised money to buy a cardboard cut out of Bernie Sanders that lived in the lounge for weeks

    - everyone immediately yelling when Bernie went missing

    -The RD getting a strongly worded mail about removing him without telling anyone because we all paid for him and the RD then retrieving him from the recycling room

    -5th floor now has joint custody of Bernie (I get him for the summer)

    - sitting in the park blocks and literally every group of people picnicking smoking weed

    - after everyone had to go home bc of Ms Rona we made a Minecraft server and rebuilt our dorm building in Minecraft.

    -nigel the drawing of a frog that everyone thinks is a real frog at first

    -hemmingway the lizard the coming out and vibing in the lobby

    - our one friend who works at a restaurant getting to bring home leftover meat and giving it away by creating The Meat Sheet™️

    Probably so many more my floor is made up entirely of gay art kids so it is pure chaos constantly

    #college #tag yourself meme #college stories#student life#dorm life #please my floor is so fucking chaotic im gonna miss them
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  • calculus study guide

    example of one of my calculus study guides for my midterm

    concepts: critical numbers, maximum/minimum, points of inflection, optimization, newton’s method, riemanns sum, and integrals

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  • I know for a fact that there are colleges who are %100 sure what they’re going to do with some things but unsure with the rest.

    It enrages me

    My college told me by the end of June when classes start right after August 20th. I will less than a month for living arrangements.

    What would be better is sticking to online courses completely, for everyone. There are disabled and chronically ill people in college, there are older individuals going to college, what the hell are they going to do? Have online classes that are put to the side and have barely any attention paid to them? Same with students that live in foreign countries?

    How are you supposed to set up living arrangements? Dorms have two people to a room, will you kick people out if there’s not enough space? Do you expect people to be able to get living arrangements in less than a month?

    What about classes? My college in particular barely has enough funding for the classes it runs now. Some lecture halls are huge while others are tiny. How will you clean them back to back? Will you kick students out of classes if there’s not enough space? You can’t pay for more staff members, so are you going to get a discount teacher and tell those paying thousands of dollars “good luck on passing!?” Not to mention there are plenty of older professors, do you expect them to risk their own lives to go back to work?

    If you make some online and some not while randomly spinning a wheel, some of us could end up paying for living and going off to school for a single class, and will not be told this in time.

    What will happen when eventually a student contracts the virus? Will the campus be shut down anyway? Or will you just take a risk since there will be so many people that one person could’ve been in contact with on an entire fucking campus?

    “College experience” doesn’t mean shit right now. No one should fucking care about that right now. All we should care about is keeping people safe. Opening campuses, when plenty are fucking huge, in the fall is anything but safe. There shouldn’t even be a chance with it.

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  • I’m premiering a video that took me a YEAR to make on Saturday at 11 am so please watch when it goes live on Saturday at 11 am.

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  • halfway through my second semester i had to switch over to virtual learning which was really difficult for me. i think last semester was the worst i’ve ever done academically. it was hard enough since i was already struggling in two of my classes, the virtual learning just made it harder for me. i wish that i did better with managing my time and staying on top of my classes, especially all the concept application classes such as math/science. but it was especially hard to stay motivated since we are so comfortable at home. 

    some things i found helpful was to take things step by step. since we mostly have to self-learn some concepts, it’s important to find resources to help you. i mainly learned concepts on youtube if i was struggling on my own. it’s also important to take things step by step instead of cramming everything.

    for classes i was struggling in i also facetimed my classmates in order to study together. to study for my chemistry final, my classmate and i facetimed to work on concepts together which was extremely helpful. sometimes you don’t realize you are making mistakes until someone else points it out. having this interaction will help you learn better as well because when you are teaching the concept it also helps you retain it better because you are piecing the concept in your head to both understand it better and to regurgitate the information. 

    since next semester looks like it might be online as well, i’m going to work on doing better to stay productive and make use of my time so i don’t struggle as i did last semester. i believe in all of you and i wish you the best with the rest of this school year along with the next! <3 

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  • my first year of college wasn’t too eventful, but i’m grateful for everything that i’ve learned with my time attending my university. i dreaded coming to the school i go to because it wasn’t my first choice (it was actually my “safe school”). i was accepted into my dream school but it was 7 hours away from where i live, hence the only way i could go is to dorm. however coming from a low-income family, my parents were very disapproving to the idea, therefore i attended the local university near me which was about 30 minutes from home. 

    my first semester was super tiring, i had a 12 hour day (8 am to 8 pm) because i only attended 3/5 days at school, which drained me out a lot. since i go to a local school, a lot of people from my high school also attended, however i never really got to see them and i made new friends. my 12 hour day wasn’t too bad because i made a friend with a similar schedule as me, we only had one class together which was our 8 am but our times in class were really similar so i never felt too lonely. it was helpful that we were both in the same major and went to school on the same days. i highly encourage incoming freshmen or even transfer students to make friends during orientation since most of the time you’ll be making your schedules that day. my friend and i met at orientation and it was helpful to have someone who shares similarities with you because it makes the transition a lot easier.

    during my second semester that friend and i had different classes because she switched out of my major. we didn’t really hang out a lot during second semester, but we still kept in contact which i find important. it’s good to note that although you may not always see your friends, having a good friendship with them is important because college is tough and having a strong support system will help you out a lot. at first this semester was not fun for me because all i did was go to school then go home. my schedule was a lot better but it got really lonely. as i mentioned before, i go to a local university so at work most of my coworkers go to the same school as me. one of my coworkers rushed me to join his co-ed fraternity since i was an incoming freshman and this fraternity is based on community service rather than a social organization. since i was feeling lonely i decided to rush and it was a really fun experience. i won’t go into too much detail, but pledging was both rough and fun for me. i had to come to school on days that i normally wouldn’t but i don’t regret pledging at all. i do admit it was really tiresome since it takes a lot of energy out of you. but it’s really worth it in the end! my only advice is to always stay on top of your academics while you are pledging along with learning how to manage your time well. i highly encourage everyone to join a club or organization on campus because it really makes your college experience more fun. after i started pledging, i found coming to school more fun and i never find myself being lonely anymore.

    the main thing i want you to take out of this post is that, college is difficult but it’s manageable when you make the best out of your time. therefore i encourage all of you to get out of your comfort-zone and try to make new friends! whether it be just having a friend in a few classes or joining an on-campus organization, make the most out of it! it’s a good way to both make connections for the future, and to have a strong support system which really helps when you’re struggling in classes or when you need to study for midterms and finals.

    thank you for reading and good luck out there!   

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  • thinking about the time when my physics partner and i finished our lab report only to realize that our final answer for how fast an object was moving was like 11 m/s with an error of +/- 23 m/s. Meaning that while we were pretty certain what direction the object was going at what speed, the errors present in our measurements made it so that there was not only a chance the object was moving 3 times that fast, but also that the object could be moving in the exact opposite direction.

    the professor didnt take any points off for it so i can only assume its not an uncommon occurrence in physics

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  • Being a historian is just an excuse to gossip about dead people.

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  • Presentation Tip:

    1. Forget about saying, “So yeah,” at the end of your presentation. It undercuts everything you just said.

    2. Say, “Thank you,” instead. This is a much stronger statement. It’s simple, polite, and makes you seem stronger. It makes your point stronger.

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