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  • Honest question: Was there a time where Maria Hill and Steve were supposed to be together? Because i get vibes from age of ultron

    #her wearing his coat #that deleted scene where she and him were talking ultron #’if i thought ultron was fighting for peace id hang up my shield’ ‘would you?’ #come on#tp
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  • Me when I see Victoria’s dress from tonight:


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  • mark do more photo shoots please

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  • I wasted 3 days on this also it looks weird I think

      Tom huffed quietly as he felt the weight of crates and packages being loaded onto the carrier strapped to his back. Great, this trip will hurt. Once the weight stopped being added and he heard the clicking of the carrier securing the load, he turned around to the person who was moving the packages, and also his good friend, Edward Gold.

      "So, how long do I have on this load?“ He tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck from already being strained by the packages. Edd hummed and circled his wrists. 

      "No time limit, Mr Rosewood.” He made a funny voice when saying his friend’s last name and chuckled at himself. Tom ignored the joke, his artificial eyes widening in his visor, mouth opening in a small surprised o.

      "Really?! Holy shit, that’s aweso-“ Edd cut him off, grabbing something from his uniform jacket.

      "Wait. There’s no time limit, yeah, but I was exaggerating. There’s an engineer in Oslo who got bit, and luckily enough he’s only 5% infected right now, and called for an antidote an hour ago.” He handed Tom a glass case with a syringe full of icy blue liquid, sitting on velvet padding. Tom scoffed and gently took the case from Edd’s hand.

      "Velvet padding? Wowie, didn’t know antidotes were so fancy these days. Anyways, what’s the guy’s name?“

    "Tordn Larinks. Weird name but I’m not one to judge. So you’ll deliver it as fast as you can, yeah?" 

    Tom nodded and looked at the glass casing of the antidote in his hand.

      "As fast as possible, for sure. Crossing from the London station all the way to Norway shouldn’t take forever but maybe a few hours. And from what it sounds, Mr. Larinks’ bite is a slow one.” He adjusted his uniform jacket to be more comfortable under the weight. Edd crossed his arms and stared at Tom, slowly bobbing his head in a nod. He threw a board at Tom, who caught it and pressed a button on it before throwing it a fair distance away. The two watched as it went into a shape of a hoverboard, but more heavy duty. 

      "Guess I’ll see you whenever I get back. See you later, dude!“ He hopped on the board and started heading out of the station. Edd cupped his hands around his mouth before Tom left hearing distance.


      He heard Tom laugh loudly and yell back, “No homo!" 

      And after that, Tom was out of sight, dust from the dry ground being kicked up from the board’s speed. Edd sighed and closed the large doors of the station.

      He had a feeling Tom wouldn’t come back any time soon.


      "Oh holy lonely pony eating macaroni, what was that?!” Tom yelled as he felt the hoverboard dip and go back to normal, but a noticeable weight had been added on. He looked around the board but didn’t find anything. The Brit stood up from his sitting position and looked at his carrier that he’d taken off a while ago. After a bit of looking, he saw a gray tail swaying from a gap between two crates. 

      "Huh?“ He stuck his hands in to grab whatever was there, and when he pulled back, he was holding a gray striped cat that was chewing on his metal arms. He placed the cat to lay against his chest, having her purr and nestle her head into the bend of his arm. He hummed and touched his wrist with his free hand, a key pad being revealed. After typing something in a live hologram feed started up.

      "Ey Hedd!” Tom smiled and waved while the cat meowed. Edd from the hologram looked angry from what Tom said at first but squealed when he saw Tom’s new companion. 

      "One, don’t say that, I already hear it enough from Hellucard. Two, WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS FLUFFY PRINCESS?!“

      Tom chuckled and looked down at the cat, who bopped his nose with a paw in response.

      "Found her in the crates after she jumped on the board. I’m thinking about taking her with me, and maybe naming her.” He looked back up to see Edd with an excited look on his face.

      "LET’S CALL HER RINGO!“ He screamed and seemed to bounce around on his end of the hologram call. The cat, now Ringo, meowed in approval and purred. Tom laughed and pet Ringo, moving her to his shoulder so he could use his hand. 

      "Ringo it is, then. Oi, Edd, my first stop is getting closer so I gotta go. I’ll call you sometime later, okay? I’ll keep you updated on our new friend.”

    Edd nodded from the other end and ran a hand through his hair.

      "Yeah, I gotta go too, my break is almost over anyways. See ya, Tom.“

      "See ya, Edd.”


      The two laughed and disconnected, Ringo jumping from Tom’s shoulder and walking near the edge of the hoverboard. Tom sat down next to Ringo and looked ahead, seeing the nearby post-apocalypse city become larger. Despite how deserted the cities looked, there were always people sheltering in a decent place that wasn’t destroyed from the nuclear attacks.

      That’s why they always sent Tom with crates. The crates were actually filled with food, water or sometimes blankets and clothes. Rarely will he be sent with antidotes. Rarely as in this was his first antidote delivery. Usually it was the higher ups that did those, but since they were taking the day off, the head of the station put him in charge of it. He was the highest ranking below the higher ups anyways, so it made sense.

      He did want to meet this engineer guy, Larinks, though. He just sounded interesting to Tom.


      "Here you go, these two crates should last you all till 6 months, if used wisely.”

      Tom forced a soft smile on his face as he was thanked by one of the many people in the shelter, he guessed by now it was the head caretaker of the place.

      "Thank you so much, Mr. Rosewood! I don’t think we could survive so long without the supplies you bring from the station!“ They smiled and tried shaking Tom’s hand, but immediately remember his sensitivity to touch, even if his arms were both metal now.

      Tom nodded and waved as he turned back to his hoverboard, walking along side it since his stops (besides the antidote) were all in the huge city.

      "Mrrow.” Ringo trilled, stretched and laid across the board as she watched Tom navigate through the city. Somehow along the way, Tom’s visor started picking up what the cat was saying and found a translator for the man to understand his new friend. He looked at the small blue screen that floated by his visor, seeing the translation. He put his hand on Ringo’s side and started petting her, a purr erupting from her as he did so.

      When he reached his next stop, he grabbed the smaller packages and knocked on the rotting door. The door opened and revealed a familiar ginger, who was happy to see the man before him.

      "Hey Tom! It’s been awhile…" he leaned against the doorway as he talked, his voice sounding much like a frog. Tom nodded and chuckled, handing over the packages.

      "Well, they only send me here once every few months, Matt. You know this.“ Matt nodded sadly and looked at his feet.

      "I- I know it’s just, I’ve been wanting to talk to you but I don’t have any hologram things or any other way to communicate.”

      "You know you can just join the station with me and Edd. Life would be easier on you, once you get used to everything, of course.“

      "No, no. I don’t think they’ll let someone who’s been exposed to radiation for years be in the station. I’m fine here, but still, I’m confused why you guys send supplies when you could just kill us off. It’ll be easier that way.”

      Tom shook his head and sighed.

      "No, that’s cruel. The scientists with us are coming up with a cure from the radiation, so there’s a reason to keep you all alive. I’ve told you this before, Matthew. Anyways I gotta go, I have to deliver this antidote before some dude becomes a zombie.“

      He started walking away, heading towards his hoverboard after hearing a soft okay and the weird noise of rotten wood against metal.

      Tom grabbed Ringo from her laying position and jumped on the board, setting Ringo on his lap as he sat down Indian style. She purred and curled up, falling back asleep.

      "To Oslo we go, then.”


      When going to Oslo, Tom was expecting another dead city with ruined buildings and gross shelters. But what he found was an only barely touched city, the tallest buildings being broken while the smaller places were in better condition, and there seemed to be people still alive here, too. The people there seemed surprised when seeing Tom, since it wasn’t everyday you see a man and a cat sitting on a floating board.

      The Brit hopped off the board, grabbing Ringo and putting the hoverboard into its former cube position. He placed Ringo on the ground and put the antidote in his hands. Walking around, he asked if anyone knew where Tordn Larinks was, and they all pointed at the workshop near the darker part of the city. So, that’s where he went.

      "Larinks’ metal shop… Hm…" Tom stared up at the shop and it’s name plastered on top of the doorway, the sign had it’s named made with spare metal parts, giving it a vibe that matched the entire store’s look and wares.

      The shop was average sized, large windows with displays of the man’s creations. They almost looked like steam powered trinkets. Ringo jumped off Tom’s shoulder to paw at the metal rabbit near the window. Tom laughed and grabbed Ringo, putting her back on his shoulder and stepping inside the shop. He was startled at the soft ring of a bell above the door, which alerted Tordn from the back.

      "Kom inn, jeg vil være der om et sekund!“ He called, sounds of metal and tools being moved around then a chair scraping against the floorboards. He walked out with a wide smile on his face, almost genuinely happy to have a customer.

      "Velkommen til Larinks metallbutikk! Oh- oh you’re English speaker, sorry. Are you London station?” Tom nodded, placing the fragile case on the counter in front of him. Tordn smiled, taking mental note of the other man’s gray arms, and took the case, opening it and grabbing the syringe. Tom looked away at the man’s creations, as Tordn injected the antidote in his arm, letting out a hiss. 

      "Woo… that hurt.Ugh- Thank you, by the way, for getting this to me. Since they probably already told you my name, you can just call me Tord. What’s your name? Also can I look at your arms?“ 

      Tom stared at the shorter man and sighed.

      "Thomas Rosewood, Tom. Sure, why not?” He walked back to Tord and unclicked his arms, letting the prosthetics fall onto the counter space.  Tord squealed and grabbed an arm, lifting it up and looking at it. After examining the arm, he put it back.

      "Outdated, well used, love the checkers. I take it the station doesn’t know how to upgrade robot parts?“ Tord looked up at Tom who nodded while looking at the tiny blue screens in his visor. "Well, if it’s alright with you, can I upgrade it?”

      Tom focused back on Tord, and gave a quiet okay. Tord regained his wide smile and grabbed the arms, running to the back room. Tom exhaled heavily and sat down on a bench, his vision going dark as he finally fell asleep.


      "Hey.. Tom? Wakey wakey… You got your aaarms back.“ Tord leaned down and shook awake Tom, his visor showing blue eyes opening up. 

      "Mmmnhow long was I asleep…?” He sat up and rubbed the underside of his visor, it lifting up for him to actually rub his eyes. Tord stood up straight, popping his back and letting a soft smile drift up.

      "About 4 hours. I just got your arms done half an hour ago. Nice man boobs, by the way.“  The Norwegian spoke quietly as Tom ignored the comment and stared at his new arms, no longer a complete dull gray, but now there was a neon blue ball in his palms powering both arms, and there were new buttons here and there, color coded and everything.

      "Wow, thanks. But what are these buttons for?” He looked back at the man who reached his hand out to point.

      "Red is for the keypad, green helps remove the arms faster, blue shuts down everything robotic in your body, and purple… you can find that out yourself. Hope you like the upgrade.“ 

      "I do like it, but I’m guessing I’d have to be outside to try out the purple button, hm?” He chuckled. Tord scratched the back of his head and nodded. “Well, um, it was nice meeting you Tord, but I think I need to go back to the station. I’ve been gone longer than usual. You got a hologram code so I can call you?” He stood up and pulled his uniform back on, while Tord nodded and grabbed a piece of paper, opening a new compartment in Tom’s arm and put it in there. Tom smiled and reached for the smaller version of his hoverboard, but just ended up patting himself down when he couldn’t find it. Tord chuckled and threw it at Tom, who immediately looked suspicious of it.

      "What did you do..?“

      "Oh nothing, just an upgrade.”

      A sigh from Tom “But of course..” Tord let out a giggle, which sounded adorable to Tom.

      "I ought to be leaving now, then. Come on, Ringo, pspsps.“ He pat his thigh as Ringo came trotting over, rubbing against his leg and walking along with him. Tord thought for a bit before reaching his hand out and grabbed at Tom’s jacket right before he opened the door.


      "Yes?“ Tom turned around and looked at Tord, who leaned up and placed a kiss on the man’s cheek. He pulled back red as a tomato and Tom’s cheeks were both a dark pink. Tom looked away and lifted a hand to his face. Tord chuckled and hugged him before going back to his work area.

      "See ya, Tom!”

      "S-see you, Tord… fuck.“ 


    This was stupid

    2,439 Words my ass

    #eddsworld fic#ew tom#ew tord#ew edd#ew matt#eddsworld au #death stranding au lmao #tomtord mention/implication #tomtord i guess #gross #the purple button basically turns tom into monster tom guys #summary of the story: tom delivers mail while tord is dying and tom gets upgrades #THATS THE WHOLE PLOT GUYS #COME ON #ITS THE ENTIRE FUCKIN PLOT #M A I L AND ZOMBIES #GAH
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  • the amount of shit john is getting for saying he wasn’t feeling the direction the last jedi went is truly outrageous. and all these people kissing ass!! like is rian whoever the fuck paying your bills? is he taking care of your tuition for you to go so hard for him? criticism is destined for him with the job he decided on so he better toughen the fuck up baby!

    and it’s so unnecessary ‘cause the last jedi sucked!! it fucking sucked and people have felt a type of way about it since the DAY it came OUT and a good chunk of the main cast doesn’t feel good about it either! them’s the facts! them’s the breaks! john doesn’t deserve to get shit just because he wasn’t happy with the direction of the film!! he’s allowed to feel that way!!

    the last jedi fucking sucked and is the weakest of the sequel trilogy and ain’t shit you can do about it.

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  • Seriously Vic? Again?

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  • ah fuck i dont have a copy of merchant of venice

    #i need to work but i dont have the ufcking BOOK #come ON #i can find it online but it doesnt have the line number and the teacher wants that aAUGH
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  • “Why do they teach kids to not express themselves? This is ridiculous.”

    #verumheart#compendiumused #spellweaver ; ic #dashboard commentary #whats cracking ; crack #COME ON #XION AND ROXAS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SWEAR #searching for the light ; mobile
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  • basically, I’ll have to wait for almost a month for my kingdom of ash to arrive and all because our postal service doesn’t work in my country; when they deliver packages and stuff, everything comes damaged most of the time, their website doesn’t help much in tracking our orders, and we just have to wait for them to do their services, so thanks for nothing mr. mailman 

    #angry #don't touch me #random#personal#me #i want my book #give it to me #come on
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  • Honestly, watching all these corruption/politics drama, why do they always have JUST ONE copy of whatever list or video to whistleblow on the wrongdoer????

    If it’s me, I would make thousand copies or separate the list and hid in several documents just in case yknow? I mean I even make several copies of my id even when they only ask for one, ISN’T IT NORMAL to make few copies esp IF IT IS IMPORTANT!

    I mean, they are corrupted and stayed where they are for a reason, OBVIOUSLY they have ways to steal the data or kill you even.

    Gotta do what we gotta do to survive aight???

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  • Avengers #34
    November 21, 2012

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  • give👏🏼me👏🏽more👏🏾black👏🏿elves👏🏿

    #Tolkien#silmarillion #The lord of the rings #unfinished tales #j r r tolkien #Legolas#Celebrimbor#feanor #Just basically every elf that is not explicitly said by Tolkien to have been white and fair haired #Black elves #Dark skinned elves #Come on #We've had enough of white people ok
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  • The Aeronauts: 10/10, excellent movie, beautiful scenery, moving acting

    Now who’s going to write the rebelcaptain AU?

    #come on#jyn: adventurous#brave#competent#cassian: studious#intelligent #cares about helping people #(the ability to predict the weather will SAVE LIVES) #jyn is haunted by her husband's death #(hadder - a pilot! with dreams of leaving Skuhl) #bc the danger piloting caused her love #she can't do it anymore #(just like the rebellion brought danger and ultimately death to hadder) #Cassian convinces her to have a CAUSE again #i mean it's literally in the movie #she wanted a cause a reason to go up again #this writes itself #so who will do it #rebelcaptain#the Aeronauts
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  • *just finished reading Fruits Basket Another volume 3*

    No one:…

    NO ONE….

    Me:…okay but where’s Kyo?

    #i get it’s not a continuation #but couldnt there be a little something? #like just give him a page #there doesnt have to be dialogue in it #in fact throw everyone else in there too #come on #i NEED to see grown up Kyon #fruits basket#furuba #fruits basket 2019 #kyo sohma#anime#manga#tohru honda#fruba#yuki sohma #fruits basket another
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  • I’m not releasing any music for awhile but instead money will go towards visuals for the existing songs.

    #i need to transform my YouTube channel into something of value #idk i need a way for people to literallly see what theyre missing #and shove it in their faces #come on
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  • image

    “I’m sorry, but could someone explain to me what I’m doing here? I said the last time a cosmic entity deigned to transport me across the galaxy, I owed them a ruptured lung.”

    #open; ( bruce wayne ) #come on #gotta have a good batman in the mix
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  • #why do you think she did all her press in nashville guys #come on
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  • Ok ya’ll know fic writers can see the comments you put on your bookmarks right? I mean generally I love them, but someone just gave one of my fics a 3/10 and now I’m in a bad mood 

    #about me#my writing #A THREE ON TEN #COME ON #MY WRITING IS NOT THAT BAD #I would be in a worse mood if it wasn't on literally my second most popular fic tho
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  • From time to time, something reminds me of you.. a silly little gesture someone does or hearing something you used to say and everytime it hits me like a truck. In these moments, I wish I could talk to you, I wish you wouldn’t hate me, but that’s just not how it is. Sadly..

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