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  • mubal4
    12.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    What can we do differently today?

     There is a quick sentence I read through each morning, part of my morning routine, along with a few other statements, to get my mind running.  This one particular is, “Create a standout day today.” I have referenced it before and it is something I heard from a fellow ultrarunner, Billy Yang.  This morning, as I read it, letting it sink in I thought about the title of this entry, “what can we do differently today.” I was thinking about the last few days and what are some things that I had done differently, more directly, what have I done in the last few days that have stood out?  Looking back through my journal I can always find something, each day, that had stood out.  Sometimes it could be a great run on the trails, coffee with a awesome human being, a phone call with my family or loved ones, or a text I received, or maybe sent, to a distant friend.  Some of these things can be grandiose, and some can be little, quick actions.  I don’t want to downplay that, the “little” part because I have received texts, out of the blue, that have made my day.  That one you know, “hey, just thinking about you and wanted to say hi, how are you,” from someone you may have not connected with in months.  

     Last week, after connecting with a former wrestler from back in the high school days, I received a similar message from him. Hell, he and I hadn’t seen or spoken with one another since senior year probably and that “little” note created an exchange that went on over a couple of days and got pretty deep.  It was a standout few days because the conversation focused on similar likes, interests, and what gets our minds going, better put, what gets our minds to calm down!  Just a quick, simple, little note created a fulfilling exchange over the course of a couple of days. Creating a standout day doesn’t have to be this huge thing and it doesn’t have to just benefit ourselves, it can be selfless.  We’ve discussed this before, it could be that caring text you send, holding the door, or a bright smile to that stranger.  It could be sending flowers to your partner, a sticky note in your kid’s lunch, or maybe taking a different drive home from work. This also doesn’t have to be something that is difficult or hard. Sure, that may provide added benefit, getting us out of our comfort zones a bit.  However, take for example the different drive home, we are breaking that routine.  Something as simple as our drive home from work, it can be completely automatic. But when we break that pattern, there is a bit of a challenge. There also can be a feeling from freedom.  

     It may create a feeling of naughtiness too 😊? Here’s the laughter part of the blog – you take that different way from home; or just thinking about doing something different, out of the norm!!  After you are finished, you ever get that feeling, “whoa, that was pretty cool, I’ve never done that before?”  Could be simple, like again, taking that different way from working, preparing that out of the ordinary meal for your family, going to that different restaurant, or reaching out to that one person you hadn’t spoken with in a while and, last time you did there was some tension?  Maybe not naughty but maybe a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, maybe even joy.  But also, a feeling of something different; maybe something that you can look back on that stands out?

     Our days don’t have to be the same routine.  They don’t have to be monotonous or boring.  They can be exciting, invigorating, and heart pumping.  I like to ask folks, “what makes you come alive?”  Taking a different ride home from work, yeah, may not seem like much but for a brief instant, may make you come alive.  Writing a quick text to that special someone, or even to that person you haven’t connected with in a while, may make them come alive?  Flashing a smile to that person walking into the store, may make them come a live and in turn, seeing their reaction, can make us come alive too.  We are creatures of habit and it can be very easy to get caught up in that Groundhog Day type of life.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many benefits of a routine, in certain aspects and for certain time periods. However, when we change things up a bit, when we create that standout moment, it can shock the mind and body.  This can provide some wonderful feelings and emotions that provide growth and experience.  It could also scare the hell out of us, make us uncomfortable, and at the same time create joy and excitement.  

     Changing things up a bit doesn’t have to be this huge ordeal. It can be a simple, small thing, done daily that causes you to standout.

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  • unicorncomix
    18.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Most dreams die before the person who can see them takes any action on them. No platitudes about going after them, or don't give up on them. Just if you feel called to do something, then do it, it'll make you feel better and probably allow you to stop being that miserable person nobody wants to be around. #goafteryourdreams #ordont #ifyoubelieve #youcanachieveanything #platitudes #dreams #comealive #justdoit #stopbeingmiserable #giveup #dontgiveup #ibelieveinyou https://www.instagram.com/p/CFRMSZVHaYv/?igshid=14f2jv2jq84i8

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  • clarakrypt
    15.09.2020 - 8 monts ago

    not all statues are lifeless 

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