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  • the-evil-clergyman
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Illustrations from Dante’s Divine Comedy by Donn P. Crane 

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  • mp100ficrec
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Game of Telephone by Mercurysulfide

    Fic can be read HERE.

    Manga Spoilers, Post-Canon, Romantic Comedy. Completed. Rated M. Word Count: 2243

    Pairings: Reigen Arataka/Serizawa Arataka

    Trigger Warnings: Sexually Explicit Language

    “Reigen leaves a message for Serizawa, and it goes through the grapevine before Serizawa hears it.”

    #Mob Psycho 100 #mp100 fic recs #a game of telephone #mercurysulfide#serirei #reigen rataka/serizawa katsuya #manga spoilers#post-canon#romance#comedy#romantic comedy#completed#rated: m #word count: 2 to 5k #english
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  • procrastinatingbisexual
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    If I had a nickel for every time I was talking to an English person and they passive aggressively insisted on saying ‘Londonderry’ after I said Derry I would have two nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s very funny that it’s happened twice

    #she fully pulled up Wikipedia as proof like yes I know it’s ‘also’ called Londonderry... so? #love to watch my favourite comedy series Londonderry girls #very weird hill to die on with 3(?) Irish people in the room #also I made a different version of this post originally saying that it had never happened to me before #but then I was like wait. it has happened at least twice #English people are so funny #I hate you xx
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  • leighlim
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    You would think them doing the interview together would constitute a spoiler!

    (Well....if you hadn't seen the film....and had a glance at the Wiki page of the film....then definitely it would be a spoiler!)

    It's nice how all those body language studies confirm how open Daniel and Lashana are with each other. This makes me wonder if when they did 'The Graham Norton Show'...they were all quite tired.

    The proximity. Both have their bodies turned towards each other (Daniel's right leg is pointing towards Lashana's direction). I haven't people watched in awhile...but this one is inspiration to take a bit of time to do that.

    When Lashana quietly corrected Daniel about her age...I thought that she was serious! Turns out she just wanted to be younger. Which I believed! I did! Instead of thinking: "21!? No way she's 21!!!"

    I thought: "So...what's the right age?"

    Then looked it up. It's neither. According to Lashana's IMDB page...she was born in 1987.

    PS: You can watch the interview here (complete with captions!!!). :D



    Daniel: How 'blank' is Lash-is Lash-I feel like Terry Wogan.

    [Lashana cracks up.]

    Lashana: How?

    Daniel: How 'blank' is Lashana Lynch?

    Lashana: Uh oh.

    [They both look closely as Daniel reveals what's behind the 'blank'.]

    Daniel: How...Oh God.

    [Daniel looks at us. Horrified. He looks off camera]

    Daniel: Oh. I can't ask that.

    Lashana: Smelly.

    [Daniel finally reveals what's behind it.]

    Daniel: "How old is Lashana Lynch?"

    Lashana: Oh!

    [Daniel turns to us.]

    Daniel: 24

    Lashana: Thank you.

    [Daniel starts working on the next one.]

    Daniel: How...

    Lashana: [Quietly] It's 21...but whatever.


    Episode Rating: 7/10

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  • paperbeliefs-carloabay
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    "I tell English people in England, the worst type of people, by the way-"

    - James Acaster, a very rare self aware type of Englishman

    #james acaster #watching james acasters repetoire #netflix#english#england #hes not wrong #comedy
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  • asmrtags
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #ASMR #ASMRtags.com #ASMR Nancy does your makeup - Roleplay #Lady ASMR#20 minutes#female#quiet talking#roleplay#comedy#tapping#lid sounds#English #fake Southern accent #lens touching#makeup roleplay #applying products on the viewer #mascara brushing the lens #close to camera #makeup brush#glasses#mascara#concealer#Nancy
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  • snuggles85nn
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Delayed adoption and prison: Nr. 3 – name-comedy

    Ringo and Easy did their shopping separately. Easy asks directly if Richard holds the computer game that Julius has wanted for ages in his hand and Richard says "he'll get that today, that`s great!" But of course Easy says „ha!“ and knows immediately that his husband bought it so that Julius would choose Winter (I guess that means they told Julius about their changed wishes). Ringo counters that Easy has the sweater in his bag that Julius really wanted and that he is going to get today so that he will choose Beckmann. Easy lets the bag disappear behind his back, but admits: "possible". Ringo makes a face and echos Easys „ha!“

    In the apartment, Easy teases Ringo that he didn't even buy the special edition Julius wanted and that he has to listen better. Easy, on the other hand, bought exactly the sweater in the color Julius wanted. Ringo puts 20 euros on top and claims that would be fair, because the sweater was more expensive. Easy just mentally shrugs his shoulders and says "whatever you say.“ He asks if Ringo doesn't have to work today, and Ringo asks if he wants to get rid of him so he can influence Julius. Easy claims that he doesn't need to, they look into each other's eyes and grin at each other. Of course, they realize that they are being silly. Easy also states this aloud in the next moment. Ringo adds that Julius has to make up his mind now, because tomorrow is the adoption date. Easy says "amazing! Then we are officially a family and no one can take him away from us." Ringos tone also softens. "I can't wait. Then we'll all be Winters." Of course, Easy counters, "You saved me. He'll choose Beckmann." Ringo thinks the whole saving and hero thing is overrated. He points out that Easy almost died. The mood is now very serious and Easy says "but I'm not dead. Because of you." Their cell phones go off and Julius orders them to the roof deck.

    They are good parents and go to the roof terrace. Julius, however, is not there, but Vivien is. She hands them the laptop with a video message from Julius. After a little joke about them be named „Weigel,“ Julius explains that they should solve the name question among themselves. He has prepared a battle that is supposed to help them.

    Obviously Tobias has swallowed a clown for breakfast and plays showmaster. They will compete against each other in three rounds. Whoever wins the most rounds at the end gets to pick the name.

    Question No. 1: When is your wedding anniversary? Correct answer by Ringo: 26.11.2019

    Question No. 2: Which series did you watch together last? Correct answer from Ringo: New Amstadam.

    Ringo is in the lead and Tobias tells Easy to put in effort.

    Question No. 3: What do the three of you dislike at breakfast? Correct answer from Easy: When butter is smeared under the nugart cream.

    Tobias explains that Easy gets closer and closer.

    Question No. 4: What is Julius' last subject at school on Mondays? Correct answer from Easy: English

    Question No. 5: What is Julius' favorite food? Wrong answer from Ringo: Crisps Wrong answer from Easy: French fries

    Tobias is a bit shocked that they don't know the correct answer, which according to the answer cards is rice pudding, which the two of them have never heard of (and we've seen him with crisps and fries, but never rice pudding).

    Tobias realizes that they have no more questions and decides to ask the last one himself.

    Question 6: What was the color of the limousine Easy and he rented in Lasvegas? Correct answer Easy: white

    Ringo is outraged because he could not have known that. Easy dances a happy-victory dance and Tobias says : „After a short commercial break we continue with the next challenge.“

    The commercial break turns out to be a T-time moderation in which Tobias talks about old-fashioned competitions.

    The showmaster changes into Vivien. This time they have to make the perfect pancake. They are even, but Easy is faster. As he is about to turn it, Ringo spooks him and winns. Now it`s Easys turn to be outraged because that wasn`t fair, but Vivien decides in favor of Ringo.

    The third contest turns out to be a puzzle. They have to puzzle their family photo (the Lassners or Julius just had it in the drawer, of course). When they are done they have to press the buzzer with their forehead. The buzzer is on the beach bar. Easy warns Ringo not to make a sound. Ringo says that he didn't mean to. But it is Easy who talks in between and says "darling`s face".

    In the end, they finish at the same time and both can`t climb up. Ringo asks Easy to help him, which he of course returns. But Easy understands what this is all about: Julius wants them to agree on a family name together.

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  • hello-sad-im-dad
    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I'm so thirsty I could drink a dead horse in the mouth

    #humor#shitpost #this is the peak of comedy #i am big brain #and thirsty#english
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  • asmrtags
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • kittay-falls-in-love
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    #all i can look up is the single english lyric i can remember which is 'i never know why' #i wanna say it's from some comedy and/or slice of life anime #kittay.post
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  • snuggles85nn
    04.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Delayed adoption and prison

    Part 1 – which name should it be?

    Easy and Julius are looking a bit shocked at Ringos request, and Ringo asks what`s up with them and whether he should choose something else. Easy assures him that he thinks it`s a good Idea: one family, one name. He asks Julius about his oppinion and Ringo adds that they will understand, if Julius want`s to keep his parents name. But Julius says „no, I think it`s cool.“ Easy asks playfully: „are you shure? If we do this, everyone will know that you belong to us, the crazy ones.“ Julius just shrugs his shoulders and counters "so what? It fits". But he wants to know what their names are going to be. That's when the fun begins, because of course Ingo answers "Winter" and Richard answers "Beckmann" at the same time. Julius recognices the upcoming dispute and opens the battle.

    of course, they are adults, so they discuss the topic quite sensibly. Easy asks what Ringo has against „Winter“ and Ringo anwers: „I think it sounds a little… cold…“ Easy just raises his eyebrows and lets him continue talking. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better. Ringo tries to talk his way out of it, saying that the name is the only thing he has left of his parents, which Easy doesn't accept, because Julius doesn't use his parents as an excuse either. Then Ringo argues that he can't expect Mr. Huber to call (yell at) him „Winter“. Easy doesn`t share his opinion and Ringo tries to clarify that it sounds odd, shouted the way Mr. Huber does and that it has to much „I“ in it. which leds Easy to ask if he finds his name to be „I“ (children in Germany often say Iiiiii if they think somethink is disgusting). Ringo tries to save it by adding that „Beckmann“ has a certain ring to it, which of course is fitting for him, while Winter is a bit more... he smirks but doesn`t continue. Easy smirks too and warns him playfully not to talk himself into trouble.

    Ringo realizes that he is not getting anywhere with his argumentation and tries his luck with simple statements: "This is a very simple thing. My wish, my name." Easy argues that it was actually his wish, but Ringo points out that he gave it away to Ringo.

    Julius happily asks if they are already fighting. This is probably the first and last time Julius will hear from one of his dads "just go back to playing on your computer.“

    The two husbands use their usual solution strategies: Easy seeks advice from Tobias, Ringo seeks advice on the Internet.

    Tobias want`s to know a little more details about Marocco. In particular, he wants to know: "how does a disoriented city - Easy survive for days in the desert?“ Apparently, Easy isn't ready to talk about that much yet. But he hints that Tobias appeared to him and pushed him further, helped him not to give up and to draw the SOS. Tobias suspects sunstroke, but doesn't press further.

    Easy distracts him by asking what he thinks of the name "Richard Winter."

    Meanwhile, Ringo searches the Internet for cool Beckmanns. He's talking out loud that there must be an astronaut, or Nobel Prize winner, or fifth place winner in the Supertalent or something (it's very interesting what he thinks would impress Easy). The doorbell rings and Bambi is at the door. He wants to give Easy his home-brewed beer and jokes about special „Marocco- beer“ with sand flavor and an thirsty Easy (which is really not funny, but it is Bambi after all). Ringo responds by saying that the little desert hiker is currently at the kiosk. Bambi asks who Ringo talked to then and Ringo invites him in and explains that he talked to himself because no one else does, because he is so boring.

    Tobias asks if Ringo wants to take Easy's name now and Easy says that thats the point: he doesn`t want to. Although Easy think`s it would be only fair because it's his birthday and therefore his present.

    At the same time Ringo says: "My wish, my name." He explains that he thought if there were some cool "Beckmanns," that it would be a good argumentation aid. Bambi takes one look at the list and decides: "just as boring as you. but Easy loves you anyway."

    Tobias tells Easy that Ringo has done everything to find Easy. That he was still looking for him when they had basically all given up on him. That he is a hero and that Easy should be proud to take his name.

    Of course Bambi says the opposite to Ringo. He says Ringo should do it for Easy because Easy deserves it. After Bambi leaves, Ringo sees that a new messages have been transferred to his computer and opens the message Easy was going to send him from the desert.

    Almost dying Easy says:

    „Hey Julius. Ringo. I don't know for how long I've been wandering about. Two guys attacked me on the way to the airport. I just wanted to tell you that you two are the best thing that happened to me. I wished so much for the three of us to be a family ... I love you infinitely.

    Of course, this does the trick for Ringo and when Easy comes home, they both want to take on the other ones name. Wich doesn`t make it any easier. Easy says that Ringo earned it because he saved his life. Ringo counters that Easy almost died, which Easy doesn't consider an accomplishment. Ringo says: „I have seen your video when you thought you would…“ Easy argues: „and I want to be a super hero.“ Ringo says that Winter is a far better name for a hero. And yes, we are back to arguing. They go back and forth a little bit and that`s when Julius asks if there is any progress in the name - department. Of course there isn`t.

    At least they agree on something again: Julius should decide on their name. But Julius sees it as it is: he is not going to do their dirty work. Suddenly they are of one mind againe and trying to talk him into it. Julius inquires if one of them is going to thinks he prefers the other if he chooses the other's name. Of course they decline. But Julius is wiser than his parents and prefers to think about it again.

    They are still on the subject when Ute informs Ringo that Huberbau is obviously still in trouble and Mr. Huber is suffering from stomach pains. Ringo goes directly to the company and finds out that Mr. Huber has committed tax fraud. Mr. Huber demands that Ringo should help him. Ringo refuses, because he doesn't want to participate in something like that. But Mr. Huber reminds him that he owes him something, because without the money from Huber Bau he would not have been able to save his husband.

    Note: This was actually the hardest part to translate. Comedy is so much harder than drama because most of the German puns and idioms don't exist exactly like that in English. Plus it was long, too!

    #Unter Uns#english summeries #Ringsy and Julius #comedy as long as Ringo can laugh.
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  • societalscorns
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Sub or dub?

    #the eternal question #I used to default to subs just based on online snobbery #like what are you being snobby about it's anime calm down #but also I was checking out some comedy videos by an English VA and saw a post about how what's most important #isn't that you can make your voice 'sound different' for different characters but what kind of performance you're giving #which I can respect #also Jon H Benjamin does the same voice for every single character and it still works so
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  • holocraftic
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I endeavour to give satisfaction, sir…

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  • raikonkitsune
    01.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #Reimei no Gakuen #visual novel #otome visual novel #english visual novel #art#game#indie game#indie dev#fantasy#otome#otome game#english otome#video game #visual novel art #anime#manga#comedy#demo
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