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  • Also this lot is all done and I just need to make thumbs and previews and shit! 😁

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    the empire beyond the spires

    Through the passes of the great Southspires is the kingdom of Barcid, a country known for being both beautiful and deadly – considering it is surrounded on all sides by ocean, mountain, or the Great Waste of the southern desert. Despite – or perhaps because of – the sheer monstrosity that is its geographical surroundings, the people of Barcid are known to be hardy, intelligent, and impeccably inventive. They see the magic used by their neighbors as a crutch, often deeming it dangerous and unreliable. Because of this, the Barcillians lean upon science and invention, making them perhaps the most advanced of the nearby realms.

    INSPIRATION: the ottoman empire, dorne of game of thrones

    Teasers: magic is seen as taboo or a secret to hide, quite liberal in the ways of love and gender identity, an empire without an emperor (wait for it :D), language is a combination of spoken spanish-based and written arabic-based, scientific and mathematical geniuses

    Have questions about the Barcillians? Ask in our Queries box.

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  • Sneak peek of rampids prologue!

    The pages are almost finished! FINALLY!  I have a few more to outline and color but then Ill upload them  :D

    I’m very excited to start doing this!

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  • There is a reason behind all the success and adoration we keep receiving, and we’ll be sharing that soon.

    Find out why our clients love working with us, find out who we are to them.

    Here’s a teaser-trailer of our upcoming video “Who We Are”
    Our complete video will release on 3rd April 2020. Stay tuned!

    #Who-we-are#Coming soon#IT company #business success story
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    WattaVibe! Thanks to the all-new #SamsungM21 that comes with a stunning sAMOLED Display offering you an immersive viewing experience. #WattaMonster, ain’t it? #GalaxyM21

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    Where the Sidewalk Lifts

    by ifiOnlyhadmorePaper

    #second moodboard cause im bored #not sure when it'll be out #i literally cant write anything else except this #quarrantine got me like #bechloe#bechloe fic#coming soon #beca effin mitchell #chloe beale
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    #Samsung #GalaxyM30s #AvailableSoon

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    an ooc concept

    It is extremely exciting to see our follower count going up! As Fury & Fire works hard to prepare for opening, we thought we would take a moment to discuss our OOC vision – what to expect, and what we hope to see.

    First and foremost, we feel it pertinent to stress that Fury & Fire will be realistic in as many ways as it is fantastical. Our aim is to generate exciting, intense plots full of drama, intrigue, and risk. None of our cultures will be idealistic – they will all have their social and economical flaws (racism, prejudice, mysogyny, misandry, all of these are likely to be encountered at some point). We understand that this is likely not ideal for some potential members, and we apologize! It is our belief that these struggles give characters an endless drive to overcome and push through ordeals.

    Secondly, we want our members to be (and feel like they can be) proactive in driving a variety of site-wide plots and subplots! While we will have a loose idea of what direction we want to take things, especially in the beginning, eventually the staff hope to loosen up the reins and let players ultimately decide where the story goes.

    So, if realistic struggles and the idea of visibly affecting the story and path of the world is something you’re into, Fury & Fire will be ideal for you! We hope to see you all soon, and will be launching a Discord within the next couple of days as we gear up to run a staff search.

    #ffrpg #fire and fury #ooc concept#high fantasy #medieval fantasy rpg #fantasy rpg#historical rpg #historical fantasy rpg #jcink#jcink premium#coming soon
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  • An ACOTAR fanfiction. Modern AU.

    Comment to be tagged. Tag list will begin with chapter 1.

    Warning: mature content throughout - alcohol abuse, depression, sex, language.


    Originally posted by nicotineninja

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid, but I want it when I get like this. That’s why I’m trying not to think. I just want it all to stop spinning.” ― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    “I’m leaving.”

    He stood in the threshold, completely caught off guard. Yet, his green eyes revealed nothing as he stepped inside and set down his keys on the side table in the entryway. “While you’re out, could you pick up something to eat? There’s nothing in the fridge. I’m starved.” 

    “No,” Feyre said, once more, voice quiet, but firm. “I’m leaving.”

    Before he could slip off his shoes, Tamlin looked into the living room of their apartment where his girlfriend stood, suitcase in hand, backpack strapped to her back. His mouth formed a straight line before he asked, “And where do you think you’ll go?”

    He had to be expecting this. She obviously wasn’t happy and he sure as hell didn’t make an effort anymore, no matter how much Feyre begged. Feyre didn’t answer, and Tamlin let out a deep, humorless laugh. “This is about him, isn’t it?”

    A loud, manic sound came from Feyre, something between laughter and screaming. “Are you fucking kidding me? No, this isn’t about him, this is about you being a manipulative dick. I am so fucking tired of being controlled. I feel like a prisoner in my own apartment!”

    “Let’s just take a minute to-”

    “No,” Feyre interrupted, shaking her head, gripping the handle of her suitcase so tightly that her knuckles were white. “I’m done talking. No more discussions. I’m done, Tamlin. I am so fucking done.”

    Tamlin’s jaw locked as Feyre broke his gaze, grabbed her purse from the floor beside her, and strode past him. She pushed the door open with her foot and stepped into the late afternoon sun as Tamlin said, “If you walk out that door, Feyre, don’t bother coming back.”

    Feyre didn’t allow him the pleasure of another string of hateful words or a venomous look as she closed the door behind her.

    She hurried down the stairs until she was at ground level. Once she found her little black Mazda, she scurried inside, afraid he was following her. But once she shut herself inside, Tamlin was nowhere to be seen. With shaky hands, Feyre dug her phone out of her purse and searched through her contacts before she found his name.

    “You okay? You in the car?” he answered, without even saying hello. His voice was soft, but frantic. 

    “Yes,” Feyre replied. “I’m- I’m on my way.”

    She was free - for now, at least. And she was exhausted.

    As she pulled out of her parking spot, Feyre cried in the silence as she left the life she had known for the past five years behind. 


    “And how does that make you feel?”

    Elain said nothing.

    Dr. Jones sighed, having asked this question multiple times without receiving an answer. Elain knew she was not being cooperative, but she couldn’t help it.

    Her mind was empty.

    Her mind was numb. 

    She had nothing to say, nothing that mattered. 

    “Elain, I want to help you, but in order to do that, I need you to answer the questions I ask. We’re a partnership. I can’t do this without you.”

    Elain met the gaze of the elderly doctor. He was a kind man, probably somewhere in his mid-seventies. Elain had no reason to dislike him, especially when he was trying to help her.

    Although he was getting paid for it.

    So it’s not like it was genuine. 

    “I would like to go home now,” she said, quietly.

    Dr. Jones sighed. “I would like to talk further-”

    “I would like to go home now,” Elain repeated.

    The elderly doctor nodded, setting down his pen and pad. “Very well. I will see you on Thursday, then.” 

    Elain grabbed her purse and stood up. Without saying a word, she exited his office and went through the winding halls until she found herself in the main lobby, where her father was waiting.

    He looked at her, surprised. “You have twenty minutes left.”

    Elain remained silent as she walked past him and out into the parking lot. She wanted to cry.

    She wanted to scream.

    She wanted to curse the world, curse the hand she’d been dealt, the hand that had made her so different from the innocent girl she was once.

    But she did none of those things. She couldn’t.

    She had forgotten how to feel. Which was worse than crying or screaming or cursing.

    Because when you felt nothing, you slowly faded away until there was nothing left. 


    Nesta loved the smell of the rain in the summertime. It reminded her of her mother, who had loved the rain. She used to dance with the girls in the front yard every time there was a downpour between the months of April and September, when the weather was warm enough that none of them would get a cold.

    Those were the days, when they were young. Carefree and wild, ready for all of the adventures the world threw their way.

    They were invincible.

    But then, their mother died, their father changed, and everything became meaningless. Now, there was no point in dancing in the rain. So, instead, Nesta leaned against the brick wall of the bar in the alley beside it and lit her cigarette, not caring that the rain was ruining her perfect makeup and soaking her thin, black dress.

    Nor did she care that it wasn’t even dark outside and she’d already been holed up in the bar near her apartment for three hours. She didn’t care about much, not anymore.

    Because every time she had cared about something, it only led her to heartbreak in the end. Why put yourself at risk when the pain could be avoided altogether? 

    The door swung open and Tomas came stumbling out, grinning like a fool.

    “I thought I saw you come out here,” he slurred, voice low and husky. 

    “I came out here to be rid of you,” she said, although she didn’t bother moving an inch as he came to stand in front of her.

    He leaned in closer, rum on his breath, and pressed his body up against hers. “I don’t believe you.”

    “You’re drunk,” she said, running her fingers across his chest, just beneath his collar. 

    “Just the way you like me,” he murmured, before pressing his mouth firmly against hers. 

    Nesta’s cigarette fell to the gravel as Tomas lifted her into the air, pressing her against the wall, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

    She didn’t care that it was raining.

    She didn’t care that the sun had yet to set, that her dress was hiked up above her waist, that she did not love the man whose lips were trailing down her neck, beneath the neckline of her dress, who was gripping her thighs with such force and exposing her breasts in an alleyway. 

    She preferred pleasure over love.

    Love was for dumbasses who wanted to place themselves in a vulnerable situation, leaving themselves exposed for whatever torment lay ahead, whatever hurt, whatever pain. 

    But pleasure?

    Meaningless pleasure never hurt anybody.

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  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=POIK1H3L86k

    Inspiration for my soulmate oneshot.

    Thanks to @sabrinas1d for the prompt and the music, you’re the best!

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  • I’ll be posting a new teaser to an upcoming fanfic in approximately 1 hour.

    Tissues necessary. 

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  • Schedule for what’s next for me to post between 3/27-3/28:

    Anything with (!!!) In front of the list means it’s NSFW.

    • Reiko Asakawa and Lee Geum-ja with godlike s/o (Requested)
    • Dating Mark Hoffman includes
    • (!!!) Mark Hoffman kink list
    • (!!!) Poly! Chucky and Tiffany headcanons with Gender Neutral s/o
    • The last 5 of the old matchups
    • 600 followers event??
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  • The Khaerians

    the heartland kingdom

    Located in the heartland kingdom of Rhone are the Khaerians, a conservative and well-to-do people that revel in intrigue, ambition, and courtly matters. While the vast majority of Khaerians live in small towns and villages throughout the kingdom, it is the cities – especially the capital city of Dornlach – where “all the fun is to be had”. Khaerians are known as being standoffish, highly reserved, and quite severely patriarchal compared to their neighbors.

    INSPIRATION: medieval europe, shows such as “Reign” and “The Tudors”, King’s Landing, book series by Tamora Pierce and R.A. Steffan

    Teasers: users of sigil-based magic with a multitude of capabilities, a proper absolute monarchy, the land is divided into marks overseen by marquesses, their language is french-based, all about that courtly intrigue and entertainment

    Have questions about the Khaerians? Ask in our Queries box.

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  • More storm hawks fanart yay!!! I use filmora it’s actually really good, sooo I gave it a go, first try making a video but try to excuse the watermark.

    (Also, I was watching Michael Mcintyre if you are wondering the background noise).

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  • One of my one shots may or may not be getting turned into a long, multi-chaptered piece…

    It’s been highly requested. Can you guess which one? 😏

    #coming soon#loki#loki fanfic#loki fanfiction#loki smut #tom hiddleston fanfic #tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston fanfiction
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  • ⸢ f u r y & f i r e ⸥

        high fantasy rpg — coming soon

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  • The Theravik

    children of the northern woods

    The Theravik are a nomadic people that call the great northern Wylderwood home and kingdom, though they are ruled by no king. Their habits of isolation – more out of necessity than choice these days – means that their southern neighbors often see them as wild, unpredictable, even frightening. Untouched by time in a lot of ways, their lives are simple ones dictated by the seasons, or by the ebb and flow of the natural world around them. Beneath the veil of simplicity, however, exists a culture steeped deep in tradition and a belief in justice, fairness, and morality.

    INSPIRATION: ancient nordic & celtic peoples, game of thrones wildlings and children of the woods, the series “Vikings”

    Teasers: Magic-users of both elemental and shapeshifting abilities, nomadic, matriarchal, seven clans, language is a combination of welsh-sounding and futhark-written, collective bad-asses

    Have questions about the Theravik? Ask in our Queries box.

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  • Find out why Excellent Webworld is perfect for you

    We have been sitting at the top spot among the IT companies and there’s a good reason for that.

    Do you want to know what it is?
    We’ll be revealing that very soon.

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  • A sneak peak of what I’ll be releasing next month!

    The next update in The Master Series is *a lot* longer than previous entries and as such will take a little longer to prepare/iron out.

    So in order to make sure I still get something out for you next month I’ll be posting a one-off in its slot.

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