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  • mightywolves23
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Case of the Animal Onesies Part Three

    Back again! Enjoy the fluffy cuteness. 

    Word Count: 474

    Characters: Obi-wan, Cody, Rex, Wolffe, Fox, Anakin, Ahsoka

    Enjoy! Part three of the mini series inspired by Catawampuscorner’s art. 


    Obi-wan flinched as the yelling started back up. For the past hour, Wolffe and Fox were having a contest to see who could scream the loudest. Fox was winning. 

    Obi-wan bet it was from all the pent-up stress of being the Chancellor’s personal guard. Chancellor Palpatine was not an easy boss.

    “Awooooo!” Wolffe let out another childish-sounding howl. 

    Fox overshot him with a deafening shriek. 

    Obi-wan thunked his head on the borrowed datapad he stole from Madam Nu. “Would you please-” 

    “AWOOOOOO!” Wolffe cried louder. 

    Obi-wan was sitting smushed between Rex and Cody. He had been reading to the both of them before they fell asleep on him. Cody’s head was on his shoulder. One of his elbows was trapped in his grip. Rex had fallen asleep with his head in Obi-wan’s lap and his thumb in his mouth. 

    Obi-wan had switched to reading about the artifact that did this to the men after the two fell asleep. 

    Troopers everywhere were startled when Fox let out his next ear-piercing noise. 

    Cody shot up so fast that he fell over. Rex jerked and sat up only to collide the top of his head to Obi-wan’s jaw. 

    Rex burst into tears. His bunny ears were crumpled and tears were rolling down his chubby cheeks. 

    Wolffe looked ready for another howl. Obi-wan barked both troublemakers’ names sharply. 

    Wolffe and Fox turned to look at him. 

    “That’s enough. Look what you have done to your brothers.” Obi-wan scolded. 

    Rex was still crying and Cody looked to be tearing up. Obi-wan set the datapad to the side. He pulled Cody and Rex into his body. 

    Obi-wan absently pressed a kiss to Rex’s forehead to get him to stop crying. He knew from past experience that boo-boos were only to be soothed with kisses. 

    “Sorry.” Fox dropped his head. “I won though.” 

    “Did not!” Wolffe glared at Fox. 

    “Did too!” Fox smirked back. 

    They went back and forth.

    “Did not!” Wolffe.

    “Did too!” Fox.

    “Did too.” Wolffe smiled when Fox said his next part. 

    “Did not!” 

    Wolffe laughed gleefully. “I won!” 

    “Boys.” Obi-wan was starting to get a headache. This was almost but not quite the kind of headaches he got with Anakin. “Why don’t you find something quiet to do?” 

    Wolffe and Fox looked at each other before bolting for the crayons and paper. 

    Obi-wan sighed. Back to quiet. His brow wrinkled. It was too quiet. Where was Anakin? 

    Laughter came from the kitchen and two small figures dressed in a blackbird and black and white penguin onesies came running into the room. Their arms were loaded with snacks. 

    Anakin and Ahsoka scaled the tallest structure in the room and sat at the top of it. 

    Obi-wan sighed and picked up his datapad. Hopefully, he could ask for some children’s Tylenol or something soon. His head was killing him. 

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  • echos80
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So I realized, The only way I can introduce my ocs into the world, because let's face it I am never going to finish that fanfic I posted on ao3 two years ago.

    So here's what I'm going to do I am going to post my Google doc that has all my ocs on it and people can open the link, pick a name, ask me about it, or comment on this post. And I will explain their backs story and/or their relationship with a Canon character. Please if you have questions. Feel free to ask. Oh and if I haven't add the only viewing thing please don't be an asshole and edit my personal Notes.

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  • huntingrays
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    welcome to today’s installment of “who has the braincell?”

    obi-wan: he has the braincell unless he’s with anakin and ahsoka. in that case, ahsoka has the braincell and she only uses it to think “women pretty”

    anakin: has never had the braincell in his life

    ahsoka: sometimes has the braincell but doesn’t often use it

    cody: almost always has the braincell unless his being a gay mess

    fox: has the braincell but doesn’t want it

    rex: lost his braincell after becoming anakin’s captain

    wolffe: gave his braincell to plo

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  • wreathedinscales
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #bobadin #eldritch din djarin #eldritch boba fett #commander cody#ecriture
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  • this-acuteneurosis
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #Duty Bound #Star Wars Fic #time travel fix it #Anakin Skywalker#Obi-Wan Kenobi#Commander Cody#Leia Skywalker#Yoda#Force bond#growing up #some tricks work better #when you've been considered sage and wise #since your audience's childhood #Leia's always a skeptic though #Don't Look Back
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  • wolffe-simp
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    A Sass in the Ass (Fluff?)

    Note: I honestly had so much fun writing this, despite a cat in my lap so enjoy!
    Warnings: Sass Overload, Sass-off, damn Wolffe roll those eyes harder, just a bunch of clones being kids, just a bunch of kids being clones, (Y/N) about to throw hands, Chaotic!Clones, few swears
    (Y/N), Fives, Tup and Echo decide to wake up on the sass train and cause a little mayhem on base, what could possibly go wrong?

    To most people, everyday is just another day, yesterday was then, now was today and tomorrow is just lurking around the corner. Nothing was special about time when it came to the lives of normal people, they just lived life as they usually did, in the safe, protective shadow of the Republic army. They lived without the knowledge that they were in fact, relying on a bunch of bloody children in mens' bodies. As they lived their normal lives, somewhere among the towering building of Coruscant, lay the clone barracks, a place that seemed quite from the outside until....you walk through its front doors.

    "Get back here!"

    "Who ate my kriffing yogurt?!"

    "Ew, she licked me."

    Chaos erupted in the mess hall, many voices overlapping each other, each sentence as chaotic as the last and in the midst of it all was a certain commander who quite frankly, was so done with everyone at this kriffing table. Cody stabbed at his food while Tup wrestled with (Y/N) who was trying to lick the tear tattoo from his face after he said "pfft, you wouldn't lick me." to which proceeded to the female proving otherwise.

    Fives was ranting and raging about his toffee yogurt going missing which (Y/N) had brought him from her homeworld, which Dogma had snuck under the table and was currently eating. All while Waxer and Boil chased Kix around the hall, trying to stop him from killing Echo over a joke about people paying electricity bills and life support to which the 501st medic flew into a rage but Cody wasn't entirely sure what had been said. So he just blankly stared at his troopers chasing Kix, chasing Echo, wondering when he would have to stop babysitting them all. He wanted to just walk away, take his food to his room and scream into his helmet but he knew he couldn't leave them unattended, because General (Y/N) was far from capable of being the "adult".

    "Ack! Gross! That was my ear!" Tup suddenly shrieked.

    (Y/N) jumped away from him, spitting, gagging and making dying noises as her fingers clawed at her tongue. It seemed that the general and Tup had been wrestling sloppily enough for the female to accidentally lick the inside of the arch troopers ear. The sight, almost made Cody crack, almost.

    "Why did you move your head? Ew, it tastes so bad, Tup you are definitely not a yummy boy." (Y/N) cried dramatically, causing Fives to stop his ranting about his yogurt.

    "Exqueeze me?!" Fives squealed dramatically, putting a hand on his hip and clicking the fingers of his other hand while his voice went up and octave or five. "I don't know who you think you are but my vod is scumdidilyumptious, you harpy."

    "Harpy! That's not what yo donor was saying to me last night."

    "Bish, that man is dead, Windu went all Queen of Hearts on his ass and said OFF WITH HIS HEAD."

    "Damn, must have just been one of your hotter brothers."

    Just as Cody was about to slam his head on the table, a tray of food was suddenly slammed down in front of him, causing the commander to lift his head. At the sight of Wolffe's face, he couldn't have been happier, maybe with the other commander here, things will start to calm down. Wolffe was joined by his troopers as well, Sinker, Boost, Comet and Warthog. The pack was well known for their composure effectiveness and sometimes their.....PHUT!.....explosive anger.

    Warthog had barely sat down when an empty yogurt pot came flying at his head, hitting him square in the head. His head snapped in the direction of a now terrified Dogma, the two staring one another down until Warthog suddenly sprung from his seat, chasing a now screaming Dogma from the mess hall, followed by Fives who had now found the culprit to the yogurt theft.

    "Wolffe, I beg you, save me." Cody pleaded to his fellow commander.

    Wolffe chuckled deeply, stabbing a piece of leathery meat with his fork and shoving it in his mouth. Deep down, he was highly amused by the situation, he and his vods had been watching the chaos from the lunch line, wanting to come and watch Cody suffer under the weight of the chaos.

    "Sorry Cody, this just isn't my area of expertise." The 104th Commander apologised with fake sympathy, swallowing his mouthful.

    "No, his area of expertise is ending up in general (Y/N)'s quarters." Sinker snickered from next to Boost.

    Wolffe groaned and rolled his eyes as Sinker and Boost laughed, thinking of all the ways he could punish them for making that comment.

    "Wait, (Y/N) and Wolffe?" Echo panted out, coming to a skidding stop, holding his side from a stitch. "pfft, would never have guessed...."

    Before he could say anymore, he was suddenly tackled to the ground by Kix, the action surprising Waxer and Boil to the point where they tripped over the now wrestling 501st troopers, creating a clone dog pile.

    "No idea where you are getting your information Sinker but Wolffe isn't my type." (Y/N) huffed from her spot, having recovered from her recent accident with Tup.

    "Funny, that's not what you were screaming last night." Wolffe retaliated with a wolfish grin, amber eyes glinting with a mischievous look.

    Cody choked on his food, Tup fell off his seat out of shock, laughing along with Sinker and boost who were in absolute hysterics while Comet just looked on in confusion, clearly oblivious to the conversation because of how focused he had been on his food.

    "Funny, you were on the bottom, acting like a puppy getting all the love and attention he had been begging for hours to get." (Y/N) Sassed.

    "Your such a pain in the ass." Wolffe grumbled, rolling his eyes again.

    "No, I'm a sass in the ass."

    "Dank Farrik! Can a man not eat in peace?! Can you all just shut up....for two...kriffing minutes." Cody exploded, finally having enough.

    "By the sith Cody! You trying to throw hands? you don't have to be so rude about it, you could have asked us to stop." (Y/N) exclaimed.

    And that was how Rex walked into the Mess hall to the most blinding sight, mashed potato straight to the face. The captain groaned and wiped the sloppy mess from his face, eyes going wide at the scene in front of him. Kix and Echo were wrestling on the floor, Waxer and Boil trying to pull them apart. Tup, Wolffe, Comet, Sinker, Boost and (Y/N) were all behind upturned tables, using them as cover as food was thrown their way, also throwing food from their positions. Dogma ran in front of him, still screaming as Warthog gained on him, shouting profanities. Jessie, who had been accompanying him, walked in after him and laughed at the scene before deciding he wanted a piece of the action before they were all caught and punished. But what shocked him the most, was seeing Cody standing in the middle of the madness on one of the tables, letting out war cries as he flung food left and right. Most of the other clones in the hall were either taking cover or retreating. Taking inspiration from them, Rex decided to slowly back out of the room and turn tail, pretending that he hadn't seen it, he was so not putting up with this shit today.

    #star wars#clone wars#commander wolffe#commander cody#captain rex #arc trooper echo #arc trooper fives #arc trooper jesse #clone trooper sinker #clone trooper boost #reader insert#crack post#chaos #clone trooper kix #arc trooper tup
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  • imabeautifulbutterfly
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    It’s Over - Master List

    AO3 Link [COMPLETED] (Various)

    It’s Over (Kix)

     Pt. 2 (Rex)

     Pt. 3 (Wolffe)

    Pt. 4 (Cody)

    Pt. 5 (Crosshair)

    Pt. 6 (Two stories: Tech & Gregor)

    #kix#medic Kix #kix x reader #rex#captain rex #Captain Rex x First Officer Wiggles #rex x reader #wolfpack#wolffe#Commander Wolffe #wolffe x reader #commander cody#Cody #cody x reader #commander cody x reader #crosshair #bad batch crosshair #tbb crosshair #the bad batch crosshair #tbb crosshair x oc #tech #tech x reader #the bad batch tech #tech x oc #bad batch Tech #gregor #clone trooper gregor #gregor x reader #star wars #star wars tbb
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  • heathenhouse
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    but is the mouse raw? you ask

    #maybe I'm a little unhinged but who cares not me #my therapist maybe but thats besides the point of this graph #star wars #obi wan kenobi #tcw#darth maul#anakin skywalker#ahsoka tano#padme amidala#commander cody#captain rex
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  • kirinpl
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Commander Cody hc

    Cody doesn't have his kama, because he gave it to his cyare, who made it into a pillow, so at least a part of him would stay with his mesh'la when he's away.

    #:')#commander cody #commander cody headcanon
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  • ewanmcgregorismyhomeboy12
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #codywan #obi wan kenobi #commander cody#amnesia#anon replies #other folsk have thouvhts? #drop those recs in the replies!
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  • clonesxlife
    17.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Rex: I give up. I am so tired. Cody: Get the emergency supply! Anakin: *carries Ahsoka and places them in front of Rex* Ahsoka: *smiles* Rex: AND I AM BACK BABY, LET’S GOOO

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  • imrowanartist
    17.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I have so much love for these idiots.

    Based on this post by @sithzuko

    (Did I repurpose the Cody I drew for the expression challenge for Rex? Definitely. Shhh.)

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  • ivl3n
    17.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    - Cody, do you have a person you love?

    - um.. yeah, but i cant tell them

    + close up

    #star wars #the clone wars #commander cody#codywan#general kenobi #obi wan kenobi #cc 2224#modern au#teen cody #teen obi wan #codywan fanart #cody x obi wan #cody fanart #obi wan x cody #obi wan fanart #star wars tcw #tcw cody #tcw obi wan
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  • thechaoticfanartist
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago
    She's a liar, a calm to the fire
    Shamed when we all follow suit
    She's a whisper away from a dangerous place
    'Cause lies aren't a fix for the truth

    The Fixer by Brent Morgan

    Ever since I heard this song all I could think about was Grim. The Fixer perfectly describes Grim and her tendency to help others more than herself.

    Tag List (let me know if you want to be added or removed) : @padme--amygdala @soclonely @mandomydad @mildly-microbial @mrfandomwars @jgvfhl @hanlando-endgame @zeldaiscool19 @touchstarvedasclones @milfspectre1 @togrutanduin @jedi-valjean @one-real-imonkey @traygaming @jedimasterbailey @securidala

    #star wars#my art #star wars the clone wars #fanart #star wars art #sw art#my oc#grim#jedi oc #star wars oc #commander cody #obi wan kenobi #grim and cody #grim and obi wan
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  • incorrectclonequotes
    17.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Cody: Okay, I know what you’re thinking.

    Cody: Birth is a curse and existence is a prison.

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  • padawansuggest
    17.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    There’s only one bed au but it’s Obi-Wan, Cody, Waxer and Boil. Boil is having trouble sleeping so he asks Obi-Wan the most random question he thinks Obi-Wan is nerdy enough to know the answer to, who proceeds to talk ALL of them (yes, including himself) to sleep. Anakin is suspicious about what could have Boil looking so smug the next day. He needs to know what happened. He regrets it when Obi-Wan goes into lecture mode and Anakin wakes up 3 hours later unsure how he got here.

    #star wars #obi wan kenobi #clone wars#anakin skywalker#commander cody #clone trooper waxer #clone trooper boil
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  • ngyawwwrrrrr
    17.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    CC-2224 while on leave/not dogpiling Grievous or roundhouse-kicking droids 💥🌌

    Cody is on leave, just chilling in a Coruscant park, and then he sees a state-sponsored billboard featuring General Kenobi so now his day is made 💖

    And yes, he's in civvies because twould be a shame not to flaunt a really sexy nice neck 🙂

    #cc 2224#commander cody#general kenobi #obi wan kenobi #codywan #I'm not even gonna try to trace this with pen because it's too feckin hard #the clone wars #star wars the clone wars
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  • clonehub
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    white-haired rex dying his hair a different shade of blonde depending on his mood and Cody is SO scared every time he sees Rex because rex expects him to compliment the new color and cody will be shaking saying "hi rex I see youve done the *hastily checks his photobank of different rex colors* Late Dawn with Honey highlights today" and rex LOSES it he's so offended like "Cody this is CLEARLY Autumn Gold with a TOUCH. A TOUCH of sunset. I can't believe you would do this to m--"

    #clonehub posts#shit post#captain rex#commander cody #he says all this but tbh he doesnt really know how to die hair #so thats why its always a different color
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  • squidsponge
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    This dressing down from Commander Colt nails the fundamental difference between clone relationships in The Clone Wars vs The Bad Batch being centered around a group of manchildren with zero loyalty or sense of brotherhood.

    Hunter is a failure of a leader and being the only clone who wears a wig with a killer hairline doesn't make up for it.

    TBB could do with taking a page from the 'regs' they think are disposable and constantly shit on. It's not lost on me that Rex and Howzer were the only real adults. Echo gets a pass because the writers may as well have forgotten his entire backstory.

    Omega is cute and all, but there's this great Star Wars show concurrently airing that people may have seen called The Mandalorian about a merc dad and his insanely cute adopted child vs the galaxy, so making a show about clones and the immediate post-republic era focus on that for pulled heartstrings and episode filler is a huge misfire.

    #commander colt has the slickest armor #that color combo #Omega doesn't give hunter a pass #because mando and grogu did it better #we don't need two shows with that theme #particularly running at the same time #i would like to see the cody #or echo as leader #filoni isn't even writing this show #commander colt#arc troopers#clone wars #the bad batch #tbb critical#star wars#prequel era#clone troopers#captain rex#crosshair#Youtube
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  • ivl3n
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #star wars #the clone wars #commander cody#cc 2224#codywan#general kenobi #obi wan kenobi #codywan fanart #cody x obi wan #cody fanart #obi wan fanart #obi wan x cody
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