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  • rex-is-best
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A little self insert never hurt anyone 😅

    My discord friends told me to post this

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  • commanderbuginette
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    the category is hottest clones, and they're winning

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  • leias-left-hair-bun
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #he gets ); migraines ); oh nooo it makes so much sense though #that's gonna be an hc of mine too from now on cause it's genius #and also sad ): #poor man. he has an awfully difficult life #glad he has a nice wife :D and of course a great dad sdlkfjls #tcw#clone wars#fic#commander wolffe#wolffe #wolffe x reader
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  • jate-kara
    08.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    The Courage of Stars |  on AO3

    collab fic with @phantom-of-the-keurig​

    Cody wasn’t dead.
    It pulsed in Rex’s chest, the heartbeat of an undeniable truth. The Order had gone out and the galaxy had burned, but Cody hadn’t burned with it. Wherever he was now, whoever he had been made to become: he could come back.
    They could bring him home.

    Chapter 4: The Arrival

    “Hang in there, Cody.”

    If Cody heard him, he gave no indication. His chest rose and fell in the same unsteady rhythm. Each breath was just as pained as the last. Rex splayed a palm over the battered armor and wished, for the third time in his life, that he could channel the Force and will life back into a broken body. Anaxes was a distant memory.

    But Cody had survived it.`

    “Hang in there,” Rex repeated, and squeezed Cody’s wrist. “You’re gonna be all right.”

    Footsteps sounded above him. The cadence was wrong, forced, and Rex knew immediately that it was Ezra, come back to drag his heels and prop his arms against the safety rail and keep watch. Whether Kanan had asked him, or whether he was just curious, Rex didn’t know. He appreciated the exaggerated footsteps, though. The kid was damn quiet when he wanted to be.

    “We’re coming up on the base,” Ezra offered, and paused. He cleared his throat. “The landing should go pretty smoothly, but I think you might wanna do something about…him.”

    [keep reading]

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  • ken-obiwan
    07.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Clones I want to see/hear about/get closure on at some point in the bad batch:

    • Cody

    • Wolffe

    • Gregor

    • Fox

    • Dogma

    We know we'll get Rex, that's why he's not top of the list. Wolffe and Gregor make the list because we know where they end up but not how they got there.

    I'm not 100% caught up on all canon outside the movies/shows so if there's a confirmed canon answer for any of the others - do let me know in the notes!

    #the bad batch spoilers #the bad batch #star wars#wrecker#tech#hunter#tbb#echo #clone force 99 #commander cody#commander fox#captain rex#Commander Wolffe #clone trooper dogma
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  • anstarwar
    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    So my eyes are bothering me today so I had to forgo my normal contacts for my glasses which I rarely wear and BOY is it a trip adjusting to movement in them...my depth perception is way different in these....

    ...so naturally I’m having thoughts about Wolffe and how he adjusts to things after getting his cybernetic eye and I’m wondering if this is how it felt for him...

    #commander wolffe#Wolffe thoughts#eyesight things #seriously ran into a wall twice today #trying to type has been an adventure #shhh Sara
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  • animeplusfandomtings
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Plo Koon: Killing is never the answer.

    Anakin: Ventress was the one who cut Wolffe’s right eye.

    Plo Koon: *his lightsaber already out* Sometimes killing is the answer

    #star wars #star wars clone wars #wolfpack#commander wolffe#plo koon#anakin skywalker #star wars incorrect quotes
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  • totallycorrectjediorderquotes
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Palpatine: It’s not you’re* or your*.

    Palpatine: It’s all Mine. This world is mine. Everything is Mine.

    Wolffe, whos spent enough time with Ahsoka and Boost: It's all Hatsune Miku's, actually

    #If you look far enough down on the sheev tag theres that world is mine quote #the world is always hatsune miku's #Sheev Palpatine#Commander Wolffe #should i make a tag for miku? #Ahsoka Tano #Clone Trooper Boost #104th Battalion#The Vode #Incorrect Star Wars Quotes #Star Wars #Star Wars: The Clone Wars #Star Wars: The Expanded Universe #Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy #Source: Tumblr#Source: Twitter
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  • greaterawarness
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Moving On Ch. 12 The Palace

    (Set around 6 months after order 66. AU on how Rex finds Wolffe and Gregor and ends up on Seelos.)


    Focus. He needed to focus. When the ringing in his ears finally disappears and the sounds of past battles fade away Wolffe is finally able to see his screen more clearly. He shakes his head and checks the time. An hour this time. His blackouts were lasting much longer. He lets out an aggravated sigh and tries to finish his report. A knock at his office door pulls his attention away.

    “Still at it?” Boost asks. The clone crosses his arms and leans against the doorway. Wolffe shakes his head.

    “Just finishing up.” Wolffe breathes. His brother smirks before leaning over his desk.

    “Come on,” He says with the toss of his chin. “Let’s get some chow.”

    Not appearing to make any process with the report, Wolffe decides to follow his brother’s lead. They walk through what used to be the Jedi temple. Now it acts as Emperor Palpatine’s Palace. Wolffe still wasn’t used to all the changes. Before this place housed such warmth and safety. Now? It feels like he’s always being watched. Like everyone’s just waiting for him to mess up. He swallows while balling his hands into fists. They walk into the galley filled with white stormtrooper uniforms. While waiting in line Wolffe became uncomfortably aware of all the nonclones blending in. It gave him a sour taste in his mouth. Didn’t sit right with him. Boost has to elbow him for him to realize they had got to the front. Wolffe gets the same thing Boost gets and follows him to a table filled with familiar clones. Before he would eat with the other Commanders. And Rex. Pain shot across his head like remembering the good old days with his friend was physically painful. So, he shook his head and focused on the people in front of him. Neyo stabs at his food the same way he always did. Bacara judges Neyo silently from across the table and Boost pushes his food around mixing the things together before shoveling it into his mouth. He guessed some things never changed.

    “You hear Bly’s back?” Neyo asks. Wolffe pokes at his food.

    “Was he… successful?” Wolffe asks cautiously. Bacara grins with a hmph.

    “It’s what I hear. Gave those traitors what’s coming to them.” Neyo chuckles while continuing to stab at his plate. Boost arches a brow at him.

    “And you all say I’m childish.” He mumbles. Neyo stares at Boost while reaching over and stabbing at his bread roll before taking a bite out of it. Boost lets out a tired sigh and lets it go. It was Neyo after all. Was never right in the head. Wolffe stared down at his plate. He tries lifting a bite to his mouth when his hand begins to shake.

    “Commander Wolffe.”

    Wolffe squeezes his eyes shut.

    “I want you to watch my back in our next mission.” He had said. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

    “Of course, General. I’ll always be there to watch your back.”

    Wolffe slaps his hand over his mouth dropping his fork. Everyone looks up from the table at Wolffe. He gags before leaping from the table and running for the refresher.

    After vomiting essentially nothing but stomach acid, Wolffe rests with his back against the refresher stall wall. He rubs his face while waiting for his nausea to die down. The door to the refresher opens.

    “Wolffe?” Boost calls out. Wolffe groans and looks to the side when his brother stands over him. “You’re throwing up again.”

    “Yeah, it’s just something I ate. Don’t worry about it.” Wolffe says with a little wave like it was nothing. Boost crosses his arms and leans against the stall door.

    “The thing is, Commander, I know for a fact you haven’t eaten in two days so… I know its not that.” Boost says staring down at him. Wolffe frowns deeper before trying to get to his feet. Boost helps him up so he can walk to the sink to rinse his mouth out. Wolffe stares at his reflection. He’s lost a lot of weight over the past six months. His cheeks were hollow and eyes sunken in. Wolffe used to pride himself on his health and made it a priority to stay in top physical shape. Now he was nothing more then a ghost of his former self.

    “I’ll be fine, Boost.” Wolffe says once he can stand up straight. Boost doesn’t look convinced.

    “Have you thought about going to the medbay?” Boost asks slowly. Wolffe shakes his head.

    “I’m fine. No need.” He says. He places a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s go back.”

    Knowing there was nothing he could say to change Wolffe’s mind, Boost follows his Commander back to their table. Boost watches Wolffe in the corner of his eye. Wolffe is only able to stomach a nibble here and there but mostly spends his time moving his food around. When they’re done eating, they both decide to retreat to their barracks. Wolffe sits on Boost’s bunk while watching him clean his blaster. He was uncomfortably aware of the empty bunk above Boost’s bed. Wolffe looks down at his hands.

    “I’m glad he’s gone.” Boost says from his seat on a crate. Wolffe frowns at him.


    “Sinker. I’m glad he’s gone.” Boost goes on. Wolffe stiffens ready to chew him out when Boost gives a sad smile. “Do you really think Sinker would be okay with all these… changes?”

    “I… I suppose not.” Wolffe sighs at last.

    “He wouldn’t be happy if he is here. I like to think he’s cracking terrible jokes somewhere with all the other fallen brothers.” Boost says while setting his blaster aside. “And one day we’ll be able to see each other again. And you know, hear those awful jokes of his.”

    “I like that.” Wolffe says softly. Wolffe looks up at Boost. “Are you happy?”

    Boost doesn’t answer at first. He crosses his arms and stares at the ground thinking.

    “You know me Commander,” Boost says after a while. “I can roll with the punches. I’m more worried about you. I mean, someone has to mother hen you since…”

    Boost trails off. Wolffe stares at the floor feeling his stomach churn.

    “Well, you know.” Boost sighs while rubbing the back of his neck.

    “Yeah,” Wolffe whispers while squeezing his hands into tight fists. “I know.”

    “Commander Wolffe.” A voice cuts through Wolffe’s thoughts. Wolffe stiffens at the sight of the clone in white and blue armor. Wolffe stands.

    “Commander Appo, how can I help you?” Wolffe asks. Appo gives a half smile. It was hard to believe little Appo has become the man he is today. Not many know that he and Appo trained under Alpha. Along with Rex, Cody, Gree, and many others. Most of them became commanders and captains but Appo was happy falling behind. Now look at him. He’s become one of the most feared commanders in the Empire. Boost frowns at him narrowing his eyes.

    “You are being summoned.” He says plainly. All the color drains from Wolffe’s face. Boost jumps to his feet.

    “But why?” Boost asks angrily. Appo frowns at him.

    “When he summons you, you do not ask questions.” Appo hisses. He turns to leave before turning back. “And I wouldn’t take my time if I were you. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

    Wolffe watches Appo disappear out of the 104th barracks. Wolffe swallows the vomit in his throat and grabs his helmet. Boost grabs his arm.

    “Why does he want you?” he asks with eyes full of concern.

    “I don’t know.” Wolffe answers honestly. Boost reluctantly let’s go of his arm. Wolffe walks quickly out of the barracks and down the hall. His mind races with why he’s being summoned. He’s failed to capture Rex and that shaper girl. He tries to swallow his fear. It wouldn’t help him where he’s going. He stops in front of his door. He takes a moment to compose himself before stepping inside.

    The temperature drops once inside. Wolffe stands inside the room between two others. He was not expecting to see Gregor or an inquisitor standing at the end of the long table. Gregor glances over him looking as lost as he was. Wolffe pops to attention.

    “You summoned me,” Wolffe says as confidently as he could. “Lord Vader.”

    Lord Vader’s breathing was the only sound in the room. The tall dark figure slowly turns to face them. Appo stands at his side looking calm and composed. Almost comfortable next to one of the most frightening beings Wolffe has ever seen.

    “Commander,” Lord Vader starts. “You have been tasked with hunting down and capturing Captain Rex and the Shaper woman.”

    “Yes, my Lord.” Wolffe says managing to stay calm and firm.

    “So far all your attempts have ended with failure.”

    “Yes… My Lord.” He says feeling his voice almost crack. Lord Vader turns to look out the window out on Courscant.

    “And clone force 99?” He asks.

    “Still at large, my Lord.” Wolffe says not sure if his throat was tightening or if it was just getting harder to swallow.

    “I am sending you along with Commander Gregor and one of my inquisitors to apprehend these fugitives.” He goes on. “I want them back alive.”

    “Yes, my Lord.” Wolffe says uneasily. He gives them the signal that they are dismissed but as Wolffe turns to leave.

    “And Commander,” Lord Vader says stopping him in his tracks. “Do not fail me again.”

    “Yes, Lord Vader.” Wolffe says with the last bit of composure he had left. When the doors close behind him, he lets out a shaky breath. Gregor does the same.

    “He’s a bit scary, right?” Gregor grins at him. Wolffe stares at him for a moment before walking on. The inquisitor gives a laugh while walking beside him.

    “I could feel your fear.” She purrs next to him.

    “Get away from me.” He snarls. She only grins wider.

    “I look forward to commanding you, Commander.” She says. He frowns at her before turning down a hallway. He walks back to his barracks like Vader might come after him. When Boost spots him he runs to his side.

    “What happened?” He asks urgently. Wolffe takes a moment to regain himself.

    “We have one last chance to find Rex.” He says while putting his hands on his hips. Boost frowns.

    “Rex was one of the best soldiers in the army. How are we going to catch him?” Boost asks. Wolffe shakes his head.

    “He’s still only a man, Boost.” Wolffe says. But even as he says it, he’s unsure himself. As if Rex being one of the best was bad enough, now he has that fire throwing girl at his side. He always did attract the strangest of people. Wolffe hoped with everything he had that he would be able to capture Rex. And deep down as much as he tried to hide it, he hoped that he wouldn’t.

    Read the full story here at AO3

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  • bailwhoreganaxoxo
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Commander Wolffe is so hot?? I mean the way he uses his whole head to roll his eyes just to get the point across that he’s annoyed. That’s so hot.

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    [Outside the Senate chambers]

    Riyo: You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

    Fox: *blushes*

    Wolffe, randomly appearing behind Fox: Thank you, Senator.

    Fox: *glares*

    [Later at 79's]

    Random pretty twi'lek to Wolffe: You're so handsome!

    Fox, randomly appearing behind the twi'lek: Thank you, I try.

    Wolffe, after the confused twi'lek looks at Fox and Wolffe, then walks away: Well played, Fox, well played.

    #sw#star wars #star wars incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect clone wars quotes #commander wolffe#commander fox#riyo chuchi#foxiyo#clone troopers#tcw#swtcw #the clone wars
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  • soclonely
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The 104th has a bowling league that plays twice a week. While on missions, they set up a bowling alley in the hangar and teams play each other. 

    Plo Koon, Wolffe, Boost, and Sinker currently hold the championship title of bowling champs.

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  • irresponsibility101
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    not to have thoughts on main but i think commander wolffe deserves to find a force sensitive Child and just go ‘k this is mine now’ in the years after order 66. my current thoughts about the child is that i think i want her to use she/her pronouns and either be a nauluton or a kel dor. kel dor because angst reasons, and nauluton because i’m unreasonably attached to the image of the gremlin child trying to steal his cash and then biting him when she gets caught, and kel dor can’t really bite people.

    in conclusion: wolffe sees a child and makes like plo koon and adopts her.

    #i always love making the ‘not to xyz on main’ jokes because this isn’t my main. my main is my cc finds blog #because i made it first by accident #star wars#wolffe #i also had a vague idea about her stabbing him with a spoon. not a knife. not a fork. a spoon. #commander wolffe #wolffe’s feral child #that’s it that’s the tag now.
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  • tibbietibbs
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #could you imagine #fan fic ask game #Star Wars ask game #commander wolffe x reader
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  • cc2224-commander-cody
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thinking about how The Clone Wars made the clones seem 25-30 when they’re supposed to be like. 20 at most. They’re supposed to be baby-faced college students. You ever seen a 20-year-old? We look like babies, not men

    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #cc 2224#cc 1010#cc 3636#ct 1409#ct 5555#ct 7567#Cody#commander cody#captain Rex#commander fox#commander wolffe #arc trooper jesse #arc trooper fives #arc trooper echo
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  • waiting-for-motivation
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago
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