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    03.06.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • turkleader
    25.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    commander-tseng replied to your post:

    This is funny as our two versions are so varied from one another, so were our results.. My Tseng got the complete opposite.

    [ooc] What would you say your Tseng is actually like when it comes to his partners? I don’t hold much stock in the top/bottom dynamic itself, but everyone has preferences when it comes to intimacy, and it’s always interesting to learn about how people interpret their characters acting in those situations. Of course, if it’s not something you or your Tseng are comfortable with addressing, feel free not to answer.

    #CommanderTseng #.tmunspeech
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  • exsiliumductoris
    07.05.2017 - 4 years ago
    Landing on the seat he started to giggle again finding all of this funny as hell suddenly. No doubt he was going to get shit for this tomorrow, especially from the man now sitting next to him. Turks weren’t supposed to get drunk like this.. not in public. They became a liability, as they say.. loose lips sink ships, and no one this drunk could hold their tongue.

    Veld really didn’t mind what Tseng did after hours; they all needed their ways of release from the difficulties of their jobs, and if he started talking a little too much, there was ways of taking care of that too. 

    “You need your seat belt on, Tseng.” Veld said, as the car started to move. He doubted Tseng could manage it himself at this point, so he leaned across him and searched for the belt before pulling it across him.

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  • katana-otoko
    26.04.2017 - 4 years ago

    The sound of nails being hammered into a roof echoed from the outskirts of Wutai--only an outsider would have taken up residence in a long abandoned home, of which its stone foundation and surrounding wall remain salvageable. The former TURK poured plenty of sweat and blood into the home, only now beginning to reap the benefits of his handiwork. The walls, windows and doors are now replaced; along with the rush grass mats which covered hardwood floors. A peculiar metal antenna stood aside the building, pointing toward the south while coaxial cabling ran inside... presumably for radio service, a rare luxury on this island.

    Balto stood up and exhaled a heavy breath. Every muscle in his back felt as if it were tied into a knot. He squinted as he noticed a person strolling past... a familiar face, so much that he had to get a closer look. He climbed down from the roof on ladder, stepping out toward the end of his property. 

    “... That you, Tseng?”

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  • roleplayingconfessionsfromrpers
    25.04.2017 - 4 years ago

    @commander-tseng is an awesome partner and an even greater person. I just seriously want to wish her the best in life because she deserves nothing less.

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    24.04.2017 - 4 years ago
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  • regentofasgard
    15.04.2017 - 4 years ago
    #he's never met sephiroth so he doesn't really have much to base that on tbh #commandertseng#asks#re: asks
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    14.04.2017 - 4 years ago
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    happy b day ^^

    *plops in lap* Thanks hun =^.^=


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