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  • sketchyblondes
    17.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    andromeda liberata chapter 7: healing

    My favorite comment I’ve received: “the atmosphere - the WORLD you've set up feels so fucking suffocating and deranged and it's SO cool and so PERFECTLY frames everything. omg i want to force everyone in the world to read this fic i fucking love this shit!!@@!!”

    I promise the world only gets more suffocating and deranged in this chapter so... if that’s what you’re into!

    Come for the cute Tedromeda moments, stay for the incredibly disturbing Andromeda & Bellatrix scene.

    #andromeda liberata#andromeda black#bellatrix black#tedromeda #the comment made my whole week!!! #I made myself feel queasy editing this chapter #so um heads up #pureblood culture #also please don't force anyone to read this fic lol #it's so incredibly not for everyone
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  • charontesimi
    17.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago


    #ouch #that offhanded comment stung #not gonna stop me from crushing but still #ow #i know im not his type #ive known that from day one #im not really anyones type #thats not a woe is me boohoo comment thats just a fact and im actually really okay with it #thats just how it is when youre gnc the way i am #but still #let me dream damn it theres no need to crush it like that its not like i was planning on trying to further this past a friendship #personal#:(
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  • v0bis
    17.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Dropbox Hack

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  • yuugxn
    17.05.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Staaaaaares at Natsume’s pentagram necklace.

    ❝Yep, nothing going on here!❞

    #❧ 「 general 」 ⸻ dash comm #❧ 「 general 」 ⸻ crack #❧ 「 subaru akehoshi 」 ⸻ ic #DFHKDFGFHKFD I'M WHEEZING OVER THAT COMMENT FROM GEM BC IT'S FUCKING TURE #*TRUE #MY SON YOU'RE A FUCKIN DUMBASS KDFKBFGKH
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  • frootdean
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sometimes i feel like judging people’s style but then i remember i dress like a supernatural character

    #at least it’s not sam though. at least it is not sam #THE MAN BUTTONS HIS FLANNELS #a menace to society #the other day #a 45 year old man said he likes my fashion sense #and it reminds him of his own #the consequences of having dean winchesters wardrobe #unfortunately that comment did function as gender euphoria
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  • monlivrepratique
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Avoir Plusieurs Sources De Revenus business en ligne Comment Avoir Plusieurs Sources De Revenus devenir libre financièrement flux de revenus
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  • that-sweet-devilboy
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    prompt: your boyfriend started his period and hes feeling rlly under the weather, wyd

    (positive things only, go go go!)

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  • incorrectkofquotes
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ryo: C'mon I'm not THAT lame.... right?

    Yuri: You've said "dweebenheimer" unironically and after that I honestly lost all respect I had for you

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  • vaguely-homoerotic-swordfights
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "this ship is weird both people suck and its dysfunctional as hell" yeah and?? im a simple man i see two evil little bastards and i think what if they fucked

    #this is sbout s few very specific things and im very worried about it being taken out of context by ppl who dont know me #so please dont reblog just like or comment
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  • ps-formenow
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • dumbassacademia
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I’ve been slowly showing my mom bob‘s burgers and yesterday we watched what is possibly my all time favorite ep and she cried and like yeah she cries at everything but she cries at everything for a Reason

    good moment

    good times

    #Bob’s burgers #this show is much harder to spin as academia than most so #Not academia #But don’t get me wrong I could do it #If I wanted to say bob’s burgers is a da show then I could justify it #She goes “that’s love. That’s really love. That’s so sweet #I was like yeah queen that Is love you’re so right #Also if I get a single fucking “wow it must be nice” type of comment on this post I will in fact lose my shit #Just for the record on that #But yeah nice moment #She likes the show much more than I think she ever wanted to #It’s nice #my dad still won’t actually watch it and won’t admit he likes it but he laughs every time he’s in the room sooooo #Okay boomer #Whatever you say #Fun fact one time my brother lectured me for saying okay boomer to our dad #Which tbf our dad is very woke #Comparatively at least #But 1: it was a joke #And 2: our dad is Literally a baby boomer so?????? #Screw you bro I say what I want #These tags have devolved I’m so sorry #I am very tired
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  • 4chai
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    first day of class and the professor is just tearing apart reviews previous students have given

    #one kid said his class is like a high school class #and the professor goes: if anyone knows who left this comment please let me know. I want to transfer my kids to that high school #scream #hate this major 🔪 #not that any other major would be better #but this college shit ...... not for me #I wanna drop out so baddddr #shawna speaks and no one listens #how to people continue on and get even more education after a bachelors #I genuinely think I’d blow up in a masters program or in grad school
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  • catgirltail
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Face it, if that post got big and popular it’d be the exact type of post that people would comment “omg the amount of deep layers of knowledge to understand this is unreal” even though it’s like one thing

    #I say this because that was a comment on a Freud vs Kellogg post that I saw once
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  • mostly-marvel-musings
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @darklydeliciousdesires made a fairly good point today about readers not showing their appreciation on writer’s fics.

    Every writer puts a lot of thought and effort in creating content for y’all. Lack of interaction bothers authors more than you could imagine.

    I’m not saying interact with every single fic ever and everyday. (I mean it would be alright but, we all are pretty busy with our lives and we all understand that!)

    But if you’ve genuinely liked the writing, leave a like, a comment, a reblog. It takes less than a minute of your time to do that on someone’s work that has taken hours, days perhaps months even. Do not shy away from that! Don’t just read a piece of fiction and move on.

    Trust me you’re going to make someone smile and make the efforts we take to post content worth it. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s fine too! Most writers have the option in their ask box, I know I’ve received some of the sweetest comments and asks & it makes me truly happy!

    Anyway, I hope this ted talk helps bring about a positive change and I hope all of my writer friends (and I, lol) receive all the love and appreciation we deserve! May we continue to post awesome content on this free website and may you all read and appreciate it.

    Have a great day!

    #show your support #support content creators #support your writers #like and comment #like and/or reblog! #reblogs are greatly appreciated!! #appreciate writers#mmm talks #mmm ted talks
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  • a-firefly-faerie
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i only met my two best friends because i wrote for a fandom they were in and they liked my writing and kept commenting. im telling you, every chapter i posted, they commented. i loved their comments so much that i saved them and now we all play games and watch movies and shows and youtube and talk everyday together and know everything about each other.

    there is no stronger bond than the one derived between a fanfic writer and a commenter that loves to analyse shit so if you feel your brain start Itching after reading a chapter please for the love of god comment

    #fanfic#fanfic writing#fan writing #appreciation posts for my besties? #in THIS economy? #absolutely #but also this is just sound advice and im just smart like that #like please for the love of god start commenting on fics please #please authors like having friends #please just hop on ao3 and comment on that fic that youve been reading for a month #i dont care if its already done or if its not been updated in months #or even years #please #i say please too much
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  • mildlyskeezyonion-blog
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    gonna go to a wedding in florida this week and the wedding is southern baptist so theres no drinking or dancing of any kind

    #my dad convinced me to go with him and now i cant get out of it #i made a comment about it in the car and he just sighed and told me not to start shit
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